GH Transcript Tuesday 10/26/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/26/04


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Lorenzo: You're partially right. I haven't stopped loving you.

Carly: Well, if it's true, then I feel sorry for you, Lorenzo, because I cannot return the feelings. Why do you stay here? I'm back with Sonny. Sage -- she was killed. Why do you stay in Port Charles? What's left for you here?

Lorenzo: What do you want me to say? That it's because of you?

Steven: I don't know if you're aware of this, but Nedís not Kristinaís biological father. Now, that made him a long shot to be a bone marrow match, and he isn't. Whatever the personal ramifications, they can't be more important than your daughter's health.

[Alexis sighs]

Steven: Alexis, we need to know who Kristinaís father is.

Sonny: Alexis? Hey. Any luck finding a marrow donor for Kristina?

Alexis: No. I'm not a match, and neither is Ned.

Sonny: Is it unusual that one of the parents isn't a match?

Alexis: Kristina has other relatives, and we're going to test every single one of them.

Nikolas: Damn it, I thought this nightmare was over.

Emily: Yeah, I could've sworn that we were alone on the bluffs with Helena. Do you think one of the servants saw you push her?

Nikolas: No, I think it's worse than that. Helena wrote this note. I'm telling you, somehow she survived that fall.

Skye: Who the heck is Lucky Seven?

Luke: I think she's wise to us. She's figured out that we're working together and she's trying to turn the tables on us. This is very interesting.

Skye: See, this is one of the many differences between us. You see this as progress. I see this as being frozen in place.

Luke: Well, you're not in prison and I'm not hopped up in some psych ward. I see that as progress.

Skye: Hey, don't get me wrong, I happen to love the Haunted Star. I just never expected to actually be living here.

Luke: Yeah, but see, forward motion is what we've got. We're thinking. I think, therefore I am. So let's keep thinking. Let's -- let's go over this layout of Pentonville and secure Faith's escape route.

Skye: Another plan that's not going to work.

Luke: A tad pessimistic today, Mabel?

Skye: I told you, I'm not a very good fugitive.

Luke: I know that. Believe me, I know that. So the sooner we get you back to your blue-blood lifestyle, the better off everybody's going to be. As for your disparaging remark about my plan, we're here, aren't we? My plans seem to be working so far. And if this one works, we'll get Faith to confess to Duncanís murder, you'll be exonerated. Then we'll get her out of Pentonville, she and Justus will be gone, disappear somewhere, and we'll be free to track down whoever this woman is who's trying to ruin our lives.

Skye: Have you given any actual thought as to what you're going to do if this woman who killed Detective Duncan and framed you turns out to be your wife?

Luke: Hey --

Skye: The woman who stalked me and tried to murder me, or is anything that Laura does ok with you, Luke?

Luke: Look, I know you're having a bad day --

Skye: A bad day?

Luke: Why don't you let me handle my wife!

Skye: Hey, you're not here exclusively, you know, Luke. I'm here, also.

Luke: I know. I know, I know, I know. So, what, you want to have a fight about my wife, or do you want to talk about what we do to get ourselves out of this mess?

Skye: Pay Faith Rosco to lie for us? Not the best plan.

Dillon: All right. All right, folks, this is it. I'm done. This is the last thing Iím stealing from my family. They're starting to notice stuff is missing.

Tracy: I want this Amazonís room searched, and then I want her fired.

Monica: Oh, Tracy, you're way ahead of yourself. This is my house, my staff. I do the hiring and firing. Alice is not going anywhere.

Tracy: Your precious Alice has been robbing us blind.

Alice: I resent that.

Tracy: My diamond bracelet is missing. So is my Swiss watch. So is that beautiful crystal candy dish in mother's sitting room. Those are just the obvious ones.

Alice: Look, lady, I'm no thief. I've never stole a thing in my life, and I'm not about to start by taking things that used to belong to dear Mrs. Lila.

Alan: I believe her.

Tracy: You're an idiot!

Alan: I think she's been framed, either by you --

Tracy: By me?

Alan: Yes, or by Heather, who now has the run of the house because of my dopey father.

Monica: Oh, speak of the devil, literally.

Edward: Good, good, good, good. You're all here. Say hello to the newest Quartermaine -- my wife, Heather.

Emily: You're jumping to a conclusion.

Nikolas: Well, yeah, the obvious one.

Emily: Not necessarily. Just because we haven't found Helenaís body doesn't mean that she isn't dead. Nikolas, you said it yourself, Helena fell from the same bluff as Stefan, and the fall killed him. It makes sense that it killed Helena, too.

Nikolas: Yeah, in a perfect world, Emily, one where you and I haven't lived for very long.

Emily: She was washed away by that current, Nikolas, I'm sure of it.

Nikolas: Then who wrote the note, hmm? The gardener, the launch pilot? Some trespasser who --

Emily: Look, it doesn't matter. No one can blackmail us because we aren't hiding anything. Helena came after me with a knife. She meant to kill me. You stopped her and, in the struggle, she fell from the bluff. We told everything to the police. End of story.

Nikolas: Right, except for the part where she fell, Emily. I pushed her. Someone wants me to pay for that.

Steven: Alexis, it's not uncommon for both parents to be incompatible as marrow donors. That's why the donor registry exists.

Alexis: We need to call her other relatives.

Steven: Sure, anyone who's biologically related.

Alexis: I have a nephew. His name's Nikolas.

Ric: Can I speak to you for a moment?

Sonny: What do you want, Ric?

Ric: I asked you before; could you please stay away from Alexis?

Sonny: I'm just trying to be helpful here.

Ric: She's uncomfortable around you on a good day, Sonny, ok? Now her child is gravely ill. You want to help? Just keep a respectful distance.

Sonny: No problem. I'm just concerned, you know, as a parent, but Kristinaís a sweet kid.

Lorenzo: So do you hate me now?

Carly: You know, it'd be a lot easier if I did. But even now, after everything, no. Look, Lorenzo, honestly, I wish you well. I just -- why don't you go somewhere else and just start over, start fresh?

Lorenzo: Carly, if I left now, Iíd be running, and I refuse.

Carly: But there's nothing left for you here.

Lorenzo: Well, having nothing left can be very liberating. You can pretty much take any risk you want when you've got nothing left to lose. But I don't expect you to understand. You've got a lot at stake -- your children, your husband, even a father now. You know, I was just thinking how much Morganís grown since that day a year ago when you shot me in the back and hit your wife in the head.

Sonny: I thought you were taking Morgan home.

Carly: Yeah, actually, I brought him up to visit mama. Sonny, I didn't even know Lorenzo was in the elevator till the doors had shut.

Sonny: What did he want?

Carly: You heard him. He wanted to remind me that he was around to help deliver Morgan.

Sonny: Probably thinks I owe him. He may be right. It's time I cancel the debt.

Heather: I assume you all received my fax.

Edward: What fax?

Monica: Oh, Heather was thoughtful enough to fax us a copy of your marriage certificate.

Edward: Really?

Heather: I thought I'd give everybody a head start on getting used to the idea and I was hoping when we got home that your family would be able to share in our happiness. Oh, it's just occurred to me -- you're all my family, too, now.

Monica: Ugh.

Alan: Just because you dragged my father to the altar, don't think I'm going to start calling you mother.

Heather: Heather will be fine.

Tracy: I have a better idea. How about thieving, gold-digging tramp?

Edward: How about that's enough, Tracy.

Tracy: It's not enough, Daddy. There are things missing all over the house -- silver, crystal, art. Monica and I are both missing jewelry.

Heather: You're accusing me?

Tracy: Whoa! Congratulations. You're not as dumb as you look.

Monica: All right, in the interest of family solidarity, I won't press charges if everything is back in place by morning.

Heather: You are looking at the wrong person. And as much as it pains me to say this, it seems to me you should shift your gaze to the more likely suspects, namely Dillon and Brook Lynn. These are two teenagers running around the house completely unsupervised. They have constant access, anything they want. I know Dillon is struggling to live on his own. Maybe this is how he's supplementing his allowance, by pilfering from the family.

Tracy: How dare you.

Edward: Actually, he does look like a delinquent. I mean, just look at his hair.

Heather: I'll let you-all sort it out. I'm going to go upstairs and freshen up. Excuse me. My bags are still in the car. Bring them upstairs.

Alice: I don't take orders from you.

Heather: You do now.

Lois: Honey, a person's word is a person's bond. You made a commitment to sing. You signed a contract with Simon Niles of your own free will.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well, that's debatable.

Lois: Did I hold a gun to your head? I think you'll remember that's not the way it happened. No, you decided that you were ready for a career, so now there are people you're responsible to, so, no, you don't get to ditch rehearsal because currently you're unhappy with your mother's social life.

Brook Lynn: Look, I'm not singing until Dad comes and asks me to sing, all right, if in the event that he even does that. And, oh, by the way, while you're with Lorenzo Alcazar, you have no say over my career.

Lois: I heard your ultimatum the first four times you gave it. Fortunately, your dad's back from his business trip and he should be here any minute. Finally. You were supposed to meet us 45 minutes ago.

Ned: I'm sorry, Iím sorry. I was at the hospital, so --

Lois: Is something wrong?

Ned: Kristina has been diagnosed with a blood disease.

Lois: Ned, Iím so sorry.

Ned: She needs a bone marrow transplant. So I got tested, but I'm not a match.

Brook Lynn: Maybe I am. I mean, after all, Kristina is my little sister.

Nikolas: Look, suppose this unknown witness or whatever had a camera and took pictures of me pushing Helena off the cliff.

Emily: Why do you keep going to the worst-case scenario?

Nikolas: Well, what do you think the note was about, Emily?

Emily: Someone is playing mind games, Nikolas, trying to make us act and feel guilty.

Nikolas: Ok, then who would do that other than Helena? Hey, any news?

Lucky: No, not yet. We're dredging for Helenaís body on the shoreline, but the forensics people agree there's no way that she could've survived that fall.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Hello?

Alexis: It's Alexis. I need you to come over to the hospital right away.

Nikolas: Are you all right?

Alexis: It's Kristina. My little girl is really sick. She has this thing called rylodysplastic anemia and she needs a bone marrow transplant, and I'm not a match.

Nikolas: All right, Iíll be there right away, ok?

Alexis: Thank you.  I thought you left.

Sonny: No, I'm not here to bother you. I'm just looking for Alcazar. You haven't seen him, have you?

Alexis: You're going to have to forgive me. I haven't been able to keep track of the local criminals. I have more important things on my mind.

Sonny: Alcazar. This has got to be the last time I catch you with Carly or my children.

Lorenzo: Or what? You're going to take a hit out on me like you did Durant?

Sonny: Your innocent act doesn't fly with me. I know you tried to frame Jason for shooting Durant, but your plan wasn't thorough. The shooter left a latent fingerprint on the weapon for Steven Webber to find, but there wasn't any powder or residue on Jasonís hand or clothing. So what you really did was you wasted everybody's time and you left a federal prosecutor you shot alive to come after you for attempted murder. Screwed up. But this mistake could be fatal.

Lorenzo: Corinthos seems to think you're going to arrest me.

John: Yeah, well, unfortunately, I have no proof of Mr. Alcazar's involvement in my shooting.

Lorenzo: Of course not, because Sonny's the perpetrator, not me. You know, there's a history here. A year ago, he shot me in the back when I was helping deliver your grandchild. Sonny, why don't you tell your father-in-law how you put a bullet in his daughter's head, huh? Why don't you tell him what a coward you are?

Sonny: You're going to die, and --

Ric: Sonny! Don't do this. Not now. This man is the least of your problems.

Steven: Kristina has a condition called rylodysplastic anemia.

Nikolas: Alexis already explained. She needs a bone marrow transplant.

Steven: Yeah.

Alexis: Nikolas has already done this before for his little sister, and that worked out really well, didn't it?

Nikolas: Right, yeah, it's as if Lesley Lu were never sick, and hopefully the same thing will happen with Kristina.

Steven: Well, that's excellent. The first thing we have to do is have you take a test to see if you're a compatible donor, so Iíll take you to the lab.

Nikolas: Ok. I'll be right there. Try not to worry, ok?

Alexis: Thank you for doing this.

Nikolas: Ok.

Carly: Alexis.

Alexis: I thought you left.

Carly: I went home. I had to take Morgan back. But listen, really, I need to speak to you alone.

Alexis: I am not going to tell Sonny that he is Kristinaís father until there are no other options. Right now, I still have hope and I think she's going to be fine.

Monica: I'm sure you've had a challenging 24 hours, Edward. You must be hungry and tired. I'll have cook make you a sandwich before you go.

Edward: Where am I going?

Monica: Frankly, I don't give a damn, but you're not spending one single night under my roof as long as you're married to that trollop.

Alan: I'm with Monica. You are either befuddled by grief or you have become callous beyond recognition. To be honest with you, I don't care. You've disgraced my mother's memory as well as the decades of her life that she spent with you. You go and you marry this woman three months after her death? Until you snap out of it, you and your bride are no longer welcome here. It may be Monicaís house, but I gave it to her, and you're out of here.

Tracy: Now, Alan, throwing Daddy out is not the solution. It's not drastic enough. Clearly he has proved that he's completely out of his mind by marrying Heather, so I say we get him declared insane, throw his butt back into Shadybrook, and get the travesty annulled.

Edward: And you are all overreacting, as usual. I never betrayed my wife, and I never will.

Monica: Which wife would that be, Edward?

Edward: Lila came to me in a dream last night.

Tracy: Was she dizzy from turning over in her grave?

Edward: No, Tracy, just the opposite. Unlike the lot of you, she was most gracious. She wished me well.

All: Oh, brother.

Edward: She also warned me to make sure that I can trust Heather. And making sure is exactly what I intend to do.

Lucky: Emily! Emily?

Emily: Hey.

Lucky: Hey, Iíve got good news. Is Nikolas back?

Emily: No, he's not back yet. Have you found Helenaís body?

Lucky: No, no, no, we found articles of clothing stained with blood. The forensics team, they're going to send them to the lab for analysis, but Iím pretty sure that it's Helenaís blood. I think that she died on those rocks, just like Stefan did, and I think the water took her out.

Emily: No, I agree. There's no chance that Helena could've survived.

Lucky: Yeah.

Emily: But this isn't going to be over for Nikolas until he's seen that body.

Lucky: Yeah. You know, we're going to keep looking.

Emily: Ok, thanks for your help.

Lucky: You know, I'm happy that she's dead. All the years of pain and misery she inflicted on all of us are finally over. Most of all, Iím just glad you're safe.

Luke: Take it easy, Emily. It's me, Luke. I'm not going to hurt you. I'll take my hand away if you promise not to scream. Ok?

Emily: You scared me half to death, Luke.

Luke: I'm sorry, but I couldn't take a chance that you would scream and bring my son, Serpico, back. Did I hear right? Helena's faked her own death?

Emily: No, she didn't fake anything. She tried to slit my throat.

Luke: That's one of her favorite methods, very effective.

Emily: Well, Nikolas saved me. There was a struggle and she fell from the bluff.

Luke: And now her body is conveniently missing?

Emily: The water's higher now than it was the night Stefan went over and the rocks were partially submerged. There's no way that she staged this, Luke. There's no chance she survived.

Luke: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure, my dear. It's been my experience it's pretty hard to kill that old bitch.

Emily: Hey, you know, you really shouldn't be here. Lucky's going to be back any second. Can I help you with something?

Luke: Yeah, you could look the other way while I rip the joint off.

Emily: You're trying to clear Skye of Detective Duncanís murder?

Luke: Very astute.

Emily: Well, you know, you can take whatever you want. There's really not a whole lot left. You know, all the antiques of value were sold months ago and we don't really keep a whole lot of cash on hand. If you want to hang out in the passageway, Nikolas should be back soon. I'm sure he can get some money out of the Cassadine accounts.

Luke: No, thank you very much, thank you, but ripping the Cassadines off is one thing; accepting their charity is something else. That gives me hives.

Emily: Nikolas isn't like the rest of the Cassadines.

Luke: Yeah, I know, Nikolas is different. I know, I know. But thanks anyway, Emily. And sorry to have scared you. Bye.

Alexis: How long will it take to get the test results?

Nikolas: I'm not a match.

Alexis: They did it so fast.

Nikolas: I know, but apparently, they can tell right away. I mean, I'm not even close. I'm sorry. I thought for sure Iíd be able to help Kristina. I'm sorry.

Alexis: So did I. So did I.

Nikolas: Well, you said Nedís already been tested, right? What about the rest of the Quartermaines?

Alexis: I -- I hadn't thought that far.

Nikolas: Well, hopefully one of them is a match, or one could turn up from the donor registry.

Alexis: They're going to find somebody. I know they are.

Nikolas: I know.

Alexis: She's going to be fine.

Nikolas: Well, if it helps at all, Helenaís dead.

Alexis: What?

Nikolas: She attacked Emily out on the bluffs. I tried to get Emily away from her, there was a struggle --

Alexis: Was she hurt?

Nikolas: No, no, she's fine. But anyway, Helena fell backwards over the cliff. They haven't found her body yet, but there's no way she could've survived that.

Alexis: I don't care. I don't feel anything at all. I'm just focused on Kristina.

Nikolas: I know. Helena doesn't matter. She's gone, and we're all better for it.

Alexis: Go home. It's ok. Thank you.

Nikolas: Ok. Ok.

Ned: Alexis.

Alexis: Hi.

Ned: How are you?

Alexis: Hi, everybody.

Lois: Ned told me what's going on with Kristina. I'm very sorry.

Alexis: Thank you for your concern.

Ned: Brook Lynn would like to be tested as a marrow donor.

Alexis: That's very generous.

Ned: Have you found another match?

Alexis: No, I was hoping --

Brook Lynn: They should test me. I mean, isn't a brother or sister supposed to be a good chance for a match?

Steven: Hey.

Carly: Hey. How's Kristina doing?

Steven: She's resting. Her vitals are stable. But I won't lie; she has a potentially life-threatening illness.

Carly: Yeah, I know, I know, she needs a bone marrow transplant. Steven, is it true that a parent or a sibling is the best chance for a match?

Steven: Absolutely.

Carly: Ok. I need to discuss something with you, but before I say anything, I really need to know that doctor-patient confidentiality applies here.

Steven: Yeah. Don't worry, Carly. I won't repeat anything you tell me -- including the fact that Sonny is Kristinaís father.

Carly: Alexis told you that?

Steven: No, you just did.

Ric: Don't threaten Alcazar. Don't be around Durant. Just do yourself a favor, go home, be with your wife and your kids, and try your best to pretend like you're a law-abiding citizen.

Sonny: What is motivating this brotherly concern here?

Ric: Look, you may be an amoral thug, but you're not stupid, all right? You're smart enough not to make public death threats. The fact that you did just proves you're not thinking clearly. Ordinarily, I would love to take advantage of it, but Iím a little busy right now --

Lorenzo: Hey! Did you forget that a year ago your brother shot me in the back? A month and a half later, he tried to kill me again, and just now he threatened to kill me for a third time --

Ric: Yeah, I'm aware of that, yeah.

Lorenzo: And all you're doing is standing there and having a little chat?

Lois: Excuse me for butting in, but what exactly is going on here?

Skye: Heather managed to trick Edward into marrying her, and you're just now mentioning it?

Dillon: Yeah, it's not exactly like I like to think about it, and there's nothing anybody can do. I mean, my mom already tried. And the fact of the matter is my grandfather's a grown guy, ok? If he wants to marry a gold digger or whatever, he's welcome to.

Skye: Edward adored Lila. Heather's no substitute. This has to be about him being overcome by grief, and that -- that Heather is taking advantage of him, that evil witch.

Luke: Which evil witch?

Skye: Heather Webber. She manipulated Edward into marrying her.

Luke: You don't say?

Skye: Don't tell me you're actually happy about this sham of a marriage.

Dillon: Yeah, dude, ripping off my family is one thing. Being happy that my grandfather is marrying a fortune-hunter? Kind of cold.

Luke: Look, I could care less who Eddie spends his nights with unless it serves us, and this just might.

Skye: How?

Luke: Well, Heather snaked her way into a fortune here. And she's pretty smart. She's not going to let go of it easily. In fact, I wager by the end of the week, she'll have control of Ed's checkbook.

Skye: I still don't see how this is cause for celebration.

Luke: It could be. It could be if she is the source of the income that we need to clear your name, and she will be that if I can convince her.

Heather: Oh, isn't this lovely, all of us gathered together in the same place? Maybe we should make cocktail hour our new family tradition, a way we could all reconnect at the end of the day. Alice, hop to, baby, this thing's empty -- almost empty. It needs to be refilled immediately.

Monica: Alice, don't lift a finger. Heather won't be staying long enough to have a cocktail. She and Edward are leaving.

Heather: Leaving? What, you're throwing us out?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Heather: You can't possibly be serious.

Monica: Oh, yeah.

Alice: Now aren't you glad that I didn't go through all the trouble of taking your bags out of the car?

Heather: I can't believe you people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I mean, deliberately being cruel to Edward like this? All he wanted was for you to wish him well; to maybe share in his happiness. Sweetheart? I know you think of this as your home, but I don't think we should stay anyplace we're not wanted.

Edward: I agree. Ahem.

Heather: So, just give me a couple of weeks and I'll find a house that's suitable and we'll be out of your hair.

Edward: We'll need one night. We can move tomorrow. I've already called ahead. Our room will be ready in the morning.

Heather: Well, aren't you the forward-thinker. What'd you do, check us into some fabulous, five-star hotel?

Edward: Nah. Kelly's.

Heather: Did -- did you say Kellyís?

Edward: Yes. I can't stand this constant greed and bickering over money. I want to spend my golden years married to my beautiful, new wife and I want to live simply for a change.

Heather: How simply? Kelly's simply?

Edward: Exactly. I've given control of my assets to Justus. As Lila thinks, so do I, Justus is the most worthy. We start all over. We live over Kellyís and we work for a living.

Heather: You want me to get a job?

Tracy: You signed everything over to Justus?

Edward: They think that you're marrying me for my money. I don't buy it. So we have nothing to worry about, and they have nothing to worry about. No money, no problems.

Brook Lynn: It's nice to finally meet you. Look -- I'm really sorry that I can't give you the bone marrow transplant that you need. But don't worry, because your mom and our dad, they'll find somebody. I know they will. But in the meantime, you know, there's something that I can do -- to be a better big sister to you. I could bring you books. We could read together. You know, we can sing. We could go shopping. We're going to have so much fun.

Ned: Alexis, I'm sorry, I didn't want to discourage Brook from taking the test. I mean, I know that she's not Kristinaís biological sister --

Alexis: We need to check everyone. She's on the bone-donor register, so we need to look at every avenue.

Ned: That's right. Ok. So what about Sonny?

Alexis: I'm going to tell him if I have to.

Ned: Oh, really? I don't see how you can avoid it.

Alexis: No, there isn't a guarantee that he or his relatives are going to be a match.

Ned: Yes, but if there's a chance, he could be the one to save her. You have to consider that.

Alexis: If I tell Sonny that he's Kristinaís father, her life will be in as much jeopardy as it is now, which is why I have to explore every other avenue. I can assure you, if a viable donor isn't found quickly enough, I will tell him that he is Kristinaís father.

Carly: Look, Alexis doesn't want Sonny to have anything to do with Kristina. His life has a lot of physical danger and she's certain that Kristina would be at risk.

Steven: But that doesn't explain why you've kept the secret.

Carly: Oh, listen, I would love to tell you sometime, ok, but we certainly don't have the time right now. Let's just say right now ignorance is bliss, ok? Sonny doesn't miss Kristina. He's not angry because she's been cut out of his life. Kristina's not confused. She doesn't miss Sonny. She doesn't even know. Look, it's not perfect, and it's certainly not honest, but we could've gone on like this for a long time if Kristina hadn't gotten sick.

Steven: Yeah, but it's clear that Alexis is going to exhaust every possibility before she even considers telling Sonny the truth.

Carly: Good. Don't you let her wait too long, because if Kristina takes a turn for the worse, I need you to tell me so I can tell Sonny.

Lois: I'm not defending Sonny.

Lorenzo: Lois, donít.

Lois: Just hear me out.

Lorenzo: You're going to tell me how Sonny lost his temper, that he didn't mean it, he's really a good guy, and I know you believe that because you're generous enough to believe the same thing about me. You know what? You may be right. There may be some thin veneer of decency in both of us. But Sonny will kill to get his way and I will kill to survive. So at the end of the day, one of us is going to be eliminated.

Sonny: The only thing I can think of is you're waiting for Alcazar to die so you can charge me with premeditated murder. Is that what's going on here?

Ric: Yeah, that's it. You know what, Sonny, I want to nail you for murder one, but, unfortunately, Kristina is seriously ill and Alexis really doesn't have anyone. I mean, she has her nephew, but he's clearly involved in his own life, so I'm hoping against hope that Alcazar doesn't die, you don't get arrested, and I don't have to arrest my own brother for once -- at least not until this whole thing is over.

Sonny: Why are you working so hard to convince me that you care so much about Alexis and Kristina?

Ric: I don't care what you believe. There's a little girl who's suffering, and Iíd just rather not see some other children suffer, too. You know, Sonny, you're a lucky man. You have two boys, Morgan and Michael. They adore you. Why don't you stop being the all-powerful mobster for once and just -- just be a dad? Stay safe. Be around for your children. Never know when they're going to need you.

Alexis: We're going to fix it and make it all better, ok? You close your eyes and feel good. It's ok. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here, ok? Close your eyes, baby. Brook Lynn was just here. I -- I can't believe I waited this long to have Kristina get to know her.

Ric: Yeah. Well, you've had to be protective, sometimes overly so.

Alexis: I've made so many stupid decisions, and now Iím afraid that it's going to be too late and Iím not going to be able to fix them, and I'm afraid that no matter what I do, no matter what decision that I make, that Iím going to lose my little girl.

Steven: Hey, John. Hey.

John: Oh, hey. Hey.

Steven: How you doing, man?

John: Pretty damn good, considering.

Steven: I'm glad.

John: Doc, come here. You missed the fireworks. I'm just laying here, right? Sonny vows to kill Alcazar right in front of me. In front of me, Lansing, a couple of unbiased nurses standing right there at the door. So now when Alcazar dies, fantastic -- I have everything I need to put Corinthos away for premeditated murder, huh?

Lois: You are an intelligent man, Lorenzo. Actually, you're borderline brilliant. But you know what, so is Sonny. He was the same age as my brother Mark and he was top of his class until the year he dropped out of school. My point being that you are smart enough to realize that violence solves nothing.

Lorenzo: Hmm. "The first man to pick up a gun is the one who's run out of ideas."

Lois: I know that quote. I just can't think from where.

Lorenzo: It's a fallacy. The first man to pick up a gun is generally the one left standing.

Lois: Why are you acting like you don't care if you live through this?

Lorenzo: I care, just not as much as I used to. Lois, I am so burned out. I have got no one left to lose. And I take solace in knowing that if Sonny kills me, he'll lose everything.

Sonny: You're awfully quiet.

Carly: You should enjoy it while you can.

Sonny: I saw you talking to Steven Webber. You get an update on Durant?

Carly: No, I was actually asking about Kristina. It's really sad.

Sonny: You got to believe, you know, they're going to find a marrow donor.

Carly: Yeah. And I don't even want to think about it right now. It's awful. It's awful and it makes me feel utterly powerless. You know how I hate that. Right now, I just -- I want to be with you, and I want to be wrapped up --

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: In your arms.

Sonny: I can arrange that. You know, a year ago, I almost lost you, right? But you fought and you lived, and so did our son. God gave me a miracle that night, and I just -- I just want you to know that Iíll never take that for granted. All right? I never will.

Nikolas: Emily. Emily. Emily! Em--

Emily: Nikolas. What's the matter?

Nikolas: I'm sorry. I saw you on the floor and I thought -- Iím sorry. I've been doing a lot of it lately. I'm sorry.

Emily: No, I was reading up on Kristinaís illness. I must have dozed off.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Hey, answer that. I think it might be Lucky about Helena or Alexis.

Nikolas: Ok.


Nikolas: Hello? Hello? Who is this? Who -- who is this? I can hear you.

Man: You're going to feel like I feel, grieve like I grieve.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Dillon: Luke has a plan to get all the money he needs.

Skye: Why would you want to help us?

Jax: I need to explain something.

Courtney: No, me first.

Jason: What's wrong?

Monica: I need your help.

Sam: If there is anything I can do for you --

Alexis: Maybe there is. Can a small child or a baby give bone marrow?

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