GH Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

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Nikolas: All right, what do you think? Will this work for our wedding day?

Emily: Oh, too traditional.

Nikolas: Well, ok. All right, back up, back up, back up. What about this?

[Emily screams and laughs]

Nikolas: Will this work?

Emily: Too primitive!

Nikolas: Come on, I kind of like it.

Emily: Put me down!

Nikolas: Ah! There you go.

Emily: Nikolas!

Nikolas: What's wrong? It's ok. Hey. It's ok. Shh.

Dillon: Hey, I'm not an expert on the law or lawyers or anything --

Lois: No, if you feel like you need a lawyer to protect your interests in this material, feel free to call whomever you wish.

Dillon: Wait a second. Forget about me. Don't you want your daughter to know what she's signing?

Simon: Are you trying to blow this deal?

Carly: Ok, my tire got a flat and my driver's fixing it. What's your excuse? Why is a Manhattan doctor drinking alone?

Steven: In a dump like this?

Carly: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You could do a lot worse than Jakeís. So?

Steven: How about we play a game and I'll tell you all about it?

Carly: Oh.

Steven: Do you play?

Carly: Yeah, I mean, now and then, not seriously.

John: Is now a bad time?

Ric: I do prefer to work by appointment only.

John: Yes, well, I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a federal matter.

Ric: Look, perhaps I didn't make myself clear on the phone. I really don't need any federal assistance.

John: Perhaps you're a little overconfident. >From what I've seen so far, it is no wonder that Port Charles is a hotbed for organized crime.

Sonny: This offer is one-time only. Take the plea bargain, go to prison, I won't have you killed.

Faith: I plan to live to a ripe old age, Mr. Corinthos, and not in a prison cell. But if that doesn't work out, if I'm dead no matter what I do, I'll go down fighting you and Jason all the way.

Ric: John Durant. Well, it is definitely an honor.

John: I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Yes, likewise, but I don't see how barging into my office is going to help with the fight against organized crime.

John: Yeah, I suppose I could be a little overzealous, but can't we all?

Ric: Uh, sorry. Allow me to introduce one of the brightest attorneys in the country --

Alexis: How are you? Nice to meet you.

John: Hi.

Alexis: Bye.

John: Bye. Wasn't that Alexis Davis?

Ric: Yes, yes, it was. Look, I'm sure you want to discuss this whole situation with Dr. Webber, but as I told you on the phone, I don't need a forensics specialist.

John: You sound like a very ambitious man, Mr. Lansing. I'm sure we can find a way to work together.

Carly: So explain this to me again? You lose a game, you take a shot, the winner stays sober?

Steven: That's right.

Carly: Oh, I don't know that I should do this.

Steven: You have a driver, don't you?

Carly: Yeah, and I'm probably going to need him.

Steven: Don't worry; I'll go easy on you. I have no intention of sending you home to your husband and kids completely plastered.

Carly: Ok, does Audrey Hardy realize that her grandson, the New York City doctor, is actually a lounge lizard?

Steven: I'm just letting off a little steam.

Carly: Ok, what about Elizabeth? Does she know what her brother's really like?

Steven: Can we just leave family for a little while? I need a break.

Carly: I understand, believe me. Ok. All right. Who goes first?

Coleman: Maybe you want to call off the game, Steve. Just a suggestion.

Steven: Why would I want to call off the game?

Coleman: Because you don't understand who you're playing with, buddy.

Steven: Sure, I do.

Coleman: No, you donít.

Steven: Hey, listen, why don't you just keep pouring tequila and we'll be fine.

Coleman: You got it, buddy.

Carly: Ooh, ok. So, are we on?

Steven: Why not?

Carly: Are you sure?

Steven: You want to break?

Carly: What?

Steven: Take the first shot?

Carly: Oh. You mean when all the balls go on the table everywhere? No, I probably couldn't even do it. You go. You go ahead. Ooh.  Ooh.

Steven: See? It's not so difficult.

Carly: You're really good, huh?

Steven: I played a lot in med school.

Carly: Yeah, I guess so. Ok, so is it my turn now?

Steven: Well, it's after I miss.

Carly: Oh. Right. I'm such an idiot. Oh. So why do you need a break from your family? Did something happen?

Steven: No.

Carly: I'm sorry. Did I just mess you up there?

Steven: Not at all.

Carly: No? Why'd you put the shooter down?

Steven: Ok, this is a shooter.

Carly: Mm-hmm?

Steven: This is a cue stick. Shooter. Stick.

Carly: Ok, ok! All right, I'm sorry! You seem a little tense. What's up?

Steven: Ok, I'm -- I ran into my mother at the hospital today and -- do you know Heather Webber?

Carly: No, I can't say that I do. Why, don't you get along?

Steven: I haven't seen her in years, and I had no idea that she was even in town.

Carly: Ok, so you're not close?

Steven: Well, you could say that we never bonded. And from what I've seen of her so far, I'd really like to keep it that way.

Elizabeth: If you don't believe me, feel free to ask my brother.

Felicia: Your brother?

Elizabeth: Dr. Steven Webber. He's actually my half brother. He just moved back into town. But he can tell you how toxic his mother is.

Heather: Poor Steven. Jeff got full custody and cut me out of my son's life. It was terrible for everyone.

Elizabeth: Look, she sold him for 10 grand once. Did you know that? And that didn't work, so she continued to milk my dad for money.

Heather: It's just a bunch of stories. They don't mean anything.

Elizabeth: I even saw you hit him.

Heather: You certainly did not.

Elizabeth: Steven was 10, maybe. God, maybe just 11? You came over; you wanted to take him on some mother-son outing. Then when you came back, you asked him if he had fun. He said no so you slapped him. And then you threatened to throw him in the car and drive him away and you told him he would never see his family again.

Heather: You know, apparently, she's been told these stories so many times, she actually believes them.

Elizabeth: Steven would spend one afternoon with you and he would have migraines and nightmares for weeks.

Heather: Steven was a very difficult child. So were you.

Elizabeth: Why don't you explain the time when you tried poisoning somebody and accidentally took the L.S.D.? And ended up crazier than you already are, hmm?

Heather: That was a lifetime ago. I was a completely different person then.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, then. Felicia, if you care about the Quartermaines, you'll keep her away from them, especially Edward.

Heather: I'm sorry you had to hear that.

Felicia: Yeah, I'm sure you are.

Heather: I suffered from a tremendous amount of mental illness. I sought treatment, intensive therapy, even hospitalization. I don't deny it. I've never tried to hide it. But I'm well now. I'm of no danger to Edward or anyone else.

Faith: Ok. Let's say I cop a plea. I go to prison for a little while. Do you promise that I won't slip on the soap and accidentally break my neck or wind up with rat poison in my soup?

Sonny: I'm not going to have you killed in prison. I can't speak for anybody else. You have a talent for making enemies.

Faith: Well, we all have our gifts.

Sonny: If you take the plea and you don't incriminate me and Jason in court, we'll leave you alone -- in prison, out of prison, wherever -- wherever you end up. Faith is going to take the offer.

Justus: You won't be sorry.

Alexis: Why are you letting him go in there? That is dangerous, it's improper, and it's going to cause a major problem.

Sonny: You might want to check your blouse because the button, I don't know, looks -- you need to button that up maybe a little.

Lois: I have handled over a hundred contracts in my career. I know what I'm doing.

Dillon: Yeah, and you never had a lawyer look at a contract once?

Lois: If it's a complicated deal, yes, but this contract happens to be straightforward and to the point.

Dillon: Ok, Brook, don't you want to just look at what you're signing first?

Lois: Do you honestly believe I would have Brookie sign something that isn't kosher?

Simon: Look, I don't want to rush you guys, but it's pretty clear Dillon has no idea what he's talking about.

Dillon: What? Ok, fine. Don't you just want to take the contract home; look at it?

Lois: We have thoroughly discussed this.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, you thoroughly discussed it, but is what you thoroughly discussed in all that legalese you're signing?

Lois: Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean I donít.

Ned: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's the problem?

Simon: Dillon wants to have a lawyer look at the contract.

Ned: So do I. It's common sense.

Dillon: Thank you! Thank you.

Lois: Sure, if you're a Quartermaine.

Ned: What's that supposed to mean?

Lois: Grow up with the vipers; you act like a viper!

Ned: All right, just stop right there! Just calm down, take a deep breath.

Lois: Read this, Ned! Read it if you want to, but why spend L&Bís money that we don't have on some lawyer when we can agree on the higher points and the rest is boilerplate?

Ned: E.L.Q. has lawyers on retainer.

Lois: Entertainment lawyers?

Dillon: You don't think any lawyer would be good at this point?

Lois: Ok, we're crystal clear on how you think about the situation.

Brook Lynn: Just stop it! All right, just stop it, all of you, now!

Sonny: I'll honor my agreement with Faith. You have my word.

Justus: You won't be sorry.

Sonny: I already am.

Faith: Ok, ok, uh -- ahem -- tell me again why I should take the plea.

Alexis: So a jury doesn't hear Jax testify that you abducted him, shot him --

Faith: I shot him in the leg. I didn't do any permanent damage. He should thank me.

Alexis: A jury won't hear it that way, I promise.

Faith: Why not?

Alexis: Because juries aren't usually made up of criminally insane sociopaths.

Faith: Hmm. Just checking. Fine. I'll take the plea.

Alexis: Good choice.

Faith: So aggravated assault, right? I get sentenced to 7 to 10, and I get 2, right?

Alexis: I'll do my best.

Justus: How is she?

Alexis: We made a deal. I just have to go over the paperwork with the D.A.

Sonny: You may want to go with her because they may need a chaperone.

Alexis: Is that your attempt at a joke?

Sonny: No, I'm not -- I mean, who's joking? You and Ric, I mean, you guys just can't keep your hands off each other.

John: You did well at Harvard. You were a little preoccupied, and evidently you still are. Not that Sonny Corinthos isn't worth years of hard work and dedication. If he were my half brother, I suppose I'd be very anxious to send him to prison, as well. But don't worry. I don't want to steal your thunder. In fact, you can take all the credit for bringing Sonny Corinthos down.

Ric: What do you want, Mr. Durant?

John: Hire Steven Webber.

Ric: Ok, first, I need an explanation. Who is Steven Webber to you, and why are you shoving him down my throat?

Carly: Hmm. Would you look at that. Hmm.

Steven: Um, maybe it's just me, but I think that I've been hustled.

Carly: No. No, no, no, no. I'm just having a very lucky night, that's all.

Steven: And where did you grow up? In a pool hall?

Carly: I'll tell you if you tell me.

Steven: All over. I was the son of a doctor who was out to save the world.

Carly: Trailer park in Florida.

Steven: And that makes you a professional pool-playing prodigy?

Carly: Ooh, nicely put, considering all the tequila, but you're wrong.

Steven: Well, how did you learn to play so well?

Carly: Friends.

Steven: And then how did you end up in Port Charles?

Carly: You know, I think it's my turn to ask some questions.

Steven: Ask away.

Carly: Ooh, watch yourself there. Why are you so upset with your mom?

Steven: I'm not upset.

Carly: Liar.

Steven: My turn. How did you end up in Port Charles?

Carly: Hmm. You know Bobbie Spencer, O.R. nurse at General Hospital?

Steven: I think my father does.

Carly: She's my biological mother. She gave me up for adoption, and when I was old enough, I came here to track her down.

Steven: Was she glad to see you?

Carly: Oh, not exactly. Was Heather glad to see you?

Steven: Surprised? Yes. Glad? I doubt it. She -- she sold me at birth. And when that didn't work out, then she tried to blackmail my father by periodically showing up and threatening to file for visitation.

Carly: Did you ever make her pay for what she did?

Steven: No, as a matter of fact. What about you? Did you -- did you make Bobbie pay for giving you up?

Carly: Yeah, big-time.

Steven: Was it worth it?

Carly: No. But we got past it. We're fine now.

Steven: So what about your biological father? Any luck finding him?

Nikolas: Just tell me the dream. You'll feel better.

Emily: I -- I don't even remember most of it.

Nikolas: Was it about me?

Emily: Kind of.

Nikolas: Anyone else?

Emily: We were kissing and I -- I turned into Mary and I -- I stabbed you.

Nikolas: Well, no wonder you were screaming.

Emily: I hate her so much, I wished her dead, and now I --

Nikolas: And now you feel guilty?

Emily: Don't you?

Nikolas: I'm a Cassadine. We don't do guilt.

Emily: No, I'm serious, Nikolas.

Nikolas: And so am I. You shouldn't punish yourself in your real life or in your dreams. You didn't kill anyone.

Emily: It's like she reaching out from the grave.

Nikolas: No, she's -- Maryís gone. And she'll stay gone. Ok? No one should waste one more tear crying over Mary Bishop.

Felicia: Is there a problem with the Mary Bishop case?

Mac: Where do I start?

Felicia: Are you taking it over?

Mac: I'm deciding what to do next. But you're an excellent diversion. Why did you want to see me tonight?

Felicia: I'm investigating Heather Webber from years ago, and I was wondering if I could get permission from you to go to the PCPD microfilm.

Mac: Ok. I'll fill out the form tonight.

Felicia: Thanks.

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: So what's going on with Mary Bishop?

Mac: I've got two versions of the same story. One of the investigating officers is Lucky Spencer, and his reports were just way too vague.

Felicia: Think he's hiding something?

Mac: Yes.

Felicia: What do you think it is?

Mac: My gut tells me I don't want to know.

Brook Lynn: As hard as you've worked to get me here, you would never let me sign a bad contract.

Ned: Brook, if you have any questions about this contract --

Brook Lynn: I donít.

Lois: Your father's right. So is Dillon. It's common to have a lawyer look over any contract.

Brook Lynn: No, not if it's going to cause a huge fight, all right? I just want to get this over with!

Ned: "Over with"?

Brook Lynn: Started. Sorry.

Ned: You don't have to do any of this. Honey, if you're having second thoughts, I mean it, you don't --

Brook Lynn: There, all right? Now will you two please try --  please try and get along?

Lois: We'll try.

Ned: All right, everything we asked for is here. The rider is boilerplate.

Simon: Right. What did you expect? Look, I'm not out to swindle anyone here. I want a solid deal that gives us all what we want.

Ned: There you go.

Simon: Thanks. I'll be in touch.

Ned: Sweetheart --

Brook Lynn: I'm not trying to be nosy, but did you see Sage's uncle? Is that why you're all flipped out?

Ned: The less we talk about Lorenzo Alcazar, the better.

Dillon: In his defense, he did sign over the rights to Sage's poem.

Brook Lynn: Why are you defending him?

Lois: The man is grieving. We can't lose sight of that.

Ned: Are you out of your mind? You're making excuses for him?

Carly: Ok, that's it, we're finished.

Steven: I'm just getting warmed up.

Carly: Uh, no, you haven't won a single game.

Steven: I will.

Carly: Come on, let's go.

Steven: Maybe he's a pool hustler.

Carly: Excuse me? Who?

Steven: Well, your biological father. Because you obviously have a genetic pre-- prediaspora -- pre-- no, dis--

Carly: Predisposition. Mm-hmm.

Steven: Yes. You have a genetic predisposition for the game, and maybe your father does, too, because a lot of character traits are genetic. Which can be encouraging or very terrifying, depending on what kind of a family you come from.

Carly: Ok, great. You know what; I'll keep that in mind. Come on, get your stuff. Let's --

Coleman: Wow. You could show a guy a little mercy every now and then, couldn't you?

Carly: He wanted to play.

Steven: Oh, no, one more game, because I'm going to turn this around.

Coleman: Your tire's fixed.

Steven: Come on. One more game, just double or nothing.

Carly: Uh, no, I got to go. So do you. Come on.

Steven: She's taking me home.

Coleman: That's a really, really bad idea, Steve.

Carly: Hey, watch your hands. Coleman, don't worry about it. Come on. Bye-bye.

Steven: I'll get you next time.

Coleman: I don't know if you'll live till next time, sucker.

Carly: Come on, I got you drunk; I'm going to buy you a cup of coffee.

Steven: Hey, your -- your husband's a coffee importer, right?

Carly: Yeah, that's right. Come on, walk -- hey, watch it. Watch your step. Step up. Go, up.

Alexis: What?

Sonny: The buttons are straight, the jacket looks really nice, but the hair is kind of -- what were you guys doing? You guys rolling around in Ricís office?

Alexis: Of course not.

Sonny: Or maybe on the desk? Were you guys doing it on the desk? May be a little uncomfortable.

Alexis: Don't be ridiculous.

Sonny: Well, I mean, it's not uncomfortable? You like doing it on the desk? Well, it makes sense because, you know, you and Ric are working all the time, so on the desk -- you know what I mean?

Alexis: How much longer is this going to go on?

Sonny: Uh, not too long. Your earring. I think you're missing an earring. You might've left it in Ricís office. Maybe in the broom closet? Or in the back seat of his car?

Alexis: Maybe.

Sonny: Maybe.

Alexis: Maybe.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: Or maybe it's on the sofa or the patio. It could be in the bedroom, but we kind of find that boring. And if it's not in the apartment, then it could be in the elevator. Any number of elevators, all over town.

Sonny: Whew. Wow.

Alexis: Your brother is gifted.

Sonny: Hmm.

Alexis: More than you could ever imagine. He satisfies me -- no, he rocks me, body and soul, on every level, like no man that I have ever known.

Ric: Was good for me, too.

Sonny: You know what, Ric?   You may have a couple of minutes before Alexis has to meet with the judge. You may -- I'm just -- you may have time for a quickie.

Ric: Oh, no, Alexis doesn't like quickies. You didn't know that?

Sonny: Oh, I didn't know that.

Ric: No, no. I mean, not that I do. Sure, we got to rush sometimes so that we don't get caught but, you know, it kind of heightens the whole experience. Isn't that right?

[Sonny laughs]

Alexis: You need to stop talking now.

Ric: What?

Sonny: You know what? I'm sorry. She's right. You'd better go right upstairs -- hurry up -- and rock her body and soul like no man ever has.

Alexis: Faith opted out of the trial.

Ric: Oh, you mean we're not going to get to go into court and argue in front of the judge?

Alexis: No.

Ric: No. Well, that's a word you don't hear from Alexis too often. You know she's almost as good in the courtroom as she is in bed? I mean, you got to be a lawyer to understand the comparison, but you know what I mean, right? Listen, I'm going to be in my office if you want to finish what we started. Good to see you, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah. Don't stay on my account.

Alexis: You and your brother have one thing in common. You're both egotistical pigs.

Ned: I thought you had blasted Lorenzo Alcazar out of your life.

Lois: Could we have a moment?

Brook Lynn: Please don't fight.

Dillon: Let's just give them some room, ok?

Lois: I am finished with Lorenzo. But that isn't the point. My personal life is my business, not yours, because you and I are over.

Ned: Like hell we are.

Brook Lynn: I don't know. Maybe the fighting's a good sign. You know, maybe -- maybe it's proof that they still care. But I hate it. I really hate it!

Dillon: I know. I know. You're ok. You're ok.

Emily: Thank you for coming all the way out here on such short notice.

Monica: Why don't you move into town? I mean, this place is just too big for the two of you.

Emily: Well, maybe we will at some point, right?

Nikolas: Yeah, maybe after we're married.

Alan: Is the wind blowing through here, or did he just say "married"?

Monica: No, he didn't say that. You didn't say that! Oh, my heavens, it's way too soon!

Emily: You mean way too late, Mom.

Nikolas: Emily and I are getting married as soon as possible.

Alan: Is that really a good idea?

Elizabeth: Oh, jeez.

Bobbie: I've slammed around more than my share of charts over the years, usually when I'm furious about something that doesn't seem to have any solution. Any chance that's what's going on with you?

Elizabeth: I don't know if you've heard, but my older brother moved to Port Charles.

Bobbie: Actually, Audrey mentioned that several times. She's walking on air. That doesn't seem to be the case with you, though. What's the matter? Don't you and Steven get along?

Elizabeth: Oh, Stevenís a great older brother. He is -- he's the best. He is so kind and supportive and, of course, brilliant. You know, he has multiple degrees in medicine and forensics, which was a little hard for me to handle when I was in the throes of my inferiority complex, but I'm over that now.

Bobbie: So the problem isn't Steven?

Elizabeth: It's his mother. I loathe Heather.  Ever since Steven was a little boy and she'd show up demanding to spend time with him.

Bobbie: You know what? Heather seems to have made a sincere effort to change.

Elizabeth: Oh, no. No, no, no, Heather is much too evil to change.

Bobbie: Hey, I'm not defending her, but that's an awfully strong word.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, trust me, it more than applies. Like, ok, take Carly, for instance. You know, Carly and I, we've never really gotten along and we're not friends or anything, but I admit she is a devoted mother and she is driven by a sincere love for those boys, which I understand now. I mean, I would do anything for Cameron. Sometimes when he smiles at me and he reaches up and touches my face, I literally melt. But Heather never felt that for Steven. She's incapable of warmth and love, and now she's here like some dark cloud. And right now she's going after Edward Quartermaine, but I know it's not going to be long before she tries to ruin Stevenís life. And, yeah, I tried telling Felicia Jones what kind of person she is, but, of course, I'm the one who came out sounding like a nut job. I don't -- I can't prove that Heather's out to hurt anyone. I just know.

Carly: Ok. Now that one more cup of coffee and you should be able to find your way home.

Steven: Thanks.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Next time, a little advice for you -- stop after the second tequila.

Steven: Ok, see, I thought it was bad form for a pool hustler to gloat.

Carly: I just had a little luck, that's all. You did, too.

Steven: When was that?

Carly: We weren't playing for cash.

Ric: Oh, Carly. Always good to see you.

Carly: Ric, whatever you want, I am not interested.

Ric: Well, I'm not here to see you, actually. I need to speak with Dr. Webber here.

Steven: Could you just give us a moment?

Ric: Oh, no, no. Why? It's good news. I'm sure Carlyís tired of being sent away. You got the job, effective immediately. Why don't you come by the station later on, we'll hammer out the details. Congratulations. Welcome to PCPD.

Carly: You're a cop?

Brook Lynn: I mean, my parents are fighting, and I start to hope? They're screaming, but at least there's a connection, right? Oh, it doesn't make sense.

Dillon: No, it does. That does make sense to me.

Georgie: Yeah, me too.

Dillon: Hey. Hey, Georgie.

Georgie: Hey.

Dillon: How you doing?

Brook Lynn: Hey. Here I am, crying again. I'm sorry.

Georgie: I understand Brook.

Brook Lynn: How can you understand, Georgie? Your parents are back together.

Georgie: No, not really. My dad left and never came back.

Dillon: Well, yes, but, technically Mac is your dad.

Brook Lynn: And I mean, their divorce works better than almost any marriage.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: It's still a divorce.

Dillon: I know, but, you know, that's technical. That's on paper. There's no screaming, there's no fighting, you know, they get along great.

Brook Lynn: You don't know what it's like until you've lived through it, Georgie.

Ned: I won't have my daughter dragged through your affair with Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lois: What affair? I'm not seeing the guy. But you know what, even if I were -- which I'm not -- I don't need your approval.

Ned: Oh. So then you admit that you're still interested in him?

Lois: You know what? You chose the Quartermaines over me and Brookie years ago, so if you're sorry now or if you're jealous, that's too bad.

Ned: Get over yourself, Lois. I got over you a long time ago.

Brook Lynn: Go! Go after him, all right, ma? Go apologize!

Lois: For what?

Brook Lynn: You hurt his feelings! Look, go say sorry like you taught me to do.

Lois: Baby, I am sorry. I'm sorry you saw the fight. But I am done in the area of apologies.

Brook Lynn: What?

Lois: Never ever apologize to anyone for being who you are.

Emily: I don't care how the marriage looks to anyone else.

Monica: Well, then you understand our concern.

Alan: If you're married, you can't testify against each other.

Emily: We thought of that, and we know people might think that we're rushing into marriage because we're guilty.

Monica: So you know the timing is bad?

Nikolas: Yes, but we also know that it doesn't matter. Look, I love your daughter and she loves me, and we don't care about the timing or really anything else, for that matter.

Emily: I think grandmother would be happy for us, and I hope you will be, too.

Justus: The judge -- the judge took the plea.

Faith: How much time did I get?

Justus: I don't know. I didn't stick around for the sentencing. I just wanted to get back here and be with you.

Faith: How long do we have?

Justus: The van's going to be here any minute. But once you get out of Pentonville, we're going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Faith: Do you think Alexis got the two years?

Justus: She might have. She's a great attorney.

Faith: Ok. Two years is nothing, right?

Justus: I'm going to be here, Faith. I'm not going anywhere.

Faith: Say goodbye now.

Justus: I canít. No.

Faith: Listen to me.

Justus: No.

Faith: Listen to me. When I step out there, I am going to shut down. Ok, where I'm going, the world out there, I cannot afford to feel anything. So kiss me now. Say goodbye to the woman you love, the woman who loves you. Because once I step out there, she's gone.

Steven: I'm a fully practicing physician. Forensics is just a sideline.

Carly: You're investigating my husband. That's why you've been so nice to me and my kids. That's why you've been so friendly.

Steven: I had no idea that you'd be at the docks. I had no idea you'd be at Jakeís, I swear!

Carly: Ric Lansing is my husband's half brother. He is trying to put him in jail!

Steven: Look, I had no idea!

Carly: It's going to be your job to help him!

Steven: Carly, it's not like that.

Carly: Ok, listen to me -- do not approach me ever, ever again.

[Steven sighs]

Carly: Do not talk to my kids. If you see us on the street, you walk to the other side. We cannot be friends. We can't even be polite.

Steven: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Carly: If you are still too drunk to understand what is going on -- pay attention to me. You pay attention. I have no use for cops.

Nikolas: No more nightmares.  No more fear.  No more nightmares.

Emily: Hmm. Except the seating arrangements.

Nikolas: No more fear.

Emily: Except figuring out the guest list.

Nikolas: You know, I really don't care who comes to our wedding.

Emily: Well, all we really need are Mom and Dad, Elizabeth and Lucky, grandfather, Ned, Alice, Leslie, Lulu --

Nikolas: Yeah. Alexis, yeah, and whatever -- whatever date she brings.

Emily: Jason, Dillon, Brook Lynn, probably Georgie, maybe Jax, maybe Courtney --

Nikolas: Why don't we just forget about the whole thing and elope?

Emily: Not a chance.

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Commissioner, is there a problem?

Mac: I'm just doing a little follow-up on the Mary Bishop homicide.

Nikolas: We've already given our statements.

Mac: Well, unfortunately, Emilyís statement is full of holes, and I need to hear what happened that night directly from her.

Ric: Give the prisoner a little time alone with her attorney.

Alexis: Look, I told you there would be some risk.

Faith: How long?

Alexis: Overall, it's a fair deal.

Faith: How long am I in prison?

Alexis: 10 years.

Faith: That is the maximum sentence.

Alexis: Unfortunately, yes.

Faith: What about parole?

Alexis: The judge wouldn't consider it.

Faith: What?

Alexis: It's 10 years in real time.

Faith: You promised me two years.

Alexis: I promised you to do the best that I could.

Faith: I would've done better in front of a jury.

Alexis: No, I don't think you would have.

Faith: You are a liar, ok? You did this to me on purpose, right? You set me up! You wanted me convicted to pay me back for shooting Jax. You lying bitch! My God, do you know --  This was a setup from the start, wasn't it? The three of you want me to disappear.

Justus: It's all right, Faith.

Faith: No, no, no, no, but I will not disappear. I will come back, and I will hunt you down, all three of you!

Justus: Faith, don't say another word.

Faith: My God, I will make you beg for mercy. You will ask me, and I will give you more pain that you ever imagined. I will take the ones you love and I will make it so you never, never see them again.

Steven: Anything but coffee or tequila -- and something with fizz in it would be really good.

Coleman: I thought I'd never see you in here again, man. Don't you know who that chick was you were hitting on? That's Carly Corinthos.

Steven: And where did she learn to play pool?

Coleman: Ever hear of Jason Morgan? He's Sonny's enforcer. He and Carly used to be kind of tight way back. But if -- if Corinthos would've walked in, caught you getting drunk with his wife --

Steven: Forget about Sonny Corinthos.

Coleman: That's never a good idea, Steve.

Steven: So tell me everything you know about Carly.

Carly: Hey, hey, would you watch where you're go-- you.

John: Oh. Hello, Carly.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: Have you found some new evidence?

Mac: I'm afraid you're going to have to come downtown.

Carly: What are you doing in Port Charles?

John: You assume I came to Port Charles because of you?

Steven: You're so afraid of Sonny Corinthos.

Coleman: I'm telling you to be afraid.

Sonny: What was so important you couldn't say it over the phone?

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