GH Transcript Friday 10/29/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/29/04


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Nikolas: Hey -- hey, don't even worry about docking. I'm heading back right now.

Man: How'd you get back so quickly?

Nikolas: The hospital isn't that far.

Man: I meant from Wyndemere. I just dropped you off.

Emily: I'm glad you're here. The bathtub feels so lonely without you. That feels nice. Who are you?

Connor: I'm Connor Bishop. You knew my wife, Mary.

Courtney: There's nothing cool about being a criminal, Diego.

Diego: No -- there's nothing cool about being a busboy. Your ex is my only way out of this dead-end life.

Courtney: Well, I'm not going to let it happen.

Diego: You can't stop me.

Lorenzo: Your boss is slipping. He threatened my life in front of witnesses, including a federal prosecutor.

Jason: And you think you're safe?

Lorenzo: If I die, Sonny will be charged with premeditated murder.

Diego: Hey, you need some help?

Jason: Hey, just go back inside.

Diego: What are you talking about, man? Take him out right now.

Jason: I said stay out of my business.

Courtney: Let him go!

Sonny: What's happening?

Steven: Kristina's marrow donor was killed in a car accident on the way here.

Sonny: Could you still use the bone marrow?

Steven: No, I'm afraid not.

Alexis: What's going to happen to my daughter?

Steven: Alexis, we're going to renew our search 100%. We're going to contact all of Kristinaís relatives -- anyone -- anyone who has not been tested yet.

Alexis: I -- I just -- I just need a moment to think. Not all the blood relatives have been tested.

Sonny: Hey -- hey, Alexis, if you need anything, ok?

Alexis: Sonny, wait.

[Alexis sighs]

Sonny: What is it?

Alexis: I've had to make a lot of choices regarding Kristina. And not all of them have been the right one. And I'm hoping that you will understand what I --

Bobbie: Dr. Webber, Kristinaís gone into respiratory distress.

Alexis: Oh, my God.

Lorenzo: I'll be in touch.

Courtney: What is it going to take to get through to you, Diego? What?

Diego: Well, I need to make a life for myself, right?

Courtney: If this doesn't stop -- if you want to keep living with me, you need to cut it out, seriously.

Diego: Oh, so either I work as a busboy or I don't have a place to live?

Jason: Hey!

Courtney: No.

Jason: You need to listen to Courtney because you will never work for Sonny.

Emily: You were supposed to be killed in the line of duty.

Connor: Do I look dead to you?

Emily: Mary had a letter from the marines.

Connor: Just sit in the chair and shut up.

Emily: If you were alive, why didn't you contact her? Mary was so alone. She was so desperate.

Connor: What -- come here -- get -- come here. Don't you think I know that? Sit. Huh? I faked my own death, all right? Made my way through hostile territory and halfway across this world. I've been through hell to get back to my Mary.

Emily: If you'd arrived just a few weeks sooner --

Connor: Yeah, whatever -- she'd still be alive, right? Huh? Well, it didn't work out that way, did it? My wife is dead, and you and your little boyfriend are going to pay for what you did to her.

John: Dr. Hooper is one of the premier surgeons in Manhattan.

Carly: Oh, it's lucky that he was able to fit you in.

John: Oh, you think that was luck, right?

Carly: Ok, Mr. New York pulled a few strings.

John: Yeah. I'm trusting the guy with my life. He'd better be the best. You really got to read up on Brian. This guy's a visionary. He's a pioneer. He single-handedly -- he created this technique where he could go into --

Carly: Hey, hey, hey, you know what? You're going to be ok.

John: Yeah, I know. That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Carly: Ok, well, I'm not the one who needs convincing. Besides, I thought Mr. Federal Prosecutor didn't get nervous.

John: I'm not.

Carly: Right, right, right. That's why you're talking a mile a minute. Come on, I do the exact same thing whenever I feel unsettled or even scared.

John: Like father, like daughter.

Carly: Yeah, a little more every day.

John: Hey, Carly, would you do me a huge favor? Could you run out and get me a bottle of water? I can't drink this stuff they put into the jugs.

Carly: Ok. Yeah. Maybe I'll sneak you some corn chips, too.

John: Oh --

Carly: Oh, oh --

Woman: Excuse me.

Carly: That's not a problem. Don't worry about it.

Woman: The nurse told me this was John Durantís room.

Carly: Yeah, it is. I'm his daughter.

Woman: Oh, I'm Beverly, his ex-wife. Actually, I'm not here to see John. I want to talk to you.

Emily: You and Nikolas look so much alike. I'm starting to understand why Mary was so confused.

Connor: You don't know nothing about my wife.

Emily: Mary and I became friends for a while. We both believed the men we loved were dead. We were trying to help each other.

Connor: Well, that help didn't do much good, did it? The papers made her out like she was some kind of maniac.

Emily: Mary lost her grip on reality. She was desperate to hold on to Nikolas.

Connor: Look, don't you say that. Don't you say that. I know how much my wife loved me. She would never turn to another man.

Emily: It was confusing for all of us. Nikolas had a head injury when he showed up here. He had no idea who he was. Mary thought that you were dead. She was living alone. And when Nikolas woke up and asked who he was, Mary told him that his name was Connor Bishop.

Connor: No. No, she wouldn't lie to nobody.

Emily: Mary was lying to herself! She wanted you back so badly that she used Nikolas as a substitute. Mary told him all about your life. She kept him hidden here, cut off from the world and everyone he loved because she needed to fill the void that you left. Mary needed Nikolas to be you.

Connor: And then what? Huh? Then he remembered everything and he just come flying back to you?

Emily: It's more complicated than that, but eventually, Nikolas and I fought our way back to each other the way you were trying to do with Mary.

Connor: The papers said that Mary -- she killed some kids. Anyway, she wouldn't do that.

Emily: I think Mary developed a split personality; a separate part of herself that was willing to kill to hold on to the man that she thought was her husband.

Connor: Is that the official story? Huh? My sweet, gentle little wife went crazy so your fiancť shot her?

Emily: Mary had a knife! She was threatening to kill me. Nikolas shot her in self-defense.

Connor: He's a murderer. You know that? He threw that old lady off a cliff.

Emily: That woman was Nikolas' grandmother, Helena Cassadine. She was evil. She was trying to kill me.

Connor: Would you shut up? You shut up. You tell me -- why should I believe anything you say?

Diego: I don't believe this. Jason's supposed to be this big, bad mob enforcer. He lets Alcazar step all over him. He didn't do anything!

Courtney: Really? Why are you disappointed, Diego? Huh? Why? Why, did you want to see a fight? Did you want to see a shooting? Let me tell you, Iíve been in more than a few, and they are terrifying.

Diego: Yeah, well, I guess Jason thinks so, too. He's such a coward! He's a joke is what he is.

Courtney: Ok, no, no, now, listen -- I may not agree with a lot of the choices Jason makes, but he is not a coward.

Diego: So now you're taking his side.

Courtney: Oh, come -- the only side I'm on is yours, Diego.

Diego: Yeah, right.

Courtney: No, listen, I'm sorry that your pride is wounded, but Jason did you a favor. He is trying to keep you from making a choice that you're going to regret.

Diego: I'm going to do whatever I want. And you and Jason can't do anything about it.

Beverly: You're John Durantís daughter and you're married to a racketeer, correction; a kingpin. The irony is perfect.

Carly: I don't discuss my husband's business with strangers.

Beverly: I'm sorry, Carly. I'm going about this all wrong. I'm really here to help you.

Carly: How?

Beverly: I was married to John for five years. Actually, it was more of a partnership than a marriage. I was a prosecutor with the second-best conviction record in the state. John had the best. He needed someone like me to help him wage war on organized crime.

Carly: Ok. So what does that have to do with me?

Beverly: Nothing is more important to your father than his work. If he's been kind to you, open, he's telling you what you want to hear. John Durant doesn't have a paternal bone in his body. He's all about ambition. Convicting your husband would be the win of his career.

Jason: Alcazar thinks he's untouchable because you threatened him in front of Durant.

Sonny: Well, he's right to a point. Because of what I said to him at the hospital, I can't kill him. But there are other ways to retaliate.

Jason: You think you can back him off?

Sonny: Maybe not, but -- I mean, I can goad him into making a mistake. I think it's time we send Alcazar a message.

Alexis: Kristina, I need you to hang in there, and I -- I need you to be strong. Mommy's going to take care of everything, ok?

Ric: What the hell just happened in there?

Steven: Kristina's red blood cells are depleting. It's getting harder and harder for her to have oxygen supplied throughout her body. She's stabilized, but she's deteriorating.

Alexis: I need you to be tested.

Ric: Yeah, of course.

Alexis: I'm not saying that because I think it's a long shot. I'm saying it because I think you might be a match.

Ric: Yeah, well, I hope so.

Alexis: This is very difficult to explain --

Ric: No, Alexis, I'll do whatever I need to do to help your daughter.

Alexis: She's your niece. Sonny is Kristinaís real father.  When I found out I was pregnant, he and Carly were already back together, and it was an accident. He'd be the last person in the world Iíd ever want to have a baby with, but there was nothing I could do about it. As an attorney, my life has -- has been threatened more than once just by being around him. I couldn't let Kristina be a target.

Ric: So, obviously, Sonny has no idea that Kristina is his daughter.

Alexis: He's going to know now. I put two calls in to Carly. I need to hear from her -- I'm waiting to hear from her. He needs to be tested, and so does every member of his family.

Ric: Listen, I'll be tested immediately, ok? She's going to be ok.

Alexis: I just want you to know that I -- I never intended to use this against you. I would never exploit your connection to Sonny.

Ric: Well, I know that. If anything, you overcompensated the other way.

Alexis: I know that I should have told you. I wanted to tell you. I was just -- I was afraid.

Ric: Look, none of that matters. The only important thing is that Kristina get through this and that she live a long and happy life.

Alexis: You have to promise me something -- that you will never use this against him, no matter how much you want to hurt him.

Sonny: Alcazar has our stolen shipment in his warehouse on Pier 19. You know that.

Jason: Durant is going to be watching us. He expects us to retaliate.

Sonny: Just -- ok, cover your tracks; make sure he gets the message. He wants to go to war; we will take him down.

Courtney: Brook, hey. Listen, have you seen Diego?

Brook Lynn: No. Why?

Courtney: Oh, we just -- we had a disagreement and he took off.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, he does that a lot, huh?

Courtney: Yeah. I'm just -- I'm worried that he could get in serious trouble this time.

Brook Lynn: Hmm, like "working for the mob" kind of trouble?

Courtney: What, he mentioned it to you?

Brook Lynn: Look, Diego looks at gangsters like Dillon looks at film directors. They're both obsessed.

Courtney: Well, at least Dillonís interests won't get him hurt, you know? Do you have any idea where Diego could be?

Brook Lynn: No, I just -- I came from L&B, and I walked through the park to get here but he wasn't there.

Courtney: All right, well, I'm going to try Ryce Plaza and the mall, ok? If you see him, will you just keep him with you and just call me?

Brook Lynn: Courtney, look, Diego doesn't like to listen.

Courtney: Well, he might if you try to get through.

Brook Lynn: I doubt it. I don't get him, because sometimes he's really cool, but then other times he's just a waste, you know?

Courtney: Would you at least try for me, please? I mean, he likes you. He'll care what you think.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, of course Iíll help you.

Courtney: Thank you. All right, we need to hurry because I'm afraid if we don't find Diego soon he's going to get hurt or worse.

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, thanks.

Nikolas: Listen to me. Something strange is going on. I need you to run a check on Connor Bishop.

Lucky: Mary's husband? Why? He's been dead for months.

Nikolas: Maybe not.

Emily: And what happens next? Do you even know? Was there a plan to any of this, or are you just lashing out?

Connor: Oh, yeah, there's a plan. There's an objective.

Emily: Would you mind letting me in on it?

Connor: Sure. House was empty when I got back. It surprised me a little bit because Mary didn't have no place else to go. The power was off. There was nothing but canned goods left in the cupboards. It's like somebody cleaned the place out. Well, I guess it was the police, huh?

Emily: The power's on now.

Connor: I paid the bill. The power company don't know that she's dead.

Emily: How long have you been here?

Connor: Long enough. Long enough to do the research. You see, I wasn't a -- I wasn't a very good student. No. Mary had to tutor me. She did all my papers for me. Probably wouldn't even graduated high school if it wasn't for her. But, see, when there's an objective, that's different. I went on the internet; I went to the library, found every article that I could find on the death of my wife. And then I started to research the man who killed her.

Emily: Nikolas didn't kill Mary.

Connor: He shot her at point-blank range with a .45 caliber semiautomatic. Hmm? I'll give your boyfriend this much -- he's thorough.

Emily: She had a knife. She'd already murdered three people that night.

Connor: Then I started to read up on his family -- all that I could stand, anyway. It seems the Cassadines kill a lot of people that they don't go to jail for.

Emily: Nikolas isn't like the rest of his family.

Connor: Mm-hmm. I read about the car accident, how you thought he was dead. I'm sorry to hear that. That must have been difficult for you.

Emily: It was.

Connor: I'm sure it was. Once I had all the facts, you know, it was just about -- it was just about planning. I followed him, tracked his movements, scouted the house. It was real easy to get in -- you know, all those secret entrances, those rooms that nobody ever uses. I watched you fall asleep.

Emily: You what? When?

Connor: You were by the fire reading some book, some medical book. I thought about taking you then, but I decided to wait.

Emily: Why?

Connor: So he'd know where to find me.

Emily: What are you talking about?

Connor: That's why I called. That's why I rode the launch out this time. So when Nikolas starts asking questions, the pilot remembers seeing him at a time when Nikolas knows he wasn't there. Eventually he'll figure it out. He'll realize that I ain't dead and that we look alike. And then he'll come here looking for me.

Emily: And then what?

Connor: Then he gets to watch you die.

Lucky: You really think Connor Bishop is alive?

Nikolas: You didn't see the look on my launch pilot's face. He was convinced that he had just taken me to Spoon Island, Lucky.

Lucky: Did you ask him what he was wearing?

Nikolas: Yeah, dark clothes, he said. Nothing specific. The pilot said he didn't talk much, so whoever it was, he was obviously trying to cover.

Lucky: Well, Mary always said you resembled her husband.

Nikolas: That's it, that's it. That's Connorís military record right there.

Lucky: All right. There should be some kind of photo when he was training.

Nikolas: Oh my God.

Lucky: It's more than just a resemblance.

Nikolas: If not for that scar, that'd be me.

Lucky: All right, listen, look right here -- it says in the report that they never found Connorís body.

Nikolas: I have to go find Emily.

Emily: Have you killed many people?

Connor: Why does it matter?

Emily: You said you were going to kill me. I guess I'm curious -- will I stand out and be special, or is it just one more murder to you?

Connor: In my opinion, what happens in war isn't murder. That's the enemy. You're supposed to kill them. That's your job.

Emily: So it doesn't bother you?

Connor: I don't think about it. It's my job. It was my job. I ain't really got one no more. I ain't nothing. I ain't a marine. I ain't nothing but -- but a person who wants your little boyfriend to pay for killing my Mary.

Emily: Mm-hmm. You're going to avenge her.

Connor: That's a good word for it. I like that.

Emily: Yeah? Easier on the ears than "cold-blooded killer," which is what you'd have to be if you plan to shoot me while Nikolas is watching.

Connor: Nikolas killed my wife when she was helpless! Why shouldn't I do the same to him, huh? But you ain't got to worry about nothing. Going to be quick. You won't feel nothing.

Emily: Am I supposed to thank you?

Connor: No.

Emily: Do you think Mary would?

Diego: I've got some information you need to hear.

Lorenzo: I doubt it.

Diego: Look, all I want for it is a job, ok, nothing big.

Lorenzo: I'm not interested.

Diego: Sonny Corinthos wants to retaliate against you for stealing that shipment. I know where and how.

Lorenzo: I'm a businessman. I do not steal.

Diego: Sonny thinks you do. He wants payback.

Lorenzo: You're confused and you're way out of your league. So if you want to survive, you should listen to Courtney. Stay out of my affairs.

Brook Lynn: Hey. What are you doing with Lorenzo Alcazar?

Diego: Trying to get a job. No one believes I've got what it takes, but Iím going to prove to them I do. Huh.

Carly: Hey, hey.

John: Hey, hey, Carly. I'm sorry, but, actually, it's too late. I'm not supposed to have any fluids this close to surgery.

Carly: All right. In that case, let's talk about your ex-wife.

John: Who?

Carly: Your ex-wife. She showed up here. She came by and introduced herself to me.

John: Wait, wait, she came here?

Carly: Yeah, she came by, introduced herself to me, and warned me that I shouldn't trust you.

John: Well, I -- I don't know what this is about, but Beverly is understandably disappointed. Our marriage was a mistake.

Carly: So you didn't love her, huh?

John: No more than she loved me.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Do you want me --?

John: Oh, no. No, I can do it. Yeah.

Steven: Hey, it's Steven.

John: Oh, hey, doc. You checking up to make sure my doctors don't blow this?

Steven: Oh. No. Actually, I need to talk to Carly, if she's there.

John: Yeah. Yeah, she's here. Hold on. Steven wants to talk to you.

Carly: Steven.

Steven: Hey, Carly. I hate to spring this on you while you're there with John, but Kristinaís condition is deteriorating.

Carly: Well, I thought that there was a donor on the way that was compatible with Kristina. Alexis said that the transplant was pretty much going to happen.

Steven: Yeah, but there was a car accident and the donor is dead and we can't use the marrow. And Kristinaís suffered respiratory distress because her red blood cell count is so low. So, it's time for us to test any potential donors as soon as possible.

Carly: Ok -- I'll be in touch. Thanks, Steven.

John: Ms. Davis' daughter taken a turn for the worse?

Carly: I could save her life.

John: How?

Carly: By telling the truth. But if I do, I could lose Sonny forever.

Ric: You know, I think when a child is this sick the only comfort that we have is their innocence. I mean, Kristina, she doesn't understand the concept of mortality. She -- she knows she's uncomfortable when the doctors are prodding her, but it all goes away the minute that you sing her a lullaby. I mean, she could go through hours of treatments, but as long as you are standing there in the recovery room with a little balloon in your hand, she just lights up. Her mind isn't filled with preconceived notions of how she's supposed to react because she just -- she doesn't know how to be afraid.

Alexis: I hadn't thought of it that way.

Ric: You know what, Alexis? I -- I think it's enough for Kristina to know that you're here. As long as she has her mother, she knows that she's going to be ok.

Alexis: Oh.

Ric: All right. I'll do whatever I can to help keep her safe.

Alexis: Oh.

Ric: What is it?

Steven: Kristina is stable, but she's getting weaker. And I'm sorry, Alexis, but if there are no other family members --

Ric: Listen, I know that -- I know that family members are more likely to be a match, but I would -- I'd like to be tested all the same.

Steven: Yeah. I'll take you down to the lab.

Ric: It's going to be ok.

Emily: When Mary and I met, she was already hiding Nikolas.

Connor: Look, I ain't trying to hear this.

Emily: Yeah, I guess you could tape my mouth shut.

Connor: I don't want to hurt you, Emily.

Emily: No, you only want to kill me.

Connor: It's payback, come on.

Emily: And what's it going to solve? What? It won't bring Mary back to life. It won't honor the love you felt for her. But that's the point, isn't it -- to make Maryís death mean something so there's not just an end? So that Nikolas is sorry and you feel what? How are you going to feel when Iím dead? What, better, happier, more at peace?

Connor: Whatever I feel, Nikolas and I will probably kill each other. And if we don't, the cops will come in and they'll do the job for us.

Emily: Yeah, yeah, I can see the headlines now -- "Marine deserter goes on killing spree, murders woman tied to a chair." "Connor Bishop, husband of double murderer Mary Bishop --"

Connor: Shut up. Shut up.

Emily: "Is responsible for --"

Connor: I said shut up.

Emily: "Proof today that murder runs in the family by --"

Connor: Shut up, Emily.

Emily: Shut me up! Smack my face! Scare me into silence! But I'll be dead in a half-hour anyway. Maybe you could kill me if I were a soldier, if this were a mission, but it's not. This is how you're grieving for your wife. Instead of putting flowers on her grave, going to church, giving away her things, you're planning to commit murder in her name. Which brings me back to my original question -- do you really think this is what she'd want?

Connor: You're the one who said she was some crazed-out killer. Maybe that's exactly what she would want.

Emily: Mary lost her mind. You havenít. That's what makes this so terrible. No matter what you do, awake or asleep, you can't stop missing her. You can't help wondering if one tiny action could have changed everything and saved her life. I know because I asked myself the same question when I thought I lost Nikolas, and the answer is it doesn't matter. Nothing you do now can change what's already happened. All you can do is use your life to pay tribute to the person you loved.

Connor: By setting you free?

Emily: Yeah. That would be a start.

Connor: What about your boyfriend? Huh? Should he go free, too? Should he be able to go off and marry you and go on with his life, even though he destroyed my Maryís? You're right. I don't want to kill you. I just want Nikolas to pay, that's all.

Man: Timer's ready.

Jason: Five minutes?

Man: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: Hey --

Diego: What are you doing here?

Brook Lynn: Well, I thought we were going to hang out.

Diego: You can't be here right now, all right?

Brook Lynn: Yeah? You can be here, and so can I.

Diego: I have business! Go back to the mansion --

Brook Lynn: Look, touch me again and I'll break your arm!

Diego: Great! The door --

Brook Lynn: What?

Diego: You locked us in!

John: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Carly: Alexis begged me. She begged me -- she begged me to stay silent. She thought that Sonny was too dangerous, that he would cut Kristina out of her life, and she said she would fight him. It was going to be a nasty custody battle. In the end, Kristina was the one who was going to suffer.

John: So you stayed silent. Carly, it wasn't your secret to tell. This is understandable.

Carly: Yeah, but if Kristina dies, Sonny's going to blame me. He's going to blame me for robbing him of all the time he could have had with her.

John: You've gotten past insurmountable differences before.

Carly: Sonny lives by certain rules. He's going to see it as betrayal.

John: Well, maybe you should just wait it out, see if the hospital can find another donor.

Carly: I --

John: I know. I -- I know, I understand. You --

[Carly sighs]

John: Won't be able to live with yourself if Kristina dies. You know what you have to do.

Carly: I have to tell him the truth.

John: Even if it means the end of your marriage.

Connor: If your hands hurt, rub them a little bit, get the circulation going.

Emily: What happens now?

Connor: Go into town, let you go.

Emily: And what about you?

Connor: I don't know. You'll probably go to the cops, tell them I'm a deserter and a kidnapper. When they pick me up, I'll tell them that your little boyfriend killed his grandmother. With any luck, he'll go to jail and I wonít.

Emily: Except there's a better solution. Let me help you. I can give you money. I can get you to Canada or --

[Door opens]

Nikolas: Get away from her!

Connor: How about I kill you instead?

John: Hey, doc, I want you to watch out for Carly when she gets back to town. She's going to need some support.

Steven: Yeah, sure. What happened?

John: Well, it turns out that Sonny had an affair with Alexis Davis. You know that little girl that you're treating? That's his daughter.

Steven: Well, yeah. So Carlyís going to tell him?

John: It'll eat her alive if she doesn't.

Steven: Wow. Carly's doing the right thing.

John: You don't sound too surprised.

Steven: No, I'm not, actually. She told me before she went to New York.

John: What -- what, it didn't occur to you to keep me informed, huh?

Steven: Hey -- John, there's still something called patient-doctor confidentiality. Besides, she told you herself. I mean, isn't that better? I mean, that's proof that Carlyís starting to trust you. She has no idea that you're working her to get evidence against Sonny.

John: Well, Corinthos needs to be brought to justice. I just don't need or want to use my daughter to do it.

Steven: Whoa, John, you're serious?

John: Yeah. Yeah. You know, getting shot has a way of changing your perspective about things. It turns out that I -- I like having a daughter.

Steven: If I didn't know better, I'd say Carlyís changing you for the better.

John: I guess I finally realized I care more about my daughter than I do about putting her husband behind bars.

Ric: Hey. How's she doing?

Alexis: She's still sleeping. That's going to make her feel much better, Iím sure.

Ric: Yeah, well, you know, as long as it makes her smile.

[Steven sighs]

Ric: Well?

Alexis: Did Ricís test come back?

Steven: Yeah, and I'm sorry, but you aren't a match.

Alexis: Damn it.

Steven: Alexis, I'm going to call the donor registry again and we're going to do absolutely everything we can.

Ric: Yeah.

Steven: Promise.

Ric: Someone -- someone else is going to turn up.

Alexis: I can't wait any longer. I'm going to tell Sonny.

Carly: No, you're not. I will tell Sonny that he is Kristinaís father tonight.

Jason: Everything is set.

Courtney: Hi. Have you seen Diego?

Jason: No. Why?

Courtney: Well, look, he was really upset after you left, and I asked Brook to help me look for him, and she just called me a few minutes ago, said he was down here talking to Alcazar. Brook said she followed him to some warehouse on Pier 19 and I haven't heard from her since.

Diego: Don't you have something better to do than mess with my life?

Brook Lynn: You know what? If you would use your brain for just a second, I wouldn't have to bail you out --

Diego: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up, woman! Shut up!

Brook Lynn: You don't think that's what I really think it is, right?

Diego: Help! Help!

Brook Lynn: Get it open! Come on, open it!

Diego: Help!

Lorenzo: This is my building. What are you two doing here?

Diego: Get down!

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Courtney: What if Diego was in there?

Sonny: Were you and Diego actually inside the building?

Lorenzo: You mean my warehouse that you just blew up?

Carly: I am done being your co-conspirator.

Nikolas: Go ahead, run.

Emily: No one has to die.

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