GH Transcript Tuesday 12/14/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/14/04



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Nikolas: Emily? Em?

Emily: Hey. Good morning. You're still in the hospital. You're safe. I haven't left your side all night.

Nikolas: Stop. Stop.

Jax: Come on, admit it. You had fun, right?

Courtney: It was ok.

Jax: It's really sad.

Courtney: What is?

Jax: How quickly you've become jaded.

Courtney: Ok, I admit it. It was spectacular in every way. I mean, flying your jet to Manhattan, the food, entertainment. Oh, God, all those gorgeous people -- it --

Jax: There were people there? I didn't see them.

Courtney: Jax, what is that?

Jax: Breakfast. I thought you might be hungry, so I called ahead.

Sonny: Ok, I want somebody watching Kristina at the hospital, all right? Alexis and I are going to be back in court in a couple hours, and I don't want Alexis running off with Kristina like she did before.

Jason: What, do you think she's going to panic?

Sonny: Well, you know what? Alexis, at this point, knows she lost. I am forced to get sole custody.

Alexis: I have done everything I can to keep you safe. Everything. But I don't think it was enough. I'm going to court today, and I'm afraid they're going to find in favor of Sonny.

Ric: That's not going to happen. I won't let it.

Diego: If Sonny Corinthos killed my father, he might be coming after me and Maria, too. I can't let him hurt her, Brook.

Brook Lynn: Look, I know, Diego, but it's just that Sonny's not a guy that you want to mess with.

Diego: I know that, but Mariaís my sister. She's my family. She got deported because of me. I can't turn my back on her.

Georgie: Maria?

Maria: Hi.

Dillon: What are you doing spying on Diego?

Diego: Maria, what are you doing here?

Maria: I needed to speak to you in person.

Diego: Is it about the man who killed our father? Was it Sonny Corinthos?

Dillon: Forget Sonny Corinthos. She's trying to hide you from Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lois: You know what you remind me of, Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: Hmm?

Lois: New Year's Eve.

Lorenzo: Well, that's cryptic. Now I'm intrigued.

Lois: Every New Yearís Eve I make a resolution, which I absolutely intend to keep. And I do -- for a couple of weeks. Then I backslide. My momentum evaporates. My willpower dies. And that's exactly what happens with you.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Lois: I make all these resolutions to stay away from you, but I can't seem to keep them.

Lorenzo: It's not entirely unpleasant, is it?

Lois: Oh, it's entirely sensational. That isn't the point. The point is, being with you breaks the rule that Iíve been preaching to Brookie for years -- stay away from bad boys. They call them bad for a reason.

Lorenzo: Aren't rules meant to be broken?

Lois: Yes. But hearts aren't, especially if you're a teenage girl who happens to be my daughter. I know that Diego is trouble, but I am in no position to warn Brookie when I can't manage to stay away from you. Hey. Wait a minute.

Lorenzo: What?

Lois: Is that a scar?

Lorenzo: Yes.

Lois: What happened?

Lorenzo: Well, that one -- I was nearly shot to death in an alley.

Lois: Wrong place, wrong time? Or did somebody have it in for you?

Lorenzo: It was a very determined business competitor. His people were watching me, waiting for their chance. I followed a girlfriend of mine at the time into the alley. That gave them the opportunity that they needed.

Lois: So she set you up?

Lorenzo: No, no, no, it was just the opposite. She was sneaking away from me. She -- she had a drug habit, and I had forbidden her to use. She thought she was hiding it. You know, she'd go away for 10 or 15 minutes and come back just high as a kite. So I followed her outside to confront her. Before I knew what happened, I had been ambushed.

Jax: You know, my reason for ordering breakfast isn't entirely selfless.

Courtney: Well, there's a big surprise. So what are you trying to get out of me this time?

Jax: I want to take a serious step forward in our relationship.

Courtney: Uh-oh. You aren't going to ask me to move in again, are you?

Jax: No. I want you to spend Christmas with me. It's my favorite time of the year, and the only thing that would make it better is if you would share it with me.

Courtney: Well, I accept. It's because I happen to love Christmas, too.

Jax: Well, good.

Alexis: Sonny's attorney is going to tell the court that I tried to kidnap Kristina -- which is true -- and that I'm an unfit mother.

Ric: Are you?

Alexis: Of course not.

Ric: Ok, then let's stop worrying about it and come up with a strategy.

Alexis: This is an exercise in futility because any lawyer fresh out of law school knows that I can't win this case.

Ric: You have been in enough courtrooms, Alexis. You know anything can happen.

Alexis: The court has already, God forbid, seen me get angry. They've seen you arrest him on charges that were unmerited. And Sonny has given a flawless performance as the wronged but loving father who has been lied to all these years about his --

Ric: Sonny is a dangerous man whose children are at constant risk, and we have evidence to support that.

Alexis: Baines has enough evidence to show that I am unfit to raise to Kristina.

Ric: Ok, fine, you're right. You're right. You have every reason to give up just like you had every reason to give up when Kristina was deathly ill and you were waiting for a bone marrow donor. But you didn't give up the fight then. So why do it now?

Sonny: Alexis took Kristina out of the hospital last night. She was on her way to skip town. It had to take Ric to change her mind at the last minute. I mean --

Jason: That's good, but she had to realize that we were going to find her eventually.

Sonny: Doesn't matter. Because once, you know, Jordan brings that up to the judge, I'm going to get sole custody of Kristina.

Jason: Is that what you want?

Sonny: Well, I would have compromised. I made her an offer. She turned me down. She doesn't want me anywhere near Kristina, so you know what? I'm going to shut her up. I got to. I mean, what else am I going --

Jason: Sonny, I know you want your custody, but this is going to be -- this is going to be rough on Kristina. Like when I had to give Michael back to the Quartermaines. Kristina barely knows you. She's going to be confused. She's going to be scared.

Sonny: Well, you think I want to do this? Well --

Jason: You can keep it from happening. This is your decision.

Emily: We made a commitment to each other, and Iím not going to walk away from that.

Nikolas: Just leave. Please leave. Going to have to leave.

Emily: I'm his wife.

Nurse: His condition is serious, and you're upsetting him.

Emily: Nikolas, I --

Nikolas: Will you go? Please go. Please.

Lois: So, where did you meet this woman who got you shot?

Lorenzo: In Mexico, on the coast. Cancun.

Lois: Did you love her?

Lorenzo: The woman I loved died six months earlier, brutally, because I wasn't there. And that's about the time I went to work with Luis, my brother. And as you know, most of the business I do doesn't take place in an office. So, you know, sometimes it's helpful to have a companion; someone who'll sit there next to you if for no other reason than to keep other women from forcing themselves on you to set you up. I guess she was beautiful. She enjoyed the money I spent on her. She liked to travel. Honestly, for the most part, I didn't think about it. She was there when I needed her and forgotten when I didnít. I know. I'm not very kind or gracious in grief.

Lois: Do you think you're the reason she started using drugs?

Lorenzo: It's possible. I think she cared about me, although I didn't realize it at the time.

Lois: What happened to this woman after you were shot?

Lorenzo: No idea. Woke up in the hospital with my brother standing next to me; telling me I should be more careful. Which, if you knew my brother -- because I was always bailing him out of some situation, covering his tracks and rescuing him. If you knew him, you'd understand how ironic that was, how much he enjoyed that -- telling me that I was a fool who'd walked into a trap. Luis knew who did it. They had paid the owner of the club to tell them when I walked in. And by the time I woke up, Luis had retaliated.

Lois: And the girlfriend?

Lorenzo: By the time I got out of the hospital, she was gone.

Lois: What was her name?

Lorenzo: Maria.

Maria: I don't know anyone named Lorenzo Alcazar.

Dillon: Oh, I think you do.

Diego: Why?

Dillon: Because of this.

Maria: You stole that out of my home!

Dillon: I did not steal it; I borrowed it. I didn't think you were telling the whole story, and then I saw that. And, you know, it was a funny thing -- it looked really familiar.

Brook Lynn: Where do you think you've seen it?

Georgie: It's Alcazar's corporate logo, one of a kind.

Maria: I bought this at a market in Guadalajara.

Diego: Maria, stop lying!

Maria: I am not lying!

Diego: If you don't tell me the truth, Iíll get it from Alcazar myself!

Maria: No, no, you cannot do that!

Diego: Why not? Why not? Is he the man that's dangerous to me?

Maria: Yes.

Diego: Why didn't you tell me this from the beginning?

Maria: There are reasons, and I guess it's time for you to know them.

Sam: Hi. Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Hi. I just came to show my support.

Sonny: Oh. Well, anything will help at this point.

Sam: Sonny, you're Kristinaís father, ok? She needs you, and you have a right to be in her life.

Sonny: Well, let's hope the judge agrees.

Sam: Yes.

Sonny: All right, I'll see you.

Sam: So, does the place feel empty without me?

Jason: Yeah, it does.

Emily: Well, Nikolas is pushing me away. He thinks I'll be better off without him.

Lucky: Emily, Nikolas is trying to protect you. The only thing he feels he has left to give you is your freedom.

Emily: But I don't want to be free, Lucky. I'm his wife.

Lucky: Hey, I know, I know. I don't agree with what Nikolas is doing. But I understand. You feel like -- you know what? He feels like he's let you down.

Emily: Look, it's my fault, Lucky. I'm the one who started the cover-up. You know, I -- I went along with Connor and the blackmail. It's as much my fault as it is Nikolas' and I'm not giving up on him. No matter what he says, I'm going to appeal the sentence until it gets reduced or thrown out.

Lucky: Ok, well, you just let me know if there's anything I can do.

Emily: I will.

Lucky: You think you can handle some more bad news?

Emily: Oh, God. What?

Lucky: Connor Bishop is back.

Emily: No, I know. I saw him in the chapel. I didn't mention it to Nikolas. It's the last thing he needs to hear.

Lucky: Well, did he tell you what he wanted?

Emily: Well, I didn't want to know. I asked him to leave us alone, and I haven't heard from him since.

Lucky: Emily, he's going to be back.

Emily: Why? He already got revenge for what happened to Mary. What more could he want?

Lucky: You.

Connor: I need to get my hair dyed and cut, this afternoon if possible. Yeah. Yeah, I know exactly how I want to look. Yeah.

Maria: I met Lorenzo Alcazar in Mexico City. I didn't know him then. He used to do business with my father. After Papi died, I ran into him at a club.

Diego: What happened?

Maria: Well, we went outside to talk, and out of nowhere these men came out with guns and shot him. I was sure he was dead, and I ran before they could shoot me.

Georgie: Well, did you know who they were?

Maria: No, but I was terrified that they would track me down because I was a witness.

Brook Lynn: So where did you go?

Maria: I went home to my mother. She was pregnant with Diego, and she insisted that we needed to leave the country.

Dillon: But why? Why would she say that? The people who shot Alcazar were his enemies, not yours.

Maria: Because I could testify against them! Mama told me that these people would not hesitate to shoot me.

Brook Lynn: Look -- ok, but listen, Diego wasn't even born back then, right? So what would make him threaten now?

Maria: Years later, I found out that he had survived the shooting, and I was scared that he would think I was in on it and use Diego for his revenge.

Georgie: Well, then why don't you talk to him and tell him the truth?

Maria: Alcazar is a suspicious man. If he does not believe me, I will be putting Diego in danger.

Diego: There's got to be a way out of this. I'm not going to live my life in fear.

Maria: Honey, this is why Iím here. I want you to come back to Mexico with me where you can be safe.

Diego: No, I'm not going.

Maria: Well, you have to, Diego! I don't want him finding out who you are!

Diego: I don't care! I'm not running away!

Dillon: Hey, guys, can we stop for a second? I'm having a real hard time buying this story. Nothing the woman is saying is making sense.

Courtney: Wait, wait, hold it!

Jax: Got it.

Courtney: All right, be careful, be careful. Right over there.

Jax: We'll just stand it right here. I can move it later if I need to, Donny.

Donny: All right.

Jax: Thanks.

Donny: Is there anything else I can get for you, Mr. Jacks?

Jax: Absolutely. You can buy your wife something special for Christmas.

Donny: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: Yeah, no appliances this year, Donny. Something with sparkles, ok?

Courtney: Oh. You sure know how to spread the Christmas cheer.

Jax: Well, so do you.

Courtney: Well, I didn't do anything.

Jax: Well, you're here and you're smiling. With the sparkles in your eyes, you could light a thousand Christmas trees.

Courtney: Oh, well, I could say the same for you. You know, Christmas really does bring out the best in you.

Jax: No, no, you -- you bring out the best in me.

Jason: You know, you moving out was probably the right thing. I'm just not used to it yet. How about you? Are you -- are you ok?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, a lot better. If you hadn't stopped me from drinking with Coleman --

Jason: Yeah, I didn't think it was what you really wanted.

Sam: No, no. I was trying to get numb, you know, stop my brain and my feelings, and Iím just really glad you showed up when you did.

Jason: Anytime you need me.

Sam: No. No. I do not want you making a habit of rescuing me, no. Uh-uh. Jason? Do you think if Sonny gets custody of Kristina, he'll let me see her? It just -- it helps to be around her and know that she's well, you know?

Jordan: Ok, your testimony was interrupted because of your arrest. So we're going to recall you to the stand, I'm going to ask you about Alexis' kidnapping -- of Kristina. I don't want you to embellish. I just want you to tell the story as it happened and say how you were concerned about Kristina. That should be enough to get full custody.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court is now in session. Mr. Lansing, do you want to continue cross-examining Mr. Corinthos?

Ric: No further questions at this time, your honor, although I reserve the right to recall Mr. Corinthos at a later time.

Judge: Are you ready to present your case?

Ric: Yes, I am, your honor.

Judge: Call your first witness.

Ric: I call Alexis Davis.

Maria: I am worried about my brother. That is why I'm here. If you don't believe me, then you can just go away because we don't need you!

Dillon: Hey, you know what? I'm not against you! Whether you believe it or not, I'm trying to help.

Maria: Oh, yeah? By saying that my story doesn't make sense? How can you pass judgment on something you don't understand?

Diego: Slow down, both of you! I see you're scared, ok? But if you don't tell me the truth, I can't do anything about it.

Maria: You don't believe me either?

Diego: I think there are things you're leaving out.

Dillon: You know what? We all know you're worried about Diego, but Lorenzo Alcazar does not walk around killing teenagers. I'm sorry.

Maria: How can you be so sure?

Brook Lynn: Look, his niece -- she was killed a few months back, all right, and she was only 16. He was her guardian at the time.

Georgie: He could've blamed us -- we were there when it happened -- but he didnít. He grieved for her, like we did.

Maria: You guys do not know him the way I do. He could be violent, cruel.

Diego: Did he kill our father or not?

Dillon: Ok. Ok, how about this -- how about we all go talk to him --

Maria: No, no, no, no, we cannot do that. Ok, Diego, you must come with me now!

Diego: No! I'm not going to run and hide. If there's danger here, I'll face it.

Maria: You are making a terrible mistake.

Diego: Yeah, yeah, maybe. But I'll just do it my way.

Maria: Dios te bendiga, mi hermano. You take care of him, ok?

Brook Lynn: I will.

Maria: Please.

Diego: I don't understand. I don't understand. Why do you have to go so quickly?

Maria: I'm only going to make things worse if I stay.

Courtney: Do you think this should be higher?

Jax: No, it's perfect there.

Courtney: Yeah, you're right. Next. Oh -- you got one of these? When?

Jax: When you weren't looking. I thought that you might like it.

Courtney: I love these. It's like their -- their own little tiny, magical world.

Jax: You know, the world that we live in can have a little bit of magic in it, too.

Courtney: Meaning?

Jax: I want to buy you something for Christmas, something that you've always dreamed about. No limitations.

Courtney: You're kidding. You're not kidding?

Jax: Tell me what will make you happy, because I want your world to have a little magic in it every day.

Courtney: I'm already happy, Jax. As for magic -- oh, look, it's snowing.

Jax: Look at that.

Courtney: Wow. You know, I already have everything I could ever want. Happiness, magic, and you.

Ric: Ms. Davis, will you describe for the court what happened when you went to visit your daughter at General Hospital yesterday?

Alexis: I took her out of the hospital and I planned to leave the country.

Ric: Were you aware that removing Kristina this way violated the provisional custody agreement?

Alexis: Yes, I was.

Ric: And yet you were willing to risk the consequences. Why?

Alexis: To keep her safe. My nephew had just been admitted to the E.R. yesterday. He was near death from one single gunshot wound. It brought closer the reality that this is an everyday occurrence in Mr. Corinthos' world.

Jordan: Objection, your honor. Ms. Davis' nephew is a confessed murderer, and he was shot while trying to escape police. There is no connection between his injuries and my client, except in Ms. Davis' imagination.

Judge: Sustained.

Ric: Your honor, the respondent is prepared to offer testimony which speaks directly to the physical jeopardy which surrounds Mr. Corinthos every day.

Judge: Proceed.

Ric: Thank you, your honor. Ms. Davis, have you ever been a target of gunfire while in the proximity of Mr. Corinthos?

Alexis: On December 24, 2000, I was walking out of the Port Charles police department with Mr. Corinthos, Emily Quartermaine, and Zander Smith. Two gunmen approached Mr. Corinthos with the intention of killing him. They opened fire with automatic weapons, and he was shot three times and left for dead.

Ric: And do you have reason to believe that Mr. Corinthos could once again be the target of gunfire?

Alexis: Yes, I do. He's been hospitalized two more times for gunshot wounds since that incident.

Ric: So you've given careful consideration to what might happen to Kristina if she were with her father the next time somebody tried to gun him down?

Jordan: Objection. Counsel is deliberately using inflammatory language and calling for conjecture on the part of the witness.

Judge: Sustained. Mr. Lansing, move it along.

Ric: Ms. Davis, you love your daughter very much, don't you?

Alexis: Yes, I do. I'm her mother. I'm the center of her universe. And I -- I don't mean that as a boast. It's a statement of fact. When she's frightened, she needs me to hold her. When she's tired, she needs me to sing to her. When she's hurt, she needs me to kiss it and make it better. We're very bonded, but we're not enmeshed. I go to work, I leave her, and she may not even miss me, and -- and I don't want her to. I don't want her to become over dependent on me. I want her to go out and explore the world and trust other people. But I do know that when she sees me again after having been separated, she's happy. If she's taken away from me, it will shatter her faith in the world as a safe place, and it will destroy her trust that love -- that my love is constant. She's too little to have her heart broken. She's too little to be frightened. Yes, I love my daughter. Which is why I want her to remain in the home that she knows, in a place that she thinks is safe, where she has her mother.

Ric: Thank you, Ms. Davis. I have nothing further.

Jordan: Ms. Davis, I just want to be clear. You would rather raise your daughter as a fugitive than allow her access to her father who loves her, who saved her life?

Lorenzo: Am I going to see you again?

Lois: It's possible.

Lorenzo: I don't want to make assumptions or take you for granted. I don't want to mislead you either.

Lois: You know, the more I get to know you; the more complex you seem? It's obvious that you can deeply love, but it's also obvious that when that love goes wrong for whatever reason, you shut down, turn cold, get distant, even get harsh if that's what it takes to scare people away. But there's just one problem.

Lorenzo: Oh, only one?

Lois: I don't scare easily. And that person that you are underneath? I want to know that guy a little better.

Lorenzo: You know, you have a very generous nature.

Lois: I like to think that Iím a good judge of people. And I happen to think I'm right about you.

Lorenzo: Well, I will do my best to justify your faith.

Lois: Now you're talking.

Courtney: Does that look all right?

Jax: Absolutely perfect.

Courtney: Stop it. Oh -- oh!

Jax: Ooh! Look what Santa left under my tree.

Courtney: Uh-huh. You, come here.

Jax: Where are we going?

[Pounding on door]

Courtney: Oh, no, don't answer it. Don't answer it.

Jax: I'm not going to.

Courtney: Don't answer it.

Dillon: Jax, it's Dillon! I need to find Courtney!

[Courtney groans]


Jax: Hey, if this is about that school fundraiser thing, then you two are in a lot of trouble.

Dillon: Hey, hey --

Jax: Whoa.

Dillon: Diego's in serious trouble.

Courtney: What?

Georgie: He thinks Alcazar killed his father and he's going after him for revenge.

Courtney: Well, where's Diego now?

Dillon: He went after Alcazar.

Courtney: I have to stop him.

Alexis: My motivation for taking Kristina is very simple. I wanted to keep her safe from the violence that surrounds her father.

Jordan: Why didn't you leave it to the courts? Because you panicked, didn't you, Ms. Davis? You realized that Mr. Corinthos had a strong case and that he was going to be given access to his daughter, so you took the law into your own hands.

Alexis: No, I didn't. I considered it, and then I thought better.

Jordan: Your husband, an attorney, District Attorney Lansing, had my client dragged from the court in handcuffs, yet no charges were filed, and he was released later that day.

Alexis: Only because the evidence was obtained illegally.

Jordan: Mr. Lansing was grandstanding. He abused the power of his office to fabricate charges against my client intentionally to undermine him.

Ric: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Sustained. Ms. Baines, ask questions, don't make speeches.

Jordan: Ok. Ahem. Would you say that one of your goals as a parent is to keep Kristina from being raised by dangerous people?

Alexis: Yes.

Jordan: Can you describe "dangerous" for me?

Alexis: Violent, unpredictable, acting outside the law.

Jordan: For example, a murderer?

Alexis: I was found innocent.

Jordan: By reason of insanity, am I correct?

Alexis: Yes.

Jordan: And would you consider stabbing a man to death an act of violence?

Alexis: Yes.

Jordan: You acted as counsel for the defense when Brenda Barrett and Jason Morgan were tried for your victim's murder, tried for your crime, and you withheld information vital to their defense, namely that you, in fact, were the killer. Do you think that is acting outside the law?

Alexis: I think that you are manipulating --

Jordan: Yes or no?

Alexis: The facts of the case.

Jordan: Yes or no?

Alexis: Yes, Ms. Baines.

Jordan: You have repeatedly described my client as a dangerous parent, and yet, by your own criteria, you are more dangerous than Mr. Corinthos.

Alexis: This isn't about semantics. This is about a little girl's life. You don't send a little girl out into a combat zone, you don't expose her to gunfire, and you don't ask her mother to send her off to live with a man -- father or not -- when she could be killed merely by standing next to him! She's 2 years old! She's intelligent, beautiful, and she has her whole life ahead of her. And that man could get her killed.

Ric: Your honor? I'd like to recall Sonny Corinthos to the stand.

Lucky: Mac.

Mac: Hey.

Lucky: Hey, I need an A.P.B. on Connor Bishop. He's back in Port Charles, and I think he's a danger to Emily.

Mac: Has he threatened her in any way?

Lucky: He tracked her down at the hospital chapel. He didn't say anything specifically, but I just --

Mac: Why are you worried?

Lucky: Because Nikolas is about to go to prison and I know that Connor will go after Emily next.

Connor: Hello, hello? Hello, hello? Hello, Nikolas.

Emily: I'm not here to fight, ok? All I want is -- is an answer to one question. When they operated on you after you were shot, did you feel me reaching out to you? The doctors wouldn't let me in the operating room, so I stood outside and -- and I tried to give you strength and encourage you to keep fighting. If you didn't feel me, if it didn't make any difference, then maybe you were right and -- and the connection we had is lost.

Nikolas: I had a dream. We were dancing. There was a door in the light -- in light. You -- you wanted -- you didn't want me to leave.

Emily: And I'm not going to leave you now, Nikolas. I love you too much.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

Emily: We're going to get through this together.

Nikolas: Ok.

Courtney: Diego, wait! Hold on! Hey -- Dillon and Georgie told me what you're going to do.

Diego: This has nothing to do with them or you, all right?

Jax: Listen, if you go after Alcazar, you're going to get yourself killed. Do you understand?

Diego: No, he killed my father, so I got to make him pay!

Courtney: No, no -- not this way, Diego. I'm not going to let you do this to yourself.

Diego: Just leave me alone, ok, both of you.

Courtney: Hey --

Jax: Diego --

Courtney: Come here!

Jax: Wait, wait --

Diego: Leave me alone!

Lorenzo: Yes?

Maria: Hello, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: You show up on my doorstep after all this time, and that's all you can say to me?

Maria: Hello, Lorenzo. Are you going to kill me?

Ric: Do you think Ms. Davis is a good mother?

Sonny: Well, I don't agree with her choices. But I understand she -- she genuinely believes she was acting in Kristinaís best interest.

Ric: Do you believe that she loves her daughter?

Sonny: Yeah, I do.

Ric: Kristina's a happy, well-adjusted child?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Tell me something, Mr. Corinthos. Do you -- do you know the title of Kristinaís favorite book?

Sonny: No. Do you?

Ric: Her favorite food? A stuffed animal she likes to sleep with?

Sonny: Well, look, I -- I haven't spent enough time with Kristina to know those things.

Ric: I see.

Sonny: But if you were to ask me about my own sons, I'd be able to answer every question.

Ric: Hmm. Do you think that Ms. Davis kept Kristinaís paternity a secret out of malice?

Sonny: Well, I believe she -- she thought she was protecting Kristina --

Ric: Thank you very much, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: I'm not --

Ric: No further questions, your honor.

Jordan: Redirect, your honor?

Judge: Go ahead, Ms. Baines.

Jordan: Given everything that we've heard through the course of this custody hearing, what do you think would be the best custody arrangement for your daughter?

Sonny: Uh, I think that Kristina needs her father, ok, and I think she needs her mother. So I believe that the best arrangement for Kristina is --

>> On the next "general hospital" --

Emily: I'm going to stay close. Oh, my God.

Courtney: What are you planning on doing with that?

Brook Lynn: Diego's in trouble, and it's not by Sonny, it's by your boyfriend.

Judge: Ms. Davis, how do you feel about joint custody?

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