GH Transcript Friday 11/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/12/04


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Emily: You blame Nikolas for Maryís death and you want revenge. But is that really the way to honor your wife's memory, Connor? Not the woman that Mary became by the end of her diary, but the one that you fell in love with, the sweet, gentle, unassuming girl that you chose when you were still children. Think about that Mary.

Connor: I am thinking about her. And I understand it now. It's my fault! My Maryís in her grave because I put her there.

Emily: You are not the reason that Mary is dead.

Connor: I abandoned my wife, Emily. I let her think I was dead when I knew how afraid she was to be alone without me. I let her think the worst for months. And when she couldn't handle it, she broke. The sweet, beautiful, amazing woman who would tear up if you killed a fly became so delusional and desperate that she came after you with a knife. You almost died, and that would have been my fault. Damn, you must hate me.

Emily: No, that's the thing, Connor. I don't hate you at all.

John: Sonny is the one who's ending this marriage. Would you at least walk away with some dignity intact?

Carly: Whoa! Oh! Hold on a second. You don't know anything about me and Sonny or our relationship or what we've shared --

John: Carly, Carly, I know enough. I know enough! You are not going back to Sonny. I forbid it.

Carly: Wait a minute. I must have heard you wrong. I'm sorry. Did you say that you forbid it? What do you think I am, 6 years old?

John: I'm sorry. I'm concerned.

Carly: Ok, and I'm grateful for that. But when it comes to my relationship with Sonny, your input is not needed, it is not wanted, and your opinion does not matter to me. Am I being clear enough with you?

Ric: You take one more step into Kristinaís room and I will have you arrested.

Sonny: You might have fooled Alexis, but you don't fool me, Ric. You don't even care about that little girl. You're just using her to get to me.

Ric: Ok, once again, my world does not revolve around you, Sonny. My feelings for Kristina far outweigh what I feel for you. She's not only my niece, but she happens to be my stepdaughter.

Sonny: Yeah, funny how that worked out, how now you got your own world now, you're not obsessed with me.

Ric: Ok, think what you want. But the point is you don't get to have Kristina, ok? You don't get to pull that innocent child into that world of hell that you call a life, and you do not get to destroy my wife in order to take her child.

Sonny: You want to help Alexis? You tell her to compromise, or I will break you both.

Alexis: The transplant was a success.

Sam: The transplant? Are you talking about the stem cells?

Alexis: Oh, my -- oh, my God. I'm -- oh, God, I'm sorry.

Sam: So, what, you're telling me my -- my baby had to die so yours could live?

Alexis: No, no, Sam, no. Nobody wanted your baby to die.

Sam: You did.

Alexis: No, Sam.

Sam: No, you did. I remember. We were in the chapel, and you were yelling at me.

Alexis: Sam --

Sam: You were trying to force me into letting the doctors induce my labor.

Alexis: I was begging you, I was pleading with you to save my daughter, and you passed out --

Sam: And that's when you did it. Right? I was unconscious, and you told them to take my baby. You killed my little girl.

Sam: Now I know why my baby died, because you convinced the doctors to take her before she was ready, because that's what you do. Right, Alexis? You convince people of things. And if kindness doesn't work, you go on the attack. You will do anything to get what you want.

Alexis: Your baby was in trouble. You had an emergency C-section.

Sam: My baby was fine! She was alive inside of me until you showed up.

Alexis: Sam, you had a condition called abruptio placentae. The blood supply to your baby and the oxygen was cut off. She was stillborn.

Sam: Because you killed her.

Alexis: Sam, that is not what happened.

Sam: You lied to get the stem cells, Alexis. You told me, mother to mother, that my baby would be fine. All you cared about was Kristina. You didn't care what happened to my little girl. You didn't care about the risk to her!

Alexis: Sam, that isn't true.

Jason: What the hell are you doing here? Haven't you done enough?

Luke: What's your lucky number?

Heather: Why do you ask?

Luke: Because I want to place a bet for you.

Heather: Well, even if I win, I'd only be taking my own money back because Iím part owner. Unless you called me here to break the deal?

Luke: No. No, but I am interested in why you want to throw in with me.

Heather: I told you, I'm at loose ends since Edward was committed.

Luke: Take up needlepoint or taxidermy. Join a bowling league; take a pilgrimage to Tibet.

Heather: I thought you wanted my money.

Luke: I do. It's just that I don't believe in human kindness. And I don't believe that 20% is all you're looking for on this investment.

Heather: 17 -- that's it. That's my lucky number.

Luke: Why is that?

Heather: I don't know. It just popped in my head.

Luke: Oh. Well, I was hoping maybe that it was because 17 was the room number where we spent that weekend together.

John: Carly, look, Iím sorry. You got to forgive me. I -- I have this overbearing streak. It's a curse, really. It's a compulsion to take charge. I like to put everything and everyone right in place, right where I think they should be. I hope I haven't passed this on to you, because it tends to put people off.

Carly: Yeah. I know a little bit about that.

John: You got to give me some leeway here. I'm -- Iím still pretty new at this dad thing, and my first instinct is to take you in my arms, to protect and -- but I really do realize that it's -- that Iím not going to be able to bundle you up against the cold. I can't teach you how to tie your shoes, and I recognize that you are a grown woman, and you have gotten perfectly well through life without the advice and guidance of a father. But this is me backing off. If -- all right, look, if you want to stay here, if you want to live with Sonny, if that's your choice, I'll do whatever I can to --

Carly: I don't know what's going to happen yet. Ok, I donít. But this much I know -- Sonny and I have both learned it does no good to tear each other apart.

Ric: You know, Michael and Morgan must have been born under a lucky star to be able to escape all the violence that surrounds you with their lives intact. But, you see, Alexis and I aren't going to gamble with Kristinaís life in that same way, Sonny. We are going to keep her from you.

Sonny: Or die trying. You don't have a leg to stand on, legally or otherwise. Kristina is my blood.

Ric: Oh, please, Sonny.

Sonny: Huh?

Ric: She knows the doorman better than she knows you. And frankly, that's as it should be. You need to be satisfied with the children that you have, Sonny -- Michael and Morgan -- because Kristina is not going to be in the line of fire the next time one of your enemies decides to take an assault rifle to you. She's not going to come visit Daddy at his coffee warehouse the next time it gets blown up, and she is definitely not going to be strewn in pieces in a parking lot because she decided to get into a car just like your first wife and child.

Sonny: Listen to me, you miserable piece of garbage! You try to keep me away from my daughter, I will see you dead and buried!

Emily: You loved Mary. Even someone who barely knows you could see that. You did everything in your power to get back to her. And except for a series of events that no one could have predicted, you would have.

Connor: If every choice I ever made wouldn't have been wrong.

Emily: You know what? You did what you thought was best at the time. You couldn't have foreseen, Connor, that Mary would open her door that night to a man with your face and no memory. If Nikolas' car had hit a tree two miles further down the road, if he hadn't had a head injury, or at least remembered his name, if Mary simply hadn't opened the door that night -- do you see where Iím going with this? A half a dozen accidents collided and made a tragedy. Mary was a victim of fate, and so were you and so was Nikolas. There's no one to blame, and no one deserves to be punished.

Luke: We spent a couple of incredible days together a long time ago. Maybe you don't remember me, the loan, the room number.

Heather: I had no idea what the room number was. But I remember you very well.

Luke: It was a strange time.

Heather: Laura was out of your life then. Only temporarily, as it turns out.

Luke: It seems permanent now.

Heather: What do you mean?

Luke: I thought you knew. Laura's mentally ill. She disappeared last spring from the hospital where she was being treated.

Heather: Of course I wasn't going to bring it up. I assume it's too painful for you.

Luke: Well, it is painful, very painful. I try not to think about it. What good does it do? But she's lost to me. And even if I could find her, she's lost in her own mind.

Heather: That's very sad.

Luke: Yes, it is. Anyway, I thought maybe -- maybe I was hoping -- that that's the reason you wanted to invest in this place, as a sort of nostalgia for our lost weekend.

Heather: Maybe a little. It was the one and only time I got a chance to know you. We didn't exactly run in the same circles when I lived in Port Charles. You were focused on Laura, and I was making a lot of mistakes. That was a very special weekend for me -- to be with someone Iíd admired from afar. But I don't exactly expect to pick up where we left off.

Luke: Well, that's too bad.

Heather: What do you mean? I assumed you're committed to Skye.

Luke: Well, sure, I am, as a business partner.

Heather: Well, I think Skye feels it goes a little deeper than that.

Luke: Well, then, she's reading too much into a few kisses. No, the truth is that Skyeís fine, you know; she's convenient. She adds a lot of class to this joint. But she is a spoiled, rich girl, cold as ice, and, you know, she drinks. She's a messy, sloppy drunk, and if she doesn't drink, she's a card-carrying neurotic. So if you and I were here late one night and had a couple of martinis and one thing led to another, I wouldn't complain.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Alexis: I wanted to thank her. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry for her loss and thank her for what she did for my daughter.

Jason: No, you want Sam to forgive you so you can feel better about what you did.

Alexis: I wanted her to know that what she did for Kristina --

Jason: You want more and more, Alexis. Her baby's gone. Just stay away from her.

Ric: It's ok. It's all right! It's ok. It's ok, all right. It's all right, it's ok.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, hey -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Ric: We're not going to take Mr. Corinthos into custody.

[Sonny sighs]

Ric: We're going to excuse this as one of his many violent outbursts. But I do want you to file, officer, a detailed incident report stating that Mr. Corinthos here threatened to kill me within earshot of a sick child. It's official documentation of your rage issues, Sonny. It's one of the numerous factors that are going to render you unfit in the eyes of the court to raise a puppy, let alone a little girl.

Sonny: Yeah? Well, you should know me by now, Ric. You keep pushing me and pushing me. You know what? I'll push you 10 times more. You're not going to win this fight.

Meyer: Hello, Mrs. Corinthos. I'm sorry to stop by without calling. I wouldn't have if the matter weren't pressing.

Carly: I'm sorry, Meyer, but Sonny's not home.

Meyer: I'm aware of the medical emergency. But this file needs Mr. Corinthos' urgent attention.

Carly: Ok.

Meyer: I'll leave it right here. Will you make sure that he looks at it first thing?

Carly: Yeah, it's no problem. It's no problem. Thanks.

Michael: Dad?

Carly: No, sweetie. Sweetie, that was just -- that was Mr. Meyer. He was just dropping off a file for your dad. You know, your dad probably won't be around all that much, at least while Kristinaís in the hospital. That's where he'll be spending most of his time. And, sweetie, that's why I think it is best that we move into the new house.

Michael: I'm not going, and you can't make me.

Woman: Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Jordan Baines?

Woman: Yeah.

Sonny: Hi. Thanks for meeting me so quickly.

Jordan: Well, I was intrigued by your call. How can I help you?

Sonny: I want you to represent me.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I'm prepared to wire-transfer $100,000 into your firm's account. You can start billing me by the hour as of now. I'll pay for all and any expenses, you know, on my behalf.

Jordan: You don't waste any time.

Sonny: Well, I don't really have time to waste, because it's kind of an urgent situation here.

Jordan: Well, I can see whatever it is it's important to you.

Sonny: Is that a yeah?

Jordan: All right. I will dispense with the standard formalities, Mr. Corinthos, and I will take your case.

Sonny: Ok.

Jordan: Now, what have I signed on for?

Sonny: Well, I -- I run a -- my business is kind of dangerous, you know? And I run a risk pretty much every day of my life. But that said, I want custody of my illegitimate daughter Kristina.

Ric: Hey. What's wrong? What happened?

Alexis: I went to see Sam. I wanted to thank her for saving my baby's life.

Ric: Of course you did.

Alexis: I was just wanting to reach out to her. She's devastated after losing her baby. At least that's what I thought I was doing.

Ric: Look, don't start blaming yourself --

Alexis: Sam and Jason didn't see it that way.

Ric: Stop, stop. What happened?

Alexis: She didn't know. She didn't know. I -- I assumed that she knew about the transplant, but nobody told her. Apparently, they made a decision to dole out each piece of hideous news one piece at a time.

Ric: Right. And I assume it didn't go well?

Alexis: She blames me. Of course she blames me. She doesn't remember agreeing to induce labor, and you know something? Maybe she didn't. Maybe I wanted her to say it so badly that I put the words in her mouth.

Ric: I seriously doubt that, Alexis.

Alexis: Jason said that I went in there looking for forgiveness for myself. He said that I went in there to make myself feel better for attacking her in the chapel.

Ric: Ok, listen to me. I don't want you to start exaggerating about what really happened. You were tired, ok? You were stressed out. You were trying to do whatever you could --

Alexis: I harassed her. I harassed her. I was merciless. She begged me to stop. I didn't do it. I knew she was upset, but I had a mission, and by God, I was going to prevail.

Ric: You were doing what you needed to do in order to save your daughter's life.

Alexis: Against a woman who was in no position to fight back.

Steven: I have news.

Sam: So when is the service for my daughter?

Jason: There will be a memorial mass Wednesday at the Queen of Angels.

Sam: You saw her? You held her? What did she look like?

Jason: She was beautiful.

Sam: Beautiful how?

[Jason sighs]

Sam: Please, Jason, help me out. Did she have hair?

Jason: It was a -- it was a good amount.

Sam: Was it straight? Was it black? Was it curly? What --

Jason: It was -- it was black and curly like Sonny's. Her face was shaped like yours.

Sam: What color were her eyes?

Jason: She never opened them.

Sam: So you saw her and you held her? You told her goodbye?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Yeah? And is that when Alexis came in and ordered to take her stem cells? And that was just fine, right? Alexis Davis decreed it, so no one questioned it?

Jason: Sam, that's not what happened. Sonny had to give permission.

Carly: You didn't hate it when we were at the cottage before, did you?

Michael: I hated that Dad wasn't there.

Carly: Yeah, I know, that goes without saying. But all in all, it was not a horrible experience.

Michael: It was ok, but it'd be better if we were all there.

Carly: I know. I know, honey, and I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry to be putting you through this again. But you know, right, that your dad and I -- we're not mad at each other. You know that. You know we're not fighting.

Michael: Then why can't I just stay here until you guys get back together? I mean, you always do.

Carly: Michael, I don't want you counting on that. I really don't, because I -- it's just better. It's better if you and Morgan and I -- we move into the new house, at least until Kristinaís well.

Michael: Then can we move back home?

Carly: I don't know, ok? I don't know. Nothing has been settled yet. I want you to know something, though. No matter what happens, your dad and I -- we love you and Morgan, no matter where we live.

Michael: I love you, too. I just don't want things to, you know, change.

Carly: Sweetie, this is a sad but true fact of life here, ok? Change -- it's the only thing that you can count on, and it happens, even when we don't want it to.

Sam: What do you suppose she expected? For me to say, "No problem, Alexis. Everything worked out for the best. It's ok that my baby died as long as yours didn't"?

Jason: Sam, you just got to forget about Alexis and forget about all of this. You need to get some sleep.

Sam: Jason, a few days ago, my baby was alive inside of me. I could feel her heartbeat. I could feel her little legs just kicking, wanting out.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: Now I just feel so empty, like there's nothing, nothing inside me at all.

Steven: Kristina has stabilized.

Ric: That's fantastic.

Alexis: Is there a "but"?

Steven: Ok, I -- I don't want to give you premature hope. It's too soon to tell if the stem cells will hold and build healthy marrow. But I'm very encouraged, and I will keep you posted.

Ric: That's great, thank you.

Steven: Yeah.

Ric: Did you hear that? You hear that? Kristina has very good chances, and that is because of you, Alexis, because you got what your daughter needed to live.

Alexis: Like an attorney confronting a hostile witness. Don't see the poor woman who's frightened to death about losing her child. Just see the obstacle and try and break it.

Ric: Ok, listen to me. I'm going to tell you this as many times as you need in order to hear it. You got what your daughter needed to live, and now things are looking good, all right?

Alexis: I have no doubt that she will testify in Sonny's trial --

[Ric sighs]

Alexis: And I will deservedly look like an insensitive, fire-eating monster.

Ric: Yeah, compared to a gangster with severe anger-management issues? Alexis, you're going to look like the parent of the year.

Alexis: Yeah.

Ric: I provoked Sonny outside here in the hall just before, in front of a police witness. He threw me against the wall and he threatened to kill me -- Sonny's usual, all right? It's not going to take much to prove that he is unfit as a father in the eyes of the court. My brother is his own worst witness.

Jordan: Now, Iím deeply sorry for the loss of your daughter, but your behavior in the immediate aftermath is going to win major sympathy and admiration in the court.

Sonny: How do you figure that?

Jordan: Well, you're a father who stepped beyond his grief after the loss of one child and didn't hesitate to save another one. If you relate your story as simply and powerfully as you have with me to the judge, there won't be a dry eye in the house.

Sonny: Yeah -- whoa, whoa. But that's not why I agreed to the stem cell transplant. You understand?

Jordan: Yeah, I realize that.

Sonny: Ok.

Jordan: You were acting as a loving parent, and that's what I want the court to see more of. Will your children and wife testify on your behalf?

Sonny: Well, my -- Morganís 1. My oldest child's -- he'll support me. I'm -- Iím not sure about my wife.

Jordan: And what can we expect Ms. Davis to use against you?

Sonny: Well, I've been hospitalized on three occasions for gunshot wounds.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Two of my cars have been bombed, ok? And my first wife and my unborn child were casualties of the first, so Iíve been kind of, like, you know -- I've gone overboard on security, but I always keep Michael and Morgan, you know -- I don't risk them with any kind of danger. They're always protected. They live in a penthouse. They're surrounded by bulletproof glass. So I imagine Alexis is going to say that I, you know, I put my children at mortal danger.

Jordan: Hmm.

Sonny: And I'm sure she's also going to say that Iím emotionally unstable.

Jordan: Are you?

Sonny: Well -- ahem -- I'm angry, you know, but I make sure that I don't show it in front of my children. But on the other hand, you know, Ric Lansing, who's my half brother and Alexis' new husband --

Jordan: Right.

Sonny: You want to know what he did?

Jordan: Yeah.

Sonny: All right. He kidnaps my pregnant wife, right, and he held her hostage in a panic room with the intent to kill her so he can steal the baby and give to his first wife. Now, I don't know about you, but if you ask me, that's not a poster boy for mental health, you know?

Jordan: No.

Sonny: Right.

Jordan: I'm going to assume that this incident is not documented; there's no police reports. Otherwise, Ric couldn't practice law, let alone serve as the D.A.

Sonny: Right. He made a deal with the old D.A., Scott Baldwin, and they came up with, you know, insufficient evidence. It was my wife's word against Ricís.

Jordan: Well, unfortunately, Ricís behavior, although deplorable, is useless. If we admit that into a custody case with no hard evidence or police reports, we're going to look bad for making unfounded accusations.

Sonny: Ok, so you're telling me that I'm more dangerous than my psychotic brother because the cops wrote what I did down? Is that what you're saying to me?

Jordan: Don't get angry or defensive, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: No, I mean, I'm not getting angry. I'm just saying, you know, it doesn't seem right, you know?

Jordan: It's only going to work against you.

Sonny: Oh -- ok.

Jordan: Ok?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jordan: I've had dealings with the D.A.

Sonny: Hmm.

Jordan: He's shrewd and very good at exploiting vulnerabilities. So here's my advice -- you let me deal with him.

Sonny: All right.

Jordan: You stay away from Alexis and Ric.

Sonny: Ok.

Jordan: And whatever you do, keep your temper in check.

Sonny: Right.

Jordan: Stay focused on the goal --

Sonny: Right.

Jordan: And be as persuasive in court as you've been with me --

Sonny: Right.

Jordan: And I have a chance of getting you custody of your daughter.

Sonny: All right.

Jordan: Ok?

Sonny: All right.

Emily: If Mary could speak to you, she'd tell you to move on with your life; to try to be happy again. Connor, she loved you with all of her heart. She wouldn't want you torturing yourself with guilt and lashing out in revenge. Connor, donít. Please, there's no point in reliving Maryís breakdown. Just hold on to the woman she was for most of her life.

Connor: I can't -- I can't -- I can't burn it. Not yet. I need to hear her words one last time. And not all that insanity at the end, all that crap. But the beginning, the beginning when Mary was still Mary.

Mac: Thanks for coming. I just had an illuminating interview with your launch pilot.

Nikolas: Is that so?

Mac: Yeah. He told me he ferried you twice one particular night within an hour out to Spoon Island, and you were dressed differently.

Nikolas: I told you that yesterday at Kellyís, Mac.

Mac: You were talking about the night Emily was kidnapped. Your launch pilot and I were talking about the night Helena went over the cliff. Did you know Connor Bishop was there when she fell?

Luke: Is there anything about this place you'd like to change? I mean, as long as you're investing to keep us open, I think you ought to have a say in the details.

Heather: You don't like the decor?

Luke: Well, it's all right. It's all Skye, though. When we moved in, I had no opinion, so she just took over and did what she wanted. But, believe me, if you have other ideas, don't be shy about speaking up.

Heather: Skye might object.

Luke: Well, she's not the one putting up the cash to keep the joint open. You are.

Heather: So, you're flirting with me out of gratitude?

Luke: Hmm. I have mixed motives. Is that a problem?

Heather: Not yet.

Luke: This fills in a lot of blanks for me about us and this place, why you might want to invest here. I'm confident I can meet or exceed all of your expectations.

Heather: I have no doubt.

[Phone rings]

Heather: Oh, I have to take this.

Luke: Oh, go ahead.

Heather: It's private. Besides, I think we've done enough clarification for one night. I'll come over tomorrow. We can finish our negotiations.

Luke: I look forward to it. Bye.

Skye: Typical rich girl? Ice-cold and spoiled rotten? Sloppy when I'm drinking and neurotic when I'm not?

Luke: Could we -- could we fight later? I just need a minute or two here to decompress.

Skye: Oh, after stabbing me in the back?

Luke: No, after flirting with the psychopath who kidnapped my wife.

Sonny: I would have come sooner. I was just spending time with the kids.

Jason: Yeah, I know, I know.

Sonny: How is she?

Jason: She's -- you know, when she first found out she lost the baby, she kind of went into denial.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: She was very distraught, but I think she's starting to accept it.

Sonny: Ok.

Jason: And then Alexis showed up.

Sonny: What did she want?

Jason: Well, according to Alexis, she wanted to tell Sam that she was sorry, but she managed to be the first one to tell her about the stem cells.

Sonny: I wanted to be the first one to tell her.

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Hey, Iím right here. And Sonny's here.

Sonny: Hi. I want -- I just -- I want a moment alone, if that's all right. I'm not going to ask you if you're all right, because, you know -- I can't imagine how much pain you're in.

Sam: Why? Why, Sonny? Why did you let them take our little girl?

Nikolas: The launch pilot takes me back and forth from Spoon Island five or six times a day. How could one ordinary night possibly stand out from the next?

Mac: You're saying he was mistaken?

Nikolas: Obviously, yeah.

Mac: Let's say for the sake of argument that Connor Bishop witnessed Helenaís death. Now, if I were to question him, would he tell me the same version of events that you and Emily have been telling me, or would he have a version all his own?

Emily: "Connor is my family, my past and our future, my lover and my friend."

John: Sonny been around here all day?

Steven: I haven't seen him, but I'd assume so.

John: Well, I'm happy to say that his unholy marriage to my daughter appears to finally be over.

Steven: I'm guessing Carlyís not as happy about that as you are.

John: Oh, she'll be fine once she's out of that oppressive penthouse, into the cottage that I bought for her.

Steven: Planning on spending much time there?

John: As much as I can. I want to get to know my family.

Steven: Ok, so it sounds like taking down Sonny is no longer the driving force in your life.

John: Well, no. Carly's my number one priority.

Steven: Sonny's off the hook?

John: With me? Never. Corinthos -- he rules the eastern seaboard with impunity, and that's not going to happen, not on my watch. All I need is one piece of evidence, one sliver of evidence, and it falls in my lap, I'm not turning my back on that.

Steven: Ok. What if it comes down to a choice? Carly's love and trust against Sonny in a federal prison for life?

John: Let's hope that that never happens.

Carly: Look, all I'm asking is that you give it a chance, ok? It's not like I'm taking you to some horrible place. It's got a big backyard with a new skating ramp in there. Are you listening to me? Is that all --

Michael: Sorry. I just don't know which ones to pack.

Carly: Oh -- when in doubt, take them all.

Sonny: The only thing that was taken were the stem cells from the baby's umbilical cord after she was delivered, Sam.

Sam: And her life. But Kristinaís going to live, and that's all that really matters to you, right, Sonny?

Sonny: Ok, that's not fair, ok? That's not fair at all --

Sam: No, what's not fair is, did you even try -- did you try and make them save our daughter?

Sonny: I loved my daughter. I loved her like she was --

Sam: Yeah, but you loved Kristina more! And she's going to live, so really, Sonny, really, you should be happy. You saved the daughter you wanted.

Ric: Listen, you're going to see. She's going to come out of this stronger than she ever was.

Alexis: You're sure now? Yeah?

Ric: Yeah, I have amazing stepfather instincts.

Alexis: Do they even have those?

Ric: I guess they do. Look, I just know in my heart that we're going to be bringing Kristina home soon. Except we don't have a home. What do you say? Want to get a house?

Jordan: District attorney Lansing?

Ric: Yeah.

Jordan: We meet again. Somehow I knew we would. Jordan Baines. I'll be representing Sonny Corinthos in the custody suit. As you can see, the restraining order against my client has been lifted and visitation with Kristina allowed. You know, if I were you, Ms. Davis, I would enter into serious negotiations with Mr. Corinthos, be at your most compelling, and try to get him to agree to joint custody.

Ric: That's not an option.

Jordan: Then prepare to lose your daughter.

Ric: What's going on? What's up? What's wrong?

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Steven: There's a complication. We just need to stop her bleeding.

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