GH Transcript Monday 12/6/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/6/04



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Skye: The phone's rung at least twice today.

Luke: Did you answer?

Skye: Well, I wanted to check with you first.

[Phone rings]

Luke: No time like the present. Answer it. Say you're Heather.

Skye: Heather Webber.

Woman: Where have you been? I've called twice.

Skye: It's just been a little crazy around here. So tell me, how is Laura?

Meyer: I -- I have to know Iíll be protected.

John: Well, that depends on whether or not you made a copy of the file incriminating Sonny. The one I stole was destroyed in a fire.

Jason: We got what we need. Can't use the file in court. Alexis has nothing she can use against Sonny.

John: Look, I need to know who shot you. I need a name.

Meyer: If you can't protect me, I got to get out of town.

John: You're not -- you can't travel, you're not going anywhere.

Meyer: If they find out Iím with you, I'm as good as dead!

John: All right, Iím going to take you to a hospital.

Stan: Where you going?

Jason: I got to get to Meyer before Durant figures out he's wearing a wire.

Ric: Mr. Corinthos, how much time have you actually spent with Kristina?

Sonny: Well -- five or six times, you know, before I found out she was my daughter, and then I've seen her every day since then.

Ric: Do you believe Kristinaís comfortable with you?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: More comfortable than she is with Ms. Davis?

Sonny: No -- well -- Kristinaís more comfortable with her mother.

Ric: Have you observed a close and loving bond between Ms. Davis and her daughter?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Were you close to your own mother?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Mr. Corinthos, do you believe a child needs their mother?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: What do you feel is best for your daughter? Mr. Corinthos, Iíll ask you again. What do you think is best for Kristina?

Sonny: My daughter belongs with me.

Ric: Clearly, you want to be part of your daughter's life, but can we also assume that you are concerned for Kristinaís welfare?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Right. Now, after initiating a similar custody suit with your estranged wife, Carly Corinthos, you abruptly abandoned it. I would like for you to tell us why.

Sonny: I realized it was in Michael and Morganís best interests to stop fighting with Carly.

Ric: And at the end of the hearing you told the court that your children belonged with their mother.

Sonny: No. I said they should live with their mother. Carly has always given me full access to my children. On the contrary, Alexis had lied to me for three years. Now she wants to cut me out of my daughter's life. Kristina needs me. My daughter -- I want her to live in my house. So that way --

Alexis: Living with you would get Kristina killed.

Skye: I need to know what you're dealing with. Has Lauraís condition changed?

Woman: It never does.

Skye: Are you sure she's comfortable?

Woman: Who is this?

Skye: It's Heather. Who else would have her phone?

Woman: You're not Heather. What happened to her?

Skye: Oh -- you know what? I'm losing the signal. Could you -- could you give me your number? I'll -- I'll call you back --

[Phone disconnects]

Luke: She's gone.

Skye: Luke, I am so sorry. The best I could come up with is "Are you sure she's comfortable?"

Luke: No, forget it. At least we know Lauraís still alive.

Skye: That woman was the best chance we had of finding out where Heather stashed Laura. Now she's on to us.

Luke: It's all the more reason to get the information directly from Heather.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Hey. You made it out.

Georgie: Hi!

Dillon: Your dad's practically got your house surrounded in barbed wire. You know that? I know --

Georgie: Yeah, I made it.

Dillon: What is this? What -- ok, when did you go all athletic on me?

Georgie: Field hockey!

Dillon: In the winter?

Georgie: We practice indoors, and, plus, come on, it's a great excuse to get out of the house.

Dillon: Yeah. Nice uniform.

Georgie: You like it?

Dillon: I would like you in anything.

Georgie: Wait a minute. Isn't --

Dillon: Yeah --

Georgie: Isn't this the necklace you took from Diegoís sister's house?

Dillon: Yeah. I'm trying to figure out why it looks so familiar.

Georgie: Why don't you ask Diego? He'd probably know.

Dillon: No. No.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Diego: I thought you weren't allowed to leave your house except to go to the studio to rehearse.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well, my mom wanted food before I went to L&B, so I'm like her indentured servant now.

Diego: Sorry about that.

Brook Lynn: Don't be sorry, it's not your fault. Look, Diego, I really wanted to help you find your sister.

Diego: Yeah. Well, it didn't help much. I can't even be with her.

Brook Lynn: Think it was smart to come back? I mean, she really didn't want you in Port Charles.

Diego: Yeah. I need to know why, you know?

Brook Lynn: You know why. She was terrified for you.

Diego: Are you worried about me?

Brook Lynn: No. It's not like I want something bad to happen.

Diego: Can you feel it?

Brook Lynn: What?

Diego: The danger -- like someone's going to take me out right now. Ugh!

Brook Lynn: That is not funny. But I bet deep down you're really scared, too.

Diego: I just -- I just need to know why Maria wants me out of Port Charles.

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Lois: I need to have a word with my daughter.

Alexis: Your honor, may I continue questioning this witness myself?

Ric: First, Iíd like a moment to confer with my client, please, your honor?

Alexis: That won't be necessary. I'm a licensed attorney, and Iím obviously conversant with the facts of this case.

Judge: Ms. Baines?

Jordan: No objection.

Judge: You may proceed, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Mr. Corinthos, how many times have you been shot?

Sonny: Three.

Alexis: That's just what your medical records say. How many times have you --

Jordan: Objection.

Alexis: Been shot in total? I am trying to show a pattern of violence.

Sonny: It's true I've been a target of gunfire, but my children have not.

Alexis: Your honor, please ask the witness to answer the question.

Judge: He did, Ms. Davis. Let the record show that Mr. Corinthos has been shot three times. Continue, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Your first wife, Lily, was killed when your car exploded. Isn't that correct?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: She was pregnant with your first child at that time? Would you say that you're responsible for their deaths?

Jordan: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Alexis: It wasn't that long ago when I represented your wife in a custody situation similar to this. You were seeking sole custody of your sons. And during that hearing a car registered in your name exploded, again, right outside this courtroom, injuring people inside this courtroom.

Sonny: Ahem. Yeah, that's true.

Alexis: Weren't your children in the courtroom earlier that day? They could have been standing on the sidewalk. They could have been waiting inside your car.

Sonny: Michael and Morgan were home safe.

Alexis: Doesn't it bother you that your own children could have died simply because they were riding in their father's car?

Sonny: They didn't die.

Alexis: Don't you think your lifestyle is dangerous to your children?

Sonny: Parents, you know, they worry.

Alexis: Parents worry about whether their kids will get picked on in school, not that their kids will be blown to smithereens by their enemies in a car bomb! Most parents aren't criminals.

Jordan: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Jordan: My client has never been convicted of a crime.

Judge: Sustained. Move it along, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: What kind of businesses do you have?

Sonny: I'm a coffee importer. I also own several casinos in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

Alexis: Are your businesses legal?

Sonny: Well, you were my lawyer. Would you represent somebody who broke the law?

Alexis: Even criminals are entitled to --

Sonny: Everybody saw my son Michael sit in this chair and say how much he loves his father. He's never felt threatened. I would never do anything to hurt my children. I just want -- I just want to do what's best for my sons and Kristina.

Alexis: Then do what's best for Kristina and tell this court that she is safer with her mother.

Sonny: No.

Alexis: Do you have any idea what's at stake?

Ric: Your honor, please? I need a moment to confer with my client.

Judge: Fine. Court's in recess.

Ric: Alexis, are you out of your mind? You just threatened Sonny on the stand.

John: Meyer -- Meyer, listen to me. I'm a federal prosecutor. I can protect you against Corinthos.

Meyer: No one can save me now. I have to run.

John: I need to know who shot you. If it was Jason Morgan, I'll have him arrested for assault, attempted murder --

Jason: Durant, let him go!

Luke: I need to talk to you.

Steven: I assume it's about my mother?

Luke: Do you know Skye Quartermaine, another one of Heather's victims?

Steven: Yeah, I heard what happened to you. I'm very sorry.

Skye: Heather's obviously very sick.

Luke: Look, she stashed my wife somewhere. I need to find out where.

Steven: I asked her over and over again. I was at the station this morning. You saw me.

Luke: Yeah, well, did she give you anything? Did she mention my wife?

Steven: She thinks she is Laura, so, no, she didn't say anything about where she might have sent the real Laura Spencer. You have to understand Iím a forensics specialist also, and if there's any clue in my mother's belongings as to where she might have sent your wife, Iíll find it.

Luke: Well, I don't have time for science here. I need to talk to Heather.

Steven: The doctors at Ferncliff won't allow visitors for the first six months.

Skye: Well, you see, you're the next of kin. Now, if you could just approve Luke as a visitor, he's sure that he can get through to Heather.

Steven: She's barely coherent.

Luke: Look, if an M.D. such as yourself were to, say, shoot her up with sodium pentothal, she would have to tell you where Laura is.

Steven: No. I won't do that.

Brook Lynn: Look, if this is going to be another lecture about how bad Diego is --

Lois: No, no lecture. I just want to talk. Nothing personal, Diego, but Iíd like to do this in private.

Diego: Oh, no problem.

Brook Lynn: Diego, don't let her push you around.

Diego: I'm not. There's stuff I need to do, so see you later, Brook.

Brook Lynn: I thought we had work to do.

Lois: It can wait. Have a seat. Ahem. Brook, I have always been so proud of you, and I knew you were talented from the minute we first started singing nursery rhymes together. But my wanting you to sing isn't just about you sharing that gift of yours. It's because I know that you can make money with your voice and I want that for you. I want you to be free and independent.

Brook Lynn: Hmm. So that's why you didn't want me dating any of the guys back home, right?

Lois: I am proud to be from Bensonhurst and I think there are a lot of good people there. But there's also a whole world beyond it, people with different backgrounds.

Brook Lynn: Like Lorenzo Alcazar?

Lois: Lorenzo and I are adults, you are a teenager. And whether you want to admit it or not, you're too young to be making life-altering choices.

Brook Lynn: Right. So you can date somebody who's dangerous for you, right, but I can't? You know, that's really unfair.

Lois: I have been on guard with Lorenzo from day one. I don't have any illusions about who he really is. Yeah, I think I'm willing to give it a chance because I know what I'm dealing with, ok? A boy like Diego -- he is going to get himself in danger before he understands the meaning of the word, and once he does, there is no turning back.

Brook Lynn: I think you should really give him a chance. You know, Diegoís actually pretty deep, ma.

Lois: I think Diego needs to be careful before he winds up like poor Sonny.

Alexis: We had a deal.

Sonny: I didn't like the terms. I'm not giving up my child.

Alexis: By forcing my hand, do you think I won't use the leverage?

Sonny: Do you think that I'll let you keep me from my daughter?

Alexis: You won't be able to see her in prison.

Sonny: I believe Kristina needs both of her parents. We can still act in Kristinaís best interests.

Alexis: What on earth do you think that Iím trying to do?

Sonny: Then work with me. I'll get back on that stand right now, and Iíll say that I will share custody with you. All you got to do is give me that file.

John: You shot that man -- Howard Meyer.

Jason: Why would I do that?

John: He's Sonny's accountant. He had access to proof that Sonny violated RICO statutes. He's going to feed it to the D.A., and you planned on killing him.

Jason: From what it looked like to me, you were the one threatening him.

John: Officer?

Jason: I'm the one who --

John: Down here. I want you to arrest this man.

Ofc. Murphy: What's the problem?

John: He just threatened my life. I also have reason to believe that he shot a man earlier today.

Ofc. Murphy: You know the drill, Morgan. Put your hands behind your back.

Jason: Come on, man.

Ofc. Murphy: You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney.

Jason: Ow.

Ofc. Murphy: Hey, come on down. Are you working for Sonny Corinthos, too?

Diego: Maybe I am.

Jason: No, he's not with me.

Diego: Yeah, well, I heard everything that happened here --

Jason: I told you to quit using Sonny's name.

Diego: Just trying to help --

Jason: Stay out of it.

John: Hey, forget this punk. Get this man downtown now.

Ofc. Murphy: You got it. Let's go.

Luke: Dr. Webber, what part of "Your psychotic mother kidnapped my catatonic wife and has her stashed somewhere" don't you get?

Steven: Hey, I get it! My mother's done some pretty awful things. I know.

Skye: We didn't realize you two were so close.

Luke: Are you close? Does she trust you?

Steven: I took an oath. I cannot exacerbate a patient's illness by shooting them up with unnecessary drugs.

Luke: Oh, come on. Sodium pentothal ain't going to kill her. It'll just loosen her lip --

Steven: You know what?

Luke: So she can tell me where Laura is.

Steven: I would love to help you any way I could, but this drug does not even have the effect that you're hoping it will, because my mother is not lying. She's delusional.

Luke: Doctor, my wife is catatonic. She can't feed herself. We don't know if she's alone, if anybody's taking care of her. Now, your mother did all this because she wanted me. With a little help I can get her to talk!

Steven: My mother may not be catatonic like your wife, but she's just as ill in her own way. And I know you feel helpless. God, I believe I feel the same way.

Luke: Oh, don't give me this patronizing crap.

Skye: Luke, this isn't going to help, ok?

Elizabeth: Steven? What's going on?

Luke: Heather stashed Laura somewhere, and your brother here is not going to allow us the help we need in order to go in and talk to Heather.

Elizabeth: I thought Heather was completely out of it.

Steven: She is. There's nothing any of us can do for her. I have to go to court. Will you please come?

Skye: Luke, we will just find another way to track Laura. We will get to her in time.

Luke: God, I hope so. I hope I can get her out of this.

Brook Lynn: I thought you liked Sonny.

Lois: I love him. He was like an extra big brother to me when I was growing up. But when he was 16 he left home and dropped out of school, and that was a one-way ticket to the mob.

Brook Lynn: You think that's what's going to happen to Diego?

Lois: I think he wants the same things that Sonny wanted -- yeah, money, power, what they loosely call respect -- and he's going to have to sell his soul to get it. That's exactly what happened to Sonny. As he got deeper involved in the organization, he started to lose that thing about him that made him so great when he was a kid. He became harder, unforgiving. He has to fight to survive.

Brook Lynn: Sounds awful.

Lois: But he's still caring and loyal, and there are flickers of that sweet person he used to be sometimes. You know who saw that? Your godmother, Brenda, saw that side of him, and she convinced herself that she could save him.

Brook Lynn: Is that bad?

[Lois sighs]

Lois: Baby. Brenda -- whom I dearly love -- was terrorized and shot at, and at one point even lost her mind over Sonny, and I don't want to see something like that happen to you.

Brook Lynn: Well, I mean, I just don't think that Diegoís anything like Sonny.

Lois: Oh, come on. They both come from broken homes. They both need to find somewhere where they can fit in. They're both stubborn and brooding.

Brook Lynn: Thanks. Because now I know what I can expect with Diego, right? But, ma, it doesn't mean that I should just walk away.

Lois: Listen, I can't forbid you to see Diego. I just want you to be careful.

Brook Lynn: You, too, with Alcazar, ok?

Lois: Ahem.

Brook Lynn: Speaking of your boyfriend -- I have to go. So you guys hang or something.

Lois: Yeah.

Lorenzo: Is it me, or was your daughter just semipolite to me now?

Lois: She's trying.

Lorenzo: What changed her mind?

Georgie: So where did you get the fax?

Dillon: It was in Luke and Skyeís office in the back.

Georgie: Well, the symbols definitely match, but there's no company name on the letterhead.

Dillon: Right, yeah, but whoever sent this could be the person that Diego is supposedly in danger from.

Georgie: Dillon, you can't know that for sure.

Dillon: Well, Mariaís got to have some personal connection to the guy. Otherwise, she wouldn't have this.

Georgie: Ok, Dillon, the only thing on this fax is some business information. How are you going to find out who it's from?

Dillon: Yeah, I don't --

[Knock on door]

Diego: Dillon? It's Diego.

Georgie: You have to tell him.

Dillon: No.

Georgie: Hey. Ahem.

Dillon: Hey.

Diego: Hey.

Dillon: What's up?

Diego: How well do you know your cousin Jason?

Dillon: Jason? Barely at all. Why?

Diego: I think that the secret that my sister is trying to keep from me has to do with his boss, Sonny Corinthos.

Jason: I want to make my call.

Ofc. Murphy: I have to book you first.

John: You should have killed Meyer when you had your chance.

Jason: I want my attorney.

John: Talkative today, aren't you? Why are you so antsy, Jason? You missing an important meeting?

Jason: Mac, I need to make my call.

Mac: If you're trying to reach Sonny, you're going to have to wait. He's in court at the moment.

Jordan: You saw the judge's reaction. She's going to rule in favor of my client.

Ric: I haven't had the opportunity to present my case, Ms. Baines.

Jordan: Alexis can't win, Ric. Make a deal for joint custody with Sonny, or Alexis will lose Kristina forever.

Alexis: In your world the cops are the enemies and the criminals are the good guys. Do you want Kristina growing up in a world like that?

Sonny: What are you going -- you going to teach Kristina to hate me? Is that what you're --?

Alexis: I wouldn't do that. No one hates you. We don't hate you, Sonny. We're just all afraid of you. You look at Michael. You look at him, and you're going to tell me that he's not confused and he's not going to grow up traumatized by the fact that he's living in your reality while the rest of society believes in something else? I don't want Kristina growing up like that, and I don't want her to grow up and believe that what you do is noble.

Sonny: Don't waste my time with your morals and philosophy. Just tell me, are you going to agree to shared custody or not?

Alexis: I canít. You were my friend once. I did everything I could to keep you out of prison, and I can't believe that Iím the one that's going to put you there right now. I wish you had left me another choice.

Courtney: Alexis looks worried.

Carly: Yeah, well, she should be. She just showed the judge exactly why Sonny should have custody. Whatever happens, Alexis brought all this on herself.

Ric: Are you ok?

Alexis: I want this over. I want my daughter safe. Nail him to the wall.

Skye: All right, Luke, just calm down, ok?

Luke: I'm going to try to talk to that kid again.

Skye: Oh, bullying Heather's son is not going to help Laura.

Luke: Well, what am I going to do?

Skye: Well -- Heather's obviously paying people to take care of Laura, right? There's got to be some kind of paper trail. What if I get the phone company to get information for us on those calls that came in on my cell?

Luke: Yeah, maybe that'll work. You do that. Meantime, I'm going to follow another lead.

Skye: Hey -- no, no. I think we should stick together on this, right?

Luke: No. If we split up, we'll cover more territory.

Skye: Luke, come on. Now, I know that you're worried about Laura, but Iím worried about you, too. Heather's really dangerous. What if she left instructions with the people that are caring for Laura, right? What if there's a picture of you with orders to shoot to kill? Then what? Please. I'm begging you; don't rush into anything, ok?

Luke: Forgive me, Blaze. I got to do this my way.

Lois: Brook Lynn and I have reached a compromise -- if I can date a bad boy, so can she.

Lorenzo: Hmm. I'm in the same category as Diego now?

Lois: Oh, I think there are certain similarities. And I think that she deserves to be prepared.

Lorenzo: For what, exactly?

Lois: Well, there are certain rules when getting involved with a gangster -- real or aspiring.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Lois: Like you can't ask questions about the business.

Lorenzo: Are you prepared for that yourself, Lois?

Lois: No, which is why I want to ask you something right now. Sonny is in a court right now fighting for custody for his daughter, which means he can't afford to have any violence associated with him right now, which means it's a perfect time for one of his rivals to make a move.

Lorenzo: Sonny would do the same if the situation was reversed.

Lois: How big a mistake would it be for me to ask you not to hurt Sonny?

Lorenzo: I think you already know the answer. I admire you, Lois, but I can't change for you.

Diego: And then Jason just went off. It was like it was personal or something.

Dillon: Dude, it's ok. Jason just brushes me off every time I try to get into his business.

Diego: But you're family. I mean, why's he being so hard on me?

Dillon: I know, but --

[Knock on door]

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Something going on, because you guys seem a little intense?

Georgie: Diego thinks the person his sister's worried about is Sonny Corinthos.

Dillon: And I don't buy it.

Brook Lynn: Wait, my ma did.

Dillon: What?

Brook Lynn: Yeah. We were just talking. Look, Diego and Sonny -- they have similar childhoods, right, and she said that if Diegoís not careful, he's going to end up just like Sonny.

Dillon: Yes, but unless Mariaís psychic, she wouldn't know that.

Georgie: Yeah, well, what if she knows Sonny?

Diego: She never mentioned him.

Dillon: And, plus, Iím sorry, but Sonny having a big vendetta against Diego seems a little unrealistic. You're just -- you're too young.

Georgie: Ok, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Ok, if it is Sonny, then maybe the grudge is against your parents. Did they ever live in Port Charles?

Diego: I'm not sure. That's the thing -- Maria never really talked about them. But a couple of times she -- she made it sound like my father might have gotten on the wrong side of someone dangerous.

Brook Lynn: Maybe that "someone dangerous" is who she's afraid that you'll find in Port Charles.

Diego: What if it is Sonny? I mean, for all we know, he might have killed my father.

Ric: You never answered an earlier question, Mr. Corinthos. Do you participate in illegal business activities?

Sonny: Like my lawyer said, I've never been convicted of a crime.

Ric: I'm asking you if you have broken the law. More specifically, have you violated any RICO statutes?

John: We got people combing the streets for Meyer. He turns up dead; you're getting booked for murder.

Jason: Durant's harassing me. Get him out of my face.

[Cell phone beeps]

John: Oh, it looks like we got a bigger bust. Get this man processed.

Mac: All right, Jason, turn around. You get one phone call. You know the drill. You can use the phone in there.

Jason: Where are you?

Stan: Right where you left me. So, listen, I wasn't sure if --

Jason: Stan, I need you to listen to me. You need to make a copy of the tape and get it to Sonny at the courthouse.


Stan: Jason, the equipment is messing with my cell reception. I can't hear you. Can you call me back on a hard line?

Jason: Stan?


Stan: I heard something about a tape. Where are you? Can I call you back?

Mac: Hey, hey, hey, you made your call. Whatever you have to say can wait. Hang it up.

Ric: Your honor, Mr. Corinthos has just perjured himself.

Jordan: That's ridiculous.

Carly: What's going on here?

Courtney: I have no idea.

Jax: And whatever it is, it doesn't look good for Sonny.

Judge: Mr. Lansing? Are you going to explain yourself?

Ric: Yes, your honor. My office has received irrefutable evidence that Michael Corinthos Jr. has indeed violated the RICO statutes. He is under arrest.

Sonny: Oh.

Ofc. Serino: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right, anything you say can and may be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney and for that attorney to be present during questioning. If you desire and cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

Lucky: You sounded upset on the phone. Is this about Emily?

Elizabeth: No. It's about your dad. He tried to start a fight with Steven at G.H.

Lucky: What? Why is he going after Steven?

Elizabeth: Because Luke doesn't think the police are doing enough to trace where Heather sent your mom.

Lucky: You know what? We're all worried about her.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, he's taking matters into his own hands. Luke wants Steven to give access to Heather. Now, you know I hate Heather as much as anybody -- she was terrible to Steven as a kid -- but she is obviously sick. Luke wants Steven to give her sodium pentothal so he can question her.

Lucky: Well, I'd be all for it if I thought it would help. The doctors don't think Heather's lucid enough to answer any questions.

Elizabeth: Look, I know how crazy your dad can get when it comes to protecting your mom.

Lucky: Yeah, well, he has no boundaries. My mom was the love of his life, all right? They've hung on through some really difficult times, you know, until she got sick. My dad will always blame himself for that.

Elizabeth: You know, it's not your dad's fault what happened to your mom.

Lucky: Well, he thinks it is, and nobody's going to change that. I'm just glad he's accepted the fact that, you know what, my mom needs to be in a hospital where she can be cared for.

Elizabeth: Do you think she'll ever get well?

Lucky: No. The doctors said they've done all they could. She's unreachable. And my dad -- that's the real reason why he's just been on this rampage.

Elizabeth: And that's why I called, because I thought maybe you could, you know, talk him down.

Lucky: You know, it just -- he's just been using this excuse to go on and on and on. He just can't get over it, ok, and I thought by now, to be honest, he had something good going on with Skye.

Elizabeth: She was with him at the hospital, and she seemed like she really cared about him.

Lucky: You know, I just want him to be happy, maybe even love again, and I just know that my mom would want that, too.

Luke: Sorry to interrupt, Elizabeth. Time is short, so I'm going to make this brief. I finally found a way to use your badge. It's going to help us find your mother.

Dillon: Guys, Sonny is dangerous, as in people he doesn't like disappear and don't ever come back. You sure you want to go accusing him of killing your father?

Brook Lynn: He's not accusing.

Dillon: Well, I'm sorry, but just because Jason dissed you on the pier today doesn't mean that you and Sonny have history.

Diego: I need to know the truth. Right?

Georgie: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You need a little more information, maybe even some actual proof.

Dillon: Thank you, thank you.

Diego: It's not like I was going to walk up to Sonny and get in his face.

Brook Lynn: Look, you don't have to because we're going to help you find out what happened.

Dillon: Well, you heard her. Brook Lynnís in, we're all in.

Georgie: Absolutely.

Diego: Thanks. I'm going to go check in with Courtney.

Brook Lynn: We'll see you guys later?

Georgie: Bye. Dillon, I don't get it. Why didn't you tell Diego about the fax and that --?

Dillon: Because --

Georgie: The symbols match!

Dillon: Because Diego doesn't think before he acts, and if he does something stupid, he's going to get Brook Lynn hurt. I know it.

Georgie: So you're going to find out where the fax came from by yourself?

Dillon: Yeah. And as soon as I know, I'll tell Diego.

Georgie: Dillon, you don't have enough information.

Dillon: What do you mean, I don't? I got a fax number. It was addressed to Luke. All I have to do is send a fax back saying we want to meet on the pier.

Georgie: So you're going to pretend to be Luke?

Dillon: Yes! And whoever shows up for that meeting could be the person that killed Diegoís father.

Carly: Alexis? You didn't seem very surprised when Sonny was arrested.

Alexis: He's a criminal, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, well, I saw you hand those papers to Ric. It was the evidence against Sonny, the file that supposedly burned up in Ricís apartment fire.

Alexis: I am so exhausted. I want to get back to my daughter.

Carly: Did my father give you that evidence?

Alexis: It doesn't matter where I got that evidence, Carly. All that matters is that what it contains is true. Sonny is a criminal, he's a danger to society, and he's a danger to Kristina.

Jax: Hey. I thought you'd be on the way to the police station by now.

Courtney: Well, that's always my first impulse -- you know, try and fix impossible situations -- but, you know, there's nothing I can do for Sonny. And anyway, I don't think he'd want me there, so --

Jax: So then this would be a good time.

Courtney: For what?

Jax: For a surprise.

Jordan: Can I have a moment with my client, please?

Ric: Make it fast.

Jordan: I'll do the best I can, but these are serious criminal charges. I'm just a custody lawyer.

Justus: I'll handle this for Sonny.

Sonny: Go ahead. Justus will handle it, ok? Thank you.

Jordan: Ok. Good luck.

Justus: All right.

Sonny: Ok, do whatever you got to do to get me released, because there's no way Alexis is going to keep me from my daughter.

Ric: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. No talking to the other prisoners.

Sonny: Oh, come on, man.

Justus: Let's -- let's review the charges first here, Ric.

Ric: It's multiple charges of racketeering, one count of perjury.

Justus: Based on what evidence?

Ric: Sonny's own files.

Justus: That file, Ric, conveniently resurfaced. If it was obtained illegally, Sonny walks and there's nothing you can do about it.

Steven: So Ric had Sonny arrested, had him handcuffed and taken right out of the hearing.

John: Oh. It looks like Meyerís file didn't burn in the fire after all.

Steven: So congratulations, John. You got what you wanted -- Sonny's going to prison -- and all it cost you was your daughter.

Luke: Look, we don't have a lot of time here, so Iím going to make this brief. I want you to take out that badge of yours and polish it up nice and shiny.

Lucky: You just want me to take you to Ferncliff, to get you in so you can question Heather?

Luke: Yeah, on police business, which it is. She's a murderer and a kidnapper. All you got to do is ask her questions. I'll be right there to feed you the questions.

Lucky: You think she's going to talk?

Luke: With some pharmaceutical assistance, she'll talk.

Lucky: Dad, it's a bad idea.

Luke: Look, son, maybe you don't understand me. Your mother is not safe wherever Heather has her stashed. You being a cop can help us find her.

Lucky: Well, say we do find her, we take her home. What happens then, dad?

Jax: No peeking.

Courtney: Where are we?

Jax: Ok, see for yourself.

Courtney: Ok. An unfinished room? What?

Jax: No. The future offices of your foundation. You know, you said that the space that you're in right now isn't very good for entertaining investors. So you can run the entire foundation from here.

Courtney: Oh, wow. I -- I don't -- I don't know what to say.

Jax: Well, picture it. I mean, your desk, I thought, could probably go right here. That's the conference area over there. Look at that view -- spectacular.

Courtney: It's beautiful, Jax, but I can't accept.

Brook Lynn: So my ma -- she loves Sonny, right? But even she says that he's bad news.

Diego: Yeah, well, Sonny's a major boss. Everyone knows what happens if you cross him.

Brook Lynn: Yes, and she also told me that he never forgives anyone.

Diego: Oh, no wonder my sister was scared for me.

Brook Lynn: So what are you going to do?

Diego: I'm going to find out if Sonny killed my father.

Georgie: Do you think whoever sent the fax will actually show up?

Dillon: I don't know. I said it was an emergency, so --

Georgie: Dillon, what if this guy's dangerous? What if it's Sonny?


Dillon: Shh. Wait. Someone's coming!

Justus: As I understand it, that file was destroyed last week. Forensics found nothing but ashes.

Ric: I moved the file to another location. I had to make sure that the evidence wasn't compromised before we made an arrest.

Carly: Oh, God, he's lying. Alexis used that file to try and blackmail Sonny into giving her full custody. When he refused, then she gave it to Ric.

Mac: That's a pretty serious accusation.

Ric: Of which Carly has absolutely no proof.

John: I'm the one you should be arresting.

Ric: Why is that?

John: I'm the one who stole the file from Sonny's house in the first place. This is all my doing.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: How can you turn down a face like this?

Nikolas: When they took me away, she was devastated. I'm afraid she's going to do something desperate.

Emily: My husband doesn't belong in prison, and I need to explain why.

John: I didn't have a warrant to search the premises. Sonny will have to be released.

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