GH Transcript Thursday 12/23/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/23/04



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Emily: You know, I'm grateful for this storm. It's like our own security blanket keeping us safe from the world.

Nikolas: Not for very long. We're living on borrowed time here. You know that.

Emily: Nikolas, can't we just take whatever time we have and pretend that it's always going to be this way?

Nikolas: There's one thing I'll never have to pretend. No matter what happens, you'll be in my heart forever, I promise, ok?

Georgie: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Dillon: Whoo! I don't see why not. I mean, we're stuck in here because of the blizzard. There's nobody in the boat. Why should we stay cooped up in my room?

Luke: That's the way it usually works. You rent a place; you stay in it.

Dillon: Whoa, Luke. Sorry, we didn't know you were here.

Luke: I figured that. Hello, Georgie.

Georgie: Hi, Luke.

Dillon: Hey, man, you don't look so good. I mean, you ok? Did something worse happen? Not that it could get any worse, but --

Luke: No, you're wrong, my young friend. Things can always get worse. If you hang on long enough, they always do. Take my life, for example. I just found what was left of my wife.

Bobbie: Checking out?

Skye: That's right.

Bobbie: You must be happy to be getting out of here.

Skye: Right again.

Bobbie: Skye, look, I know you think I was wrong to let Luke believe that Laura died in that fire, and so does Luke. He's furious with me.

Skye: What did you expect?

Bobbie: I didn't expect to be caught so quickly. Obviously, my kidnapping skills leave a lot to be desired. But I'm not the point. You and Luke are. And I hope you're going to explain to him that you were coming back to tell him that Laura’s alive.

Skye: I'm not even going to waste my breath.

Sonny: Sorry about the couch again. I mean, you know, the boys and Kristina --

Jordan: No, I understand.

Sonny: I will switch right now if you want.

Jordan: Absolutely not.

Sonny: Ok.

Jordan: Sleeping in your bed would be a little too weird for me, anyway. You know, the couch is perfect. Compared to braving a raging blizzard, this is like a five-star hotel.

Sonny: Well, I don't know about that, but it's comfortable.

Jordan: Yes. Besides, I may not even use it. I might rearrange the furniture in my dollhouse all night.

Sonny: Hmm?

Jordan: Thank you again for my lovely Christmas surprise.

Sonny: Well, I hope you enjoy it. All right.

Jordan: Oh, Santa? I think that you have a last-minute Christmas letter up there.

Sonny: Oh.

Sonny: "Santa."

Jordan: Yes.

[Jordan laughs]

Sonny: "Dear Santa, I know it's late and I already got tons of stuff, but this is for Morgan and my new little sister. Could you bring us a house with a big backyard like Mommy's for when we spend time with Dad?"

Jordan: Hmm.

Sonny: "Love, Michael."

Carly: Ok, I know I said earlier that I didn't want to know how you helped my father, but it was -- it was a reflex. I want to know. I want to know.

Steven: The night that you first met Durant, I broke into your hotel room.

Carly: What? Why?

Steven: To find out who you really were. Durant didn't believe that journalism story. And I also took your D.N.A. from the bottle of beer.

Carly: So John knew that I was his daughter when he came to town?

Steven: No, he knew you were related. And he also knew that Sonny was your husband.

Carly: Yeah, what else? Huh? I can't imagine that your job stopped that night.

Steven: I came to Port Charles for one reason. That was to learn everything I could about you and give that information to Durant. And that's what I did.

Emily: Oh my God, thank God it's you. A patrolman was here earlier and I was afraid that he recognized Nikolas and come back.

Lucky: He did recognize Nikolas. Fortunately, I was the first person he told. I told him I'd handle it, so listen, we don't have a lot of time. If we plan on making any kind of move, we need to do it now, all right? Elizabeth and I, we're willing to do whatever. But, Nikolas, there's something I need to tell you first.

Nikolas: If it's about our mother, Emily already told me.

Lucky: Nikolas, she's gone.

Nikolas: I know. I'm not ready to accept it. But if it is true, then we have to believe that she's in a better place.

Elizabeth: You guys, the storm's starting to let up. Now, all of this doesn't have to be for nothing. All we have to do is just get you guys the last dozen miles to the Canadian border.

Nikolas: The only place that I am going is back to Port Charles, ok, and I don't want any of you trying to change my mind. I have to turn myself in.

Ric: Oh. Oh! Oh, we're in luck! There's a fire-- a fireplace.

Alexis: I could use a little help!

Ric: How have I already helped? Let me count the ways. I ignore every weather bulletin to drive to the middle of nowhere, I trudge through knee-deep snow in order to find that ridiculous tree, and I have wandered around lost in a blizzard because you don't know where the car is. I've helped till it hurts, Alexis. You know what? I'm done!

Alexis: You know, I thought you of all people would have the capacity to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Ric: Yeah, I know -- to outdo Sonny.

Alexis: No, to make myself feel better. Do you know where she is right now? She's probably at his house. She is in his house, and he's probably teaching her how to gamble and launder play money! I want a tree! That's all I could get! I don't get what I want! I want my tree! He's not going to win at that one!

Ric: You know what?  You need to wake up, Alexis. He already has.

Sonny: Michael does have a point. I mean, you know, my family just grew by one little girl.

Jordan: Well, I've seen Kristina. She doesn't take up that much room.

Sonny: Well, not now, but, you know, she will.

Jordan: Well, you may have a point if her stack of presents is any indication.

Sonny: Yeah, we'll be jammed in here like a bunch of sardines.

Jordan: Oh yeah, poor Family Corinthos.

Sonny: I mean, don't get me wrong, you know? I mean, this place has been great, for a fortress. But I got children now, right, and they need to spread out. I mean, they need to be able to go to the park, to play in the sunshine without bodyguards. I mean, you were a little girl once.

Jordan: Yes, I was.

Sonny: Right, so, I mean, don't you think Kristina’s going to need privacy, a place where boys aren't allowed?

Jordan: In the foreseeable future, yes. So enjoy it while you can.

Sonny: Don't even go there. My little girl's not going to date till she's about 35.

Jordan: Oh.

Sonny: No, you know, this place has served me well. I've been able to protect the people I love here. I just don't want my kids to grow up in a cage.

Jordan: Well, why not keep other options open?

Sonny: Carly and I have discussed a dream house once, you know, a place where there's, like, space inside and out, windows all the way around, you know, lot of trees, iron gates.

Jordan: Sounds perfect.

Sonny: I don't know, you know, because a place that big, you know --

Jordan: Yeah?

Sonny: It would be hard to guard. And in this penthouse, I mean, I can control what happens here. Why risk the unknown?

Carly: Ok.

Steven: Carly, then something happened. Carly, it was something I didn't expect. The more I found out about you, the more I liked you.

Carly: You saved Morgan’s life. Was that part of your plan, too? You win my trust and then my father can betray it?

Steven: No.

Carly: No?

Steven: No, that was just part of me doing my job.

Carly: Oh. You know, that's a really convenient phrase, because it covers a multitude of sins.

Steven: I'll admit that at the beginning you were part of my job. But then everything started to change. Everything changed and I couldn't be forthcoming any more and I didn't tell John what he wanted to know.

Carly: Ok, what did you -- ow -- what did you tell him?

Steven: Shh.

Carly: Don't you "shh." What?

Steven: I told him to be careful. I told him busting Sonny was not worth losing his only child. And it got to the point where I refused to work for him anymore. I knew what John was capable of, and there's no way I was going to be involved with anything that had the possibility of hurting you.

Carly: Right.

Steven: And that's the truth.

Carly: Right. Well, you know, I can't imagine that my father is really good at forgiving when someone's crossed him, so you have quite a price to pay for defying him.

Steven: I know. I hope it's worth it.

Skye: Bobbie, you're Luke’s sister. He probably trusts you more than anybody in the whole world. You know better than anyone how deeply he loves Laura; how much pain he was in when he found out that she disappeared. How could you let him believe that she was dead?

Bobbie: I was trying to give Luke closure. As long as Laura breathes the air, Luke is going to be stuck in place. And that is something that you know better than anyone, because if he could move on, it would be with you. Isn't that what you want?

Skye: I'm in love with Luke, yes. If he came to me today with an open heart, with no strings still attached to Laura, you could call me the happiest woman in the world, ok, but I wouldn't want him based on a lie!

Bobbie: Oh. I never thought you would be so judgmental. Skye, it's not as if you haven't done things that were ill-advised trying to help someone you love.

Skye: Touché.

Bobbie: All right, I'm sorry, ok? I made a mistake, and that's my burden to bear, but don't you compound the problem by making a mistake of your own. Honey, go to Luke. Tell him that you had no idea Laura was alive until you followed me and you found her.

Skye: Why should I? It's not like he's going to believe a word that I have to say.

Bobbie: Why are you so sure of that?

Skye: Because, Bobbie, Luke’s going to remember that way back when, when this whole nightmare started, that I visited Laura not once but three times in the sanitarium and didn't tell him, ok? And the trust that Luke and I have managed to build will be broken. That's my pattern. That's how it always ends. And any chance that I had with Luke will be as far out of reach as Laura is.

Nikolas: We'd always be looking over our shoulders. You know, we couldn't have friends.  We, you know, couldn't have any kind of normal life. I don't want that for you. That's why I have to turn myself in.

Elizabeth: Emily? Do you agree with this?

Emily: No, but I know the look in his eyes, and he's made up his mind, so I'm going to try to respect his decision.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I hate this. I hate every minute of it.

Elizabeth: It's going to work out for the best. I don't know how, but we just got to hold on to hope, right?

Nikolas: I'm ready. Are you?

Lucky: If you're sure, Nikolas.

Officer: Nikolas Cassadine, the place is surrounded. Come out with your hands up and nobody gets hurt.

Carly: Are you hurt? Huh?

Steven: I'll live.

Carly: Maybe not. If no one comes soon, maybe we'll die.

Steven: Oh, that's a cheery thought. Hey, listen, somebody is bound to realize you're here alone in a blizzard and they're going to find a way to check on you. Ok, Carly?

Carly: Yeah, right.

Steven: So you have to try and relax.

Carly: Why are you risking your life to help me?

Steven: I think you know why.

Ofc. Martin: Emily, wait. There's no contact with the prisoner.

Emily: He's my husband.

Ofc. Martin: I got my orders. Mr. Cassadine is going into solitary until we transfer him to Pentonville.

Emily: This is a mistake. Nikolas was going to turn himself in.

Mac: It didn't appear that way to the officers I had sent up to that little mountain retreat of yours.

Lucky: It's the truth, Mac.

Mac: Sorry, Lucky, but your reassurances don't mean much these days. Nikolas doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. None of you do. In fact, you're all in a world of trouble.

Ric: Listen to me -- you're being irrational, and if you don't stop, you're going to overcompensate yourself into a nervous breakdown and you'll lose Kristina altogether.

Alexis: Thank you very much. That's very reassuring.

Ric: Listen, you do not have to outspend Sonny in order to win Kristina’s love. You already have it!

Alexis: Yes, for now, until he takes me to court or buys it from me or manipulates it away from me.

Ric: I see, so your answer is to, what, go out and cut down frankentree?

Alexis: I don't expect you to understand. You don't have the capacity to understand.

Ric: No, no, I understand it. I understand it all too well. I understand it all too well. No, no, this fear that you've had about exposing Kristina to Sonny's dangerous world is really about your own insecurity, isn't it? Yeah, you think that you're such a terrible parent that even a lowlife gangster looks good in comparison, especially when he has just endless resources to throw around.

Alexis: Children don't understand the subtleties of love.

Ric: Right.

Alexis: You know, they understand what they can see. You don't get this. You don't get it. I told you you don't get it!

Ric: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Please let me wrap my mind around this. Let me get this straight. You're saying that your 2-year-old -- 2-year-old -- equates love with materialism? Do you realize, Alexis, how far out, how warped, how crazy that sounds?

Alexis: Who are you to stand in moral judgment of me?

Ric: I don't know! I don't know, I don't know! I thought I was your husband! I mean, it feels like it, right! I've been the guy who's been throwing all of his time and his support, not to mention his entire life, right down a bottomless pit!

Alexis: Who asked you to?

Ric: Nobody asked, but you seemed like you were in hell. I thought I could help. Maybe, you know, if I would've known this was such a thankless job in the first place, I would've never asked you to marry me!

Alexis: Who in their right mind would have ever married me? This isn't a marriage anyway. We never even con-- consummated it!

Ric: "Consummate," yeah.

Alexis: I know what I'm saying!

Ric: That makes it easy! You know what, we don't have a custody battle to keep us together, so why don't we just get this farce annulled?

Alexis: Fine!

Sonny: I just have to, you know, rethink a few things, I mean, you know, find more time to take the kids to the island.

Jordan: Oh. That should have Alexis jumping for joy.

Sonny: Well, you know what? In the meantime, they can, you know, just go to Carly’s. She has a big backyard, right?

Jordan: Right.

[Knock on door]

Max: Hey. Can I see you for a minute?

Sonny: I'll be right back, all right?

Jordan: Ok.

Sonny: Just one second, all right? Did you get it?

Max: I'm sorry, boss. The storm's got everything closed up really tight.

Sonny: What about the toy stores? Everybody's doing their last-minute Christmas shopping.

Max: I don't know. I guess you're out of luck this year.

Sonny: I got to find that dollhouse.

Jordan: The one you bought for Kristina but you gave to me?

Max: Ahem.

Sonny: I'm -- I -- I'm busted. What can I say?

Jordan: Well, ok so my Christmas dream didn’t come true. That's probably the most spontaneously thoughtful thing anyone's ever done for me. But I'm not taking Kristina’s dollhouse.

Sonny: Here. Merry Christmas. All right?

Max: Thank you.

Sonny: I hope I didn't offend you.

Jordan: No. Not at all. Actually, I'm eternally touched and grateful. But, come on, let's rewrap this --

Sonny: All right.

Jordan: So that Kristina has a lovely little Christmas surprise in the morning.

Sonny: Think she'll like it?

Jordan: What, are you kidding me? This is every girl's little --

Sonny: What is it?

Jordan: I -- I hope you believe in Christmas magic, because I'm holding a little piece of it right here.

Sonny: That looks like the real estate section.

Jordan: Yes, it is. But if I'm not mistaken, this is exactly the house you just described.

Carly: You said you'd keep me awake. So stop stalling and answer my question.

Steven: You might hear an answer you're not ready for.

Carly: Will you let me be the judge of it? Why are you willing to put some much on the line for someone that you barely know?

Steven: I take issue with that.

Carly: So what?

Steven: Sometimes you meet someone and things just click. You've never experienced that phenomenon?

Carly: Once, maybe, with Jason. Other than that, most of the people in my life I've known a long time and I'm still not sure of.

Steven: Well, I'm sure of my feelings for you. That's why I don't mind saying I --

Carly: Oh, my God. Oh.

Steven: The cavalry's here, but your timing stinks.

Carly: How in the world did you find us?

Ric: Ok, we're both lawyers. We both know that a signed agreement is legally binding. I say that we hammer out the details here and then we file the annulment when we get back to town.

Alexis: What do you suggest we use for paper?

Ric: Got a pen? Any day now.

Alexis: I think I left it in the car, in my briefcase.

Ric: Oh, shocker -- Alexis Davis unprepared.

Alexis: Here. Lipstick.

Ric: That'll do. Ok, shouldn't be too difficult. This shouldn't be too difficult. It's a simple dissolution of a marriage.

Alexis: To which you brought nothing.

Ric: To which you brought less. Fine, fine, ok. Just let it go, you'll break it!

Alexis: "Alexis Davis and Ric --"

Ric: With a C.

Alexis: "Lansing agree --"

Ric: "Mutually agree."

Alexis: "Mutually --"

Ric: Mutually.

Alexis: "Agree to --"

Ric and Alexis: "Annul their marriage --"

Alexis: "Due to failure to --"

Ric and Alexis: "Consummate"!

Ric: Great.

Alexis: Short and sweet.

Ric: Great. Sign it.

Alexis: You first.

Ric: I can’t.

Alexis: Why not?

Ric: My fingers are numb. I -- look, I want to get the circulation back in my hands. I don't want anybody to challenge my signature.

Alexis: You conceited oaf.

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: Who's going to challenge your signature besides me? Sign it with the lipstick between your teeth. I'll swear that it was you.

Ric: Done.

Alexis: Good.

Ric: I think when we get back to town we shouldn't have anything more to do with one another.

Alexis: Good. I'm relieved.

Ric: Excellent. All right. You know what, I'm going to -- I'm going to go find something to burn so we don't freeze our newly single butts off. Oh! Whoa!

Jordan: "Greystone." I love houses with names. "10,000 square feet of secluded, rustic luxury located in Forest Heights. Walled and gated for privacy. Master suite with wood, rock, and glass accents. Overlooks six acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, multiple gardens, guesthouse, lap pool and pond, playroom and tree house for kids." Is this not exactly what you said, or what?

Sonny: Let me see. Well, you know, I would need an army just for the upkeep.

Jordan: Well, yeah, you'll need some more eyes on Kristina and the boys, but you can afford it.

Sonny: It would've been nice, you know, at one point, when I still had a family.

Jordan: You still do.

Sonny: Well --

Jordan: It's not a conventional one, but you're not a conventional man. Just, you know, call and see what it's like. This fell in your lap for a reason.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hold on. Hello? What -- I'll be right there. That was Carly’s mother. Carly's roof collapsed.

Jordan: Is she hurt?

Sonny: They're in some -- I don't know, they're in emergency surgery right now. I got to get out of here.

Jordan: Ok, is there anything I can do?

Sonny: Yeah, can you do me a favor? I know I hate to even ask you, but the kids are sleeping upstairs.

Jordan: We'll be fine.

Sonny: Can you watch them? If you need anything, Max -- just call Max. He'll --

Jordan: Ok.

Sonny: Ok.

Jordan: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: All right. Oh, man.

Georgie: Any luck?

Dillon: Well, there's hardly any gas, and the generator is a piece of junk, but -- huh?

Georgie: It's -- it's beautiful.

Dillon: And here's what I think. I think we should make the most of this.

[Music plays]

Singer: Silent night holy night

Georgie and Dillon: Hi.

Singer: All is calm all is bright

Georgie: What's this?

Dillon: Oh, it's nothing.

Georgie: No, it's something. I want to see!

Dillon: No, Georgie, it's nothing.

Georgie: Is it my Christmas card, my present?

Dillon: Georgie, no, it's not --

Georgie: Give this to me!

Dillon: Georgie, please don't read that. Please don't read that.

Singer: Sleep in heavenly peace sleep in

Georgie: So is it true? You're leaving me?

Emily: Mac, why won't you do something?

Mac: What do you want from me, Emily?

Emily: Nikolas was planning on turning himself in. Doesn't he get any credit for that?

Mac: Well, if that's true, why did he leave the hospital in the first place?

Lucky: He didn’t.

Mac: Right, it was all Connor Bishop, right? When in doubt, blame Connor? Do you honestly expect me to believe that Connor orchestrated this whole thing? That he didn't get assistance from Nikolas' wife or his best friend who conveniently happens to be a nurse? Or his brother, the cop? Make that ex-cop.

Elizabeth: Mac, no.

Mac: I want your badge and your gun. You are suspended indefinitely. And be prepared to face criminal charges if proof shows up that aided and abetted a known felon.

Luke: Hey, cut the boy some slack, bubba. He's got a lot on his mind.

Lucky: I know about Mom.

Luke: No, son, I'm afraid you don’t.

Georgie: When were you going to tell me?

Dillon: Nothing is definite here, ok? Nothing is --

Georgie: Hello! Hey, Dillon, this is an acceptance letter to U.S.C. Film School. What's not definite? This is -- this is a dream come true for you!

Dillon: No, listen to me, I know. I wouldn't even be going until next fall, and that's if I go.

Georgie: Nothing -- nothing should stop you from -- from going. And I don't mean to be such a downer. It just kind of took me by surprise. We should be celebrating.

Dillon: We are. Look! We are celebrating. That's what we're doing. We're here, we're together, ok? So all we should be focusing on is ourselves. Now, where were we?

Georgie: Right about here.

Dillon: Yeah.

Ric: There's nothing in this cabin to burn because everything's made out of tin and metal, except for this, which, to my estimation, should burn in approximately five minutes. You think you could be put upon long enough in order to help me?

Alexis: What are you doing? What are you doing? No, you are not burning my daughter's -- no!

Ric: Alexis, this is our only -- Alexis, get off of it!

Alexis: No, you are not burning my daughter's tree! Go get your own!

Ric: That'd be a real good Christmas present for Kristina!

Alexis: Let go!

Ric: Not to mention Sonny. Come on, get off of it!

Alexis: Let go! Let go!

Ric: Get off the tree!

Alexis: Don't touch my tree!

Ric: It's the only one we have!

Alexis: Let go!

Ric: No, give it to me!

Alexis: Let go!

Ric: Give me! Oh -- ok. Ok. Ok.

Alexis: Are you ok?

Ric: I'm fine. Perfect! Perfect! Oh, that's ok. That's ok; I'll snuggle up in this. Don't worry, you can have your tree. I'll have your corpse separated from it when help arrives, and I'll make sure that Kristina gets it as your last wish.

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I feel terrible about your suspension. I'm sorry.

Lucky: I knew there was a chance something like this might happen.

Nikolas: You're not going to fight it?

Lucky: No. No. I did what I had to do. I'd do it again.

Nikolas: Well, one bright spot in all this is our mother's still alive and I was around to hear about it. What about Luke? You think he'll be ok?

Lucky: I think so. I saw something, like acceptance in his eyes, you know, for the first time.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: I'd like to say I get what Bobbie was doing, but --

Nikolas: Yeah, I know. She wanted to -- she wanted to free someone she loved rather than watch them stay tied to a dream that's never going to come true, I suppose. I don't necessarily agree with her methods, but I understand the impulse.

Skye: Um, I couldn't find my keys, so Dillon and Georgie let me in. I'm packing my things.

Luke: I can see that.

Skye: When I do find my key, I'll be sure to give it to Dillon. That way you and I don't have to cross paths unnecessarily.

Luke: Ok. I've only got one question. Why? When you were trying to call me, you were -- you were going to tell me that Laura was alive, weren't you?

Skye: Yes.

Luke: How long had you known?

Skye: 10 minutes. Bobbie was acting really weird, you know? It didn't feel right. So I followed her, and that's when I found Laura, and she was --

Luke: Yeah, I know how she was. But what I don't understand is why you would think that I would blame you for any of this.

Skye: Well, I'm not exactly known for my truthfulness. I didn't expect you to give me the benefit of the doubt.

Luke: Haven't you learned to trust me yet? I've learned to trust you.

Skye: You don't know what that means to me to hear that, to -- to have you standing here. You know, I thought that you were going to find Laura and go somewhere and that I'd never see you again.

Luke: Laura's in Shadybrook.

Skye: You had her committed?

Luke: She's gone, Skye. She's not coming back to me. That was something that Bobbie had right. That and the fact that I will love Laura till the day I die.

Skye: I know. I mean, she's the love of your life, right?

Luke: She was, but she is gone. And I think I'm finally ready to move on. With you, if you'll have me.

Carly: So are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Bobbie: What do you mean?

Carly: I can tell something's bothering you. What's going on?

Bobbie: Well, actually, Luke is mad at me for something, but it's nothing for you to worry about.

Sonny: Hey.

Bobbie: Hey.

Sonny: You all right?

Carly: Hey, I'm fine. How did you know that I was in the hospital?

Bobbie: Guilty as charged.

Sonny: Thanks for the heads-up.

Bobbie: I got to make some rounds. I'll come back later.

Carly: Thanks. Hi. You didn't tell the boys I was in the hospital, did you?

Sonny: No. What happened?

Carly: Well, I guess the snow was too much for the roof and it caved, along with a rib and my lung. It's ok.

Steven: Hey, Carly, I just saw your mother leave, and so I thought I'd come in and say hello.

Sonny: Hi, Dr. Webber.

Steven: Hello, Sonny.

Carly: Sonny, just so you know where credit is due, I wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for Steven.

Emily: Alexis is working on the appeal, Nikolas, and something tells me we're going to win. Hey, you just have to promise me that you're not going to give up hope again.

Nikolas: Emily, the only promise I can make to you is that I'll love you no matter where I am.

Ofc. Murphy: Time's up.

Emily: Wait, so soon?

Ofc. Murphy: You weren't supposed to be here at all, so please don't give me a hard time.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I'll see you soon, ok?

Nikolas: Ok.

[Mouths words]

Ric: All right, since we just -- since we've agreed to end the marriage, there's no reason to be deliberately cruel. Come on, quick! Get in. Get in. Better?

Alexis: Much, thank you.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: You're right, I am -- I'm unreasonable.

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: I'm insecure, I'm unreasonable. I'm very, very difficult. Everyone tells me that. And I don't make it very easy for anyone to be nice to me, but you try really, really hard, and I appreciate that.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Since -- since we're being brutally self-honest, I'm an over-- overbearing ass. Maybe we deserve --

Alexis: No, you're not.

Ric: I am, really.

Alexis: I'm sorry.

Ric: Maybe we deserve each other.

Alexis: Maybe.

Ric: God knows who else is going to want us.

Alexis: Nobody sane.

Ric: It's too late now.

Alexis: For what?

Ric: We signed a dissolution of marriage.

Alexis: We didn't file it.

Ric: That's true. We could tear it up.

Alexis: Or burn it.

Ric: Oh, boy. Then we could use it the next time we get in a fight, huh?

Alexis: Yeah.

Ric: You know, I think the only way -- there's really only one way to annul the annulment.

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[Knock on door]

Carly: It's Christmas Eve, and there's nothing that is keeping me away from my kids.

Sonny: I haven't heard from Alexis. Something's got to be wrong.

All: Merry Christmas!

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