GH Transcript Monday 11/8/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/8/04


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[Connor mumbles]

Emily: Connor, I know you're weak, but we have to hurry.

Connor: Why -- why are you helping me? What are you --?

Emily: All right, Connor, Nikolas and Lucky are making a big mistake, but you won't send Nikolas to jail for killing Helena.

Lucky: His name is Connor Bishop. His room is this way. All right --

Nikolas: You called the MPs? What are you doing?

Lucky: Wait, wait, I know you're against this, but this is the best solution.

Nikolas: What do you -- why?

Lucky: Because you're my brother, and I like having you around.

Nikolas: Uh, all right.

Lucky: Come on, follow me.

Dillon: Hello?

[Dillon groans]

Dillon: Whoa. Hello? I can see you. Has -- look, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know if everything's ok. Who are you? Ok, um -- Laura? Mrs. Spencer? I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know what's -- what's going on here. Can you talk? Can you hear me? God, who did this to you? Who's keeping you up in this attic?

Heather: There's a killer on the loose?

Luke: Not anymore.

Heather: But you were just saying --

Luke: Well, what I was saying is that Skye and I didn't need to bob and weave our way through the chuckles avoiding cops. We should've just stood still, waited for the real murderer of Detective Doughnut to confess, because she did.

Skye: I always knew Faith Rosco was out to get me.

Heather: I heard about Faith's confession on the news. Congratulations.

Luke: Yeah, thanks.

Heather: So, when are you going to reopen the casino?

Luke: We're not real sure. Money's a little tight.

Heather: Well, I may be in the right place at the right time, then.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Gibbs, please call extension 5732. Dr. Gibbs, please call extension 5732.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put this on you.

Carly: No, it's ok.

Sonny: No, it's not. It's not your --

Carly: Kristina's --

Sonny: I know, but it's not your problem, ok?

Elizabeth: Sonny? Sam's been taken to the O.R. She's having complications.

Steven: Get a stat C.B.C.! Let's get an ultrasound here! Call respiratory! Wait outside.

Jason: No, no, no, wait. What's happening to her?

Steven: I'll tell you as soon as I know.

Jason: What did you do to her?

Alexis: Jason, Iím so sorry. I didn't mean to upset her.

Jason: Well, you were right there when she collapsed.

Alexis: I went to her to try to get her to reconsider --

Jason: No, you were yelling at her, Alexis! I heard you!

Alexis: I got upset, I admit it.

Jason: No, you were trying to convince her --

Alexis: I'm sorry!

Jason: And make her agree to induce labor, weren't you, huh? You were trying to make her feel bad! Admit it!

Sonny: Hey, hey!

Alexis: You're hurting me! You're hurting me!

Sonny: Get back. What are you doing? What's going on?

Jason: Sam's in O.R. and Alexis put her there!

Nikolas: They're gone.

Lucky: Hey, what happened? All right, hey, just don't assume the worst. Maybe -- maybe Emily left.

Nikolas: Connor ran and forced Emily to go with him!

Emily: Ok, we're almost there.

Heather: How much money do you need?

Luke: Not much. Pocket change for Mrs. E. Quartermaine.

Skye: 2 million, in cash.

Heather: That's quite a reopening.

Luke: Well, see, I kind of got us in this dicey deal with a man named Alcazar, and he's on the verge of owning the joint, so I need 2 million to buy it back from him.

Heather: All right. I'll cover it.

Luke: I like a decisive woman!

Heather: I want to do good things with my money.

Skye: Oh, you mean Edwardís money.

Heather: Poor Edward. And this year was just too much for him. But to see him committed to Shadybrook? That was just too painful.

Skye: Oh, you must miss him terribly.

Heather: I do. I wander around that big house without him, and all there is to do is worry.

Skye: All that money and no one to spend it with.

Heather: Exactly. So that's what Iím thinking -- an investment here, working with you two -- maybe it's what we all need.

Skye: Speak for yourself.

Heather: I just did.

Luke: I think there's room for discussion.

Skye: Are you serious?

Heather: He knows a good thing when he sees it.

Luke: Heather, yeah, I may -- I may just -- may I take your coat?

Heather: Yeah.

Lucky: Have a seat, Iíll pour us a couple of drinks, and we will negotiate.

Skye: Oh, no, we won't! We're not taking one red cent of your money!

Luke: Don't slam the door, Mabel. That's opportunity knocking.

Sonny: You claimed you were going to talk to the doctor. Instead you went to Sam and you bullied her? Is that what happened here?

Alexis: I went to have a conversation --

Sonny: You went to have -- now she's in O.R.! You tore into her, didn't you? Because you wanted to make her crack like she's on the witness stand? Well, it worked. Huh? You happy? Pat yourself on the back!

Steven: Sam has a condition called abruptio placentae.

Sonny: Oh --

Jason: What -- you know what this is?

Sonny: She's bleeding. She's bleeding inside.

Steven: That's right. Abruptio placentae is a sudden detachment of the placenta from the wall of the uterus. Now, listen, in Samís case, it appears spontaneous. It just happened; no one caused it. But right now she's in shock from loss of blood and she's unconscious. We need to work very hard to stabilize her.

Sonny: Wait -- doc? Doc? What about the baby?

Steven: Right now we just need to focus on keeping the mother alive.

Jason: No, no, hold on! What's this doing to the baby?

Steven: It's compromising her blood and her oxygen supply. Right now both mother and daughter are critical.

Lucky: Call hospital security. Go -- just go! Go seal the building!

Nikolas: This is exactly why I didn't want you to call the military police. Somehow Connor found out about it and took off.

Lucky: I know, ok? He just hasn't had time to go very far.

Nikolas: This guy is a loose cannon, Lucky. He's angry, he's desperate, and he has my fiancťe with him. And he'll use her any way he has to to make sure he escapes this hospital.

Alan: Where are you and Nikolas off to?

Emily: We were on our way to the park. We thought that we'd take a ride on the carousel before it closes.

Alan: Oh, it's a beautiful day for it. Enjoy yourselves.

Emily: Yes, we will, Dad.

Luke: We should at least hear her out.

Skye: That's what you said about Lorenzo Alcazar, and here we are waiting for him to foreclose on us.

Heather: Am I allowed to speak?

Luke: You have the floor.

Heather: This is all rather spur-of-the-moment, and I don't want to be unfair. I mean, I'm happy to come to your rescue, Luke. But I should probably realize some sort of return.

Skye: Of course you should.

Heather: Would 20% be asking too much?

Luke: That's very reasonable.

Skye: That's it?

Heather: You were expecting more?

Skye: It's called waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Heather: Well, there is one small matter. I've never seen this casino in action. It must be pretty exciting. I was thinking Iíd like to be a part of it, if only to keep my mind off of Edward until he gets better.

Skye: Oh, get to the point.

Heather: Well, I've always considered myself to be a people person. Perhaps I could be hostess.

Skye: I'm sorry, but that position is filled.

Luke: Hold on, sweetheart. This could work.

Skye: How?

Luke: Well, you know, Heather could pinch-hit on nights when you're taking off.

Heather: What a brilliant compromise.

Skye: Why are you so eager to be in business with this woman?

Luke: Because she's loaded, and my bank account just crawled under a duck.

Skye: Well, that doesn't mean we have to leap at the very first investor's offer that we get.

Heather: If you're going to have such a negative attitude, maybe I should --

Luke: It's ok. Let's don't be hasty.

Skye: Do I count here?

Dillon: Luke!

Luke: Well, of course you count. You're my partner.

Dillon: Luke, you're not going to believe --

Heather: Believe what?

 [Heart monitor beeps]

Ric: Hey. Alexis? How's she doing?

Alexis: She's getting weaker.

Ric: She been sleeping?

Alexis: That's all she does is sleep, and I'm just watching her breathe.

Ric: I heard there was a -- a problem with Sam?

Alexis: She's in surgery. Both she and her baby are at risk.

Ric: What happened?

Alexis: I'm not even sure.

Ric: Were you -- were you with her?

Alexis: I went to the chapel to ask her, to beg her to reconsider. I told her that she was Kristinaís only hope, and then I pleaded with her to give her the stem cells, mother to mother.

Ric: What did she say?

Alexis: She said she couldn't do it, and I -- I got so upset; I don't know what I did. I just pushed her. I pushed her and I pushed her, and then -- and she agreed, and then she -- she just fell down in pain. She --

Ric: It's all right.

Alexis: She just --

Ric: What if Samís baby dies? Can she still save Kristina?

Steven: Sam's blood pressure is back up, but an ultrasound of the baby shows that the heartbeat is still very slow.

Sonny: Wait -- she's still alive?

Steven: We've called in the O.B. to do a crash C-section and try and save the baby.

Sonny: What's taking so -- you know what? If they knew what was wrong, then they would've had the surgeon here already.

Carly: Hey, they're doing what they can.

Sonny: You know how much money I've given to this hospital? If they don't have the surgeon in time to deliver my baby --

Carly: Hey. Hey, it's going to be ok. You know, Sam -- she's stable, and the baby is already at term.

Jason: I know, but I told Sam Iíd be with her when the baby was born.

Carly: She knows you're here, Jason. She knows that, and she knows that you love this baby and you would do anything for both of them.

Jason: She just told me this morning that she was looking forward to delivery.

Ric: Dr. Webber, how is -- how's Sam doing?

Steven: She's having a C-section. The baby's condition right now is critical.

Ric: Ok. Alexis is concerned that -- well, that her condition was caused by some argument that they had --

Steven: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ric, let me be absolutely clear about this. Sam has a condition called abruptio placentae. It means that the placenta was -- was separated from the uterine lining.

Ric: Ok.

Steven: No one caused that.

Ric: All right.

Steven: Ok.

Ric: Thanks. There's one more thing. Listen, there's -- there's no easy -- there's no easy way to ask this, but, if Samís baby -- if Samís baby dies, will the -- will they still be able to use the stem cells for Kristina?

Steven: Even if Samís baby dies, they can still use the stem cells to save Alexis' baby.

Lucky: There's been no sign of either Connor or Emily.

Nikolas: We're too late.

Alan: Nikolas! You came back.

Nikolas: What -- what do you mean?

Alan: You and Emily -- I saw you on the stairwell. You said you were headed for the park.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah, she -- she left her scarf here. I'm meeting her across the street.

Alan: Oh. Well, have a good time.

Nikolas: We will.

Lucky: They could still be in the hospital.

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Emily, what --

Emily: Listen, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I left here with Connor. I need to tell you guys what happened.

Lucky: Why don't you just tell all of us?

Dillon: You're not going to believe what I saw on the deck.

Luke: What?

Heather: You were walking on the deck?

Dillon: I live on the boat.

Luke: He's a model tenant --

Dillon: Oh, thanks!

Luke: Quiet, clean, pays his rent on time.

Dillon: You and Skye are great landlords, have I ever told you that?

Heather: I'm sorry to interrupt, but what did you see on the deck?

Dillon: A falcon. And that -- you know what? It got me thinking that that is what we could do. Ahem.

Skye: I don't follow.

Dillon: Well, a movie, right? A remake. "Maltese Falcon," ok? You shoot it on the Haunted Star, and you got publicity, you got -- you got money, and with that you get the casino up and running again. What do you think?

Luke: I love a creative solution. That one's insane. Actually, we have no money problems anyway, thanks to the honorable Mrs. Quartermaine.

Heather: So we have a deal?

Luke: What do you think, Red? Are you with me?

Skye: All right. But I swear, if she double-crosses us, I will be screaming "I told you so" till you're begging for mercy.

Luke: Promise?

Heather: So we're all in agreement?

Luke: Uh, we have to put something in writing.

Skye: "We," meaning me and Luke.

Heather: Of course. I trust you completely.

Luke: Deal.

Heather: Deal, partner.

Luke: Ok.

Heather: I'll start making the plans to get the money together. You won't regret this.

Skye: I still say we should've discussed this more.

Luke: You're probably right. What did you really come here to tell us?

Dillon: I found your wife, Laura.

 [Monitor beeps]

Jason: Carly, you don't -- you don't have to wait for me. I know Samís not your favorite person.

Carly: Jason, when I found out that she was pregnant and the child was Sonny's, I was furious with -- with everyone. But especially with Sam because I thought she wanted to steal Sonny and she wanted to break up my family.

Jason: Sam -- she didn't want to disrupt anyone's lives. She wanted to leave. I asked her to stay because I thought she and the baby, you know, would be better off with me. She knew nothing about babies. She was scared that she was going to be a bad mom until she felt the baby moving. And then we saw the ultrasounds, and then she started picturing all the things that they'd do together. She loves this baby more than she ever dreamed she would.

Carly: So do you.

Jason: Come on, we should hear the baby crying by now.

Carly: It's ok. You know what? The surgeons are in there. It should be any minute now, ok?

Jason: What's happening? Why did they pull the curtain?

Sonny: This is twisted even for you, Ric -- standing out here like a vulture waiting to hear if my daughter is going to live, huh, so you can get what you need.

Ric: It's not about me, Sonny. It's about Kristina. She's a child; she's deathly ill. She has to have those stem cells.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. The doctor explained it to me. Alexis told me about nine, ten times already. You -- ok, you tell Alexis that Kristinaís going to get the help she needs when the time is right. What's wrong? What is wrong?

Carly: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry to tell you, but the baby's dead.

Sonny: No!

Emily: Connor took me with him as a shield so he could escape.

Nikolas: How he did know the military police were coming for him?

Emily: I'm not sure. You know, when I went to his room, he was dressed and out of bed. He was, you know, desperate to escape from the hospital. We ran into my dad on the stairs, and I covered for him because I didn't want to fight. And as soon as we were outside, he hot-wired a car. We took off, and he dropped me off about 10 blocks from here.

Lucky: Ok, what kind of car?

Emily: A sedan. It was black or dark blue. I wasn't really paying attention.

Officer: Did Bishop say where he was headed?

Emily: He mentioned something about going to Canada.

Nikolas: Did he hurt you?

Emily: No, Nikolas, he didn't lay a hand on me. He just wanted to get away.

Lucky: Hey, did Bishop mention or say anything about returning to turn Nikolas in for killing Helena?

Emily: Lucky, that is why I went to Connorís room. If he woke up, I wanted to talk him out of accusing Nikolas. But now he's more suspicious and angry than ever. You should have left the MPs out of it.

Lucky: No, no, Nikolas didn't call the MPs. I did.

Luke: Are you sure it was Laura?

Dillon: Yes. Yes. She didn't say anything, but I've seen pictures, you know, and on her wrist there was, like, a hospital I.D. bracelet, said her name right on it.

Skye: In the Quartermaine attic? That doesn't make any sense.

Dillon: Ok, listen to me. Alice told me that Heather installed a double lock on the attic door. I was curious. I went up, I picked the lock, I went in there, and there she is. She's sitting in a rocking chair. And you know what? It was like she was comatose or something. I felt so bad for her. I'm sorry, Luke. I didn't know what to do, so I came here.

Luke: No, no, no, you -- you did the right thing.

Skye: I wonder how long she's been there.

Dillon: I don't know. This thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder and weirder.

Luke: Did you tell anybody else?

Dillon: No.

Luke: Well, let's go. Let's go get my wife!

 [Monitor beeps]

Doctor: Vanessa? Would you please give the father a moment alone?

Singer: Spend all your time waiting for that second chance for a break that would make it ok there's always some reason to feel not good enough and it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction oh, beautiful release memories seep from my veins let me be empty oh, and weightless and maybe Iíll find some peace tonight in the arms of the angel far away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here

Sonny: I want to see my daughter!

Jason: Sonny, no.

Sonny: I want to see my daughter!

Jason: Sonny, don't -- don't go in there.

Sonny: I want to see my daughter. I want to see --

Jason: Sonny --

Singer: In the arms of the angel far away

Sonny: I want to see my daughter. I want to see my daughter.

[Sonny groans]

Singer: In the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here

Ric: Alexis?

Alexis: That's my girl. Any word on Samís baby?

Ric: They had to perform an emergency C-section. The baby didn't survive.

Alexis: Oh, my God.

Ric: Look, I know that Sonny's going through hell right now. I know he would never tell me that. Alexis, I spoke with Dr. Webber, and he told me that you didn't cause any of it. He also told me that the stem cells would still be viable even if Samís baby dies.

Alexis: How do I bring myself to ask her?

Ric: I know, I know. Look, she's -- she's not going to be able to make an informed decision at this point. So you are going to have to be the one to ask for Sonny's permission.

Lucky: Connor Bishop is a dangerous man. He blackmailed Nikolas. He kidnapped you and almost tried to kill you!

Emily: He came home and he found out that his wife was dead. He wasn't thinking clearly.

Lucky: But that's not the point. He wanted to turn Nikolas in for Helenaís murder!

Emily: He won't Lucky.

Lucky: How do you know that?

Emily: Because he's gone now. We can leave it alone.

Nikolas: Emily, he could still phone in an anonymous tip and get the police to reopen the investigation.

Emily: I talked to him, Nikolas. He understands.

Lucky: You know what? If you think talking is going to make this guy forgive and forget, then I was right to call the MPS in.

Emily: Lucky, all Connor wants to do is get away from here. We'll never see him again.

Lucky: Yeah? You know what? I wouldn't count on it.

Emily: Where are you going?

Lucky: I'm going to go track Bishop down, all right? If you want to believe that he's going to be a nice guy for the rest of his days, then fine. I've got a job to do. I just don't want to see you guys get hurt.

Nikolas: Emily? What did Connor say to you?

Emily: Can we go home now, please?

Alexis: How do I do that? What do I say?

Ric: I don't know. He just -- he just lost a daughter.

Alexis: But I need him to save his other one.

Ric: Exactly. It just might be hard for him to think about that right now, Alexis.

Alexis: I know. I know. I know. But what am I supposed to do? I'm devastated for them. I -- I know how devastated they must feel, but what am I supposed to do, let her die because it's in bad taste to ask for help?

Ric: No, no, no, no. Of course not. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about trying to save Kristina.

Alexis: She could live. What she needs to live is right here in this hospital, and I don't have a clue anymore what's morally right or wrong, and I don't care anymore because I'm the mother of a little girl who's dying and I need to ask him. I need his help.

Ric: It's ok. It's ok. We'll do it together.

 [Monitor beeps]

Steven: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the baby. We did absolutely everything we could.

Jason: What -- what about Sam?

Steven: She hemorrhaged badly, but she's young and she's strong and she should stabilize.

Jason: Does she know about the baby?

Steven: No. She's unconscious right now.

Jason: Can I sit with her?

Steven: Yeah, I think that'd be a really good idea.

[Monitor beeps]

Jason: I'm sorry. Sam, Iím so sorry.

Sonny: How could she just die just, you know, as she's being born? I don't see how God could let this happen.

Carly: I --

Alexis: There are no words to express how sorry I am.

Carly: Alexis, this is not the time --

Sonny: No, it's all right. It's all right.

Alexis: If there were more time, if there was a better way, if there was anything else that I could do to save Kristinaís life, I would do it. She's dying, Sonny. Kristina needs this, and I am begging you for your permission to get it.

Dillon: No, Luke, she was here. She was -- she was right there. I swear.

Luke: Oh, I believe you.

Skye: Ooh.

Luke: The question is, where is she now?

Skye: Maybe she got freaked out about being discovered and took off.

Dillon: Are you kidding? The woman I saw was too out of it to even speak!

Skye: Well, maybe it was an act, you know, to keep you from questioning her.

Luke: No, no, no, he's right. She's been catatonic for two years.

Skye: Luke, when was the last time you saw her?

Luke: Why would she fake it?

Skye: Well, maybe she didn't want to be found out. Maybe she hid herself up here.

Luke: That'd be a pretty damn good trick. Since she was catatonic, she couldn't have locked the door from the inside. It was locked from the outside. Somebody put her in here. I think I know who. The pieces of this are starting to come together.

Heather: I'm sorry you were frightened by that young intruder. But everything's ok now. You're safe again, and Iím sending you someplace where no one will bother you. So be good. I'll see you soon. I'll have someone meet you at the airstrip. Take good care of her on the flight. I've got big plans for that lady.

Connor: I started a fire. I hope you don't mind.

Nikolas: What the hell are you doing here?

Emily: Nikolas, I did this. I arranged it.

Nikolas: What? What were you thinking, Emily?

Emily: I heard you and Lucky talking about calling the military police. I told Connor. I helped him escape from the hospital, and I brought him back here, and then I went back and I lied to you and Lucky about it. I'm sorry, but I wanted to wait until we got home before I told you the truth.

Nikolas: Don't you see what he's doing to you? All right, he's playing on your sympathy, your kindness! He's working you so you'll help him, Emily!

Emily: It was my decision, Nikolas.

Connor: Oh, wake up, kid. She didn't do this for me. She did it for you.

Sonny: You say I'm cold and heartless, that I have no conscience? Look in the mirror.

Alexis: I have no choice. What happened to you is unimaginable. No one deserves to lose their child. It's the worst thing that can happen to anyone. But they can still save Kristina.

Steven: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I know this is a difficult time, but we need your consent. If we're going to use the stem cells from the umbilical cord to save Kristinaís life, we need to do it now.

Alexis: Before I came here, I asked myself if the situation were reversed, if I would have the courage to do the same thing, if I would do it and -- and I would.

Sonny: You said the -- you said the same thing about inducing labor, that you'd risk Kristina for another child's life. I don't buy that for one second. You wouldn't take a 10% risk. You wouldn't sacrifice a hair on your daughter's head! So don't stand there and lie to me about what you would do because my dau-- my daughter is dead, and I -- I want to grieve for her.

Alexis: Your other daughter will die, too, if she doesn't get the stem cells. This is it. There is no more time. You say you love her. Prove it. Help her live.

 [Monitor beeps]

Jason: I don't know if -- if you know -- you know, if somehow you felt her spirit leave or that you've been dreaming that she was born and safe. You can't die, Sam. You have to live because she'd want that. She would want her mother --

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Jason: No, no, Sam. No, Sam, don't do this. Sam!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason: Her blood pressure is dropping.

Alexis: You have got to give me permission, Sonny. She agreed to induce labor! You heard her --

Jason: All I heard was you yelling!

Ric: You need to sign those papers.

Jason: What do you need?

Elizabeth: The arrangements for the baby's burial.

Courtney: What happened?

Carly: I need to talk to you.

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