GH Transcript Wednesday 10/27/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/27/04


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Luke: Things are coming together. I found somebody to front the money Faith wants to take the fall for Detective Doughnut's death.

Skye: Can we trust them?

Luke: I seriously doubt it. But decide for yourself.

Lorenzo: Hello, Skye.

Skye: You must be out of your mind.

Courtney: We have some unfinished business.

Jason: All right, I'm going to wait out here.

Sam: No, you need to hear this. You're going to be in the delivery room, right? Come on.

Jason: I thought Emily would be better, but if you really want me --

Sam: Oh, don't even.

Jason: Do you really want me in there?

Monica: Jason? Excuse me, Iím sorry. I was going to call you.

Jason: What's wrong?

Monica: I need your help.

Alexis: Is there any news?

Steven: The donor registry hasn't found a match for Kristinaís transplant.

Ric: Yeah, but they're -- they're going to. Dr. Webber's doing everything that he can.

Steven: I am. But there still are some people who haven't been tested -- close relatives.

Alexis: Don't worry, I'm not going to let anything happen to my little girl. This is -- this is really unbelievable.

Ric: You're doing fine.

Alexis: I need to keep it together because I can't let her pick up on my stress.

Ric: Alexis, she's going to fight this, all right? She's got your strength. Mine, too.

[Phone rings]

Ric: God, I thought I turned this off.

Alexis: No, just answer it, it's ok.

Ric: No, no, it's just work.

Alexis: You've never said that before. Go ahead, take it. I can handle this, honestly.

Ric: All right, give her a kiss for me.

Alexis: Hey, pumpkin pie. That was from Ric. He's a good guy. Better than I ever imagined.

Monica: Kristina needs a bone-marrow transplant, and close relatives are usually a match, but both Alexis and Ned have been rejected.

Sam: Oh, how terrible for both of them.

Monica: Jason, I know you don't consider yourself a Quartermaine, but --

Jason: No, I'll get tested right now.

Monica: Oh. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Jason: Sam, you know I was going to really be with you for your appointment, right?

Sam: No -- yeah, of course, I know. Go. Go, Jason. This is so much more important. Please.

Monica: Your due date must be coming up. How do you feel?

Sam: Good, actually. I mean, I feel great. This is probably the most secure and settled I've ever felt in my entire life, thanks to Jason.

Monica: Yeah. Yeah, I can tell he really cares about you. And though I never thought I would say it, I really -- I really believe you are good for him.

Georgie: I don't think I ever want a plain, adult bandage strip.

Dillon: Yeah, mine has little -- little monkeys.

Georgie: Mine has puppies. So, how long do you think it'll be before we find out if we're a match for Kristina?

Dillon: Honestly, I don't know. But it's cool of you to do this, because I know you're not related and --

Georgie: You know what? Strangers can be matches, too.

Dillon: Yeah. You should go because we're not supposed to be together, and if Mac finds out --

Georgie: Mac is in overdrive. But you know what; he's not going to yell at me for trying to help Kristina.

Dillon: Yes, but he knows you're a kind and generous person --

Georgie: Right, but Mac hasn't figured out you're a kind and generous person. But I have.

Monica: Ahem. Sorry. I need to speak to you in private, Dillon.

Dillon: You can say whatever you want in front of Georgie.

Monica: Ok. Ok. Well, things are missing from the house. I mean big things -- jewelry, Lilaís antiques, a painting.

Dillon: Wow. Really?

Monica: Yeah, really, really. And I know, Dillon, that your mother can be rather difficult at times, but the family cares about you, and if you really need help to keep on living on your own, you can come to Alan and me. You don't have to do anything drastic.

Dillon: I'm good. I'm fine. Thank you, though. I appreciate it.

Monica: Ok. Well, I'm sorry I had to bring it up. I'll let you know about the tests.

Georgie: I knew you and Luke took way too much stuff to pawn.

Dillon: I know, but you know what, as soon as they find out it's for Skye, then they won't be mad about it anymore.

Georgie: Ok, just don't do it again.

Dillon: I don't think I have to. I mean, as far -- as far as I know, Luke has a plan to get all the money he needs.

Skye: We never discussed going to Mr. Alcazar, Luke. In fact, we had talked about --

Luke: Look, we're already in business with Faith Rosco, for God's sake. How much worse could it be?

Skye: Not that we don't appreciate your offer of help, Mr. Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Hmm. Call me Lorenzo.

Skye: Lorenzo. Why would you want to help us?

Luke: Hey, you know, my middle name is Lorenzo. This is fate. This is going to work. I offered him a piece of the casino. As soon we're up and running, he gets a cut of the action.

Skye: How big a cut?

Luke: 33%.

Lorenzo: Let's make it 75%.

Lorenzo: Attitude tax. You've offended my delicate sensibilities.

Skye: Oh, really? From what I can see, there's nothing delicate about you.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm open to negotiation, Skye.

Luke: No, no, no, Lorenzo, no negotiating. We agreed on the terms. You wire a million bucks into Faith's offshore account, she confesses to the murder, and we're all equal partners in this joint.

Lorenzo: You and Skye are on the run from the authorities. Are you really in a position to quibble?

Skye: You know what? Luke is very resourceful. We'll be fine with or without your money.

Lorenzo: If Faith doesn't confess, I don't get a return on my investment. That is a substantial risk.

Skye: That's true. Faith would love to see me back in prison.

Luke: Yeah, I'll bet she'd love to be out of the can with a million bucks in her pocket more.

Lorenzo: Hmm. Well, I can't take that chance. I'd like a forfeit clause.

Skye: A what?

Lorenzo: Collateral, in case Faith doesn't deliver. Let's say that if Faith doesn't follow through on that confession within the next four hours, I take full control of the Haunted Star.

Skye: No deal.

Luke: Will you excuse us just a second? Look, darling, we're in no position to bargain. Getting you clear of this murder is far more important than hanging on to this tugboat.

Skye: Luke, this was our dream.

Luke: We'll make other dreams, Skye, together. I promise. Right now the only thing I care about is getting the bitch who's trying to ruin your life.

Heather: It's very small.

Edward: Darling, it's perfect.

Mike: Yeah, up until a couple of days ago, this was Heather's room. She seemed very happy to leave it.

Edward: Well, that's because I wasn't here with her, hmm?

Mike: It's not exactly the Quartermaine mansion.

Edward: It's fine. It's got everything we need. It's got a warm bed. It's got running water.

Heather: In the hall.

Edward: Darling, we're together. What more could a newlywed couple ask?

Mike: I know that you said you wanted a job downstairs, and it so happens I'm short-handed today.

Edward: I shall be right down.

Mike: See me in the kitchen. I'll give an apron.

Edward: Ok.

Heather: Honey, you don't have to start work today.

Edward: Darling, we have to eat. And since I've turned over my assets to Justus, I mean --

Heather: And let Monica throw us out of the house.

Edward: Darling, I know it's an adjustment, but Iím hoping you'll stand by me.

Heather: I'm not going anywhere.

 [Dishes clatter]

Mike: Hey, hey, hey.

Diego: What?

Mike: Keep it down, keep it down. Look, just because Courtney asked me to babysit you doesn't mean I can't fire your butt at the end of the day.

Diego: Oh, I haven't heard that one before.

Mike: Wait a minute. On second thought, maybe I can put that attitude to good use.

Diego: Doing what?

Mike: Listen, there's a new guy starting. His name is -- call him Eddie. He's on his way down.

Diego: What, you want me to go easy on him?

Mike: No, no, just the opposite. Make him work like a dog.

Diego: No problem.

Mike: Now, go do refills.

Diego: More coffee?

Brook Lynn: I'm not even drinking coffee.

Diego: Right. And you wouldn't want anything from me, right?

Brook Lynn: Look, why are you still working here?

Diego: I don't have a choice. My foster mom dumped me to chase after Kangaroo Jax. She may never come back.

Jax: I need to explain something.

Courtney: No, me first. Look, Jax, Iím sorry I wasn't on the plane when you left Port Charles.

Jax: Well, you stayed behind to help Jason, right?

Courtney: Hey -- didn't you get my phone messages? I stayed for Morganís birthday party, and then I headed straight for the airport.

Jax: No, I didn't get your messages. I didn't think that you'd fly down here.

Courtney: It doesn't matter. Hey, it doesn't matter, because I'm here now and I'm not pushing you away anymore.

Jax: Courtney, I thought we were through. That was only thing I was sure of.

Courtney: Jax, don't you get it? I'm not running away from you anymore, Jax. I mean, I want to be with you, ok? Now, nothing -- nothing is going to stand in our way.

Jax: Listen --

Woman: Jax, the outdoor shower's amazing! You need to join me the next time.

Jax: Courtney, please, can I just -- can I explain?

Courtney: No, Jax. You know, you tried to warn me the minute you realized I was here. I just should have listened.

Woman: I'll come back.

Courtney: No, donít. Really, don't leave because of me. I've been through this before, only last time it was with his ex-wife. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound nasty. I'm just definitely the one who should go.

Jax: Courtney, please, please -- Courtney, don't run away.

Diego: I get ditched all the time, but I like Courtney.

Brook Lynn: You mean you're in to her?

Diego: No. Well, yeah. I mean, sure. She's so hot, right? Who wouldn't be? But Jax is lame. She could do a lot better.

Brook Lynn: No. No. Look, Jax is actually a cool guy, all right? Look, he's one of my ma's best friends, and he never once forgot my birthday.

Diego: Oh, so the guy gives the rich girls presents, and that makes him a score?

Brook Lynn: I'm sorry, but I'm not rich! And, oh, by the way, if Courtneyís in love with Jax, then why can't she go away with him?

Diego: He left without her. Courtney doesn't need to chase after a guy to be happy.

Brook Lynn: We don't know what's going to make us happy. You know, life is too short to be planning it all out. You know, we need to be impulsive sometimes.

Diego: Isn't that the kind of thing old people say?

Brook Lynn: Anybody can get sick nowadays, like even a kid.

Diego: Wow, you are really messed up today. What happened?

Brook Lynn: My little sister, Kristina, needs -- she needs a bone-marrow transplant. It's really serious, but I thought that I could be a donor, but Iím not a match.

Diego: Yeah, but at least you got tested. I mean, that counts for something, right?

Brook Lynn: Not if I can't save her life.

Diego: Look, your sister knows you care.

Brook Lynn: Look, I barely knew Kristina, you know? I've been so caught up in my own drama since I can't -- you know, I could have stopped by, I could have gone to her more --

Diego: All right, all right, all right, all right! Relax. Here. Here. It's clean, I promise. Keep it. Come on, please.

Brook Lynn: Thanks -- I mean, considering it's not even yours.

Diego: Yeah, I'll probably get in trouble for losing it, but it doesn't matter.

Mike: Ok. So for now, you can just bus tables.

Edward: Sounds challenging.

Mike: Yeah, we'll see how long you last.

Diego: You idiot! Watch where you're going!

Edward: Who are you calling -- I'll clean it up, it's ok.

Diego: I just mopped this dump.

Edward: Find me a sponge.

Diego: Figure it out. Go get one. And what the hell are you doing here, anyways? Aren't guys your age supposed to retire and leave this kind of job to the next generation?

Edward: Well, I'm a little different. I like to make an honest living.

Diego: Oh, yeah? Well, hit the old folks' home. Come on.

Brook Lynn: Hey! Hey! Look, don't talk to him like that, all right?

Diego: Oh, you know this charity case?

Brook Lynn: Yeah. That charity case is my great-grandfather.

Ric: Jason. Dr. Webber just told me that you were tested to be a possible donor for Kristina. Thank you.

Jason: What's it got to do with you?

Ric: Well, I care about Alexis, Jason, and her daughter. I'm sure you feel the same way about Sam and her baby. How is she, by the way?

Jason: She's fine.

Ric: I'm surprised Sonny isn't looming around here. We know how territorial he feels about his children.

Jason: This is none of your business, Ric.

Ric: No, just an observation, Jason. Look, I'm sure Sonny's finally realized that "father" is not synonymous with "owner." Maybe he realized that Michael and Morgan are enough and he doesn't have to constantly cling to this daughter of his like it's some -- some possession that somebody's going to try and steal.

Jason: Where you going with this?

Sam: I'm sorry. I saw the name on the door. I wanted to stop by to see how she was doing.

Alexis: We're waiting to get a bone-marrow donor.

Sam: Jason's getting tested now.

Alexis: Oh.

Sam: I mean, he's a Quartermaine, and Monica said that relatives have the best chance, so --

Alexis: Oh, right. Right.

Sam: I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I think about my baby all the time. If she isn't moving, I worry. If she's moving too much, I worry. I'm --

Alexis: Got news for you -- you don't ever stop worrying, and there will never be a time where you're not going to put them in front of you.

Sam: Please, Alexis, if there is anything I can do for you, and I mean anything at all --

Alexis: Maybe there is.

Brook Lynn: Look, I know that you're upset because Great-grandmother Lila passed away, but I'm sorry, is that why you're working here?

Edward: No.

Diego: Hey, are you going to clean this dump or what?

Brook Lynn: Look, I told you not to talk to him like that.

Diego: He's some rich zillionaire. If he wants to slum with us civilians, he's going to work.

Brook Lynn: What's your problem? The man's wife just died.

Diego: His wife is upstairs.

Brook Lynn: I mean my great-grandmother.

Diego: Look, from what Iíve heard, gramps over here could afford the whole waterfront. I think it's time for him to retire and enjoy his cash.

Brook Lynn: Look, why do you care so much?

Diego: He's playing at being poor, like you're playing at being a rebel.

Brook Lynn: Excuse me?

Diego: Yeah, you've got this attitude. You want people to think that you're a bad girl, and it's all an act.

Edward: That's enough out of you, ok?

Brook Lynn: No, no, no. I want to hear this one.

Diego: You got parents, money, and a home. And you're convinced that you have such a hard life.

Brook Lynn: You know nothing about my life.

Diego: Oh, right, poor, misunderstood pop star. That's so weak.

Brook Lynn: You know what? You could have all the money and all the family in this world, but you would still be a jerk.

Mike: Come here.

Diego: What?

Tracy: I was in a meeting. What's the emergency?

Heather: Look inside.

Tracy: Is that my father?

Heather: He did exactly what he threatened to do.

[Tracy laughs]

Heather: Got up this morning, we went to the attorney. He signed all of his property and assets over to Justus. Then we got on a bus, took a bus ride here, where he went upstairs, and immediately rented us a room. And now he's working as a busboy!

Tracy: Not exactly what you had in mind when you started making goo-goo eyes at him -- right after my mother's funeral.

Heather: This isn't good for you either, Tracy. Justus now has controlling interest in E.L.Q.

Tracy: Well, I'll take care of that. Meanwhile, you're getting exactly what you deserve, and I'm going to enjoy it.

Heather: No, you're not. You're going to help me.

Luke: Danke, mijnheer.

Skye: I can't see two feet in front of me with these things.

Luke: Ok, no, keep them on. This whole dirty librarian thing is really working for me.

Faith: Back to provide more therapy? I'm sure Iím on the verge of a breakthrough if I just hear the right words.

Luke: We got your cash.

Faith: That's it. I'm cured.

Luke: So you'll confess to killing Duncan?

Faith: As soon as you convince me the money is for real.

Skye: An old friend of yours is taking over your stake at the Haunted Star -- a Lorenzo Alcazar?

Faith: Oh. Yes, well, last time I asked Lorenzo for help, he tried to kill me.

Skye: I knew I liked that man.

Luke: Ladies, please. We got the money. Where it came from is irrelevant.

Faith: I will need confirmation that it is in an offshore account.

Luke: You'll get it, and then Skye and I will turn ourselves in.

Skye: And you will confess to killing Ross to set me up.

Luke: Be sure to play up the angle that he was a dirty cop on the take and he was trying to extort a ton of money from you. Work that.

Skye: And you stabbed him when things went bad.

Luke: Because you wanted her out of the Haunted Star and you wanted me all to yourself.

Faith: Hmm. As if I would consider red riding hood here a threat.

Luke: Look, Faith, you won't get on the street unless we get on the street. We have to move freely in order to bust you out. So be sure to confess, and do it fast. Prison's not a pretty place to die, darling. You understand what you have to do?

Faith: Perfectly.

Jason: Why this sudden interest in Sonny's attitude toward his daughter?

Ric: Well, believe it or not, this child is my niece. I'm just curious about how my brother -- well, what his role is going to be in her life.

Jason: Let me say this -- you're not going to use Samís baby against Sonny. And if you try to use his kids -- that's a line you don't want to cross.

Alexis: Please thank Jason for getting tested for me. I really appreciate it.

Sam: I will.

Steven: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to check in on Kristina.

Sam: Ok, I have to meet Jason, anyway. So I will be praying for you and your little girl. Hang in there.

Alexis: Thank you. How old does a donor have to be? Can a small child or a baby give bone marrow?

Tracy: Let me make this perfectly clear -- I find you hideous on every conceivable level. I have wanted you gone from the very first moment you slithered into my mother's rose garden. Why would I help you?

Heather: Because we want the same thing, Tracy -- money.

Tracy: You don't have any, and your husband is working for small change.

Heather: But I have other plans for Edward and his estate. If you help me, I'll give you half his fortune.

Tracy: I don't need it. I'm the head of E.L.Q.

Heather: You'll need his shares if you're going to stop Justus from taking your job away from you. Is that what you want, him running your company?

Tracy: Nice try. I'm not buying.

Heather: You have a very small window of opportunity here. You think Edwardís going to want to work here forever? I donít. What happens when he decides he wants his company back? If you help me, he won't have the chance to get it.

Edward: Now, how about that.

Mike: Yeah. $1.50. That's pretty good for your first tip.

Edward: Not bad, huh? Earned it with my own little hands.

Mike: All right, all right, enough -- enough with the show, Edward. You're a rich man several times over, so what -- what are you really doing here?

Edward: Taking a risk, Mike. On one hand, I could walk away with nothing. But on the other hand, I might find something I haven't had in a long time.

Mike: Dishpan hands?

Edward: Hmm. Peace of mind.

Diego: Hey, you're back.

Courtney: Yeah, short trip.

Diego: What did Jax do wrong this time?

Courtney: It doesn't matter anymore, Diego, because Jax and I, we're -- we're over for good.

Woman: I had a good time. I'd leave you my number, but something tells me you wouldn't use it. Whoever that girl was, I have a feeling she's the one. It's written all over that gorgeous face of yours. And I don't think it's an accident she and I sort of look alike. Go after her, Jax, before it's too late.

Steven: The child would have to be at least a year old before they could donate bone marrow, but you have to understand that even that can be --

Alexis: I'm just trying to consider every possible option.

Steven: I don't mean to put any additional pressure on you, but if you're planning to approach Kristinaís biological father, I suggest that you do it as soon as possible so that we can test him and all his relatives.

Alexis: I know you may find this hard to understand, but believe me; I am acting in my daughter's best interest.

Steven: I know you are. I don't doubt it. But whatever reason you do have for holding back the truth, I have to ask, is it really worth putting your daughter's health at risk?

Luke: Ok, it's done.

Skye: Ok. Guess that's it, huh?

Luke: Yeah.

Skye: No backing out now. So how do I look? I want to look pretty good. You know, it might be the last chance I get to wear something nice besides a prison jump suit.

Luke: You look great. As my Aunt Ruby used to say, you got jump. When I was a kid and my Aunt Ruby was looking to hire new girls, hookers -- she was a madam, in case you didn't know that. I grew up in her house down in Florida? Anyway, when she was looking to hire new girls, she would say to me, "Luke, you know why I like this one and not that one?" And I'd say, "Why?" And she'd say, "Because this one's got jump."

Skye: Meaning what?

Luke: Meaning that you got everything at once. A girl with jump can cause the most discerning, discreet guy in town to rush in for a quickie. You got that kind of jump. Yes, indeed. And there's no way Iím going to see you waste your jump on the gals in Cellblock C.

Skye: You know everyone told me that I couldn't count on you? That you were unreliable, that you'd already deserted me? But I knew better. Luke, I've been wrong about lots of things in my life, and I am so happy that the one time I get to be right, it's about you.

Luke: Hey!

Lucky: Skye, you ok?

Luke: Yeah, you know, we're doing good for a couple of fugitives.

Lucky: Well, you've been gone for so many months, and I've just got so many questions to ask you.

Luke: Yeah, ok, well, you're going to have to save that. Right now, go ahead and do your coply duty. Cuff us up, take us downtown.

Dillon: What are you -- what are you thinking about?

Georgie: About us, how much I want to be with you.

Dillon: Yeah, don't worry. Mac's little Dillon ban, I'm sure, will be over soon enough.

Georgie: When it is, then we're going to be together all the way. No, I'm serious. If Luke and Skye hadn't busted in the other night needing our help --

Dillon: You know what? You know what my grandmother used to say? She said that things happen for a reason.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: You know?

Georgie: Then maybe this town is jinxed.

Dillon: So -- ok, so we'll leave the town, and then have sex.

Georgie: Right. No, think about it, I'm serious. Do you remember what you told me when the first we said "I love you"?

Dillon: Yeah, like, New Orleans, Mardi Gras.

Georgie: Dillon, we could go to Paris.

Dillon: Wow. Yeah.

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: That would be great, just like a little -- a little hotel above a cafe and an old, rusty bed and --

Georgie: And we could finally make love.

Dillon: And never come back.

[Georgie laughs]

Dillon: No, I mean it. You know, I could --

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: I could be, like, an independent filmmaker. You could be a novelist.

Georgie: Dillon, it's a great dream.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Georgie and Dillon: Hey.

Brook Lynn: Hey, have you guys heard anything on Kristina yet?

Georgie: No, not yet, but don't worry, someone will be a match.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, look, it's not just that. Diego and I had another fight.

Dillon: About what?

Brook Lynn: I don't know. You know, he's coming down on me for all this stuff that's really not fair, right? It's like he's crazy. You know, sometimes I see this really cool side of him, he's a decent guy, but then he just says something to screw it up. I can't figure him out.

Dillon: Ok, so next time he comes to Kellyís, blow him off.

Georgie: Unless you want --

Dillon: Blow the guy off.

Georgie: Unless you want to give him another chance.

Monica: Hi.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Hi.

Monica: I'm sorry, but you're not a match.

Dillon: Oh.

Diego: Here's a latte, and that one is on me.

Courtney: Thank you, Diego, but I want you to -- to keep all the money you earn here.

Diego: Well, then drink it and leave me a big tip. Hey, Jax is a loser.

Courtney: No, Diego. Look, I messed this up, ok? No, no, Jax warned me that he wouldn't wait forever, and I still went running to try and help Jason.

Diego: You missed a plane, and then he goes and cheats on you?

Courtney: Wait, hey, we didn't have a commitment, ok? Jax just got tired of waiting for me.

Diego: If Jax really cared, he would have been patient.

Courtney: Ok, relationships don't always work that way. You know, and sometimes, no matter how perfect it seems like it could be, they don't work out at all.

Sam: How soon are you going to find out if you're a match?

Jason: They said the results shouldn't be long, but you don't have to wait around for me.

Sam: No --

Monica: Oh. Excuse me. I want to thank you so much for going through with this, but, unfortunately, you're not a viable donor for Kristina.

Jason: I guess it was worth a try.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Thank you for letting me know about this.

Monica: You're welcome. And by the way, Alexis said that she would like to see you; said it was important.

Lucky: Go tell Commissioner Scorpio we're here.

Skye: Luke, I can't go back to prison, you know? I can't go there. I'm scared. It's demeaning, it's filthy, it's lonely.

Luke: Just trust me; you're going to walk out of here a free woman.

Skye: Yeah, well, I guess it's up to Faith Rosco now. No wonder I'm terrified.

Luke: Faith will keep her end of the bargain. She knows what'll happen to her if she doesn't.

Reporter: Ms. Quartermaine, Mr. Spencer, you're turning yourselves in. Is there anything you'd like to say to the public?

Lucky: Yeah -- back off.

Luke: Hold on. I got a lot to say.

Lucky: Dad, you don't want to do this.

Luke: No, I do. We turned ourselves in because we got tired of being on the run. We got tired of hiding from the police. They were doing a fine job of tracking us, so we decided the best thing to do is just turn ourselves in and trust the great American system of jurisprudence. We are entirely innocent.

Lucky: Get. What was that about?

Luke: I'm just singing the praises of your employers.

Lucky: You're working some scam here.

Luke: No, son, there's no scam. No, we're just -- we're tired of being on the run.

Lucky: Ok, you know what, I know you, Dad, all right? If you wanted to, you could have stayed hidden forever, but instead you hook up with Skye, then you call me to bring you in. So be honest with me. Tell me what's going on.

Luke: It's about your mother.

Edward: Hey.

Heather: Hi. How are things in the trenches?

Edward: I haven't been this happy in years.

Heather: Oh, I'm so glad. I have an errand to run. Do you still have a key to the house?

Edward: Why would you want to go back there?

Heather: I left something important behind. I need to pick it up.

Edward: I don't think there's anything that merits you going back and dealing with my family.

Heather: Unfortunately, that's not quite true.

Edward: Heather, we have everything we need in that 8x12 room up there. We need anything else; we can get it as we go along. And right now table five is waiting on onion rings.

 [Knock on door]

Jason: Alexis? You asked to see me?

Alexis: Thank you very much for getting tested. I really appreciate it.

Jason: You know what, I'm just sorry that I wasn't a match.

Alexis: I was thinking about when I represented you when you wanted custody of Michael, and I knew at the time that you didn't have a prayer of getting that because you weren't the biological father. Even though you were the one that took care of him for a year, you're the one that loved him; you're the one that Michael depended on. You weren't the biological father, and the court validates biology above and beyond everything else, and I think it's wrong. I think that you were Michaelís father from the day that he was born.

Jason: That was -- that was a long time ago.

Alexis: I also remember that you were the only one that ever showed concern for Michael. You -- you put his happiness first. You wanted the best for him. You wanted to do right by him, and that's -- that's what we need to do as parents. We need to do right by our children.

Jason: Well, why are you telling me this?

Alexis: My baby is very sick, and I'm afraid that I'm going to lose her.

Ric: Alexis, don't do this.

Diego: Mike's cutting me loose.

Courtney: Great. Well, then Iíll just go say bye and we can head home, ok?

Diego: Courtney, Courtney --

Courtney: Yeah?

Diego: Jax is an idiot. You know, if I even had a chance with a girl like you, I would never mess it up.

Courtney: Well, you'll get your chance, Diego, because you're a good guy. And some girl your age --

Diego: Oh --

Courtney: And who's right for you is going to see that, too.

Diego: All right. Hey, Courtney doesn't want to see you.

Jax: She will.

Diego: You're not listening to me, man. Beat it, loser.

Jax: Look, I'll deal with you later, all right?

Diego: Yeah? Deal with this.

Heather: My husband's turned his back on his family. He's given up all of his assets. He now works in a diner, even though he's suffered multiple heart attacks. Let me just say that his daughter's very concerned about him and she feels that he may possibly have had a break with reality. I was wondering if you could possibly evaluate Edward without him knowing it? That'd be perfect. Good. I'll see you then. Thank you, doctor.

Luke: I don't suppose you got any leads on where Laura is?

Lucky: No, it's like she just vanished. The Montreal doctors have been no help.

Luke: That's probably because they're being paid off by the same people who kept me drugged up enough to sing backup with Elvis all summer.

Lucky: Whoever paid them to lock you up must have Mom.

Luke: That would be an ice pick-wielding psycho.

Lucky: Listen, Dad, I know you don't want to hear this, but --

Luke: Lucky, your mother is catatonic. She probably doesn't know where she is or what's going on. We need to find her.

Lucky: They why'd you turn yourself back in? You know that the prison van is already on its way to take Skye back to Pentonville. You're facing charges for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting.

Luke: I know, but we're not going to be in custody that long. I told you she didn't kill Detective Doughnut.

Skye: And the real killer is about to confess.

Lucky: Well, how can you be so sure of that?

Luke: Because Ms. Rosco assured us she would.

Lucky: You got Faith involved in this?

Luke: I said all along that Skye was framed by some lunatic. They don't get any more wacked out than Faith.

Lucky: You set this up, Dad. You took a huge risk enlisting Faith in this. Someday you're going to regret putting your trust in the wrong person.

Warden Bradford: Mrs. Rosco, you said it was urgent?

Faith: It is. I have realized that I want to enter the work program after all. If Iím going to be here for 10 years, I want to make good use of my time.

Warden: You got me out of an important meeting, and that's all you want to tell me?

Faith: Why? Did you think I was going to confess to another crime?

Ric: Alexis is worried about Kristina, Jason. She doesn't need any added stress from you.

Jason: She asked to see me, Ric.

Alexis: I wanted to speak to him. It's important.

Ric: You don't have to say anything to this man.

Steven: Hey, we -- we found a donor for Kristina!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Faith: I'm rethinking our deal.

Jax: Your turn.

Courtney: I am finally seeing you clearly for the first time.

Jason: You want to tell me whatever you were trying to say?

Carly: Steven, give me a call. I need to know what to do.

Sonny: About what?

Nikolas: Mary's out of our lives forever.

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