GH Transcript Friday 12/17/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/17/04



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Emily: Luke wanted to tell you and Lucky together, but I -- I talked him out of it because I didn't want to add another piece of awful news. And then I realized I was -- that I was being unfair. I'm so sorry, Nikolas, but Lauraís dead. I can hardly believe it myself, you know? Despite her illness and the way she disappeared, I always wanted to believe that your mom was going to come home safe.

Connor: God.

Nikolas: So you smuggled me out of the hospital and left Connor in my place?

Lucky: He'll be on his way to Pentonville by morning.

Nikolas: Oh, no. Lucky, we have to stop this. Connor's crazy. We can't trust him. We got to get out of here.

Lucky: Listen --

[Nikolas groans]

Lucky: You can't do this. We don't have a choice. You let Connor do this, or you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.

Bobbie: I'm on my way to see her now, and Iím bringing cash so you can get her settled into a more permanent situation. I'll see you soon.

Skye: On your way home?

Bobbie: I have an errand to run.

Skye: Really? In this weather?

Bobbie: I've lived in Port Charles for years, so Iím used to driving in the snow.

Skye: Well, it never hurts to be too careful. Wherever you're going, I'm coming with you.

Alexis: Sorry I'm late.

Ric: Hi. They're ready to discharge Kristina.

Alexis: She can go home?

Ric: Yeah, they're putting the paperwork together right now.

Alexis: So it's over. We got through it ok.

Ric: No, you got her through it.

Alexis: No, not me. I don't know what I would've done without you.

Sonny: What's going on?

Alexis: Kristina's being released.

Sonny: Yeah? Great. Well, that means she can come home with me.

Alexis: I understand that you are expecting visitation in the near future --

Sonny: I know but, look, the future's one thing. I just -- you know, tonight I'd like to take my daughter home.

Alexis: Are you seriously demanding visitation the first night that she gets home from the hospital?

Sonny: The arrangement was that, you know, I could take my daughter home when I want to.

Ric: All right, all right, listen -- ok, everybody, let's just take a step back. Let's just take a step back here.

Sonny: Ok.

Ric: All right? We all agreed -- we agreed to joint custody for Kristinaís sake. There's no reason to start getting in an argument about it.

Sonny: I have a right to see my daughter, Ric.

Ric: And nobody is trying to keep you from that, Sonny. But do you have to take your daughter home tonight right out of the hospital?

Sonny: Because of Alexis, I lost two years with Kristina. I don't want to miss another second.

Alexis: This isn't about you right now, or me. It's about Kristina. I'm sorry; I can't let you take her home.

Carly: Ow! Ow! Hey!

Jason: You said you needed help.

Carly: Yeah, you're just in time because I think I might bleed to death. Look at this. This Christmas tree is so much smaller than I thought it was going to be. It's crooked, the lights are not working, and --

Jason: Carly, Carly --

Carly: And I wanted to hang some garland over here --

Jason: Carly, you -- you asked me over here to help you decorate?

Carly: I want you to help make Michael and Morganís Christmas fun. Jason, come on, they just moved into a new house, their parents are getting divorced, and -- can you help me, please? Please?

Jason: All right, what's first?

Carly: Pretty please?

Jason: What's first?

Carly: Anything you want. Pick. Take your pick, ok?

Michael: Jason!

Jason: What's up? I guess I came over to help your mom decorate. That's what's up.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: How long are you staying for?

Carly: As long as it takes to make this whole place look like Christmas.

Michael: Cool.

Carly: Ok?

Jason: All right.

Courtney: You want to make a fire?

Jax: I thought we were just going to grab some stuff. I thought we were spending Christmas at my place.

Courtney: Well, before I become your houseguest, I want you to be mine.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I can certainly live with that.

Courtney: I'm talking about dinner.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: You're going to cook me dinner?

Courtney: Among other things. I want to pamper you. I mean, it's only fair. There's already a ton of presents under your tree with my name on them. And you taking me to dinner in foreign countries, so --

Jax: Well, you deserve all of it.

Courtney: Well, then why don't you let me repay you. I'll make a nice meal while you just relax and indulge.

Jax: I couldn't think of a better way to spend the night.

Skye: Oh, come on, Bobbie. It'd be fun to get to know each other. Luke and I have gotten pretty close, and we hardly know each other at all.

Bobbie: I'd like that, too. But tonight isn't good.

Skye: Oh, please. Come on, it'll be fun. We'll get some coffee; we'll talk on the drive.

Bobbie: You know, Skye, if you really want to help, could you keep an eye on Luke? You know, he's been really upset about Laura and, well, I don't want him to do anything crazy, and you do seem to have a calming effect on him.

Skye: Hmm. Well, I want to do anything I can to help Luke. But, actually, Bobbie, you're the one that I'm worried about. You were Lauraís sister-in-law, and I have yet to see you grieve.

Bobbie: What happened to Laura is a terrible tragedy. But if Luke can finally move on because of this terrible loss, then maybe it's also a blessing. At least that's what Iím telling myself. Anyway, I have to go.

Skye: Be careful on the road.

Nikolas: Trusting Connor is not an option. It'll only make things worse.

Lucky: Nikolas, listen to me, he had his scar removed. He even dyed his hair. He's got identical tattoos like you.

Nikolas: Lucky, he's not going to stay in prison. Come on. First chance he gets, he'll give up his true identity, the police will come after me, and then Emily gets in trouble.

Lucky: You will both be long gone. You and Emily can start a new life anywhere you want.

Nikolas: Connor -- Connor wants me to suffer for Mary. It's a trap.

Lucky: Nikolas, then Connor is an idiot. He's made himself an accomplice.

Nikolas: I don't want any part of it.

Lucky: We're talking about Emilyís happiness, too. I'm not going to let you sacrifice that, so -- listen, I'm going to go back to the city and get Emily, ok?

Nikolas: Then Iím going with you.

Lucky: Just -- you stay. You're not strong enough to fight me, Nikolas, so I want you to focus on getting well, ok? When Emily and I get back, we can decide what to do next.

Emily: Laura was trapped in a fire, and Iím not even sure she knew what was happening. You know, maybe she didn't feel fear anymore.

Connor: Yeah, because of her illness.

Emily: Yeah, yeah, after she was diagnosed with Alzheimerís, she just started slipping away.

Connor: Maybe you're right. She didn't -- you know, she didn't really feel anything.

Emily: Laura Spencer wasn't your mother, Connor. What, do you -- do you think that I wouldn't even know my husband? Nikolas has this beautiful, amazing spirit, and --

Connor: Emily -- Emily, I get that you're worried, all right, but Nikolas is fine. He's with Lucky.

Emily: You expect me to believe that Lucky helped you with this?

Connor: Yeah, he cares a lot about you. So do I.

Emily: I don't trust you. I know that this is just about getting revenge for what happened to Mary.

Connor: Well, if you really feel that way, go ahead and call the cops. Turn me in, but you're sending your husband right to prison.

Ric: Shared custody means you have to compromise. In order for this to work, both parties have to be willing to give something up.

Sonny: Well, so far, it sounds like Iím expected to do all the giving here. You know what I mean?

Alexis: Do you honestly think that Kristina would enjoy going to a strange home with people that she barely knows? She needs to go home from a hospital that she's been in for months and sleep in her own bed with her own toys. I want her to be happy. I would think that's what you would want, too.

Jordan: Is there a problem?

Ric: You arranged for your custody lawyer to be here?

Sonny: Look, I had a feeling Kristina was going to be released soon, and I figured there was going to be a problem like we're having right now, so that's why she's here.

Alexis: You're being completely unreasonable.

Jordan: Sonny is within his rights. In fact, Iíd be happy to call Judge Shindo and explain to her that, due to your recalcitrance, shared custody is not working.

Ric: There is no reason to bring Judge Shindo into this, Ms. Baines.

Jordan: Ms. Davis is not holding up her end of the custody agreement.

Ric: Sonny is making unreasonable and arbitrary demands which are contrary to Kristinaís best interests.

Jordan: Fine. Let the judge decide.

Alexis: Save your minutes. We're going to take Kristina home. We'll drop her off at your house and she can have a short visit.

Jordan: Mr. Corinthos wants his daughter to spend the night.

Alexis: Would it be acceptable to you if we dropped her off for a few hours? She can get to know Michael and Morgan and become familiar with your home, and then we'll pick her up.

Ric: Is that all right with you?

Sonny: This time.

Courtney: You look comfortable.

Jax: I don't even want to get up.

Courtney: And you don't have to.

Jax: Yeah, but I want to give you a present.

Courtney: It's not a hotel, is it?

Jax: No, no. It wouldn't fit in my jacket pocket.

[Courtney laughs]

Jax: Go ahead, have a look. Go on, take a look.

Courtney: Ok. Hey -- not that I need another present, but it's not nice to get my hopes up.

Jax: Try the other side.

Courtney: There's nothing in there, Jax.

Jax: Are you kidding? No, it's got to be there. It's gone.

Courtney: Well, could you have dropped it in the car?

Jax: No. I know exactly where I left it. I'll be back in a flash, ok? No, no, no, I got this especially for you.

Courtney: Don't go now. Don't go.

Jax: I don't want to write it off as a waste. You just keep cooking, ok? I'll be back before you're done, and I expect to have the best meal Iíve ever tasted. I'll be back really, really, really soon.

Elizabeth: Can I have a refill when you get a chance?

Sam: And I'll take a black coffee, please.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Sam: Hi.

Elizabeth: How you doing?

Sam: I'm ok. I'm still settling in. I think living above Kellyís is a little bit more of an adjustment than I thought it was going to be.

Elizabeth: I thought you were still with Jason.

Sam: No. No, Jason and I were just roommates, and now we're just friends, and we were just living together for the baby, that's all.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Sam: Yep.

Elizabeth: Ok, I'm just going to say it. If you walk away from Jason, you're going to regret it. He's a pretty amazing person.

Sam: You're still kind of hung up on him, aren't you?

Elizabeth: I care about Jason. I always will. I just want to see him happy.

Sam: Happy? Then trust me, you don't want him with me.

Elizabeth: You know, when you were in the hospital, he was by your side the entire time, holding your hand; talking to you. He really cares about you.

Sam: Yeah, but he felt bad. He was just --

Elizabeth: No, no, no, it's more than pity, but Jason will never tell you that. He's going to try to protect you by keeping his feelings to himself. So it's all on you. If you're falling in love with him, you're going to have to be brave enough to tell him.

Carly: So, you and Sam were sitting together at the custody hearing.

Jason: Hey, hand me the -- hand me that extension cord, both -- both sides right there, ok? Both ends.

Carly: So, what's the deal?

Jason: If you want me here, we need to drop this subject right now, Carly.

Carly: That's fine. It's not like I ever wanted Sam around in the first place.

Jason: All right, where do you want the lights?

Carly: All the way around the windows, all of them.

Jason: Ok. Michael, why don't you go grab some tacks and we can put the lights around the window.

Michael: Ok.

Carly: Listen, Jason, I think it's great if you and Sam aren't going to be together because it means you've got more time for me and the boys. This way no one gets hurt.

Michael: Here you are.

Jason: Thanks.

Michael: Look, Morgan -- new lights.

[Carly laughs]

Michael: This place is going to be filled with lights. No way Santaís going to miss this house.

Jason: How about we put them --

Carly: No way! Yeah.

Michael: Hey!

[Carly laughs]

Jason: Like that?

Carly: So, what do you say? We can have frozen pizza; we got doughnuts for dessert. And if the storm keeps going, we can build snowmen and have snow angels and everything tomorrow.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Good?

Michael: Oh, I got it.

Carly: I think it's good. Don't you, Morgan?

Michael: Hello?

Sonny: Hey, buddy.

Michael: Hey, Dad. Jason's here and we're setting up the final decorations.

Sonny: Yeah? I'll come by and check it out later. Listen, I need to -- I need to talk to mama.

Michael: Ok. Mom, Dad wants to talk to you.

Carly: Ok. Thank you.

Michael: You're welcome.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey. Michael says you're almost done decorating.

Carly: Well, we're getting there.

Sonny: Listen, Kristinaís getting out of the hospital, and Alexis -- I told her to bring her by the house. And I'd like the boys to be there, you know, because Iím having a tree delivered, and we'll be all decorating, you know.

Carly: Well, we were just about to have pizza.

Sonny: Well, I mean, I just -- I just thought it would be nice, you know, to have Michael and Morgan spend a little time with their sister.

Carly: Well, let's just -- let's let Michael decide, ok?

Michael: Decide what?

Carly: Uh, your dad wants to know if you and Morgan may want to go over to his place tonight and decorate the tree with Kristina.

Michael: Cool! Morgan, we get to go to Dad's!

Carly: Ok, what time do you want them there?

Alexis: There he is!

Ric: Hey, look at you! Oh, we're all dressed up! You ready to go home, honey?

Alexis: Are you ready to go home?

Kristina: Yeah.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: Yeah, she's so excited, and she's going to see lamby because I told her lamby has been waiting for her and waiting for her.

Ric: Yeah, she has been. She's been, oh, just so sad.

Alexis: And then I thought -- come here, I want to tell you one thing.

Ric: Go with Mommy.

Alexis: Come here, come here, come here. Ooh, boy. I thought maybe before we go home you could just stop at your dad's house, just for a minute?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Because there's a cute little boy there, Michael, and a little baby that you could play with, and you could see the big tree, and then we'll pick you up, ok?

Ric: How does that sound?

Alexis: I can't wait to tuck her into her own bed.

Ric: Yeah, I tell you what --

Steven: Hey, look at you. How's my favorite patient?

Ric: Oh, ready to go home, no offense.

Alexis: Your staff has been wonderful.

Ric: Yeah, we can't thank you enough, Dr. Webber.

Steven: Truly, it's moments like these that make med school worth all the work -- sending a girl like Kristina home; knowing that she's healthy.

Alexis: You saved her life, and I'll always be grateful. Thank you.

Steven: Take care of each other.

Ric: Hey, come here a second. Want to come to Ric for a minute? Come here. You know what? I got to tell you something. There are so many people who care so much about you. You know that? Your mama most of all. She has moved heaven and earth to do what is best for you.

Alexis: You know what? She's going to be ok, and that's all that matters. Come on, angel.

Ric: Come on. You want to get some ice cream or anything?

Alexis: You want to push the button?

Ric: Can you get it?

Alexis: Come on.

Michael: Ooh, look at that tree! It's huge!

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: It's bigger than Mom's! Cool! Presents! How many do I have?

Sonny: Oh, check out that pile over there. Thank you. I know that you had other plans and you're doing this for me, and that's all great. Thank you.

Carly: Yeah, well, Michael wanted to be with his father. And it's ok because I can finish decorating some other time. Jason can come over another day, right?

Jason: Oh, no, Carly, please. Didn't you decorate enough already?

Carly: Well, not compared to what this place is going to be like.

Sonny: Well, you know --

Carly: Go see Daddy.

Sonny: It's all for the kids, right, you know? I just want them to have fun and get to know each other and all that.

Carly: Yeah, well, it looks like they will.

Michael: This tree's going to take a long time, so can Mom stay and help decorate?

Elizabeth: Luke? Are you ok?

Luke: Have you seen Lucky?

Elizabeth: He was at the hospital earlier with Nikolas, but I don't know where he is now. What happened?

Luke: Laura's dead.

Bobbie: I really think this is what you would want -- for Luke to be free, and for him to be able to move on and -- and maybe even love again. She'll never replace you. But she can make him happy. And you'll be safe here, Laura, because Pam Connolly is going to take really good care of you. And I promise I will come visit you often. And if somehow you get well -- well, listen, you get well, then. And I'll deal with the consequences. You see, it's just that he can't accept things the way they are, and -- and this is really the only way to give him his life back.

Skye: Hi. I'm really sorry to barge in like this, but I'm -- Iím here for a friend, Luke --

Carly: Sweetie, you're going to have two Christmases this year. That's why you got two trees.

Michael: But it'll be more fun to decorate this one if you just stayed. Please?

Carly: Honey, you got your dad here, and Kristinaís going to be here any minute.

Michael: Can't you just stay for the really special ornaments?

Sonny: I agree with Michael. Why don't you help us out with the tree?

Michael: We can do the ornaments that Morgan got last year and some stuff that I made at school.

Carly: Ok, it sounds -- sounds great.

Michael: Where's the Baby Jesus manger?

Sonny: It's called a crŤche, Michael.

Jason: Or a nativity scene.

Carly: And that's at your place, Jason. I ran out of room last year and I gave it to Courtney to keep for me.

Jason: Well, you know, if I could stop with the lights --

Carly: I give you permission.

Jason: I'll go get it.

Carly: Ok. So, which one should we do first, huh?

Michael: Ooh -- this one I got when I was a baby.

Carly: Oh, yeah. You know, grandma gave you that. It's got your picture on it there, huh?

Michael: Come on, Dad.

Max: Ms. Davis. Mr. Corinthos said you'd be dropping by.

Alexis: Kristina, this is Mr. Giambatti. He "works" for your dad.

Max: You can call me Max.

Ric: Yeah, Max is a -- he's a doorman.

Alexis: Of sorts.

Max: Hmm. Mr. Corinthos said to show you right in.

Ric: Just breathe.

Sonny: There you are. Welcome home, Kristina. How you doing?

Doctor: You're healing well, but it's too soon to transfer you to the Pentonville Infirmary. So Iím going to recommend we keep you here a few more days.

Connor: Thank you.

Emily: Hmm. Yeah, I have to admit you're thorough. How'd you give yourself an injury just like Nikolas'?

Connor: You sure you want the details?

Emily: No, probably not.

Connor: The point is it worked, all right? If I could fool Nikolas' doctor, I'm sure I could pass for him in prison.

Emily: Nikolas' doctor doesn't really know him.

Connor: Neither does anyone in Pentonville. You didn't say anything to the doc. Does that mean you're going along with the plan?

Emily: Look, Lucky helped you set this up, and I don't want to get him thrown off the police force. That's why I didn't tell the doctor the truth.

Connor: I'm just trying to make up for all the things I did wrong, all right? Why can't you believe that? Huh? You think I want to spend the next few years of my life in prison? No. I have made a lot of mistakes, I know that. It cost me my job, my wife, and now I'm alone. Damn. And helping you and Nikolas feels right. Maybe it'll make up for some of the pain Mary and I caused. Will you just let me do this, please?

Lucky: How you feeling?

Emily: Oh, Connorís fine.

Lucky: I figured you'd be onto us by now.

Emily: This is insane, Lucky. You had no right to make this choice for me and Nikolas.

Lucky: You're my oldest friend and Nikolas is my brother. I just wanted the two of you to be happy.

Emily: This isn't the answer.

Lucky: You may not like what Connor and I did, but at least you and Nikolas have a chance. So don't waste it by being too proud to accept help.

Connor: You should listen to him.

Emily: Ok, where's Nikolas now?

Lucky: He's in a cabin resting.

Emily: Alone?

Lucky: He's resting, all right? He is in the mountains and, listen, I came here to take you to him.

Emily: All right, let -- let's go.

Lucky: Ok, wait. You know what? I got to call my dad first because he left me a message and he sounded upset.

Emily: Yeah, you should go to him.

Lucky: I need to take you to Nikolas first, though.

Emily: Well, the police think that he's here, so just go -- go deal with Luke and, you know, we'll -- we'll get Nikolas later.

Lucky: Ok. All right.

[Nikolas groans]

Alexis: Oh, ok. Well, we've obviously come at a bad time, so I'll take her home and we'll come back tomorrow.

Sonny: No, no, hey -- we've been waiting for Kristina.

Michael: Yeah, she's going to help finish decorating the tree.

Sonny: Yeah. Come over here, come over here! Ok, remember Michael?

Michael: Hello.

Sonny: That's your older brother. This is Morgan, your younger brother.

Michael: She has tons of gifts.

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Do you mind if I show her?

Sonny: Go, go, go. Sure.

Michael: Come here.

Carly: Ok, I'm going to -- I'm going to go now. So, Michael, your dad's going to take you home later, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Carly: All right. You, too, sweetheart. Bye, honey.

Michael: Bye.

Sonny: Hey, thank you for your help, ok?

Carly: Yeah, sure. Good night.

Michael: Want to take this off?

Ric: You know what? We should go, as well. We'll be back to pick Kristina up at about 9:00.

Sonny: No, no, I -- because I've got to drop the boys off at Carlyís. I'll just drop Kristina off on the way. I mean --

Alexis: We'd rather pick her up here. How's 8:30?

Sonny: Well, why waste a trip?

Ric: I don't think that she wants Kristina riding in your car, Sonny -- you know, understandably.

Sonny: Oh, don't be paranoid. I mean, my cars are safe. I mean --

Alexis: Until they explode.

Sonny: Ok, you want to pick up Kristina tonight, that's fine, but she's going to be riding with me when I take her to her christening.

Alexis: Her what?

Sonny: I spoke to Father Coates and he agreed to baptize Kristina.

Alexis: Well, isn't that nice of Father.   Did it ever occur to you to ask me how I felt about it?

Sonny: Yeah, but, actually, you're not religious, right? And, you know, it's not like you haven't raised Kristina in a different tradition, so -- you know, the Catholic faith is very important to me, and I just want to raise my children like that --

Alexis: The Catholic faith is very important to him, so --

Ric: You agreed --

Alexis: So he's going to have Kristina indoctrinated.

Ric: You agreed to let Sonny have a few hours. Let him have his time.

Alexis: I consent to nothing. But I'm choosing not to discuss this any further at this particular moment.

Sonny: Ok, we got to get on the tree anyway, so, ok.

Ric: Ok.

Sonny: Ahem.

Alexis: Hey, sweetie.

Michael: There's Mommy.

Alexis: Hey, hey, hey. I'm going to leave you here. You're going to have a great time with the boys, ok, and I'll be right back, I promise, ok? Just for a little bit, ok? Ooh, I love you so. Huh? Can I have a kiss?

Sonny: Ok, you guys ready to have some fun?

Michael: Yes! Now, these two do.

Ric: Let's go, let's go. All right, let's get you downstairs before you unload.

Alexis: Can you believe what he would do? He's probably got -- one of those presents is probably one of her school uniforms for Sunday school!

Ric: Alexis, it could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Alexis: You're right. Of course it could've. Did you see the size of that tree and all the presents? He's trying to buy her already. He certainly doesn't have to be that subtle about it either, does he, because she'll be spending lots of time with her little brothers, the mobsters-in-training, and I'm sure by the time we get back here, she'll be referring to herself as Daddy's little mobsterette.

Ric: You breathed. Good, very good.

Alexis: I do not have the luxury of breathing until she's 18. Do you like holidays?

Ric: No, I've never really celebrated them.

Alexis: Well, you're going to now, because we are going to get that unconscionable, regrettable man at his own game. We're going to beat him.

Ric: How are we going to do that?

Alexis: We're going to out-Christmas Sonny.

Jax: Whew. Yes. Sam? Not to get personal, but you're not actually planning to go out in those shoes, are you?

Sam: Yeah, I am.

Jax: Really?

Sam: I can make it where I'm going, thank you.

Jax: Must be important, because it's a hell of a storm.

Sam: Yes, it is. It's very important. Thank you very much.

Jax: Good luck.

Sam: I'm in a hurry. Sorry. Ow!

Jax: Oh --

Sam: Ow. Ow. Jax --

Jax: See? You didn't even get five feet.

Sam: Ok, fine.

Jax: You ok?

Sam: Yes, thank you.

Jax: Here, sit down. Here we go. I'll get you something hot, ok?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Whew. Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: Have you seen my dad? He left me a message that he was going to look for me here.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but then you didn't show, so he went to the hospital. I thought you might still be there with Nikolas.

Lucky: Well, he sounded really messed up. Do you know why he was looking for me?

Elizabeth: I think you should talk to your dad.

Lucky: Elizabeth, there's a blizzard outside. It might take me an hour before I find him.

Elizabeth: I know, but you should talk to him.

Lucky: Hey, if you know what's going on, just -- just tell me, please.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Lucky.

Lucky: Hey, hey, just tell me.

Elizabeth: I don't -- God, I don't even know how to tell you this. I just don't want it to be true. Honey, it's your mom. Your mom's gone.

Lucky: What?

Emily: Oh, God -- Nikolas. Nikolas -- Nikolas, please! Nikolas, wake up! Nikolas, wake up, wake up, please! Please! Oh, God. Help!

Sonny: Michael wants gingerbread men, so get about -- get about three dozen.

Max: I don't know, the snow's coming down pretty heavy.

Sonny: Right.

Max: Hey.

Jordan: Hi.

Sonny: Whoa! What are you doing here?

Jordan: I was making sure that Alexis complied with your agreement?

Sonny: Oh, yeah, smooth sailing. Kristina's in there right now, playing around.

Jordan: Well, there goes my excuse.

Sonny: Well, you don't need an excuse to come see me.

Jordan: Well, the snow is just coming down really hard and I was driving by. Making sure Alexis dropped off Kristina seemed like a way to justify pulling into a nice, warm garage.

Sonny: Since you're already here, why don't you come check it out?

Jordan: Ok.

Sonny: All right. Hey!

Jordan: Wow.

Sonny: Not exactly the danger zone that Alexis made it sound like, right?

Jordan: No. Your kids look like they're in heaven.

Sonny: Well, why don't you have a seat? Kids -- they love playing with adults.

Jordan: Uh, I'm not really all that comfortable with kids.

Sonny: Uh, you're a custody attorney.

Jordan: Yeah, and I'm also an only child.

Sonny: You don't have godchildren or nephews or --

Jordan: Uh-uh. Didn't even babysit when I was a teenager. You know, it's funny -- I can tell you the statutory requirements of getting custody of an infant, but I can't change a diaper to save my life.

Michael: Cool, the power's out! That means the elevators don't work. We might be stuck here all night.

Carly: Great. Ow! God! Great.

[Knock on door]

Radio announcer: The temperature continues to plunge as an arctic storm pummels the Port Charles area with no end in sight. Expect up to 11 inches of snow to accumulate overnight, with the possibility of freezing rain by morning. People are advised to stay off the road and keep indoors whenever possible. A shelter will be established for those without heat at Queen of Angels church downtown. Stay tuned to WLPC for updates throughout the evening.

Jax: How you feeling?

Sam: You made your point. Snowshoes, no stilettos -- I get it.

Jax: Ok. You know, I should probably call Courtney. I don't think I'm going to make it back to her place tonight.

Elizabeth: Your mom was catatonic. Chances are she didn't know what was happening.

Lucky: I want to believe that. The last time I saw my mom, she didn't know -- she didn't even know who her family was. In some way, maybe it was just a blessing. I just want to know that my mother wasn't afraid at the end.

Elizabeth: You know she loved you, Lucky.

Lucky: Yeah. I just want to know that my mom was happy, that she found peace.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: I know I said I didn't need any more presents, but I can't wait --

Nikolas: Emily? Emily?

Emily: We're in a cabin in the mountains.

Nikolas: Connor -- Connor -- Lucky brought me Ė Lucky brought me here, left Connor in my place.

Emily: I know. I drove up in the storm, and you were passed out in the doorway and you were covered in snow and you were freezing.

Nikolas: I found some car keys. I wanted to stop Lucky, I wanted to stop Lucky.

Emily: Well, I'm glad you didn't.

Nikolas: Emily, this plan won't work.

Emily: Listen, I thought so, too. But, Nikolas, life is so short, and the love we have is a gift, and --

Nikolas: Yeah, you know I love you, but we can't do this.

Emily: And I love you, too, and that's why I want you to run away with me.

Nikolas: What? Why now?

Emily: I've realized that no one has forever.

Nikolas: What do you mean, "no one"?

Emily: Nikolas, you need to know. Your mother's dead.

Nikolas: What? What?

Luke: Barbara? Hi. I'm looking for Lucky. Elizabeth said he was with Nikolas?

Bobbie: I haven't seen him.

[Phone rings]

Luke: Well -- oh, sorry. Excuse me. Skye?

Skye: Luke? Luke, I need to see you right away!

Luke: Well, what's wrong? Where are you?

Skye: I'm driving back to town on Old Post Road.

Luke: Old Post Road? Where's that? How far out are you?

Skye: Maybe 10 miles or so, but, look, there's something that you need to know.

Luke: Red, you sound really strange. What's -- is something wrong? What's going on?

Skye: It's hard to explain.

Luke: Tell me what's happening.

Skye: It's Laura. I saw her --

Luke: Hello? Hell-- oh, hell, I lost the call.

Skye: Luke? Did you hear me?

[Truck horn honks]

[Skye screams]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Why is she out on a night like this?

[Pounding on door]

Steven: Hello! Carly, it's me! There's something I wanted, and only you can give it to me.

Jax: I'm sure Courtneyís fine. I just don't want her to worry about me.

Courtney: Come in.

Michael: My dad doesn't need another girlfriend.

Sonny: You two getting along?

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