GH Transcript Friday 12/3/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 12/3/04



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[Pounding on door]

Luke: Skye!

Girl: I love you, Mommy. Come with me. Please.

[Luke pounds on door]

Luke: Blaze?

Skye! Blaze?


Luke: Skye!

Skye: No --

[Skye whimpers]

Luke: Oh, Skye -- oh, baby! Oh -- oh, don't scare me like that. You're ok. You're safe. You're safe now. You're ok.

Nikolas: I love you, Mrs. Cassadine.

Emily: I love you, too.

[Music plays]

Singer: You're there by my side in every way I know that you will not forsake me I give you my life I would not think twice your love is all I need believe me I may not say it quite as much as I should but when I say I love you darling, that means for good so open up your heart and let me in and I will love you till forever until death do us part we'll be together so take my hand and hold on tight and we'll get there this I swear

Sam: Oh.

Jason: Are you ok?

Sam: I've been wondering what it would be like to kiss you. I mean, I'd be going along and I'd be thinking, you know, in the back of my head, "What would it be like to kiss Jason?" And now I know. I do. I know. It makes me feel dizzy. Jason, the whole room is spinning. Oh. Ok, this is nice.

Jason: Sam, just -- just try to go to sleep.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Why did you want to see me?

Sonny: I don't want to go through with the custody hearing.

Alexis: It's too late to reconsider --

Sonny: No, it's not. No, it's not.

Alexis: I know this is horrible for you.

Sonny: No, I don't want to pretend to fight for my daughter and then have some change of heart when I know --

Alexis: We made a deal.

Sonny: What's best -- I don't -- forget the deal, forget the blackmail, forget the file. If you agree to shared custody, we will settle this tonight.

Alexis: I agree that shared custody may be the right solution when you're dealing with two reasonable parents with reasonable lives. That is not the case with us. If Kristina is around you, she is not safe.

Sonny: I protect my children.

Alexis: Your children have bodyguards.

Sonny: There's no getting through to you anyway; you know what I mean? Because you're convinced that you're right.

Alexis: And I take no pleasure in that. I wish that I werenít. I'm not doing this out of spite. I'm doing this to protect Kristina.

Sonny: She makes a great excuse, doesn't she? You lied to me for three years for Kristina. You bullied and guilted Carly into keeping this secret for Kristina, you married Ric for Kristina, and now you're blackmailing me for Kristina.

Alexis: If I don't do what Iím doing for Kristina, then who is going to do it? I didn't make you become a criminal, and I didn't manufacture the evidence against you.

Sonny: It's amazing how what Kristina needs always matches perfectly with what Alexis wants. You use that child to justify every damn thing you -- any damn thing you feel like doing.

Alexis: You think I'm doing this because I feel like it? It feels terrible! I'm doing it because I don't have any other choice! The same as you, Sonny. You have made your choice. You chose to be a criminal, you chose a life of violence, and there is a price to pay for that. And you do not get to have Kristina!

Skye: Are you really here or am I just imagining you?

Luke: No. No, no, I'm here. I'm here and Iím not going to leave you.

Skye: You don't want me! You don't love me! You said that you wanted Laura. You said -- you said that I was nothing! You all did!

Luke: Who?

Skye: Jax and Courtney and Ross Duncan! You said that -- you said that Iíd die here and that none of you would care!

Luke: Oh, no -- shh. No, Skye -- no, no, listen to me. Listen to me. Heather drugged you. She drugged you. That's all it was. It was drugs. Now, let me -- let me get you to the hospital, come on.

Skye: Heather -- Heather, she -- she thinks that she's Laura. And she said you belong to her.

Luke: Heather is in police custody. She's not going to hurt you or anyone else anymore.

Skye: You came for me.

Luke: Yeah. Sure, I did. I've been searching frantically for you. I was so worried. But I knew you would hold on. I knew it because you're a survivor, like me. You got courage and heart. You're so beautiful. You're my friend, my companion. My partner in business and crime. I don't know how this happened. But I love you, Skye.

Nikolas: It's ok, baby. It's ok. It's ok.

Emily: I want to -- I want to memorize every line on your face. The way you smile. The way your eyes shine when you look at me.

Nikolas: Listen, please --

Emily: So Iíll remember everything when you're gone.

Nikolas: Shh, shh, shh. Don't say "when," ok? Don't say "when." Anything could happen. Ok? Anything can happen.

Emily: But tomorrow, you have to go.

Nikolas: Tomorrow? Tomorrow doesn't exist, baby. It doesn't exist. Hey, the world could end in five minutes or five days or five decades from now. There's no point in thinking about it. Ok? All we have is -- all we have is right now, this moment, right here. That's all that matters.

Jason: Whew. Sam got a little drunk at Nikolas and Emilyís wedding.

Sonny: I'm surprised she went. I mean, she -- how she's feeling about the baby.

Jason: Yeah. Emily's been real kind to her. She just wanted to wish her well. And then after the wedding, we went to the reception. Started drinking a little bit. Got a little drunk before she realized it.

Sonny: Did it help?

Jason: You know, she kind of -- she kind of let go.

Sonny: Well, that's good.

Jason: We had fun, she was laughing, we enjoyed ourselves. I know -- I know it's not going to last, but it was good to see her take a break from the pain.

Sonny: Yeah. I appreciate Samís offer, you know, to testify on my behalf, but if she changes her mind, you just got to tell me.

Jason: No, no, that's -- Sonny, that was her decision. She wants to help you hold on to Kristina.

Sonny: Well, I know, I know, I know, but it looks like Iím not going to -- I'm going to lose Kristina anyway.

Jason: Wait, you don't think there's any chance that Alexis is going to change her mind?

Sonny: I went to Alexis tonight and I, you know, tried to get her to agree to share custody. She refused. If I don't get proof that Durant stole that file by the time I take the stand tomorrow, then I will, you know, give up Kristina forever.

Luke: Hey, bubba. How's my blushing bride this morning?

Mac: She spent the night demanding to see her husband.

Luke: She still thinks she's Laura?

Mac: Yeah, she's convinced of it. A court-appointed psychiatrist has already evaluated her and is meeting with a judge. I assume Heather will be committed.

Edward: You think a mental institution could hold her? She's made a career of escaping from them.

Mac: It's not my decision.

Edward: Well, make it your decision. She's dangerous. She should be up in Pentonville.

Mac: You don't get a vote, Edward, unless you're still married to Heather.

Edward: The marriage to that maniac was annulled legally. Just put her anywhere you want, including death row.

Luke: No, don't put her anywhere until I find out where Laura is.

Heather: I don't want to see another doctor. I want my husband, Luke Spencer.

Steven: You're not Laura. Laura is your victim. And, Mom, if you tell me where you sent her, then I might be able to save you.

Heather: I don't know you. I don't want to know you. Where's my husband? Where is Luke?

Steven: You did this to yourself, didn't you? You would rather be insane than deal with all the awful things that you've done, the hell that you've made your own life.

Heather: Get out!

Steven: She wants to speak with you.

Heather: I knew it. You came to rescue me.

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, that's what I'm here for, sweetheart. I'm going to get you out, Laura. But we need to find a woman who looks like you so we can pull a switch.

Heather: You want another woman to take my place here?

Luke: Exactly. And Heather Webber is the perfect choice. Where did you send her?

Jason: Well, you call me when you find it, because I have to handle this one personally. All right, let me know. How are you feeling?

Sam: Sick.

Jason: Yeah. Got a few things for your hangover over here. Come on. Sit down. Relax. Here we go.

Sam: Hmm. I remember champagne, right?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: I was drinking. I drank my glass, and I think I drank your glass and a couple more of my glasses. And you did -- you told me to stop. And I didn't. Ugh. I remember dancing. We danced.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: I was laughing a lot.

Jason: Laughing, yeah, you were laughing. It was good. It was good for you. It's good for you.

Sam: I forgot my baby and I laughed. Jeez, how could I do that?

Jason: Sam, Sam, hey. Hey, you didn't forget.

Sam: Ahem.

Jason: You've been through so much. And it's still going to be a long road. It's ok if we laughed and we had fun for a couple hours. You know, the best gift you can give your daughter is just to live your life to the fullest.

Sam: I don't know how.

Jason: You'll figure it out, a little bit at a time.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Let's go over what's going to happen in there.

Sonny: We've been through this already. I know my part.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Even still -- since you're the one suing me, your side's going to go first, so the witnesses will testify and then Ric will cross-examine.

Sonny: Then I will take the stand and give whatever testimony I and my attorney have prepared. Then Ric will cross-examine me again and I will have a change of heart.

Alexis: Ric is going to ask you if you're close to your mother. Say yes. He'll ask you if you think Kristina needs her mother. You'll say yes. He'll ask you what you think is best for Kristina.

Sonny: Ahem.

Alexis: Tell the court that it's in her best interest that she remain with me because if you love her, that would be the right thing to do. I have the file. I need you to say those things, or Iím going to turn the file over to Ric.

Sonny: I've realized --

[Alexis sighs]

Sonny: That to love my daughter, I have to give her up.

Alexis: You're going to have to make it sound more convincing to the judge.

Emily: Hey, what time is it? Hmm. Nikolas, it's 10:15.

Nikolas: I know.

Emily: How long have you been awake?

Nikolas: Long enough to notice that you have a little freckle on your ear right there.

Emily: Nikolas, why did you let me sleep?

Nikolas: Because I'm selfish. And I want to hold on to you and watch you dream.

Emily: We don't have a lot of time. And I don't want to waste a second.

Nikolas: Well, we haven't. We haven't wasted any time. I love you.

Emily: And I love you.

[Knock on door]

Officer: Time's up. Get dressed. You're going back to your cell.

Nikolas: Come here. It's ok.

Luke: Sweetheart, if we're going to make a clean getaway, we have to get a head start.

Heather: But I have Heather in a safe place, Luke.

Luke: Yes, I know. I know, but I have to get her from that place and put her in your cell. Then we'll have a chance. You see?

Mac: All right, the judge just signed the papers. She's going to Ferncliff, a facility for the criminally insane.

Edward: Good. I'm going to the hospital. I'll tell Skye the nightmare's over.

Luke: Laura, we're running out of time. Where's Heather?

Heather: I don't want to think about anybody else but us. Just hold me. Tell me you love me.

Luke: I love you. I love you, but we have got to find that other woman. Just tell me. Tell me -- tell me where the other woman is. Tell me where Heather is. Who's taking care of her?

Heather: Well, she's gone. Just like Skyeís gone. There'll be no other women. No one is ever going to come between us again, Luke.

Mac: The attendants are here to take her to Ferncliff.

Luke: No, not yet.

Emily: Wait -- just wait.

Ofc. Murphy: Look, we have to go. Come on, we have to go. Come on.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: Wait, no. No, not yet.

Nikolas: I love you. I love you. We'll make it through this, I promise.

Emily: Don't take him away!

Nikolas: We'll make it through this, I promise!

Emily: I'll think of you every minute --

Meyer: Please don't kill me.

Jason: You helped Durant set Sonny up. Meyer, you had 24 hours to fix it, to prove that file was stolen so they couldn't use it in court. Your time is up.

Alexis: Do I look calm and collected?

Ric: It might help if you unclench your teeth.

Alexis: Just keep reminding me.

Jordan: Try to remain calm and level. Don't be smug if someone's complimentary. And more important, don't get angry. Alexis is going to pull out all the stops. She's going to allege that you're violent and dangerous. And your behavior in court is going to help prove her wrong. Ok?

Bailiff: The court is called to order.

Judge: I will hear arguments concerning custody of the minor child Kristina Davis. Ms. Baines, you may call your first witness.

Jordan: I call Michael Corinthos III to the stand.

Michael: My dad is a great dad.

Jordan: Does he spend time with you?

Michael: Yeah, he plays soccer with me, he helps me with homework, takes me out on his boat and stuff. And he's good at explaining stuff.

Ric: Michael, are you afraid of your father?

Michael: No.

Ric: Has your father ever been shot?

Michael: Yeah, and he went to the hospital. But he's all better now.

Ric: Were you afraid of what might happen after that?

Michael: He said he'd get better, and he did.

Ric: Have you ever seen your brother behave in an erratic way?

Courtney: I mean, sure, Sonny's lost his temper, but he is very careful about controlling it around the children.

Ric: So to your knowledge, has your brother ever had a nervous breakdown?

Courtney: I have never witnessed my brother having a nervous breakdown.

Ric: That wasn't the question, Ms. Matthews.

Jordan: Your honor, I object. The witness has answered the question to the best of her ability.

Judge: I'm inclined to agree. You may step down.

Jordan: So far, so good. If it keeps going like this, you'll get custody.

Jason: Sam, you ready?

Sam: Yeah. Here I come. Thanks for coming back to take me to the custody hearing. I know Iím interrupting your work.

Jason: No, it's ok. I took care of it.

Sam: Jason -- I --

Jason: Yeah? What?

Sam: I was -- I was thinking about last night, and I kissed you, didn't I?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah. Listen, I'm really sorry. I had way too much to drink. It went straight to my head. I know you told me to stop a couple of times, and I didn't and I apologize.

Jason: It's ok.

Sam: No, no, no, please don't say anything. It's way too embarrassing right now. I just -- I wanted to tell you, you know, that Iím not going to drink again, especially not champagne. Just water. Ok. I forgot my coat.

Heather: Luke, help me!

Luke: Tell me where Laura is and I'll get you out.

Heather: What are you talking about, sweetheart? I'm Laura. We were married. I'm your one true love. I'm Laura. Laura! Laura! Laura!

Mac: Listen, you're going to have to be processed again.

Lucky: Listen, I can handle the paperwork.

Mac: No, I'm sorry, Lucky. But you might be tempted to help him escape.

Nikolas: Mac, Iím not going anywhere. Listen, I need you to do me a favor. Emily was really upset when the police took me away. I need you to call her and make sure she's ok.

Lucky: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Emily?

Emily: Hey, Elizabeth. Help me find my shoes. I have to get to the police station.

Elizabeth: Hey, you need to calm down.

Emily: I lost it when they came to take Nikolas. I did everything I promised myself I wouldnít. I cried! I clung to him! I begged the police not to take him away, Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: Hey, baby, that's understandable. Emily --

Emily: Nikolas could be facing 20 years in prison. The last thing he needs is to have to worry about me. I need to show him that I'm ok.

Elizabeth: Ok. Well, then you know what, honey? You need to be ok. All right? Calm down. Take a deep breath, ok? Just breathe.

Emily: You're right. I have to pull myself together. Or Iím just going to fall apart again --

Elizabeth: Yes, you do.

Emily: The minute I see him, right?

Elizabeth: You know what? You know what you need to do? You need to go put some water on your face. I'll get your stuff together, ok?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: It's ok.

Emily: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Go on. Hey, you know what, Em? We don't have to go to the police station today. We can go tomorrow.

Emily: No. Don't worry. This is the first and last time that I fall apart. And from now on, Iím going to be strong for my husband.

Alexis: I didn't know that Sam was testifying.

Ric: I'm not surprised.

Alexis: She'll tell them what happened in the chapel, and I'll look even that much more irredeemable.

Ric: Look, I'm prepared for this. Sam's testimony may not be as damning as you think.

Jason: It's been handled.

Jordan: It's not advisable to conduct your kind of business --

Sonny: No.

Jordan: In a courtroom.

Sonny: It could have a direct bearing on the case.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Counselor, call your next witness.

Jordan: I call Samantha McCall to the stand.

Sam: I was alone in the hospital chapel when Alexis confronted me.

Jordan: Do you recall what she said?

Sam: Yes. Ahem. She begged me to let the doctors induce labor so she could use the stem cells from my baby's umbilical cord to save Kristina, but there was at least a 10% chance that my child wouldn't survive, so I said I couldn't.

Jordan: And what was her reaction?

Sam: She got angry and she said that I was letting Kristina die because I was selfish.

Jordan: Those were her exact words?

Sam: Yes.

Ric: Objection, your honor. Counsel is taking witness' comments out of context.

Judge: Overruled. Continue.

Sam: Alexis said Kristinaís death would be on my head.

Jordan: Did that upset you?

Sam: Yes. She was yelling at me. And I just -- I couldn't take it anymore. And I tried to say ok, that I would do it, I would induce labor, and I collapsed. I collapsed. I felt this terrible pain and -- and I just went down.

Ric: Ms. Davis asked for your help initially. Is that correct?

Sam: Yes.

Ric: Now, it's been argued that she was desperate, she was fearing for her daughter's life, and that the stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord were Kristinaís only hope.

Sam: That's right, yeah.

Ric: So it would be accurate to say that Ms. Davis was fighting for her daughter's life?

Sam: Yes.

Ric: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You may step down.

Judge: Counselor, call your next witness.

Jordan: I call Mrs. Carly Corinthos to the stand.

Skye: Could you do us both a favor and not get arrested? I've had enough experience with the state penal system to last a lifetime.

Luke: Oh, Red. What a sight for sore eyes. Oh, baby. How are you feeling?

Skye: Well, evidently, better than you.

Luke: Heather's off to Ferncliff. I couldn't get any other information out of her about where Laura is.

Skye: Really? Well, I might be able to help.

Ofc. Murphy: Cell phone. One watch. One wallet. I'm going to have to ask that you remove your wedding ring, sir.

Emily: Wait. Could I keep my husband's wedding ring?

Ofc. Murphy: Sure. I haven't entered it on the property list yet so --

Emily: Can I take it off his finger?

Lucky: Go ahead, Em.

Nikolas: Are you ok?

Emily: Yeah. I'm your wife, Nikolas. And I love you, and I know that you love me. I'm better than ok.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: I promise to wear this on a chain around my neck until you're released.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Ok?

Nikolas: And then you can put it back on my finger, where it'll stay for the rest of my life, ok?

Meyer: You have to help me. Put me in witness protection.

John: Whoa. Who attacked you?

Meyer: This is your fault. You're the one who stole the file from Sonny. If you don't do something fast, I -- Iím going to die for something you did!

Carly: Alexis warned me not to tell Sonny that Kristina was his daughter. She said that it would destroy my family and that she would fight Sonny in court with everything that she had to keep Kristina away from him. And if that didn't work, then she would take Kristina and disappear.

Jordan: And what happened when Kristina fell ill and needed a bone marrow transplant?

Carly: I wanted to tell Sonny immediately so he and his family could be tested as possible donors, but Alexis insisted that I wait so she could search for another possible donor.

Ric: Have you ever sued Sonny for custody of his own children?

Carly: Yes.

Ric: Who represented you?

Carly: Alexis Davis.

Ric: I see. That was after you threatened to tell Sonny that Kristina was his daughter. Is that correct?

Carly: Yes.

Ric: So you blackmailed Alexis into representing you. You used Kristinaís paternity for your own gain.

Carly: Yes.

Ric: I see. Are you currently separated from Mr. Corinthos?

Carly: Yes, I am.

Ric: And where do your children reside?

Carly: They live with me.

Ric: I see. So you won't leave your children with Mr. Corinthos, but you expect Ms. Davis to?

Jordan: Objection. That's immaterial.

Judge: Overruled. Please answer the question.

Carly: I leave Michael and Morgan with Sonny all the time because I have complete confidence in him as a parent, and he feels the exact same way about me.

Ric: That was not the question, Mrs. Corinthos.

Carly: Sonny is worried about Kristina because Alexis is unstable and you are even worse. And she actually married you --

Ric: I would appreciate it if you would answer the question, Mrs. Corinthos.

Carly: I'd appreciate it if you told the court how you locked me in your panic room; you chained me to a wall --

Ric: Your honor, could you please instruct the witness to answer the question?

Carly: How you planned on stealing my unborn child? And if Alexis thinks that you are a suitable parent --

Judge: Bailiff!

Carly: Of course he wants them.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: You may call your next witness.

Jordan: I call Mr. Sonny Corinthos to the stand.

[Music plays]

Singer: You breathe freely realness speak I am outside

Singers: Give me peace heaven holds a sense of wonder

Singer: Of what is really real

Singers: I get colder when the rage in me subsides

Singer: In the sparring I am sleeping in this silence in this nightmare in this silence I believe

Luke: Heather's not allowed visitors for six months. What's going to happen to Laura in that amount of time?

Skye: Well, with any luck, you won't have to wait that long. Heather's cell.

Luke: Where'd you get that?

Skye: Alice took it from her room before the cops came to confiscate her things.

Luke: Way to go, Alice.

Skye: Except really, it's my cell phone. It's the same phone she used to make those calls to the institute that you got drugged all summer.

Luke: Well, maybe whoever's taking care of Laura has this number.

Skye: The phone rang twice today.

Luke: Did you answer it?

Skye: Well, I wanted to check with you first.

[Phone rings]

Luke: No time like the present. Answer it and say you're Heather.

Skye: Heather Webber.

John: Now, look, we got to get you a doctor. But, first, you got to tell me who shot you.

Jason: Come on, Meyer, come on.

Stan: Got to hand it to this guy. He's giving a performance of a lifetime.

Meyer: I have to know Iíll be protected.

John: Well, that depends on whether or not you made a copy of the file incriminating Sonny. The one I stole was destroyed in a fire.

Jason: Got what we need. Can't use the file in court. Alexis has nothing she can use against Sonny.

Sonny: After my infant daughter died, I authorized the use of her stem cells to save Kristinaís life.

Jordan: Because you love Kristina?

Sonny: I'll do anything for my daughter.

Jordan: Thank you. No further questions.

Ric: Mr. Corinthos, how much time have you actually spent with Kristina?

Sonny: Well -- five or six times, you know, before I found out she was my daughter, and then I've been -- I've seen her every day since then.

Ric: Do you believe Kristina is comfortable with you?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: More comfortable than she is with Ms. Davis?

Sonny: No -- well -- Kristinaís more comfortable with her mother.

Ric: Have you observed a close and loving bond between Ms. Davis and her daughter?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Were you close to your own mother?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Mr. Corinthos, do you believe a child needs their mother?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: What do you feel is best for your daughter? Mr. Corinthos, Iíll ask you again. What do you think is best for Kristina?

Sonny: My daughter belongs with me.

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Woman: Where have you been? I've called twice.

Skye: So tell me, how is Laura?

Sonny: Kristina needs me. I want her to live in my house.

Jason: I got to get to Meyer before Durant figures out he's wearing a wire.

Meyer: I got to get out of town.

John: You're not going anywhere.

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