GH Transcript Wednesday 1/19/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/19/05



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Emily: Connor? Are you down here?

Connor: I'm right here.

Emily: What are you doing down here?

Connor: Looking for trouble.

 [Knock on door]

Sam: Coming. Hello --

Carly: Hi. Is Jason here?

Sam: No, not at the moment.

Carly: Ok, I'll wait.

Sam: Ok. I have no idea when he's going to be back.

Carly: Well, that's all right, because we can use the time to talk. Like it or not, I am in Jasonís life, and since it doesn't seem you're going anywhere either, we're going to need to find a way to deal with each other.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Hey. Thanks for meeting me. Sam and I knew that Bridget had the right to stop the adoption, but since there is no way that she could take care of this baby, I was just --

Courtney: Jason, stop. There's something that I need to say to you.

[Phone rings]

Ric: Ric Lansing. Oh. Jordan Baines went out of town -- what do you mean? Where did she go? Oh, that can't be good.

Sonny: I figured you'd come back. Get your clothes off. We'll go for a swim.

Jordan: That sounds lovely, Sonny, especially since there's snow on the ground in Port Charles, but I am not here to enjoy myself.

Sonny: Is there a problem with the house?

Jordan: No, no. Actually, you can make your new house Kristinaís new home.

Jordan: Alexis and Ric have separated, which gives you an opening to get sole custody of Kristina.

Sonny: Yeah, but I already agreed to share custody, so how --

Jordan: I know, but that's when you thought that Alexis and Ric were providing a stable home environment for Kristina. That's no longer true. So it's reasonable for you to repetition for custody, but we have to act quickly.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Stan: It's Stan. The new security system has picked up a glitch.

Sonny: What's wrong with it?

Stan: Well, it's saying that someone entered the house, but there's no one here and there's no sign of a break-in.

Sonny: Ok, you got to get the system fixed, because the house has got to be safe by the time I bring my children home.

Stan: I'll take care of it, Sonny. The system will be perfect by the time you get home.

Connor: Hey, what do you think of this?

Emily: What, a candlestick?

Connor: Yeah. I mean, I thought it would remind you of Wyndemere, you know?

Emily: It doesn't.

Connor: Yeah, well, that's because it's kind of like me. Just needs a little polish.

Emily: Connor? Did you take Nikolas' letter from my purse?

Connor: No.

Emily: Mm-hmm. I distinctly remember putting it in the zipper pouch, and just now I found it in the main compartment.

Connor: Well, I guess you made a mistake.

Emily: Tell me the truth, Connor. Did you read my letter?

Connor: I've been in the basement all morning, all right? Even if I was up here, I wouldn't go through your purse without asking.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: Hey. We got good news. You and Connor could be out of hiding fairly soon.

Emily: Why? What's going on?

Lucky: I heard from my dad. He thinks he's closing in to finding Helena.

Elizabeth: And as soon as Helenaís in custody, Nikolas will be released from prison and the two of you can get on with your lives.

Emily: Oh, God, it can't happen soon enough.

Bridget: Mr. Alcazar. Courtney's not here.

Lorenzo: Oh, actually, I came to see you.

Bridget: Why?

Lorenzo: Well, I understand you've reconsidered giving your baby up for adoption. Perhaps you should rethink that.

Carly: So, Courtney tells me that you and Jason are getting married.

Sam: Yeah, that's right.

Carly: Well, you're not my first choice on a list of potential wives for Jason. You're not even my 50th choice, but Jason knows what he wants, and obviously, you're it.

Sam: Well, if that's your way of saying congratulations on the engagement, thank you.

Carly: Look, it is not easy for me to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I think you can understand why. I really don't know if you trapped Jason or if you are just incredibly lucky. But whatever it is, you are obviously the winner right now.

Sam: It's none of your business, but I do love him.

Carly: You better. Listen, I think we should talk about Courtney.

Sam: Yeah. Not my favorite subject.

Carly: Look, she regrets what happened. She got upset. She lost her temper. She knows it.

Sam: Look, I didn't exactly keep my cool, either, but if Courtney can agree to get Bridget to go along with the adoption, hey, I can call it even.

Carly: Courtney didn't encourage Bridget to take the baby.

Sam: Really? Is that what she told you?

Carly: Yes.

Sam: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah, and Courtneyís a good person. She has a good heart.

Sam: No, Courtney is miserable, because she's still in love with Jason, and I'm going to marry him. She can't let go, Carly.

Carly: Well, you know what? Jason and Courtney had something real, and it was very special but, you know what, it really doesn't matter, does it, Sam, because Jason loves you.

Courtney: Look, I want to apologize for what I said to Sam. I had no right to go off on her like that.

Jason: Why did you?

Courtney: Sam accused me of trying to sabotage Hope's adoption, and it was just so far from the truth, I guess I just went nuts.

Jason: Do you want me and Sam to raise Bridgetís baby?

Courtney: You know that I think you would be a wonderful father, Jason.

Jason: Ok, that's why I asked you to meet -- meet me here. I talked to Jordan Baines, and --

Courtney: Wait. Sonny's custody lawyer?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, she's the best around.

Courtney: You're going to take Bridget to court?

Jason: No, I don't want to; only if there are no other options at this point.

Courtney: But, Jason, I mean, come on, there's no way you can win. You can't force through an adoption.

Jason: I know that, but Jordan thinks we can make a case for, you know, protective custody since Bridget has no way of providing anything for Hope. She's been in and out of foster homes her entire life. She has a police record.

Courtney: So do you, and so does Sam, for that matter.

Jason: Yeah, you're right, and that's why Jordan told us to, you know, explore every possible alternative. She said we should find someone that Bridget trusts to ask her to go through with the adoption. And that's you, so Iím --

Courtney: Jason, I tried. I did.

Jason: Can you try again? Please? Sam carried her baby for nine months. And two weeks before the delivery, the baby died. You know? And then Bridget just shows up and gives her another baby. I don't think Sam can take losing a second child.

Jordan: Your case for sole custody is strong, so --

Sonny: Yeah?

Jordan: Yeah.

Sonny: What about me and Carly getting divorced?

Jordan: Well, since Alexis and Ricís marriage has been exposed as a sham, I don't think it's going to matter to the judge.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no, no. I mean, how do you feel about it?

Jordan: How I feel about it is irrelevant. I'm here strictly on business.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, but if you're here strictly on business, you'd have called, you know, instead of flying down here.

Jordan: Ok, you know what? I have three words for you. Your master bedroom.

Sonny: You want a tour? Because it's a big one.

Jordan: No, no, no, no, no. No, I need you to pick fabric for your duvet?

Sonny: Oh, yeah, right, right. Let me see. Oh, well, it's a lot of stuff. It's going to be -- can you help me out, because it's going to --

Jordan: Sure, yeah, I'm on the clock, so --

Sonny: All right, let's see. Yeah. How that? Is that all right?

Jordan: Yeah, it's nice, yeah, it's soft.

Sonny: It's soft.

Jordan: Hmm.

Sonny: How's that?

Jordan: I like that one, too.

Sonny: Yeah?

Jordan: Yeah.

Sonny: We need to do -- close your eyes.

Jordan: Ok.

Sonny: Close your eyes. Now relax, all right?

Jordan: Yeah.

Sonny: Tell me how this feels, like right here.

Jordan: Ok, I'm sorry going -- I mean, I -- I got to go.

Sonny: No, I know what you mean. You don't have to go. You can stay.

Jordan: Do you ever think of the origin of the word "fling"?

Sonny: No. Actually, no.

Jordan: Yeah, well, I have, and it's usually when two people become intimate and one flings the other one away --

Sonny: Right.

Jordan: And it's a situation that I would like to avoid at all costs.

Sonny: Maybe it's about flinging caution to the wind.

Jordan: You know, just call me when you decide about the custody case.

Emily: Did Luke tell you where Helena is? How does he know he can bring her in?

Lucky: Well, he wasn't specific about the details, but he thinks he'll be catching up to Helena in a few days.

Connor: Or weeks. You never know.

Elizabeth: You don't seem too happy about this, Connor.

Connor: I'll be happy when Luke brings Helena in.

Lucky: Fair enough. Listen, I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear from my dad.

Connor: We need some more wood. You want to give me a hand bringing it up?

Lucky: Sure. I'll be right back.

Elizabeth: Hey, you sure you can handle a few more days with Connor?

Emily: Yeah. Skye asked me the same thing.

Elizabeth: Well, there's a reason for that, Em. The guy's -- he's acting weird.

Emily: Oh, there's been some tension between us, but it may have been my fault.

Elizabeth: Why? What happened? What --

Emily: Listen, I need you to be honest. Do you think that I've been sending Connor the wrong message?

Connor: Has Luke actually seen Helena?

Lucky: Probably. I'm not sure.

Connor: So that would be a no, right?

Lucky: Listen, you know what? Don't worry about it, Connor. He'll find her.

Connor: And if he doesn't, Nikolas spends the rest of his life in prison, right?

Lucky: You know what? We can always try to appeal, but there's no guarantee it's going to work.

Connor: So you're building Emilyís hopes up with nothing solid to base it on, right? Right. I think Emily deserves reality. And none of you people are willing to give it to her.

Elizabeth: Well, you've been pretending to love Connor because he's supposed to be Nikolas, but I haven't seen you do anything that would give Connor the wrong idea.

Emily: Thanks. It's just being alone with him all the time; it's sometimes hard to keep things straight, you know?

Elizabeth: Wait, has Connor accused you of leading him on?

Emily: We had a misunderstanding last night, and he says that he's over it but, like, sometimes I just catch him looking at me and -- everything about this is so upside down, Elizabeth. Connor has Nikolas' face, right? So naturally Iím drawn to him. But the longer I get to know him, the more of a stranger he becomes.

Elizabeth: We can change the plan, Em. I mean, you don't have to stay here if you're going to be uncomfortable.

Emily: Elizabeth, I can't back out now, not when Lukeís so close to catching Helena. I just need a break. This place is getting smaller by the hour.

Connor: Are you two staying for lunch? I got tuna and tuna.

Elizabeth: Do you guys need supplies? Lucky and I can go to the store and, Em, why don't you just come with us?

Connor: Emily's in hiding, remember?

Emily: Yeah, I could stay in the car.

Connor: Then why bother going?

Emily: Hey, Connor, you know, I think this would be good for us. We just need a break from each other.

Lucky: Hey, you ready to go?

Emily: Yeah, definitely. Ok. Is there anything you want me to pick up?

Connor: No.

Emily: Ok. Have fun.

Steven: Oh, hey.

Carly: Hi.

Steven: Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Carly: Oh -- I've got a whole bunch of projects that I need to take care of today.

Steven: Oh, can you be more specific?

Carly: Are you interrogating me?

Steven: No, I'm just trying to ascertain if it's actually projects or if you're making excuses to keep me at an arm's length.

Carly: I am trying to help Jason achieve something.

Steven: I see.

Carly: You don't believe me?

Steven: Actually, I do believe you, because you made it very clear, since the beginning, that Jasonís a best friend and anything he needs you'll do for him.

Carly: Hmm, you got that straight.

Steven: Cool. What else?

Carly: What? Excuse --

Steven: Well, you said "projects," projects. "Projects" is plural.

Carly: Yes. Ok, well, if you must know, I'm helping decorate Sonny's new house.

Steven: Really?

Carly: Yeah.

Steven: How come?

Carly: "How come?" Because -- because Michael asked Sonny to buy a farm. It's gigantic. He's got no one to decorate it except his custody attorney, and if I let her do that, she's going to do blues and greens and Sonny's going to hate it, and so Iím helping out.

Steven: That's great. It's very generous, but can I point out that while Jasonís achieving something and Sonny's buying a new house, you're helping both of them and you're not doing anything to please yourself.

Carly: Ok, and what would you think would please me? Maybe dinner with you?

Steven: Call me if you come to your senses.

Lorenzo: Sam helped deliver your child. She put your -- thank you. She put your baby in your arms for the first time. She has a mother's instincts, Bridget.

Bridget: Are you saying that I don't?

Lorenzo: On the contrary. I believe your instincts are quite strong. You didn't want to hold your daughter when she was born, not because you didn't love her, but because you knew you couldn't care for her. You knew you wanted more for her. So you protected her the only way you could.

Bridget: I was so scared that night. I mean, I didn't know what was going to happen. But I'm different now. I have a job.

Lorenzo: I'm sure you're doing well. But Sam is in a position to provide your daughter with an extremely comfortable life.

Bridget: I will always be grateful for what you and Sam did. But I don't think you realize how I feel about my baby.

Lorenzo: Perhaps not. You know, I am a parent.

Bridget: Boy or a girl?

Lorenzo: A son. Diego. We met only a few months ago. Ironically, his mother was about your age when he was first born.

Bridget: She didn't tell you that she was pregnant?

Lorenzo: Hmm. I think she was confused and scared, probably like you are right now. She made choices in the moment that have affected her child's entire life. You can do better than that, Bridget. Think about the kind of life you want to provide your child. Think about the best way to do that. Maybe being a good mother means agreeing to the adoption.

Jason: Courtney, you know I don't want to threaten Bridget. We don't want this to be a fight. Hope, this baby, deserves love and security, and I don't want to give, you know, Hope back into a situation that I know is going to be bad with a mother who can't possibly care for her. So this isn't just about fighting to keep hope for ourselves. Now I'm fighting for her.

Courtney: Jason, I have been trying to change Bridgetís mind ever since she first mentioned raising the baby on her own. But I haven't changed her mind, and I'm not sure that I can.

Jason: Well, can -- I mean, can you go home now and just try again for me? Because if this goes to court, it's just not going to be good for anyone.

Courtney: I'm on my way.  Sam told me that you two are engaged. Congratulations.

Jason: Thanks.

Courtney: You know, you deserve to be happy, Jason, and I hope that you find that with Sam.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah. What have you done?

Sam: Hi. You know I love you, right? Yes, I do, and so does Jason. And we just want you to be happy Hope and, most of all, loved. That's why we're fighting for you. And I'm just praying that your birth mother changes her mind and that she realizes -- oh, what, oh, there you are -- and that she realizes that you -- you'll be better off with us. Yes. Hi. Oh, there you are. Hello.

Carly: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Carly: Hi, I know I sounded a little mysterious on the phone.

Jason: You said you had big news. What is it?

Carly: This. It's nothing bad. All right? I went to your place to talk to you, and there Sam was. But we actually had a little talk, and we laid all our cards on the table.

Jason: Well, what'd you say to her?

Carly: I just talked to her about how Courtney felt bad about losing her temper the other day and she's not trying to sabotage your adoption of baby Hope.

Jason: Oh, ok, and?

Carly: And -- what do you mean?

Jason: What are you not saying, Carly?

Carly: Look, I know how important this is to you. And so I brought in some special reinforcements for Bridget.

Jason: Who?

Carly: Ok, you're not going to like it at first, but once you realize that this is the best possible way to get Bridget to sign over the adoption --

Jason: Who did you call in, Carly?

Carly: Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: You're not far from being a child yourself. And you've got years ahead of you to grow and learn and make up for all the lost time you were living on the streets. But if you're burdened with a child, it's possible that the two of you may never have a chance to get ahead.

Bridget: Maybe we won't be rich, but we can be happy.

Lorenzo: Do you doubt for a moment that your child will be happy with Jason and Sam?

Bridget: Well, I saw them all together at their apartment. I mean, it looked like they cared for her.

Lorenzo: They do. And they have stability and financial independence. They can give your child every opportunity -- put her in the best schools, travel the world, Europe, Asia.

Bridget: Yeah. I guess that would be nice, like I was giving her something that I never had.

Lorenzo: That could be a source of great comfort for you, knowing that the decision you made could help your daughter realize her full potential.

[Door opens]

Courtney: What are you doing in my house?

Carly: Lorenzo is not against you on this. He thinks the baby should be with you and Sam.

Jason: Carly, he's trying to score points with you.

Carly: So what if he is? Really, Bridget trusts him. He's the one who helped deliver her baby, for God's sake. Maybe he can get through to her.

Jason: Ok, no, I know you mean well with me. You always do, ok? But Bridget is living with Courtney. She's not going to want to see Alcazar. Get him on the phone and tell him to leave it alone.

Carly: Fine. Ok. Do what you want, but you know what? This could have worked. It really could have worked.

Jason: Yeah, and one more thing. Next time you want to help me, donít.

Courtney: This man is dangerous, Bridget. You should have never let him in the house.

Lorenzo: I heard Bridget needed help making a big decision. I'm here to offer my assistance.

Bridget: He was just telling me that --

Courtney: Never mind. It doesn't matter, ok? Look, your friend Mr. Alcazar is a professional criminal. He's dangerous and vicious, and there's no reason you should listen to him.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: If you could calm down for a moment, we could discuss this more rationally.

Courtney: You want me to calm down? Get the hell out of my house.

Lorenzo: Bridget, I wish you all the best.

Bridget: I'm sorry, Courtney. I --

Courtney: Look, it's ok. All right? I mean, there's no way for you to know what kind of man he really is.

Bridget: The man delivered my baby. I mean, he seems so kind and sincere.

Courtney: All right, Bridget, listen. Any help that man gave you was part of an agenda. Lorenzo Alcazar thinks about himself and only himself. So whatever he told you, you need to forget about it and don't ever think about it again, all right?

Jordan: Have you figured out the glitch in the security system?

Stan: Yeah, I should have it tracked pretty soon.

Jordan: Because Sonny is understandably anxious about the system being installed and running perfectly before he brings his kids home.

Stan: I know, he already told me, and everything will be up and running when he's ready to move in.

Sonny: Where are you going?

Michael: To the beach.

Sonny: You just got out of the pool.

Michael: So what, Dad? That's what I love about this place. You can stay wet all day long.

Sonny: Sit down for a second. I want to ask you a question. How would you feel if Kristina came to live with me full-time?

Michael: But that would mean you would buy a big house, like the one that I saw in the newspaper ad?

Sonny: Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm just -- you know, I need to know if you'd be ok with it.

Michael: Will Kristina be there every time me and Morgan come over?

Sonny: Yeah, probably, yeah. Why?

Michael: Hmm, I think Iíd like that.

Sonny: Yeah, you wouldn't be jealous that she's getting a better deal?

Michael: You promise I won't hurt your feelings?

Sonny: You got it.

Michael: Living with you would be fun --

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Michael: But I love Mom, too. So I don't mind being -- actually going back and forth.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, that would never hurt my feelings. I mean -- if you're happy, so am I.

Michael: But remember --

Sonny: What?

Michael: Morgan and I are going to be at your place a lot. So, you should start looking for a new house right about now.

Sonny: Let me tell you something. You know what? This house thing, it's not the most important thing in the world. Our family staying strong is the most important thing, ok? Right?

Michael: Yep.

Ric: That's a noble thought, Sonny. What about my family? Should we stay strong, too?

Emily: Lucky bought us everything we could need. Oh God, it was good to get out of the house for a while -- what have you done?

Connor: You like it? I found the strawberries in the refrigerator, but I think they're still good.

Emily: This is exactly what Nikolas described in his letter. You took it out of my purse, and you read it.

Connor: Look, I didn't read the letter, all right?

Emily: So, this is all a coincidence? The candles? The strawberries? The -- do you honestly expect me to believe that?

Connor: I expect you to go with it.

Bridget: If it wasn't for Mr. Alcazar, I might have died in the blizzard the night my baby was born.

Courtney: Ok, look, Bridget, I know that Alcazar was nice to you, but that doesn't change who he is.

Bridget: He said he came here to help me. I mean, what other reason could he have?

Courtney: Well, I don't know. I don't waste time trying to figure out Alcazar's motives. I donít. Lorenzo Alcazar is a smart and polished man. Ok, he knows exactly what to say. But underneath all that charm and good manners, he's a monster.

Bridget: Ok. Then Iíll forget what he told me. I'll just decide for myself what to do about my baby.

Courtney: Well, I don't know what he told you --

Bridget: He said that I should leave Hope with Jason and Sam, that maybe it'd just be too hard for me to take care of a baby. You know, the way that he made it sound, I kind of thought that he was right. But if you don't want me to listen to him, Courtney, I promise I wonít.

Sam: Ok, how'd it go with Courtney?

Jason: She doesn't want to go to court any more than we do.

Sam: Is she going to talk to Bridget?

Jason: Yeah, she wants what's best for the baby and for Bridget, and she knows that means leaving Hope with us.

Sam: You kept trying to warn me this was going to happen.

Jason: No, we don't know how this is going to work out yet.

Sam: No, Jason, you were afraid for me, and now I know why.  I don't want to lose her, Jason. And I don't want her to lose us, because I just -- I know there is no way that Bridget can possibly take care of Hope. She's going to go on assistance, and she's going to keep her in daycare, and I don't want her to grow up like I did, moving from place to place and not being able to count on the one parent that she has. And she's going to feel alone. I just -- I don't think it's fair. It's not fair to do that to her.

Jason: We are going to do everything we can to keep Hope. Everything. And no matter what happens, we're going to get through this together. Come here.

Carly: Did you get my message?

Lorenzo: It was too late. I had already gone to see Bridget.

Carly: Well, how did it go?

Lorenzo: For you, I nearly convinced Bridget to leave her baby with Jason and Sam. Then Courtney walked in and told her I was a despicable pig and not to trust a word I said.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Viola: Hi.

Brook Lynn: Well, hey, Kristina. Hi. Oh, wow, are those Mike's special fries that you're eating, huh? You're one lucky girl. Those are great. So I was thinking, do you want to go outside and build a snowman, and then we can come in here and we can have hot chocolate. Does that sound like fun? Is she feeling ok?

Viola: I think she misses R-I-C.

Sonny: Leticia and Morgan are on the beach. You got all the food you need there, ok? Go.

Michael: Ok. The beach is this way.

Sonny: I know.

Ric: Smart kid.

Sonny: You mean in spite of his father?

Ric: I didn't come down here to argue with you.

Sonny: Well, why did you come down there, Ric?

Ric: Look, I figured that you were going to find out about Alexis and my separation. Judging from your conversation with Michael, I see that you have.

Sonny: Alexis is the mother of my daughter, ok? It's important for me to keep tabs on her.

Ric: I got no problem with that, Sonny.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Ric: I just came down here to talk with you about it in person.

Sonny: You married the wrong woman. There's nothing to discuss, Ric.

Ric: You know what? Actually, it was Alexis who wanted out.

Sonny: What'd you do?

Ric: Alexis discovered that I knew that you were Kristinaís father since last May.

Sonny: How'd you manage that?

Ric: How -- I persuaded the lab technician who doctored the test results for Alexis.

Sonny: I always wondered what you saw in Alexis, you know. Now I know. You saw her as a way to get to my child, you wanted to raise a little girl that I didn't know about, and you wanted to do everything you could to keep me out of her life -- that's sick. That's sick. That's twisted --

Ric: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: Even for you, Ric.

Ric: Well, you're right, as usual, Sonny. Originally, I did want to get close to Alexis because I knew that you were Kristinaís father, but after a while, I started to actually care about the both of them.

Sonny: And you don't expect me to care --

Ric: No, Sonny, I don't expect anything out of you. I just thought that maybe, you know, you would appreciate the irony of the situation, the fact that my older brother, who I'm obsessed with, led me towards something that I really would love to have, and that is a wife and a family.

Sonny: I don't want to hear your insight. I just -- look, hey, at this point, what do you want?

Ric: Your attorney's going to go for sole custody. I am asking you to let Kristina stay with her mother, where she belongs. 

Emily: I'm not going with anything. In fact, Iím getting out of here.

Connor: Wait, wait, wait, wait -- all right. All right, I read the letter, but only because I found it on the floor.

Emily: You're saying that it fell out of my purse?

Connor: Yeah.

Emily: Ok, great, yeah. You're lying, again. And I don't appreciate you trying to re-create something personal between me and Nikolas.

Connor: I just wanted to do something nice for you.

Emily: Yeah, well, you've done enough. All right, listen, this situation has been stressful for both of us, and fortunately, it's going to be over soon. So until then, we just try to have to stay away from each other.

Carly: I am so sorry. You know, I should have warned Courtney before I sent you over to talk to Bridget. I wasn't thinking.

Lorenzo: You can't blame yourself for Courtneyís response. She'll never approve of Jason and Sam adopting that baby.

Carly: That's not what Courtneyís objecting to.

Lorenzo: Are you sure? Courtney's miscarriage, for which I feel 50% responsible, compromised her ability to have children. Do you really think she wants to see Jason start a family with someone else?

Carly: Courtney would never interfere with Jason having his own family.

Lorenzo: She already did. She may not be conscious of what she's doing, but I guarantee you she does not want that adoption.

Courtney: Bridget, leaving your baby with Jason and Sam, it would be best for you and for your baby.

Bridget: That's what Mr. Alcazar told me, and you said not to believe him.

Courtney: Well, that -- that was my mistake, ok? I haven't been fair to you.

Bridget: Don't say that, Courtney. I mean, no one's ever treated me as good as you have.

Courtney: Ok, look, you know, I have been angry at Lorenzo Alcazar for a very long time and it has absolutely nothing to do with you. I shouldn't have tried to influence your decision.

Bridget: I'm glad you did. If you don't trust Mr. Alcazar, then neither do I.

Courtney: No -- ok. I don't like Lorenzo Alcazar, I don't, but he was giving you good advice, you know? I mean, maybe he sincerely cares about what happens to you.

Bridget: You taught me to have confidence in myself, Courtney, that once I make up my mind, there's nothing that I can't do. I want to raise my baby, and Iím not letting anyone talk me out of it.

Sam: Did you have a good nap? I think you did, because you're so squirmy. Maybe I'll take you to the park this afternoon, get all that --

[Knock on door]

Jordan: Hi.

Jason: Hi. Come on in.

Jordan: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Jason: Is everything ok?

Jordan: Yeah, I just wanted you to know that there's a hearing tomorrow regarding your petition for protective custody.

Jason: What do we need to do to get ready?

Jordan: Pack up all her things and bring the baby to the courthouse. If the decision goes against you and Sam, you'll have to surrender the baby immediately.

Sonny: Watch yourself, Ric. You're getting predictable.

Ric: What do you mean by that?

Sonny: Alexis threw you out, so now you're over here scoring points with her by trying to talk me out of going for sole custody.

Ric: No, look, Alexis and I are having problems, ok? All couples have that. It doesn't change her capabilities as a mother.

Sonny: Yeah, she's the same pushy, manipulating, neurotic --

Ric: I agree with that, all right, but Alexis also happens to be a devoted mother, and Kristina, your daughter, adores her. You know, despite everything that Kristina has been through, Sonny, she's a remarkably happy and confident child. And that's not an accident. It's because Kristina has learned that Alexis is a constant in her life, ok? She knows that nothing's going to happen to her, because Mommy's always going to be there. If you tear her away from that, Sonny, it would break her heart, and she may never get over that.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sam: We love this little girl, and we just want to give her a good home.

Grace: Why do you want your baby back?

Bridget: I'm her mother.

Carly: Stop.

Connor: You know, you didn't have to lock yourself in your bedroom last night.

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