GH Transcript Tuesday 10/5/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 10/5/04


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Courtney: Still stiff?

Jax: Yeah, I can barely move my head.

Courtney: Hmm. Yeah, well, that's what you get for camping out in a lawn chair all night. Come on, let me see what I can do.

Jax: Oh. Ow, ow! Hey, hey!

Courtney: What?

Jax: Since when is the treatment supposed to be more painful than the condition?

Courtney: You can't baby these things, Jax.

Jax: Oh, ok.

Courtney: Just relax. Big baby.

Jax: Anyway, I had good reason for camping out in your hallway. That new foster kid of yours is just trouble waiting to happen.

Courtney: Diego is ok. Ok? He's just -- he's just guarded, you know?

Jax: Guarded?

Courtney: Yes! Jax, he's one of society's throwaways, you know?

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: I mean Diego is exactly the kind of kid I started the foundation to help.

Jax: When I think of needy children, I always -- I think of them as -- as -- I don't know -- like, smaller.

Courtney: Diego is harmless.

Jax: Well --

Diego: These are for you -- for last night.

[Computer beeps]

Skye: Oh, my God -- Luke.

Dillon: Well, this majorly sucks. I really studied for this stupid test.

Brook Lynn: What'd you get?

Dillon: C-plus.

Brook Lynn: B-minus.

Lucas: C.

Brook Lynn: So, does Ms. Rickets always use history as a humbling device?

Dillon: I don't know, I don't know. And what's the deal with Waterloo? Why are the questions so specific?

[Lucas chuckles]

Dillon: What does it --?

Lucas: She probably remembers it well.

Georgie: Hi.

Dillon: Let me guess -- A-plus?

Georgie: I flunked.

Nikolas: She's asleep.

Steven: Rest can't hurt.

Nikolas: Is she all right?

Steven: Yeah. The toxins from the spider bite have completely cleared Emilyís system. I'm giving her a clean bill of health.

Nikolas: Thank God.

Emily: And if that's true, then shouldn't I be feeling better?

Dillon: Georgie, this is, like, the biggest F I've ever seen.

Georgie: Yeah, Mrs. Rickets probably did it for emphasis. You know, it's like I owe her a great grade for her fabulous teaching style.

Dillon: Your dad is going to go ballistic --

Georgie: Stop it!

Dillon: You know that?

Georgie: Look, you, it's not like Maxie has never flunked a test!

Lucas: Well, the point is you've never flunked one. I mean, Georgie, you study for fun and relaxation.

Georgie: Maybe I didn't have time to study for this one. You know what? The world did not come to an end. In fact, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Dillon: Translation, please?

Georgie: I feel like I've been running this endless race. You know, "Keep your grades up. Excel, excel, excel. If you are good and brave, and -- and you -- you live your life well, then, you know, you can go to Yale like Robin." Maybe I don't want to go to Yale. Maybe I want to start living my life, instead of studying how Wellington, Napoleon, and Field Marshall Blucher lived theirs!

Brook Lynn: Georgie, if you remember Blucher, how'd you flunk the test?

Georgie: I looked it up after I got my grade back. And you know, there it is again. It's like a reflex. You know, I -- what didn't I do that wasn't perfect, you know, and how can I make it better?

Mac: Georgie -- Georgie, we need to talk alone.

Georgie: They're my friends, and whatever you have to say to me, you can say to them.

Mac: Ok, fine, suit yourself. We got a call from school. An F in history?

Georgie: Maybe I just haven't been paying attention.

Mac: What is going on with you?

Georgie: I don't know, Dad. Maybe -- maybe I finally stepped over the teen-out-of-control line. And you know what? I'm not stepping back, so do your worst.

Courtney: Diego, the flowers are beautiful. Thank you for the thought, but they're really not necessary.

Jax: They're also completely inappropriate.

Diego: Look, I wanted to do something nice for you. After treating me so good? I'm going inside. I got to get some caffeine, since I was up all night with you.

Courtney: Oh, wait a second. Hey -- what about school? I mean, you do intend to go, right?

Diego: Want to come with me? You can be my show-and-tell.

Courtney: Funny.

Jax: Something really wrong with that kid.

Courtney: Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Jax: No, really.

Courtney: Come on. What? We stayed up and talked.

Jax: That sounds cozy.

Courtney: It was lovely.

Jax: Yeah, apparently.

Courtney: Hey, what's with the tone? What, you don't trust me?

Jax: Are you kidding me? Diego is the one I don't trust.

Courtney: Hey, give the kid a break. He's had a rough life, but he's -- he's a good kid.

Jax: Well, that remains to be seen. There's one thing for sure -- he wants you bad.

Courtney: Oh, my God, that's insane.

Jax: Why? Why is that insane? I mean, do you think he sees you as a mother figure? I know that look. I see it every time I look in the mirror. He wants his hands all over you.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Let me give you some advice. If Diegoís taking sex-ed, don't offer to help with the homework.

Courtney: Hey --

Diego: Oh, good. He's gone. Now we can talk.

Courtney: No. No, I'm going to talk, and you're going to listen.

 [Phone rings]

Ric: Lansing.

 [Heather hangs up]

Edward: So? Who called this emergency family meeting?

Justus: I thought it was you.

Tracy: Why are you always here?

Ric: Must've been a crank phone call. Somebody lost their nerve.

Alexis: It's a good thing that I have an airtight alibi. Otherwise, Iíd be the first person on your suspect list.

Ric: You know, I hope you would realize by now that you don't need an excuse for me to enjoy your company.

Alexis: This is a difficult concept for you to grasp, but not everything that --

Both: I do is about you.

Ric: Yeah, but you're the one who invited me for coffee.

Alexis: Not to bask in your wonderfulness. I am worried about Emily and Nikolas.

Ric: My wonderfulness?

Ned: I didn't summon the family.

Monica: Neither did I.

Alan: Or me.

Edward: Justus?

Justus: Huh. Surely, you jest. You know me -- I like to stay out of the line of fire.

Edward: Well, it's got to be Tracy.

Tracy: And your new best friend. What do you know about this, Heather?

Felicia: I called the meeting. I thought you all would want to know the second that I made my decision. I'm ready to announce the person who will inherit Lilaís estate.

Emily: I don't know how to explain it. I -- um -- feel weak in my bones, like someone is trying to drive the life out of me from the inside.

Nikolas: Is there a possibility you missed something?

Steven: I've run every applicable test. I mean, there's no medical explanation for the feeling you're describing right now.

Nikolas: Oh. Oh, well, then it must be the --

Steven: Pardon me, if there's something you know that can help, you need to tell me right now.

Emily: Oh, Nikolas was going to say that it -- it must be the curse, but we -- we both know how ridiculous that sounds.

Steven: Curse?

Nikolas: Yes. You'd have to understand my family, ok? We're centuries-old Czarist Russian nobility, yeah, and it doesn't get any more arcane or superstitious than that. And believe me when I tell you that the Cassadines wear their gothic sensibilities with great pride, and none more than my dear old grandmother.

Emily: And Helena is violently opposed to our marriage and she has condemned us and anyone we love to lives of misery. See, I told you it would sound ridiculous.

Nikolas: Yeah, especially to a doctor, Iím sure.

Steven: I think I'm about to surprise you. I think this curse is exactly the reason why Emilyís feeling sick. I don't believe in curses, per se, but what the cursed -- for lack of a better term -- person believes and how it fits into the context of their lives can have a very powerful effect.

Nikolas: Physically or emotionally?

Steven: Both.

Emily: But the spider bite was real. I could've died.

Steven: True. But if this woman hadn't cursed you, the spider still would've been there, and in all likelihood would've bitten you. What Iím getting at is this -- incidents that can be explained logically take on a sinister edge when someone that you may already fear throws hateful words at you.

Emily: So you think the curse is making me weak?

Steven: Well, medically speaking, you're just fine. And so when you exhibit these physical symptoms, it's called psychosomatic. You don't need to be alarmed by this. It's not an unusual phenomenon.

Nikolas: Ok, so, wait a minute. So you've had experience with people trying to get out from underneath the threat of an ancient curse?

Steven: No, it's -- it's like this -- the good news is that the patient can heal herself. You just have to stop giving this so-called curse so much power. Ok, I'll check in with you later.

Nikolas: What do you think?

Emily: I want you to get me out of here. I think there's something at Wyndemere that might help.

Georgie: So, what's the punishment for bringing home a failing grade? Is it a curfew or -- no, maybe it's a stern lecture from Mom and grounding.

Mac: Punishing you isn't the answer. It won't solve the problem.

Georgie: Since when?

Dillon: Georgie, you really got to learn to get out of your own way.

Georgie: When did you become so sympathetic and enlightened?

Mac: I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

Georgie: Maybe I don't want to be understood. Why can't you get that?

Mac: I don't know!

Georgie: Just forget it.

Dillon: Georgie, hey --

Courtney: Diego, you were placed in my care. That makes you my responsibility.

Diego: Sweet.

Courtney: We need to set some boundaries, ok? You can't kiss me.

Diego: It was a little peck on the cheek.

Courtney: And no more suggestive remarks around Jax. He was right, it was inappropriate.

Diego: I was just trying to say thank you. I haven't had a lot of practice, so my game might be off. You offer me your bed. You order pizza.

Courtney: Well, we had to eat.

Diego: The last place I lived, if I told them I was hungry, they'd throw a can of something at my head and tell me to be grateful. The first place they ever sent me, the guy would hide drugs on me in case the cops ever showed up. No beauty, no nothing. I never even noticed flowers until this morning. But when I walked by the shop and saw them in your hair --

Courtney: Hey, since -- since you brought it up, where did you get money for flowers?

Diego: I had a little cash. I wanted to spend it on you.

Courtney: Ok, Diego, there is something that you need to realize. I am your foster mother, not your girlfriend.

Diego: You could be. There's not much of an age difference. It's not like you're a teacher and I'm that student. Besides, at night, when people are alone, it all evens out, right?

Courtney: Don't -- just -- just don't go anywhere.

Diego: I'll be right here.

Courtney: Dad? I need a favor.

Mike: Sure, princess. What can I do?

Courtney: You see that guy out there?

Mike: Yeah? What about him?

Courtney: Give him a job, please. I don't care what, as long as it just keeps him busy and he's exhausted by the end of the day.

Jax: What's going on?

Skye: Hey. I made contact with Luke again. He's on his way here.

Jax: He's coming here? Are you out of your mind?

Skye: Hey, I know you don't like him, but here is where I happen to be at the moment.

Jax: How do you know it was Luke?

Skye: Who else could it be?

Jax: Maybe it was the police, you know, or somebody trying to, you know, turn you in to pick up the reward. Or maybe it was the murderer that sent you to prison in the first place.

Skye: No, Jax, ok, it was Luke. It -- it had to be.

Jax: And what if it wasn't? I mean, you have no idea who you've just compromised yourself to. You know, there's an A.P.B. out on you in five states.

Skye: Look, ok, maybe I made a terrible mistake. But it's too late, ok? It's already done.

Jax: No, it's not too late.

Skye: Whether it's Luke or somebody else, they'll be here any minute.

Jax: Yes, and they'll find me. You'll be gone.

Tracy: This is a family matter that doesn't include you. Hit the road.

Edward: You have no authority to throw her out. This is not your house.

Monica: That's right, Edward, it's mine. You want me to do the honors?

Edward: Felicia, is this ok with you?

Felicia: In this rare instance, I have to agree with Tracy. The resolution of Lilaís will is from my mouth to the Quartermaines' ears only.

Heather: Don't worry, Edward. I'm not offended. I've got a personal errand to run, anyway. I'll see you later.

Edward: Ok.

Heather: I'll be rooting for you.

Tracy: Ooh, we all know that, honey. You're pathetic.

Edward: I speak very highly of you, too, Tracy.

Alan: Ok, can we table this fight until we find out who inherited mother's estate?

Felicia: It won't be you, Alan.

Tracy: Oh -- ha!

Felicia: You were Lilaís only son. She had such hopes for you, and you managed to dash them all -- along with Monica, of course. The two of you pretty much punched your ticket when you conspired against the family. You're both disqualified.

Alan: Wait a minute --

Monica: Oh, let it go, Alan.

Tracy: Yeah, take it like a man, Alan.

Felicia: A.J.'s refusal to return the funds that he embezzled pretty much knocked him out from the very beginning. Dillon and Brook Lynn were too vulnerable at attempts of control from the rest of you.

Tracy: Oh, no. Don't tell me you're going to give mother's money to the family thug.

Felicia: Jason would never take it. But you -- gosh, where do I begin, Tracy? There's not a day that goes by that you don't do or say something that dishonors everything Lila believes in and stood for, mostly demonstrated with your alliance with Helena Cassadine to tear Nikolas and Emily apart. Shame on you, Tracy. Shame on both of you, you and Helena, but she has to answer to another judge. I get to say what goes on here, and you're out. You devil, you. Mr. "Couldn't be more charming" trying to woo me into liking you enough to vote your way. You lost me at hello, and you lost the inheritance, too. Edward. Lila loved you more than anything. Her deepest, fondest wish was for you to be happy when she left this earth. But you didn't even take time to stop and grieve. You immediately hooked up with Heather, who had questionable motives, to say the very least. You spent more time with Heather than you did running your own family. You're disqualified.

Tracy: Well, guess who that leaves -- St. Emily. What a surprise.

Felicia: No. Emily has Nikolas. She's trying her best to become independent of this family. Drawing her back into the family would only be unfair to her.

Tracy: There's nobody left.

Justus: What's going on?

Tracy: No!

Felicia: Sorry, Tracy, but Lilaís fortune -- and her interests in E.L.Q. -- goes to Justus.

Alan: Justus isn't even a full Quartermaine.

Tracy: Oh, please! Listen to you. Skye and Emily don't have one drop of Quartermaine blood, and you insist on calling them family.

Ned: Skye and Emily aren't walking away with a bloody fortune. Justus is.

Edward: Now, whose fault is that, Ned?

Ned: Oh, of course, it's mine, just like everything else that's gone wrong with this miserable family!

Edward: Well, if you'd been paying more attention to your rightful legacy instead of thinking about and focusing on that ridiculous record label, maybe --

Alan: Yeah, that ridiculous --

Ned: Once again, always the record company!

[All talking at once]

Justus: (Breaks vase) Don't worry. Apparently, I can afford to replace it.  I want you all to know that Iím taking this responsibility very seriously. I intend to honor Lilaís wishes to the best of my ability. I'm not going -- Iím not going to run away with the money. I'm not going to use it to leverage anyone out of the family business. I'm not going to throw anyone out of E.L.Q., not even Tracy. I intend to do the opposite and try to bring this family together as a functional, cohesive unit.

Tracy: Why don't you save your breath, because there's no way in hell Iím going to let my mother's money and power fall into the hands of someone who is not related to her.

Skye: Look, Jax, this is going to be fine, ok? It's Luke. I feel it. I -- I feel him, you know? We have this -- connection.

Jax: Connection? Oh, of course. Yeah, I can tell from the way he showed up at the trial and defended you. And how he stayed in touch, visited you in prison.

Skye: He couldnít.

Jax: Well, why now all of a sudden is he on the other end of your computer?

Skye: Jax, I don't know, ok? All I know is there has to be a very good reason.

Jax: Ok, Skye, you need to listen to me. You're thinking with your heart, not your head, and that can be very dangerous right now. Are you so much in love with this man that you're willing to risk your life?

[Knock on door]

Skye: Luke.

Jax: Skye --

Georgie: How much do you want to bet they'll send me to counseling?

Brook Lynn: Maybe they should. I mean, when did you stop caring about your grades?

Georgie: Don't you get it? I care too much. Ok, Dillon --

Dillon: Yes?

Georgie: Name one movie where the hero studies -- except "A Beautiful Mind" because he was crazy.

Dillon: You can't -- Georgie, studying is static. It doesn't play well on film. That doesn't mean that it's not important.

Georgie: Fine. How often do you study? Honestly.

Dillon: Honestly, not enough to keep my grades up, which is starting to scare me because Iím not going to get into film school. I mean, you can go wherever you want because you make studying a priority.

Georgie: Dillon, I don't know what I want.

Brook Lynn: Hey, what's wrong?

Lucas: That's him.

Brook Lynn: Who?

Mike: Hey!

Alexis: Hey. Looks like you're getting back to normal. You are, aren't you?

Emily: Oh, not exactly.

Ric: Look, I think there's something you should both know. At Alexis' request, I've agreed to delay your trial, so you don't have to pretend that there's something wrong so you can get out of court.

Nikolas: She doesn't fake things, all right? If she says she's not ok, that means she's not ok.

Ric: I'm sure, but she's being released, Nikolas, ok? The natural assumption would be that the doctor gave her a clean bill of health.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, it's not that simple.

Ric: You're not talking about Helenaís curse, are you?

Emily: You were right the first time.

Ric: Ok -- um -- look, take this in the spirit -- pardon the pun -- that it's offered. Don't use this curse as any kind of defense. You will be laughed out of court, then you're going to get slapped with a fine for contempt.

Alexis: The curse may be absurd to most normal people, but not to a Cassadine. It's very real to us.

Alexis: My mother and father met when Mikkos was still married to Helena, and they fell in love. Mikkos was as in love as any Cassadine man is capable of being -- present company excluded, of course. He wanted to marry my mother. He asked Helena for a divorce. She, of course, denied it and placed a curse on them instead.

Emily: Then what happened?

Alexis: My mother started having mysterious accidents. She started having illnesses that no one could explain. She was a very strong and independent woman who just suddenly lost her spirit. She was even afraid to leave the house. So Mikkos took her away. He took her to Europe, and she came back and it was as if nothing had ever happened, she was fine.

Nikolas: So you think Mikkos did something to lift the curse?

Alexis: He did something. He went somewhere, talked to somebody -- whatever it was, it went away.

Ric: But the curse was eradicated and your mother was fine.

Alexis: She was fine until Helena --

Ric: Until Helena what?

Alexis: The curse didn't produce the results that Helena wanted, so she took matters into her own hands -- literally -- and she slit my mother's throat.

Edward: Congratulations. How do you feel?

Justus: Believe it or not, I'm asking myself the same question everybody else in there is -- why me?

Edward: Well, you made it very clear in your thoughtful and generous response.

Justus: Yeah, I don't -- I don't even know why I'm doing this. I don't even know if I can. I suppose I already -- I already know what you think.

Edward: No. I don't imagine you do.

Dillon: Hey, hey, hey!

Mike: All right!

Dillon: Hey, hey!

Mike: All right, easy! Now, someone better tell me what's going on, and I mean fast!

Lucas: He stole money out of my backpack!

Diego: Prove it, loser!

Lucas: I saw you, loser! Shooting hoops in the gym, and this punk slips in, grabs my cash, and runs. I tried to chase him, but he ran --

Diego: You're too slow, man, in more ways than one!

Mike: All right, that's enough!

Georgie: Stop it!

Mike: That is enough! Now, give him back the cash.

Diego: It's already gone.

Mike: All right, you, sit tight. Sit! Now, you take it easy. Now, Iím going to make some phone calls. I'm starting with your parents. Where do I find them?

Diego: I have a foster mom. She was in here with me earlier. You might know her -- Courtney Matthews.

Courtney: No, it's ok. I wasn't followed or anything.

Jax: Well, we can't be too careful. I just wish that Skye would get that through her head.

Skye: Hey, I never claimed to be any good at this.

Courtney: Oh, it all makes sense now. You -- you were the woman in the bedroom the other night.

Skye: Yeah. I'm sorry about that. I realize that I -- I caused a big misunderstanding.

Courtney: No, no, it's ok. I'm just -- I'm glad it was you. Anyway, I'm not going to say anything. I'm not even going to stay. I just -- I wanted to tell you that maybe you were right.

Jax: I love being right. About what?

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello? Yeah, ok. Yeah, I'll be right there. Great. Diego's in some kind of trouble.

Jax: Oh, why does that not surprise me?

Courtney: All right, you can save the ďI told you so'sĒ for later. I -- I have to go.

Jax: I'll come with you. Skye, just stay put, ok? Unless, of course, you absolutely must answer the door. Just -- try to figure out who's on the other side first, all right? Come on.

Courtney: Look, Skye, I promise I'm not going to give you away, ok?

Skye: Thanks.

[Computer beeps]

Skye: "Change in plans. Meet me on the Elm Street Pier."

Courtney: Hey. What -- what happened?

Diego: This idiot jumped me.

Courtney: What?

Lucas: He stole 30 bucks from me.

Diego: Oh, this guy's a whining loser.

Jax: Ok, you know what?

Dillon: Hey, hey, hey!

Jax: That's enough out of both of you for one day.

[Lucas laughs]

Jax: Here. Take your 30 bucks; get the hell out of here. Go on. Go.

Lucas: Keep your distance or be sorry.

Diego: Oh, I'm real scared.

Courtney: Hey, Diego, would you sit -- sit down. Stop it.

Mike: All right, all right, all right, all right. Now, what the hell is going on here? How did you wind up being responsible for a teenager?

Courtney: This is my little bundle of joy from the foster home I told you about.

Mike: Yeah, well, do you think that's a very good idea?

Jax: I tried to tell her it was a bad idea right from the start.

Mike: All right, all right. All right, for once, I have to agree with Jax. Why don't you take his advice, because there's no way that I'm going to hire him? He's a thief, and he has a very bad temper.

Courtney: I know, I know, Dad. I'm sorry, ok?

Jax: Here. This should cover the damages.

Mike: All right, thanks.

Courtney: So now what?

Jax: Now you're going to call Social Services and get them to take this problem off your hands.

Nikolas: You want to do something? Go to dinner, see a movie or something?

Emily: No. I'm wiped.

Nikolas: What are you looking for?

Emily: I saw a book here once and I remembered thinking what an odd title.

Nikolas: What was it?

Emily: "Maledictums."

Nikolas: What -- the ďBook of Curses?Ē

Emily: Yeah. If it's a how-to book, then maybe there are instructions on how to remove the curse or something that explains where Mikkos took Alexis' mom to get cured. Oh, damn it! It's not here.

Nikolas: You know you're making yourself crazy, don't you? Dr. Webber was right -- the only way to get out from underneath this curse is to stop giving it power.

Emily: Well, I can't help it.

Nikolas: All right. Then I will.

[Music plays]

Nikolas: Come on, dance with me. Listen, if you're too weak, you can take your strength from me, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Come on, we can get through anything if we're together, right? Remember? All right, just hold on to me.

Singer: 'Cause I've always known some things don't last no matter and no matter how I hope well, I'm still drowning completely in the memories we've made and I know I would give anything

Tracy: What on earth are you doing?

Helena: This book contains information that could reverse the curse that I put on Nikolas and Emily.

Tracy: Oh. Any minute now, I'm going to wake up and Iím going to realize that this has all been one ridiculous nightmare. I am not really standing here next to a woman who puts poxes on people.

Helena: Knowledge is power, and a lack of it, weakness. What is done can be undone. I am not going to take that chance again.

Tracy: "Again"?

Helena: Oh, my husband found this book, and in it he found the information he needed to reverse the curse that I put on that creature that he impregnated with our pathetic little mouse Alexis. Neither Nikolas nor Emily can be allowed to see this. Not ever.

Tracy: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Alexis: Hi, sweetheart, it's Mommy. I just wanted to tell you that Iím going to be home soon, ok? Are you feeling better? Yeah? Good! All right, honey, I love you. I love you more. Ok. Bye-bye.


Alexis: Who's there?

Edward: Look out there. What do you see?

Justus: A single rose.

Edward: Mm-hmm. A single rose. But it's not in season. No mystery why it bloomed today. It's Lila giving the nod to Feliciaís decision.

Justus: That's -- that's very poetic. I got to tell you, grandfather, your encouragement is a welcome surprise. But that -- in a rose? I -- I don't know that's enough to base a life-changing decision on because that's what this is going to be for me -- me inheriting Lilaís money like this. I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of. I'm not a good man.

Edward: Only a good man can say that. The answer you're looking for is in your heart. What's it telling you?

Justus: To take this opportunity Lilaís giving me, and really make a difference.

Edward: Then take a shot at it, son. Can't be any worse than the rest of us have done. You have my full support.

Justus: Why should I trust you?

Edward: Because it goes both ways. All the people in my life, I trust you.  Oh, Heather. I'm glad you're here. We have to have a serious conversation.

Dillon: Come on, what's it going to take to get a smile out of you?

Georgie: I'm -- Iím sorry, Dillon. I've been acting like this all day. I must be going crazy.

Dillon: Let you in on a little secret -- it's an F, not a nervous breakdown.

Georgie: No, no, not about that. I've -- I've been thinking about Sage. And she thought she had forever. Do you know what I mean? And she didn't. And if she knew that this was her last year on earth, would she have lived it differently?

Dillon: Probably.

Georgie: Ok, I know the chances are not very good that Iím -- are good that I'm not going to die in a year, but if I did, would it matter that I got straight As? No. I think what matters is who you love and how you show it.

Dillon: Ok -- um -- all right, then I'll show you. Tomorrow night we'll do something special.

Georgie: What?

Dillon: "What?" No, it's -- it's a surprise, so trust me.

Georgie: Ok. But however we start this date, let's end it by making love.

Heather: Oh, Edward. Felicia was dead wrong and very unfair.

Edward: No. I dishonored my wife's memory. I was so afraid of my own mortality I wound up acting like an old fool with you. It's got to stop.

Heather: Don't say that.

Edward: I'm sorry. If I took advantage of you, I'm sorry.

Heather: You didn't.

Edward: Nothing can ever happen between us.

[Phone rings]

Heather: Oh -- yes, what is it?

Man: Dr. Morris here.

Heather: I was going to call you later. I trust our patient is resting comfortably?

Dr. Morris: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Luke Spencer escaped the facility a few days ago.


Skye: Luke?


Courtney: I can't just return Diego like a broken toaster, Jax. That perpetuates the whole problem. You know, a kid like Diego acts out to get attention and then he just gets thrown away again. I'm not going to be part of that cycle.

Jax: No way I can talk you out of this?

Courtney: No, no. But, you know, a little support would be appreciated. All right, listen; it's time we set those boundaries that I mentioned.

Diego: You don't have to say anything. I already know I come on too strong. I've had to or I never got anything. Survival of the fittest, you know?

Courtney: I understand that, Diego, but --

Diego: Look, you're the only one who's ever tried to help me. I'm grateful. I understand if you need to bail.

Courtney: Diego, that's not what Iím doing. Ok, I will be front and center anytime you need me.

Diego: Me, too -- for you. Just like I thought -- we're perfect together.

Jax: Hey, hey, hey, hey, cut -- cut it out!

Tracy: What about your grandson? You know, the one you profess to love so much?

Helena: Oh, I do love Nikolas with all of my heart. What about him?

Tracy: Hello. Have you forgotten you put a pox on him, too?

Helena: Nikolas made a choice. Unfortunately, it was the wrong choice. He needs to realize that he can never have a life with Emily. And anyone who ever gets in my way is going to be very, very sorry indeed.

Nikolas: I love you.

Emily: I love you, too.

Nikolas: What's wrong? You ok?

Emily: All of a sudden --

Nikolas: What? What's wrong? I got you, it's ok. Oh, God, it's ok.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Heather: You find Luke!

Edward: Why are you looking for Luke Spencer?

Skye: Where's Luke?

Ric: I think you need to give up on the notion that he's here to rescue you.

Courtney: Stop it! This ends now!

Jason: I'm here to make you an offer.

Sonny: If you're serious about setting Durant up, I know a way to do it.

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