GH Transcript Friday 12/24/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/24/04



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[Knock on door]

Jason: Courtney?


Jax: Hey. Just came to see if Courtney was all right.

Courtney: Jax. Ok, look, feel free to make any assumptions you want, but I'm not going to dignify them with a response or an apology.

Jax: No, if you're implying that I think something went on between you and Jason last night, the thought never crossed my mind.

Steven: Where are you going?

Carly: Well -- listen, I know what you're going to say. You're going to want me to stay in the hospital until I'm completely healed, but here's the deal.

Steven: Actually --

Carly: I'm fine, I'm really fine. I'm just -- I'm just a little sore. Other than that, I'm doing good. And it's Christmas Eve. And there is nothing that is keeping me away from my kids.

Steven: I was just going to say that I'll drive you to them.

Sonny: I haven't heard -- I haven't heard from Alexis. I called every number. She's nowhere to be found.

Max: Maybe she's tied up with something else.

Sonny: I know Alexis. She wouldn't leave Kristina with me a minute longer than she has to. Something's got to be wrong.

Alexis: Oh, my God. We fell asleep.

Ric: Huh?

Alexis: She's at Sonny’s. She spent the night at Sonny's, and he's going to have her baptized today.

John: Hey. How are you doing?

Carly: I'm doing well enough to leave.

John: Good. Good, that's what I heard. I came by to offer you a lift.

Carly: John, I really don't think that --

John: Carly --

Carly: We should --

John: Carly. Come on, it's Christmas Eve. It's time for peace, love, family. It's also a time for forgiveness. I realize that's expecting a lot. All I'm asking is that you look past the mistakes I've made -- for the length of a car ride home.

Carly: I'm going to Sonny’s. Excuse me.

Steven: Looks like neither of us is spending Christmas with Carly.

Ric: Oh -- oh, we got a problem.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Still can't find the car anywhere.

Alexis: Yes, you can.

Ric: No, I can’t.

Alexis: You can, you can find the car, I know you can. Sun is out; the storm is over.

Ric: Yeah, sure.

Alexis: Find a landmark, and then find the car.

Ric: A landmark -- do you have a specific landmark in mind? Because I can't recall any at the moment.

Alexis: The tree. The tree!

Ric: The tree?

Alexis: Where we cut down the tree -- find the other trees!

Ric: No, it's called a pine tree, Alexis -- it's a pine tree forest out there!

Alexis: Don't be sarcastic.

Ric: I'm not trying to be sarcastic. Listen to me -- we're stranded, we're not going anywhere.

Alexis: You don't care how long my daughter is stuck at his house, do you?

Ric: Don't say that. Of course I care.

Alexis: Then find the car! You can do it. Find the car. You can -- just go straight back where we came from!

Ric: We never went straight. We went zigzag, we serpentined, we went in circles in between arguments on how we got here in the first place.

Alexis: It's your fault!

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: Because you're a man, and men always boast about their sense of direction.  You should have paid more attention.

Ric: But you were the one who wanted to find a tree bigger than Sonny’s.

Alexis: After which, you led us deeper into the woods.

Ric: I found shelter, didn't I?

Alexis: And you promptly appropriated the only blanket.

Ric: Ok, you know what? I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to go there. I shared the blanket happily and I didn't hear you complain, ok? Hmm? Hmm?

Alexis: I'm not angry at you.

Ric: I agree, it sucks. We're stranded. All right?

Alexis: I'm not angry at you. I'm very upset that my daughter spent the night at Sonny's house --

Ric: Alexis --

Alexis: And he's going to baptize my daughter.

Ric: Alexis, so -- can't you just acquiesce it? There's nothing we can do right now. It's not such a bad thing.

Alexis: No, no, I think that we -- no! I just don't want to go there and have it be a fait accompli. Of course, it's not going to matter anyway because you know what I think is going to happen? Honestly, I know because it's my luck -- we're going to freeze to death together -- which is nice -- in the cabin. And I'm never going to see my daughter again. And won't that suit him just fine.

Jax: Jason obviously got stuck in the blizzard and needed a place to stay.

Courtney: Actually, that is what happened.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: It's me. I haven't heard from Alexis.

Jason: She didn't come pick Kristina up?

Sonny: Nope. I got word that they found Ric's car up by Eagle Creek covered with snow and no sign of Ric or Alexis.

Jason: Any tracks?

Sonny: Yeah, it's all covered. PCPD says they're going to mobilize a search, but I want all our people up there.

Jason: Ok, I'm on it.

Courtney: What happened?

Jason: Ric and Alexis were supposed to pick Kristina up from Sonny’s. They never showed. Then they found Ric’s car abandoned near Eagle Rock.

Courtney: Well, if they've been out all night --

Jax: We don't have any time to waste.

Jason: What do you mean, "we"?

Jax: Alexis is a dear friend of mine. I'm going to help with the search.

Monica: Oh boy, Christmas came fast this year.

Alan: I was just thinking the same thing. Can't believe I'm going to be reading "the Christmas Story" to the pediatric patients again. And then we're going to go home for family dinner. And for the first time, mother won't be there to welcome us.

Michael: The christening is like a party, only it's at a church. What's this? Look! I sent a letter to Santa saying that I wanted a real house for everyone to live in. And this is it. This is our new house, Kristina.

Alexis: Are you sure she's ok?

Ric: Yes.

Alexis: I hate Christmas. Do you?

Ric: Well, up until a few moments ago, yeah. It's never been my favorite holiday. It's always seemed to be so fake, you know? My father and my stepmother -- they'd always -- they'd always go through the motions, you know. They'd put up the tree, they'd buy lots of presents. They'd -- they'd go to church. But it was always, you know, hollow. All the joy and the -- that good feeling that kids have when they know that their families are around, you know, the -- the laughter and the love and the clutter was always missing.

Alexis: If it makes you feel any better, my family, the Cassadines, didn't even go through the motions. I mean, we had Christmas. I mean, there were presents and there was a holiday mail, but there wasn't anything even approximating joy, which is why I've always dreaded the holiday. I mean, really, what is there to like about it?

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: All that good cheer. Carols, joy, fat man in a red suit. Stale gingerbread houses. Revolting, sticky candy canes. I really loved that tree!

Ric: We'll get another one.

Alexis: That one was perfect.

Ric: It was flammable.

Alexis: No. I spent hours looking for that tree --

Ric: Oh!

Alexis: So I could get just the right one.

Ric: Don't remind me.

Alexis: Did you have to burn it?

Ric: We have to send up smoke, ok? So maybe somebody can see it. It needs to be --

[Helicopter approaches]

Ric: Did you hear that?

Alexis: I heard that.

Ric: You heard that, right?

Alexis: You're good.

Ric: Ok. I'm good.

Alexis: It worked.

Ric: I am good. All right, quick, quick, quick, get your clothes on. Get your clothes on.

Alexis: Where are my jeans? Where are my jeans?

Ric: No -- I see my --

Alexis: All right, I got it.

Ric: Ok. Ok.

Alexis: Ow. Ok, that hurt.

Ric: I'm sorry.

Alexis: All right. That hurt again.

Ric: All right.

Alexis: Here we go. There's your --

Ric: Oh, I can't wait! Oh!

Alexis: You got everything?

Ric: You got everything?

Alexis: Yeah, yeah.

Alexis: How's Kristina?

Sonny: She's great.

Alexis: Was she scared spending the night?

Sonny: Michael entertained her. The kids are doing just fantastic.

Ric: Good. We got lost looking for a Christmas tree.

Sonny: Yeah, I figured something was wrong when you didn't show up, you didn't call.

Jax: And when I heard you were missing, I volunteered my helicopter to help with the search.

Ric: Oh, great. Thank God you got here in time.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, I would never christen Kristina without her mother at the ceremony. Ahem.

Alexis: We need to discuss that.

Sonny: I'm not sending her to a convent. I'm just having her baptized. It's an important part of my faith.

Alexis: Really?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: I was thinking it might be a good idea to expose her to a variety of traditions when she's old enough to understand the concept of religion.

Sonny: Well, she can explore all she wants when she gets older, but she's going to be baptized a catholic and raised in my faith.

Alexis: Do you have any idea how arbitrary and unyielding you sound?

Sonny: It's not like you raised her in a different tradition. I'm not going to undermine what you taught her. It's just something that's important to me, and I think it would be important to Kristina, too.

Alexis: Well, if it's important to you, I mean -- huh-huh! -- You're obviously determined, and apparently, I don't have a choice anymore. So I guess I have no choice but to agree, so I will. But in the future, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't make decisions regarding our child without consulting me first.

Sonny: All right. As long as you reciprocate.

Jax: Ok, you know, now that we've established that Kristina is being baptized --

Sonny: Right.

Jax: We should probably get going.

Sonny: Right.

Jax: Otherwise, her parents might miss the ceremony.

Ric: Yeah, exactly.

Alexis: I can't wait to see her. Let's go.

Sonny: Alexis -- Kristina’s a perceptive little girl. She's going to know something's different about you if you show up partially dressed.

Ofc. Murphy: In my first year as a cop, I pulled my weapon three times. But the first time I ever fired it was at you.

Nikolas: Just doing your job.

Ofc. Murphy: Right. Well, there's not a lot of time before your transfer, so --

Nikolas: Yeah. Let's get the formalities over with.

All: Merry Christmas!

Nikolas: Well, what -- well, how did you do all this?

Lucky: Well, we -- we pulled a few strings.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well -- I mean, the food -- what about all the food?

Alice: Well, the Quartermaines aren't going to miss this food. And once Emily told me what she wanted to do, I figured it's the least you all deserve.

Nikolas: Merry Christmas.

Alice: Merry Christmas, Nikolas.

Elizabeth: I know it's not quite like home, but --

Nikolas: What, are you kidding me? The four of us together on Christmas Eve? It's close enough to home for me.

Lucky: Actually, on that note, Elizabeth and I are heading out.

Nikolas: What do you mean? You're not going to stay and eat?

Lucky: You're leaving in less than an hour, and you and Emily need some time alone.

Nikolas: Ok, all right. Thank you so much for everything.

Lucky: You got it.

Elizabeth: Hey, I'm going to say a prayer for you every day, ok? Promise. Merry Christmas.

Nikolas: Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas.

Emily: Merry Christmas.

Nikolas: Merry Christmas.

Jason: Did you talk to Father Coates?

Courtney: Yeah. He said he'd have the church ready for the christening as soon as everybody got back. Hey.

Sam: Hey. What happened?

Courtney: Oh, Alexis and Ric got stranded near Eagle Rock.

Sam: Wow. Are they all right?

Courtney: Yeah, they're fine.

Jason: Sonny and Jax went up to find them.

Mike: Sonny and Jax? Whew -- that's an unlikely pair.

Courtney: Well, Sonny didn't want to start the christening without Alexis, and Jax offered to help look, so now everything can go off as scheduled, except for one little detail.

Mike: What's that?

Courtney: Sonny asked me to get the christening gown, and I completely forgot. I know, I know -- and now it's too late. The stores are all closed.

Mike: Look, Alexis must have something that Kristina can wear.

Courtney: Yeah, but a christening gown -- it's supposed to be special, Dad.

Sam: Maybe I can help.

Michael: It's ok, Kristina, your mom's going to be here soon.

Leticia: She's been asking about her mom all morning. I don't know what to tell her.

Carly: Well, Sonny called, right? Alexis is ok?

Leticia: Yeah. It was a while ago, though.

Carly: Hey --

Michael: Here's my mom.

Carly: Kristina. Hey, remember me? I'm Carly. I'm Michael and Morgan’s mom. You know, the tree looks great. I saw that you decorated it. It looks amazing.

Michael: It took two hours.

Carly: And don't you worry, because your mom --

Alexis: Hey, there's my girl! Hi! Oh -- excuse me -- hi. Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. Hello! Ooh! Hi, silly girl. Hi, silly girl! I'm so happy to see you.

Sam: You're in luck. I bought this for my daughter.

Courtney: Sam, it's beautiful.

Sam: You know, I was a little clueless about sizes, so I think it's probably a little big in the length. You might have to take it out or alter it somehow -- I don't know.

Jason: Sam, you don't have to do this.

Sam: I want to, Jason.

Courtney: I think it would be perfect.

Mike: Hey, sweetheart, you know, you were always good at that kind of thing. Now, I've got an emergency sewing kit in the back. Anything else you need?

Courtney: Scissors.

Mike: You got it.

Courtney: Are you sure?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah.

Courtney: Ok.

Audrey: Hello, Edward.

Edward: Audrey, how are you?

Audrey: I'm fine, thank you.

Edward: Lila always looked forward to the Pediatrics party.

Audrey: Mm-hmm.

Edward: And she wouldn't forgive me if I didn't make our usual Christmas donation.

Audrey: Oh, Edward, thank you so much. The hospital is very grateful for your generosity.

Edward: Merry Christmas.

Audrey: Merry Christmas to you.

Tracy: Hello, my darling. Where are you going?

Edward: I'm going home.

Tracy: I don't think so. The Quartermaines are required to be at this party. It's a tradition.

Edward: Look, I dropped off our donation. I don't really want to stick around and watch Alan make a fool of himself.

Tracy: My brother is going to read "The Christmas Story," and as far as I'm concerned, he does a bang-up job.

Edward: Well, your mother always thought so. Every year, he always sounded the same to me. And every year, your mother said he did a particularly fine job. But I don't want to sit through it, ok?

Tracy: Mother would want you to.

Edward: Do me a favor. Don't presume to tell me what mother would like me to do.

Tracy: Daddy, do you think I want to stand around and watch a bunch of children I don't know open presents while I make chitchat with hospital staff? The point is -- Daddy, the point is that mother would want me to, and I know she would want you to, as well. She loved this party. She loved Christmas. And more than anything, she wouldn't want you to be alone.

Edward: Ok. For your mother.

Woman: Same to you, you jerk!

John: Ah, let it go.

Woman: Hey, sugar. You look like you could use a little Christmas cheer.

John: You got that right.

Woman: Well, this may just be your lucky day, because I happen to be off my usual turf.

John: Well, what do you say we go to my hotel, and I'll show you the real meaning of giving?

Steven: Yeah, see -- see, that's a bad idea. Oh, I don't know if you know, but this man's a federal prosecutor.

Woman: Well, I'll pass on the miracle. Thanks.

John: What's your problem?

Steven: I have a much better way for you to show your Christmas spirit.

Mike: That was a wonderful thing you did for Kristina.

Sam: Well, I just did what seemed right.

Mike: So, come on. Come with me to the christening.

Sonny: She really had a -- she had a great time here, you know, playing around and everything.

Alexis: Good. I'm glad. I wanted her to have a good time. I want you to be happy, ok?

Courtney: Hey. Here's the christening gown.

Sonny: Where'd you get it?

Courtney: Sam. It's the one she bought for her baby. We had to do some alterations, but I'm sure it'll fit Kristina just fine.

Alexis: Thank you. I think it's beautiful.

Sonny: Why didn't Sam bring it, Jason?

Jason: She, you know, wasn't sure she should come or not.

Sonny: I understand. Ok. Well, we'd better get going, right?

Alexis: I'm going to have to go home and change. I don't have anything to wear.

Ric: No, you're not going to have any time, you know, the roads are really -- really still very bad.

Carly: Ok -- Alexis, maybe I've got something in my closet that will work for you, something conservative enough for you.

Alexis: I haven't worn a size two since I've been 12.

Carly: Maybe I've got some old maternity wear.

Alexis: Very nice.

Carly: Great.

Alexis: Wasn't that nice?

Ric: Mm-hmm. It’s the season for giving.

Emily: I saw that angel at a florist when I was picking out flowers for our wedding. And I bought it because I knew that we were going to be together at Christmas.

Nikolas: It could be our last Christmas. You know, I may never come back.

Emily: Nikolas, so many things have pulled us apart in the past, and we always overcome them.

Nikolas: I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

Emily: Listen, Christmas is about hope and faith. We were meant to be together, Nikolas, so somehow or another, it's going to happen. We are going to be spending holidays together for the rest of our lives.

Ofc. Murphy: I'm sorry, but it's -- it's time.

Nikolas: Come here. Listen to me. You've made all my dreams come true. And I just have one last wish, ok?

Emily: What's that?

Nikolas: We don't say goodbye. Ok?

Ofc. Murphy: We got to go. Come on.

Father Coates: Ok, everybody, before we get started, let me explain what's going to happen here over the next few minutes.

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Hi.

Sonny: You decided to come?

Sam: Yeah, I did. I wanted to say a prayer that your daughter is healthy and well.

Sonny: Well, you know, our daughter saved Kristina’s life and I'm not going to forget that.

Sam: I know.

Sonny: Ok.

Sam: Will you excuse me?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Sam: Thanks.

Sonny: Thanks for coming and thanks for bringing her.

Mike: Well, I'm Kristina’s grandfather. You knew I'd be here.

Sonny: Yeah, well -- it's funny, you know. I mean, the longer I'm a father, the more I realize nobody's perfect, you know. And nobody has the right to judge another parent's choices. You did what you had to do. You tried to fix what you broke. I'm grateful.

Jason: Hey. I'm glad you came.

Sam: It feels a little awkward. But I'm glad I came, too.

Father Coates: Welcome, everybody. Before we get started, if I could speak to the godparents, that would be great.

Sonny: Oh, yeah. Carly -- she's --

Father Coates: Carly?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Carly?

Sonny: Yeah, Carly.

Ric: Yeah, ok, ok. I got her, I got her. Hi, sweetheart.

Alexis: Carly?

Sonny: She's the parents of Kristina’s two brothers, and I want her to be the godmother.

Alexis: Did you have any intention of running this by me at all?

Sonny: A godparent is a child's special protector, and I know Carly could do that so, I mean, it's not a big deal, right?

Alexis: Ok. Fine. Carly can be the godmother.

Sonny: Ok. And Jason, I thought, would be great --

Alexis: And Ric will be the godfather.

Sonny: Well, he's already the stepfather.

Alexis: What's your point?

Sonny: Well, the point is that Jason is better suited and he's catholic --

Alexis: He's my husband. And your brother. And I understand you may have some issues with him, because I have many with Carly. So if you want me to accept Carly, you're going to have to accept Ric.

Bobbie: Audrey --

Audrey: Hmm? Oh, Bobbie --

Bobbie: Should I push the panic button or what? Because the kids are all wanting Santa and Tony’s still in the O.R.

Audrey: Steven promised it'd all been handled and Santa would arrive on time. Trust me.

Bobbie: I hope so.

Ned: Ok. Let me take a look at this.

Brook Lynn: No. Please don’t. Seriously, I feel completely ridiculous here.

Ned: You look completely adorable.

Brook Lynn: Stop.

Ned: Look at that. You know, this is like a rite of passage for me, because I've been coming to the Hospital Christmas Party for years. And now, my own not-so-little daughter is one of Santa’s elves, helping to make some very sick children's holiday a little brighter. I'm very proud of you.

Brook Lynn: Thanks. But I'd better get back to work, so --

Ned: Don't keep Santa waiting.

Brook Lynn: Hey, Dad?

Ned: Yeah?

Brook Lynn: It really means a lot to me that you're proud of me.

Mac: Felicia, hi. Hey.

Felicia: Oh, God, you made it.

Mac: Did you have any doubt?

Felicia: Well, I know things are crazy after the blizzard.

Mac: Come on now, this takes priority.

Felicia: Listen, will you just do me a favor? In the spirit of Christmas and knowing that this is a time for miracles and for love, will you just ignore the fact that Dillon is glued to Georgie’s side?

Lucas: I'm here. And so are all these extra candy canes.

Bobbie: Oh, well, that's just great. Now, you want to give them to Georgie and to Brook to put out?

Lucas: Well, yeah, no problem.

Bobbie: Ok. Thank you for coming. I know you'd really rather be at Evan’s party.

Lucas: Hmm. Not really. You know, I have some really good memories of this hospital party from when I was a kid. Besides, it gives me a chance to make fun of Georgie for being dressed like an elf.

Justus: Merry Christmas, Edward.

Edward: Justus, I'm so glad you could make it.

Justus: Well, truthfully speaking, I wasn't going to come, but I was told it was a command performance for all of us.

Edward: Oh. Oh, that was very nice of Emily.

Justus: It wasn't Emily. It was Tracy.

Tracy: All right, well, I've done my share. Dad and Dillon are both here. Even Justus came. I don't suppose any of your offspring are planning to attend?

Alan: Skye is at home.

Tracy: Ooh, Skye doesn't count.

Alan: Skye is at home finishing the decorations with Alice. Emily is with Nikolas --

Tracy: Nikolas? Haven't they carted him off to prison yet?

Monica: Tracy, why don't you go home with Skye and Alice and help them finish decorating?

Alan: Or better yet, why don't you take some long, rejuvenating vacation far, far away?

Tracy: I'm going to help Daddy get through this holiday, same as you.

Audrey: Good, good, good, good! Hello, hello, you two -- and this one. Ah. Now, the party can begin.

Elizabeth: Well, don't tell me you were waiting for us.

Audrey: Well, technically, we're waiting for Santa, but we certainly wouldn't get started without my great-grandson.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you, gram.

Audrey: Oh, he's sound asleep.

Elizabeth: I know. He'll wake up soon.

Audrey: Oh, sweetness. Well, I'd better check with Bobbie. I think we'll be starting soon, though.

Elizabeth: Ok, ok. See you soon.

Lucky: Well, Mr. Cam, you going to wake up so you can enjoy your first Christmas?

Elizabeth: Oh, soon. You know, I think I'm having a better time than he is. You don't really know what Christmas means until you celebrate it with your child.

Jax: Unfortunately, Courtney had a conflicting family engagement --

Audrey: Oh.

Jax: So she asked me to pass along the foundation's check. I also included one of my own.

Audrey: Oh, how lovely. Thank you, Jax. I was just telling Edward these Christmas donations do so much good.

Jax: Well, I'm always glad to help.

Audrey: Mm-hmm.

Jax: You know, not to ask an indelicate question, but --

Audrey: Yes?

Jax: Shouldn't the party be getting started?

Audrey: Actually --

Steven: Gram.

Audrey: Oh, thank goodness you're here.

Jax: Hey.

Audrey: I was getting worried.

Steven: So nice to see you.

Audrey: Yes, it's good to see you.

Steven: I have it on very good authority --

Audrey: Yes?

Steven: Santa Claus is in the building.

Audrey: Oh! I know a lot of children will be very glad to hear that.

Steven: Yeah.

Audrey: Excuse me, please. Thank you.

Jax: Looking for someone?

Steven: Well, I thought Carly and her kids might be here.

Jax: Oh, Carly’s sons are at their sister's baptism. It's my understanding that Carly’s there, too.

Steven: That seems weird to me. I mean, I thought that Carly and Alexis didn't really get along, and it seems odd that Carly would go to Kristina’s baptism.

Jax: Well, I'm sure that Sonny asked her to be there. You know, from what I've seen, he and Carly are unclear on the concept of separation.

Steven: Mm-hmm.

Carolers: Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh hey jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh

Audrey: All right, everybody, I think Santa is about to arrive. Are we ready? So let's welcome him with a great big "Merry Christmas."

All: Merry Christmas!

John: Merry Christmas, everybody! Ho, ho, ho!

Felicia: I recognize him. Isn't he --?

Bobbie: Uh-huh. I wish Carly could see her father now.

Child: I do.

John: You do?

Child: I do.

Father Coates: Parents, you have asked that Kristina be baptized. Now, in doing so, you are accepting responsibilities of teaching her the practices of the faith. It will be your duty to raise her to live by God's commandments, as Christ taught us. Teach her to love God and all our neighbors. You clearly understand what I'm asking you to do?

Sonny: Yes, we do.

Father Coates: Great. Godparents, are you ready and willing to help Sonny and Alexis with their duties as Christian parents?

Ric and Carly: We are.

Father Coates: Great. Kristina, the Christian community welcomes you with great joy. Now, in his name, I'm going to claim you for Christ your savior. And I'm going to do that by making a sign of the cross on your forehead, like I did here on Mommy, ok?

Jason: Are you ok?

Sam: Yeah. It's a really beautiful ceremony.

Sonny: All right. Hey, there you go.

Father Coates: Oh. Carly.

Ric: Here, I'll come around.

Father Coates: Ok.

Ric: With the right hand, right?

Father Coates: Sure. Is it your wish that Kristina be baptized in the faith of the church?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Ric: It is.

Father Coates: All right. I baptize you, Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis, in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sonny: Amen.

Ric: Ahem.

Alexis: Amen.

Alan: "In those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be enrolled, each in their own town. And Joseph went up from Galilee to the city of David that is called Bethlehem to be enrolled with Mary, his wife, who was with child. While they were there, the time came for Mary to have her child. And she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them at the inn. Now, there were shepherds in that region living in the fields and keeping the night watch over their flock. The Angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shown around them, and they were struck with great fear. The angel said to them, 'Fear not, for behold, I bring you tidings of great joy that will be for all people. For today in the city of David, a savior has been born, who is Christ the Lord.'"

Father Coates: Kristina Adela, you have become a new creation, and you've clothed yourself in Christ. See that white garment as an outward sign of your Christian dignity. And with the help of your family and friends by word and example, take that dignity into the everlasting life of heaven. Amen.

Sonny and Alexis: Amen.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: Hey, what's -- what's wrong?

Emily: Hey -- no, I didn't mean to interrupt. I came by to say a prayer, and I didn't realize that it was Kristina’s --

Jason: No, it's ok.

Emily: Ok. They took Nikolas to Pentonville. It's not forever. You know, it can't be, but I miss him already. You know, it's snowing on Christmas Eve. That's supposed to be magic, Jase. We should make a wish.

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas; let your heart be light.  From now on our troubles will be out of sight

Singer: Have yourself a merry little Christmas; make the yuletide gay.  From now on our troubles will be far away

Singer: Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore.  Faithful friends who are dear to us gather near to us once more

Singer: Through the years we all will be together if the fates allow.  Hang a shining star upon the highest bough

Singer: And have yourself a merry little Christmas, yes have yourself a merry little Christmas now

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lorenzo: Lois?

Lois: I came by to find out why you disappeared over Christmas.

Courtney: Something has been bothering you since you got back from Mexico.

Elizabeth: Don't assume you know what Sam is feeling. Ask her.

Sonny: Any of that for me?

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