GH Transcript Wednesday 12/1/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/1/04



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Alexis: Ric, can I talk to you for a minute?

Ric: Yeah. Sonny, one second. Come here; go to Sonny. That a girl. Ok? I'll be right back. What's up?

Alexis: At the same time that he is being charming and generous, he is also exploiting your weaknesses, and he's very well aware of what yours are. I know how much you want your brother to love you, but don't prove it by helping him take Kristina.

Ric: Alexis, everything that I have done these past few weeks, everything that I continue to do is to ensure that Kristina is with the person she belongs with. And that is you, her mother.

Sonny: Hey, I know that we haven't spent a lot of time together, but you know what? When you get better, you're going to come home and live with me. And your daddy's going to be one happy man.

John: You know what that is?

Carly: No.

Jason: What's happening?

John: It's a bug. It's a listening device. You have any idea how it got here?

Carly: I have no idea where that came from.

John: Well, maybe you -- maybe you don't, but you did know that it was here.

Stan: We've lost the signal.

John: You were trying to set me up, trying to get me to admit that I stole that file that could send Sonny to prison.

Father Coates: Then I will give the invocation. I will pronounce Nikolas and Emily husband and wife, at which point Nikolas can kiss the bride.

Nikolas: This isn't the wedding day I wanted for you. I'm sorry.

Emily: Nikolas, it's our day. I don't want to think about the future, ok, or what's going to happen. I just want to pledge my love to you and never let go.

Ric: Look, come here. Just don't escalate, ok?

Alexis: I'm not escalating. I'm being very rational.

Ric: Sonny was with Kristina when I got here. My first impulse was to run him off, as well.

Alexis: Why didn't you?

Ric: Because I didn't want to cause another fight in front of Kristina.

Alexis: You do understand the danger that he poses? You do understand that -- you think that Iím exaggerating the danger?

Ric: No, no, no, no. I understand the danger, believe me. I understand the danger, but I also know that nobody's going to try and kill Sonny here in the hospital lounge in front of his brother, the D.A. I was doing what I thought you wanted and that is making this ok for Kristina.

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Kristina, hey, sweetheart. You want to -- you want to go for a ride with Ric, huh? Go in that chair, huh? We're going to get some hot chocolate. We'll go in the cafeteria, all right? That's a big girl. Say "bye."

Alexis: I'll be right there, honey.

Sonny: Bye.

Alexis: The hearing's been moved up. You need to do what we talked about or Iím going to turn the file over to Ric.

Sonny: I agreed to your terms. I'm going to give up my daughter. Can I just spend just one second with her?

Alexis: I heard what you said to her. Do you have any idea that by saying that to her right now that it will scare her and confuse her?

Sonny: What about when Kristina grows up? She's going to want to know her father.

Alexis: I hope she lives to grow up. She's a target. Do you want her to be a target to your enemies?

Sonny: I want what's best for my daughter.

[Alexis sighs]

Ric: Hey. I got to go to the office. All right, Iíll call you later.

Alexis: Wait. Wait.

John: I risked everything for you. I lied to a public official.

Carly: No, it couldn't have been the first time.

John: Carly, you tried to destroy state's evidence. I came up with an alibi, and this is -- well, this is how you repay me, by trying to exploit the connection with me?

Carly: Well, what goes around comes around.

John: Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Carly: Oh, you never wanted to know your daughter! I was Sonny Corinthos' wife. I was a means to an end for you!

John: No -- no!

Carly: Will you stop lying? Just admit that you stole the file! Admit that you used me!

Heather: Just as beautiful as the day we first got married -- the happiest day of my life. We had the most spectacular wedding. This town had never seen anything like it -- Luke and Laura, the stuff of legends.

Luke: How does the story end, sweetheart?

Heather: Happily, of course.

Luke: But I was unfaithful to you -- with Heather Webber.

Heather: Don't worry about Heather. I took care of her, just like Skye.

Luke: Where are they now?

Heather: Stop worrying about the details. Everything's taken care of. The big picture, the point is Iíve forgiven you your indiscretions. I know that I'm the only woman you truly love.

Luke: Well, yes, you are, sweetheart, you are. But, see, Skye was my mistake. I should take responsibility for that. I should make sure that she doesn't cause us any more trouble. Where is she?

Heather: Stop talking about Skye. This is our day. We're going to renew our wedding vows.

Luke: But --

Heather: Say the words. Tell me you love me.

Luke: I love you, Laura.

Skye: No, you can't be here.

Ross: You made sure of that.

Skye: I'm hallucinating. Heather drugged me.

Ross: It's your fault Iím dead. You picked me up. You slept with me to get back at your boyfriend.

Skye: No, I never meant to hurt anyone! God, Iíve been searching for your killer for months now!

[Ross groans]

Ross: You killed me!

Skye: No, no!

Ross: Now it's your turn to die!

Skye: No! No! No! No!

Ned: This is the second time that you and Brook have run away since you came to town.

Dillon: I was not running. I was --

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, chill out, all right? Dillon was just making sure nothing bad happened to me.

Lois: "Chill out"? Thank God nothing bad happened. You were in a foreign country.

Diego: It was just Mexico.

Ned: It's across the border.

Mac: And you were arrested.

Courtney: Maybe we should let them explain.

Lois: No -- no explanations necessary. Brook, you are grounded. You go to work and you go to school, and you don't even cross the street without my permission.

Diego: Brook was just helping me find my sister, ok?

Mac: I don't care if you were trying to achieve world peace. You lied and left the country, and you're all going to suffer. Ned, Lois, I want to speak to you.

Courtney: Hey. Look, I know that this was all Diegoís idea, so I will try and talk to your parents.

Dillon: You know, every time that I think I can't look like a worse influence on Georgie, somehow I pull it off. I'm never going to be able to see her again. She's not going to be able to leave the house and her dad's going to put on one of those little electronic ankle bracelet things.

Brook Lynn: If they send her to boarding school, I swear Iíll never be able to forgive myself, Dillon.

Diego: There's my social worker. Why didn't you tell me my sister was writing letters to you?

Grace: Maria asked me not to.

Diego: Yeah, well, she wants me to leave Port Charles and I need to know why.

Elizabeth: Do you remember when you were in high school and Nikolas passed you on the way out of Kellyís and you ran into a wall?

Emily: Oh -- I had a black eye for days.

Elizabeth: And your parents thought you were starting fights!

Emily: I know. If only they knew that I was flirting with my future husband.

Elizabeth: I mean, you're giving hope to young girls everywhere by marrying Nikolas today.

Emily: Oh, Elizabeth, all my dreams are coming true. Yeah, Nikolas and I are going to be married for the rest of our lives and the love we feel is going to carry us through the separation.

Elizabeth: Oh, Em, it is so unfair. I mean, you almost lost Nikolas twice and now he's going off to prison.

Emily: You know, it doesn't matter, Elizabeth. Today I'm becoming Nikolas' wife. That's all I need. I'm the happiest woman alive.

Diego: Maria must have told you why she was worried.

Grace: Your sister never gave me specifics about why she wanted you away from Port Charles -- just that there was someone here she didn't want you in contact with.

Diego: Oh -- well, did she say if it was a man or a woman? Can you tell me something?

Grace: I told you, she wouldn't give me details and just implied that you were at risk, which is why Iím working on a transfer.

Courtney: Diego doesn't need a new home. I want him to stay with me.

Lois: I think it's time that Brook live with her parents.

Ned: Yeah. We're not saying that you and Felicia haven't done a great job.

Lois: No, you've been great, but this situation was always meant to be temporary.

Mac: Thank you for understanding.

Ned: We're also very sorry that Brook has been such a bad influence on Georgie.

Lois: Her reign of terror is now over.

Emily: I love it, Elizabeth. And Nikolas will, too.

Elizabeth: Please. Nikolas would love you in a ponytail.

Emily: Oh, yeah.

Elizabeth: Ok, I'm going to go check on Lucky, all right?

Emily: Ok.

Elizabeth: I'll be right back.

[Knock on door]

Emily: Who is it?

Sam: Sam.

Emily: Hi!

Sam: Hi.

Emily: Sam, it's so good to see you.

Sam: How are you?

Emily: Good.

Sam: I wanted to stop by and thank you for inviting me to your wedding.

Emily: Yeah. I wasn't sure if you'd be up to it.

Sam: I haven't quite decided yet, so I wanted to give you these in advance.

Emily: Oh.

Sam: I thought maybe they could be your something borrowed if they work with your dress.

Emily: Oh. Oh, my -- Sam, they're beautiful.

Sam: You don't have to say that to be nice.

Emily: No, no, no --

Sam: I totally understand.

Emily: I mean it. I'd be honored to wear them. Thank you so much.

Sam: You're welcome. I mean, you have been nothing but kind to me and Iím just glad I could finally return the favor.

Emily: Thank you.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I snapped at you.

Ric: I understand.

Alexis: No --

Ric: You've been under a lot of stress.

Alexis: No excuse. You've been trying to help me -- you are helping me and you've proved that to me over and over again and I'm sorry. Can I throw myself on the mercy of the court?

Ric: Well, I'm willing to be lenient and take into consideration that you're just not used to being on the same side as me.

Alexis: No, I'm not. But now that I am, Iím starting to like it. I'm sorry.

Ric: It's ok.

Alexis: Everything is going to be ok --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Once this custody hearing is over and he's out of our lives.

Jordan: Is it true that your dad has a gun in the house?

Michael: I don't know.

Jordan: Have you ever seen him hold a gun? Have you ever been afraid you were going to be hurt?

Sonny: Not another word. Mike, get upstairs.

Michael: It's ok, dad. Jordan was just showing me how Ric might act when we get to court.

Jordan: I was just making sure he was prepared for Ricís cross-examination.

Sonny: Ok -- if Ric goes after my son like you just did, I want you to object, call recess. You do anything you have to do to get my son off the stand.

Michael: I'm not scared, dad. I'll just tell them the truth. You're a great dad. And I love you.

Sonny: Well, I love you, too, son. Get upstairs. You're going to go home. Go to your mother real soon, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Jordan: I realize those were tough questions.

Sonny: Ok, I think it's best if you don't talk to my son unless Iím here, ok?

Jordan: Fine. Whatever you say. You're the client.

Sonny: How'd he do?

Jordan: Great. Michael loves and admires you. And it's obvious that you feel the same way about him. And there's really no reason to put him through that if you're willing to give up your parental rights to Kristina, the same way you did Michael and Morgan.

John: Carly -- come on, you heard me on the pier with Ric. I tried to get him to suppress evidence against Sonny.

Carly: You were covering.

John: I risked my career to protect your husband, a known criminal, and I did it for you. And how do you repay me? By believing the first -- the first lie that you hear?

Carly: Ok, will you just listen to me? Meyer told Sonny everything.

John: Well, stop! So who the hell is Meyer?

Carly: Oh, I get it. I get it. No matter how bad all this gets, no matter how completely busted you are, you're just going to keep on lying. Right? Why not? It's worked for you in the past. Sooner or later, Iím going to give in.

John: Carly --

Carly: I'm going to start to believe you again.

John: Carly --

Carly: Isn't that what you're thinking?

John: Carly!

Carly: What?

John: You're wrong. You are dead wrong about all of this.

Carly: You pretended to support me. And you used an opening that I gave you to steal evidence against my children's father. You do not care about me at all!

John: Yeah -- oh, I don't care about you? Then why did I try to come up with an alibi for Ric?

Carly: Because you don't want to lose your source of information. You know that I will always be connected to Sonny. I will always have access to his life. And so you were just planning to use me again! You were planning to steal whatever evidence -

John: Carly, I did this --

Carly: Whatever you wanted to do!

John: Would you shut up? I did this because you're my daughter.

Carly: Oh -- you don't have a daughter. You are nothing to me.

John: I'm your father. I will always be your father. Carly, I want to be in your life!

Jason: Hey, get your hands off of her!

John: Hey, you had better have a gun because that's the only way you're going to stop me from getting in her life.

Carly: You are not in my life!

John: Carly, you don't --

Carly: And I wish you never were! I wish that I had never, ever met you.

John: Carly, you don't mean that.

Carly: Go back to New York. Better yet, go to hell.

John: Hey, Morgan. Took you a long time, huh? But you finally got what you wanted. Bastard.

Sonny: I gave up custody of Michael and Morgan under totally different circumstances. They don't apply to Kristina.

Jordan: Yes, I --

Sonny: I will not be pushed out of my daughter's life.

Jordan: I read the testimony. It was quite a speech you gave in court about how Michael and Morgan were better off with their mother. Alexis' team is going to use that as a precedent.

Sonny: Ok. Carly and I, we've had our differences. But I've never questioned, you know, her fitness as a mother. That's why I was willing to give my sons to her. Alexis is a different story. She's convinced herself that Iím a threat to Kristina. And I'm not going to let her pass down that fear to my daughter.

Jordan: So you're not going to have some big change of heart on the stand?

Sonny: I've missed two years of my daughter's life. I am not going to miss any more.

Jordan: Good.

Sonny: What are you --?

Carly: Sonny, I need to talk to you.

Sonny: We're done, right?

Jordan: Yeah. I'll be in touch.

Sonny: Ahem.

Jordan: Good night, Mrs. Corinthos.

Sonny: Bye.

Carly: Durant knows everything.

Jason: You did this to yourself when you betrayed Carly.

John: You've been working overtime trying to turn my daughter against me, haven't you?

Jason: No, see, I just told Carly that you were using her to get to Sonny. You just proved me right.

John: You set me up, you bugged my room, then you send my daughter in here --

Jason: You lost, Durant. Do what Carly asked. Go back to Manhattan.

John: I don't take orders from a punk. Carly is my daughter. She always will be. She is my flesh and blood, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Jason: She lived most of her life without you. And she's going to live the rest of it the same way.

Luke: I need to try to understand, sweetheart. You were in the hospital. How did you get out?

Heather: Well, Heather was in the room right next to me. I recognized her right away. And Skye came to visit.

Luke: She came to find out if you were ok.

Heather: No. She came to make sure the doctors locked me up for good so she could steal you away from me. So Heather and I broke out. And it took me a while, but I found a way to get back to you. And now we'll never be separated again.

Luke: Heather and Skye have families, Laura. They're going to be asking questions.

Heather: I don't care. The only thing that matters to me is that I know you love me.

Luke: I do. I could never love anyone the way I love you, my Laura. So you can let Skye go.

Heather: No!

Luke: What did you do to her?

Heather: I made sure Skye got exactly what she deserved.


Skye: Is someone there? Ah, help -- help me.

Jax: Look at her.

Courtney: Oh, I'd rather not.

Skye: Jax -- Jax, I need you.

Jax: Well, you always need someone.

Courtney: Hmm. That is so unattractive.

Jax: I need a woman who's strong, generous, and, most of all, honest, which is a lot more than you can manage.

Courtney: Ooh, ouch. That's harsh.

Jax: Yes, but deserved. See, Skye -- the only person that she's ever really cared about is herself, which is why you are to die here utterly alone.

Courtney: Well, technically, we're still here.

Jax: That's a good point.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Let's be in love somewhere else.

Skye: Please -- please, don't go. Please!  No, don't go.

Mac: All right, you're free to go. But if I catch you sneaking in Georgieís window or sending her text messages --

Dillon: Hey, Iím not trying to get Georgie in trouble here. You know that.

Mac: How many times am I going to hear you say that, Dillon? I am through listening. Georgie is off limits.

Alexis: I managed to fulfill my full duty as aunt of the groom.

Nikolas: How do I look?

Alexis: Like the man of Emilyís dreams.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Monica: Oh. You are so beautiful.

Elizabeth: Don't cry or I will, too.

Monica: Oh, I can't help it. I can't help it. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.

Emily: Thanks, Mom. Ok. 

Monica: This was Lilaís -- has her initials on it -- and they are in blue.

Emily: Oh, I can feel her here with me.

Monica: Hmm.

Emily: Thank you so much for bringing this, Mom.

Monica: You're welcome. I'm very proud of you, Emily, even if I do have -- and I do have -- misgivings about you getting married this way. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Emily: Thank you.

Monica: You know, you're the heart and soul of this family.

Emily: No, Mom, that's not true. All the Quartermaines love each other. I just remind everybody every once in a while.

Monica: Yeah, well, thank God for that. And I'm not going to -- I'm not going to even try to give you advice about what you're facing. I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart and I will always, always be here for you.

Emily: Mom -- you know, you've given me a lot of advice over the years. And if Iím even half as strong as you say I am, it's because I was listening, because you gave me a home, and because you loved me.

[Classical music plays]

Brook Lynn: What is he doing here?

Lois: I asked him to meet me.

Brook Lynn: Why? Huh? It's not like you're planning on bringing him to the wedding as your date, right?

Lois: That is none of your business.

Ned: It's all right.

Lois: Thank you for meeting me.

Lorenzo: If Iím supposed to be your escort, I don't think your daughter approves.

Lois: Ordinarily, that wouldn't bother me.

Lorenzo: But?

Lois: She didn't go looking for colleges after all. She ran away with Diego -- to Mexico.

Lorenzo: Well, no wonder you're worried.

Lois: I need to focus on Brook right now. She's rebelling and she's using Diego to do it.

Lorenzo: I get it. For Brook's sake, keep her away from him because I think Diego is trouble.

Courtney: Come here.

Diego: What?

Courtney: Look, Diego, I expect you to behave, ok? No fighting, perfect manners, all right?

Diego: Ok. Ok. Don't worry.

Courtney: No, I do worry, ok, but I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. That doesn't mean I'm a pushover.

Jax: I see the stray has returned.

Courtney: Jax was worried about you, too.

Jax: Yeah. I'm glad that you're home safe. Let's find some seats, shall we?

Felicia: Ooh, it's so beautiful. I just love weddings.

Mac: Even when the groom is arriving in handcuffs?

Felicia: It's thanks to you that the groom is arriving at all.

Mac: Don't give me too much credit.

Felicia: Why? The judge only agreed to release Nikolas to the ceremony because you persuaded him. I just happen to think it's romantic.

Steven: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. How are you?

Steven: Good. Look at you. You look beautiful.

Elizabeth: Oh, you clean up well yourself.

Steven: Thank you very much.

Elizabeth: I am saving you a seat -- with Angela.

Steven: Oh, ok. I didn't know she and Emily knew each other so well.

Elizabeth: She came with me.

Steven: Oh. Did you two get tight in nursing school?

Elizabeth: I brought her for you. Isn't she the one you're interested in?

Carly: I lost my temper, and now my father knows that you're on to him.

Sonny: Carly, look, it -- don't worry about it. You trusted your dad. He lied. You know? Who wouldn't be upset?

Carly: Look, I'm glad that I finally know the truth. I am just so sorry that it took me so long to see it.

Jason: Are you -- are you sure you're ready for this?

Sam: Yes. Your sister has been really good to me. I want to support her.

Jason: She'll understand if you don't want to go to the ceremony.

Sam: Do you think it's too soon for me to do something social after losing the baby?

Jason: I just -- I think you get to decide. I just don't want you to push yourself.

Sam: I want to be there. But, first, there's something I need to do, ok?

[Sam knocks on door]

Sam: Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt your night.

Sonny: You two going out?

Jason: Emily's getting married.

Sam: Listen, I just stopped by to tell you that I know the custody hearing is on Friday and I'm willing to testify for you.

Sonny: We've been through this already, Sam. I don't want you to have to relive losing our child in front of all those people.

Sam: Sonny, I did not lose the baby because of a fight I had with Alexis. This isn't about revenge.

Sonny: I know that, but they're going to ask you what happened. They're going to ask you to describe how it felt.

Sam: Ok, I want to do this.

Sonny: You --

Sam: Your daughter deserves to have you in her life, bottom line.

Sonny: You have faced Ric and Alexis in court before. You're still mourning. I don't --

Sam: I can handle whatever they throw at me, Sonny.

Sonny: Jason? Ok, ok, look, I -- thanks. I'll have my lawyer contact you.

Sam: You're welcome. Good night.

Carly: Look, I don't like her. But she is doing a good thing.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. But you're not the only one. I mean, you're testifying on my behalf.

Carly: Because I happen to believe you're a good father.

Sonny: Well, I appreciate that. And you know if the positions were reversed, I would do the same for you.

Carly: You know, Sonny, no matter where we are now, it doesn't erase what we've been for each other and to each other. You know you're just always going to be important in my life, and I don't think Kristina could ask for a better father.

[Classical music plays]

Bobbie: Nikolas is going to be so proud of his sister, and you're a beautiful flower girl.

Lesley: Now, when I give you the thumbs-up, then you start walking down the aisle, ok, sweetheart? Ok.

Bobbie: Do you want to go find Elizabeth, see if she has more petals for you?

Lesley Lu: Ok.

Lesley: Ok.

Bobbie: Ok.

Lesley: Oh. She is such an amazing little girl.

Bobbie: Yes, she is.

[Lesley sighs]

Bobbie: Oh, Lesley, I wish Laura could be here to see her son get married.

Lesley: She's here -- in all of us. I'm sorry.

Bobbie: It's ok.

Alan: I don't understand this. Skye and Emily are so close. I know Skye would want to be here.

Tracy: Why do you care?

Alan: I care because I love Skye as much as any of my children.

Tracy: Oh, right. And they've all done so well for it.

Alan: I refuse to have this argument with you, Tracy.

Justus: Maybe she's just late.

Alan: You think maybe Luke got her into trouble?

Tracy: Ugh.

Edward: I think he's going to be the end of her.

Justus: That sounds ominous.

Alan: Do you know something about this? Is Skye in danger?

Alexis: I'm not kidding. You are the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen, Emily.

Emily: Thank you, Alexis.

Alexis: I just came from Nikolas, and he has a message for you.

Emily: Oh?

Alexis: He can't wait to see you walk down the aisle.

Emily: Well, it'll be all I can do to stop myself from running -- toward him, not away.

Alexis: Do you know that ever since Nikolas was a little boy, he's always been searching for something, looking, looking for somebody to make him feel complete? He's always wanted a family and a home. And I thank you so much, Emily, because you are that to him.

Bobbie: There's the girl. There she is.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: The wedding's about to start.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: I was just wondering if I can do anything for you.

Elizabeth: I'll take a dance. I mean, at the reception.

Lucky: Yeah. I'll hold you to it.

Tracy: Oh. So much for storybook romance. Does the prince always arrive in shackles?

Dillon: Put a sock in it, Mom.

Monica: Well said, Dillon.

Lucky: Uncuff my brother, now.

Sonny: Hey. Kristina? This is your big brother Michael.

Michael: Hi.

Sonny: You got another little brother, too, but he's kind of --

Michael: He can't talk.

Sonny: Right, right.

Michael: His name's Morgan. And we both think it's really cool that we have a little sister.

Sonny: And that's Michaelís mother, Carly. You see Carly up there? She's part of the family.

Carly: Hey. Hey, Kristina. You know that you're entering a very complicated family here. There's a lot of love, and you're going to have a lot of love, too.

Skye: Luke? Is that you?

Luke: I don't know. Is it really me?

Skye: Oh, please. I'm fighting so hard to stay awake. Heather drugged me.

Luke: No kidding. I thought maybe you were on a bender.

Skye: Help me.

Luke: Why would I want to do that?

Skye: It's what we do for each other.

Luke: You're just a diversion, Skye. Just a way to pass the time.

Skye: No. No, that's not true. What about the fire at the hotel?

Luke: I've always been a sucker for drama, especially when it involved a high-powered flying machine.

[Luke's laugh echoes]

Skye: You don't mean that.

Luke: I thought you understood, Skye. There's only one woman for me -- Laura -- my wife, my angel. Why would I waste my time with you? You're an insecure, whining mess.

Skye: No -- no, I'm not.

[Luke's laugh echoes]

Skye: I'm not!

Heather: Never say their names again. You're my world, Luke. I can't even stand the thought of you looking at another woman. I'm your wife.

Luke: Yes, you are. And I love you more than I could ever love anyone else, Laura. So, let's start all over again and get it right this time. Let's renew our vows. Will you marry me, Laura, tonight?

[Classical music plays]

Lucky: Mac, the judge agreed to let Nikolas marry Emily. He didn't say anything about having to do it in shackles.

Mac: I can't risk Nikolas making a run for it.

Lucky: He won't, all right? You have my word.

Nikolas: And mine, as well.

Mac: Look, this isn't personal, Nikolas, but you confessed to murder.

Nikolas: Yeah, and I will pay for my crime, starting tomorrow. Tonight I want to give Emily her dream, ok, and that's the two of us joined together before God and everyone we love.

Lucky: Mac, you have men on every door. Do the right thing.

Tracy: Hmm. This just keeps getting better and better.

Edward: Somebody put a muzzle on her.

[Tracy laughs]

Jax: I didn't realize that Sam was going to be here.

Courtney: Well, you know, Jason adores Emily, so she probably just wants to support him.

Jax: You ok with that?

Courtney: Yeah. I'm happy for Jason. You know, he found someone. I did, too. This feels right.

Father Coates: We're about ready to start. You look great, guys.

Nikolas: Thanks. Ready.

Lucky: You ready for this?

Nikolas: Yeah. Waiting my whole life. All right.

Emily: Hi.

Elizabeth: Oh, Em, you look great. Are you ready?

Emily: My whole life.

Elizabeth: Ok. Let's go.

Emily: All right.

Emily: Connor.

Connor: Hello.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Heather: Of course I'll marry you.

Skye: Who's there?

[Door creaks]

Alan: Where's Emily?

Elizabeth: Don't worry, she's almost ready.

Lucky: Calm down. She'll be here.

Emily: What are you doing here?

Connor: I came here for you.

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