GH Transcript Monday 10/25/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 10/25/04


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Emily: Nikolas!

Helena: I'm afraid he won't hear you.

Emily: What did you do to him?

Helena: I would never hurt my darling grandson. All I've ever tried to do was protect him and encourage him to fulfill his destiny, but I have to save him from leeches like you and Aunt Alexis.

Emily: I love Nikolas.

Helena: Oh, love -- see where it's gotten you? Oh, but you put up a good fight. Brava. No, but not that you ever stood a prayer.

[Emily screams]

Nikolas: Drop -- drop it. Drop it!

Helena: She will not have you, Nikolas! She has to die. Don't you understand? It's the only way to set you --

Nikolas: The knife -- drop it!

Helena: Oh -- oh --

Nikolas: You all right?

Nikolas: You can join my father in hell.

[Nikolas pushes Helena off bluff]

[Helena screams]

Nikolas: You all right?

Emily: Can you see her?

Nikolas: There's no way she could've survived that.

Michael: I changed my mind.

Jason: About what?

Michael: It's ok if you fall in love with Sam.

Sam: Hey! It's vanilla.

Michael: Thanks.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: Ok.

[Sam chuckles]

Michael: I'm sorry if Iíve been mean to you.

Sam: I forgive you, Michael. You know, you had every reason to hate me, so, no, it's ok.

Michael: Mostly it was because I didn't want you to fall in love with Jason, but now I guess it's ok.

Jason: Buddy? You know Sam and the baby are living with me?

Michael: You like her, right?

Jason: Sure.

Michael: And you like him?

Sam: Yeah.

Michael: Then how is that different from love?

John: I'm glad that you brought Morgan by to see me. I hope this is the first of many, many birthdays we get to spend together.

Carly: Yeah, me, too.

John: Oh, don't worry. Steven said I'm going to make it.

Carly: I know. No, I didn't mean it like that. I mean -- I believe that you love me. And I believe that you want to make things work.

John: Carly, I said it. I meant it.

Carly: Yeah, you know, and I want to have strong ties, too. It's just, yeah, you got to know, still, it's awfully confusing.

John: I -- I understand that. What can I do? Anything I can do to help you?

Carly: Did you get Jason released so Sonny would owe you?

John: Yes, I did.

Steven: I have some news.

Alexis: What's wrong with her?

Steven: Kristina has a condition called rylodysplastic anemia. She's suffering bone marrow failure and isn't manufacturing blood cells properly.

Alexis: How serious is it?

Steven: Without proper treatment, it's life threatening.

Alexis: Then treat her.

Steven: I've brought in a hematologist, and Kristina will need to stay in the hospital.

Alexis: What's the method of treatment?

Steven: Well, we're giving her a steroid to try and jump-start her red blood cell production. If that doesn't work, we'll start H.L.A.-typing for bone marrow matches.

Alexis: She needs a bone marrow transplant?

Steven: Yeah, and preferably from one of her parents.

Alexis: How long have you known about this?

Steven: I suspected that Kristina was more ill than --

Alexis: You had a legal obligation to tell me about the condition of my daughter!

Ric: Alexis, don't -- don't blame Dr. Webber. I knew about Kristinaís condition, as well.

Nikolas: Emily, where are you?

Emily: I'm here, near the edge. Did you find Helenaís body?

Nikolas: Only this. It was on a branch close to the rocks. I've looked all around, but there's no sign of her. It's a couple hundred feet down, the water's ice cold, the current's way too strong -- she has to be dead. I killed my own grandmother.

John: Sonny was trying to discourage you from seeing me.

Carly: No, that's not true.

John: Are you saying he approves of us building a relationship?

Carly: He accepts it because he knows it's important to me.

John: Yeah. He wants you to get me out of your system, that's what he wants.

Carly: Yeah, probably.

John: Well, that's not good enough. Carly, I want you to be a part of my life not for a month, not even for a year, but from now on. The reason I let Jason off the hook is I was hoping maybe Sonny might feel obligated. He wouldn't even think about coming between us. Look, I have every reason to believe that Jason is guilty. Exonerating him went against every principle I have. But if it works, it was worth it.

Carly: You know that in Sonny's world, owing someone is serious business.

John: Yeah, I'm very familiar with the criminal code of ethics. I also understand why Sonny would be suspicious. But this is not about my job as a federal prosecutor. This is about me wanting to get to know you and your family, and have you be a part of my life.

Carly: Well, Sonny's not going to trust it, John.

John: Well, then, I -- I'll talk to him, father to father. And I'll make him understand.

Jason: All right, buddy. People live together for all kinds of reasons. But with me and Sam, it's -- it's so her baby can have a good home.

Michael: Couldn't Sam do that herself?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, she could, but we just -- you know, we think it's better that the baby has two parents.

Michael: Hmm. Are you the baby's father from biology?

Jason: Um -- no. No, I'm not, but Iím going to take care of this baby the same way I took care of you.

Michael: Is my dad the baby's father?

Sam: You don't know?

Alexis: You withheld information about my daughter's condition?

Ric: No, we just didn't want to tell you anything until we knew something for sure.

Alexis: Wasn't your call to make.

Ric: You were already terrified, Alexis. I didn't want to add to your stress by bringing up the possibility of worst-case scenarios.

Steven: Look, Alexis, all the tests I ran came back negative. I had nothing definitive. It was just a hunch.

Alexis: And you chose to share that with Ric and not me? Did it ever occur to either one of you that I'm her mother and I have the right to know? Please have the decency to stay out of this right now.

Sonny: All right, all right.

Alexis: You tell me what I need to do to get my daughter bone marrow.

Steven: Ok, there's a very simple test that will see if you're a compatible donor.

Alexis: Good, let's do it. I don't see the point in wasting any more time, do you?

Steven: I'll set it up right now.

Alexis: Let's go.

Sonny: Ric, putting everything aside -- look --

Ric: You know what? Why don't you just do what Alexis said and just stay out of it? There's no way you can help this situation.

Carly: What was that all about?

Sonny: Hey. Kristina has a blood disease -- something anemia, and she's going to need a bone marrow transplant.

Carly: Do they have a donor?

Sonny: They're going to test one of her parents. Hopefully Ned or Alexis will be a match.

Nikolas: Ironic -- if Helena weren't dead, she'd be proud of me. I killed my own grandmother just like a true Cassadine would.

Emily: Nikolas, Helena had been terrorizing you. She had you locked up in a mental asylum. She gave you mind-altering drugs. She tried to kill me, Nikolas. You did it to save me.

Nikolas: I did the same thing to Mary, Emily. You know, I reached that point -- you know, that point, then -- bang! -- Just like that. You should go. You should go while you still have a chance, Emily. You need to leave.

Emily: Nikolas, Iím not going to let you do this. You're a kind, loving, generous person --

Nikolas: No, I'm a killer just like every Cassadine before me! I have that instinct. I'll never get rid of it!

Emily: It was an accident.

Nikolas: What? I threw her off the cliff. I told her to join my father in hell.

Emily: That's not what I saw. Helena was holding a knife on me. She was backing me towards the edge of the cliff. You told her to leave me alone, and she refused. She -- she grabbed me, she put the knife to my throat, she threatened to kill me right there. You tried to pull her away from me. She pulled back. She lost her balance and went over the side of the cliff.

Nikolas: No, Emily, we both know that's a lie.

Emily: It's the truth if we let it be, Nikolas.

Nikolas: It's another murder, Emily! When's it going to end? Is it ever going to end?

Emily: No one has to know what happened except us. All we have to do is tell the police the same story. Nikolas, please.

Nikolas: Please, that's only part of it. You will never forget what you saw me do here tonight.

Emily: Nikolas, I saw you protect me, fight against a woman who would do anything to kill me. That is what Iíll remember, Nikolas -- your bravery and your love.

Nikolas: I should turn myself in.

Emily: The police were already looking for Helena. She threatened Alexis at knife point, and she's suspected of killing Mary and that nurse. You say that it was an accident, and they'll be happy to believe you.

Nikolas: I canít.

Jason: I know your dad pretty well. Are you sure he never told you that he was the father of Samís baby?

Michael: At the park, a long time ago. But then Sam took a special test and said different.

Jason: Right. Well, I'm -- I can't really explain, you know, the whole thing with the tests, but your dad is the father of Samís baby. So that's your little sister right there. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, Michael. I honestly thought you knew.

Michael: I was going to ask, but I didn't think I should.

Jason: Why?

Michael: Every time my parents talk about Samís baby, my mom gets into a bad mood.

Jason: Well, that's -- that's because, you know, Sam and your dad were -- do you remember when, you know, your mom and Dad split up for a little while, right? Well, that's --

Sam: I mean --

Jason: What?

Sam: I don't know. Maybe I can try to explain this. Ahem. There was a time when your mom and Dad were really mad at each other. And during that time, your dad and I became friends. We became really good friends, and that's when I got pregnant. But your daddy wanted to go back to your mommy, and he wanted to go back to you and Morgan, and he wanted you all to be a family again.

Michael: Did it make you sad?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, honestly, yeah, at first, it did. But after I thought about the decision your father made, I really couldn't be happier.

Michael: What happens when the baby is born? Is she going to stay with us?

Sam: No. No, my baby will always stay with me.

Michael: What about Jason? Is he going to stay with you, too?

Sonny: So, they're going to test Alexis, and if she's not a match, I guess Nedís going to be next.

Carly: Yeah, I'm sure Alexis will be a match.

Sonny: I hope so, you know? So, how'd it go with Durant? It's ok with me if he's not your favorite person.

Carly: Yeah. It was ok. It was good. He was really grateful that I brought Morgan by.

Sonny: Should be.

Carly: We talked about why he exonerated Jason.

Sonny: And?

Carly: He said he wants to talk to you himself.

Sonny: Is he awake? I'll go see him now, then.

Carly: Ok. Sounds good.

Sonny: Love you, buddy.

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: Love you, too. All right?

Carly: Perfect. Hey. Hey, mama. How you doing? Can you do me a favor? Can you watch Morgan for a minute?

Bobbie: Oh, Carly, I'm working.

Carly: Yeah, I know. It's really important, though.

Bobbie: What happened?

Carly: Well, he's just eaten. He'll probably fall asleep soon. He'll be good for you. Don't worry about it.

Bobbie: Is something wrong? Are you ok?

Carly: Thanks, mama. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Bobbie: Is this an emergency? Because, you know, Iím kind of busy right now.

John: Hey, hey, Sonny. Thanks for coming by. That Morgan of yours is one good-looking kid, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I'm not here to discuss my children.

John: All right. Then I want to discuss my reasons for letting Jason Morgan walk on the charges of attempted murder.

Sonny: You want something in return?

John: Oh, wrong, no. You don't owe me anything. Look, Sonny, I know how much Carly loves you. I see it in her eyes; I hear it when she says your name. If you said to her, "You stay away from him," she'd do it, no question.

Sonny: She wants to know you. That's her business.

John: Well, I think it's your business, too. You don't think I realize that? I also know how difficult it is for you to just stand aside in all this.

Sonny: Ok, ok, you know what? Stop telling me how Carly feels about me or how I feel about you playing Daddy. Get to the point.

John: I'm a newly anointed father and a grandfather. And I just want to thank you for letting your family get close to me. I want to assure you that you don't owe me anything. I owe you.

Carly: Alexis, I just heard about Kristina. I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to have a sick child.

Alexis: She'll be fine. My bone marrow's going to be a match. There's an easy solution to this problem. It'll be fine. She'll be fine.

Carly: Ok, all right. Well, if it isn't a match, are you going to tell Sonny that he's Kristinaís father?

Nikolas: If I lie about what happened tonight, then Iíll be the Cassadine that Helena always wanted -- violent, ruthless, no morals, no conscience, no nothing.

Emily: If you tell the truth, Nikolas, you could wind up in prison.

Nikolas: Well, I'm a killer, Emily. Maybe that's where I belong.

Emily: You would be giving Helena what she wants. You would be separating us for years, maybe a lifetime. Are you going to let her do that to us? Even after she's dead?

Nikolas: I can't hide from what I did.

Emily: Nikolas, I never thought that I could say this about another human being, but that woman deserved to die. You did the world a favor tonight.

Nikolas: Well, ok. If the court sees it that way, then that's the way --

Emily: I am not going to let it to the courts. You saved my life. You shouldn't be punished for that!

Nikolas: I love you, ok? But it's never going to --

Emily: Well, then, prove it, Nikolas! Let Helenaís legacy of misery die with her and stay with me!

Tracy: Emily? Nikolas? Oh, there you are. You both all right?

Nikolas: What are you doing here?

Tracy: I -- well, I came to warn you. Helena is on the loose, and I'm afraid she's going to try to kill Emily again.

Nikolas: She was here tonight. And there was an accident.

Jason: Well, taking care of a baby is a really big job, so that's why Sam is going to stay with me.

Michael: Were you in love with my dad?

Sam: Why do you ask?

Michael: Because I heard that you have to be in love to make a baby.

Jason: Um -- you remember when I told you there was, like, a time where Iím going to have to tell you certain things?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Well, this -- this is a little complicated, this one, so you don't even have to worry about it because everything is going to work out.

Sam: What you can do, Michael, is give me and Jason a lot of help once the baby's here.

Michael: Diapers? No, thanks.

Sam: No, come on! I'd never ask you to change diapers.

Michael: Yes, you would.

[Jason laughs]

Sam: This is going to be your little sister. You're going to have to maybe read her books and teach her how to draw, like really cool stuff like that.

Jason: Yeah, you're going to have to look out for her the way you do for Morgan.

Michael: Cool.

Jason: Yeah.

Michael: I'm going to have a little brother and sister. And I'll always be the oldest.

Sam: Now, that's a pretty good deal, don't you think?

Michael: The best.

Sam: There you go.

Jason: Come on, Iíll walk you home.

Michael: Do you ever think about when you were my dad.

Jason: Yeah, all the time.

Michael: I want you to be as good a dad to Samís baby as you were to me.

Jason: I will do my best. Come on.

Michael: Good night, Sam.

Sam: Good night.

Michael: Good night, little sister.

Sonny: Jason didn't try to kill you, even though those fools at the police station --

John: Hey, hey. There's fools on both sides of the law.

Sonny: Those fools at the police department need a new suspect now that Jasonís been exonerated.

John: I got a lot of enemies. It could be anyone.

Sonny: Whoever shot you was careless. And they didn't even care who else might get hurt.

John: Well, that narrows the field.

Sonny: But it wasn't all about you because whoever did this had something to gain by pinning it on Jason.

Lorenzo: Say what you mean. Your son-in-law thinks I tried to kill you.

Alexis: I have spent countless, sleepless nights worrying that Sonny would find out that he fathered Kristina because that in itself would jeopardize her life. So I have some time and some options to exhaust before I do that.

Carly: Ok. What if it means that you could save Kristinaís life?

Alexis: It's not going to come to that.

Carly: All right, Alexis, I am all for positive thinking, but what if it turns out that your marrow is not a match for --

Alexis: Carly, please, I have very difficult decisions to make, and I am weighing each one of them knowing that my daughter's life depends on them. Please don't question my intentions right now.

Ned: The hospital just called me. I got here as soon as I could.

Carly: Good luck.

Ned: I'm sorry.

Alexis: It's ok. She's going to be all right.

Ned: Is there anything I can do?

Alexis: The doctor thinks that you're Kristinaís father, so he's going to want -- want your bone marrow checked.

[Ned sighs]

Ned: Well, look, I will do anything I can for Kristina, but as you know --

Alexis: I know, I know --

Ned: The chances are slim that Iím a match.

Alexis: Please, just do it because it'll make things just a lot easier right now.

Ned: Ok. You realize that once the doctors analyze my blood, they're going to know that Iím not the father.

Alexis: Please, just do it.

Ned: All right. Of course.

Steven: Alexis, I got your blood test results.

Alexis: It's ok. This is Kristinaís father.

Steven: Your bone marrow's not a match for Kristinaís.

Alexis: Maybe there was some sort of mistake, so maybe you could test me again.

Steven: The test is reliable, Alexis. It's a very small margin for error.

Alexis: Yeah, well, even still, maybe --

Steven: But don't be overly alarmed. Even though you're not a match for Kristina, we still have lots of options.

Alexis: Let's hear them.

Steven: Well, we'll start with the father. I'm Steven Webber.

Ned: Ned Ashton.

Steven: I'm sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances. I know you must be very upset about your daughter.

Ned: Yes, I am.

Steven: If Nedís not a match, then we'll just start looking to relatives -- siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, anyone we can find, and if that doesn't work, we'll go to donor banks. We will not stop until we find a donor, Alexis.

Alexis: Then would she get sicker?

Steven: It's still early. Right now, what Kristina needs is for you to be strong and for you to be focused.

Alexis: I'll do my best.

Steven: Ok. We can run that test now if you're ready.

Ned: Yeah, let's do it.

Ric: Hey. Hey, what happened?

Alexis: I'm not a match. I'm not a match.

Ric: Ok, all right, all right.

Alexis: I can't be a bone marrow donor for her. Oh.

Ric: Are they testing Ned? I saw him walking away with Dr. Webber.

Alexis: Oh, just hope he's a match.

Ric: Listen, I -- I spoke to the nurse and they said that Kristina can have visitors.

Alexis: All right, Iíll go.

Ric: Ok.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Can you come with me? Hi. Hey, you. I was just talking to Dr. Webber and he was figuring out ways that they're going to make you feel all better; all better, my love. And guess what -- I went home and I got your angel bear because angel bear is going to make you feel better, too, ok? So Iíll put him -- I'll put him right in here. You want to hold him? Ok. I'll tuck you both in, huh? Ok. Mommy's going to be right here for you, ok? I'm not going anywhere. You're going to be ok, my love.

Lorenzo: Who knows when the three of us will be together again? I say we make the most of it, put our cards on the table.

John: Obviously, Iím not going anywhere.

Lorenzo: Am I correct in assuming that you think I tried to have Mr. Durant assassinated?

Sonny: Durant was about to make you Public Enemy Number One. You decided to take him out; make it look like I arranged it. If it worked, he'd be dead, I'd be in prison, and you'd have another shot to go after my wife.

John: That sounds like a convincing argument to me.

Lorenzo: Except that your son-in-law tends to be paranoid.

John: Yeah, well, it doesn't mean that he's wrong. You the one who had me shot?

 [Nikolas sighs]

Nikolas: I came out into the clearing, and Helena had a knife on Emily, backing her up towards the edge of the cliff.

Mac: Did she know you were there?

Nikolas: No, not at first she didn't. I heard -- I heard Helena threatening Emily, so I knew I -- I knew I had to be quick, so I stepped out and told her to -- told her to stand back.

Mac: What did Helena do next?

Nikolas: Put a knife to Emilyís throat. I told her to drop it. She said that she would slit Emilyís throat before she allowed her to marry me. I -- I begged her to leave us alone and allow us to live our lives in peace, but -- look, I did everything I could, but she wouldn't back off. Anyway, I tried to grab Emily and pull her away from Helena, but Helena pulled her back, and her feet -- I guess her feet went out from underneath her and she tried to reach out to break her fall, but there wasn't anything there. She went backwards over the cliff.

Mac: Did you try to stop her from falling?

Nikolas: It -- it just -- it happened so fast, Mac, and, you know, Emily and I, we ran to the edge of the cliff, but it was too dark. We couldn't -- I mean, we couldn't see her.

Mac: No sign of the body?

Nikolas: Ok, I ran down to the water, hoping to find her, but there wasn't anything there, just her scarf.

Mac: Ok. Emily, would you come in here, please? Nikolas just gave a detailed account of Helenaís death.

Emily: It was awful, Mac.

Mac: I'm sure it was. But I don't believe a word Nikolas just said. You told your story clearly, you had all your details in place, but something about it still doesn't make sense.

Emily: I was there. I can tell you what happened.

Mac: You seem to think that her death could have been prevented, that you could have stopped it from happening if you'd done something else.

Nikolas: Maybe I could have.

Mac: Helena was lethal. There was no stopping your grandmother once she had her mind set on doing damage, Nikolas. Look, I'm sorry for your loss, but her death was accidental. I'm not going to let you take the blame for it.

Emily: I told him the same thing.

Mac: Is there anything you want to add to the statement?

Emily: No.

Mac: We'll continue to search for the body, but I'm prepared to call it an accidental death. No charges will be brought. As far as I'm concerned, this case is practically closed.

Lucky: So she's really gone?

Nikolas: Yeah. There's no way she could've survived that.

Lucky: Well, she deserved what happened.

Emily: Lucky's right.

Nikolas: Are you ready to go home?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Bye.

Nikolas: Talk to you tomorrow.

Lucky: Yeah.

Sam: Why was it our job to tell Michael the baby was Sonny's?

Jason: You know, Sonny and Carly were probably getting around to it.

Sam: When he was 15? I mean, seriously, what were they waiting for? Oh, wait, whoa -- no, wait. I know what they were waiting for -- they were waiting for you to tell him, right?

Jason: Do you want to save some of this?

Sam: No, don't try and distract me because you know that Iím right. Anything that is messy or uncomfortable for Sonny and Carly, they leave for you to fix, including telling their child that Daddy got the lady across the hall pregnant. I mean, come on!

Jason: Ok, you're right, Sam, you're right! They should have told Michael, but I understand why they didnít.

Sam: Well, then, can you explain to me because I don't understand what Sonny does and why because it just -- it's really confusing me right now.

Jason: Ok, because when Sonny and Carly fight, it gets ugly. They scream at each other, they break things, and it's not just Sonny. Carly goes back at him just as hard. And Michaelís been there to see some of that and his parents don't ever want him to see anything like that again.

Sam: And I understand that --

Jason: Ok, so, this whole situation, Carlyís hurt and mad that Sonny got you pregnant, Sam, and she cannot let go of it. But, now, on the other hand, you know, everything's pretty good, she and Sonny are happy, but every time she hears about you or the baby, she tenses up, waiting for the fight, and you know what? I can't blame Sonny because sometimes it's just easier not to say anything, even to Michael.

Sam: No, I mean, you're right about Carly. I see it every time she looks at me. I mean, she's not just mad that Iím carrying Sonny's baby, Jason. She's mad that I am living here with you.

Jason: It's more than that. Carly's mad because I like you.

Alexis: Are you warm enough, sweetheart? Huh? Ok? Got your angel bear tucked in. Good girl. Dr. Webber said that he's going to make you feel all better. But you're going to have to stay here just for a little bit, and Mommy's going to stay here right with you, ok? Yeah, you're going to be fine. I know you are, ok? I promise.

Ric: Hey, Kristina. You got a lot of toys here, huh, to keep you company. Look at this one. This -- what is this? Huh? You know what? I think we should introduce ourselves, don't you? All right, look. What's your name, hmm? Who are you? Sandy? Sandy! Is it Sandy? Well, hi, Sandy. It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ric and this is my friend Kristina. You want to say hi? Say hi? Yeah. That's pink angel bear, by the way, so don't get in the way. Oh, she's -- well, you see, Kristinaís very lonely in this crib over here. What? Do you know what she said to me? She told me that she's been sitting on that shelf and she said, "This is the best crib in the whole hospital." She was hoping that you were going to ask her to come -- come jump in here and play for a little while.

[Alexis chuckles]

Ric: What do you think? Do you think she could come in there with you and pink angel bear, huh? Would that be all right? I'll put it right -- right by you. Yeah. You know -- you know what sandy asked me? She said she wants to know what's your favorite thing to do, huh? I mean, do you like to read books? Do you -- do you like to fly airplanes? Fly airplanes? No. Of course you don't like to fly airplanes, but you do like to swing, right? You like to swing way, way high up in the sky? Huh? You go way high up in the sky and you yell with your mama pushing you? Well, you know what? You know what, Kristina -- Sandy here has never been on a swing. No, she's never been on a swing; she's never been to a park. So why don't you tell her all about it. And when you get out of the hospital, what do you say you and mama and Sandy and me -- we can all go to the park and you can show her how you can swing, way up high in the sky with your mama pushing you. Ok?

Lorenzo: The state, in the form of Mr. Durant, has no reason to arrest me.

John: Well, I was about to make busting you job number one.

Lorenzo: That was an act. You want Sonny, but you can't move on him directly. That's why you came to me for help.

John: Hmm. Those are some pretty serious allegations. You have anything that resembles proof?

Lorenzo: No more than you or Sonny have proof that I tried to kill you.

John: Oh, so you were just an innocent bystander?

Lorenzo: As blameless as Jason Morgan or your own son-in-law.

Sonny: All right, Iím out of here. I have an alibi. Forensics proved that Jason didn't fire the gun, but you were at the press conference. You pushed your way through the crowd when you saw Carly, you know, making her way to the podium. You probably didn't want her to get hurt by the shooter you hired.

Lorenzo: Well, you can try to prove that. If that doesn't work, you'll try to take me down by some other means. But I'll tell you both this -- I won't go easily.


>> Jerry: Rebecca's favorite. Uh, a little bit sweet for me. How about you?

>> Michael: Just how I like it. Excuse me, I'd love to finish this, but Rebecca and I have reservations.

>> Jerry: Ooh, kiss that baby good-bye. Oh, Bec's the chronically late type. Used to drive me so crazy. I started lying to her about what time we had to be someplace.

>> Becca: Oh, you did not. Did you?

>> Jerry: Oh, and show tunes, Michael. The girl likes to listen to show tunes while she vacuums. Naked. Did she mention that in her profile?

>> Becca: Hush, you know? Hush.

>>Michael: I guess it was a good thing that you didn't do the housework, huh?

>> Jerry: She likes ketchup on her eggs, black and white movies, plans vacations that she never actually takes, and she loves to shop online late at night. So, Michael, if you can't handle all those things, let me know, because I can.

Emily: Are you still upset about lying to the police?

Nikolas: I'm trying not to be.

Emily: Nikolas, it was the right thing to do. You know, Helenaís gone, the case is closed. We never have to think about it again.

Nikolas: What's this?  Hmm.

Emily: What does it say?

Sam: You like me?

Jason: Sure.

Sam: Thanks. I mean, that's -- oh, it's just -- it's nice to hear. I like you, too, which is good -- for the baby.

Jason: Right.

Sam: I mean, you know, I just -- I wouldn't want her growing up in a house where the adults don't get along and they just kind of grit their teeth and don't say anything to each other just -- just to keep the peace. I think kids can pick up on stuff like that.

Jason: You're right, they do.

Sam: And it's not like you say much anyway, although it's easy to tell when you're mad or -- or upset. You are keyed up and silent as opposed to -- well, silent and silent.

Jason: What, you think I'm easy to read?

Sam: Yes. Actually, I think you're easy to read. You don't use a lot of words for conversation, but it's pretty clear what you're thinking unless you completely shut down.

Jason: Well, you use a lot of words.

Sam: That's because Iím trying to keep up both ends of the conversation.

Jason: You like to talk.

Sam: You know -- yeah, sometimes. But first, I -- I kind of say what I think, and then I say what I think you think and then I say something else and you say nothing and then I drive you crazy like Iím driving you crazy right now, probably.

Jason: Yeah, yeah -- no.

Sam: No? Come on, please.

Jason: No, not really.

Sam: That's probably why you work so much -- because you probably don't mind getting shot if it, you know, buys you a little peace and quiet.

Jason: Yeah, well, that's what I always thought I wanted. You know the last time I took off; I traveled all over the place. I would go for days without talking to anybody, and, Sam, it is easier.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: But in the end, easy wasn't what I wanted.

Sam: Me, either. I mean, let's face it -- having a baby isn't easy. And the idea of being a mother still scares me to death, but I am, Jason -- I am looking forward to it more than anything. I guess I just realized that easy doesn't always get you everything. I mean, sometimes, the things that are the most difficult end up being the best.

Carly: Ok.

Bobbie: Good night, Morgan.

Carly: Oh!

Bobbie: Happy birthday, honey.

Carly: Talk to you later.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Ahem.

Lorenzo: How have you been?

Carly: I'm fine, thanks.

Lorenzo: Good. Happy birthday, Morgan.

Carly: Please do not speak to my son.

Lorenzo: Why?

Carly: Well, for one thing, you tried to kill his grandfather.

Lorenzo: May I ask what my motive might be?

Carly: Be a hero to all the gangsters on the East Coast?  Expand your business?  Most of all, try and -- try and win me back. You do not have a chance, Lorenzo. You seem to think if Sonny were out of the picture that you would have a chance with me.

Lorenzo: Well, you're partially right. I haven't stopped loving you.

Alexis: If you ever feel like leaving your position as district attorney, you can always get the job as a host on a children's show.

Ric: Yeah, well, I'll keep it in mind.

Steven: Excuse me, Alexis. I need to speak with you privately.

Ric: I'll go -- Iíll go sit with Kristina.

Steven: I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Ned isn't Kristinaís biological father, and that made him a long shot to be a donor match and he isn't. Whatever the personal ramifications may be, they can't be more important than your daughter's health. Alexis, we need to know who Kristinaís father is.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Edward: Good, you're all here. Say hello to the newest Quartermaine.

Carly: I'm back with Sonny, so what's left for you here?

Sonny: Is it unusual that one of the parents isn't a match?

Emily: Someone is playing mind games.

Nikolas: Who would do that other than Helena?

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