GH Transcript Tuesday 9/28/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/28/04


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Woman: Jax?

Jax: Who's that? Oh!

Courtney: He'll be right with you!

[Jax groans]

Ned: You're just as beautiful as you were the day I married you.

Helena: Yes, the curse I cast on you killed Nurse Harris, but it's only the beginning. Other lives -- many other lives -- will be damaged or ruined if you insist on marriage.

Nikolas: Who do you think you're kidding? You are the curse. You say the words, you carry them out, and that's exactly what you did tonight. Nurse Harris is dead because you killed her, and blaming it on "the curse" is the same as a confession.

Emily: And Tracy is a witness.

Tracy: Me?

Nikolas: Well, yeah. You'll testify, won't you?

Jason: I'm giving you fair warning, Durant. Stay away from Carly.

John: You know, as much as I hate to admit it, Iíll have to compromise my principles when it comes to Sonny. The man is, after all, my son-in-law. I'll ignore the fact that he belongs in prison. You, on the other hand, are dirt under my feet. If you interfere with my relationship with my daughter in any way, I will come after you, and I will take you down.

Carly: John? You need to understand something. You may be my biological father, but I'm more loyal to Jason than I will ever be to you.

Lois: Pretty silly, huh, me trying this thing on? I think my head's gained weight since the day we got married.

Ned: No, don't -- leave it on.

Lois: What, are you nuts?

Ned: Lois, just leave it on. Indulge me this one last look at my gorgeous Brooklyn bride.

Lois: I feel ridiculous. But ok -- for one minute. That was some day.

Ned: Yeah.

Lois: You and me -- late for the ceremony, running through the streets of Bensonhurst in our wedding clothes because our limo was stuck in traffic.

Ned: And all your neighbors coming out on their stoop and applauding, yelling out good wishes.

Lois: And we were barreling up those church steps. I was so afraid I was going to break a heel, but more likely my neck.

Ned: And before we went in -- before we went in, you stopped me and you asked me if I was sure, if we were really forever, and I told you we were. I promised you we were.

Lois: Little did we know Iíd be the one to give up.

Ned: No, no, that's not how I see it. You did what you had to do.

Lois: That's very generous of you.

Ned: Look, I could've just as easily turned my back on this godforsaken family and E.L.Q. and started a new life in Bensonhurst, but --

Lois: You did everything you could. You and I breaking up had absolutely nothing to do with loss of love. Some things just aren't meant to be, no matter how many dreams or good intentions you invest. I don't know if Iíve conveyed this to you, but you ought to know I don't regret that day; not one single second of it. Or any other day we've ever had. I will always be glad that for that moment in time, I was your wife.

Nikolas: Thank you, grandmother. Now that you've been gracious enough to confess to murder, Emily and I can marry in peace. Thank you.

Helena: I admitted no such thing.

Emily: Oh, well, we all heard. Right, Tracy?

Tracy: All I have been hearing for too tedious long is a bunch of bombastic hoo-ha about some ridiculous curse. Emily, don't you understand why I don't approve this marriage? Who needs to be any closer to the Cassadines? They're all nuts.

Emily: That's funny because you didn't seem to think that way when you were working with Helena.

Tracy: I chose to overcome some serious misgivings to join with Helena to throw you an engagement party. I considered it an olive branch -- to show you my support despite my grave doubts. How was I supposed to know that in the middle of the festivities, she would start spouting arcane curses?

Helena: I merely stated a fact -- Nikolas and Emily will never be happy together.

Tracy: Can you give it a rest?

Helena: Oh.

Nikolas: You killed Mary, intending to frame Emily for it, then you dig up this Nurse Harris and pay her to lie and implicate Emily. And then you kill her when she wanted to retract her statement. Congratulations, Tracy. Your alliance with my grandmother here has made you an accomplice in two murders, and Iíd tread carefully from now on if I were you. If my grandmother doubts your loyalty, you'll be next on her hit list. You have a pleasant evening.

Jax: Oh, damn it, Courtney; you gave me a bleeding nose! Come here.

Courtney: Hey -- no! You touch me again and I am going to make you bleed from a much more sensitive area, Jax. Look, our business is over, ok? I am going to cash this check as soon as the banks are open, and then you and I are finally done.

Jax: Would you just give me a minute and try to find out --

Courtney: No! No! What's the point? It's all too painfully clear, Jax. You played me for a fool, ok?

Jax: No, I didn't play --

Courtney: Yes, you did!

Jax: I don't even know who's back there!

Courtney: What do you call getting into bed with a woman two hours after you declared your so-called feelings for me?

Jax: I'm not sleeping --

Courtney: Oh, my God -- stop -- stop lying! Stop lying! There's no point, ok? You just proved my original impression of you, ok? You are a shallow, self-centered, womanizing little slut.

Jax: I resent that. I really do.

Courtney: Ok, yeah, well, tell someone who cares. Tell your girlfriend!

Jax: I don't even -- all right! Whoever's back there better have a damn good reason.

Skye: Hi. Miss me?

Carly: Jason is very protective of me and Iíve given him plenty of reason to be. You have no idea how much he's done for me and my children.

Jason: Carly, stop. You don't have to explain anything to him about us.

Carly: Jason, if he is my father, he needs to understand our relationship.

Michael: Morgan's asleep. Daddy wants you guys to take me home.

Jason: Ok, I'll take you. Why don't you go sit in with Sonny and Morgan?

Carly: Good night, sweetie.

Michael: Good night, Mom.

John: Carly, I know you've had a horrible night with your little boy getting sick, and the last thing I want to do is make things worse for you by fighting with Jason. But he gets in my face, he starts threatening me, and I lost --

Carly: Listen to me, Jason is my best friend in the entire world, and he has saved me from myself and from others more times than I can count. I am devoted to him.

John: I'm starting to see that.

Carly: He's also very levelheaded, and he's usually right when he warns me about something, and right now he is warning me to stay away from you.

John: So you're saying just because Jason Morgan is against it, I can't pursue a relationship with my own daughter?

Carly: Well, Jason rightly pointed out that your being my father -- it's an accident to you, and your being a federal prosecutor was a deliberate choice. It's your grand ambition. It is your focus of everything.

John: It is a choice I made before I knew you existed, Carly. You can't hold that against me. The fact remains, accident or not, you're my only child. And that knowledge has completely changed my frame of reference.

Carly: Oh, I don't know, John. I don't know. It's a little bit confusing, isn't it?

John: Yeah, me, too, I agree. Look, I'm trying to make some sense of this, make the adjustment, just the same as you are, and to be honest, I don't even know if this is workable. Maybe too much time has passed for us to ever make a real connection as father and daughter, but this I do know -- you're my daughter. Biological, other, you are my daughter, and I could no more use you or hurt you than you could Michael or Morgan.

Carly: Hey. Is that Morganís chart.

Steven: Yeah, and things look really good. The drug combination knocked the infection right out of him.

Carly: Good. Thank you.

Steven: No problem.

Carly: You know, I really, really appreciate everything you've done for Morgan, and I feel terrible asking you for a favor, but I need to. It's -- it's about my father.

Jason: Hey, try not to worry. Morgan's going to be fine. They're just keeping him at the hospital to be extra careful.

Michael: What can I do to help?

Jason: You can say a prayer.

Michael: I already did in the chapel with Grandpa John. Mommy says he's her dad.

Jason: Did Carly tell you to call him "grandpa"?

Michael: Uh-huh. He seems nice, but it just feels weird.

Jason: Ok -- um -- Michael, if -- if it seems weird, you're right. You never have to speak to John Durant again.

Lois: This is perfect timing! Had you not been at the front door right as I was getting ready to knock, I might've lost my courage and bailed.

Emily: You're always welcome here, Lois.

Lois: You know, I have been out on the pier so many times looking at this place, but never been inside until now. It is -- um -- certainly --

Emily: Gothic?

Nikolas: Oppressive?

Lois: Atmospheric?

Emily: Yeah, you should've seen it before we degargoyled.

Lois: You know, I actually think that your family is even weirder than Emilyís -- and that's saying something. So how'd you turn out to be so normal?

Nikolas: Well, I'm not, really.

Lois: By the way, I am really sorry I didn't make the engagement party, but I had a prior commitment. But thank you. It was so sweet of you to invite me.

Nikolas: We didnít.

Emily: What he means is we didn't invite anyone. We didn't even know about the party.

Nikolas: Helena and Tracy ambushed us.

Emily: Yeah, and then Helena saw the need to put a curse on our marriage.

Lois: Didn't she do that to some other couple a long time ago?

Nikolas: Laura and Luke, yes, my mother.

Lois: Laura, right. Never fear, because the best way to counteract a curse is with a blessing, and I happen to have one right here. For you.

Emily: What is it?

Lois: Come here. I'm going to open it up. Take a look.

Emily: Let's see. What --

Lois: It's your grandmother's dress. Lila was kind enough to let me wear it when I got married to Ned, and now it's your turn. I think this should be enough to ward off any bad wishes from Helena.

Mike: That -- that lousy playboy. Now, listen, if Jax hurts you, honey, I will personally wring his neck!

Courtney: Dad -- Dad, Jax does not have the power to hurt me, ok? He just confirmed what I knew all along. He's just a lowlife slime.

Mike: He won, didn't he? And he broke your heart in the process.

Courtney: Come on, Dad. Ahem. Don't you know me better than that? I never intended on losing the bet because there is no way I would ever sleep with Jax.

Mike: Oh, good girl, honey.

Courtney: Come on. Please, you think I'd fall for those ridiculous come-ons? Jax was playing me from the start, Dad. I mean, all those trips, the dinners, the soulful conversations -- they're all just tactics to lure me into bed. But it didn't work. Jax finally met his match. I beat him at his own game, and I feel great.

Skye: Looks like the bleeding's slowing down.

Jax: You know, I don't know whether to admire your ingenuity or be appalled at your bad judgment, because breaking out of prison is basically admitting you're guilty.

Skye: I couldn't very well sit around passively waiting to be exonerated, now, could I? I have to find out who killed Detective Ross Duncan so I can get on with my life.

Jax: Well, just so you know, the entire police department is looking for you.

Skye: Well, that is why I came here. I figured no one would suspect that Iíd be hiding out at my ex-husband's.

Jax: I'm willing to help you, but there's something that you need to understand. I can't lose Courtney in the process. So what do you need from me, other than a place to stay?

Skye: Well, I need some clothes, for starters, and I can't very well go to the lake house because I'm sure there are police there looking for me, but I do have clothes at the Quartermaines' in my old room in my closet, so if you could grab some for me?

Jax: Sure.

Skye: Great. And in the meantime, can I borrow your computer?

Jax: What are you looking for?

Skye: Luke -- some clue to his whereabouts.

Jax: Why are you looking for Luke? I mean, he's the reason you're in this mess in the first place.

Skye: Not true.

Jax: Well, if he hadn't stopped you from calling the police when you woke up next to the dead detective Duncan, then you wouldn't be in this mess in the first place, right?

Skye: Jax, Iím not asking you to like him, ok? I'm just asking you to help me find him. It is the only shot that I have of proving my innocence, you know?

Jax: I don't -- you know, I don't understand that because Luke point-blank accused you of murder, right?

Skye: Well, he didn't write that letter, ok?

Jax: Oh.

Skye: At least not voluntarily, he didn't. Now, either he's being held against his will, or he's protecting the real killer, who, in that case, would be Laura. Either way, I've got to find him, ok? Well, are you in pain? I mean, is it broken?

Jax: Yeah, you could say that. You know, I spent months pursuing Courtney, you know, trying to convince her to trust me, and just when it's all about to pay off, you just -- huh -- blow it all to hell.

Skye: I know, I -- I'm so sorry. I am. I know that I -- I shouldn't have called out your name without being sure that you were alone. It was stupid on several levels, I guess. I'm not a very good fugitive, am I?

Jax: Well, you shouldn't have to be.

Skye: So, you have real feelings for Courtney, huh?

Jax: She -- she kind of snuck up on me.

Skye: Jax, look, I know that I have no right to impose this on you, but you cannot tell anybody that I am here, not even Courtney.

Courtney: Ok, Jax may be handsome and charming, but that's as far as it goes. I mean, the man is as shallow as a pie pan. There could never be anything lasting between us.

Mike: And you thought the bet had taken a back seat to something real, didn't you?

Courtney: There were times where I wanted to believe that. Come on, Dad. I mean, Jax is a player. I knew that from day one. I mean, the whole point of the bet was to seduce me. You know, of course he was going to say exactly what I wanted to hear. And I suppose once upon a time I would've fallen for it, but that's when I still believed in Prince Charming and happily ever after. But thankfully, I'm past all that. And -- and, hey, if winning the bet -- if it turned out to be a little more painful than I anticipated, Iíll get over it. You know, the objective was to get money for my foundation, which I did, and -- and I learned a very valuable lesson in the process.

Mike: What's that?

Courtney: Sometimes things really are too good to be true.

Jason: John Durant is Carlyís biological father, just like A.J. is yours.

Michael: But biology doesn't matter. Sonny's my real dad.

Jason: That's right; Sonny is your real dad. And really what counts is the love you get from the people you're with every day. You see, the difference -- the difference with you and your mom is you have Sonny. See, she never really had any kind of father, so she's really hoping that John Durant loves her, but he can't because he doesn't know her. All right, you know -- you know how it's Ric Lansingís job to try to put Sonny and me in prison? Well, that's Durantís job, too, and that's all he cares about.

Michael: You have to tell Mommy! She doesn't know Mr. Durant's a bad guy!

Jason: She knows.

Michael: You have to get Mommy away from him!

Jason: She has to decide that for herself.

Michael: What if he puts Daddy in jail?

Jason: Well, that's not going to happen. Michael, you don't have to worry about that. I'm not going to let it. You're a smart kid, and I know you see what goes on around here, ok? You're getting a little older, and I'm going to have to start to tell you some things. I want you to be careful with Durant. You shouldn't spend time with him, you don't answer his questions, you don't tell him things, you cannot trust him. You can't treat him like you do Mike because John Durant is not your grandfather.

Carly: Look, a month ago, I didn't even know that John Durant existed. Now it turns out he's my father and he says he wants to know me.

Steven: And is that such a bad thing?

Carly: Well, it wouldn't be if he did something different for a living.

Steven: Yeah, I can see how his job's a problem, considering your husband is an alleged racketeer.

Carly: It is alleged. Sonny is a legitimate businessman. He's never been convicted of a crime. He never will be.

Steven: Yeah, he's a legitimate businessman who tends to get shot a ton.

Carly: Ok, you know, you said you wanted to be my friend, and here I am giving you an opportunity.

Steven: I do. No, no, no --

Carly: So you can either take it or you can continue to take cheap shots at my husband.

Steven: Hey, Carly -- Carly? You're right, I'm sorry. You're right, I want to help you any way I can. I do.

Carly: Ok. You did -- you did forensic work for John, right?

Steven: I've done some. I was a consultant for the Justice Department, so a lot of different prosecutors used my services.

Carly: Ok, but the point is you've worked alongside him; you have a sense of who he is, right? I mean, so is John Durant a man of integrity? Is he a man of his word? Or could he really be just using me to get to Sonny? I just need to know -- is there a chance that he really may want to have a relationship with me as my father?

Emily: I've never forgotten the way you looked in this dress; the way you glowed.

Lois: It was the happiest day of my life.

Emily: Yeah, well, I was honored to be included as a last-minute bridesmaid.

Lois: And now look -- it's your turn to be married.

Emily: Thank you for remembering the dress, Lois, and bringing it to me.

Lois: Your grandmother would be so happy for you. Now, Iím going to get out of your way and leave you with this gorgeous hubby-to-be of yours.

Emily: All right, don't be a stranger, ok?

Lois: Oh, you got it, but could you do most of the visiting, because this place gives me the serious heebie-jeebies.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Bye.

Nikolas: Oh --

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: I'm not supposed to see, right?

Emily: Come here.

Nikolas: Right?

Emily: Come here, you. First of all, I'm not superstitious. And even if I were, it's only bad luck for the groom to see the bride in the dress on the wedding day. It's perfectly safe for you to see me holding it weeks ahead of time.

Nikolas: Well, I'm sure you'll look beautiful in it.

Emily: You're so good for my ego. When the -- the sketch of the wedding dress I was considering got burned, you know, we thought that it was a bad omen. But instead, it turned out to be a good thing. You know, this dress feels like a -- like a love note from grandmother, you know, saying that she approves and wishes us well. You know, grandmother was a die-hard romantic.

[Emily grunts]

Emily: She always wanted me to find the love of my life, and now I have, and I'm not going to let anything -- including Helenaís asinine curse -- keep me from marrying --

Nikolas: Oh --

Emily: No -- oh, God! Look, it's just wine, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Emily: No, it's no big deal. I'll take it to the cleaners tomorrow. I'll have someone, you know, cut it and try to patch it.

Nikolas: Emily, it's your grandmother's wedding dress. It's an heirloom that means something to you, and I just ruined it.

Emily: Nikolas, you didn't ruin it.

Nikolas: Yeah, just like I ruined everything when I grabbed Macís gun and shot Mary with it. I mean, if Iíd have just --

Emily: You fired to protect me, and I'll always be grateful.

Nikolas: What I did led you to being framed for murder. I mean, what if -- what if Helenaís right? What if this is just the beginning?

Emily: What do you mean?

Nikolas: What if this Cassadine curse is for real?

Lois: Boy, you really are into this whole fitness thing. Isn't it a little late to be running?

Courtney: Well, I needed to do something. I was crawling out of my skin sitting at home. I just -- I thought if I exhausted myself that I would fall into a deep and dreamless sleep -- emphasis on "dreamless."

Lois: Does this have anything at all to do with your famous bet with Jax, because it occurs to me the deadline is fast approaching.

Courtney: It was tonight. I won. I -- I resisted Jaxís attempts at seduction for three whole months.

Lois: Give the girl a medal. Not an easy task.

Courtney: No, I got more than that. I -- I got a check for $10 million. Yeah, that money is going to help a lot of needy kids, and I -- I, blessedly, don't have to ever spend another private moment with Jax again.

Lois: Pardon me for saying so, but you don't seem too happy.

Courtney: I'm ecstatic.

Lois: So those are tears of joy you're fighting there? I think I know what's really going on here. I think you are literally running scared. You're afraid that Jax is going to lose interest now that the bet is over.

Courtney: He already has. I was -- I was sitting at home, like I said, and I was waiting for the celebratory feeling to kick in, but it didnít. You know, I mean, I -- winning the bet was just -- I don't know, it was just hollow, like it was the least important thing and I was blowing what really mattered. So I went to Jaxís, and I was actually going to make love to him. Whew. But he's already moved on, so --

Lois: In the space of what, like, five minutes?

Courtney: Well, you know Jax -- waste not, want not. By the time I got there, he was already in bed with another woman.

Leticia: You're supposed to be brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed.

Michael: Morgan needs Tigger or he won't be able to sleep.

Leticia: I don't think he'll miss Tigger.

Michael: Yes, he will. Please, Leticia? Take me back to the hospital. Bringing Tigger to Morgan is the only thing I can think of to do for my little brother.

Carly: John's a good prosecutor, right?

Steven: John's the best.

Carly: He's driven; he's determined?

Steven: Oh, yeah.

Carly: So, convicting Sonny would be a big win for him.

Steven: The biggest.

Carly: I know this. God, I know this. I know I cannot trust him, and I cannot help but want to. Hmm. You know that my best friend growing up, Charlotte Roberts -- her dad thought that she hung the moon. And I was so envious because I wanted that in my life more than anything.

Steven: I understand.

Carly: You know, for her 15th birthday, her dad gave her a strand of pearls, and I was so jealous I couldn't see straight. You know, I thought it was about that necklace, and we -- we didn't have any money growing up, so I never got any presents like that. And so I vowed to myself that when I was old enough, I was going to buy myself a strand of pearls, I was going to buy myself 50 if I wanted to.

Steven: So, did you get them?

Carly: No. I didn't really turn out to be a pearl girl, but I just realized it wasn't about the necklace. You know, it was about having a father who cared enough to go to the store and take the time and pick them out. You know, it's like a rite of passage.

Steven: Yeah.

Carly: And now my father's here and I want those pearls. I want to ask him to love me, but I -- I want to make sure that having a relationship with him does not jeopardize everything in my life that matters to me. But I'm not sure. And you know John. You know him, and so Iím asking you. You've got some insight to him, and I just need to know if I can trust him or not. I need you to be honest with me.

Jason: Carly, I need to speak to you.

Steven: We're just in the middle of something.

Jason: Tell your boss to back off of Carly.

Emily: I laid the dress out to dry in one of the guest rooms, and Iíll take it to the cleaners tomorrow, and with any luck, the stain will come out.

Nikolas: Yeah, with any luck, you won't be prosecuted for murder. With any luck, Iíll get a suspended sentence for manslaughter. With any luck, with any luck --

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: What? What?

Emily: Don't you realize that you're doing Helenaís work for her? You're seeing bad omens where they don't exist.

Nikolas: Come on, come on. You can't deny that some rather unfortunate events have surrounded our wedding plans lately.

Emily: Ok, what about the good things, like your memory returning when I needed you the most? Or me surviving Maryís knife attack? Or Lois showing up with the wedding dress, which stained -- stained or not, is like a vote of confidence. You know, you and I have been through so much, and it's taught me the most important lesson of my life. I -- I think that love is stronger than fear. It's stronger than hate. It's stronger than greed or -- or vendettas or curses, and our love will see us through anything, Nikolas -- even this wedding. Come here.

Nikolas: Ok.

Lois: Did you actually see this woman?

Courtney: No, but Jax answered the door in his towel, and then I heard her calling his name.

Lois: Ah. So you didn't actually witness a kiss or embrace or any sort of horizontal engagement with this unknown female person?

Courtney: Fine, I didn't actually see a woman, ok?

Lois: Did Jax offer an explanation?

Courtney: Yeah, yeah, he did. He tried to spin some ridiculous lie, but I wasn't interested, Lois.

Lois: Did you stop to think that maybe Jax wasn't trying to tell a lie? Maybe he was just as surprised as you were?

Courtney: Yeah, right.

Lois: No, I'm serious. Maybe this other woman was a maid, or an aunt.

Courtney: Oh, God.

Lois: Or a one-night stand from six months ago who flew herself in from Bangkok and convinced the building super to let into Jaxís apartment.

Courtney: Well, there's a convincing --

Lois: The point is I have witnessed with my very own eyes how deeply Jax cares for you. True, the man is an outrageous flirt and something of a lady-killer, but stupid he is not. Nor is he cruel. No, he would never play with your heart for the fun of it. I really think you ought to hear him out. And not only do you owe it to Jax, but you owe it to yourself.

Steven: I don't know what impression you formed, but John Durant and I aren't a package deal. No, we're not joined at the hip. We're not even friends. Look, I worked with the man, but I know nothing about his personal life or his relationship with his daughter. And as for Carly, I consider her a friend. And I'm not going to ask your permission, and Iím not going to ask anybody else's to talk to her.

Carly: That was completely out of line. You realize that, don't you, Jason?

Jason: What are you talking about? What are you thinking? Steven Webber works forensics for the feds. You're sitting here talking to him like you're buddies. Is that how it's going to be with Durant?

Carly: Ok, will you give me a little more credit than that, Jason? I am not an idiot. I am not going to go blabbing your precious business secrets to a federal prosecutor, father or not -- not like I know any of them anyway.

Jason: Don't you see what you're doing?

Carly: What am I doing, Jason?

Jason: You're already rationalizing, trying to figure out some way a relationship with Durant can work, and I'm telling you it canít. Ok, I'm sorry. Durant's only interest in you is professional. You're the way in to the biggest score of his career.

Carly: Ok, so you're saying that there is no possible way he could actually love me?

Jason: No.

Carly: What did I miss here, Jason? What -- what did I miss? When did you all of a sudden become in charge of my life? When did you appoint yourself the person who could tell me who I could love and who I couldn't? I thought you were the person who let people make their own choices.

Jason: Carly, I can't stop you from wrecking your own life, but you don't get to trash Sonny's or your kids' or mine, for that matter. I have no intention of going to prison because of your long-lost father.

Leticia: I'm sorry. Um -- I signed in to see Morgan, and Michael disappeared.

Carly: What? What -- what are you talking about, "disappeared"? What are you doing here anyway?

Leticia: Michael wanted Morgan to have his Tigger teddy bear, and we came here. We came right through the main entrance, and the second I turned my back, he vanished.

Jason: Is Durant still in the hospital?

Steven: Thanks.

John: Hey.

Steven: Hey.

John: I saw Carly approach you when I was walking away. Did she -- she mention me?

Steven: No, she was focused on her little boy -- how soon she could take him home, whether there'd be any lasting side effects -- that kind of thing, you know?

John: Ok, this is good. This is very good. She's starting to trust you. We can use that. Look, I want you to bring me up in conversation from time to time, you know, nothing too obvious. Just -- just, I want you to set yourself up as somebody she can talk to about me. If she opens up, I want you to encourage her to trust me.

Steven: Yeah, I'll do my best.

John: Good. Good work.

Steven: Thank you.

John: It's my grandson. I didn't expect to see you here so late.

Michael: You're not my grandfather. You're nothing to me. Don't come near me or my mother again! Oh.


Helena: Double, double, toil and trouble!

Tracy: Fire burn and --

[Tracy coughs]

Tracy: Cauldron bubble.

Helena: Oh, by the pricking of these thumbs, something --

Both: Wicked this way comes!

Nikolas: What? It's all right, I'm here. You ok?

Emily: Yeah. It -- it was just a dream.

Nikolas: Oh, you ok? You remember it?

Jax: Any luck?

Skye: No. Not so far. Not a trace of Luke on the internet. No cryptic email messages from the Haunted Star account.

Jax: Well, I hope I picked the right things.

Skye: Oh. As long as you stayed away from my -- ooh -- evening gowns, I'm sure you did just fine.

Jax: Well, I just kind of grabbed the left side of the closet and I hoped for the best.

Skye: Oh, Jax, thank you so much for this. I swear that I will work day and night to clear my name.

Jax: I'm going to hold you to that. You know you can count on me for any help.

Skye: Careful. I'm beginning to think you might want to get rid of me.

Jax: Well, no offense, but the sooner you're exonerated, the sooner I can make a full explanation to Courtney. In the meantime, Iím going to take a stab at an apology.

[Phone rings]

Courtneyís voice: Hi. Leave a message. Thanks.

[Answering machine beeps]

Jax: Courtney, it's me. I know it's late. Maybe you're not there. Maybe you're -- maybe you're with Carly or with another friend. Just call me when you get this message, ok? And what happened tonight isn't what you think. I'm just -- I'm asking you for a chance to explain. This doesn't have to be the end for us.

[Dial tone]

Courtney: Jax?

John: I thought you understood. I'm Carlyís father. I don't mean your mother any harm.

Michael: You're a liar! All you want to do is put my dad in prison!

Carly: Hey, hey! I'm sorry Michael is smarting off to you like that.

Michael: Don't talk to him!

Carly: What? Don't you talk to me like that. What is wrong with you? You show a little respect. John is an adult. He also happens to be your grandfather.

Michael: No, he's not. It's biology, like with A.J. Durant is nothing to me and he never will be.

Carly: Who told you that?

Jason: I did.

Carly: Ok, then you need to tell Michael that you made a mistake.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lois: You're attracted to the guy.

Courtney: I want something real.

Skye: Help me find Luke.

Lorenzo: Maybe I can help.

Emily: Alcazar is much more dangerous than Helena.

Carly: John is not going to hurt your dad. Sonny, tell him.

Sonny: Do you honestly believe him?

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