GH Transcript Wednesday 1/5/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/5/05



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Officer: Is there a problem, ma'am? Can I help?

Alexis: Kristina has pressing business.

Sonny: Whatever Kristina’s doing can be rescheduled.

Alexis: You don't get to decide when something gets rescheduled. It's not --

Jordan: You are legally obligated to provide Kristina’s father with her schedule.

Ric: Well, which she's in the process of doing right now.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, all I'm hearing is no, so what's so important that I can't take my daughter to the beach?

Alexis: She has an interview --

Sonny: Oh.

Alexis: And a weeklong evaluation to get into a very good preschool.

Sonny: When?

Alexis: Today.

Connor: Hello. Hello. How are you? How are --?

Emily: Hey. You're getting better.

Connor: How long you been standing there?

Emily: Not long.

Connor: Yeah.

Emily: I mean, you can relax. You don't have to pretend to be Nikolas when no one's around.

Connor: It's all right. I'm starting to like being Nikolas.

Jax: How much do I owe you for bail?

Lorenzo: That won't be necessary, Mr. Jacks. I'm taking responsibility for my son.

Diego: I don't want anything from you.

Sam: Ok, I know this is your first real doctor's appointment, but Jason and I are going to make sure everything goes ok. We're going to make sure that you're not nervous and --

Jason: Are you talking about you or the baby?

Sam: Both, I guess.

Jason: She's going to be fine.

Sam: Would you listen to us? We keep calling her "she" and "the baby" and "her." I think that this little princess needs a name.

Jason: Not yet.

Sonny: When Kristina’s ready for preschool, she'll go to Queen of Angels.

Alexis: You wanted her baptized; you got her baptized. She is not going to Queen of Angels. She is going to a good preschool.

Jordan: She's a toddler. She'll be finger-painting.

Sonny: Kristina can go wherever she wants. She's my daughter.

Alexis: Really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: I wasn't aware that your name drew respect in the academic circles.

Sonny: Money talks.

Alexis: I want a school to accept her on her merit, not because you and your thugs blackmailed them.

Ric: Yeah, Sonny, you might want to keep a low profile where Kristina’s education is concerned.

Alexis: I have done all the research. This is one of the best schools in the area. There are children who've been waiting to get into Salisbury Circle preschool since they were conceived.

Sonny: Hmm.

Ric: And Alexis has called in a lot of favors so that she can get this appointment.

Alexis: That's right, and I'm not going to get another opportunity here for months, maybe.

Sonny: So you just want to raise a snob who thinks she's better than everyone else because she's going to, you know, go to some designer play group and do whatever she's got to -- is that what you were trying to say here? What are you saying?

Alexis: I'm saying that her academic future is more important than building castles with her brothers.

Sonny: Oh.

Ric: Come on.

Jordan: Wow. She's more tightly wound than that redhead on "Desperate Housewives."

Sonny: Yeah, she's high-strung.

Jordan: Well, she certainly is serious about getting her daughter into that school.

Sonny: No, she's serious about keeping me away from her.

Alexis: Thank you for backing me up.

Ric: Yeah, it's all right. I hate to see a drowning woman, especially when it's my wife. Unfortunately, you do not have an evaluation for Kristina to go to today.

Alexis: I'll get one. There is no way that I am letting him take Kristina away with him.

Dillon: These are my mom's E.L.Q. phone records. Not a single call placed to Helena.

Skye: You checked all these numbers?

Dillon: Yeah, I verified every single one.

Luke: Well, if Tracy is in touch with Helena, she knows enough to be careful about it. Where are her cell phone records?

Dillon: Dude, it was hard enough to get these.

Georgie: We almost got caught twice in Tracy’s office.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to go back. We have to have the cell phone records if we're going to find a connection between Tracy and Helena.

Dillon: Well, I'm sorry, then, you know what? You're going to have to get them yourself. I'm done. I'm not spying on my mom anymore.

Courtney: Brook. Hey, have you heard from Diego?

Brook Lynn: No, I haven't, and I'm starting to get worried.

Courtney: Oh, God. Yeah, he was furious at me for lying to him about Alcazar. I need to explain.

Brook Lynn: I think he might have run away, Courtney.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Sorry, I need to take this.

Brook Lynn: Go ahead.

Courtney: Jax. Hey, I've been calling --

Jax: You're needed at the PCPD. Diego's been arrested.

Lorenzo: Diego, you're in trouble, and I can help.

Diego: I got along fine my entire life without you. Why would I need you now?

Lorenzo: Look, you can be angry with me later. This is serious. You're being charged with assault.

Diego: Yeah, Jax is going to take care of it.

Jax: I'm prepared to post bail.

Lorenzo: That won't be necessary. I realize I've been hard on you in the past.

Diego: Yeah, you treated me like dirt.

Lorenzo: I didn't know I was your father.

Diego: Look, you were just some guy who got a girl pregnant, never thought about her again. You want to help me so you won't feel guilty? Forget it. You don't owe me anything. Just get out of my life.

Jax: Did the right thing.

Jason: Look, Sam, there's no hurry to name her. Michael was over a month old before we named him.

Sam: I know, just, you know, Jason, it would be nice if there was a name on her birth certificate, that's all.

Jason: Yeah, you're right. But the hospital's going to be fine, you know, with Baby McCall.

Sam: Or Morgan.

Jason: Sure, if you want.

Sam: I was hoping that you want it, too.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hey. Whoa! Can you let me breathe a little?

Brook Lynn: I'm sorry; I'm just so excited that you're ok, or at least alive. Come here.

Jax: Diego's been arrested for assault, beating up Maria’s fiancé. Some guy named Eduardo?

Courtney: Wait, wait, Eduardo beat up Maria first.

Jax: Well, apparently, Eduardo was threatening Maria, and Diego jumped him.

Courtney: How do you know all this?

Jax: Because he used his one phone call to call me.

Courtney: Well, that's progress.

Jax: I guess I was the least of several evils.

Courtney: He was so angry at me for keeping the truth from him.

Jax: There's something else you should know. Alcazar came down to the station and offered to bail him out himself.

Courtney: Does Diego know?

Jax: He turned Alcazar down. He told his father to stay out of his life.

Courtney: Well, then maybe something good can actually come out of all this.

Lois: Hey. Your guard let me in.

Lorenzo: What are you doing here, Lois?

Lois: I figured you could use a friend. You just found out you're the father of an almost-grown son.

Lorenzo: I appreciate your caring, but you can't be here right now.

Lois: Why not?

Lorenzo: Diego was arrested.

Lois: What?

Lorenzo: The man who attacked Maria was her ex-fiancé. He showed up at the hospital, probably trying to threaten her to drop the charges. Diego fought with him.

Lois: We need to go to the police station and talk to Mac.

Lorenzo: I've already been to the police station. I'm handling this myself.

Eduardo: Let me go, huh? You have no right.

Lorenzo: Lois, I'd like you to leave now.

Lois: Why, because you don't want a witness?

Lorenzo: Don't fight me on this.

Lois: I'm not going anywhere.

Luke: What's wrong, young Spielberg?

Skye: Yeah. We thought you actually wanted to help Nikolas get released from prison.

Dillon: I do. You're just not looking in the right place. I don't happen to believe that my mom would help Helena hurt Emily.

Luke: She's done it before.

Dillon: No. No, she hasn’t. She helped, you know, Helena stop the wedding and she tried to get Emily cut out of my grandmother's will. Those are things that have to do with greed. Helping Helena now? That would be like keeping Nikolas in prison, maybe setting Emily up to be killed. My mom wouldn't go that far. I know that. You trust your gut, ok, I trust mine, and I'm telling you I know she wouldn't do this.

Georgie: Is there another way we can find Helena?

Skye: You know what? We'll think about it, but thanks for your help. You guys have been great.

Luke: Yeah, you were great. We'll call you if we need you.

Skye: Oh, poor Dillon. Tracy has no compassion, even less ethics, and he's still willing to see some good in her.

Luke: Maybe he's right. Maybe we're looking for Helena in the wrong place.

Alexis: Ok, I know that brochure is here someplace. Just give me a second.

Ric: You were serious about wanting Kristina in that preschool?

Alexis: Don't misunderstand me, I want her to have a wonderful childhood and I want her to be able to take family vacations.

Ric: You just prefer that she take them with us.

Alexis: Exactly. See, this way I can kill two birds with one application.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: The battle for the Class of 2021 has just begun.

Ric: Well, then we need to get her into Salisbury.

Alexis: I really hadn't planned on doing that for another six months, but now I need to cover my tracks. She needs to be admitted into that school by the end of the day.

Jordan: You have joint custody, which means alternating holidays and shared vacations.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: I can make an appeal to the judge and get you an extended vacation. It's a perfectly reasonable request. And if Alexis balks at it, you can use your ammunition that you gathered on New Year’s Eve.

Sonny: That's too complicated. I need to handle this myself.

Jordan: What are you going to do?

Sonny: I'm going to give Alexis a taste of her own medicine.

Sam: Don't get me wrong. I don't want to push you.

Jason: I know that.

Sam: I know, but maybe giving the baby your last name would be pushing. Maybe you don't feel that close to her yet.

Jason: Look, I told you that I'm glad that the baby's here. It's just going to take me a little time, that's all.

Sam: I know, I know. It's a lot to get used to. I mean, it is for me, too, but I just want you to tell me if you feel like that I'm pressuring you into something or kind of sucking you into some sort of instant family, because I think that most guys in your situation would be feeling pretty claustrophobic right now.

Jason: Yeah, that's not really it. I lost Michael when he was a year old. Then, I started taking care of him for Carly so she wouldn't lose him, and I thought I was doing her a favor, but Michael changed my life. No one warned me how much I was going to love that kid. They couldn't because you have to live through it to know how it feels. And then one day it was just over. That was it, Michael wasn't mine anymore.

Sam: And, of course, you're afraid that's going to happen again.

Jason: Well, it's like, you know, taking a bad fall. After it happens, you tense up, you're always watching out for everything, you stay on your guard. But if you really think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense because you're not in more or less danger than you ever were, but everything just feels different.

Sam: Well, because you've learned that the worst can really happen.

Jason: And you've learned that, too.

Sam: That doesn't mean that it's going to happen again. Ok. Most people live their lives in denial, right? You almost have to. If you would actually get caught up in everything that could go wrong or the accidents that could happen or the ways that you or someone you loved could get hurt, you would be paralyzed, right? You'd probably lock yourself in a room and be unable to move. So I think that we've got to hope for the best, ok? We've got to just stay in our day-to-day and not worry about what might go wrong, not worry about the worst, because most of the time, the worst isn't going to happen. Most of the time when we cross the street, we're not -- not going to get hit by a bus.

Jason: A bus? How'd this --

Sam: Oh, come on. You know what I mean.

Jason: Yeah, I do. And you're right, I am afraid. But not for myself. I'm really afraid for you.

Inmate: My new roommate. I was hoping to get a roommate I could discuss philosophy with, but you seem more like the strong, silent type.  I heard you got into it with your last roommate. You going to tell me what the fight was about?

Nikolas: Somebody said something about my wife that I didn't like.

Emily: It's best to work from the outside in.

Connor: No, I get the salad fork, all right, but it's the rest that I'm not too sure about.

Emily: Ok, well, if you get confused, then you can count tines, ok?

Connor: What?

Emily: Sometimes there are three tines on the dinner fork and sometimes there are going to be four tines --

Connor: Tines, tines, tines? Why do I even got to know about this?

Emily: If you're going to fool Helena into believing that you're Nikolas, you're going to have to carry yourself like a prince. Connor, we might try to stage a private dinner to lure Helena out of hiding. It's going to be the perfect time for her to try something.

Connor: If she's even alive.

Emily: She is.

Connor: Look, I know that you really want to believe that, ok?

Emily: Ok, what other explanation could there be for an actress to be paid to come to the masquerade party? I mean, she was a perfect double for Helena. I know she's out there. And the sickest part of all this is that she's willing to let Nikolas rot in prison for a murder that never happened just to keep him away from me.

Connor: It's hard for you to talk about it, huh?

Emily: Yeah, I just wish he was here.

Connor: He will be. We'll find his grandmother, ok? But if I'm going to do my part, you've got to teach me how to eat this soup.

Emily: All right, Connor. All right, look, it's not --

Connor: What?

Emily: It's not a chisel, ok?

Connor: All right.

Emily: There we go. All right. Ok, dip it. Dip it gently, like that.

Tracy: Dillon? I'm here! Where are you?

Emily: Ok, hide the plates. I got it.

Tracy: Dillon, you're wasting my time! Where are you?

Dillon: Mom, hey. I'm here. Hi.

Tracy: What is so important that you pulled me out of a meeting?

Dillon: I need to talk to you about something.

Tracy: Oh, no.

Dillon: No, I'm -- I'm not doing drugs, I'm not failing school, Georgie’s not pregnant, ok?

Tracy: What's wrong?

Dillon: It's not that there's something wrong. I want to clue you in on something that I'm involved in right now that has to do with Emily, ok?

Tracy: What about Emily?

Lucky: Good move, Dillon. Bringing Tracy onboard's a good idea.

Brook Lynn: So, Maria’s really your mother?

Diego: Yeah, she's been lying to me my whole life.

Brook Lynn: She give you any explanation, any reason for that, or --

Diego: She wanted to keep me away from my father because she didn't want him to take me away from her.

Brook Lynn: Well, I can believe that.

Diego: Yeah, she still lied about who I am. My sister's my mother. What am I supposed to do with that?

Brook Lynn: I don't know, Diego, maybe you should just sit with it, you know, however you're feeling -- mad, angry, hurt. That's what I did when I found out that my dad lied to me about being Kristina’s father and, God, I was furious, Diego, and even now it still hurts me to know that he lied, but for some reason, I'm kind of understanding his reasons. Maybe that could be what will happen between you and Maria, you know? Because obviously you love her. You got arrested for trying to save her.

Diego: When I saw Eduardo threatening my sister -- I mean, my mom, I just lost it, Brook. And I'm not sorry. When I saw what he did to her, I just wanted to keep pounding that guy till there was nothing left.

Mac: That attitude isn't going to get you out of here.

Eduardo: If you do anything to hurt me --

Lorenzo: Golpeaste a Maria! I'll tell you how I want entiende? Tu crees que es todo mal que el muchacho haya querido vengar

lo que le hiciste a su madre?

Eduardo: No. But I have my reasons --

Lorenzo: Elimina los cargos!  Regresa a tu ejero. O les vengara a los dos. Y te llevare en el infierno.

Eduardo: Si. Yes, I'll do it. I'll drop the charges.

Lorenzo: Get him out of my sight.

Lois: I don't have to speak Spanish to know you just threatened that man. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but two wrongs definitely don't make a right.

Lorenzo: All right, Lois, you've finally seen how I do business.

Lois: That wasn't business. What I just saw was a father protecting his child.

Courtney: I have to explain to Diego.

Jax: You know, maybe Brook Lynn’s right; you should give him a little time.

Courtney: I'm glad he went to you, though. It means a lot to me that you wanted to help him.

Jax: Come on, I never said I hated the kid, you know? I just wanted him to appreciate all the things you've done for him.

Courtney: Well, how did you get through to him?

Jax: We talked about my own father and the mistakes that he made; how betrayed I felt when I found out. We also talked about, you know, the time I regretted fighting with my dad now that's he gone.

Courtney: Well, you handled Diego a lot better than I did.

Jax: I have some objectivity here. This is personal for you.

Courtney: I can't help it. You know, I care about Diego.

Jax: I'm talking about Alcazar. You lost your baby because of him, and your marriage to Jason.

Jason: Sam? Look, I want this to work out because I believe that if you get the chance, you are going to be an amazing mother. But a lot could go wrong, and I don't want you to lose her.

Sam: Like I lost my baby.

Jason: I know you miss her. I miss her. But this baby isn't a substitute.

Sam: Jason, first of all, let me stop. Nothing -- and I mean absolutely nothing -- can bring back my baby girl. But I am doing what you told me. You know, the best way for me to make her life count is by going on with my own. I am sick of wasting time. I'm sick of running away. That is what my father always did. I don't want to be that.

Jason: You don't talk about him much.

Sam: Cody, he was a mess, you know? My father was always looking for the next score. He never actually stopped to see what was right in front of him. And I grew up and I did the same thing, you know? I was always after something better. Until now. You are enough. What I have here is more -- more than enough.

Jason: I'm happy for you.

Sam: Then be happy for us, you and me. And baby no-name over there.

Alexis: You're going to meet the principal. She's so nice, and I know she's going to love you, so you just go in there and be yourself, and then we'll get ice cream, ok? Right in here. Look at all the toys. Oh, my God. What are you doing here?

Sonny: Ugh. I'm talking to Principal Buckley. You said it was important, you know, for her to go to Salisbury, so that's what I'm doing.

Alexis: I said to let me handle it.

Sonny: Yeah, but we have different ideas about Kristina’s, you know, education, and I just wanted to know the school's stance on prayer in the classroom.

Alexis: Oh, God. I swear if you ruin this for her, I'll kill you.

Principal Buckley: I apologize for the interruption. You must be Ms. Davis?

Alexis: I am. How are you?

Principal Buckley: Very well.

Alexis: Nice to meet you.

Principal Buckley: You, too. And this must be Kristina.

Alexis: This is Kristina. Say hi, honey. Oh, and by the way, feel free to ignore everything that he just said to you. You know that he travels with bodyguards -- and you don't need to worry because the bodyguards will, like, hide behind the swings or something. You won't see them. In fact, if you don't want him to come, Mr. Corinthos will stay home.

Principal Buckley: Oh, no, not at all, especially since he made a very generous donation. I mean, thanks to Kristina’s father, we'll be able to renovate the playground.

Alexis: Renovate?

Principal Buckley: We're looking forward to having Kristina join us here.

Alexis: Well, you haven't even evaluated her yet. Don't you want to --?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm not going to let you get in the way of our daughter's future. Principal Buckley -- she agreed to admit Kristina whenever she's ready, you know, whenever we want her to, so that's a good thing, right? Hey, it was very nice talking to you, Jean.

Jean: My pleasure.

Sonny: All right. Thanks.

Jean: And, Kristina, have a good trip at the beach.

Diego: Then Alcazar comes along, decides to play daddy, offers to pay my bail.

Brook Lynn: Look, Diego, it sounds like he was just trying to help you.

Diego: No, he wasn’t. He just feels obligated because I'm his kid. Alcazar never wanted to be a father, and I don't need him in my life.

Brook Lynn: I know how hard this is for you.

Diego: Yeah, well, you were right. You did everything you could to get Alcazar away from your mom. Yeah, the guy's bad news, and I should've listened to you a long time ago.

Courtney: Look, I'm sorry to interrupt. Diego, I hate the way we left things and I want to apologize.

Mac: You want to drop the charges against Diego Sanchez?

Eduardo: It was just a misunderstanding. We both overreacted.

Mac: Or did someone convince you to let this go? Mr. Jacks hasn't been here for a while. Did he have something to do with this sudden turnaround?

Lois: So what happened with Diego at the police station?

Lorenzo: I wanted to bail him out. I feel like Diego is my responsibility. He disagreed.

Lois: So Diego turned you down?

Lorenzo: He told me to stay out of his life. Maybe he's right.

Lois: Oh, so now you're planning to walk away from your only child?

Lorenzo: I'm willing to provide for him financially if he'll take the money.

Lois: Lorenzo, Diego needs a father, not a bottomless bank account.

Lorenzo: Lois, I can't force myself into his life.

Lois: You don't have to. You're already there. It was a really nice thing you did by going down and trying to bail him out. You care about him. I know this. So what is the real reason you're backing down, huh?

Lorenzo: Because I have no business being a father.

Lucky: Emily's been having a hard time since Nikolas went to prison. We're all doing the best we can to keep her mind off missing him. But she needs all the support she can get.

Tracy: Hmm. That's why you called me here, to discuss supporting Emily?

Lucky: I asked Dillon to talk to you Quartermaines. Emily needs comfort, and I'm afraid she's not going to get it with you guys fighting all the time.

Tracy: Really? Well, we'll handle Emily the way we see fit.

Lucky: Tracy, please, I know you don't like Emily.

Tracy: Lucky, the only problem I had with Emily stemmed from my mother's inheritance. Now that Justus has gotten it all, Emily is free to marry all the convicted killers she likes.

Lucky: So you'll back off?

Tracy: Contrary to public opinion, I do not enjoy watching people suffer. Helena was a psychopath. Emily has my support. Is that all you wanted to discuss with me?

Dillon: Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Tracy: Can we discuss your hair?

Dillon: Bye, Mom.

Tracy: Bye, baby.

Emily: That was close. Thanks for the save, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah, Dillon here almost blew our entire plan. What were you thinking?

Dillon: You know what I was trying to say that I don't think that my mom and Helena are working together. She's not the bad guy this time, and I wanted to give her a chance to prove that she does care about you.

Luke: Well, that should've been your first clue that something wasn't right.

Sam: So this is Dr. O’Donnell, and he's going to take really good care of you.

Dr. O’Donnell: We'll have an exam room ready in a minute. In the meantime, how's your daughter?

Sam: Well, she eats a lot and she likes to listen to music.

Jason: She sleeps about four hours between feedings.

Sam: Yeah, midnight and 4:00 A.M. is kind of rough, but we don't mind.

Dr. O’Donnell: I see you haven't named her.

Sam: Well, we've been talking about it.

Jason: What about Hope?

Lois: Hey. You sounded so upset on the phone. Is it about Diego?

Brook Lynn: I'm really worried about him, ma. I mean, I'm trying to help him, but I can't relate to what he's going through. His ma, she lied to him about who she was, right, and then she left him here while she was deported. And how am I supposed to say that I understand what he's going through when I've always had you? I mean, even when we were fighting, you still wanted me around.

Lois: I'm glad to hear you finally appreciate me.

Brook Lynn: Well -- I think deep down, Diego’s always wanted a family, but it's just that he hates Alcazar so much.

Lois: Lorenzo has a good side, too.

Brook Lynn: I know. We both know. We saw it when he tried to help Bridget deliver her baby and today when he tried to help Diego get out of trouble with the police.

Lois: Did help him. He got Eduardo to drop the charges.

Brook Lynn: No, ma, Diego told him to stay out of his life.

Lois: He didn't listen.

Brook Lynn: Oh. I think -- I think Diego should know that, because right now he thinks that Jax is the one that helped out. But, no, maybe it's better that he doesn't know, right, because he's probably the kind of guy that would rather sit in jail than have help from his father.

Lois: I think deep down, Diego would be happy to know that his father stuck up for him.

Brook Lynn: Do you think that Alcazar really wants to be Diego’s father?

Lois: I know he does. Listen, sweetie, becoming a parent is the scariest, most overwhelming thing that can happen to a person, but it's also the best. Lorenzo is going to figure that out.

Luke: Dillon's right about his mother. She wouldn't be in this for greed.

Skye: We think Tracy’s being forced to go along with Helena’s plan.

Connor: Someone's blackmailing her?

Dillon: With what?

Skye: We think Helena’s threatening to hurt Dillon if Tracy doesn't go along with the plan.

Luke: See, apart from money and power, Dillon seems to be the only thing Tracy cares about.

Emily: You obviously found some clue.

Luke: Well, it turns out that E.L.Q. is not as solvent as everybody thought and it's actually on the verge of bankruptcy.

Skye: Which is why Jax was able to buy the hotel out from under her.

Luke: Somebody's been sabotaging the company, and E.L.Q. just received a capital infusion from some mysterious European source.

Dillon: Helena.

Emily: Can you prove it?

Luke: Not yet, but we can follow the money.

Skye: But that could take a while.

Luke: In the meantime, you two are going to have to get up close and personal. I mean, if Helena is involved or if we can find her and get her involved, she has to believe that Nikolas is out of prison and that he's more in love with Emily than ever.

Dillon: Right, but is Helena really going to believe that Connor over here is Nikolas?

Luke: If everybody plays their cards correctly. If the display is nice and open. If the two of you can be hot enough for each other that it makes Helena’s skin crawl.

Jordan: The endowment was the perfect way to get Kristina into preschool. You just beat Alexis at her own game.

Sonny: Well, you should know me by now. I always get what I want.

Jordan: I don't doubt it.

Sonny: Click. Too bad, you know, you're not going to come with us to the island. I mean, you know, this time of year in Port Charles, the weather's brutal. I mean, I'm going to be on the beach, you know, white sands and the sun and the -- you know?

Jordan: I have work to do here.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jordan: You're paying me to take care of your affairs, and I take that very seriously.

Sonny: I know you do. I appreciate that. Especially since, you know, Alexis is a fighter and I know she's going to come up with another way to keep me from taking Kristina away.

Alexis: You should have seen him in there. He had the principal eating out of his hand. She was salivating. He was calling her by her first name -- Jean.

Ric: Well, I'm sure that the check didn't hurt, either.

Alexis: You mean the bribe?

Ric: Yeah. So, at least you got Kristina enrolled in the school you wanted.

Alexis: She's not starting for several weeks.

Ric: Which means that Sonny's going to insist on taking her on vacation.

Alexis: You know something? It's not even about that anymore. It's about setting limits and having boundaries, and Sonny doesn't have any. And if I don't stop this, it's ridiculous, he's going to take over her life completely.

Ric: Ok, listen, why don't you let me take care of Sonny?

Luke: Where are the lovebirds?

Skye: If you're referring to Connor and Emily, Connor went to his cabin downstairs and Emily went home.

Luke: So much for perfecting the scam.

Skye: Luke, please. Try a little patience here. I know this is just the latest for you in a long line of lethal games with Helena, but for Emily this is tough, you know? This is a day-to-day, minute-to-minute thing with a guy who looks just like Nikolas but isn't him. Now, that's just not difficult, it's downright creepy.

Luke: Not as creepy as getting her throat cut from ear to ear.

Skye: And while we're on that lovely topic, could you please try to remember that it's your life that's on the line here, too?

Luke: You're worried about me?

Skye: I know that you're going to tell me that you could probably defeat Helena with one hand tied behind your back, and you probably could, but I happen to get protective about people I care about, and you happen to be at the top of that list.

Luke: Don't worry, you're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Thanks for coming.

Diego: Well, it sounded important. What's up?

Brook Lynn: Well, you know how you said how I was right about Alcazar being so bad?

Diego: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: I'm starting to think that maybe I just never gave him a chance.

Diego: Why, you taking his side now?

Brook Lynn: No. Look, all I'm saying is that he's done some really cool stuff lately.

Diego: Oh, like delivering that baby?

Brook Lynn: Right, and even you said he was wonderful that night, ok?

Diego: Hmm.

Brook Lynn: And I think that you should know that Alcazar's actually the one who got Eduardo to drop the charges.

Diego: You sure about that?

Brook Lynn: I'm positive. My ma told me.

Diego: Yeah, well, he's probably lying.

Brook Lynn: No, look, she would've seen right through that, ok, which means that Alcazar was genuine. And even after you told him that you hated him, he was there for you, Diego, and I just think that he really cares about you.

Lorenzo: Oh, you're back.

Lois: We need to talk, parent to parent.

Lorenzo: I don't want to talk about Diego.

Lois: Lorenzo, you have lost so much this past year. Now you've been given a gift, a son.

Lorenzo: Who wants nothing to do with me.

Lois: For now. But Diego will change his mind. You just have to take the first step.

Lorenzo: I tried.

Lois: So try again. Diego is a teenager, ok? They're difficult on a good day. He had a bad mood and you can't reason with him at all. You have to be the adult here, the parent. Because like it or not, that's who you are now.

Lorenzo: I can't help thinking what my life would've been like if I'd known about him, if I'd had a chance to raise Diego. He and Sage would've been cousins. He could've protected her.

Lois: Now it's your turn to protect him. Go to Diego. Tell him you regret the time you missed.

Lorenzo: Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

Lois: Doesn't have to be. He just needs to hear from you that he matters; that he wasn't some mistake or some dirty secret. Lorenzo, you have the power to change Diego’s life.

Courtney: Thanks again for coming with me. I really need to explain to Maria what's going on with Diego.

Sam: You were so good for Dr. O’Donnell, and, thanks to Jason, you have a name on your birth certificate. Yes, you do.

Jason: If you don't like it --

Sam: No, I love it. I love it. Hope is a perfect, perfect name.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jordan: Someone put in a serious bid. You're going to have to act fast.

Ric: It's called Greystone, and I just put an offer in on it.

Brook Lynn: We all need to be on the same page now, for Diego.

Diego: I trusted you, Courtney, and you lied to me.

Emily: You and I need to be more familiar.

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