GH Transcript Thursday 12/30/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/30/04



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Jax: So, what did you think?

Courtney: About what?

Jax: My hotel, the one I just took you through.

Courtney: You know, Jax, it's amazing. Seriously. I mean, you're going to be turning people away at the door, I know it. And, you know, a New Yearís Eve masquerade party is the perfect way to open it.

Jax: Did you get your costume?

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Yes, they're delivering it later on today.

Jax: I just wish that this was a little more special for you.

Courtney: It is! Seriously. I mean, how many times do you get a hotel named after you? But it's --

Jax: You're still worried about Diego, right?

Courtney: He's been leaving me messages every 15 minutes.

Jax: Well, why don't you call him back?

Courtney: Jax, I don't know what to say. I mean, I'm sitting on a bombshell here.

Jax: Well, he's going to have to know the truth sooner or later.

Diego: Hey, you got the D.N.A. results, don't you? Tell me, is Alcazar my father or not?

Georgie: I have definitely made up my mind --

Dillon: Mm-hmm.

Georgie: That I am going to apply to U.S.C. next year so that way we only have to spend 40 school weeks apart.

Dillon: "Only spend 40 --" I can't handle 40 days without you.

Georgie: Really?

Dillon: I'm needy. I have -- I have issues.

Luke: Hey! Hold it down!

Skye's voice: The way I heard it, all hell broke loose on Emily -- heck, on everyone -- when you teamed up with Helena.

Tracy: Is verbal abuse the going price of a martini these days?

Skye: Blame it on the approaching new year. Makes me a little reflective. You know, I was looking back on 2004 and taking emotional stock -- which some people do actually do, you know -- and it just leapt out at me -- the pain you caused this family when you turned Cassadine lackey against Nikolas and Emily -- which was a really dumb move, by the way, Tracy, because Helena could have killed you.

Tracy: Tell me something. Why all this sudden talk about Helena?

Luke: Easy, Blaze. Don't let her get wise.

Jason: Sam, I'm back.

Sam: Hi.

Jason: Why are you whispering?

Sam: Shh. I just got the baby to sleep.

Jason: If you come over here, we can talk a little louder, but --

Sam: I know. I want to stay over here, though, because I don't think I'm going to hear her if she starts to cry.

Jason: Well, trust me; you're going to hear her.

Sam: What'd you get?

Jason: You know -- stuff the baby's going to need. A rubber ducky.

Sam: You're funny.

Jason: I am?

Sam: Yeah, more than you know you are. A rubber -- it's cute. I like it.

Jason: You look happy.

Sam: I am. I am. It's a good day. And I don't know how long it's been since I could say that. Jason, I was wondering --

Jason: What?

Sam: Do you think we're doing the right thing?

Skye: Well, Helena may be a sudden topic to you, but she's certainly not to me. I mean, I'm reminded of her every single time I look at Emily and think about the mess that Helena made out of Emilyís life.

Tracy: She's young. She'll get over it.

Skye: The point is Helena was a monster, and the world's a much better place without her in it. And I'm sure you agree that Nikolas deserves an award for throwing that old bat off the ledge instead of getting a prison sentence. So tell me, Tracy, do you miss your partner in crime?

Tracy: The only thing I'm missing is my martini, thank you. And by the way, whatever you think you're hiding with that rose -- too late. Most of the men in town have seen them already.

Skye: Jealous hag. Luke, sorry.

Dillon: Well -- what was -- what was that?

Luke: That, my boy, is what we call a fishing expedition.

Dillon: Right. And you want to catch my mom?

Luke: No, no, we're not after her. But we have a very strong feeling that she may know where the big shark swims. See, I'm trying to clear Nikolas of a bogus murder charge.

Georgie: Bogus?

Luke: Yeah, I got a real strong hunch that Helena is about as dead as I am.

Dillon: Real -- what? Your theory's pretty -- pretty out there --

Georgie: I have a question. How could Helena survive falling off a cliff?

Luke: I don't know, Georgie. Maybe she levitated. Maybe she sprouted bat wings and flew off to Transylvania. All I know is if she's out there I'm going to find her.

Dillon: Oh, I get it. So Nikolas and Emily -- they get their lives back, and -- oh, that was really cool. That's actually really awesome of you to do that.

Luke: Well, yeah, it is awesome of me. But don't pin any Boy Scout medals on me, because I have my own agenda here. Laura and I fought that horror show most of our lives. If there's anybody who's got the right to snuff out Helenaís lights, it's me, not Nikolas.

Skye: Well, that got us exactly nowhere.

Luke: Oh, well, here, let me help you.

Skye: Luke!

Luke: Well, don't worry. There's always another way.

Skye: I guess I wasn't the best choice for that sort of thing. Why would Tracy tell me anything? I mean, isn't there one person in this entire world that that woman actually trusts?

Sam: It's just, you know, everything happened so fast. One minute, I'm trying to adjust to living above Kellyís, and the next minute I'm back here. And now we have a baby.

Jason: I thought that's what you wanted.

Sam: It is. It is, and I guess that's what scares me, because it's sort of like the magic solution to everything, and I really don't know if I'm thinking clearly or not. I want this to be right for you, too, Jason.

Jason: Well -- you know, I told you I was already planning on asking you to move back in.

Sam: Because you missed me.

Jason: Yeah, a lot.

Sam: Well, that was me, not me with a baby. Not that you're not great with her, because you are. You're better than -- you're better than I am, and she can tell. And she's so calm when she's in your arms, but there's this look on your face, like you're being careful or something. It's sort of like you're watching, but you're not there, and it kind of makes me think that you think that maybe this isn't such a great idea.

Jason: No, that's something else I missed -- how you tell me what you think I'm thinking.

Sam: This is really too important for me to guess. I need to know -- are you ok with this? Is this what you want?

[Baby cries]

Jason: She's -- she's crying.

Sam: I'll go.

Jason: No, Sam, just --

Sam: I got it. I got it.

Brook Lynn: It was frightening and wonderful at the same time. You know, Bridget gave birth right where you're going to sit, and my God, Dad, her baby girl, she was so beautiful.

Ned: Sounds like some kind of night.

Brook Lynn: Well, it was, and what made it even more amazing was that Diego was right there beside me. You know, he was the only other person who understood how profound the whole situation was.

Ned: Sounds like you've been spending a lot of time with Diego.

Brook Lynn: I like him, ok? Look, Dad, he's not all bad like you think.

Ned: Oh, yeah. He's just misunderstood?

Brook Lynn: Right.

Ned: Right. And I should be thrilled that he's taken an interest in my one and only daughter?

Brook Lynn: Mm-hmm.

Ned: After all, it's not every kid Diegoís age who aspires to be in the mob. And look how -- look how well he treats you. You've been in trouble with, what, Sonny, the police, Alcazar, and, of course, I can't forget the time you ended up in a Mexican jail.

Brook Lynn: Look, you can't blame that all on Diego. That's not fair, ok? There were extenuating --

Ned: Just stop.

Brook Lynn: What?

Ned: Stop! You are too young, and you have far too much potential to lose yourself in a guy like this. He is nothing but trouble.

Brook Lynn: Yeah? Well, ma's doing it, you know, and I'm my mother's daughter, so I don't understand why I canít.

Lois: Ma's doing what?

Diego: Why are you stalling? Either you have the results or you donít. Now, which is it?

Courtney: Look, the D.N.A. tests proved to a 99% degree of certainty that Alcazar -- that he's not your father.

Diego: 99%?

Courtney: That's right. In other words, no connection, biological or otherwise, to you and Lorenzo Alcazar. Now, there's no reason for you to ever go near him again.

Diego: If I'm not his son, then my father really is dead and Alcazar killed him. And I'm going to make him pay.

Courtney: Diego, you can't be serious.

Diego: It's a matter of honor, Courtney. Alcazar made me fatherless. He doesn't get to walk away from that.

Jax: Well, honor doesn't mean much when you're six feet under.

Diego: You stay out of it!

Courtney: Hey, look, Diego, whether you want to hear it or not, Jax is right. Not only is Alcazar dangerous, he is lethal. Now, if he thinks that you are a threat or he perceives you as an annoyance in any way, you will disappear. Now, that might not mean anything to you, but it does to me and your sister and Brook Lynn.

Diego: All right.

Courtney: All right what?

Diego: I'll forget about it.

Courtney: You'll stay away from Alcazar?

Diego: I said yes.

Jax: You believe him?

Courtney: Unfortunately, no.

Jax: And now it's your turn to listen to something you might not want to hear. Look, the only way you're going to stop him from getting killed is to tell him the truth.

Luke: I don't know why we didn't think of this before. You're the perfect man for the job.

Georgie: No, no, no, this is a terrible idea. If Helena is alive and in hiding, then she's not going to want to be found, and if she thinks Dillonís responsible for that, then I don't really even want to think about it.

Luke: Chill, young Georgie. I got his back.

Skye: Yeah, we all do.

Georgie: I understand that, but Dillon and I are already forbidden to see each other, and if this blows up in our faces --

Dillon: I'll do it.

Luke: We start tonight.

Brook Lynn: Dad was just giving me a lecture, but actually, I think you're the one that should be forced to listen to it. So sit down, and I'm going to go find Diego.

Lois: What the heck is going on?

Ned: Well, I hate to admit it, but your daughter has a point.

Lois: My daughter?

Ned: Yeah, how am I supposed to convince her that Diego is wrong for her when you, you yourself, happen to be running around with one of the local tough guys?

Lois: Is this about Brookie or me? Because I am sensing some jealousy.

Ned: All right. I am worried about you.

Lois: Yeah, well, donít. I'm a big girl.

Ned: Well, unfortunately, our daughter is not. Ok? She's about to make a big mistake, a mistake that she might regret for the rest of her life.

Lois: Is our baby girl having sex with Diego?

Ned: I have no idea. But as long as they stay joined at the hip, it's only a matter of time.

Lois: That would be truly awful.

Ned: I agree. But any words of warning will fall on deaf ears as long as you -- as long as you keep flaunting your relationship with Alcazar. Think about it. You have a choice to make. And I really hope you make the right one.

Courtney: You think I was wrong to lie to him, don't you?

Jax: I think Diego has the right to know who his father is, yes, even if it is Alcazar. And I think you should carefully weigh the consequences of letting the lie stand, for both you and Diego, because if the kid gets some crazy idea to go after Alcazar to avenge his father's death, he will actually kill his own father. And how do you think that will sit with the kid when he finds out what he's done? And how will that sit with you?

Courtney: Oh, jeez.

Jax: I know.

Man: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Jacks, but I need you to take a look at something.

Jax: Yeah. I'll be right there. Look, for what it's worth, I will support whatever decision you make.

Courtney: Thank you.

Jax: Are you leaning any particular way here?

Courtney: Oh -- you know, the only thing I know for sure is whether I tell Diego that Alcazar is his father or not I need to find a way to make him keep his distance.

Jax: Be right back.

Maria: Excuse me.

Courtney: Do I know you? You --

Maria: My name is Maria.

Courtney: Oh, you're Diegoís sister. Hi. I'm Courtney.

Maria: I know who you are. I need your help, Courtney.

Courtney: Ok. What can I do?

Maria: Work with me to stop Diego from finding out a secret that will blow his world apart.

Sam: We're going to do the airplane, right?  Hmm. Ok, go around -- oh, wait a minute. It's dripping, and I need to test --

Jason: Here.

Sam: I need to test the temperature.

Jason: Here, right here.

Sam: Ok. Thank you.

Jason: Just put it -- ok, ok. That's enough.

Sam: That's --

Jason: That's a lot.

Sam: It's dripping. I'm sorry.

Jason: Yeah, the temp-- the temperature's fine.

Sam: It's ok?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: So you're -- you just need to eat, ok? Come on, I know you're hungry. Right? You put it in your mouth and -- I'm getting it all over you --

Jason: Ok, ok --

Sam: So I don't --

Jason: Ok, just --

Sam: Jason, I don't know what to do.

Jason: Let me -- all right, let me help.

Sam: Please.

[Baby fusses]

Jason: Hey, baby.

Sam: Take her before I inflict some permanent psychological damage or something.

Jason: Ok. That's ok.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: You're fine. Here you go. See, what you got to do is just, you know -- it's instinct, and there we go. Look at that.

Sam: I told you, she is a lot more calm in your arms.

Jason: Well, I've had a lot of practice. Don't worry. You're getting the hang of it. You're almost halfway there.

Sam: How do you figure that?

Jason: Well, the most important thing for a baby is that someone loves them and they have a place they feel safe.

Sam: He's cute.

Jason: And you got that covered.

Dillon: Hey.

Tracy: Oop! Look who it is -- my prodigal son!

Dillon: Hi! Mom, didn't see you there. I didnít.

Tracy: No, no, no, no, no, don't go, don't go. I miss you. I don't ever get to see you since you decided to give up our beautiful home for this tub.

Dillon: Well, you know, that's really great. I would love to play catch up with you, but I actually have a lot of things that I have to do, and I'm kind of in a hurry, so I will -- I will talk to you later. Ok?

Luke: Where do you think you're going?

Dillon: My room.

Luke: You don't live here anymore.

Dillon: What?

Luke: Is this how you repay me for my generosity --

Dillon: Hey, whoa!

Luke: For letting you stay here on this boat rent free?

Dillon: Where did you get that?

Luke: Under the mattress in your room.

Dillon: You're searching my bed now?

Luke: No. It's my bed. You're just using it. And there's been an awful lot of money disappearing around here, and I've been wondering where does it go, and now I know. Now, are you going to give it back to me before or after I call the cops?

Skye: Oh, hey, Luke, come on, don't!

Luke: Huh?

Georgie: Wait a minute. I'm sure Dillon has a really great explanation for this, right, Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah. I -- I --

Luke: You what?

Dillon: I can work this off, ok?

Luke: No --

Dillon: I can -- hey!

Luke: I'm going to check you right now.

Dillon: Come on, man! This is --

Luke: Oh -- oh, my God! I can't --

Dillon: Whoa!

Luke: His pockets are full of my chips! You are so out of here! I should have known better than to hire a Quartermaine, nothing but lying thieves.

Skye: Hey, I resent that. I'm a Quartermaine.

Tracy: No, you're not.

Luke: Well, there's an exception to every rule, but it ain't him.

Georgie: Wait, Luke, please.

Skye: Come on. Give the kid a chance.

Luke: Why should I? I am no sentimental dope.

Skye: Because I'm asking?

Luke: I'm a sentimental dope. Well, you're lucky I got a soft spot for Skye. I won't call the cops, but I want you off this boat tonight.

Skye: Tonight? Luke, please be reasonable.

Georgie: Where is he supposed to go?

Luke: I couldn't care less.

Dillon: That's -- that's great. That's -- that's great.

Tracy: You can come home with me.

Dillon: No way.

Tracy: Don't say that. I miss you. Why do you think I come here all the time?

Dillon: You got a gambling problem?

Tracy: That's mildly amusing, but, no. I come here to see you; to hope that maybe I'll run into you and we can have a conversation like we used to. I miss being part of your life, Dillon. Make me happy. Come home. It would mean the world to me.

Dillon: I don't know, I --

Tracy: How about this -- I won't tell Mac you're seeing Georgie behind his back, hmm?

Dillon: That's blackmail.

Tracy: Is it working?

Dillon: I don't -- I don't really have a choice, do I?

Tracy: Goody.

Dillon: Only until I get things smoothed over with Luke.

Tracy: I'll take anything I can get. Come on.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: Hi.

Brook Lynn: What's wrong?

Diego: Courtney got the D.N.A. results. It turns out Alcazar's not my father.

Brook Lynn: So why are you so upset?

Diego: If I'm not his son, then that means he killed my father --

Brook Lynn: Right.

Diego: And he got a free pass. I mean, maybe Maria was afraid that I'd figure it out, and that's why her stories are all over the place.

Brook Lynn: What are you going to do?

Diego: Even the score, a life for a life.

Courtney: If you're so worried about Diego learning the truth, why don't you take him home with you? You know, Diego just told me that you were about to marry a wealthy man. I mean, you live in a big house. You have more than enough money to provide for him.

Maria: I would love to have Diego with me. Eduardo wouldn't understand. I'd lose him if he found out.

Courtney: That you have a brother? What, I --

Maria: That I had another life.

Courtney: Ok, I'm sorry, but what you're saying isn't making sense. I mean, why would having a brother jeopardize the future with the man you love? Unless -- oh, God. Oh. Diego isn't your brother. He's your son, isn't he?

Maria: It's true. God help me, Diego is my son.

Courtney: Oh, my God. Come in here. Come here, sit. Sit. Can I get you anything? You want some water or something?

Maria: No, no, no, no, no. I -- I just want you to listen, to understand.

Courtney: All right. Ok.

Maria: I met Lorenzo when I was 16. I was estranged from my parents and running around loose in Cancun. He was handsome and older, and I was more than willing.

Courtney: Did he know how old you were?

Maria: No. I lied. It wasn't hard to believe me. I was already using, and drugs tend to take the bloom off the rose. I went into an alley to sneak a fix, and Lorenzo was suspicious. He followed me. Some of his rivals were waiting. They shot him.

Courtney: So, they used you to set Alcazar up?

Maria: Oh, I didn't stick around to ask any questions. I thought Lorenzo was dead and they'd kill me for being a witness. I ran, and when I found out I was pregnant, I ran even further, to America. Diego was born here. When I found out Lorenzo had survived, I was frightened that he'd think it was a setup; that he'd hurt me somehow or take our son away from me. So I started the lie that Diego was my brother. Diego is the only family I have left. If he learns the truth that I've lied to him his whole life, he will turn against me, and I couldn't bear to have my son hate me! And God knows what Lorenzo would do. I can tell you care about Diego.

Courtney: Oh, I do. I do, and I want what's best for him.

Maria: What's best is the lie. Please, forget everything I've told you.

Courtney: God, I don't know if I can do that.

Maria: The truth will only destroy Diegoís life and my own. Let it be.

Courtney: All right. Ok. I'll keep your secret.

Maria: Thank you.

Diego: You know, I wish I would have known my mother so she could make me understand why my father would ever do business with a creep like Alcazar.

Brook Lynn: Look, come on, Diego, just let it go, all right? You don't have any proof that Alcazar killed your father, and I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Diego: If you don't like my decisions or the way I live my life, then stay the hell away!

Brook Lynn: Wow. You know, that was really uncalled for. Look, all I care about, Diego, is what happens to you.

Diego: I know. I know. I'm sorry.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well, it's only ok this time because you're going through a lot --

Diego: No, it --

Brook Lynn: But I'm serious. Don't let it happen again.

Diego: It's not ok, it's not. That's the thing. I shouldn't be taking out my frustration on you. Just give me some time to chill, all right? Please?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, whatever. Just meet me at Kellyís.

Diego: Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Brook Lynn: What?

Diego: Come here.

Lois: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Lois: Ahem. Your father and I spoke. Turns out you both are right. I'm a hypocrite to date Lorenzo all the while telling you to stay away from Diego.

Brook Lynn: Well, so, what, you're cool with me dating him now?

Lois: So I'm going to stop seeing Lorenzo.

Luke: Yeah, well, you and Lucky keep Connor under wraps until tomorrow. Yeah, call us when you get back into town. Ok.

Skye: Emily and Lucky found Connor?

Luke: And he agreed to help.

Skye: You're kidding.

Luke: You're surprised.

Skye: I'm floored, actually. Oh, wow. Luke, do you think we'll be able to pull this thing off?

Luke: Hmm. I know Helena. I know how she thinks. I know what motivates her. The thing that gets her moving in forward motion the fastest is her beloved grandson, so if we get a good, fake version of Nikolas and we wave it in front of her, it'll make her jump out of that coffin so fast that it'll make the headstone spin. And then we'll just turn her over to Mac and we'll demand Nikolas' release.

Skye: Hmm. I still don't get why Connor would agree to help. He was safe in Canada. Why would he risk everything?

Luke: Never underestimate the power of a pretty face. He's probably got a thing for Emily, like I do for you.

Skye: A thing? Oh, my, you are so romantic.

Luke: I'll show you romantic.

Tracy: Sweetheart?

Dillon: What?

Tracy: Did you steal money from Luke to buy drugs?

Dillon: Are you crazy? No.

Tracy: Did you knock up the police commissioner's daughter?

Dillon: Oh, my God, Mom, why do you always have to go to the most negative place possible? Sometimes people need money for good things.

Tracy: Like what?

Dillon: That is -- ok, besides that, I would never do anything to jeopardize Georgieís future because I love her, you know?

Tracy: Sweetheart, she's your first girlfriend. In a few years, you won't remember her name.

Dillon: Ok, see, that's where you're wrong. That's where you're wrong. Georgie and I are, like, meant to be, you know? We're destiny. We're fate, like, you know, Nikolas and Emily.

Tracy: There's a shining example.

Dillon: See, here's the thing -- you're not looking at the facts. All these forces were lined up against them, including you, and did they give in to the pressure? No, they're still together, going strong. In fact, they're better than ever.

Tracy: Hello? Have you been paying attention? Have you not seen Emily wringing her hands and sobbing into bedpans alone, with Nikolas out of reach, out of her life? Why are you smiling?

Dillon: Nothing. I'm -- nothing. It's just --

Tracy: What? What is it? Spit it out.

Dillon: Nikolas isn't as out of reach for Emily as you think.  Do you know Connor Bishop? Like, he looks, like, exactly like Nikolas Cass-

Tracy: Oh, yes, yes, yes. What about him?

Dillon: Ok, all right. Well, Connor felt so guilty about blackmailing Nikolas into confessing for Helenaís murder that he pulled a prison switch. Connor's in, Nikolas is out. Nikolas is in hiding. Emily's not even really upset. She just pretends to be. She goes and sees him whenever she wants. It's kind of romantic, actually. I think it's like an old movie or something.

Tracy: Where's the romance in living in the shadows?

Dillon: They don't always live in the shadows.

Tracy: Oh, Dillon, what does that mean?

Dillon: Ok -- thank you -- all I'm saying, Mom, is that this is exactly the type of thing that costume parties were designed for. No, I'm serious. You promised me. You cannot breathe a word of this to anyone, ok?

Tracy: Do not gesticulate with your cutlery. I already told you -- put the fork down! -- I will not tell anyone. And what do I care if Emily wastes her life? Now do me a favor, push yourself away from the table, and go tell the driver to the start the engine. I want the car warm by the time I get there. Go!

Dillon: See you in the car.

Tracy: Ahem. Guess who. I wanted to tell you about a little costume party that's going to be at that new hotel opening thing tomorrow? Someone you are dying to see is going to be there.

Jax: Your costume was just delivered. I don't suppose I can talk you into a little show-and-tell? What's up?

Courtney: Well, I have just been thrown one hell of a curve, another reason not to tell Diego that Alcazar's his father. Maria was just here.

Jax: That's Diego sister, right?

Courtney: Yeah, well, that's what I thought. Turns out she's his mother.

 [Knock on door]

Maria: Lorenzo, it's Maria. Lorenzo?

Eduardo: Maria.

Maria: Oh. Eduardo. What in the world are you doing here?

Eduardo: It's over, Maria -- the games, the lies, this charade of an engagement.

Maria: I don't understand.

Eduardo: You have a bastard son, fathered by an arms dealer. You were deported from this country -- for stealing to buy drugs, no doubt, since you were a lying, junkie whore. Ooh! You're going to regret that.

Lorenzo: Hey, glad you called. I'm looking forward to the costume party tomorrow night. Tonight I thought we could catch a late supper and go back to my place.

Lois: I canít.

Lorenzo: Can't which?

Lois: Either. We can't have supper. We can't go to the New Yearís Eve party. We -- we can't do anything together anymore. It needs to be over between us.

Sam: You're still here.

Jason: I live here.

Sam: I thought you were working or, I don't know, you'd find some urgent reason to disappear. I'm sorry.

Jason: For what?

Sam: Because I know that you hate talking, especially about how things feel, and I shouldn't have even asked you to reassure me about anything. It just -- it's not meant --

Jason: It was fine that you asked, you have a right to ask, and you deserve to know. Look, you know, I'm glad that you and the baby are here, and I do -- I want it to last. But, you know, it's like you said, it's kind of the magic solution to everything. And that just makes it really hard for me to trust it.

Luke: Ok, it sounds like our plan may have worked. Tracy made a call to someone. Hopefully it was Helena. So what we do now is just go to the party and set the trap.

Skye: Luke, these are costumes. It's a masquerade ball that Jax is giving. There's a big difference.

Luke: Does that mean you won't wear the costume I picked out for you?

Skye: This isn't a costume. This is a wig!

Luke: Well, it's all you need if you're Lady Godiva.

Skye: Oh, surely you jest.

Luke: No. I'm going as your horse.

Skye: Yeah -- horse's ass, maybe. Look, the whole point is it's supposed to be a masquerade ball, and Lady Godiva doesn't wear a mask. I have to be incognito.

Luke: Baby, if you're naked, nobody's going to look at your face.

Diego: Mr. Alcazar? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Maria? Maria? Oh, God! What happened? Can you hear me? You're alive. Hang in there, ok? I'm going to get help, ok? Alcazar do this to you? Huh? I'm going to make him pay, ok? I swear to God, I'm going to make him pay.

Lorenzo: All right, this is awfully sudden. Why are you blowing me off?

Lois: I need to set a good example for my daughter. Ned says that we can't fault Brook Lynn for wanting to hang out with a troubled kid like Diego --

Lorenzo: Whoa, "Ned says," "Brook Lynn wants" -- why is this about everybody but you?

Lois: I'm just trying to do the right thing, at great expense to my heart.

Lorenzo: Then why do I get the feeling this is about something else?

Lois: I don't know. It isnít.

Lorenzo: All right, take Ned and Brook Lynn out of the equation for one minute, and you tell me how you feel about me and about us. Hmm? What do you want to do?

Jason: I'm not very good with imagination, you know, with picturing things that haven't happened yet. But, you know, when your baby died, I realized that I had imagined the whole first year of her life -- holding her, feeding her, when she'd crawl she'd pull herself up and try to stand. Sam, I had no idea how much I was counting on it until it was gone. And now all of a sudden we have another baby. I just don't know what to feel.

Sam: I know what you mean. I go from being incredibly happy to scared to death. I guess I was looking at you to promise me that you and I and the baby -- everything was going to work out. And I know that you can't -- I mean, you don't know the answers any more than I do.

Jason: Well, I do know this, that whatever happens, we're going to deal with it together.

Sam: That is all I needed to hear.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: This masquerade ball is going to be the party of the year.

Lois: Nice view?

Connor: You think I can pass as Nikolas?

Carly: Since you're not doing anything for New Yearís Eve, I figured the boys would come and stay with you.

Jason: I don't go to costume parties.

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