GH Transcript Thursday 9/23/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/23/04

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Dillon: You have two choices. You can either stop trying to force Brook Lynn into this lame, phony makeover, or you can forget the rights to Sage's poem.

Simon: Is that your final position?

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, I think it is.

Georgie: Dillon is Brook Lynnís uncle. The Quartermaines are very protective over each other.

Ned: Mm-hmm. The picture-perfect family -- when we're not lying, cheating, and double-crossing each other.

Dillon: There's no way that Iím giving you the rights to Sage's poem unless you let up and let Brook Lynn be who she really is.

Simon: Well, I'm sorry. I must've missed a beat. I didn't realize you were taking over Brook Lynnís career. Does her mother have anything to say about it?

Lorenzo: Glad you decided to join me tonight.

Lois: Ahem. I didn't intend to.

Lorenzo: But here you are.

Lois: You've done everything in your power to prove to me that you're a bad bet. You've been shallow, cruel, manipulative.

Lorenzo: And you're still not convinced?

Lois: You've almost tried too hard to push me away. It doesn't compute. I'm sensing there's more to you under the surface, and I have very good instincts.

Lorenzo: Do you?

Lois: I'm here to give you a chance to prove me right.

Ric: I took the liberty of -- please -- ordering wine.

Alexis: I won't be drinking.

Ric: Afraid it might drown your inhibitions?

Alexis: I came here to discuss the fact that Skye escaped from prison and how that will affect her appeal.

Ric: Yeah, you know what? I prefer to discuss the potential impact that you so vividly described to my brother.

Alexis: Can we please just stick to business? Can you do that for once --?

Ric: "Ric rocks me on every level, body and soul." Those were the passionate words that you described to Sonny. They've been ringing in my ears ever since.

John: I wouldn't have known Carly existed if she hadn't tracked me down.

Sonny: She went looking for her father, found you, the biggest crime buster in the country. And I'm supposed to believe now that you're getting all sentimental over the daughter you never knew you had?

John: Frankly, I don't really care what you believe.

Sonny: You know what? You come -- come after me if you want, but my wife is off-limits. Stay away from her.

John: I canít.

Carly: I know what my father does for a living.

Jason: Yeah, but taking Sonny down will be the high point of Durantís career. So when he calls you -- and you know he will -- you tell him you don't want to see him again.

Dillon: Brook Lynn and I are family. She wants to express who she is, and I understand that because I've been there.

Simon: Mm-hmm. I mean, I know Brook Lynn expresses herself through her singing.

Dillon: Yeah, and you're trying to turn it into a commodity.

Simon: Well, the music business is cutthroat, and I do happen to know what works and what doesn't.

Dillon: What are you -- "What works"? Brook Lynn works fine the way at she is.

Georgie: Maybe Brook Lynn should be the one to explain to Mr. Niles --

Dillon: Ned -- Ned, you've been a singer. You've been a part of the music industry. You understand. Brook has her own sound, she has her own take on the music, and Simon is trying to -- to grind her into this mass-market mush with his packaging. Packages are for cookies, not girls who sing their hearts out.

Ned: Hey, Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah?

Ned: I need a private word.

Simon: Do you have any idea why your boyfriend is trying to torpedo Brook Lynnís career?

Ned: I want you to try to keep a lid on it until I get back.

Dillon: Why? Where are you going?

Ned: I'm going to consult a specialist.

Lorenzo: What do you want me to say, that I have hidden depths? I'm a sensitive soul with a tender heart?

Lois: You tell me.

Lorenzo: I would like to redeem myself in your lovely eyes, but I don't want to lie to you.

Lois: That is a great start. All I'm asking for is honesty.

Lorenzo: What you see is what you get.

Lois: That simple, huh?

Lorenzo: You like it or you don't.

Lois: What I like is the guy that was moved to tears by hearing his niece's beautiful poem.

Lorenzo: Well, I loved Sage. There's nothing complicated about that.

Lois: You want complicated? How about the guy that warned me to run right before we combusted and had red-hot sex on his desk?

Lorenzo: You should've taken my advice.

Lois: I didn't. And afterwards you acted like we were just using each other. But there was something else going on with you, something deeper. Otherwise, you wouldn't have warned me. So, why'd you kick me to the curb?

Alexis: You didn't seriously take my exaggeration of your attractiveness to heart, did you?

Ric: Well, you were pretty passionate about it. I don't think you could've faked it.

Alexis: Women are very adept at faking it.

Ric: Yeah, so Iíve heard. I wouldn't know, though.

Alexis: That's because your ego has protected you from reality.

Ric: Oh, right.

Alexis: I don't mean to disappoint you --

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: But my hyperbolic praise of your sexual prowess was only for effect.

Ric: It worked.

Steven: D.A. Lansing. How are you tonight?

Ric: I'm fine, thank you.

Elizabeth: How do you know Ric?

Steven: I'm going to be doing some work with the PCPD as a forensic consultant.

Ric: Yeah. Dr. Steven Webber, Iíd like you to meet Alexis Davis, defense attorney extraordinaire. Make sure you go over your evidence three times or she'll rip you to shreds in court.

Steven: Wow, that's quite an introduction. It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Nice to meet you, too. I'm sure Iíll see you again.

Steven: Look forward to it.

Alexis: So, how did you come to hire your ex-wife's brother?

Ric: I prefer to go back to the subject of arousing you like no lover ever has before.

John: What would you do? All of a sudden, out of the blue, you find out you got this beautiful daughter. What are you going to do, turn and walk away just because her husband, her mother, some other person in her family tells you to do so?

Sonny: I don't deal in hypotheticals; I live in the real world.

John: Yeah, well, pal, this is very real to me.

Sonny: Well, that may work with Carly, but it's not going to work with me. I was on your list somewhere. Sooner or later, you were going to take me down. But because of your connection with Carly, you think that opens a door for you.

John: News flash -- not everything is about you, Corinthos.

Sonny: Go back to New York. Don't return.

John: What, without saying goodbye to my daughter?

Sonny: She's smart. She'll understand.

John: Will she?

Sonny: Yeah.

John: Or will her heart be broken by yet another father who abandons her?

Jason: Come on, Carly. I warned you when you started this search that your real father could be a disappointment, and it's turned out worse. John Durant is a threat.

Carly: His job is a threat, yeah. So, Jason, I don't know enough about the real man yet now. I don't know. I can't make any judgments. I mean, what if he's sincere? What if he wants to get to know me for me and it has nothing to do with Sonny? What if --

Jason: Carly, listen to me. John Durant is not your childhood dream come true. This guy could be a nightmare.

Simon: Wow. Perfect. Absolutely -- you look radiant.

Dillon: She looks like somebody else.

Simon: I got to say, this new look suits you beautifully.

Dillon: Oh, so, like, what happened? Did Ned send you back here to deep-six the whole makeover thing?

Brook Lynn: Wait, is my dad looking for me?

Georgie: I think she looks gorgeous.

Lucas: So do I.

Dillon: Guys, that's -- that's not the point.

Lucas: What is?

Dillon: Brook, tell them how the cheesy pop-diva getup makes you feel.

Brook Lynn: Um -- "cheesy"?

Simon: So you don't feel hopelessly compromised as an artist because you look like a star?

Dillon: Wait -- wait a second. Brook, you don't -- you don't want to tell these people that -- that you feel better as yourself and not masquerading around as somebody else?

Brook Lynn: All right. So I was pretty weirded out at first, but, hey, so I stopped to think, right? Anything new is going to feel strange.

Simon: Right.

Brook Lynn: Dillon, look, when I get used to this --

Dillon: No, that's -- you don't need to get used to it because you were just fine the way you were.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I'd kind of like to do better than "just fine."

Simon: So would I. It'll be the video that reinforces the image, and that's what'll help sell the overall package.

Dillon: I'm -- Iím sorry. Hello! Is this -- is this "Invasion of the Body Snatchers Part 7"? I mean, Brook, are you in there? Are you, really, anywhere?

Brook Lynn: Dillon, hey, lighten up, ok? Look, I kind of like these new clothes. I like the way they make me feel.

Lois: Will the real Lorenzo Alcazar please stand up? Are you that cold-blooded guy who dismissed me after sex? Or are you a conflicted guy who wanted to open up to me but chose the safer route of shutting down instead?

Lorenzo: I like that about you.

Lois: I don't follow.

Lorenzo: You look for the good in people. You can't accept the notion that it might not be there.

Lois: Am I wrong?

Lorenzo: No, you're not.

Lois: Ah -- a crack in the armor.

Lorenzo: But you and I are on opposite sides of the mirror. I study people, too. But I look for signs of weakness, soft spots, so I know where to strike.

Lois: Oh, I get that you hurt me on purpose. I just want to know why.

Lorenzo: It was cruel. There's no excuse for it.

Lois: I don't want excuses. I want a reason.

Ned: Because he's a sick son of a bitch. Is that reason enough? Come on, Lois. Let's go. I'll escort you out.

Alexis: So, what exactly led to you hiring Steven Webber?

Ric: You're not letting this go, are you?

Alexis: Did you see his name on his resume and make the connection to Elizabeth, or was it just obvious from his credentials?

Ric: What difference does it make?

Alexis: I'm just curious.

Ric: Look, the truth is, counselor, that I disliked him from the minute I met him, and when I found out that he was Elizabethís brother, I wanted to hire him even less.

Alexis: Funny, then, that he should end up on your staff.

Ric: He's there because he was shoved down my throat.

John: Carly's adoptive father left before she could remember him. I refuse to compound that damage by disappearing like Frank Benson did.

Sonny: Hmm. You've done your homework.

John: No. Actually, Carly told me.

Sonny: Oh, oh. I'm sure those interrogation techniques were incredible. I bet you Carly never had a clue she was being grilled. Hey, if you keep doing the work that you do, you know, she may open up and start telling you about my life, my job, my activities, whatever else --

John: You underestimate your own wife.

Sonny: Yeah, but I don't underestimate you.

John: I get the sense you don't trust me, either.

Sonny: The feeling's mutual.

John: You know, this isn't really about us.

Sonny: No, no, it's about you, Durant, because you are a user, and you are playing my wife with the daddy card, and I'm not going to let that happen.

John: Well, it's not really your choice, is it? I mean, it's not about you, it's not about me. This is about Carly. Why don't we let her decide?

Jason: John Durant is a federal prosecutor who is famous for convicting guys like me and Sonny. Carly, it's his job, it's his life, and he loves it. He probably gets off at seeing his picture in the paper, and he's got to be salivating at the thought of getting to Sonny.

Carly: What if you're wrong, Jason? Jason, what if he cares more about having a relationship with me? Then what, huh?

Jason: Carly, please. You have a home, you have two beautiful kids, you have a husband, you have the life that you've always wanted. Do not risk it. Carly, come on, you've been burned enough to know that one bad choice could ruin everything! You know that!

Carly: Jason, I know you're trying to protect me right now, but this is not -- this is a difficult --

Jason: Yes, I would do Ė Carly, I would do anything for you. You know I would. But I don't -- I don't think I can help you if you open the door to Durant. I'm sorry. One thoughtless slip, one casual remark, and you can give this guy everything he needs to take Sonny down. Is a father you barely know worth risking everything, everything that you love?

Dillon: Brook Lynn, when you first came to town, you wouldn't even let me record you.

Brook Lynn: I barely knew you.

Dillon: No, it wasn't -- it wasn't about me. It was about you finding yourself, not letting anybody define who you were. You -- you risked it all, Brook Lynn. You left Bensonhurst. You were willing to sleep on the streets. You would've done anything to avoid the cookie-cutter pop-diva thing.

Brook Lynn: I left because my ma was trying to control my life, all right? So, honestly, Dillon, what makes you think I'm going to wimp out now and let you tell me what Iím allowed to wear?

Dillon: What?

Georgie: I don't think it's about what you're wearing. I think it's more the whole personal thing.

Brook Lynn: Which has nothing to do with what I'm wearing?

Lucas: You know, how about you, Dillon, strutting around in drag? Did that damage your inner Dillon?

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: Do you think I wanted to do that, Lucas? Do you think I did? Because I didn't! I did that for her! I did that for her career!

Brook Lynn: Why take me down now? Come on.

Dillon: There's no way that you want this. You can't seriously want this.

Brook Lynn: Who are you to tell me what I'm allowed to want?

Dillon: Wow. Ok, I -- I guess Iím wasting my time.

Georgie: I know he said that all wrong --

[Door closes]

Georgie: But he's just really trying to help.

Lucas: It's all right.

 [Door closes]

Ned: Where are your priorities?

Lois: Firmly in place, as usual. So spare me the tirade about my dinner date.

Ned: Your dinner date is a sadistic criminal. Meanwhile, our daughter -- and L&Bís only artist -- is having a creative meltdown.

Lois: Whoa, whoa, did Brookie come back to work?

Ned: No, I haven't seen her, but Dillon is bouncing off the walls. He's even threatening to pull the rights to Sage's lyrics.

Lois: Let me get this straight -- whoa, whoa, whoa. You want me to handle your brother's tantrum? Are there any other emergencies that you want me to help you with? Is the coffee machine on the blink? Does the janitor have the flu?

Ned: Listen to me. Dillon thinks Brook Lynn is selling out --

Lois: No, I don't want to hear it, ok?

Ned: And this is a discussion that we need to have!

Lois: I'm ticked off. I don't need it!

Ned: You can't drag yourself away from your date for two minutes of business?

Lois: This is not business. You tracked me down because you will jump at any excuse to interfere in my personal life.

Ned: If Lorenzo Alcazar is your personal life, then you need psychiatric help.

Lois: Where do you get any say? In case you hadn't noticed, our marriage ended years ago. We are not dating or getting romantic, and we have not even thought about retying the knot. We are friends who share a daughter and a mutual interest in L&B. You're in no position to run my life.

Ned: Mm-hmm. Well, apparently, neither are you, because you're about to self-destruct.

Lorenzo: You want to go after him?

Elizabeth: I don't really care that you work with Ric.

Steven: Are the two of you on good terms?

Elizabeth: Well, I wouldn't necessarily call us friends, but, yeah, sure, we get along fine.

Steven: Do you ever wish the marriage could've worked out?

Elizabeth: Oh, I just knew it couldn't have. When we were together I gave him chance after chance, and he looked me in the eyes and he'd swear he changed, but -- he tried. I know he did.

Steven: You almost had a baby with him.

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Things probably would've been different had I not lost that baby, but Ric -- he will never change. He will always be obsessed with Sonny.

Alexis: I'm opting for the chicken at Kellyís.

Ric: What's wrong?

Alexis: I was thinking --

Ric: That never ends well.

Alexis: I was thinking about you and Elizabeth. I was thinking that you two fell in love, you got married, you broke up. And I'm sure that's been very painful for you, and it would be natural that you would have a convenient stand-in. But you know what I think? I think things are going to work out really well for you, and I can just see the two of you getting back together.

Ric: Where is this coming from?

Alexis: Experience. Been there before, not going back.

Ric: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Listen to me. If you think I want to hurt you, you are dead wrong.

Sam: Where have you been?

Jason: Something important came up.

Sam: More important than these papers Sonny wants me to sign?

Jason: Carly found her father.

Sam: Yeah? So? What's the problem?

Jason: He's a federal prosecutor.

Sam: Right. He's after Sonny, then, right?

Jason: No, he wants to get to know Carly better, so he's laying on this phony sincerity, and she's buying every minute of it.

Sam: Ok, but what if she accidentally gives something away, Jason?

Jason: Well, then this guy could wreck us all.

Sonny: Carly? Somebody here to see you.

John: Hello, Carly.

Carly: Well, this is a surprise.

John: Your husband and I are at an impasse. He believes I'm out to use you as a tool to send him to prison. I'm not. That's wrong. I can't prove it. I can only give you my word that everything that I have told you about myself -- my feelings, my reasons for contacting you, pursuing something that you started -- have been truthful. He wants me to leave you alone. I want to get to know you. It's in your hands, Carly. What do you want?

Carly: I want you out of my life.

Lois: People say you never forget your first love.

Lorenzo: Not just a hackneyed clichť?

Lois: For me it was true. My heart literally skipped a beat the first time I ever saw Eddie Maine perform. And even when I found out that he was actually Edward L. Ashton, he was still the love of my life.

Lorenzo: What about now?

Lois: Maybe. Or maybe the memories will fade. Time will tell. Of course, I could go running after him, apologize, tell him I love him, I never stopped. And we'd wake up in bed tomorrow morning filled with false hope.

Lorenzo: False?

Lois: We've been through this before. We're not a good couple. I could relearn the lesson and spend the next six months wallowing in heartbreak. But I'm not big on pain -- for me or for my daughter. Trust me. Brookie would take a reconciliation and breakup even harder than I would. No -- no, it's definitely better for everybody involved if I just stay here, order my veal, and finish our discussion about your subconscious reasons for kicking me to the curb.

Lorenzo: I used you. But maybe I'm not the only one. Maybe you were using me to insulate yourself from your ex.

Elizabeth: Ric is driven to compete with Sonny, to defeat him no matter what it takes.

Steven: But you married him anyway.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I saw another side of him, the side that was brilliant and handsome, tender and caring. God, we used to sit up for hours just talking. I just hoped that love would make a difference.

Steven: You said he tried.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but how do you change who you are? Ric Lansing is Sonny's younger brother, the child their mother didn't choose. Ric can't seem to let go of that, and he's going to make Sonny pay. But looking into Ricís eyes and -- oh, God, he used to make me think that anything was possible. He was so irresistible.

Steven: Was? If Ric wanted another chance, would you still think he was irresistible?

Alexis: A man who's accustomed to getting his own way is betrayed by his wife.

Ric: She did not betray me.

Alexis: Abandoned, deserted, dumped -- pick a verb. Suddenly, his flirtation with the other woman becomes a relentless pursuit, even an effective diversion.

Ric: Oh.

Alexis: On occasion, an enjoyable interlude, until it explodes into a one-night affair.

Ric: I think you're confusing me with somebody else who shares my bloodline. I'm not like that, Alexis.

Alexis: Then, with his ego refreshed and renewed, he gets back together with his wife. And without even a backward glance, not even a single --

Ric: Is this going to be long?

Alexis: Solitary thought for the emotional state of his one-nighter --

Ric: It's going to be long.

Alexis: Bottom line -- even though your marriage -- Iím sorry, anyone's marriage, because I'm talking hypothetically --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Is severely dysfunctional, his -- although hypothetical and theoretical -- wife is the love of his life and always will be.

Ric: You know what? I'm flattered you're jealous.

Alexis: I'm not jealous. Being jealous would require that I have feelings for you --

Ric: Well, which you do.

Alexis: Which I don't, but if I did --

Ric: Yes, you do.

Alexis: I donít.

Ric: Listen to me --

Alexis: I donít. I don't.

Ric: Listen, are you hearing me? Are you hearing me?

Alexis: You listen to me. If I --

Ric: Alexis, Elizabeth and I are over and done with.

Alexis: You don't owe me an explanation.

Ric: I'm not trying to explain to you --

Alexis: I am not your paramour.

Ric: Alexis, I have never --

Alexis: I am simply trying to make an empirical theoretical observation.

Ric: Listen to me! I have never seduced a woman for my own amusement. Nor have I cast her off to try to stroke my own ego, ok? I take my love affairs much more seriously than that.

Sam: What if Carlyís right? What if her father really does want to get to know her?

Jason: Durant doesn't think that way, Sam.

Sam: You don't even know the guy, Jason.

Jason: I know enough.

Sam: Listen, people who don't know Sonny probably jump to conclusions about him, too, because he can come off scary and ruthless and selfish sometimes, and it drives me crazy the way he wants to control me and the baby, but I don't think he would ever intentionally hurt his child.

Jason: Ok, first of all, Sonny would die for his kids. That's not how Durantís thinking right now.

Sam: He's a father, too. My daughter has a right to know Sonny and make up her own mind whether or not she likes him or not. Shouldn't Carly have the same chance?

Jason: Yeah, but Carly thinks Durant is looking at her and seeing the baby he never got to hold.

Sam: Maybe he is, Jason.

Jason: Sam, he's looking at her as a mark to work for all she's worth. And to a guy like Durant, she's worth a hell of a lot.

John: I understand why you're suspicious. But my job -- what I do has nothing to do with my feelings for you.

Carly: I can't afford to take that chance.

John: You asked me if I had any regrets in my life, and I told you that I missed having a child. That was before I knew you were my daughter, right?

Carly: That's right, but now you know, and now I feel like you're just pushing this a little too hard.

John: Well, you came to New York looking for your father. What --

Carly: Yeah, I did, and I found out who you were, and I left without telling you who I was because my curiosity was satisfied.

John: That's it? Done? Answers, questions -- all done? That's it?

Carly: Well, what do you want from me?

John: I want to know all about you. I want to know what you looked like when you were a little girl. Were you a tomboy? I bet you were a tomboy, or a ballerina. What did you want to be when you grew up? What kind of toys did you like? Did you like ice cream? Did you -- what kind of sports do you like?

Carly: Listen, I can't do this, John! We met each other, we talked. That's got to be it.

John: You have two children, two sons -- those are my grandchildren, my own flesh and blood whom Iíve never met. How am I supposed to just turn my back on that without at least trying to connect with you just for a while?

Carly: Because I am not giving you an option, that's how. You're a stranger to me, John. It's got to stay that way. I have a family that I love, and they mean everything to me.

John: I know that, and I promise you I will not hurt you.

Carly: You may be a kind and a warm and an affectionate man. You might be. Or you might be this brilliant shark of a prosecutor who can get anyone to believe his lies, and I cannot afford to take that chance.

John: Can you afford to drop this? Never get to know your father? Never introduce your children to their grandfather? Hmm?

Carly: They have a grandfather. They do, and they love him very, very much. John, if you do have any feelings for me at all, you will walk out the door, you will go back to Manhattan, and you won't bother me again.

John: All right. I understand. You're trying to protect your family, and for what little that it's worth, I understand. I'm proud of you.

Sonny: Here.

Dillon: You know, I thought Brook Lynn was all about staying true to herself and not selling out to the pop-media-culture machine.

Georgie: I don't think she sees herself as a sellout.

Dillon: Yeah, you're right, it's staring her right in the face like a big, blinking neon sign, and she doesn't see it.

Georgie: It's not that obvious!

Dillon: Georgie, she spent months talking to us about, oh, how -- oh, she's never going to conform to what other people want her to be, and she's an individual -- blah, blah, blah. And now for two seconds Simon and Lucas and whoever else is giving her a little pat on the back, and she drops the old Brook Lynn behind!

Georgie: Dillon, I know you're disappointed, but you're acting like this is a huge tragedy in your life.

Dillon: Brook Lynnís tragedy.

Georgie: Not if she doesn't see it that way.

Dillon: Yeah, well, I -- I can't believe she's being so blind, that's all.

Georgie: Dillon, Brook Lynn is your niece, not your girlfriend! She's not sleeping with another guy. She's trying to make a hit C.D., not break your heart.

Brook Lynnís voice: Here I am, unseen you walk through me unaffected

Lucas: It's better every time you sing it.

Brook Lynn: Sage's lyrics are great, aren't they?

Lucas: Oh, come on, Brook, it's not just that. Your voice is amazing. You sing with such emotion. It's weird, it's almost like you're actually revealing who you really are.

Brook Lynnís voice: I stand

Lucas: Dance with me.

Brook Lynn: Uh -- no. It's -- it's too weird.

Lucas: Why? Come on. Don't tell me -- you never ran around the house singing your head off?

Brook Lynn: Sounds like you have.

Brook Lynnís voice: Where I belong

Lucas: Sure. Playing my air guitar, looking like a total idiot, yeah. Come on, admit it. You've done it.

Brook Lynnís voice: Trying to find

Brook Lynn: Yeah, well --

Lucas: Yeah.

Brook Lynn: Just when nobody's looking.

Brook Lynnís voice: Right before my eyes

Lucas: Well, nobody's looking now.

Brook Lynnís voice: Here I am Iím waiting here for you here I am take my hand Iíve lived all the pain that you're fighting so stand beside me and don't deny me Iíll help you find the way when all you need to find

Lois: My interest in you has absolutely nothing to do with Ned.

Lorenzo: You sure about that?

Lois: You are compelling enough all on your own. You're complicated, dark, mysterious -- but not hopelessly so, because if you were, I wouldn't be here.

Lorenzo: Trying to find out what lurks beneath the surface?

Lois: Why did you try so hard to make me feel like trash the night we had sex?

Lorenzo: I like you enough to hurt you to keep you from liking me. Now, you may be drawn to the darkness, but in my case, you should be running for your life.

Steven: So you wouldn't give him another chance?

Elizabeth: I'd be wasting my time, and that's a luxury I don't have because Iím raising a baby boy all by myself.

[Pager beeps]

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Steven: Sorry, I got to run.

Elizabeth: Oh, the life of a doctor. Thank you.

Steven: Thanks. I'll check in with you later.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Steven: Bye.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Alexis: No one can say what the future holds.

Ric: Yeah? Well, I know what the future doesn't hold -- that is one with my ex.

Alexis: With all due respect, Ric, there are some relationships that don't quite work, and then there are some relationships that don't quite end.

Ric: Oh, of course, right. We're talking about the marriage of Sonny and Carly, right?

Alexis: No, I'm not. It could be any number of relationships, even yours.

Ric: All right. Listen, Elizabeth is a beautiful and wonderful woman, and I cared very deeply for her, but the truth of the matter is our marriage is over. There are far too many mistakes --

Jason: I got to go out.

Sam: Well, I'm not going to ask where you're headed or when you'll be back, but I do have one question for you.

Jason: What?

Sam: Why do you put your life on the line for Sonny every day when he takes you for granted and treats you like dirt?

Sonny: Um -- I warned Durant to back off. I don't trust him. But if you still feel the need to connect with him, then --

Carly: Sonny, no. I meant what I said. No fantasy dream of a father is worth risking the life that I have with you. If you can't trust John Durant, I can't, either.

Steven: I got your page. How'd it go with Carly?

John: Well, our father-daughter reunion hit a snag. Actually, it hit a brick wall.

Steven: She doesn't want to see you?

John: Yeah. Her husband got involved. She immediately shut down. She doesn't want any further contact.

Steven: So you better do what she says.

John: What, walk away from the biggest coup of my career, Sonny Corinthos? Uh-uh.

Steven: So then go after him without Carlyís help. No one is invulnerable.

John: He has been for too many years.

Steven: But -- ok, if she doesn't want to see you --

John: She will. She will. I just have to find a way in. You see, this is one of those setbacks, and you know what I do with setbacks.

Steven: You eat them for breakfast.

John: Exactly.

Elizabeth: Don't let me interrupt. I was -- um -- just going to say good night. Good night.

Ric: Good night.

Alexis: Go after her.

Ric: There's no reason.

Alexis: Go after her! She's going to -- she's going to be gone by the time -- you need to explain to her that you don't mean what you just said.

Ric: Look, I don't -- look, I'm sorry that Elizabeth heard that, but the one issue that we had between the two of us was honesty. We have been honest with one another. She knows and I know the marriage is over. She has moved on, and so have I. Alexis, I am not going to seduce you and then abandon you for my ex-wife.

Alexis: That's right because you aren't going to seduce me at all. Hey --

Lois: Run for my life? Why would I do that when Iím a grown-up girl, not some delicate flower?

Lorenzo: That much I'm clear on.

[Lois laughs]

Lois: What are you trying to protect me from?

Lorenzo: You were right about me from the beginning.

Lois: Refresh my memory.

Lorenzo: I'm a gangster.

Jason: I didn't have a life until Sonny gave me a job. I wasn't who I am now. You know, I was -- I was nothing except the Quartermaines' terrible loss. And none of them except, you know, my grandmother and Emily treated me like a person. I sure didn't feel like a person. But Sonny gave me a chance.

Sam: Jason, I get that. But it doesn't mean he can treat you like his own personal punching bag. He should respect you.

Jason: He does. Sonny supported me the way a father supports his son. Yeah, you know what? He can be unfair sometimes, but he is loyal to a fault, and he always protects the people he loves. Listen, Sam, you know, Sonny may struggle with his decisions, but eventually he will make the right choice for your daughter.

Sam: You know what's funny? You just described the perfect father. And it's not Sonny. It's you.

John: Hello, Barbara.

Bobbie: It's you.

John: Mm-hmm. I guess we have a lot to discuss, starting with our daughter.

Sonny: What you did means a lot to me. I can't stand seeing you hurt. It must've been hard saying goodbye to your father. I know that.

Carly: Uh-uh, it doesn't matter.

Sonny: Yeah, it does matter.

Carly: Uh-uh.

Sonny: Look, all I'm saying is if you change your mind and you want to reach out to your dad, I won't hold you to your promise. Every child has a right to know her father, so just do what you want.

Carly: Thanks.

Sonny: Just promise me, no secret meetings. If you're going to -- you know, if you're going to meet your father, whatever, just let me know, ok, because, you know, John Durant can't do anything to us as long as we're honest with each other.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: I know we're early.

Emily: We didn't plan a party.

Donna: I'm not sure I can keep up with the lies.

Helena: You have no choice.

Courtney: The bet is over!

Jax: I've got until midnight.

Steven: Why are you still hanging around here?

Carly: You knew all along.

Michael: Daddy, come quick! Something's wrong with Morgan!

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