GH Transcript Wednesday 11/3/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/3/04


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Elizabeth: Justice of the Peace will be here any minute?

Ric: I was expecting Alexis. We're getting married.

Elizabeth: Tonight? In the hospital chapel?

Ric: Yeah. I -- I'm pretty surprised about it myself.

Elizabeth: Why would Alexis want to get married right now with Kristina being so sick?

Ric: Sonny is Kristinaís biological father.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, that certainly makes a difference, doesn't it?

Ric: Yeah, and Alexis knows that he's going to file for custody. She can put up a better fight if she's -- if she's married.

Elizabeth: Oh. So once again your marriage is all about your brother.

Courtney: Diego? Oh, God.

Carly: Go ahead, Jason, get it over with. Go on. Yell at me. Yell at me for not telling Sonny about Kristina the second that I found out. Come on, tell me Iím an idiot; tell me I'm an idiot for keeping Alexis' secret when she never would do the same thing, that Iím a fool, I'm a fool for risking my family, and that I'm going to lose my husband, my marriage is over, and it serves me right.

Jason: Do you want your marriage to be over?

Sonny: A lot of grownups have made mistakes, but that's all over now. Ok? I'm here. I'm going to make you feel a lot -- Iím going to make you feel better, ok? And when I do, when you're all well, we're going to get to know each other a little more. I promise you I'll never leave you. For the rest of my life, you're my girl. You're Daddy's little girl.

Alexis: Could -- could I talk to you outside for a minute?

Sonny: Not right now. I'm spending time with my little girl.

 [Knock on door]

Courtney: Yes?

Jax: Hey, it's me. You got a moment?

Courtney: Not now.

Jax: Come on, I promise, no fighting, no lectures, ok?

Courtney: Jax, why don't you go talk to your other girlfriend?

Jax: Courtney, I promise to be really boring, ok? God-awfully boring. Just please, just open the door, ok? Hey.

Courtney: Look, I'm not in the mood for company or a big fight or some big declaration, ok?

Jax: No declarations, I promise.

Courtney: And please, Jax, don't say anything clever.

Jax: I'll try not to. You know, looking -- looking at old pictures can be treacherous. You know that, right?

Courtney: Well, everything in those pictures is gone. There is no family at all. You know, I worked so hard to connect with all of them to create a place for myself. I just never realized a family could evaporate just like that.

Jax: I guess you found out that Sonny is Kristinaís father.

Courtney: Who told you?

Jax: Alexis. She asked me to fly her and Kristina out of the country to get away from your brother.

Courtney: Then what -- what, you just came to say goodbye?

Jax: No. I told Alexis that it was a bad idea, that hiding didn't solve anything, and that's why Iím here.

Ric: It's true that Alexis and I are getting married tonight because of Sonny.

Elizabeth: Do you love her? Does she love you?

Ric: Love is kind of a moot point at the moment.

Elizabeth: Always the attorney.

Ric: I've done terrible things, Elizabeth. They cost you more than anybody, but don't you see, if I could save Kristina, if I can keep her away from my brother and from his life, then maybe this time I can make things right, I can finally be a positive difference in someone's life.

Elizabeth: And you'll finally beat Sonny.

Ric: Do you think that -- do you think that Sonny should take his daughter from her mother? Marrying Alexis is going to strength her position.

Elizabeth: That's enough for you?

Ric: Yeah. Alexis and I can give Kristina a home, where she can feel safe, where she can -- where she can feel loved.

Elizabeth: The kind of home you've always wanted.

Ric: Yeah, pretty much.

Elizabeth: I hope you find that home, that family, this time.

Ric: That's very kind of you.

Elizabeth: I hope it makes you happy.

Carly: Jason, I wanted to tell you so many times. I wanted to tell you even more than Sonny at times, because we have been through something like this together before. We had to hold on to a secret that may -- it may wreck a child's life!

Jason: How could Kristinaís life be wrecked by having Sonny as her father, Carly?

Carly: You know the answer to that! Alexis is her mother. She's not going to compromise. She's not going to share. She's going to fight until the bitter end.

Jason: What, so you just kept quiet for Kristinaís sake?

Carly: Oh, God, and a million other reasons. You know, I don't expect Sonny to agree with my reasons. I don't even expect you to agree with them, but I would hope that you would understand.

Jason: I just -- I wish you hadn't done it.

[Carly sighs]

Jason: You know, I lied about Samís baby. And I thought I was helping Michael. I thought I was helping you and Sonny have another chance to stay together as a family. That's why I lied for the first time, Carly. And I was wrong, just like you're wrong, about Kristina. But I'm not going to sit here and criticize you. You lie in the moment with the best intentions, but you know what? You get trapped.

Carly: Yeah. So you think Sonny's going to see it that way?

Jason: Kristina is his daughter, and she's sick right now!

Carly: Oh, God, so, in another words, no.

Jason: What, I can't speak for Sonny! I'm not going to step in and try to fix this because in the end it doesn't solve anything! Whatever happens now is between you and Sonny.

Leticia: Oh, he's all ready now.

Carly: Ok. Thanks, Leticia. I'll put this here. Come here. Oh, my angel boy. Oh, gosh. I'm sorry to get you out of bed. We got to go to the hospital so you can try and help your sister.

Sonny: Sorry you don't feel well, Kristina, but you're going to be all right, ok? I'm going to make sure everything's ok. Don't worry. Daddy's going to take care of you. Here. See that?

Alexis: You close your eyes, ok? I'm right outside, my love. Ok? Everything's fine, ok? Close your eyes. I'll be right there, ok?

Sonny: Any word on a donor?

Alexis: We don't have one yet.

Sonny: Ok, well, I'm not a match, Courtneyís not a match, Mike's not a match, so Morganís going to have to be tested tonight.

Alexis: Very generous of you to --

Sonny: Why shouldn't -- well, why shouldn't, you know, Morgan want to help his sister? I mean, I'll do whatever I can to make sure that my -- my daughter's all right.

Ric: Well, we appreciate your cooperation.

Sonny: It doesn't concern you, Ric.

Ric: Well, actually, it does, Sonny. Alexis and I are going to be married.

Courtney: You were right about everything, Jax.

Jax: Well, I never thought Iíd hear you say that.

Courtney: You know, I am stuck in the past. You know, I like the past, even if it is a bunch of snapshots. You know, we were so close on that day. I felt like we really had a future as a family and that I would always be a part of it.

Jax: Well, you know, you look happy.

Courtney: Hmm. But you can make me happier, right? Right, Jax? I mean, you think we're going to sail off into some brilliant future, happy, in love, and life is always wonderful?

Jax: Not always. Most of the time, yes.

Courtney: Really? Why don't you give me one good reason why I should pull myself together and give love a second chance.

Jax: Me.

Courtney: You. Why? Why, Jax? Why? So we can end up as a bunch of snapshots in a cardboard box? I mean, maybe that's all love really is anyway, right? Right, I mean, love -- I mean, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how much I love them. It doesn't matter how much they love me, because love isn't going to save this family. Ok, it's not going to make me feel better tonight, and it's just never enough.

Jax: Well, perhaps not. But I love you just the same.

Jason: All right, Iíll find Dr. Webber, I'll let him know you're here, ok?

Carly: You know, I'd rather find Sonny first. I want to make sure he's with me and Morgan.

Sam: Hey! You got here for the ultrasound. I'm glad you can make it.

Jason: You know what? I totally forgot about the ultrasound.

Sam: Really? Then why are you here? Did something happen?

Jason: Yeah, something that could affect you and your baby.

Sonny: This is about custody, right? You two, you're getting married, so that way it looks better in family court?

Ric: There doesn't need to be a custody trial if you do the right thing.

Sonny: Give Alexis sole custody? Is that the right thing, Ric?

Ric: Under the circumstances, don't you think it's right?

Sonny: Does your fiancťe speak for you now? Alexis?

Alexis: I don't want anyone speaking about this at all, because that baby is sick in there and that's the only thing that we should be thinking about.

Sonny: No question about it.

Alexis: I promise you that we will talk about this, the whole thing, when she's better.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: I'm sorry, and I hope that you understand and can forgive me for -- for what I did because she's safer -- Iím sure you can realize that -- and that it's best for her. It's in her best welfare and interest if she can remain in the situation that she's already in.

Sonny: Ok. Use little words, because I want to be clear on what you're asking and I want to be clear with my answer.

Alexis: Please, I'm begging you, don't do this, don't stake your claim on her --

Sonny: She's my daughter, she's my daughter --

Alexis: She's my daughter. I've raised her. I carried her. I'm the only one that can protect her, and I can't do that as long as she's with you. You have no place in her life, and she has no place in yours.

Sonny: Think again --

Alexis: You are surrounded by violence. You kill people for a living, and you get away with it. You are subject to arrest at any time. You are scrutinized by the police. You are emotionally unstable, whether you admit that or not. You can be cut down by a hail of bullets at any given moment, and worse than that, so should -- Why would you subject your own daughter to that? And how can I let you?

[Alexis sighs]

Sonny: You don't have a choice.

Alexis: Please. Please, just do what's in her best interest.

Sonny: What do you want me to do, leave her with you, so she can grow up being afraid of her father, thinking I'm dangerous, that I'm a bad man? What if she gets a temper? Alexis, she's throwing things around one day, you yell at her, "Stop acting like your father"? Then she'll realize that you're ashamed of her.

Alexis: I would never be ashamed of her.

Sonny: You're ashamed of me! And I'm part of her now.

[Alexis weeps]

Sonny: And I always will -- I want my daughter with me.

Ric: What is it you want, Sonny? You don't get what you want this time, all right? You don't get to destroy Kristinaís life like you destroyed our mother's.

Sonny: I get it. Our mother picked me, so now you're trying to take my daughter --

Ric: I'm going to save Kristina from you the way I couldn't save my mother, all right? I'm going to do whatever I can to keep her away from you.

Sonny: What have you ever won against me, Ric? What makes you think you're going to win now?

Alexis: This isn't about winning! It's about that baby's life! She's not safe with you, and I can't let you have her!

Carly: Ok, ok, stop it, stop it. Sonny's here. He's trying to save Kristinaís life. Let's not attack each other. He just wants to know his daughter.

Jax: You know, loving you was never my intention. It's inconvenient now. It opens all kinds of doors I'd prefer to leave closed.

Courtney: Well, maybe you'll get over it, like the flu.

Jax: Well, you know, it's possible. You know, just to be clear, this whole thing would be a hell of a lot easier if you were just madly in love with me, you know, head over heels, stars in your eyes, that sort of thing.

Courtney: Sorry.

Jax: Well, you know, it'll happen -- eventually.

Courtney: I wouldn't be so sure.

Jax: Oh, no, there's no question. That was kind of arrogant, wasn't it? At least it wasn't clever, because you said, you know, I couldn't be clever, so --

Courtney: Would you stop trying to make me feel better?

Jax: I apologize. I'm sorry.

Courtney: It's just -- you always make me feel better.

Jax: Well, that's a start.

Courtney: You know, underneath it all, it's the real you that scares me, Jax, because if I love you, it'll just hurt even worse to lose you.

Jax: Well, then we'll have to be brave. It's the only choice we have. I'll be brave enough to wait, and you'll be brave enough to learn to love again and find a way to trust me. And then you'll realize that the games are over and I'm in this for keeps.

Jason: Alexis told Carly the night of the fire that Sonny was Kristinaís father.

Sam: That's ironic, because they probably conceived the baby that very same night.

Jason: Well, everyone in Sonny's family has been tested to donate marrow. And Morgan is the last chance.

Sam: Well, what about my baby?

Jason: No, no, babies have to be at least a year old to donate marrow.

Sam: Ok. Well, maybe I sound a little selfish, but Iím kind of relieved, because I really wouldn't want to put my child through a procedure like that at this age.

Jason: Sonny and Carly may break up over this.

Sam: Are you asking me if I want to go back to Sonny?

Jason: Do you?

Carly: Morgan is here to be tested, and from what I understand, he is Kristinaís best hope for a donor match, so why don't you just say thank you?

Alexis: Thank you. Carly, thank you. I am so grateful to you for what you're doing.

Carly: And?

Alexis: And I didn't keep Kristina from Sonny out of spite. I did it to protect her, and Iím hoping as a mother that you can understand that.

Carly: Oh, please do not play the mother card with me again. I kept your secret for nine months, and this is as far as it goes.

Alexis: You asked me to get custody for you of Michael and Morgan. I'm hoping that you can understand why I want to keep my daughter.

Sonny: Ric and Alexis, they're thinking ahead to the custody case. They're getting married, so that way Alexis will be in a better position to shut me out of my daughter's life.

Ric: You know what, Sonny? Do you hear yourself? Do you hear how often you say "me" and "mine" when you speak? Five minutes, that's all Iím -- think for five minutes about Kristinaís welfare, where she'd be happiest. Huh? What's best for her, instead of immediately jumping to the possessive -- you know, all of a sudden, it's Sonny's children must be with Sonny come hell, high water, or machine gun fire.

Sonny: Save it for the courtroom, Ric. What matters right now is Kristinaís health. Come on, champ. Let's go help your sister.

 [Music plays]

Singer: I don't know what it is tonight your smile your eyes

Jax: Am I rushing you?

Singer: Yeah even in the candlelight you shine so bright you are so beautiful more beautiful

Sam: I will always be glad for what I had with Sonny, and I am grateful for my daughter. But, Jason, Sonny never, never loved me. And what I felt for him has changed. I mean, he's a good person most of the time, but I am not in love with him. And I don't want to be with him. Probably not the answer you were expecting.

Jason: I guess I didn't know what to expect.

Sam: And no one's really going to believe this, but I really do hope Sonny and Carly work things out, because if they don't, everything that you put yourself through, all those sacrifices to keep Michaelís family together, it's all going to be for nothing.

Jason: We all made sacrifices.

Sam: Yeah, but you put yourself through hell telling everyone, even Carly, that this baby is yours, chasing me all over the country, putting up with my lies, my evasions. If it weren't for you, I might be having this baby in prison. But you helped me clear my name. You set my brother up in a better life.

Jason: That wasn't a sacrifice.

Sam: And you didn't even like me at first. And now you're stuck with me and my baby --

Jason: Sam, I do not -- I do not feel stuck with you and your baby. I'm glad that we're all together.

Ric: So you're sure you still want to marry me? You know, I would completely understand it if you didnít.

Alexis: That would certainly be a pattern of mine.

Ric: I mean, you see the way it is with me and Sonny. We're still arguing about things that happened years ago.

Alexis: Everyone's got their baggage.

Ric: Yeah, well, mine is worse than most. I've done some terrible things, Alexis.

Alexis: Yeah, well, mine is part of the public record, which I'm sure he'll use against me in court.

Ric: Well, you got me there. That's a cheerful thought.

Alexis: Just trying to be realistic.

Ric: Ok, you know what? Realistically, if Morgan is a match -- and believe me, I pray that he is -- Sonny's going to look like the savior. Nobody works a judge or a jury better than my brother.

Alexis: I've been left in the snow, covered in his blood because of what he's done. I've watched women systematically be destroyed just because they were foolish enough to fall in love with him or wander into the wrong warehouse. My sister would still be alive today if it weren't for him. He takes what he believes is his, no matter what, right or wrong. And I have to fight for her, because it is the right thing to do for her. And I need you. You are just as smart and you are just as strong as he is. You're better educated. Your only mistake is that you went up against him for the wrong reasons, but Kristina -- her happiness and her welfare, they're the right reasons. And we can't let him get away with it this time. We have to -- we have to beat him.

Ric: So I take it you still want to get married, huh?

Alexis: Try and stop me.

Singer: I can't imagine where I'd be without you with me ooh I need you more every day more than words can say I want you in my life for all, all my life this night will never end you take my hand Iím falling in love again

Sam: Look at those hands. They're precious.

Jason: You see that? She moved.

Sam: Hey, there, kiddo. We are going to see you really soon.

Dr. Meadows: I'm an absolute believer in talking to unborn babies, especially when you're this close.

Sam: You are? Well, did you hear that? We cannot wait to see you.

Dr. Meadows: She's well developed, in a head-down position. So, now, I just want you to make sure you get plenty of rest, keep drinking lots of fluids, and avoid stress.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: Are there any problems?

Dr. Meadows: Everything looks fine.

Carly: Oh, you did good, you know? You did real good. He's fine.

Sonny: Yeah, listen, can you take him upstairs? We got to hear from the hospital and see if he's a match.

Carly: Ok. Good night, sweetheart. You go up with Leticia.

Leticia: Time for bed.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: You can go ahead and go to bed, if you want. I'm just going to wait down here until I hear from the hospital.

Carly: Sonny, you have to get some sleep sometime. Are you planning on staying here and sleeping with me?

Sonny: No.

Ric: I, Richard, take thee, Alexis, to be my lawful and wedded wife. From this day forward, I will be with you, sick or well, richer or poorer. Whatever anybody throws at us, we'll get through it together.

Minister: Alexis?

Alexis: I, Alexis, take thee, Richard --

Minister: "To have and to hold --"

Alexis: I never expected this to happen. I -- I never thought that I'd, you know, get married to anyone again, because I just didn't think that I could. But that was before I was a mother and before Kristina. And she's taught me what really matters. And to give her a good chance at a good life is the only thing that's important to me, and because of her, I honestly believe that you and I are stronger together than we are apart.

Ric: We are.

Alexis: This marriage could be a complete disaster, you know? It could be a huge, huge mistake.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: But there's at least a chance that it could be ok.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: So for once in my life, I'm going to opt for the miracle. I'm going to take a risk and Iím going to find the courage to hope for the best as long as you and I and Kristina shall live.

Minister: By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Alexis: Thank you.

Jason: Did you get Morganís results?

Steven: He's not a match.

Jason: What happens now?

Steven: I've plugged into every single donor bank that I can think of, but at this point, it's time to start thinking about alternative treatments.

Jason: How much time does Kristina have?

Steven: She could die within 48 hours. Excuse me.

Sam: Ok, that's unfair. My baby is strong and healthy, and by the time she gets here, her big sister could be gone.

Carly: I know that you are worried about Kristina. I am, too, and maybe now is not the right time. But I want to tell you what I did and why. Can you just listen?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Alexis told me about Kristina the night of the hotel fire, as you already know, and then she begged me, she begged me not to say anything. What was I supposed to do? Think of where we were that night, think of our lives. You were with Sam, you wouldn't let me anywhere near my own children, and we were on the verge of a custody fight.

Sonny: So that's why Alexis agreed to represent you, because of Kristina?

Carly: Yeah, I blackmailed her. Absolutely. But I protected you even then. I wouldn't let her attack you on the stand.

Sonny: I'll always appreciate that.

Carly: Sonny, I wanted to tell you so many times about Kristina, but Alexis, she swore, she -- she swore that she would fight you with everything she had. She swore that she would tear apart your life to prove that you were an unfit father, and if that didn't work, she threatened to take Kristina and she threatened to disappear. I did not want the pain that a custody battle would cause. I did not want to put that stress on our family. Sam's still living across the hall. She is still across the hall, pregnant with your other daughter, and it was just more than I could take. I kept quiet, right? I kept quiet, I didn't say anything. Our kids were happy, Kristina seemed happy, too, and maybe I should have told you. But I was afraid. I was afraid that we were going to lose our family. And maybe I was wrong. Maybe we could have worked through it, and I should have told you, but I didn't.

Sonny: Did you think I would never find out?

Carly: If Alexis had found a donor someplace else, I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I would have told you. Maybe I wouldn't. But I made my choice, Sonny, and I will live with the consequences. You made your choice, too, and I live with those consequences every day. I have forgiven you so much. I have forgiven you so much more than most women would.

Sonny: This isn't about forgiveness.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: You and I, we -- we look at the world in different ways. I'm not saying Iím right. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that's who we are.

Carly: Is that so terrible?

Sonny: You -- you kept that secret about Kristina because it made sense to you; it's how you think. I'm not asking you to change. You shouldn't have to. But I can't change, either.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: It's what the lawyers call irreconcilable differences.

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Diego: Courtney?

Carly: You should be in the hospital.

John: Not with my daughter's marriage falling apart.

Sonny: Kristina's mine.

Steven: We have an alternative treatment we can try.

Alexis: Whatever it is, just do it.

Sam: From now on, my life is about bringing up a happy child.

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