GH Transcript Friday 10/1/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 10/1/04


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Mike: I got some gingersnaps in the oven. They should be done in about 20 minutes.

Courtney: Ooh, I can't wait. Something very exciting is happening to me today.

Mike: Oh, yeah?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Mike: Why don't you share with the old man? My day has been kind of dull.

Courtney: I am taking in a foster child. It is only for a few days until he can find a permanent home, but I want it to be really special for him, Dad -- you know, a time he'll always remember.

Mike: Well, that's -- that's very generous of you to do.

Courtney: Well, I mean, the whole point behind the foundation is to help children in need. That's what I need to focus my energy on.

Mike: Now that you finally won that bet with Jax?

Courtney: Yeah. It was tough at the end. I mean, Jax and I both made mistakes. I even wrote him a letter suggesting that we start over, but I haven't heard anything. So I guess that's my answer.

Nikolas: Got it.

Emily: Yeah? Let me see.

Nikolas: Our official marriage license, signed and sealed by the state of New York.

Emily: It's really happening, then. We're getting married.

Nikolas: Yeah, I kept pulling it out on the way home and reading it over and over, just to make sure.

Emily: We should have it framed, put it out on the mantel where everybody can -- oh, no, the salt. I --

Nikolas: Why do you have that? What does it do?

Emily: I was trying to get the stain out of grandmother's dress. I'll clean it up. I --

Nikolas: No, no, no -- aren't you supposed to -- yeah, yeah, you take a pinch of salt and throw it over your shoulder for good luck. I forgot which shoulder, though.

Emily: Were you always this superstitious and I just never noticed?

Nikolas: Not until Helena put that curse on us. Seriously, I mean, look at what's happened since the wine spilled on that dress. The church burned down, that nurse who identified you suddenly dies.

Emily: Nikolas, those were coincidences -- unfortunate, but that's all. You and I are going to be married, we're going to have a wonderful life, and nothing -- no curses, no evil grandmother, nothing -- is going to keep that from happening.

Nikolas: Ok.

John: Everything's in place.

Steven: Ok, so Alcazar is going to help you bust Corinthos?

John: Well, he really doesn't have much choice. We have D.N.A. evidence linking him to Mary Bishop's murder.

Steven: So, what exactly are you asking him to do?

John: Alcazar will start going after Corinthos hard and fast. When Corinthos retaliates, I move in and I arrest him.

Steven: That's good, but are you sure Alcazar can be trusted?

John: Oh, yeah. He's got an added incentive. Lorenzo Alcazar is in love with my newfound daughter.

Jason: Stop.

Sonny: It's been a while since I've seen you. You should've left it that way.

Nikolas: All right, listen, I got it all worked out, ok? We're going to get married in secret. Helena and Tracy won't even know we're doing it.

Emily: Have you thought about a date?

Nikolas: The Justice of the Peace is on his way over. He'll be here any minute.

Emily: What? You mean, we're doing it today?

Nikolas: That's right. Right here, just the two of us.

Emily: And what about our family and friends and --

Nikolas: Oh, well, you know, we'll have a big reception after we're safely married. We'll invite whoever we want, ok?

Emily: You know, you're right. This is our chance to take control of our lives and prove once and for all that Helena’s curses are nothing but empty threats spoken by a madwoman.

Nikolas: Well, my grandmother's threats are never empty.

Emily: She can't hurt us anymore, Nikolas. Never again.

Nikolas: Come on.

Ric: Well, my instincts tell me that Emily is innocent.

Alexis: Well, that's encouraging. Why don't you follow them?

Ric: Because I can't let my personal feelings impede how I do my job, Alexis.

Alexis: Lucky is going to find out who killed Mary Bishop. Emily is eventually going to be exonerated, you know that. Can't you just keep the case from going to trial until then?

Ric: Justus -- Justus is already on it. And, unfortunately, the case against Nikolas is moving forward with all due speed. It seems that defense counsel has neglected to file a petition for extension.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I'll -- I'm -- how late am I?

Ric: It's ok. Just try to get it in before the end of the day.

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: You know, it's not like you to forget something so important.

Alexis: I'm concerned about Kristina. She's -- fevers are spiking, she's not eating, she's cranky, and I'm sure I'm worried over nothing, but I can't shake the feeling that something is wrong.

Carly: Hey.

John: Hey.

Carly: You two seem to be telling some secrets here.

Steven: We are. D.A. Lansing wants me to consult on this Mary Bishop case, and so I was asking John for his input.

John: Unofficially, of course. The only reason I'm in Port Charles is to get to know my daughter.

Steven: So, then you don't need me hanging around.

Carly: No, no, no, no, don't let me interrupt.

Steven: It's ok. I'm going to go. How's Morgan doing?

Carly: Thanks to you, he's getting healthier by the minute.

Steven: Good. That's how it's supposed to work.

Carly: I received the album that you sent me. It was a really nice surprise.

John: Well, that's your family. I thought you might like to know what they look like.

Carly: I do, John. I actually want to know a lot more. I want to know all about them.

Helena: Are you clear on what you must do?

Tracy: It's not that difficult.

Edward: Are you clear on what must absolutely not happen?

Helena: I believe we've covered that subject thoroughly.

Edward: Well, let's cover it again, shall we? The object is to make sure that Emily and Nikolas do not get married. This is an alliance of necessity. It has to be done. But let's understand each other -- I do not want anything, under any circumstances, to happen to my granddaughter.

Helena: That could be out of our hands.

Edward: Don't -- don't even tell me that. I know very well that Emily’s being accused of killing Mary Bishop. She didn't do it. I'm not going to see her wind up in prison.

Tracy: My father's right. We mustn't do anything to hurt Emily.

Helena: Agreed. Now go. The launch is waiting for you.

Tracy: You're not coming with us?

Helena: I have other commitments.

Edward: We'll do fine without you.

Ric: You know, it's not like you to wonder about Kristina’s health. You just find a good doctor, and you get them to take the tests that they need to take.

Alexis: Dr. O’Donnell is an excellent doctor.

Ric: I'm sure he is.

Alexis: And if he said he found nothing wrong with her, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with her. It's just me indulging in maternal paranoia.

Ric: Yeah, that's a surprise. Look, there's no harm in getting a second opinion. And I think I know just the person to do it.

Carly: And who's that?

John: Oh, that's my cousin Connie. She'd be your second cousin. She walks into your house, tells you what's wrong with your furniture.

Carly: That's charming.

John: Oh, we forgive her because she's family. Also, every Christmas, she sends this huge box of homemade cookies, and I eat it and I hate myself.

Carly: Ooh, ok. Well, then she makes up for it a little bit, huh? And is that her son?

John: Yeah, Andy. He's -- wow, what -- he's 9.

Carly: Really? That's -- that's Michael’s age.

John: Wow.

Carly: I wonder if they'd get along.

John: Well, hopefully they'll get to meet one day and we can find out, huh?

Carly: And that's your mother, right?

John: Your grandmother.

Carly: Will you tell me about her?

John: I'm not really sure I can.

Sonny: It's not a surprise that Durant wants to bust me. The problem is I don't know how to stop him.

Jason: Yeah, because of Carly.

Sonny: Well, because she wants to believe that he cares about her.

Jason: Well, Sonny, now you know. Why don't you just tell her what Durant’s planning?

Sonny: Well, all I have is Alcazar's word. What good is that? He could be using Durant as an excuse. Wants me to relax, then he makes his move.

Jason: Ok, but why now? He's been keeping the peace for months.

Sonny: Why now? Because, you know, his niece just died. He's got nothing else to live for.

Jason: Ok, then why warn us? Why not just take Durant’s deal?

Sonny: That's the part that Alcazar left out. Let's say Durant offered Alcazar some kind of deal, right? He has leverage over Alcazar, proof of some kind of crime. Alcazar wants Durant dead. What's the cleanest way to do it?

Courtney: Yeah, I see you've been shopping.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, I have. It turns out that I'm a sucker for toys. I think I bought a wrist rattle in every color.

Courtney: Yeah, tell me about it. I just bought a whole fleet of battleships for the tub.

Sam: For the child of a friend, or --

Courtney: No. Actually, it looks like both of us are going to have kids around the house.

Nikolas: Oh. You look like an angel.

Emily: I thought simple would be best.

Nikolas: I wasn't talking about the dress.

Nikolas: Listen, I know that you're upset about the wedding gown. I'm sorry.

Emily: No, grandmother would want me to be happy, and -- and she knows I am. I can feel it.

Nikolas: No regrets about getting married in private?

Emily: I have you. That's enough.

Nikolas: Yeah, I feel the same way. I always will.

[Knock on door]

Man: Mr. Cassadine?

Nikolas: Yeah, Mr. Hawthorne.

Mr. Hawthorne: Nice to see you.

Nikolas: Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming. This is my wife-to-be, Emily Quartermaine.

Emily: Pleased to meet you.

Mr. Hawthorne: A pleasure. Congratulations.

Emily: Thank you.

Mr. Hawthorne: Any questions before we begin?

Nikolas: No, none at all.

Mr. Hawthorne: Would you two mind standing here in front of me? Well, it is my duty and pleasure today to join you, Nikolas, and you, Emily, as --

Edward: All right, stop right there.

Tracy: This wedding has just been canceled.

Courtney: He's 5 years old. I don't know much more, but he's only staying for a few days. I'm really excited, though.

Sam: That is really generous of you to open up your home like that.

Courtney: Well, the foundation does a lot of good, but sometimes it can feel kind of impersonal. You know, this is my chance to be hands-on, even if I am a little nervous. I mean, the only children I have experience with are Michael and Morgan.

Sam: Well, they obviously adore you, and I think your foster son will, too.

Courtney: Thank you. That's really -- that's a real generous thing for you to say.

Sam: Look, I don't want there to be any tension between us.

Courtney: Yeah, I agree. I mean, I think -- I think everyone did the best they could under the circumstances. And all we can really do now is just move on, right? And it helps to have a child to focus on, you know? I really want this little boy to have fun, show him that someone cares. Anyway, I'd better go. Bye.

Tracy: Nikolas is under indictment for shooting that Mary Bishop person. I don't want you to be part of that.

Edward: The Cassadines are a bunch of inbred lunatics. Your children will be homicidal maniacs like the rest of his ancestors!

Emily: All right, get out! I am not going to let you ruin this day for us.

Edward: Emily, please, will you face the truth before you make a disastrous mistake?

Nikolas: If you really care about Emily, stop trying to destroy her happiness.

Tracy: If she marries you, she'll never have a happy day in her life!

Emily: All right, quiet! Stop it! All right, I realize that you're acting out of concern, however misguided. But Nikolas is the man I love, and I'm marrying him whether you like it or not.

Tracy: Ooh, you ingrate.

Nikolas: All right, you got two choices here. Ok? You can either leave, or you can stay and be witnesses to our wedding.

Tracy: Aren't you listening? We don't approve!

Edward: All right, all right, all right. We'll do it your way.

Tracy: What? We'll do what?

Edward: We'll witness the wedding.

Tracy: Have you lost your mind?

Edward: No. I want my granddaughter to know how much I love her. The way things look now, it's the best way to do it.

Emily: Thank you, grandfather.

Tracy: And what about Helena’s curse?

Nikolas: Well, I thought that you didn't believe in my family's -- "bombastic hoo-ha"?

Tracy: Well, I probably wouldn't have if I didn't see what happened to Luke and Laura.

Emily: There is no curse. There's just Nikolas and me in love and devoted to each other.

Tracy: Oh, I'm sorry; I think I'm going into sugar shock.

Edward: Just a minute. Where are you going? Emily's a Quartermaine. She wants to get married, we'll stay and witness it, and we'll support her.

Tracy: If you insist. But you and I both know that this marriage is going to make her miserable.

Nikolas: Ok. We're ready. Just keep it short, please.

Mr. Hawthorne: I'll go straight to the vows. Do you, Nikolas and Emily, take each other to be husband and wife?

Nikolas and Emily: We do.

Mr. Hawthorne: Then, by the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you --

[Mr. Hawthorne gasps]

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey. What are you doing here?

Jax: Well, I got your note. I wanted to come by last night, but I had to be sure.

Courtney: About your feelings?

Jax: No, no, about what I'd be doing to your life. Because this time, there's no turning back.

John: Rachel Heston Durant. That's how she'd introduce herself.

Carly: Ooh. Formal, intimidating.

John: Yeah, that was the idea. She was a lawyer. She didn't really practice much when I was growing up. My dad was in the military. We moved around too much. But after he retired, she went back to law and she became a district judge.

Carly: Oh, so did she push you in that direction?

John: Push? She was relentless. She said I was born to be a lawyer. She said that I would be "wasting my life away on any other career." I finally -- finally found a way to get to her. I became a public defender.

Carly: Oh. Well, she must have been crushed.

John: She always wanted me to be a prosecutor. I guess in the end she got her wish, right?

Carly: Are you still close with her?

John: 16 years ago, she -- she sentenced the senior members of the Zacosta family to life in prison, no parole. I was over at my folks' house one day, sitting in the kitchen, eating dinner. Bullet comes through the window. Died in my arms.

Carly: I'm so sorry.

John: Yeah, then at the funeral, one of the Zacostas come up to me to hand me an envelope -- big, thick wad of cash in it -- and said, "This is to help your family get through the tough times." I think I decided right then and there to become a federal prosecutor. You know what I did with that cash? Day before my first trial, I went out, bought myself a brand-new suit, and I got a conviction.

Carly: Um -- thank you for telling me. I'm glad that you did.

John: So am I.

Sonny: I need to speak to you in private.

Carly: Hey. Ok. Where do you want to go?

Sonny: Oh, not you, sweetheart. Mr. Durant.

Edward: Well, is he all right?

Emily: I'm not sure.

Tracy: This curse of Helena’s is becoming more believable by the moment.

Nikolas: Come on, get out. Tell him to get up.

Edward: Are you crazy? The man's unconscious.

Nikolas: It's an act. Helena paid him to collapse before the ceremony was completed.

Helena: Now, that is preposterous.

Emily: She's been trying to convince us that her curse is working, and this time she tried too hard.

Nikolas: We knew you were hiding in the tunnel. Everything we said today was designed to set you up.

Helena: It's over. You can go.

Mr. Hawthorne: I've got three kids, and my wife lost her --

Nikolas: Just get out, just get out.

Tracy: My father and I knew nothing about this.

Nikolas: Tracy, don't even bother denying it. Helena wanted you here so you could play all alarmed and upset when the Justice of the Peace had his well-timed collapse.

Emily: Yeah, I'm not surprised Tracy went along with this, but I'm disappointed in you, grandfather.

Nikolas: You had the church burned down, too, didn't you?

Helena: Destroy a church, Nikolas? Honestly, where do you get these ideas?

Nikolas: I want the three of you out of here immediately. Go on, get out.

Emily: And don't expect an invitation to the real wedding when it happens.

Nikolas: Which it will.

Edward: Emily, please --

Emily: No, that goes for you, too, grandfather.

Edward: It's for your own good.

Tracy: You know, maybe you should marry him. I think you deserve all the misery you get.

Helena: Think what you want, Nikolas. But it's my duty to protect you.

Helena: Hmm. They say that a tear must be shed for every spilled grain of salt. Perhaps you'll shed a tear for these while you're in prison for Mary’s murder.

Ric: Yeah, the Nikolas Cassadine hearing has been pushed back. No, no, no, no, there's no rush. We're probably going to plead him out. Yeah, I got to run. Ok. Bye. Hi, Kristina. Hey, sweetheart.

Alexis: Can you say hi to Ric?

Ric: You know what? Is it possible that you got cuter since the last time I saw you? I like your dress.

Alexis: Is this the doctor that you recommended?

Ric: We're all set.

Steven: Hi.

Alexis: Hi.

Steven: It's nice to see you again, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Hi. Nice to see you. You're Elizabeth’s brother.

Steven: Guilty as charged. You must be Kristina. Hi, sweetheart. It's nice to meet you.

Ric: Can you say hi?

Steven: Oh, wow, she's gorgeous.

Alexis: Thank you. I tend to agree.

Steven: Yeah. So, Ric filled me in on Kristina’s symptoms, and I looked at her records. There's a few tests I'd like to run.

Alexis: Ok. Can I go with you?

Steven: You can, but it would actually be a whole lot faster if you wait here.

Alexis: Ok. Ok. You want to go with the doctor just for a little bit? It's ok.

Steven: You want to come?

Alexis: All right.

Steven: Hi, sweetheart.

Alexis: It's ok. Mommy's going to be right here. I'll wait for you, ok?

Steven: Kristina, ok? Uh-huh? Ok. We'll be right back.

Alexis: Ok.

Steven: Sweetheart.

Alexis: He seems pleasant enough.

Ric: If there's anything wrong with Kristina, I'm sure he'll find it.

Jax: The woman's voice that you heard was -- she was just a friend.

Courtney: Jax, you were wearing a towel.

Jax: I know! I didn't know she was there. She just arrived unexpectedly.

Courtney: Ok, look, Michael -- Michael lied when he said that he saw Jason and I kiss. He just --

Jax: Oh.

Courtney: He's going through a tough time right now, you know? He wants everything to be the way it was. Jason was only at my place to pick Michael up. I -- I'm not going back to Jason, Jax.

Jax: That's good.

Courtney: And, look, I believe you about the woman. I realize you didn't turn around and hop into bed with her.

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: If we had talked about this last night --

Jax: You wouldn't have popped me in the nose?

Courtney: No. I would have been much more gentle.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: Ok. No more games, no more bets, ok?

Courtney: Ok.

Jax: From now on it's just -- it's all about us.

Courtney: Not entirely. Ahem.

Woman: Mind if we join you?

Sam: No, not at all. Boy or girl?

Woman: Annie Michelle, my fourth granddaughter.

Sam: Wow. You know, I'm having a girl, too, and I cannot wait.

Woman: You make sure you and your husband enjoy this time together, because once that baby comes, you won't have time for anything else.

Sam: Yeah, well, I don't think that's going to be a problem for me.

Woman: I take it you're not married. I realize it's the going trend to have a baby on your own, but a child needs a father. If you can't provide one, you shouldn't get pregnant.

Jason: Hey, there you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Carly: Sonny, is something wrong?

Sonny: No, nothing. I just got to discuss something with Mr. Durant.

John: It's all right, Carly. I have no problem listening to your husband.

Carly: I'm just going to be inside.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: Ok, so you claim that you're here for your daughter -- to get to know her, to make up for lost time. But you are also here for professional reasons, right?

John: I thought we've been over this. I have no interest in putting my daughter's husband behind bars.

Sonny: Well, Lorenzo Alcazar disagrees. He told me your whole plan.

Jax: Ok, so, what's your latest excuse? You've adopted a kitten and you won't have time for me.

Courtney: Well, you're -- ahem -- you're in the ballpark.

Jax: Meaning?

Courtney: I am taking in a foster child.

Jax: A baby?

Courtney: No, no. He's 5 years old.

Jax: You got to be kidding me. Do you have any idea how hard it will be to look after a kid like that?

Courtney: Well, I took care of Michael and Morgan for a couple months last winter.

Jax: That's different. They were your family. You were just helping out. I mean, this is going to be, like, it's, you know, a strange kid. It's going to be somebody else’s.

Courtney: Jax, come on. Seriously. I mean, this is important to me. Ok, I want to do more for needy children than just raise money. And besides, it's only until he can find a permanent home.

Jax: Well, how long will that be?

Courtney: A few days, a week. You know, I was kind of hoping that we could enjoy his visit together.

Jax: Oh, yeah. No, we can. Yeah. Sure.

Courtney: You're sure?

Jax: Absolutely. I mean, how hard can it be? When's the little fellow due to arrive?

Courtney: Couple of hours.

Jax: Oh, couple of hours.

Courtney: Hmm.

Jax: Well, in that case --

Jason: Where's your wedding ring? You didn't lose it, did you?

Sam: I left it on the kitchen sink.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: You can forgive me?

Jason: Always.

Woman: My apologies, young lady. I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Sam: My husband and I are too happy to be angry with anyone.

Woman: Best of luck to you both.

Sam: Thank you.

Jason: No problem.

Sam: You hear that, little girl? Somebody's looking out for us.

John: I'm surprised. I thought you'd be better at this -- from everything I heard.

Sonny: So are you denying you have anything to do with Alcazar?

John: I don't know the man. He probably fabricated the story to create tension between us. He is fixated on Carly, isn't he?

Mike: Is that a private show, or can anybody watch?

Carly: I'm trying to figure out what they're saying.

Mike: That's your father, isn't it?

Carly: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, well, just -- just keep in mind that he's more than your long-lost dad. He's a federal prosecutor, and that makes him a threat to Sonny.

Carly: I know. Why do you think I'm trying to figure out what they're talking about?

John: First, you, then Lorenzo Alcazar, then you again. Clearly, my daughter has consistent taste in men. She likes powerful criminals, which, I'll have to admit, is a little uncomfortable given my position as a public servant, but I guess it's true what they say -- you can't really choose your relatives, right?

Sonny: Well, you know what? If being Carly’s father makes you so uncomfortable, why don't you go back to Manhattan?

John: Bad taste in men notwithstanding, Carly is my daughter. I'm not going to walk away from that. Could you walk away from your own child?

Sonny: If it was best for the child, just like you leaving Carly is best for her.

John: Well, I'm not going anywhere. So why don't we just call it a truce, huh? You and I do our best to stay clear of each other -- unless, of course, you shoot someone, in which case all bets are off. And as far as your friend Lorenzo Alcazar, that's your dirty laundry, not mine.

Carly: Sonny, what was that all about?

Alexis: How long do you think they've been in there?

Ric: Approximately two minutes later than the last time you asked me.

Alexis: No, I know, I know. It's hard to understand how. However --

Ric: I -- I understand. I have never been a parent, but I think I can sympathize with the connection between a parent and a child and the feeling that when they're hurt, you hurt even worse. Look, I know you would rather have your teeth drilled without the benefit of pain medication if it could make Kristina instantly well.

Alexis: I would, and I hate dentists.

Ric: Well, exactly, and that's why I consider teeth drilling the ultimate sacrifice.

Alexis: Are you trying to distract me?

Ric: Hmm, how am I doing?

Alexis: Not good. Hi. How's Kristina?

Steven: Oh, she's good. The nurse is bringing her right out.

Ric: Oh, good.

Alexis: Oh. Good. So do you know what's wrong with her?

Steven: Well, I have a theory.

Nikolas: Room in there for two?

Emily: Only if it's a certain prince I'm going to marry for real someday.

Nikolas: I'm sorry that you -- you had to go through the almost-ceremony earlier.

Emily: No, I'm not. We needed to show Helena and my family that nothing they do -- not curses --

Nikolas: Hmm.

Emily: Or scheming or paying public officials to fake heart attacks -- that nothing they do is going to stop our wedding.

Nikolas: I like your attitude. I'll be back with champagne.

 [Knock on door]

Courtney: Who is it?

Grace: Grace Powell, from social services.

Courtney: Oh, my God. Grace, I'll be right with you.

Jax: I'll buy you some time.

Jax: Hi. Jasper Jacks. I'm Courtney’s financial advisor.

Grace: Grace Powell. Nice to meet you.

Jax: Nice to meet you, too.

Courtney: Grace, hi. Hey. So, so, where's the boy?

Grace: Before I bring him in, there's something you need to know.

Courtney: Well, I mean, we can't just leave him out there. It's ok, we can talk later. Really, I promise.

Grace: Whatever you say. Diego Sanchez, this is Courtney Matthews, your temporary foster mother.

Diego: Nice.

Steven: Firstly, I want you to know that Kristina’s not in jeopardy.

Alexis: Good.

Ric: Yeah.

Steven: Because she was premature, she's more susceptible to infection, and no one likes to eat when they're not feeling well.

Alexis: Well, what about her moods?

Steven: Yeah, those are age appropriate. I'd ride it out and just wait for the next phase to kick in.

Alexis: Ok. Can I go see her?

Steven: Absolutely. They're in Exam Room Four.

Ric: Go. Thanks for calming her down.

Steven: Yeah, no problem. It's all part of the job.

Ric: Now tell me the part you left out.

Sonny: Alcazar told me that Durant is using him to pressure me. And then when I retaliate, Durant’s going to step in and arrest me.

Carly: Ok, well, why would Lorenzo warn you, Sonny?

Sonny: Well, no, he could be making the whole thing up just to cause trouble between me and Durant.

Carly: So you asked Durant?

Sonny: Yeah, I asked him.

Carly: And?

Sonny: And he -- he says he's here strictly to get to know you.

John: You went to Sonny Corinthos behind my back.

Lorenzo: It was strategy.

John: You see this envelope? That's the D.N.A. evidence linking you to the death of Mary Bishop. Once it's entered into evidence, you will be charged and convicted. Was double-crossing me really worth going to prison for the rest of your life?


Emily: Nikolas?

Nikolas: Give me a minute. I'll be right there. You know, we didn't even get married today, but it still feels like our wedding day. Sorry -- make that wedding night. Maybe we should make this a ritual. Every time we see our families, we spend the next four hours in a tub. All right, champagne is ready. I hope that you are, too.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: He can't stay here.

Courtney: Why not? I'll take the couch, you'll take the bed.

Diego: That's not what you want.

Nikolas: I need an ambulance out at Wyndemere -- hurry!

Jason: You mind if I ask you a question about your brother?

Lorenzo: I do not respond well to threats.

Sonny: Are you saying you trust John Durant?

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