GH Transcript Thursday 12/16/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/16/04



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Carly: Ok, that's four so far.

Courtney: What are you, the coffee police?

Carly: I was just wondering if it was my couch that was so uncomfortable or if you were tossing and turning all night because of your fight with Jax.

Courtney: Thank you, Carly. Really, thanks for letting me stay, by the way. It's nice.

Carly: Oh, you're welcome.

Courtney: I couldn't stand the constant phone calls, you know? I mean, Jax is nothing if he's not relentless.

Carly: Complaints. And I thought things were proceeding so nicely between the two of you.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Oh, no, that's probably Jax. Just tell him I'm not here.

Carly: What?

Courtney: Tell him Iím not here!

Carly: Let me tell you something, Iím not even that good. Your car is parked in the driveway.

Courtney: Oh, God, I knew I should've pulled around the corner. Wait! Wait, Carly! Just -- just tell him I went on a long walk or something. Do it!

Steven: Hey.

Carly: Steven.

Steven: Look, I know you weren't expecting to see me --

Carly: What are you --?

Steven: But I was struck by inspiration. Ok, I think that I can seriously improve on our first da-- no -- time together.

John: Lansing, hold up.

Ric: Well, look how the mighty have fallen. What are you, reduced to lurking around Kellyís now, or you just trying to catch a glimpse of your estranged daughter?

John: What's the status of the Corinthos investigation?

Ric: Why would you care?

John: I like to finish what I start.

Ric: Oh, I see.

John: We couldn't use the evidence against Sonny in the last round. Doesn't mean we pick up our marbles and go home. You see, that's the problem with this guy. There's no follow-through from the various departments.

Ric: Well, apparently, you didn't get the memo.

John: What memo?

Ric: Well, the Corinthos investigation, such as it is, is no longer any of your concern. You've been suspended indefinitely without pay.

Skye: You must be exhausted. Why don't you go back to the Haunted Star and get some sleep before tackling the heavy stuff here?

Luke: No, I -- Iíve just been waiting, hoping that maybe the D.N.A. would turn out to be somebody else, but it isn't a mistake. She's really gone. Laura's really dead. They're shipping her body up from Memphis. I have to tell her family.

Skye: Well, you could at least get a couple of hours of sleep, can't you? I mean, it's certainly going to take all the strength you have to tell everyone that she's dead.

Luke: You've been so wonderful the last few days. You haven't judged and you've -- you've let me deal with my wife's death in my own way. Please don't change. Don't change now.

Emily: Hi. You don't look so good. Is everything all right?

Luke: No. Is Lucky around?

Emily: Um, not yet this morning.

Luke: I assumed he'd be with Nikolas.

Emily: Yeah, he's going to be back here soon. What's going on?

Luke: I -- I need to tell the brothers together. It's what Laura would want.

Emily: Tell them what?

Skye: An accident. A fire in the building where Laura was being held.

Emily: Oh, God.

Skye: She's dead.

Emily: Oh, my God. I'm -- Iím so sorry, Luke. Do you -- do you need to tell him now?

Connor: What do you think, Lucky? They match?

Lucky: Doesn't matter. We just ran out of time. Nikolas' transfer to Pentonville just got moved up. They're scheduled to move him in less than an hour.

Connor: A minor complication. We'll just move faster, that's all.

Lucky: Did you hear me? We're not ready. Listen, a nurse at General Hospital or a medic at Pentonville will redress Nikolas' bullet wound pre- or post-transfer. It's not going to take a genius to figure out you don't have a gunshot wound.

Connor: Lucky, Iím not worried about it.

Lucky: You did that to yourself?

Connor: I did. With a screwdriver. Don't look at me like that. It ain't like I enjoyed it. The point is I now have a wound the approximate size and shape of a bullet hole.

Lucky: I'm getting a real bad feeling Emily was right about you. You are insane.

Connor: Well, hey, you agreed to go along with my insanity. You're the one that told the tattoo artist what to draw on me, so, come on, kid, don't back out on me now.

Lucky: You know what? I love my brother and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep him from going to prison for the rest of his life. Besides, you're the real reason that Nikolas is in this mess in the first place.

Connor: No, no, see, that's not entirely true, Lucky. Nikolas is the one who threw his grandmother off a cliff, not me, right? That's what started this whole train in motion to begin with. But I will tell you this -- I am sorry for blackmailing him into confessing.

Lucky: So you say.

Connor: Look, I -- I didn't want to come back to this miserable town, Lucky, but I did when I heard Nikolas pulled a life sentence.

Lucky: Oh, so your conscience compelled you?

Connor: So what? So what if I want to make things right? You know, look, I don't have anything to lose here, Lucky. Mary's dead. My military career is over; I got no family, no future to speak of. So what if I spend a few years in prison? It'll give me some time to think about what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Lucky: I can't say I understand you. In fact, you are a nut case. It's working for Nikolas, though, and that's all I really care about.

Connor: Shouldn't we be getting to the hospital, Lucky?

Lucky: They're keeping Nikolas doped up, so I suggest that you feign sleeping as much as you possibly can. Emily has amazing instincts so I wouldn't suggest allowing her to get too close to you or this whole plan is dead in the water.

Connor: Look, I understand, all right, that Emily and Nikolas don't want my help. But I think they'll change their mind when they're together, free on some island.

Lucky: We've got to get you switched with Nikolas first.

Emily: When Nikolas tried to escape police custody, it was an act of desperation. Luke, he'd given up.

Luke: Well, we've all been there.

Emily: My point is, you know, he's not in great shape right now. He's been shot, he's depressed and facing a life sentence in Pentonville. I just don't really think that this is the right time to be telling him bad news.

Bobbie: Bad news? What bad news?

Luke: There's no way to ease into this, Barbara. I'll just have to say it. Laura is dead. She died in a fire in Memphis.

Bobbie: Memphis? What was she -- oh, Luke. Oh, Luke, I'm so sorry.

Luke: I know.

Bobbie: Are you all right?

Luke: I'm working on it. Skye's been doing a hell of a good job of keeping me from flipping out completely.

Bobbie: Skye, I'm very grateful to you. My brother has a habit of scaring away the people who care about him exactly when he needs them the most.

Skye: Well, I don't scare off that easily.

Luke: Do you know where Lucky is? I need to tell him.

Bobbie: What's the rush? Why don't you -- why don't you get some rest?

Skye: Oh, finally -- reinforcements.

Luke: No, I don't need rest. I need to deal with this. Laura's body is being sent up from Memphis, and Leslie will expect me to arrange a memorial of some kind.

Bobbie: But you can take a little time, Luke. You don't have to push yourself to the point of collapse.

Skye: Yes, listen to your sister. She's right. Let's go back to the Haunted Star.

Bobbie: I'll come with you.

Skye: I think you need to give in. I don't think you're really a match for the both of us.

Luke: If you see Lucky, will you please not say anything? I need to tell him myself.

Emily: Of course.

Luke: Ok.

Bobbie: Emily, there's really no reason to tell Nikolas about Laura right away.

Emily: No, I wonít. I wonít.

Bobbie: Ok.

Ric: You know, it's no wonder. I understand now why you were such a brilliant prosecutor. You're very convincing. I mean, even I believed that you valued your daughter's trust over any chance at all to bust Sonny, but so much for that theory, right?

John: You know nothing about my relationship with Carly.

Ric: Except for the fact that it is nonexistent at this moment.  So what do you think you're going to do? You going to go back to your original priority?

John: Why are my options any of your business?

Ric: They're not, but I happen to know Carly just a little bit better than you. Trust me, Mr. Durant; you're not going to win any points as a father by going after Sonny's enemies. They happen to be Carlyís enemies no matter whether they are officially together or not.

John: I see, I see. This is you trying to talk me out of taking Sonny down for my own good, of course.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Hey, you know what? Just a piece of observational advice. You do with it what you will.

John: Lansing. You know, you want so badly to take Sonny down, you'd rather see him free than share the glory. Huh? Take it. You and I -- we bring Sonny down together. You take all the credit, my hands are clean, and we both get what we want.

Carly: Oh, hey, let me show you something over here. This looks really cool. Kind of cool decorations and stuff.

Steven: Ok, ok.

Courtney: Oh -- good morning.

Steven: Hello.

Courtney: You're Elizabethís brother, right?

Steven: That's right, yes. Guilty as charged, and you don't hate her, too, do you?

Courtney: Oh, no, I wouldn't go that far. I mean, we've had issues, but --

Carly: Well, I never said I hated her.

Steven: "Hate" -- it was just a --

Carly: I just --

Michael: I'm all ready to go Christmas tree shopping.

Carly: Great, great.

Michael: Um, is he coming, too?

Carly: Oh, no.

Steven: I'd love to. I'm sorry; Iím just a sucker for all things Christmas. Now, apparently, you made these? Did you make these?

Michael: Yes.

Steven: Will you show them to me?

Michael: Don't break them.

Steven: "Don't break them," ok. Let's see, what do we got?

Courtney: Well, it looks to me like Michael doesn't like your new -- ahem -- what is Steven again?

Carly: Ok, why don't you be nice?

Steven: Ok, so, you and Morgan -- have you been good this year?

Michael: What?

Steven: Come on, you know the deal. I mean, the elves reporting to the big guy about who's been naughty or nice?

Michael: Well, Morganís just a baby so he gets a clean slate.

Steven: A clean slate -- ok, fine. What about you?

Michael: Well, I've been good most of the year. I don't care what some stupid elf says.

Steven: Stupid elf? Oh, sounds like we got an elf-doubter here.

Carly: Oh, Santaís not going to like that.

Steven: I was right. Look, there's one in the window, and he looks very upset about what you just said. Check it.

Michael: You did not just see an elf.

Steven: Check it. Just saw an elf. Let's go find him. Dawg, let's go find him. We're going to go find an elf. Come on, come on. Finding elves!

Carly: Oh, hey -- door.

Courtney: Well? What?

Carly: What? "Well," what?

Courtney: Oh, come on. Carly, how long has this been going on?

Carly: What -- oh, no, no, no, nothing is going on here. You know, Steven and I, we're just --

Courtney: You're just friends?

Carly: You're such a brat. Yes, you're right. We're friends.

Courtney: Uh-huh.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: Oh, come on, you're so holding out on me. Stop it!

Carly: What?

Courtney: You might as well just spill, Carly, because Iím going to get it out of you sooner or later.

Carly: There's nothing to tell, seriously. Steven is -- he's -- he's nice --

Courtney: I'll bet.

Carly: He's fun, and it's actually nice and refreshing to be honest and open.

Courtney: Well, are you sure that it is?

Carly: Why are you so suspicious?

Courtney: Well, I just don't want you to rush into anything.

Carly: Oh, you know what? Just don't worry about me. Why don't you focus on you and Jax?

Courtney: I see.

Jax: My ears about to burn?

Carly: Oops.

Courtney: Shh.

Jax: Uh, may I come in?

Carly: Oh, well, ask Courtney.

Courtney: You're already in, so --

Jax: You -- you ran away and you hid. I thought we were past that.

Steven: Crazy elves! Crazy elves!

Carly: Hey.

Michael: Not him, too.

Courtney: Hey, enough! You're being rude.

Jax: No, no, I'm not here to horn in on your day. I'm just here to make a delivery. Hey, what's up? Jax.

Steven: Hey, Jax. Steven.

Jax: So, here.

Courtney: Oh, my -- that's unbelievable. How did you know?

Jax: Well, I have my ways. Would you like a cookie? Go ahead. You know, there's plenty for everyone. Help yourselves.

Carly: Ah. Tell -- tell Jax thank you. Ooh, sorry.

Michael: Thank you.

Jax: Oh, you're welcome.

Courtney: That one.

Carly: Ok, well, you know, if we're going to get this Christmas tree, I think the Christmas train's ready to leave. Let's go. Get your coat.

Jax: See you later.

Carly: Come on.

Steven: Going to get a Christmas tree.

Carly: Get your stuff. You guys -- oh.

Steven: O Tannenbaum

Carly: See you later.

Jax: See you.

Steven: O Tannenbaum

Carly: Bye. See you. Bye.

Jax: So, how did I do?

Courtney: Absolutely amazing. I mean, you know that gingerbread cookies are my favorite.

Jax: Yeah, and you know they're complete, too, with the cinnamon shavings and everything. Let me tell you something, your dad's not an easy man to bargain with. But I'm not complaining because the look on your face when I opened the box was worth the exorbitant price.

Courtney: Exorbitant?

Jax: Yes. Let's say your daddy knows a mark when he sees one.

Courtney: Thank you, Jax. This was very thoughtful.

Jax: So why don't you -- why don't you try it? You know, indulge. Because I'm hoping this will help with my apology. You know, what I said about you and Jason and the bond that lingers between the two of you -- that was out of line.

Courtney: Maybe. But you were right.

Emily: You get that Nikolas was shot and almost died, Ric. I mean, carting him off to Pentonville before he's fully recovered is downright sadistic.

Ric: Yes, and I sympathize.

Emily: I mean, he's still weak from the surgery, and now with his family situation, it's just --

Ric: Look, Emily, if there was some way that I could stall the transfer, believe me, I would. But the judge thinks that Nikolas is a flight risk after the last escape attempt.

Emily: Is this judge even human?

Ric: Nikolas broke the law and these are the consequences. Listen, if there was something that I could do to help, I would, but there's nothing more I can do.

Emily: Oh.

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Things just keep getting worse and worse. Lucky, it's -- the world as Nikolas and I knew it has ceased to exist and it's like we're trapped in this never-ending nightmare.

Lucky: Does Nikolas know about the transfer?

Emily: He's -- he's been asleep, but I haven't given up trying to stop it. I'm going to go talk to my mom and dad, and maybe there's something they can do.

Lucky: Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll break the news to Nikolas.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Something going on with you. What is it?

Lucky: The judge -- he's ordered you to be transferred to Pentonville Infirmary immediately.

Nikolas: It figures. Emily's fighting it every step of the way, right?

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: Shouldn't even waste her energy.

Lucky: I know things seem a little bleak right now, but I have a strange feeling everything is going to work out in the end.

Nikolas: Yeah. That feeling is called denial.

Skye: Hey, Luke, no more whiskey, ok? You've been living on that stuff. Try to eat something first.

Bobbie: Oh, Skye, let him drink if he wants to drink. Let him do whatever it takes to numb the pain.

Luke: Please. Nobody "lets" me do anything. I think I'll go lie down. If you want to help, find Lucky. Point him in my direction. I'd like to get this over with.

Bobbie: I wouldn't mind a drink myself. You want a drink?

Skye: Bobbie, I really don't think there's time. You heard Luke. He wants Lucky. We have to go find him.

Bobbie: Well, frankly, I don't see the urgency.

Skye: How about Luckyís mother just died?

Bobbie: Fine. You're right. Let's go find Lucky.

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Hey.

Lucky: What happened with your parents?

Emily: I can't get to them. You know, my mom is in surgery, and my dad is who-knows-where. How's Nikolas?

Lucky: He's sleeping again. He took the news about the transfer surprisingly well.

Emily: He's resigned. You know, I'm not. I'm not going to accept Judge McBrideís decision is final, and now more than ever, Nikolas needs to be with his family and not locked away in some prison cell.

Lucky: Why now more than ever?

Emily: Because -- because it's Christmas and --

Lucky: I don't think you're going to find a judge anywhere in the world who's going to delay Nikolas' transfer until at least after the holidays.

Emily: Why are you trying to discourage me? I thought you were on our side.

Lucky: You know I am. You know I am more than you realize. 

Luke: Oh, hell. Oh, hell. Oh -- bird, what are you doing here? Hey -- hey, you can't be in -- you're not afraid of me, are you? Well, that's amazing. Yeah. You want to tell me something? What do you want to tell me?

Bobbie: That's it, come on.

Skye: Bobbie, stop pulling me! What is going on?

Bobbie: Look, we did what Luke asked, and Luckyís not home. End of mission.

Skye: Yes, well, in case you didn't notice, both Lauraís mother and daughter are inside. Don't you think they deserve to know that Lauraís dead?

Mike: Well, I'm afraid Iíve got bad news, kid. You know the blizzard that was due to hit Port Charles today?

Lesley: Ah, you mean the one that we've been looking forward to so much?

Lesley Lu: Is it here yet?

Mike: I just heard on the radio that it's going to pass right over us.

Lesley Lu: No snow day tomorrow?

Mike: I'm sorry.

Lesley: But look on the bright side. There's only one more day till Christmas vacation.

Skye: All right, Iím going back inside. Lesley deserves to know --

Bobbie: No, no, Skye! No! Now, stop. Just drop it. They are not your family.

Skye: All right, Bobbie. You're acting really weird. What is going on with you?

Courtney: I never realized I could love anyone as much as I loved Jason, and those feelings didn't just evaporate. A part of my heart still belongs to Jason, and it probably always will. Now, Jax, if you can't handle that -- and there's no reason why you should -- maybe there's --

Jax: No, I just have one question. Do you want to go back to Jason?

Courtney: No.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: I donít. I can't live his life or abide by his rules, and still, my first instinct when Diego got into trouble was to run to Jason. Obviously, that infuriated you, but I don't intend to spend the rest of my life apologizing.

Jax: No, no, no, no. I'm the one that came here to apologize, remember? I realized something last night after you left -- I can't have it both ways. I can't cherish your open heart and then resent you for holding a place in it for a man you deeply loved. If you could turn your back on your feelings that easily, then you wouldn't be the woman that Iíve come to know and love, the woman that I want to wine and dine, take to exotic places, and the woman that I want to snuggle with by an open fire on a snowy night. The woman I look for any reason to kiss. And would you look at that.

Steven: Love this -- we got snow. Look at this lot, all these trees. It's perfect.

Carly: Oh, it's so great.

Steven: Ok, you see one you like yet, Michael?

Michael: Not yet.

Steven: Well, let's get to work.

Carly: Go find a good one.

Steven: There's a perfect tree on this lot. Yeah!

John: Hello, Carly.

Carly: I thought that you'd be back in New York by now.

John: There's nothing to go back to. It seems Iíve been suspended from my job.

Carly: Well, I'm sure you'll find something else. New Yorkís a very big city.

John: Except my daughter and my grandchildren are here.

Carly: I thought we'd already been through this, and I thought I made myself very, very clear.

John: Yeah, and I thought that by owning up to taking the file that incriminated Sonny, making it inadmissible, I was more than clear that I care more about you than anything else in the world.

Carly: You lied to me; you used me and my children to steal that file. I can't forget that, and I cannot pretend to say that it's right.

John: And by returning it and rethinking my actions, this -- what, this -- it counts for nothing?

Carly: I thanked you already. Beyond that, there's nothing more that I can give. And you know what? I am not going to tolerate being followed by you, either.

John: Hey, I wasn't following you. But I'm not going to lie. You're the only reason Iím staying in Port Charles. I'm not going to give up --

Steven: Hey.

John: Carly.

Steven: John? What do you think, maybe it's enough? Why don't you back off Carly now?

Steven: Carly, just say to John the words "leave me alone."

Carly: What?

Steven: Please, trust me.

Carly: Leave me alone.

Steven: Well, John, I'm sure you know now that to pursue Carly in any way would constitute aggravated harassment. She'd be well within her rights to press charges.

John: Wow. That is some impressive knowledge of the law you've acquired, Steven. I wonder where.

Steven: Wait till you see the great tree that Michael found.

Michael: Mom, come look!

Carly: Hey, honey, I'll be right there. Hey, Steven? Thanks.

Steven: Any time.

Skye: You are Lukeís sister, and I really want to respect your wishes. But you need to make me understand why I shouldn't just run in there right now and tell Lauraís family that she's dead. What do you hope to accomplish by keeping it a secret?

Bobbie: A happy Christmas for a little girl who's had precious few. Lulu sees Laura as some sort of golden angel who dispenses invisible love from on high. She's not expecting Laura to show up. She's not even hoping for it. And you know why? Because Lesley turns herself inside out trying to make up for the fact that Lulu's parents are never around. So don't the two of them deserve one more joyous holiday before they're hit with another heartache?

Skye: Yeah, I -- I get your point. But won't Luke just tell them even if we don't?

Bobbie: Well, I'll speak to Luke and I'm sure he'll agree. You know, Luke isn't the world's most attentive father, and he's going to have all he can deal with adjusting to Lauraís loss and to letting her go.

Skye: If that's even possible.

Bobbie: Skye, it's mandatory. Luke has been stuck in place ever since Laura snapped. He couldn't go back and he couldn't move forward, and now he can. Luke needs to process his own pain, and then once that's done, then he can take care of his familyís.

Luke: Well, I wasn't expecting any winged visitors today. Did you have a good flight? I have a feeling you came from very far away. But you can't stay here. This is not a good place for you, and you need to be somewhere where beauty and gentleness is appreciated, not this cruel, heartless world where they admire your wings and your freedom and then lock you in a cage. Don't you understand? I'm -- Iím trying to set you free. I'm trying to let you go. Go on, fly away. Fly through the clouds and over the rainbows. Go on. Go catch up to the angels. Go on. Fly away. Go catch up with the angels. Angel.

Monica: Emily, your father and I don't have the authority to countermand a judge's decision.

Emily: Listen, sorry, but I don't believe that the Chief of Staff and the head of cardiac surgery can't put together their very intelligent -- not to mention devious -- minds together and come up with a plausible reason to stall Nikolas' transfer.

Alan: It won't work.

Emily: You can't know that until you try, Dad.

Alan: We're your parents; you're Nikolas' wife. We're not objective.

Emily: There has to be something you can do.

Monica: Emily, if there were, we wouldn't hesitate. But the only way we could legitimize transferring Nikolas right now --

[Alarm beeps]

Monica: Sorry, just -- it's Nikolas!

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Alan: What's going on?

Emily: What's happened?

Lucky: Nikolas' lead came out. I was just trying to put it back on.

Monica: Well, how did this happen?

Lucky: I don't know, but maybe he pulled it out in his sleep, or I think I tripped over it. I don't know, I'm sorry.

Carly: Oh, a little -- a little more to the left. No, wait, wait --

Courtney: To the right, to the right.

Jax: Back this way?

Courtney: To the right. There, wait -- perfect, perfect.

Jax: Got it. Well done.

Carly: Oh. It's beautiful.

Steven: Michael picked it out.

Michael: Actually, it was you who saw it first, but thank you.

Carly: Oh. That was very gracious of you, Michael.

Michael: Thank you.

Carly: Thank you. Are you guys going to stay and help us decorate?

Courtney: Um, no. Thank you for including us, though, but Jax and I have some--

Carly: What?

Courtney: We have someplace to be. I -- I have taken the liberty of making a reservation for two at a very festive spot.

Carly: Well, have fun.

Courtney: We actually have to go now. I'm sorry. I'll call you later.

Carly: All right.

Courtney: Bye, sweetie.

Jax: Nice meeting you.

Steven: Nice meeting you, man.

Jax: See you later.

Carly: Bye. Well, ok. Why don't you go on upstairs, wash up, and then we can start decorating!

Michael: Ok. I'll be right back.

Carly: Steven, thank you so much for helping us today.

Steven: Is that my cue to leave? No, I just thought that I could help trimming the tree or hang garland or adjust ribbons. I -- I notice that you have started to decorate.

Carly: Yes.

[Phone rings]

Steven: Pardon me. Dr. Webber.

John: I'm on the docks. Get here now.

Skye: Hey. Did you get some sleep?

Luke: I had a visitor. Laura came to say goodbye.

Emily: Nikolas? Nikolas, wake up. There's something you need to know, and it isn't good. And I'm going against my own first instinct in telling you, but you have a right to know.

Luke: You must think I have finally completely lost it.

Skye: No. I believe our loved ones try to make contact with us after they're gone. Maybe they need to do it in order to let go, or maybe they need to do it just to let us know they're ok. Whatever form they decide to take, well, who are we to ask, right? Bobbie feels very strongly about not telling Lesley or Lulu about Lauraís death until after the holidays. How do you feel about that?

Luke: Bobbie always knows how to take care of everybody. She does the right thing. My sister would do anything for me.

Jax: Ok. These are for the girls.

Mike: Oh.

Jax: There you go.

Girl: Thank you.

Jax: For the man, there you go. Yeah, dig into that.

Boy: Thanks.

Courtney: Are you disappointed?

Jax: Not at all. I mean, you promised festive. This certainly qualifies. Would you guys like some cupcakes?

Children: Yeah!

Radio announcer: We interrupt this program for a weather update. The winter storm thought to be detouring away from Port Charles has once again changed course and is now bearing down on the city full force.

John: That was some grandstand play you made in front of my daughter.

Steven: When are you going to accept the inevitable? Your daughter doesn't want anything to do with you.

John: Yes. But you're going to make her change her mind.

Steven: No way.

John: Well, if you don't, I tell her that you've been working with me from day one and you broke into her hotel room in New York.

Steven: Go ahead. Carly didn't know me and I didn't know her when I agreed to help you.

John: Well, you know her now. She's beginning to trust you. You're starting to bond with her children. How disillusioned do you think Carly will be to discover that you've been working her and her children to help the district attorney bring down their father?

Steven: That's a lie. Carly's going to know it.

John: Are you sure enough to call my bluff, Stevie, huh?

Carly: "So no matter how tall you grow or how far you travel, or whether grandpa and I are beside you or not, whenever you open this crystal music box, you will all be together around this magical Christmas tree." So? What did you think?

Michael: A bit mushy, but ok. Know what?

Carly: What?

Michael: This will be our first Christmas without Dad.

Carly: Sweetie, trust me, you and Morgan and Michael -- that's you and I -- we are all going to be together at Christmas, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Carly: You'll see.

Bobbie: So, what's going on?

Connolly: Well, there's been no change since the last time we talked.

Bobbie: Ok, well, I'm on my way to see her now, and I'm bringing cash so you can get her settled into a more permanent situation. I'll see you soon.

Nikolas: Huh? What?

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Ah!

Lucky: Don't worry, it's ok. You're about to take your first step to freedom.

Emily: Luke wanted to tell you and Lucky together, but I -- I talked him out of it because I didn't want to add another piece of awful news, and -- and then I realized I was being unfair. I'm so sorry, Nikolas, but Lauraís dead.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: Just relax and indulge.

Skye: Wherever you're going, I'm coming with you.

Jason: You asked me over here to help you decorate?

Nikolas: So you smuggled me out of the hospital, huh?

Connor: God.

Alexis: Kristina's being released.

Sonny: Great, she can come home with me.

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