GH Transcript Thursday 9/30/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/30/04


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Jason: What do you want?

Jax: Well, nothing from you. I guess I made a mistake by coming here.

Courtney: Jax, come on, this isn't what it looks like.

Michael: Hey, go away. Aunt Courtney and Jason were kissing. They don't want you here.

Lorenzo: You want me to help you take down Sonny Corinthos? How do I know you won't charge me with Mary Bishop's murder after I help you?

John: Busting Sonny will be the biggest win of my career. Now, why would I want to spoil that momentum by going after you for avenging your niece?

Lorenzo: I see. I'm supposed to trust your self-interest?

John: You don't have much choice, do you?

Lorenzo: Well, you're in luck, Mr. Durant. You've managed to find someone who is as motivated to destroy Sonny Corinthos as you are.

Sonny: Listen, if you want to spend time with Durant, that's your thing, but Iím not comfortable giving him access to Michael and Morgan.

Carly: Sonny, Iíd be extra careful if John was around the kids.

Sonny: Uh-uh. I can't take that risk. You trust your father. I donít. If something goes wrong, I don't want the boys getting hurt.

 [Computer beeps]

Luke: Congratulations. You've just pulled number seven for the helicopter ride. I've been holding it for you.

Skye: I think it's extremely chivalrous of you to offer, but I picked 19. "Luke, are you ok?"

Alan: Father. Hi. When did you get back?

Edward: A couple hours ago.

Alan: And your heart? What is the --

Edward: Clean bill of health, Alan. Stop fussing.

Alan: Well, why would I be fussing? I mean, you just had a coronary and you refused to let the family visit you in the hospital.

Edward: That's Feliciaís idea.

Alan: Yes, and Iím sure it was done with your full cooperation. Was it your idea to vanish like that?

Edward: Of course. I expected any minute someone to come barging in and hounding me, so I decided to take a break. And Felicia helped, of course. But the one who did most of the work was someone much closer and much more loyal.

Alan: Who?

Justus: That would be me, Alan. >From now on, anyone who wants anything to do with Edward has to come through me first.

John: You sound confident. I like that in an ally.

Lorenzo: I'm not afraid of Sonny Corinthos, or you, for that matter.

John: Do you still want his wife?

Lorenzo: What business is that of yours?

John: I just want to clarify what you expect to get out of all of this. What, you figure with Sonny in jail you have a clear path to my daughter?

Lorenzo: Excuse me?

John: I'm Carlyís father.

Sonny: Your father is a fed who's made his career attacking people in my business.

Carly: Yes, but it doesn't mean he would hurt our children.

Sonny: No, maybe not, not deliberately, but if he comes after me, then you and the kids are going to be caught in the middle. Now, you can deal with it if he's a jerk, because, you know, we'll handle that together, but I don't want to have to explain another mistake to the kids. To watch them grow and care about their grandfather and then he'll just disappear. I mean, that's just --

Carly: But you are assuming that he's going to prosecute you. He swore that he wouldnít.

Sonny: His actions say otherwise. He never wanted a family. He chose a career, instead. Taking me down would be a huge win for your father.

 [Door opens]

Courtney: Michael is just acting out. He's had a crazy day. Morgan was sick --

Jax: No, there's no need to explain, ok? There was a crisis, and you and Jason reached out to each other. It's clear that history will keep repeating itself when you two are concerned.

Courtney: Yeah, Jason and I will always be connected, Jax, but that doesn't mean that we're --

Jax: I just want you to be happy. Ok? I'm just -- I have no intention of playing second to your ex.

Michael: That guy's a dork. Why is he always coming over here?

Jason: Courtney and Jax are friends.

Michael: I don't like him. Do you?

Jason: Hmm -- you know what? Michael, that doesn't matter, because Courtney and I aren't married anymore, so she gets to spend time with whoever she wants whether we like the guy or not.

Jax: So what happened? You left my apartment and you raced home to call Jason?

Courtney: Oh, so you think I set this up so that you could find me with Jason?

Jax: I don't know. You know, maybe you wanted him all along. I mean, I just don't understand, you know, the whole jealousy thing, because you already won the bet and there was no need for you to pretend that you cared.

Courtney: I do care, Jax.

Jax: You know, in the past few months, I really thought that you had found yourself, that you moved past Jason.

Courtney: Oh, my -- you know what? This isn't about Jason. It's about your guilty conscience, because you slept with a woman five minutes after the bet ended. Jax, she called out your name from your bedroom.

Jax: Is that your ex's t-shirt you're wearing?

Courtney: Oh, cute. Michael made an emergency visit, ok? I was on my way to bed.

Jax: All right. Of course. You saw Jason, and you just fell into each other's arms. Well, enjoy your rebound, Courtney. I just hope you don't get hurt.

Michael: Good, he's gone. Now, how soon can you and Jason get married again?

Skye: "Luke?" Luke!

Luke: What a way to show 11th-hour common sense! Come on. Your seat's waiting!

Skye: No! I'm not going in your place. Look, I just wanted to tell you that I -- I just -- I had to let you know that --

[Computer beeps]

[Computer beeps]

Skye: No, no, no, Luke. Donít. Don't go. Don't go. Please come back. Please. I need you.

Jason: Courtney and I aren't getting married again.

Michael: You should. That's what you do when you're in love.

Courtney: Well, it's not up to you, Michael.

Michael: You know, grownups mess everything up.

Jason: Yeah, well, maybe that's true, but it's not your job to fix it. Let's go home.

Michael: Not until Mommy promises to stay away from her mean dad.

Jason: Oh, Michael, you know, we've been over this already. Carly has a right to see Durant if she wants. You can tell her that you don't like it, but you don't get to blackmail your mom.

Courtney: Listen, sweetie, just because you love somebody doesn't mean you get to run their life, ok? All you can do is wish for the best and hope that everyone ends up happy.

Jason: Come on, Michael, you should have been in bed hours ago.

Courtney: Here, give me a hug, sweetie. Bye.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: Good night.

Michael: Aren't you going to say good night to Jason?

Courtney: Good night, Jason.

Georgie: I cannot believe I left my badge here, again. It's like I'm catching Dillon disease.

Dillon: Hey, absent-mindedness is part of my charm.

Georgie: Right. How many cell phones have you lost this year?

Dillon: No, no, no, no -- excuse me, excuse me. Less talking, more looking. If we get you home in time, your dad might not notice you missed curfew, huh?

Georgie: Yeah, by, like, hours. He would flip if he found out we went to that late movie.

Dillon: Hey, hey -- late -- what have I told you? If you're not at the first showing, you're not a fan. Hey, what -- what is this? What happened?

Brook Lynn: Serious wardrobe malfunction. I'm not used to three-inch heels.

Lucas: Uh-uh.

Dillon: Brook, your ankle is, like, turning blue.

Brook Lynn: Well, do you think it's broken?

Georgie: No, but I think you should get an x-ray.

Lucas: I'll tell a nurse you're here.

Brook Lynn: Ok. Where were you guys?

Georgie: Yeah, Dillon and I went to a late movie, and he's going to sneak me back into my house before my parents realize I broke curfew, but it's going to get harder and harder the later we make it.

Lucas: They need some more information.

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Georgie: Sorry.

Dillon: Damn.

Georgie: Dillon, Dillon, I'm sorry. We really got to go.

Dillon: I just -- I feel bad leaving Brook here.

Georgie: Dillon, I cannot get back into my house by myself, and you have to boost me into my window.

Dillon: I know. I'm sorry, Georgie. I think Brook needs me, too.

Steven: Just make sure he takes the entire course -- the medication. It's important he gets every dose, even once it looks like he's ok.

Carly: Ok. Thanks. I don't know how Iím going to thank you enough.

Steven: I'm just glad to help.

Carly: No, seriously, you diagnosed a rare infection right away. It's pretty great.

Sonny: I appreciate everything, you know, you've done for Morgan. So, you send me the bill, and, you know, stay away from my family.

John: Carly didn't tell me who she was at first. I don't think she likes the idea of what I do for a living.

Lorenzo: Ah, the irony's almost perfect.

John: I still want to get to know my daughter.

Lorenzo: And use her to take down one of the biggest racketeers in the northeast.

John: That's gravy.

Lorenzo: It'll be war between you and Corinthos. Carly will get caught in the crossfire.

John: You don't like that, do you?

Lorenzo: I don't like anything that hurts your daughter.

John: What kind of life can Carly have with Sonny long-term? The man's a criminal. He's a target for violence. I want to help her break free of Sonny's world.

Lorenzo: I see. So you're not out to further your career. You're out to save your daughter?

John: A collateral benefit.

Lorenzo: Hmm. And how do you expect me to contribute?

John: Provoke him. When he retaliates, I'll be there to nail the son of a bitch.

Lorenzo: If nothing else, Mr. Durant, I'm a good businessman, and nothing about this is good business. Good night.

John: It's a win-win situation. Think about it. Sonny gone, Carly in need of comfort, you free, right there to provide it. You got to admit, better than me sending you to prison for murder.

Edward: You know, that really wasn't necessary, Alan. I haven't felt this good in months.

Alan: You do appear to be on the mend.

Edward: Everyone should take a vacation from this family. It can add years to your life.

Justus: I'm so glad you're doing much better, grandfather.

Alan: We all are. I just don't understand why you wouldn't tell me where you were.

Edward: Because I don't want to. I want to keep my secret retreat a secret in case I want to use it again.

Alan: And I don't understand why you went along with all this.

Justus: My grandfather needed this rest.

Alan: I agree, but he's had two heart attacks in a year. With his history, we need to set up some home care for him.

Edward: Already handled.

Heather: Hello, everyone. Nurse Webber reporting for duty.

Justus: Grandfather, I thought you said you were hiring a certified professional.

Alan: No, she's certifiable, all right, just not as a nurse.

Edward: Well, I really wanted more personal care.

Justus: That's more information than I needed.

Alan: You can go, Heather. I'm going to look after my father tonight, and tomorrow Iím going to hire a nurse from the hospital.

Edward: Alan, it is my decision. Heather will be my nurse. Live with it.

Alan: Are you out of your mind? Heather's nothing more than an opportunist.

Justus: You know what? I agree with Alan.

Heather: Listen to you, fighting already. Edward doesn't need the stress.

Edward: Maybe I'll go back to my retreat and take my nurse with me.

Heather: Is it someplace tropical? I'm sure Fiji is lovely this time of year.

Edward: Hmm.

Alan: Father should not be traveling.

Edward: You want me to stay, Alan? Accept Heather as my nursing care.

Alan: I'll have Alice make up a guest room for you.

Heather: No need. I'll be sleeping with Edward in his.

Dillon: I didn't get a chance to say this yet, so I'm going to now. I'm sorry I came down on you so hard.

Brook Lynn: No, no --

Dillon: I didn't --

Brook Lynn: Look, I shouldn't have been such a rat packer. I know, you were just trying to protect me creatively.

Dillon: Yeah, I know. That's like -- it's weird. That's like a hot button for me. I mean, I can't stand it when I see somebody being turned into something they're not.

Brook Lynn: Well, obviously.

Dillon: Obviously?

Brook Lynn: Dillon, if you cared what people thought, you wouldn't have that hair.

Dillon: Oh, ho, ho, ho! Oh, and you know what? If I didn't have this hair, we wouldn't have anything to joke about.

[Brook Lynn laughs]

Lucas: Looks like Brook and Dillon made up.

Georgie: You know what? You brought Brook here. So why are you getting drinks while Dillonís sitting in there with her?

Lucas: Dillon sees life like a movie. He's attracted to drama, and right now Brook's life has about as much drama as -- well, a blockbuster and two sequels.

Sam: Excuse me. Hi. Doctor, I'm looking for a friend who was here tonight. He was visiting Morgan Corinthos.

Steven: Ok, I'm Morganís doctor.

Sam: You are? Hi.

Steven: I'm Steven Webber.

Sam: Sam McCall. How's he doing?

Steven: Hi. Nice to meet you. You must have just missed the family. Morgan's been discharged and his parents took him home.

Sam: Oh, ok. That's really great. Maybe my friend was with them, though. Jason Morgan -- he's got blue eyes, tall --

Steven: Yeah, I haven't seen in a couple hours.

Sam: Thanks.

Steven: Sam.

Jax: Sam, you ok?

Sam: Yeah. I wasn't here about me. I was actually just checking on Morgan.

Jax: Oh, they sent him home. I just saw Bobbie. She was relieved.

Sam: Yeah. I'm going to go. Jason should be on his way home, and he kind of gets --

Jax: Well, actually, Jasonís at the -- he's at the loft with Courtney. I think they might be getting back together.

Jason: Get. Oh, no, no. You got to go to bed.

Michael: First, you have to explain something to me.

Jason: What?

Michael: If Durant could put Daddy in prison, why doesn't Mommy just tell him to leave us alone?

Jason: This is how this is going to work. If you keep telling your mom what to do about Durant, she's going to want to get to know him even better, ok? So we got to play this thing cool now. Can you do that?

Michael: Is Morgan ok?

Sonny: Yeah, Morgan is doing much better.

Carly: He is, and I think it's time for both of you to go to sleep.

Michael: I'm sorry I told you what to do, Mommy. And I'm sorry I called Mr. Durant a bad guy.

Carly: It's ok, you know. I appreciate it, and you don't have to call him Mr. Durant if you don't want to. He's grandpa.

Michael: There's no way Iím ever going to call that guy grandpa.

Courtney: Jax, it's me. Open the door. Ok, look, Jax, I just want to explain, ok? I -- I want to apologize. All right, come on, Jax, just open the door. I'm not leaving here until I talk to you. Either you open the door yourself or I'm just going to get in the hard way.

Sam: Maybe Jason went to Courtneyís to tell her the good news about Morgan.

Jax: She wasn't exactly dressed for visitors.

Sam: Well, it's late. She was probably getting ready to go to bed.

Jax: Well, Michael was there, and he said that he saw --

Sam: Michael? Oh.

Jax: Jason and Courtney kissing.

Sam: Kissing?

Jax: Yeah.

Sam: Michael exaggerates a lot to get what he wants, Jax.

Jax: Look, Courtney and I -- we had a misunderstanding and it's obvious that she went running back to Jason.

Sam: No, it's obvious that you're disappointed in her. I can tell you like her a lot.

Jax: You know, I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have brought this up. If there's anything I can do, you know, let me know.

Sam: No, it's quite all right. You're not responsible for me, Jax. Besides, Iím a survivor, remember?

Jax: Well, you've proven that over and over again.

Sam: I have, haven't I?

Jax: Yes, you have.

Sam: Ok. See you around then, ok?

Jax: Ok.

Sam: All right.

Courtney: Jax? Jax, are you home?

Sonny: About what you told Michael --

Jason: Yeah, I just -- Sonny, I just want him to understand that Durant is dangerous.

Sonny: Well, I'm not saying you're wrong. It would have been nice, you know, to give me some warning.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but it just happened.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: I brought Michael home, and he called Durant "Grandpa John" because Carly told him to.

Sonny: Hmm.

Jason: I mean, what is she thinking, you know? Michael hears things, no matter how much we try to protect him. He lives in this house. He hears the guards talk, he walks in on our conversations, he might hear a name and date repeated to Durant, who his mother told him he could trust.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said, you know, that Durant wants to put you in prison --

Sonny: No, that's ok. I mean, you said what you said --

Jason: Yeah, I didn't want to scare him.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: Ok, I just want him to be careful because Carlyís being careless.

Sonny: You think I should forbid Carly to see Durant?

Jason: I realize that's not up to me.

Sonny: It's an unacceptable risk to have my father-in-law, the federal prosecutor, hanging around, but what's the alternative? If I tell Carly not to see him, she's going to agree, go behind my back, because she can't help herself, and that makes it easier for Durant to use her. And I don't want another lie in my marriage. I can't go down that road. You know what I mean?

Jason: Yes, I understand.

Sonny: And I don't really have the right to, you know, ask Carly to cut ties with her father any more than I have the right to ask Durant to, you know, turn his back on his child.

Jason: No, Durantís not looking at her like a long-lost child. He sees her as an opportunity.

Sonny: Probably, but I keep thinking about Sam and what if, you know, she -- what if she ran like she originally wanted to and gave up the baby for adoption and I found out years later? I still want to know my daughter. I'd want to be her father.

Jason: Yeah, because that's you. That's part of who you are.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: You love your kids.

Sonny: Right.

Jason: You took in Stone, you took me in, you're the best father Michael and Morgan could have, and you're assuming right now that --

Sonny: Well, I'm not --

Jason: Since you love your daughter, Durantís going to love Carly, that's not --

Sonny: Hold on, hold on. Jason, Iím not assuming anything. I got to let Carly, you know, do what she's got to do, see how far this goes. What I know is I don't trust Durant, so we have to be careful. You have to back off on shipments --

Jason: Ok.

Sonny: Reroute the essential ones. We're going to have to go legit for a little while. No one's ever, you know, been indicted for importing coffee beans, right?

Jason: I'll handle it.

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: Ahem. The kids -- they fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Sonny: Oh, well, that's good.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Well --

Carly: Jason, listen, things -- they got a little tense earlier, and Iím sorry about what I said about your father.

Jason: No, it's ok. Just forget it. Just forget it.

Carly: I want to. But, Jason, first, you need to understand something. John Durant is my father, whether you like it or not, and I don't know what he means to me yet. And I have no idea if he's going to be a lasting part of my life, but please, please don't trash him to Michael again.

Jason: I won't talk about Durant with Michael unless he asks me to.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: Ahem.

Carly: Well, Jason thinks Iím crazy for wanting a relationship with Durant. He thinks that Iím going to risk our whole family just to have a relationship with him and then he's going to end up using me. Come on, Sonny, what do you think? Will you be honest with me right now? Do you think Iím risking our family?

Sonny: Um -- I think that you're taking a chance.

Carly: Well, tell me what you want then, Sonny. Let this be your decision. If you want me to break ties with my father, you just say the words and I will do it.

Jason: Why are you sitting alone in the dark?

Sam: I'm just trying to figure out where to go next. How soon do you want me to move out?

Jason: Why would I want you to move out?

Sam: Ahem. I went to the hospital to check on Morgan.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: Ok, and Sonny and Carly and Morgan were already gone, but Jax was there, and he told me about you and Courtney, how you guys got back together.

Jason: Then you believed Jax? What is he doing? You're eight months' pregnant, it's the middle of the night. He has no right to get you upset.

Sam: I am not upset. Ok, maybe I was a little upset sitting here alone in the dark, thinking you were going to come home and kick me out, but you're not, so that's fine. I'm over it. Thank you.

Jason: Why don't you just, you know, get some sleep?

Sam: Ok. Jason, I was -- I was wondering --

Jason: What?

Sam: I don't want you to feel obligated to have me here. And if it's none of my business, you can just say so, but --

Jason: Ok, just go ahead. What?

Sam: Ahem. Well, Jax said that Michael saw you and Courtney kissing.

Heather: It's a little warm in here. Maybe we should undo the top button.

Edward: Oh, that's all right, my dear. I got plenty of time to get into something more comfortable.

Alan: Alice has made up a cot for you in my father's room.

Heather: Thank you, Alan. It'll be better if Iím right there in case Edward needs me in the middle of the night.

Justus: What, to administer C.P.R.?

Heather: I've taken a course.

Alan: Yeah, I'm sure you've had plenty of practice.

Justus: You know what? When Felicia and I offered to help you recuperate, we didn't expect you to be playing mattress tag all night.

Heather: I'm beginning to feel offended.

Alan: Well, then, maybe you should go.

Edward: You know, Alan, I'm wondering how your mother would feel, the way you're badgering our guest. She always treated people with kindness. I would think she'd expect the same behavior from her potential heirs.

Alan: I just meant I think you need to get some sleep. And Heather needs to stay strong to help you in your time of need.

Justus: Nicely played.

Heather: That's right. We should get to bed.

Edward: Music to my ears.

Heather: Come on. Oh, I left some bags in the car. Could one of you ask Alice to bring them up? I'm sure it's no trouble.

Skye: Hey. So did you see Bobbie? Has she heard from Luke?

Jax: Oh, she's as worried as you are. She hasn't heard from him.

Skye: Well, I -- I heard from him.

Jax: You spoke to him?

Skye: Well, over the computer. He said he was fine for the moment, but then the connection failed, so --

Jax: Well, I guess that's progress. Although Iím not convinced that Luke will help you if he's protecting Laura.

Skye: There's no way Luke will let me go to prison for a crime I didn't commit, ok?

Jax: So I guess you'll be staying here a bit longer, then?

Skye: If that's ok.

Jax: Well, it'd be bad manners to throw a wanted fugitive out onto the street, wouldn't it?

Skye: Jax, I am so sorry. I know that I'm complicating your life. I'm causing problems for you and Courtney --

Jax: Oh --

Skye: Oh, which reminds me -- you might want to do a better job of hiding this. Someone else used it besides me to get in.

Jax: Someone was here?

Skye: Courtney.

Jax: Oh.

Skye: And she left you this.

Jax: Oh, she's trying to apologize.

Skye: Look closer, Jax. Roughly translated, that note says she's in love with you.

Jason: Michael lied when he said Courtney and I were kissing.

Sam: I know, I figured that, but -- so, Michael wants you and Courtney together and Jax to go away. What, I mean, you got to hand it to the kid. He knows what he wants and he will do just about anything to get it.

Jason: Yeah, and that's exactly why he was at Courtneyís in the first place. He's trying to blackmail Carly into staying away from Durant.

Sam: Listen, I was thinking about what you were saying, and maybe that's not such a bad idea. The guy is a fed. Doesn't Carly see how dangerous he is to Sonny?

Jason: That's not how she's thinking right now.

Sam: Well, what does she expect to happen, realistically?

Jason: Well, she wants to have a relationship with her father. See, for once, Sam, you're on the outside, so you're seeing it a little more clearly than Carly is.

Sam: No, no -- ok, yes, I am, and here is what I see. Durant is a threat to me, too, because if Sonny falls, so will you.

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Steven: Hi.

Dillon: Hey. How's the ankle?

Steven: It's just a sprain. There's nothing in the x-ray that indicates a fracture at all.

Brook Lynn: Ok.

Dillon: Nice.

Steven: Yeah, so Iím just going to have a nurse come in, wrap your ankle, and then you can take your girlfriend home.

Dillon: My -- no, no, she's not --

Brook Lynn: No, no, he's not my boyfriend.

Dillon: We're not --

Brook Lynn: No, I'm his niece.

Dillon: We're related, and I'm her uncle. My actual girlfriend's outside.

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Georgie: Well, it looked like you and Brook were having a pretty good time till Dillon glued himself to her.

Lucas: Brook's everything I want. She's original, she's smart. She has a really cool dark sense of humor.

Georgie: Right.

Lucas: Yeah. And her eyes -- they're amazing. They just sort of, like, draw you in, you know?

Georgie: No, I donít. Does it bother you that Dillon and Brook are, you know, so close?

Lucas: No, they're family. And, I mean, not like us. There's actually D.N.A. involved, which is probably a good thing because -- whew -- if they weren't, Dillon and Brook would probably be soul mates or something.

Georgie: You really think that?

Lucas: No, no, I -- I mean, if he didn't have you.

[Door opens and closes]

Dillon: I bring good news. She has a sprain.

Lucas: Oh.

Georgie: Good. Wonderful.

Lucas: Good, well, I'm going to go keep her company.

Dillon: Cool. I'm sorry to keep you waiting here so long. I'm really sorry.

Georgie: Oh, don't worry about it, but we really should go before anyone realizes --

Dillon: Actually, well, you know, Brook needs to go back there, too, and she can't climb it because of her ankle, so I figured if we just hang here for, like, a few more minutes, then we can all go together, and then I can have more time to spend with you.

John: Hey.

Steven: If you're here to play the concerned grandparent, Iím afraid Morganís been discharged.

John: What, Carly and Sonny took him home?

Steven: Yeah, a little while ago.

John: My timing couldn't have been more perfect, then.

 [Knock on door]

Carly: Oh, come on, who could that be?

Sonny: I'll get it.

Max: Hey, this just came hand delivered.

Sonny: From who?

Max: John Durant. I thought you would want it right away.

Sonny: Is it clean?

Max: Yeah.

Carly: Thanks. Thanks, Max.

Max: Not a problem.

Sonny: Here you go. He said -- go ahead and open it, check it out.

Carly: "Some of these faces may look familiar. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy passing it along."

Carly: Oh, my god, Sonny. These are John's relatives. This is -- this is my family history.

 [Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello.

Woman: Ms. Matthews? It's Grace Powell from the Department of Children and Family Services. I'm sorry to bother you so late.

Courtney: No, it's no bother. What can I do for you?

Grace: We set up an emergency placement for a foster child, but the family had to cancel. Your name is on the top of the foundation's list for potential temporary homes, but we'd have to place the child in the next 24 hours.

Courtney: You want to give me a foster child tomorrow?

Grace: You're his only hope.

Courtney's voice: "Jax, I hate the way we left things. We both deserve a chance to explain. I really want to try to work this out for us. Call me. Courtney."

Skye: Ugh! So much for technology. That is, like, the ninth time you've read that note. Why don't you just pick up the phone and call her.

Jax: You going to hog my computer all night?

[Computer beeps]

Skye: Hey! It's him. It's Luke.

Jax: Well, how can you be so sure? How do you know it's not a setup?

Skye: It's a code he's using, ok? It's the numbers that we drew for the evacuation from the fire.

Jax: There was a lot of people in the Versailles room that night. A lot of people know those numbers.

Skye: Jax, it's him. He called me "Blaze," ok? That is the nickname that he has for me.

Jax: Well, even I know that he calls you "Blaze."

Alan: Heather?

Skye: He logged off.

Jax: Well, maybe it is for the best, because I don't think you should be revealing your location online.

Skye: No, Jax. Luke needs to know where I am, ok? He's my only hope out of this mess.

Alan: I thought you were taking care of my father.

Heather: I am.

Alan: Really? Which part of "home care" involves using a laptop in the middle of the night?

Sam: I'm so sorry. I know that must have sounded incredibly selfish.

Jason: No, no, no, it's ok. I understand.

Sam: No, Jason, it is not ok. I don't like being dependent on anyone. And if you had gotten back together with Courtney -- I didn't know where I was going to go. Maybe I'm overreacting because of my hormones right now, but I just -- I want my daughter to have a stable home.

Jason: Hey, you -- you can stay here for as long as you want.

Sam: It's really hard to trust. I've never had a home before, Jason.

Jason: Look, why don't you -- why don't you go to bed before you fall asleep on the couch again.

Sam: You're going out?

Jason: Yeah, I got to -- I got to work.

Sam: But it's about Durant, isn't it? Jason, why can't Carly see how much she's risking by even talking to the guy?

John: All right, run this by me again. I want to be sure of what I got against Alcazar.

Steven: Ok. I picked up a D.N.A. sample from Mary Bishop's medication. The closest match we have on file is a dead girl named Sage Alcazar. Her only living relative is her Uncle Lorenzo. As soon as we subpoena a D.N.A. sample from him, I can make a positive match; you can arrest him for Mary Bishop's murder.

John: No. No, I'm not going to pursue this. I want Alcazar free. He's going to help me catch a much bigger fish.

Steven: Sonny Corinthos.

John: Lorenzo has agreed to help destroy my son-in-law. He'll pressure him from the business end while I work his wife for more incriminating information.

Steven: You think Carly will betray her husband?

John: Not intentionally. But she'll slip up somewhere, or Sonny will move against Alcazar and fall right into my trap.

Steven: Until you get more evidence, I'm out of it.

John: I agree. I don't think we should be seen around each other. I want you to become Carlyís friend, her confidant.

Steven: John, I'll analyze evidence for you, but I'm not going to spy on Carly.

John: What's the matter, doc? Are you getting soft on me?

Carly: Oh, my god, Sonny. Who do you think that looks like?

Sonny: Well, that looks just like you if you'd lived 50 years ago.

Carly: That's Rachel Heston Durant. That's got to be my grandmother.

Sonny: You want to ask Durant about these people?

Carly: Yeah, I'm curious, Sonny. But if you don't want me to, it's not worth risking our family.

Sonny: You know what? If you feel you need to do this, then Iím not going to stop you.

Carly: Sonny, I promise Iíll be careful. I won't -- I won't have him around the kids unless you are comfortable with it.

Sonny: Ok. I'm going to go ahead and go to bed.

Carly: I just want to look at this some more. Is that --?

Sonny: Yeah, that's fine. Yeah.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: I am taking in a foster child.

Emily: You and I are going to be married. Nothing is going to keep that from happening.

Steven: So Alcazar's going to help you bust Corinthos?

Carly: You two seem to be telling some secrets.

Lorenzo: It's in our mutual best interest to stop him.

Sonny: By working together?

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