GH Transcript Monday 1/3/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 1/3/05



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Sam: Three, two --

Jason: What is --?

Sam: Happy New Year.

Jason: Happy New Year to you.

Sonny: How's your ankle?

Carly: It's not bad.

Sonny: No?

Carly: No, whatever pain I had has been totally eclipsed by the bliss of being out of that corset. What was I thinking?

Sonny: Well, you must have been uncomfortable, but you looked sexy as hell.

[Clock chimes]

Sonny: Oh, boy. Look at that -- midnight.

Carly: Midnight. Happy New Year, Sonny.

Sonny: Happy New Year, Carly.

Carly: Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Sonny: You're right. If we start, we won't be able to stop. And making love would be a disaster for both of us.

Luke: All right. It's lovely to have you back in my arms, my darling.

Woman: What is wrong with you? Let go of me!

Luke: Not until you tell me where the woman who hired you is.

Woman: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Luke: Helena Cassadine! Where is she?

Diego: This is for my father.

Courtney: Diego, wait, stop! Lorenzo is your father.

Diego: You're lying.

Courtney: No, Diego.

Diego: You are!

Courtney: Ok, ok.

Diego: To try to stop me from killing him. But it's not going to work. You murdered my father, you beat up my sister, and now you have to die.

Courtney: Check with the hospital, Diego. Look, the D.N.A. tests are on file. Just -- they'll confirm what I'm saying. Lorenzo Alcazar is your father.

Diego: Is it true?

Diego: Answer me. Are you my father or not?

Lorenzo: Diego, this is the first time I'm hearing this.

Jax: Diego! Diego, put down the gun. You don't want to shoot your father.

Diego: You, too? Are you sure about this?

Jax: I was with Courtney when she got the D.N.A. results. It's true.

Diego: No, no! She said he wasn’t.

Jax: Courtney was just trying to protect you.

Brook Lynn: Look, please -- Diego, please, please put down the gun, ok? It's not worth what you're going to have to go through knowing that you killed your father. Please put it down.

Diego: You lied to me? Huh?

Courtney: I'm sorry, Diego, I'm sorry.

Diego: No! No! How could you do that?

Courtney: I didn't -- I didn't realize --

Diego: Just stuff your apology! It doesn't mean anything!

Lorenzo: Would someone please tell me what's going on?

Diego: You burn in hell, you bastard.

Courtney: Jax, call security. Don't let him leave the building!

Lorenzo: No, let him go.

Courtney: I wasn't talking to you.

Lorenzo: Look, Courtney, if he's who you say he is and he's my son, then he is no longer your concern.

Luke: Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want you to answer some questions.

Woman: I told you, I don't know any Helena Cassadine.

Luke: Well, let me see if I can help you move this along a little bit, then. She happens to be, oh, your height, your weight, your build. She also has a penchant for extravagant headgear. She didn't really expect me not to see through this, did she?

Woman: None of what you're saying makes any sense to me. I don't recognize your description. I've never met anyone named Helena Cassadine. And if you don't let me go, I'm going to start screaming, and I'm not going to stop until you've been arrested for assault.

Emily: If you're not working for Helena, then why did you approach me?

Luke: Did you understand the question?

Lucky: Dad, let her go. Hotel security is going to be here in about 30 seconds.

Woman: Listen to him. Let me go and this never happened. Otherwise I'm just as happy to press charges.

Luke: All right. All right, you can go. But you tell your mistress this is not over yet.

Connor: Obviously, my impersonation of Nikolas didn't fly.

Skye: No, don't be so sure.

Connor: What are you talking about? We're right back where we started. If Helena is alive, she didn't take the bait.

Luke: She sure did. That woman was here on Helena’s behalf. I'd bet my $2,500 green gecko and moss frog boots on that one.

 [Phone rings]

Sam: Do you have to answer that?

Jason: Yeah, I probably should.


Sam: Yeah. Go. God knows what could be happening, right?

Jason: Hello?

Bridget: Is this Jason?

Jason: Who is this?

Bridget: It's Bridget. Bridget Daly.

Jason: What's going on?

Bridget: I've been arrested. I need you to come get me. I know that you don't owe me anything but, please, do it for my baby.

Sonny: You know, sometimes I think how easy it would be just to reach out, try again. But then I stop myself because I know that in the end, we're just too different. We just can't make it work, not for the long haul. But at least this time, you know, we've managed to let go with grace. And that has to be enough.

Carly: Oh, Sonny, I fight those impulses, too. It's like my -- it's like my heart, my spirit is just so conditioned to fight for you and what we used to have. But I know -- I know this painful reality just starts crashing down; that we are too different. You know, we'd be fine for a while, we would be great. But then we'd smack head-on, we'd just be right back at it, our differences would reappear, and who knows what we'd do, right? How we'd inflict the damage this time, on ourselves, on our children. It's better this way. But I miss you.

Sonny: I miss you, too.

Alexis: Max, will you calm down? I'm here to --

Max: Look, Sonny doesn't want to --

Alexis: Will you -- you're stepping on my feathers! Now move! Honestly -- have the two of you no shame?

Jason: I'm sorry to leave, but there's no way this can wait.

Sam: Don't worry about it. Your work comes first, I know that. Just stay safe, ok?

Jason: Yeah, Sam, I --

[Baby cries]

Sam: Well, I have her to occupy my time.

Jason: You're doing a great job with her.

Sam: I'm just -- I'm doing what you taught me and following my instincts.

Alexis: They're together, they're apart. They're married, they're divorced, then it's revoked -- I don't think you can do that, can you? Then they're remarried again, and then they sue everybody for everybody's --

[Ric whistles]

Alexis: Children. And, you know, that's ok because who am I to judge, really? It's not right for me to judge because if it's ok with you, if it floats your boat -- or, in your case, if it trips your trigger -- then it's ok with us, right? I just think it's inappropriate to let a 2-year-old innocent girl happen to walk down and catch you in your bizarre mating rituals.

Ric: Maybe you want to take it down a notch.

Alexis: Oh, ok. If you want to have a reunion, you should maybe go upstairs and do it in your bedroom, preferably behind locked doors, because then she won't be able to catch you.

Carly: Get a grip, Alexis.

Alexis: Or have you already scarred her for life? Yes or no? Answer the question.

Sonny: Kristina is upstairs sleeping, like she's been all night, Alexis.

Carly: Yeah, and if she had wandered downstairs by chance, the only traumatic thing she would've seen was Sonny putting an ice pack on my ankle. See, drunkie? Ice pack? Ankle?

Alexis: Right.

Sonny: You know what? This is, like, a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of your mind. Do you, like, spend all your energy and time just fantasizing about what we do when we're together? Is that what you --?

Alexis: Oh, my God! That is a frightening thought.

Carly: Oh!

Sonny: Oh, is it? Well, you brought it up!

Carly: Yeah, and be careful with the word "frightening." Look who you're standing next to.

Ric: Ha-ha-ha.

Alexis: Oh. I'm just making an assumption based on history. It was perfectly reasonable.

Sonny: Hey, Alexis --

Alexis: Reasonable, right?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: How many drinks did you knock down at the New Year’s Eve party?

Alexis: If you're implying that I'm drunk, I am not. I am very relaxed. And I want my daughter. Where is she?

Sonny: You know what? I think it would be best if you picked her up in the morning.

Ric: Yeah, I tend to agree with Sonny.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Well, why do we want to wake up Kristina, only to have to bring her home and put her down again? Why don't we come back in the morning? You know, we could take her to breakfast. It'll be a lot of fun.

Alexis: No.

Ric: No? Ok. We'll be back at 8:00 in the morning, ok, to pick her up? Just have her ready, all right? Come on.

Alexis: Ok, I don't really think that's a very good idea.

Ric: Come on, sweetheart, let's go. Come on.

Alexis: I am objecting, and I --

Ric: It's all right. Overruled. Good night, everyone!

Alexis: Is it New Year’s yet?

Ric: Yes, it is. Happy New Year.

Alexis: Happy New Year, everyone.

Carly: I should get going, too.

Sonny: Wait, whoa. You don't have to go.

Courtney: This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. You have known Diego as your son for all of, what, two minutes, and you're already in charge of his life?

Lorenzo: I'm not in charge of Diego. But neither are you. Look, it is clear that you had good intentions, but it's also clear that you are not capable of providing him with the supervision he needs.

Courtney: I'm sorry -- not capable?

Lorenzo: This kid has been running amuck since the day he came to see you, doing whatever he wants, getting in my face or Sonny’s. And now, whatever trust or influence you had -- it's been shattered, Courtney. There's nothing more you can do for him. So I will take responsibility for my son.

Courtney: Well, I suppose I can't stop you.

Lorenzo: Thank you for recognizing that.

Courtney: But I will make it clear to Diego that he has alternatives. I am not throwing him out. I am not cutting him off. If he wants to know you, that's his decision. But if he doesn't, I can arrange that, too.

Lois: Let's table this conversation for now, ok? We can't resolve anything without Diego’s input, and this way nobody says anything they might come to regret.

Jax: That sounds like a plan. I'd like to spend some time alone with you anyway.

Courtney: Fine.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Lois: Yeah, well, I could see that Courtney was getting on your last nerve. Some life-altering news, huh?

Lorenzo: You could say that.

Lois: What are you going to do?

Lorenzo: Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea.

Luke: So, what do you think the chances are that a virtual body double for Helena would show up at a party where her beloved grandson just happens to be?

Connor: What, then you think it worked?

Luke: Yeah, so far, I do.

Skye: I'm with Luke. Helena's alive and eager to see Nikolas, and Tracy is in touch with her.

Emily: Well, it makes sense that Helena would be wary enough to suspect a trap.

Luke: Yeah, so she sent a decoy.

Lucky: This whole body double thing was a little too convenient. But I saw that woman. You know what? She was genuinely frightened, and I believe that she had never heard of Helena.

Luke: She was acting.

Lucky: And we're a long way from proving that Helena’s still alive.

Emily: And even farther away from getting Nikolas free.

Jax: You know, whether you like it or not, Alcazar is Diego’s father. There's not much you can do about it.

Courtney: Well, I have to give it to you. When you're right, you are really right. I should've told Diego the truth from the beginning. Instead, I lied and I completely destroyed our trust.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Courtney Matthews.

Ofc. Murphy: Hi, this is Officer Murphy. Your name is on the contact sheet of a minor we've arrested for public drunkenness.

Courtney: Diego Sanchez?

Ofc. Murphy: No, a young girl named Bridget Daly.

Courtney: I'll be right there.

Jason: Good. Mac, I'm here to post bail for Bridget Daly.

Mac: She's in there.

Jason: What happened?

Mac: She got in a fight with a bouncer outside a club she was trying to get in, and she's three sheets to the wind. We're probably going to have to keep her overnight.

Bridget: You're not going to keep me here. Do you know who Jason Morgan is? He's adopting my baby. He's going to get me out of here so quick you won't know what hit you.

Ric: Ok, easy.

Alexis: Isn't he the bastion of acceptable social behavior, sticking up his nose at me, and acting all superior --

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: And saying that I'm drunk.

Ric: Oh, the nerve.

Alexis: Whoo!

Ric: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Come here, come here. Come on.

Alexis: This is kind of fun!

Ric: Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's spin it around here.

Alexis: All right, here we go!

Ric: Let's get it going this way.

Alexis: Here we go!

Ric: That a girl. Ok, ready? One, two --

Alexis: Just hoist me up!

Ric: Three -- that's it. Beautiful. Why don't I navigate that way, ok?

Alexis: Ok. Now where were we?

Ric: Sonny --

Alexis: Oh, that's right.

Ric: Being the bastion of --

Alexis: Anyway, he sent me home, trying to make it look like I should go sleep it off, and I think that was highly inappropriate. You didn't side with him, did you?

Ric: No, but Sonny did have a point, you know? Well, you did have one or two -- just one or two drinks, and Kristina might get the wrong idea about your condition.

Alexis: One or two drinks is perfectly acceptable, and let me just say, first of all, that I did not have a condition.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: And second of all --

Ric: Hmm?

Alexis: Huh?

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: I'm hammered.

Ric: Yeah. But you're cute when you're hammered.

Alexis: Could you do me a big favor?

Ric: What?

Alexis: If you really care about me -- and I know --

Ric: Mm-hmm?

Alexis: Could you go make me a nice, black, strong cup of coffee?

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: I need to get sober.

Ric: So you can be more awake?

Alexis: So I could go to Sonny’s.

Ric: Nah, I don't really think that's a good idea.

Alexis: Yeah, I do. I do because I really --

Ric: No, don't do it, really.

Alexis: I want to go get my daughter.

Ric: I know you do, but it's probably safer if you stay here, really. No, don’t. No, Alexis -- no, no. Ok, all right, all right, ok, ok --

Alexis: If you care, you'll go get me some coffee because I really need to go get her.

Ric: Ok, just stay here, all right?

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: Stay -- easy.

Alexis: You're good to me.

Ric: Stay.

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Ok? Uh-huh. I think you're making a big mistake, though. Kristina seemed fine where she was.

Alexis: I'm going to go get her. I'm just going to take a little nap first. There we go.

Ric: What'd you say, Alexis? I couldn't hear you.

Sonny: You kind of look ridiculous.

Carly: You always did know how to flatter a girl.

Sonny: You're probably going to get frostbite from your car to your apartment.

Carly: Yeah, but, Sonny, with Kristina staying here in the guest room, there's really no place for me to stay.

Sonny: You can have our -- you know, the bedroom -- you can have the master bedroom. I'll take the couch.

Carly: No, I couldn't ask you to do that.

Sonny: You're not. I'm offering. And stop being stubborn. Get up there, take all this stuff off. Get some sleep, will you?

Carly: All right, well -- ok, this is just -- it's the exception, not the rule, ok? That.

Sonny: You're welcome.

Carly: Ridiculous --

[Knock on door]

Max: Steven Webber.

Sonny: What the hell does he want?

Carly: Look, Sonny --

Sonny: What?

Carly: Be nice. Max, just let him in.

Sonny: Ahem.

Steven: Hey.

Carly: Hey, you got my note, right?

Steven: Yeah. Is Morgan ok?

Carly: He's fine. It was a false alarm. He wasn't sick at all. Michael was playing matchmaker.

Steven: Ok, see, you have to admire that kid. I mean, he knows what he wants.

Carly: Yeah, I wonder where he gets it from.

Steven: You look ready to go. I'll drive you.

Carly: Ok. Thanks.

Sonny: I thought you were going to stay.

Carly: Yeah, but Steven’s here, so --

Sonny: Oh, right -- Steven, yeah.

Steven: Shall we?

Carly: Happy New Year.

Sonny: Right back at you.

Lorenzo: Did you -- did you always want to be a mother?

Lois: Absolutely. It's in my genes.

Lorenzo: That's right. You come from a big family.

Lois: Not just a big family -- Italian. I'm very high on motherhood.

Lorenzo: Any regrets?

Lois: No. She's going through a difficult time, but Brookie is the singular joy of my life. What about you? Did you want to be a father one day?

Lorenzo: I probably would have had children with my first love if she hadn't died. After I lost her, I just veered away from any kind of relationship that had the potential for anything permanent.

Lois: Then you met Carly.

Lorenzo: I was willing to change for her. But Carly slipped away from me, too. And then I failed Sage grievously. Lois, I don't think I'm cut out for the whole family thing. Other than money, I don't think I have a damn thing to offer Diego.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hey.

Brook Lynn: You ok?

Diego: She's still unconscious.

Brook Lynn: I know, I'm sorry.

Diego: Yeah. I need her to wake up. I have so many questions. Like, how long was my mother involved with Alcazar? Why'd she try to hide me from him? Did Alcazar abandon her? Did Maria know about the affair? Was it an affair? I don't know. Maybe I'm just a product of a one-night stand or a rape.

Brook Lynn: Look, Diego, stop, all right? I mean, there's no reason for you to be standing here thinking the worst.

Diego: It has to be bad or Maria wouldn't have gone so far to hide the truth. And Courtney.

Brook Lynn: Diego, it doesn't matter who your father is, all right? Only the person that you are, and you are an amazing person.

Diego: You really mean that, huh?

Brook Lynn: Yes, I do. Look, I believe in you. I really think that you should start to believe in yourself, too.

Diego: You're the only good thing in my life, you know that?

Jason: Mac, Bridget is the mother of the baby that Sam is adopting.

Mac: I can see why you want to help, Jason, but she's a minor. I can't release her into your custody.

Jason: Well, I can't just leave her in lockup!

Courtney: Jason, it's ok. Look, I'll make sure that Bridget is taken care of.

Mac: All right, good, a solution. I'll authorize the paperwork.

Jason: Thank you.

Courtney: So, what are the charges?

Jason: Drunk and disorderly. She tried to fight a bouncer.

Courtney: Ok, well, how did you know that she was here?

Jason: She called.

Courtney: She called you?

Jason: She asked me to bail her out.

Courtney: Only for the baby's sake, right?

Jason: Well, yeah, something like that.

Courtney: Jason, I don't like this. I mean, I put Bridget in a good home. She didn't even last a week, and now this? We are dealing with a deeply troubled girl here, and her intentions may be good at the moment, but I --

Jason: But the baby is all she's got. And sooner or later, she's going to want her baby back.

Courtney: Maybe I'm wrong. I hope I am.

Jason: So do I. I mean, Sam already loves this baby.

Ric: Here.

Alexis: Mmm.

Ric: Hello? Here's that coffee that you ordered last night.

Alexis: Oh. Could you turn it down?

Ric: What?

Alexis: Why is the sun so bright?

Ric: It's a conspiracy. Come on, time to get up. We got to go pick up Kristina.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. I went to get her last night.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Do you think that he noticed that I was a little --

Ric: Inebriated?

Alexis: Oh, my God. He's going to find some way to use that against me.

Sonny: I see the eager beaver got you home all right.

Carly: Is that really necessary?

Sonny: What?

Carly: Steven's nice. He's considerate.

Sonny: Oh. Is that why you let him hang around, because he's so anxious to please?

Carly: I don't let him do anything. I happen to like the guy. What -- whoa. Why are you so smug?

Sonny: Ooh! You sound a little defensive.

Carly: Well, you sound a little bit condescending, like you're better than Steven somehow.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no. I think Steven Webber is the paragon of the universe. But I know what you like -- dark, dangerous.

Carly: You are so arrogant.

Sonny: And Steven is kind and open, but too bad he's not a challenge enough for you to, you know, hold your interest.

Carly: Oh. Oh, oh, oh, you are so wrong.

Sonny: Not about you because I know what you like. I know what turns you on. And don't tell me I don’t. Right?

Carly: Michael? Hurry up, get ready. I got to take you and your brother home before I go back to the hospital and visit Steven.

 [Phone rings]

Sam: I got it. Hello?

Courtney: Sam. Hey, it's Courtney. Is Jason around?

Sam: Yeah, hold on. It's Courtney.

Jason: Ok, take the blanket and -- ok --

Sam: Ok, I got him.

Jason: Good?

Sam: Yep.

Jason: There you go. Make sure that you keep that bottle up, ok? Hey.

Courtney: Hey, listen, I managed to get Bridget placed in a special school for troubled teens.

Jason: Ok, well, I appreciate your help.

Courtney: Yeah, well, hopefully, this school will help Bridget turn her life around.

Jason: Thanks.

Sam: Is everything ok?

Jason: Yeah. You know, I need to tell you something. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. I wasn't working last night. Bridget got arrested and called me for help.

Sam: Arrested? Well, maybe -- maybe it's for the best.

Luke: You know, maybe it's this hideous hour or all the partying, but I'm thicker than usual. I can't figure out why we need to know a list of the hotel guests.

Skye: Some people actually enjoy being up at this hour. Can you imagine?

Luke: No.

Skye: Look, what we're going to do is cross-reference the list to the people who attended the party, and maybe we can find something more about this Helena double.

Luke: I got a better idea. Excuse me.

Woman: Oh, no, not you again.

Luke: No -- sorry. Don't panic. I just wanted to apologize for the rude and ungentlemanly way I treated you last night. I have no excuse except for the fact that I was blind drunk -- New Year’s Eve and all, you know?

Woman: Well, it happens. No harm done. Anything else?

Luke: No, no. I'm just -- I'm just amazed. I mean, the woman I mistook you for -- your resemblance to her is remarkable.

Woman: Hmm.

Skye: If you don't mind my asking, what were you doing at the party? Are you a friend of Jax’s?

Woman: No, I don't know him, either. Look, someone paid me to go. They sent me the costume, bought my airline tickets, made my hotel reservations. All I had to do was show up, attend a party, and collect 10 grand for my trouble.

Luke: I think we just hit the jackpot.

Skye: Her name is Tara McAllister.

Luke: She's an actress from Manhattan, hired because of her physical appearance.

Skye: And resemblance to Helena.

Emily: Did she ever actually see Helena?

Luke: No, Emily. Helena's much too shrewd for that. She was hired by a go-between.

Skye: And supplied with your photo. That's why she followed you and Connor into the lobby when you left.

Emily: You were right about Helena all along.

Luke: Well, I've had a lot of practice at this game.

Emily: But now she knows that we're looking for her, so she's going to disappear.

Luke: That I'm not so sure of because she thinks we've got what she wants -- Nikolas.

Lucky: And what we got is Connor Bishop pretending to be Nikolas. If there's anyone able to spot a fake, it's Helena.

Luke: So keep working with him, both of you. And once he's perfected the Nikolas routine, we'll take him on the road because I know, if not all, certainly most of Helena’s favorite hiding places.

Lorenzo and Carly: Hey.

Carly: How are you?

Lorenzo: Do you have a moment?

Carly: Sure.

Lorenzo: Last night you were trying to tell me something. Was it about Diego Sanchez?

Carly: I know he's your son. I'm glad Courtney told you.

Lorenzo: Yeah, well, it didn't work out that easily, but I appreciate you wanting me to know the truth.

Carly: I just figured with everything I've gone through lately with Sonny and Alexis and me just finding out about my dad, it's the right thing. Does Diego know?

Lorenzo: Oh, yeah. Actually, I'm here to speak to his mom, Maria, to ask her why she kept the secret from me.

Steven: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Steven: Have you seen Carly?

Elizabeth: She's right behind me. But her focus seems to be on Lorenzo Alcazar at the moment.

Carly: So, what did happen with Diego’s mom?

Lorenzo: I'm not proud of the way I treated Maria. I met her less than a year after the death of Sophie, and I wasn't really interested in a relationship. I didn't want to make an emotional commitment. And then I discovered that she was using drugs, and you know what? I didn't even offer to help. I just issued an ultimatum. I said, "You stop using or I'm gone."

Carly: Well, did she stop using drugs? Did she?

Lorenzo: I think she tried. But she couldn’t. Carly, one night I followed her into an alley because I was suspicious she was going to sneak a fix. And as I walked out the back door, I was shot right in front of her eyes. So Maria ran, and I never saw her again. It's understandable, don't you think? Never really gave her a reason to trust me.

Carly: That's Maria, right? What about you and Diego? That seems to be what's important now.

Lorenzo: I don't know how to connect with him.

Carly: Well, I'm going to suggest that you figure out a way, otherwise you may spend your life alone.

Sonny: Ahem. Here's Mommy.

Alexis: Hi, sweetheart.

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Hey! Did you have a good time, huh? Did you? If you're thinking of letting any of this turn into a custody issue, you can forget about it, ok? Ok.

Sonny: What -- what happened last night?

Ric: Seems like Kristina had a good time here. Looks like the current arrangement is working out.

Sonny: Yeah, I agree.

Alexis: Why is your lawyer here?

Jordan: You don't have to answer that.

Sonny: Oh, I don't mind. No, no. We were just going over some final details of my divorce, and I asked her to come here because, you know, I didn't want to leave Kristina.

Alexis: That's commendable. Ok. Come here, sweetie. That's a good girl. We'll just leave the two of you to do your work. You want to say goodbye to Sonny?

Sonny: Ok, ok, that's "Daddy."

Kristina: Bye-bye.

Sonny: That's "Daddy," yeah.

Alexis: All right. Sorry.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, Alexis -- tomato juice.

Alexis: What?

Sonny: Tomato juice with a little bit of hot sauce, two aspirin. It's the best thing for a hangover. Because I know at this point you're probably nursing a pretty bad one.

Carly: I am so sorry that I left the party last night. I should have realized Michael was making up a story to get me back home.

Steven: Were you having fun before you were summoned?

Carly: Yeah, it was -- it was great.

Steven: Let me take you out. Let me take you out so you and I can show Michael that he cannot dictate what you do with your evenings.

Carly: Steven, look, I like you, I really do, and we have so much fun together, and God knows I am in the market for that. But I don't want to move too fast, and I don't want to create any expectations that I cannot keep.

Steven: As far as I'm concerned, you and I are friends. I think it'd be great if we got together. It'd be a blast. Whether that ever happens -- who knows? Take it as it comes.

Carly: Ok, well, that sounds fair.

Steven: So then you'll let me take you out?

Carly: Why don't you call me and we'll set something up, ok?

Steven: Sounds perfect.

Carly: All right. See you.

Steven: Bye, Carly.

Nurse: Dr. Webber?

Steven: Yeah?

Nurse: Lorenzo Alcazar's medical records, as requested?

Steven: Thanks.

Lorenzo: How are you feeling?

Maria: Like I got run over by a train.

Lorenzo: Who did this to you, Maria?

Maria: My fiancé, Eduardo -- ex-fiancé. He lost his temper.

Lorenzo: Because he found out you have a son by me?

Maria: What are you going to do now that you know the truth?

Lorenzo: Well, I thought as Diego’s parents, we should figure that out together.

Jax: Well, these numbers prove that the party was a huge success for the hotel and your foundation, so why aren't you smiling?

Courtney: Well, I still haven't heard from Diego, and I just placed the mother of the baby Sam and Jason are adopting in a special school.

Jax: Ok, that sounds more like a solution than a problem.

Courtney: If she stays there. But I doubt she will. Bridget -- she's a handful, Jax. I mean, she's been acting out ever since she gave that baby to Jason and Sam.

Jax: Oh. So you think that she might reconsider the adoption?

Courtney: Bridget is an unpredictable teenager wielding a lot of power. I just think that's a combination that could turn out badly for everyone.

Jax: Hmm.

Sam: No, no, no, listen, I am not happy at all that Bridget was arrested, but it's obvious that her life is spinning out of control right now, and I think that now that the authorities are involved, they can help before she really hurts herself.

Jason: Yeah, well, the good thing is the school that Courtney’s going to get Bridget into -- there's counseling.

Sam: Good. Good. I hope they can help. You know, Jason, I understand what Bridget is feeling because I almost was Bridget. I was alone and had no way to care for my own child, and thankfully I had you to turn to. And now this little girl has us.

Alexis: It's oh-so typical of Sonny, you know, to act like he doesn't think anything happened last night and then throw it in my face as I'm walking out the door, right?

Ric: Well, I think, all things considered, it turned out better than we had hoped, you know? You got a chance to go out, loosen up. Sonny let Kristina go without a fight. There's no real tension or jockeying for position. Maybe the shared custody thing is going to work out after all.

Jordan: Your divorce from Carly was an excuse. You wanted me to be here when Ric and Alexis picked up Kristina.

Sonny: Smart lady.

Jordan: Well, why? If you're not going to file a writ with the judge about Alexis being inebriated last night, then why?

Sonny: Well, because, see, look, I own an island casino --

Jordan: Right.

Sonny: Near Puerto Rico, right? I want to take my kids there for a couple of days on vacation, and I want to bring Kristina.

Jordan: Puerto Rico? Oh, I doubt Alexis will agree to that.

Sonny: You're right.  She's going to hate the idea. That's why it worked out for me that she got wasted on New Year's Eve because it gives me the leverage to take my daughter out of the country whether her mother approves or not.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ric: I just thought you might like to join me -- on our honeymoon.

Sonny: I got a call from Michael.

Carly: Well, he lied again.

Sonny: We got to do something about this.

Carly: Maybe we need to do something about us.

Diego: Why didn't you tell me that Lorenzo Alcazar was my father?

Lorenzo: Why did you come here?

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