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Skye: Oh, my God, Luke. It's Laura. She's dead. I'm -- Iím so, so sorry.

Luke: No. No, this grave is a lie. This is a sick joke. Well, you laugh at this. Tell me where my wife is or Iíll break you in half!

Jax: Courtney Matthews, I'd like you to meet my mother, Lady Jane. Mom, this is Courtney.

Courtney: Hi.

Jane: Pleasure to meet you.

Courtney: Same here.

Jane: I'm a little surprised. Jax implied that you'd been called away on business.

Courtney: Oh, well, I -- I had a situation come up with my foster child. I'm sorry I was delayed.

Jax: You know what, why don't we wrap up here and we'll go to a bar and you can get to know each other.

Jane: Oh, I'd rather not. A bar isn't conducive to getting acquainted.

Courtney: I agree. Yeah, it's impossible to have a conversation of any real substance, right?

Jane: Besides, who needs a change of location? Courtney and I can start getting to know each other right now.

Courtney: Absolutely.

Jane: I understand you recently were divorced for the second time. Do you have a commitment problem my son should be aware of?

Sam: Oh, gosh.

Judge: I've heard a lot of testimony concerning the late Helena Cassadineís character, or the lack thereof. According to a parade of witnesses, she was cold, calculating, ruthless, even lethal. Unfortunately, Helena Cassadine wasn't available to testify on her own behalf to counter these many charges because she was thrown from a cliff by her own grandson. The accused has openly admitted to the crime and has displayed an utter lack of remorse. Therefore, Nikolas Cassadine, I sentence you to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Emily: Wait, no, please wait! Please!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order in this court!

Emily: Please! Please wait!

Judge: Order! Order in the court!

Monica: It's going to be ok. It's ok.

Judge: This court is adjourned.

Nikolas: Remember what we talked about. Remember what we talked about. It's going to be ok.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I love you, too. Wait. Wait, let go of him. Lucky, do something!  Somebody do something!

Lucky: You promised him that you wouldn't do this.

Emily: This wasn't supposed to happen, Lucky.

Lucky: It's ok, it's ok.

Emily: It wasn't supposed to happen.

Lucky: It's ok. It's ok.

Courtney: My first husband and I should've never been married in the first place. We -- we both just had so much to prove to everyone else. You know, he had a pattern with rebellion against his family, and I -- I was desperate to become my own person. It was just -- it was a mistake.

Jane: Well, I've met A.J. Quartermaine, but I can't say I know him well. Must have been awkward divorcing him and turning around and marrying his brother.

Jax: Mom. Is this really necessary?

Jane: Well, I thought you wanted me to get to know your new girlfriend, and asking questions is a tried-and-true method -- unless Iím making you uncomfortable?

Courtney: No, not at all. Fire away.

Jane: Well, why didn't your second marriage survive? Another mistake?

Courtney: I guess, but it was different. Jason and I truly loved each other. We didn't share the same values. It just turned out that our lives weren't compatible. I mean, I sincerely thought that we could find a common ground, I did, it just --

Jax: Mom, if you -- if you want to discuss failed marriages, why don't we dissect mine?

Courtney: I just -- I really need to get some air. Excuse me.

Jax: You really know how to leave one hell of a first impression.

Jane: So does Courtney.

Jax: You don't like her, do you?

Jane: Not at all.

Sam: I'm not drunk.

Jason: Yeah, I know that.

Sam: What I mean is the last time I kissed you, I was drunk. Or maybe we kissed -- I'm not sure -- and you just stood there and you let me, but Iím a little hazy on the details, except -- except for the part where it felt right. Kissing you is something Iíve been wanting to do for a really long time, and I finally did, but Iím not drunk. I kind of wish I was.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: I know. No, I know. I know, you're right. You're right, we should just forget this ever happened. I agree. But it did, and I canít. Now what do we do?

Luke: What kind of a scam are you running here?

Ms. Connolly: I'm not.

Luke: My wife is not dead!

Ms. Connolly: I am so sorry. It was an accident, and I understand why you wouldn't want to --

Luke: Stop stalling and tell me the truth!

Ms. Connolly: I'm trying! This woman, Heather, paid me a lot of money to take care of your wife.

Luke: Right, and you were happy to do it because cash is king and because it's easy to hold a hostage when she can't defend herself in any way. Now, what kind of a cheap rat hole have you got her in?

Ms. Connolly: It wasn't that bad. It was just an old apartment building, and I didn't know the wiring was faulty. An electrical fire broke out.

Luke: You're lying.

Ms. Connolly: I can prove it.

Luke: "Devastating fire. 14 people killed."

Skye: Hey! Hey, get back here!

Monica: Sweetheart, listen, come home with us for a few days, ok?

Edward: Yeah, it would mean a lot to us, honey, to take care of you for a change.

Tracy: Even I have to agree. This is no time for you to be alone.

Emily: The only place that Iím going is to the police station to see Nikolas.

Alan: Listen, listen, I strongly advise against it. You've done as much as you can. The only thing you're going to accomplish now is to hurt yourself even more.

Emily: But I have to tell him that I love him --

Monica: He knows that. He knows that, Emily.

Emily: And that Iím going to wait for him.

Alan: Please, darling, let us take you home.

Elizabeth: For God's sakes, Nikolas is Emilyís husband. Just let her tell him goodbye.

Emily: I have to go.

Monica: Ok.

Emily: Ok, bye.

Mac: You caught a raw deal, Nikolas. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, what's done is done. Thank you for helping us.

Mac: No problem. Murphy?

Nikolas: Lucky, Lucky. I need you to do something for me.

Lucky: Just name it.

Nikolas: Make sure Emily doesn't come anywhere near me.

Lucky: No, you don't mean that.

Nikolas: No, listen, Mac is processing my transfer as we speak. By the time Emily gets here, I'll be shackled like an animal. She doesn't need to see me like that.

Lucky: You're not being fair.

Nikolas: Fair? Fair? What's fair? This? No, it's not, but that's the way things happened.

Lucky: It sounds like you're giving up.

Nikolas: Did -- were you listening when the judge sentenced me to life --

Lucky: Well, that doesn't mean it's going to happen. You know Alexis is going to fight like crazy because there are no grounds to stand on.

Nikolas: Until that happens, if that happens, you are my brother and I am asking something of you -- probably the last thing I'll ever need. Are you going to do it or not?

Skye: I lost her. Oh, Luke. You don't want to do this.

Luke: It's the only way. The only way Iíll ever know for sure.

Skye: Why would that Connolly woman lie?

Luke: I don't know, Skye! Why does anybody do anything in this screwed-up world?

Skye: You read that newspaper article.

Luke: An article that says that a building was on fire doesn't mean Laura was in it.

Skye: Luke, please don't. Don't do this. That fire sounded pretty bad, you know? Just -- keep Laura the way she was when you married her. Hold that image of your -- of your beautiful bride.

Luke: Go back to the Blue Note and wait for me there.

Skye: You're really determined to do this, aren't you? You know what? I'm going to help, Iím going to help. Is there another shovel? I don't want you to do this alone.

Luke: No, Skye, Skye, listen to me. I have to see this with my own eyes. It's the only way that Iíll ever know for sure. But whatever is in here is for my eyes only. I need you to respect that.

Skye: Ok. You know where to find me.

Luke: Go.


Jax: You have spent all of five minutes with Courtney. How can you possibly think that you know anything about her?

Jane: Well, it doesn't take long to form an opinion of someone.

Jax: Mom, I think you made up your mind about her before she even walked in the door.

Jane: Not true.

Jax: Well, then please explain to me how you can pass judgment on someone when you've just exchanged a few sentences.

Jane: It isn't anything Courtney said.

Jax: Oh. Well, I'm listening.

Jane: I don't want to hurt you, son, but at least I know that I won't break your heart, and I'm afraid Courtney might very well. She doesn't look at you the way Brenda did, or Skye.

Jax: Well, I wonder why that is. Let me take a guess -- because Courtney is not like either one of them.

Jane: No, because Courtneyís still in love with her second ex-husband.

Jason: I shouldn't have kissed you.

Sam: I'm glad that you think that we kissed, as opposed to thinking that maybe I jumped you or something.

Jason: Oh, you're a little small for that.

Sam: Oh, come on, you know what I mean. Do you feel something for me?

Jason: Sam --

Sam: Jason, please. Just answer yes or no, please, because I have been wrong before -- way wrong -- and if all we're feeling is physical attraction, that's fine. I just -- I need to know up front so I don't start hoping for more.

Jason: Are you asking if I want to be with you?

Sam: Do you?

Jason: It doesn't matter.

Sam: It matters.

Jason: It doesn't matter because it can't -- it can't happen.

Emily: I'm not too late, am I? Nikolas is still here?

Lucky: Yeah.

Emily: Ok, where --

Lucky: Emily, wait, hold on a second.

Emily: I don't have time, Lucky!

Lucky: Em, he doesn't want to see you.

Emily: What?

Lucky: I'm sorry, but he asked for me to keep you away from him.

Emily: He's giving up, isn't he?

Lucky: Yeah, it seems that way.

Emily: All right, even more of a reason for me to get to him.

Lucky: But he doesn't want to see you. He made me promise.

Emily: Well, you shouldn't make promises that you can't keep, Lucky. I'm not going to let you push me away. I'm your wife, Nikolas, and we made promises to each other -- "Forever, for better, for worse" promises.

Nikolas: Please don't do this, please don't do this.

Emily: I swore to you before God and our family and friends that I would always be with you in my heart, that nothing would ever separate us where it matters, and those weren't just words, Nikolas, they were solemn vows, and I meant them.

Nikolas: I don't want you here!

Emily: Well, too bad, because I'm here, anyway, and I'm asking you not to shut me out.

Murphy: Time to get you moved. Let's go.

Lucky: Listen, I can handle this.

Emily: Lucky, please. Please, can't you just give us a little bit more time?

Lucky: If there were, it'd already be done.

Sam: I should let this go, right? I mean, I just -- I should let it go. I should go upstairs and get changed, and by the time I come downstairs, you'll be gone, probably out on some business matters for a day or two, and when you get back, we can forget this ever happened and forget this conversation and just go back to the way things -- were before.  I'm about to blow this -- the best place I have ever lived, they best person I have ever known. I'm going to trash the whole thing by wanting too much.

Jason: Sam, it's not you.

Sam: Then what is it? Jason, what is it? Is it Courtney? Are you still in love with her?

Jason: No, no.

Sam: No? Then is it Sonny? Is it because I was with him first? Is there some sort of agreement between the two of you --?

Jason: That's not it. You didn't belong to Sonny, and you don't -- you don't belong to me. I mean, you're asking if I want you. I do.

Sam: Jason, what's wrong?

Jason: The way I live. That's what's wrong. The work I do.

Sam: Your work isn't a problem for me.

Jason: It's not going to be a problem now, but every relationship Iíve been in; it's been a problem, Sam. You know what, Iíd rather be shot than talk about any of this, but I know how it's all going to happen. You're going to ask me where Iíve been. I'm not going to answer. I'm going to come home hurt; you're going to be scared. And someday, no matter how hard I try to protect you, you are going to see me working. And it's brutal. And from that day on, you will be afraid -- just a little bit, you know, in the back of your mind, Sam, and I don't want you to be afraid of me. I don't -- that's just why we're better off being friends.

Sam: I want to agree with you. I do Jason, I want to agree with you. I want to say ok. I'd be lying. And I don't ever want to lie to you. This is more than friendship. Or at least to me it is.

Courtney: I apologize for the abrupt way I left earlier. I just needed a chance to regroup. I wasn't prepared to -- ahem -- defend my mistakes or explain why my marriages didn't work.

Jane: Well, you should have called me an old busybody and told me to mind my own business.

Courtney: Well, the thought did cross my mind, but I would like to get to know you better first.

Man: Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Jacks, but the marble tiles came in. I need your ok before we start laying it.

Jax: I'll be right there. Behave yourself. I won't be long.

Jane: Courtney and I will be fine, won't we, dear?

Courtney: Of course.

Jane: Now, there's two things you should know about me -- I speak my mind and I care deeply for my son.

Courtney: Well, there you go, two things we already have in common.

Jane: I'm not convinced. Now, Iím sure you're a perfectly lovely young woman, but my investment is in my son.

Courtney: As it should be.

Jane: And I believe a person can only be hurt so many times, that there's a limit, and Jax has reached that limit. And please, I am warning you, don't be the cause of my son having to nurse yet another broken heart.

Luke: Ah! Ah! Oh, God! Oh, God! What have they done to you? No! No! No.

Lucky: I can stall your prison transfer a few minutes; give you guys some time together.

Emily: Thank you, Lucky.

Nikolas: More than anything, I didn't want this to be your last image of me.

Emily: It doesn't matter. You're my husband, and I love you.

Nikolas: Please go. Please go, just go.

Emily: Wait, Nikolas, not yet.

Nikolas: Just go. Lucky? Lucky? Lucky!

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, what's going on?

Nikolas: Get her out of here.

Emily: Nikolas, please, don't do this. Don't do this.

Nikolas: This is the last thing that you can do for me, please.

Emily: Look, I'm not leaving.

Nikolas: Please, don't visit me in prison. I can never see you again, please.

Emily: I'm not going to let you turn me away.

Nikolas: If you love me, you'll do this for me. Get her out of here!

Lucky: Let's just go. Elizabeth. What do you think you just accomplished other than breaking her heart?

Nikolas: Don't you get it? Emily will come to prison, faithfully, on every visiting day! She'll stop her life for it! And one day she'll realize that she's in prison, too, Lucky. And I will beg her to leave me, to move on, but you know she won't do it. She'll keep showing up, but her heart won't be in it. And one day she'll know that Iím right, that she has to reclaim her life. But by then, it'll be too late. Too many pieces will be broken, and she won't be able to put her life back together, Lucky, and I can't let that happen. I -- I have to end it now.

Sam: I think you and I -- we're a lot alike. We're both used to being alone. Jason, when I'm with a guy, I don't expect it to last. I know that something bad is going to happen and he will disappear. You didn't. On the very worst day of my life, you were there beside me. You literally held me upright at my baby's memorial. There was nothing in it for you; no reason for you to stay. You just care. And even when I tried to push you away, you wouldn't go. You knew that underneath I needed you. And that -- Jason, that is more than friendship. That -- I want to be with you. I want us to try.

Jason: Sam, you didn't fall in love with me. I mean, you needed a place to stay, you needed help with the baby, and now the baby's -- you know, we both miss her, we're hurting, and it would be very easy -- it would be so easy to fill that space with each other, but I don't want to hurt you that way.

Sam: You don't want to hurt yourself. You don't trust me. You think that Iím going to be like Courtney and just decide that you are this violent guy that I can't be with --

Jason: That's just -- do you know what? I can't -- it can't happen. It just --

Sam: Then I better leave.

Jason: What?

Sam: You said it yourself, Jason. I was here for the baby. The baby's gone.

Jason: No. That doesn't mean you have to move out. This house is yours for as long as you want, Sam.

Sam: So let me get this straight. You're rejecting me, but you want me to stay.

Jason: Well, I didn't reject you.

Sam: Trust me, you did.

Jason: I don't want to fight.

Sam: I know. I know, neither do I. I'm sorry it hurts when someone you want doesn't want you back. I'm sorry.

Jason: You think that -- you think that I don't care about you? It's the exact opposite. Sam, I care about you so much that -- that I have to let you go.

Sam: Then do it. Let go.

Courtney: You are way out of line. You don't even know me. I mean, how can you stand there and predict my behavior or question my motives?

Jane: I can see in your eyes that you're not sure how you feel about my son. Now, I know how compelling Jax can be. He's handsome, he's charming, he's rich, he's -- when you're his focus, it's as if you're the only woman in the world.

Courtney: Well, if there's something wrong with that, I fail to see it.

Jane: Oh, no, there's nothing wrong with that, if it's just a lark you're in for, but that's not the way my son operates. Jax falls in love. And if you're honest, you'll admit that your heart is not available to him, not in the way he deserves.

Courtney: No, I have been honest with Jax. Ok, our relationship did not just happen overnight. It has grown over time. And in that time, we have come to understand each other quite well. So forgive me for saying so, but we have gone through way too much, separately and together, to be lectured on how we should feel by you. Ok, ok, look, I understand that you are concerned about your son, and I applaud you for it. But you are so wrong about me. I have no intention of hurting Jax, so I would appreciate it if you would just mind your own business.

Luke: How did you identify her? Where did the D.N.A. report come from? Well, why wasn't I notified? Yes, Iím next of kin, and she has children! None of us knew she died in a fire! Well, I want to see that report. I want a copy of that report. Thank you. Your condolences are very comforting. Oh, baby. Oh. I didn't find you in time. I failed you. How many lifetimes ago did I put this on your finger? Some November afternoon. You looked up at me, and in your eyes was everything -- my past, my future, everything I ever hoped for. Heaven in a smile. This is how you'll always stay, here in my heart. Always, always alive, always radiant, beautiful. Always my darling bride. My angel. My Laura. Thank you. But why waste good liquor? It won't help.

Skye: Then let me take you home.

Luke: I just need to sit here for a minute.

Alexis: We have excellent grounds for an appeal, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Doesn't matter.

Alexis: Don't say that. Of course it matters.

Ric: There's a strong possibility we can get your sentence reduced, if not completely set aside.

Nikolas: "We"?

Ric: I'm completely behind Alexis on this one.

Alexis: The fact that McBride came in at the last minute -- it'll work for us, Nikolas.

Ric: Yeah, we can argue that he was insufficiently prepared.

Alexis: And we can get your initial confession thrown out because you were under duress and you didn't have counsel present.

Mac: The guards are here to take you to Pentonville.

Elizabeth: I'm sure Nikolas was just trying to protect you.

Emily: Yeah, I know. That's exactly what he was doing. Elizabeth, I was a mess today. But once I start visiting Nikolas, then he's going to see that Iím strong enough to get him through this, and I'm going to be there every single visiting day, and it'll, you know, give him something to look forward to, and he's going to realize -- he's going to realize how much I love him.

Elizabeth: Come here.

Luke: I opened the casket. There wasn't anything in there that I recognized. Except this. I did what you said. I remembered her on the day we were married, when we were both so happy, so full of hope. It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Skye: I know.

Courtney: Look, Jax, we need to have a serious conversation.

Jax: No, don't worry. She's gone. I know that you couldn't tell by what happened here tonight, but my mom is actually quite nice. She's just a little misguided in this case.

Courtney: Maybe not.

Jax: A little overprotective, too, you know? She knows that -- that Iím in love with you, and she just wants to protect me. You know, I keep hoping that -- that you will say that you love me, too, but I guess you can't, can you?

Jason: Do you need help?

Sam: No, thanks.

Jason: Sam, where are you going?

Sam: Kellyís. I called Mike, and there's a room.

Jason: Sam -- Sam, wait.

Sam: Jason, forget it.

Jason: Sam, you don't have any money.

Sam: I don't want your charity, either.

Jason: This is not charity. I want you to be ok. Look, I just -- I want you to have something good in your life after everything you've lost, and I -- trust me, I wish I could give you more than money, but I can't, so just -- just take it.

Sam: You stopped me from giving up my daughter. And you were -- you made me believe that I would be a good mother. You were there for her the day she died, and you told her she was loved. Jason, you have done more, more than enough for me. You want me to stay?

Jason: Yeah.

Alexis: Where's Lucky?

Mac: I had to order him out of the station. He was letting his feelings get in the way.

Nikolas: Let's just get this over with.

Mac: Let's go.

Alexis: Nikolas, no!

Officer: Freeze!

Alexis: Nikolas, no!

Officer: Everyone get down!

Emily: You know, it's funny. Usually, the way you can tell Nikolas is an aristocrat is by his beautiful manners, even under extreme circumstances.

Elizabeth: Like at the police station?

Emily: Yeah, but I know that he was dying inside and I would have done anything to hold him, you know, just to kiss him once more and tell him that everything was going to be ok, but he wouldn't -- he wouldn't let me.

[Phone rings]

Mike: Kellyís. She's right here.

Emily: No.

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Michael: What are you doing here?

Steven: I'm here to pick up your mom.

Mike: I'll let her know.

Emily: It's Nikolas, isn't it?

Alexis: Paramedics are coming. Just relax, ok? God. Nikolas. Nikolas!

Sam: I don't want your charity.

Jason: I want you to stay.

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