GH Transcript Tuesday 10/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/12/04


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Man: Kali spera.

Nikolas: Kali spera. How you feeling?

Emily: I'll feel better when we find the Garden of Aphrodite.

Nikolas: We will, ok, we will. We'll find the garden. We'll break Helenaís curse. We'll see you healthy and strong again, ok? We will.

Man: Are you having wine tonight?

Nikolas: No, just a couple of mineral waters will be fine, thank you, yes.

Man: Mineral water. Yes, sir.

Nikolas: Excuse me. Could you tell us where to find the Garden of Aphrodite?

Man: I never heard of it.

Diego: Can I help you?

Jax: Yes, yes, by moving out of my way, or moving out. Take your pick.

Diego: I'll see if she's in.

Jax: Oh, thanks.

Diego: Court--

Courtney: I'm right -- I'm right here, thanks.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey. Why didn't you just call me back?

Jax: Well, your message said it was urgent, so --

Courtney: Oh, well, I didn't want to leave it on your voicemail, but, Jax, I have to cancel our date tonight.

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: Uh, hi. You, um, feeling all right?

Georgie: Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.

Dillon: Yeah? Ok.

Georgie: How are you?

Dillon: I am obsessed, as usual.

Georgie: About tonight?

Dillon: Yeah. I just -- I want it to be perfect, you know? I want it to last us the rest of our lives.

Georgie: Dillon, it will. I'm not worried about that.

Dillon: Yeah. But if you don't feel like it, you know, if you feel like backing out, that's no problem.

Georgie: No, no, I wonít. Dillon, I -- I want to make love with you tonight.

Luke: You know, the idea here is to hide in plain sight, not to be the most glamorous bag woman on the catwalk.

Skye: I can't live like this anymore, Luke. I feel disgusting.

Luke: Well, it takes hard work to cover up your feminine perfection. And you better work at it or you're going to be back in the slammer by sunrise.

Skye: How much longer are we expected to live like this?

Luke: Until I figure out our next move.

Skye: Well, I need a timetable. You know, what, days, weeks? Tell me.

Luke: I'll try to find a more current newspaper and find out where and how they're looking for us.

Skye: Fine. I'll be in chateau cardboard here trying to get some shuteye. Ugh! Oh, get it off me! Get it off me! No! Get it off!

Skye: Oh! Get it off me! It's a cockroach! It's a cockroach!

Luke: [Disguised voice] Mabel, Mabel, they don't bite, they don't bite you!

Skye: It's in my clothes!

Luke: Sit down, sit down! Put your head between your legs!

Skye: But it's still in my clothes!

Luke: Put your head between your legs and just ride it out! Just ride it out.

Monica: I'm a doctor. Uh, I could look at her.

Luke: Oh, no, it's ok. She just drank her dinner. It happens all the time.

Monica: I've got my bag in the car.

Luke: No, she doesn't need a doctor, lady! She just needs to sleep it off! However, we could use a little help financially, if you got --

Monica: No, there is a shelter on Van Ness. You should get her to it, really.

Luke: Well, we'd be more comfortable at the Ritz!

[Normal voice] She's gone.

Skye: Yeah? Well, so am I. I'm not living this way one more second.

Dillon: I do want to make love, of course, but it's more than that. I want to be with you. I just want to spend time together. Know what I mean? And there's no rush. I don't want you to feel pressured or anything.

Georgie: Dillon, I donít.

Dillon: You know what I want more than anything? I want to have fun. Fun, like whoo-hoo, like we did when we were first getting to know each other, you know?

Georgie: That was the best time of my life.

Dillon: Do you, uh -- ha! Do you remember when I stole that motorcycle; we spent the entire night in a hotel room?

Georgie: Remember it? Do I remember? Dillon, it was like I was playing this whole movie in my head, you know, "Georgie finally rebels," but I was terrified. But I had complete confidence in you.

Dillon: Ok, well -- hear me out. I think the best part about that whole thing was the fact that we didn't think about sex at all. We didn't think about making love.

Georgie: That was the best part?

Dillon: No, I'm serious. Hear me out, ok?

Georgie: Ok, ok.

Dillon: What did we do? We talked about our favorite books and our favorite movies and we raided the vending machine and we just had fun. You know what I mean? I want tonight to be like that. And you know what, even if we end up just spending time with each other, doing nothing but enjoying each other's company, that's fine. That's fine with me.

Georgie: If you were trying to prove that you're the perfect guy, it's working.

Dillon: Good. Good. No, not good like -- I mean, I meant every word. But this is your first time. Am I making you nervous? No. No, you're fine. It's obviously me. It's --

Georgie: No, Dillon, Dillon, are we going to have dinner before or after?

Dillon: Don't worry, taken care of it. I got it all figured out. Tonight will be a classic.

Courtney: Diego's just getting settled and it wouldn't be right for me to leave him by himself.

Jax: Right.

Diego: Hmm. You know us throwaway kids -- we're very sensitive.

Jax: Could you just spare me the running commentary?

Diego: This is great root beer. A little foamy.

Jax: Are you using Diego to keep me at a distance? Is that what you're doing?

Courtney: No, absolutely not.

Jax: Well, then we can find someone to take care of him and we can have dinner as planned.

Diego: Hey, Iíll tell you what -- you two can go out and I'll hang at the mall.

Jax: There you go.

Courtney: No, forget it. Forget it.

Diego: Why not?

Courtney: Well, because, Diego, hanging out leads to boredom, which leads to stealing and fighting, and next thing you know, you'll be in police custody. No.

Jax: Well, then leave it to me. I know the perfect chaperone.

Nikolas: Feel better?

Emily: The cool water helps.

Nikolas: Good.

Man: We have fresh fish, caught today. Family recipe, best in Kronosa.

Nikolas: Listen, we're looking for the garden --

Man: We also have moussaka, best on Kronosa.

Emily: Why won't you answer us?

Man: The answer could be dangerous.

Nikolas: Look, we've heard of a legend, ok, a way to break a curse, and it can only be done in the Garden of Aphrodite. You understand?

Man: We have many ancient mysteries on this island. No good can come from trying to uncover them.

Nikolas: Look, this is very important to us.

Man: Save your money. Please -- enjoy our island, but let the gods sleep peacefully.

Nikolas: You know where it is, don't you?

Man: I know only of a garden that has been on this island for centuries.

Emily: Where is it?

Man: Along the cliffs, till you get to the ruins. Long ago, there was a temple dedicated to a goddess.

Emily: Aphrodite?

Man: No one knows. And no one wants to find out.

Nikolas: Look, we'll go in the morning, ok.

Emily: No, no, no, now.

Nikolas: Emily, you're exhausted. You have to rest, ok?

Emily: No, no, Nikolas, I need to break Helenaís hold on me. I want this over tonight.

Diego: How come you're not getting ready for your date?

Courtney: I am ready.

Diego: You're going to go out like that?

Courtney: Jax and I like to keep it casual.

Diego: Huh. Look, not that you aren't beautiful --

Courtney: Careful, Diego, ok?

Diego: Oh, nothing personal. I'm just stating a fact. You're hot, but don't most women get dressed for a date? Oh, right, well, unless they're trying to discourage the guy, which, in that case, that's --

Courtney: I'm not trying to discourage Jax.

Diego: Maybe Jax is right. You're using me to keep him away from you.

Courtney: Ok, look, Diego, you are here because you asked to stay, ok, and I want to give you an opportunity for a better life -- you know, a decent home, you know, supervision, guidance. It has nothing to do with trying to push Jax away. I happen to -- I -- Jax is -- he's fun and interesting and surprisingly patient, all things considered. I like him a lot.

Diego: Then why is it so hard for you to admit it?

Lois: Hey!

Jax: Hey.

Lois: There he is, my favorite investor. What, did you drop by to see where I'm spending your money?

Jax: Oh, come on, you know I trust you. How are things going, anyway?

Lois: Couldn't be better, actually. Brookie's first C.D. is in the works and tons of new artists have been banging on the doors. You know, I think it's just a matter of time before we have so much money; we're going to have to shove it aside to get to our mixing table.

Jax: Really? That's a sunny forecast. But I was hoping for a quicker return on my investment.

Lois: How quick are you talking?

Jax: Tonight.

Luke: Oh, Blaze, please be reasonable. You're a convicted felon. I'm wanted for unlawful flight and God knows what else. We got to lay low, and the only way to lay low in Port Charles is to be homeless.

Skye: Since I have known you, I have been trapped in a burning building, stalked, kidnapped, and left to die in Wyndemere. I woke up next to a dead man, been convicted of murder, and spent time in a state penitentiary! But I will not have cockroaches crawling on me! That is where I draw the line!

Luke: They won't, no more. I promise you. Trust me. I'll just fumigate the cardboard condo and you can get back to your beauty sleep.

Skye: I don't think you're quite hearing me. You see, I would rather turn myself in and be lethally injected for a crime I didn't commit than spend one more minute as a homeless person! Now, either you find us a nicer, cleaner disguise or you're on your own.

Luke: Oh, Mabel, you're as jumpy as a cat on stilts. Please trust me. I'm working on it!

Georgie: Hey. What happened to Brook Lynn, pop diva fashion queen?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, yeah, I'm giving the heels a rest since I rolled my ankle.

Georgie: Oh, I don't blame you.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. But there wasn't a real reason to dress up tonight because I'm just rehearsing, so -- you want to keep me company?

Georgie: Dillon and I have a date.

Brook Lynn: Oh, ok.

Georgie: Actually, it's a little more than a date.

Brook Lynn: A date that's more than a date? What could that be? No!

Georgie: Yes, yes. No, Dillonís ready, I'm ready. There's no reason for us to wait.

Brook Lynn: Well -- are you sure?

Georgie: Kind of, I mean, but Dillon and I agreed that we're not going to put pressure on ourselves. I mean, if it feels right, then we'll make love.

Brook Lynn: Right. Well, how does it feel now?

Georgie: Right, like, times a thousand!

Brook Lynn: Hmm. Are you nervous?

Georgie: Dillon is the most gentle, sweet, compassionate guy that Iíve ever met. We've been through everything together, and I know that he loves me as much as I love him. So am I nervous? Yeah. Am I scared? No. I want to make love to Dillon tonight.

Mac: I know what you're planning, Dillon, and I won't let it happen.

Luke: You're stressed, you're tired, but mostly you're hungry. You just need some good, solid Kellyís food in you. You'll be back --

Skye: I'm not hungry, Luke, I'm fed up.

Luke: No, you're hungry. If your blood sugar were any lower, Iíd be scraping you off the sidewalk. Now, you just take it easy here and I'll go raid the kitchen.

Skye: Again? Someone's bound to see you and call the cops, you know.

Luke: Hey, you know, under this fake beard and all this dirt is the guy who owns the joint. I'm entitled to help myself. And any employee of mine worth their paycheck knows never to call the cops for any reason.

Skye: Luke --

Luke: Yeah, I know, I know, be careful.

Skye: No more tofu burgers.

Mac: See, this club hasn't been opened since Luke disappeared and Skye was convicted. And now Skyeís escaped, probably with Lukeís help. And, well, here you are, opening up the club. Do you know what that tells me, Dillon?

Dillon: Uh -- the universe is full of coincidences.

Mac: No. No. Don't be so nervous. Don't be so nervous.

Dillon: Sorry.

Mac: You've been in touch with them, haven't you?

Dillon: No, absolute-- no, absolutely not.

Mac: Oh, come on, Dillon, Skye is a part of your family.

Dillon: Yes, but a very small part.

Mac: You know, I know what you and Skye did at Stefan Cassadineís funeral. You came in disguise to draw attention away from Luke.

Dillon: Yeah, I know. That was a mistake, though, and that'll never happen again, or anything like it.

Mac: So then why are you opening up the club?

Dillon: Um -- school project.

Mac: Ha! A school -- what's the course, Dillon, Blackjack 101?

Dillon: Blackjack. That was -- no, film theory, actually. We -- the assignment is to re-create the film set of your favorite movie.

Mac: You know I can have that checked out.

Dillon: Oh, no, actually, please do. Our teacher's Mr. Schmidt. He's a little long-winded, but maybe, you know, film speed is your thing. I don't know.

Mac: So you're telling me that you have no idea where Skye and Luke are hiding, huh?

Dillon: No, none. Zip, nada, zilch.

Mac: But you will tell me if they get in touch with you, won't you?

Dillon: Oh, yeah. Oh, absolutely. I mean, you got it.

Mac: For your sake, I hope you're telling the truth.

Dillon: Ha!

 [Pans clatter]

Mike: Somebody back there?

 [Knock on door]

Diego: Your date is back. Whoa! I guess you like Jax more than I thought.

Courtney: Yeah, well, maybe you should thinking about it.

Diego: Ok.

Courtney: Hey.

Lois: Hi.

Courtney: Lois, hey. What a surprise.

Lois: Don't mind me. I'll be gone in a flash. Hi. I'm Lois.

Diego: Diego.

Lois: Yeah, well, Jax asked me to hang out with you tonight. Any objections?

Diego: None so far.

Courtney: Are you sure about this, Lois? Diego can be kind of a handful.

Lois: One rambunctious teenager does not compare to the grunge metal band I steered around Europe two summers ago. Those guys were drunk and disorderly every single night, but I got them through a five-country, fifteen-city tour without one single arrest. So relax, enjoy your evening. Diego's going to be fine. Isn't that right?

Diego: Yes, ma'am.

Lois: The door is that way.

[Door closes]

Jax: You got to admit, Lois was the perfect solution.

Courtney: Oh, you were very resourceful.

Jax: I'm just getting started.

Courtney: Well, I am starved, Jax, so where are we going to dinner?

Jax: We're already there.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Steven: Wow, is there some happy news I should know about?

Elizabeth: Oh, please. This is for Emilyís wedding, not mine. But I am the maid of honor -- or matron or whatever you call an unmarried mother of a beautiful, 5-month-old baby boy.

Steven: Wow, why don't just call yourself best friend of the bride?

Elizabeth: Works for me. So, how is my Em doing?

Steven: Well, medically speaking, she's just fine, but psychologically or metaphysically, if you believe in that kind of thing, she's in a pretty bad way.

Emily: Do you think this is it, the Garden of Aphrodite?

Nikolas: I don't know. Looks old enough, though, doesn't it?

Emily: Yeah, beautiful enough, too.

Nikolas: Yeah, maybe there's an inscription or a carving around here somewhere that'll tell us for sure. Even if -- even if this is the right garden, I mean, we don't know how to break the -- Emily. Emily. Emily! I got you. Ooh. I got you. Oh, God, please, please stop this.

Nikolas: Come on, wake up. Wake up. Come on. Wake -- oh, thank God. Hey. You're ok.

Emily: Oh, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You're ok. It's ok.

Emily: What happened?

Nikolas: You fainted, but you're all right. You're all right.

Emily: Oh. I don't remember.

Nikolas: Shh, shh.

Emily: I'm still so dizzy.

Nikolas: That's ok. Try not to talk, ok? We'll rest here and then we'll go find a doctor. Ok.

Woman: Is everything all right?

Nikolas: My fiancťe just fainted. Where's the nearest doctor?

Woman: A doctor will do no good. This woman is cursed.

Steven: Did you really believe in this curse?

Elizabeth: All I know is that Lucky and I loved each other as deeply as two people can, and somehow Helena managed to get in the way.

Steven: See, but at least you're lucky enough to have something to blame this on, like this evil, old woman who wrecked your relationship. Most of us don't have anything nearly that concrete to blame our failed relationships on.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, did you just say "failed relationship"?

Steven: Yes. So?

Elizabeth: Well, that would imply you've actually had a relationship instead of spending your entire life working, like you always claim.

Steven: Even a workaholic like me can have the occasional romance.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Steven: And speaking of workaholic, Iím getting back to it.

Elizabeth: Ok, but, Steven, wait. Seriously, I mean, have you -- have you met anyone since you've been here, someone you find an interest in, you'd like to get to know better?

Steven: There is one lady.

Elizabeth: Well, who?

[Steven laughs]

Elizabeth: Because you know Iíd be more than happy to chat her up, mention you're my brother, and see if she's interested.

Steven: She's not.

Elizabeth: Well, have you asked her?

Steven: My break's over. How about yours?

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Steven, come on, who is she?

Steven: I have to go back to work.

Jax: Well, don't wait for me. Just help yourself.

Courtney: What, so we're just skipping dinner and going straight to dessert?

Jax: It's the best part of the meal. Why put it off?

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Am I supposed to read something into this, Jax?

Jax: What, you mean like dessert equals sex, and why wait any longer?

Courtney: Well, that's pretty much how you think, so --

Jax: That's not fair. It's not true. You know, dessert is too important to be a metaphor for anything, even sex. So this is called a Sacher Torte, and it was flown in from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

Courtney: Tonight?

Jax: Well, you know, I'll do anything to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Courtney: Oh.

Jax: Yeah. You ready for a taste?

Courtney: Mmm. Well, how could I say no?

Jax: Get ready to be transported to Vienna. You ready?

Courtney: Uh-huh. Just give it.

Jax: Mmm. Hmm? You know?

Courtney: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, that's incredible. Mmm.

Jax: Yeah, it is incredible. Come here.

Lois: Oh, I just remembered, I left my cell phone in the car, so just go on in without me and I'll be right back.

Diego: Ok.

[Music plays]

Brook Lynn: If you're not feeling it anymore just tell me I will cry a few tears then move on oh, baby I can't cry any more than Iíve done feeling you're not um, what are you doing here?

[Music plays]

Dillon: [As Humphrey Bogart] In all the bars and all the clubs in all of Port Charles, you walk into mine.

Georgie: I was invited.

Dillon: Welcome to my movie.

Luke: Sorry it took so long.

Skye: What were you doing in there, Luke, baking a cake?

Luke: No, I was doing some magic with ham and cheese. Give it a try. You eat. I'll strategize.

Skye: Oh.

Luke: Look good, huh? Yeah. All right, now, the way I figure it, in order to clear ourselves, we have to find Madam X.

Skye: Hmm.

Luke: That would be whoever the guards were talking about when I was sealed up in the nut jar, and it's probably the same person that framed you for murder.

Skye: Hmm. Are you still thinking it's Helena?

Luke: Helena, Faith, maybe somebody else. There are so many psychopaths on this buffet, I don't want to serve up a heaping helping of the wrong one, you know what Iím saying?

Skye: Forgive me, Luke, but what about Laura?

Luke: Keep eating.

Skye: It's possible. I mean, what if instead of being catatonic, Lauraís psychotic?

Luke: This is somebody else.

Skye: Who? I am telling you, I've gone over it in my head a million times. Jealousy is the only reason for what was done to us.

Luke: So you're saying Lauraís jealous of you?

Skye: It's possible. Think about it. I was framed for murder, which kept you apart from me. And that letter you were forced to write when you were drugged? That was a direct betrayal of our friendship. And the whole time you were locked up in that joint, no one tried to hurt you.

Luke: Yeah, I know. I see where you're going with this, but I don't want to make that trip.

Skye: Hey, as far as I can see, everything that was done to us was for one reason -- to drive me out of your life.

Nikolas: Who are you? Why would you say she's cursed?

Woman: You know it, too. The curse is weakening her, draining her, her energy, her will.

Nikolas: You're working for my grandmother, aren't you?

Woman: I work for no one.

Nikolas: Helena Cassadine -- how much is she paying you?

Woman: Everyone knows of the Cassadines, but I have never met or spoken to any of them.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah? Then how could you know about their curse?

Woman: Oh. I have a gift. I sense things.

Emily: You're a fortuneteller?

Woman: Hey, Iím not some swindler who reads tea leaves for money. I'm a midwife, an herbalist. I can see things that others donít.

Nikolas: What's your name?

Woman: Kleanthe.

Emily: Kleanthe --

Nikolas: It's ok.

Emily: I'm Emily. I want you to look at me carefully and tell me what you see.

Kleanthe: You are surrounded by a dark mist, choking your life force. It moves ever closer. You are in grave danger.

Nikolas: All right, that's enough. If you know so much about this curse, just tell us how to break it.

Kleanthe: That will not be possible.

Brook Lynn: This studio is not open to the public.

Diego: You changed your look.

Brook Lynn: So? What's it to you?

Diego: Well, I just thought you looked hot on the pier.

Brook Lynn: Well, I think you're a jerk for fighting with my friend Lucas.

Diego: Hey, he swang at me first.

Brook Lynn: Dude, you stole money out of his backpack.

Diego: The dude was careless. You got money;, you have to protect it.

Brook Lynn: Well, ok, well, if you think like that, then that might explain the reason why you've been kicked out of, what did you say, five homes in the last two years?

Diego: Oh, excuse me for trying to pay you a compliment. I was going to say that I thought you looked good on the pier. And why don't you dress that way all the time?

Brook Lynn: Well, that's not me. It's this whole marketing technique. I'm making this C.D. They're looking for an image for the cover, something sleek and sexy. But of course you fell for that, right, because you're that kind of guy?

Diego: You don't know anything about me.

Brook Lynn: You're right, and that's exactly how Iíd like to keep it.

Lois: Oh, goody! I see you two have met?

 [Music plays]

Dillon: [Normal voice] You look perfect. Almost as if you were planning this.

Georgie: Ok, ok, I -- I found the dress in a vintage clothing store last winter --

Dillon: Aha!

Georgie: And I figured that maybe I could wear it for you sometime, like Iíd be a character out of a movie.

Dillon: We were broken up last winter.

Georgie: Let's just say I never lost hope that we'd get back together.

Dillon: Ok, well, that's -- that's tonight. Tonight is us together, with -- I am such a dork! I am the biggest geek in the world. What normal guy thinks that this is, like, the perfect date to create all of this? You're the only person I feel comfortable doing this with because I connect more with you than anything or anyone.

Georgie: I feel the same way about you. That's -- that's why I acted so badly when I thought I was losing you. You're not like other people, Dillon. No one else would look at me the way that you're looking at me tonight, only you, and that's why I love you so much.

Monica: I mean, the woman was completely disoriented. She was screaming, she was flapping around yelling something about bugs, and then her partner, I guess, well, he -- he had no idea what to do. He was completely useless. I really felt sorry for them, Mac. That's why I -- well, I got you.

Mac: Yeah, well, a couple of nights in the shelter will do them good.

Monica: Yeah.

Mac: But from the looks of it, they've gone.

Monica: I really feel sorry for people that have to live in this condition. Anyway, I got to get home, and I'm sorry I got you out of here.

Mac: Monica, Monica?

Monica: What?

Mac: Listen, I want you to think very carefully.

Monica: Hmm?

Mac: Is there any chance that the couple you saw could've been Skye and Luke?

Luke: I got to get my hands on a computer.

Skye: Why?

Luke: Because if I can access the phone records --

Skye: Shh! Don't move. We're about to get caught.

Kleanthe: Whoever cursed you wants to destroy your love.

Nikolas: My grandmother opposes our marriage. So what?

Kleanthe: So only love can break the curse.

Emily: Aphrodite was the goddess of love.

Kleanthe: In the ancient days, one of her temples stood on this island. Over the centuries, the temple crumbled to ruin and the true name of the surrounding garden became a secret. Legend said that if two lovers kiss in the garden on a moonless night, any curse will be destroyed and love will blossom.

Nikolas: The moon is waning.

Kleanthe: Oh. Tomorrow night would be perfect.

Nikolas: Tell us where to find the garden.

Kleanthe: 30 years ago, the island was rocked by a terrible earthquake. The ground beneath the Garden of Aphrodite gave in and the ocean swallowed it.

Emily: There must be something left -- a patch of earth, a few rocks, anything that would allow us to break the curse.

Kleanthe: I'm sorry. The Garden of Aphrodite is gone, and so is any chance and hope for that to break the curse.

Courtney: Oh my gosh. You know, I should be mad at you, Jax.

Jax: Why?

Courtney: Because before tonight, I never knew a Sacher Torte existed. Now I'm going to be craving it all the time.

Jax: Well, I'm sorry if I don't apologize for that.

Courtney: Hmm. Well, maybe what they say is true -- ignorance really is bliss.

Jax: I agree. You know, if I hadn't come up with that stupid bet and hadn't spent any time with you, I wouldn't know what I was missing.

Courtney: You're not missing anything. Here we are, together, and all you have to do is enjoy it.

Jax: I want more than this. I want an understanding between us. I know that you've been burnt in the past, and so have I, and it's made us a little cautious a bit. And, you know, sometimes -- sometimes that's a good thing.

Courtney: Except?

Jax: When it stops us from moving forward.

Courtney: But I thought that things were going better with us.

Jax: Yeah, I mean, you know, we could go on flirting and bantering, you know, forever but, you know, we're only getting so far until one of us comes up with another excuse, you know, to pull back.

Courtney: So what do you want to do about it?

Jax: I want to tell you how I feel, from my heart, no holding back.

Courtney: Jax, you don't --

Jax: No, no, no. Listen, listen. I think I'm falling in love with you, and that scares me.

Courtney: Because you've been hurt?

Jax: No. Because I don't want to fall in love alone. So before I say another word, how do you feel about me?

 [Music plays]

Brook Lynnís voice: This is how we do it like oh, yeah all my girls in the house say

Lois: Jax is our primary investor and he's asked me to entertain Diego, who looks like he's entertaining himself, but I'm including him in our evening activities.

Brook Lynn: He asked you, not me, and I don't want to be any part of it.

Lois: Ok, someday I'm going to give you a list of all the things I don't want to be part of but I did anyway, but not right now because -- ooh, actually I have a phone call to make to L.A.

Brook Lynn: For how long?

Lois: Maybe five minutes, could be an hour.

Brook Lynn: And what, I'm stuck here with that?

Lois: You will be friendly; you will be informative.

Brook Lynn: I will be gone.

Lois: What about rehearsal?

Brook Lynn: Well, I already did that.

Lois: The full hour?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, close enough.

Diego: Look, I don't want to cause any mother-daughter friction. I'll stay here till you're off the phone.

Brook Lynn: There. Look, it's settled.

Lois: Not to my satisfaction it's not.

Brook Lynn: Come on.

Lucas: Hey. You ready to go?

Brook Lynn: You have no idea.

Lois: No, she isnít.

Lucas: What's going on? Why is he here?

Lois: Are you taking my daughter out tonight?

Lucas: Yeah, we're going to the carnival. Is there a problem?

Lois: Nada, as long as you take Diego with you.

Brook Lynn: What, are you insane?

Diego: Look, I'm not too big on carnivals, but you go have fun on the choo-choo train.

Brook Lynn: We will.

Lucas: Let's go, Brook.

Brook Lynn: Gladly.

Lois: Ahem -- not so fast! I have a deal for all three of you. Either Brookie stays and rehearses like she was supposed to or the three of you go to the carnival together.

Ofc. Serino: Commissioner.

Mac: Yeah? Did you get the results from the prints?

Ofc. Serino: It was just what you thought, commissioner. The prints are a match for Luke Spencer and Skye Quartermaine.

Mac: Yeah. You know, Lukeís not going to come back here, but I have a good idea where he's going.

 ["As time goes by" plays]

Georgie: So if it were me and you --

Dillon: Mm-hmm?

Georgie: And we were about to say goodbye to each other, maybe forever, what would you say?

Dillon: [As Humphrey Bogart] "Most promises aren't worth the breath it takes to make them, but this one's on the line -- I love you. No matter what happens, no matter where we go from here, I'll go on loving you. Because you're the one, kid, the reason for everything."

Luke: Look, we got cops on our tail. How good are you at lying to your father?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Mac: Police! Open up!

Jax: I should be the one to say it first.

Courtney: Stop.

Lorenzo: Make sure Durant is dead and that it looks like Sonny Corinthos is to blame.

Sonny: We are going out tonight.

Jason: Are you trying to stop Durant from using Carly?

John: You're fired.

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