GH Transcript Wednesday 9/15/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/15/04

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Lorenzo: I suppose ice-cold, self-centered bastard pretty much sums me up these days. I'll leave you alone.

Lois: Good idea.

Lorenzo: Look, for what it's worth, I'm sorry, Lois. I really never set out to hurt you.

Lois: Wait.

Sam: Since you're already here, why not take the birthing seminar with me? You could be my moral support. Tell me it's not such a bad idea.

Jason: Well --

Sam: Really.

Alexis: Jason. Just so you're not surprised, you should be expecting a subpoena from my office.

Jason: What for?

Alexis: I'm calling you to testify in Faith's trial.

Ric: Working on a federal case? My office hasn't been notified.

Steven: Well, I'm -- I'm actually looking for a job with the PCPD.

Ric: Not interested.

Steven: Well, you will be.

Ric: Really? Why is that?

Steven: I can deliver what you want.

Carly: You know, I was wondering what happened to that.

Sonny: You were supposed to give the money to your father. What happened?

Carly: Sonny, I couldnít. Listen, I just don't want to deal with my father. I need to just stop this whole mess before it spins out of control.

Sonny: Your father's a garbage man in Queens. What are you so afraid of?

Lois: There's no way in hell Iím letting you get the last word.

Lorenzo: That wasn't my intention.

Lois: You're a liar, Lorenzo. I was very straightforward with you when I said I wanted to steer clear of you, and you wouldn't take no for an answer. You made me stop trusting my own instincts.

Lorenzo: And now I turned out to be even worse than you figured.

Lois: Don't get me wrong, I made mistakes. Asking you to sign over the rights to Sage's poem the day you got back from burying her, that was inexcusable.

Lorenzo: And asking me if I arranged for Mary Bishop's murder wasn't?

Lois: Considering who you turned out to be, I think it was an appropriate question.

Lorenzo: Tell me how you really feel.

Lois: I feel led on. I told you that I wasn't interested, and you kept working me.

Lorenzo: I liked you.

Lois: Charmed me right out of my jeans. You made me think that you were something special under that dark, brooding exterior. You made me believe you were good. You made me like you back.

Lorenzo: Is that really so terrible?

Lois: It's the worst. Listen, if you really want to regret something, be sorry for making me care.

Dillon: Hi.

Lorenzo: Hey.

Dillon: I realize it's none of my business, but she's pretty into you.

Alexis: Faith is pleading diminished capacity.

Sam: She shot Jax due to, what, temporary insanity?

Alexis: She reacted out of fear for her life and she shot Jax by accident.

Sam: I still don't get what any of this has to do with Jason.

Jason: It doesn't.

Alexis: Jason repeatedly threatened my client.

Sam: She keeps trying to kill him.

Alexis: It's my understanding that it's the other way around. Faith will be testifying to all the many times that Jason held her against her will, threatened her, and tried to kill her, and then Jason will be asked to testify to corroborate that, which is to tell the truth, and if he doesn't, he'll be perjuring himself.

Sam: You are relentless, aren't you?

Alexis: I like to give due diligence to my clients' defense, the same as I did for you.

Sam: Well, you defended me as a favor to Sonny because you wanted him to notice you, the same reason you're subpoenaing Jason. This has nothing to do with defending Faith. It's a way to get Sonny to pay attention to you. You really are fixated on him, aren't you?

Steven: Look, I've got a Ph.D., Three years working for a federal prosecutor, and I'm up on all the latest tech.

Ric: You know what? You're obviously very qualified, Mr. Webber, but I am very happy with our current forensics team. We don't need any help from the outside.

Steven: Maybe we could solve some of your dead files together.

Ric: No means no, sir.

Steven: You have a serious problem with organized crime in this city. I could be the solution. Once Iím done with the crime scene, there's no way the preps would walk.

Ric: What makes you think that I actually need your help?

Steven: I've done my research, looked at some of your recent cases. A lot of them could have been closed a lot sooner with state-of-the-art forensics.

Ric: I see. So what would some hotshot who's worked for a federal prosecutor want to relocate to Port Charles for?

Steven: I have family here.

Ric: Steven Webber. You wouldn't by chance be Elizabethís brother, would you?

Steven: That's right. I'm your ex-brother-in-law.

Ric: That's funny; she never mentioned that you were into forensics.

Steven: Well, maybe she didn't want to make you nervous. Look, I -- I hope Iím not getting too personal here, but I know all about your panic room and your vendetta against your brother, the mob boss.

Ric: Why are you really here, Steven?

Steven: I want to reconnect with my sister and my grandmother. I've been offered a staff position at the hospital, and I'd like to keep doing forensics work, as well.

Ric: Like to keep yourself busy, don't you? By chance you moonlight with internal affairs, hmm?

Steven: You're awfully suspicious.

Ric: Oh, well, you know, it comes with the job. And whatever your agenda is, I'm shutting it down. PCPD does not need your services, Mr. Webber. If you'd like to investigate, however, I suggest you go back to Manhattan.

Sonny: Are you confused, afraid of being rejected? Is that why you keep changing your mind?

Carly: Sonny, Sonny, the further I get into this, the more I realize Jasonís right -- this could all end really, really badly. I mean, look at what happened with mama, right? I practically destroyed her life, and if she hadn't been the most forgiving and generous woman on earth, she could have turned her back on me.

Sonny: But you've changed since then.

Carly: Sonny, I just -- I can't help this. I -- I have this ominous feeling. I don't want my father to hurt our family.

Sonny: How could he?

Brook Lynnís voice: All alone I stand looking in at your world so hold me break me and mold me make me fit where I belong

Lois: Sounds great, baby.

Brook Lynn: Hey. How'd it go at the police station?

Lois: Well, a little frustrating to pay fines that you don't deserve.

[Music stops]

Lois: What are you going to do, huh? Can't fight city hall. Anyways, we've got so much work to be done and other things to focus on because I promised Simon that we were going to start working on the new arrangements.

Brook Lynn: Ma, quit covering, all right? I know when you've been crying.

Lois: Allergies. You know, whoever wrote that book about A Tree in Brooklyn obviously has never visited Port Charles.

Brook Lynn: No, ma, when you do this, I know that something's wrong, all right? What's wrong?

Lois: Nothing is wrong. What could be wrong? My daughter is getting ready to record a song that's going to make the whole world fall in love with her.

Brook Lynn: Uh-uh. Is it Lorenzo Alcazar, huh? Did he make you cry again?

Lois: Mr. Alcazar has absolutely no influence over my emotions whatsoever.

Brook Lynn: Really? So you're telling me you haven't seen him in, what, the last hour or two?

Lois: You are so smart. Fine, ok? I'm going to tell you all the facts. Fact number one -- Lorenzo and I were getting to know each other, mostly professionally, but he made his business to charm me. Fact number two -- I had a temporary moment of bad judgment. We did what adults do and it's over. Fact number three -- it's all in the past and it is staying there.

Brook Lynn: I hope so.

Lois: Oh. Why don't I follow my own advice? Gangsters make bad business partners and even worse boyfriends.

Dillon: Ok, like, the way Lois blew up at you right now?

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm?

Dillon: Georgie will do the exact same thing, especially when she's upset or threatened. She'll just unload on me, you know, or she'll push me away altogether. Right. None of my business. I'm going to go to Kellyís, leave you to be morose and internal.

Lorenzo: Dillon.

Dillon: I'm sorry. I know, I'm being -- I'm being a jerk. You're grieving over Sage and --

Lorenzo: Why are you going on about Lois at all?

Dillon: Because I think Sage would have wanted you to be happy, and Lois is awesome. And if there's anything going on between you two at all --

Lorenzo: Lois and I live in completely different worlds.

Dillon: Yeah, but some of the greatest love stories of all time are about people living in different worlds -- the original "Sabrina," "A Place in the Sun," "Romeo and Juliet."

Lorenzo: Romeo and Juliet died. Some people might say it was because they were melodramatic teenagers. But the truth is they were surrounded by violence, and ultimately it led to their death. Makes for a compelling story, but it's no way to live. That's why I should have left Sage in that boarding school. No matter how much she begged to live with me, she was safe there.

Dillon: She was alone and miserable.

Lorenzo: She was alive.

Dillon: Yeah --

Lorenzo: So I let her live with me, and then I didn't pay attention.

Dillon: That's not true. The whole time during the hotel fire --

Lorenzo: When I wasn't much older than you, I fell in love with someone, and we were supposed to go away together, but I had to bail my brother out of a problem. So she went on the trip alone, and she died because I wasn't there.

Dillon: I'm sorry.

Lorenzo: Yeah. Me, too. I never seem to learn my lesson. You know, my brother died in this town. Got himself into a lot of trouble, but I didn't intervene. And when he was murdered, I was on the other side of the world, negotiating. Same place I was when Sage was killed. And, you know, if she'd made it home that night alive, I wouldn't have known it. I was out of town on business. I chose to focus on that, and now it's all I have. It's kind of ironic, considering the things I meant to do and the choices I meant to make. You know, I have succeeded at the very, very, very last thing I wanted to, Dillon.

[Lorenzo sighs]

Lorenzo: Lois is different. She's committed to her dreams. And even if they don't work out, she's doing what she loves. I so admire that. But I can't share it. And truthfully, I don't want to because I might start to care. And I never want to fail someone who matters to me again.

Steven: Hey. So I just had my meeting with Lansing. It went like you predicted. He's smart and cautious and doesn't want some outside hotshot in his department. He turned me down.

John: All right. Well, Lansing saw the good cop. Now show him the bad.

Carly: No matter how much I try and romanticize this or try and convince myself that my parents mattered to each other, the truth is Iím an accident. I mean, neither of them ever intended to create me, and when mama found out that she was pregnant with me, she chose to have me. And I'm grateful for that gift, but --

Sonny: Me, too.

Carly: There's no bond between me and this man that got her pregnant. And I could try and create one, right? I could fight for a relationship, but what good is it going to do, Sonny, really? I mean, I cannot get my childhood back. I'm never going to have that father I always wanted. It's too late.

Sonny: As long as you're sure.

Carly: For once in my life, I'm trying not to be selfish. Mama wanted me to just drop this, right, and now I understand why. I'm never going to see my father again. And that is why I didn't tell him who I was; that's why I didn't give him a check -- because I don't want that connection.

Sonny: You can change your mind at any time.

Carly: I wonít. Ok, I just -- if I drop this right now and I let it go, there is no way that my father will ever know that I even existed.

Alexis: I'm advising you to retain your own counsel.

Sam: Why don't you get some therapy instead? You can work on your Sonny fixation in the privacy of your own shrink's office.

Alexis: You can relax, Sam. I'm defending Faith Rosco because Justus Ward asked me to. This has absolutely nothing to do with Sonny or my current feelings of indifference toward him.

Sam: Sure. Sure. That's why you came up with this convoluted story to drag Jason into court. Why don't you just subpoena Sonny? If you're that desperate to get his attention, you can --

Alexis: You'll be hearing from a processor.

Sam: Ok, let me have it.

Jason: What are you -- what are you talking about?

Sam: Well, it's like with Tracy yesterday, right? I got excited, I picked a fight --

Jason: Well, look, I know you like to fight, but can we fight when the baby's out? Ok? And you don't always have to defend me.

Sam: Well, maybe I want to.

Alexis: Hello! How's she doing?

Dr. OíDonnell: I'm glad you brought Kristina in. It's better we catch a complication like this before it gets any worse.

Heather: Felicia, I heard you were in visiting with Edward. I wanted to get your take on how he's doing.

Felicia: He can't say enough about the care that you're giving him.

Heather: Well, I can't take all the credit. Your no-Quartermaine rule has done him a world of good.

Felicia: Well, as long as he continues to recover, I think it's for the best.

Heather: What, what, what?

Alice: These are from Mrs. Lila's garden! You killed them, just like you're trying to kill Mr. Quartermaine!

Justus: Ric's offering a deal. Plead guilty to aggravated assault and you'll be out in 5 to 10 years.

Faith: 10 years? Lucky me.

Justus: Faith, if this case goes to trial and you're convicted of attempted murder, you could get 20 to life.

Faith: I thought you said Alexis was the best.

Justus: She is. But there are no guarantees, ok? Take this deal and you could be out of prison in 2 years.

Faith: Oh, I'll be out long before that -- in a body bag. You and I both know I won't make it in there, not with Sonny's allies gunning for me.

Justus: I'll get him to back off.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: That is -- you're dreaming.

Justus: Sonny owes me, Faith. I got him acquitted of attempted murder.

Faith: You know what? He owes me, too. I tried to kill him several times, and when I go inside, he will return the favor. I'm sorry, Justus. I can't do what you want.

Heather: I'm sorry about Lilaís garden, but I had to make Edwardís health my priority.

Alice: Well, then why are you drugging him?

Heather: Drugging him?

Alice: Yeah, I found that stano-trypto whatever you call it stuff.

Heather: You've been searching through my things?

Alice: No, I was cleaning out the garden shed. And I looked it up on the internet and --

Heather: Well, then you know that it causes symptoms similar to a heart attack, but it's hardly fatal.

Alice: Well, that's horrible. I'm going to call the police and I'm going to tell Mrs. Jones everything that's going on here.

Heather: And you're only going to incriminate yourself.

Alice: I didn't have anything to do with this.

Heather: You're the one who helped me trick Edward into thinking I was channeling Lila.

Alice: That's because I wanted Mr. Quartermaine to inherit Mrs. Lila's money.

Heather: I understand that, but Felicia was about to eliminate him, so I needed to cause a little medical crisis so he could stay in the game.

Alice: But you put him in the hospital.

Heather: Yes, where he's having a nice, quiet rest away from his family, and he's still in the running. I need you to work together with me to make sure he gets the money.

Alice: What about Mrs. Lila's garden?

Heather: I'll take care of it.

Alice: Yeah, unless someone else figures out what you're doing and has you arrested.

Heather: This drug is virtually impossible to trace. It would take a forensic genius to discover it in Edwardís blood.

Steven: Hello, mother.

 [Phone rings]

Ric: Ric Lansing.

John: Mr. Lansing, John Durant from the federal prosecutor's office in Manhattan.

Ric: Oh, Mr. Durant, your -- your reputation precedes you. What can I do for you?

John: Hire Steven Webber. He's the best forensic investigator Iíve ever worked with. He'd be a great addition to your department.

Ric: I see. Well, forgive me for stating the obvious -- if he's so good, then why are you pushing him off on me?

John: Well, he moved back to Port Charles for personal reasons. It's a loss for my department, but potentially I'd say it's a windfall for yours, sir.

Ric: All right, well, I already explained to Dr. Webber that I have a competent forensics team in place.

John: All right. Your loss. Thank you.

Sonny: Part of me is glad that you're not going further with this.

Carly: Why?

Sonny: Well, because I don't like to see you hurt, and I think that this is what you were going to be facing.

Carly: Well, I had to try. And I thank you for supporting me when you did.

Sonny: Family's important to me, and you're my family.

Jason: We got a problem. Ey!

Brook Lynn: So I guess I don't understand love at all.

Lois: Nobody does. It's always changing.

Brook Lynn: Is that what happened to you and Dad? Your feelings just changed?

Lois: Ned was the love of my life. He was so perfect when I met him, I felt like Iíd made him up.

Brook Lynn: He's always had an amazing voice.

Lois: It was everything I ever wanted. He was a dream onstage. The crowd loved him so much, but I knew he was singing just for me.

Brook Lynn: Ma, he's still the same guy. I mean, he loves me, loves music. Maybe he still loves you.

Lois: Baby, it's different.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, because you're old.

Lois: Hey!

Brook Lynn: I'm sorry.

Lois: Watch it with the old cracks.

Brook Lynn: No, I didn't mean old. I meant mature.

Lois: Better.

Brook Lynn: Look, love, it doesn't make you feel out of control, but that's how people get hurt. I mean, look at Dillon and Georgie, right? They love each other, and it's so intense, they end up fighting half the time. But you and Dad, you're comfortable.

Lois: Honey, there is so much more to love than hurt. Really, when you meet that special somebody and it just clicks -- heart, mind, body -- it's magic, like it was with me and your dad.

Brook Lynn: If it was so intense and so perfect, how can it just be over?

Lois: Because people change. Ok? They grow apart. Life gets in the way and you have to let it go. And it's sad and it's devastating, but when the pain fades, you realize that you were so privileged to have been able to love with your whole heart. And I will always have a special place in my heart for Ned. I love him.

Brook Lynn: But you're not in love with him, right? I hate it when people say that. I mean, love shouldn't be conditional, right? It shouldn't be something that you put in a box, like an old C.D. that, well, you used to listen to it and love it, but you can't throw it away now because it meant something before.

Lois: Come here.

Dillon: Hey, Lois, I got the D.A.T. tapes you wanted, but I don't think -- whoa. I just interrupted something.

Lois: No, no, no, we're fine. We're having a little girl talk here. Really, it's all about boys.

Dillon: I'm going to go.

Lois: No --

Dillon: Because --

Lois: Dillon, Brookie needs to focus, and I have errands to run.

Dillon: Uh-huh. Not as over this as you thought you were, huh? You still want your parents to get back together.

Heather: Steven, you look wonderful.

Steven: Like an adult. I am, mother. I have been for quite some time now.

Heather: I guess I should introduce you to my friend. This is Alice. This is my son, Steven Lars --

Steven: Webber. Dr. Webber. Nice to meet you, Alice.

Alice: Nice to meet you. I have to go back to the house. I have to tend to Mrs. Lila's garden.

Heather: I'll see you at the house.

Steven: What are you doing here?

Heather: I could ask you the same thing. What made you decide to leave Manhattan?

Steven: I miss my family. What's your excuse?

Heather: I've been doing some soul-searching. I realize I made a lot of mistakes in the past.

Steven: Oh, so you've come back to Port Charles to make amends?

Heather: Well, this place just feels the most like home to me. You were a baby here, and --

Steven: Because the people you sold me to happen to live here.

Heather: What's the point of bringing that up?

Steven: The point is that I know what motivates you, mother. I know it's greed and envy and your own self-interest. You never wanted a family, and you don't want one now.

Heather: I have a son.

Steven: You only remember me when it's convenient.

Heather: Why are you being this way?

Steven: I don't trust you.

Heather: Well, I regret that. But seeing as we're both in the same town, maybe we can reconnect.

Steven: You don't want that any more than I do. I have a good life. I'm not going to let you taint it. So if you're going to stay in Port Charles, stay the hell away from me.

Alexis: All right, I'm here, so let's just get this over with.

Ric: Hello, Alexis.

Alexis: Don't be snide and don't be charming. We don't have time to waste.

Ric: I'm not trying to be either, considering you came barging into my office without knocking.

Alexis: We need to go over the witness list.

Ric: That's next week, sweetie.

Alexis: No, it's today.

Ric: No --

Alexis: It's on my calendar for today.

Ric: Well, it may be on your calendar, but according to my assistant, it is next week.

Alexis: You're stalling.

Ric: No, as a matter of fact, I am not stalling, but you seem to want to find another reason to spend time with me.

Alexis: Why would I want to do anything with you at all?

Ric: Oh, I don't know, Alexis, any number of reasons -- a burgeoning desire, a morbid curiosity, or maybe the fact that I just helped your nephew get out of jail recently.

Alexis: Oh, are you going to throw that over my head for the rest of my life? Of course you are because you are a soul-sucking bureaucrat and you will do anything to further your career.

Ric: Ok, ok, stop. You are obviously upset about something, and it has nothing to do with me, so why don't you just take a breath and explain to me what it is that's eating at you.

Alexis: My daughter needs glasses.

Sonny: Alexis is neurotic as hell, but she's a smart lawyer. If you deny threatening Faith, it's perjury. If you tell the truth, it's attempted murder.

Jason: All right, so what do I do?

Sonny: Nothing yet. Faith could, you know, change her mind about it.

Jason: Yeah, but what does Faith have to lose?

Sonny: Well, her life, for one thing. I mean, we can make arrangements so that, you know, she can't get anywhere near a courtroom.

Jason: You're right; she's in county lockup right now. We can -- we can get to her, but, you know, Ric is waiting for us to do just that.

Sonny: You saying it can't be done?

Jason: I'm just saying it's a big risk. Are you ordering me to do it?

 [Music plays]

Brook Lynn: Here I am you see right through me, unaffected why don't you stand beside me? Don't deny me help me find my way

Lois: No, don't stop, honey!

[Music stops]

Brook Lynn: Ma, I'm not feeling it.

Lois: But we're really getting somewhere.

Dillon: Why don't -- why don't you tell us what you think is wrong with the song?

Brook Lynn: What's wrong? When you speed it up, it takes out all the meaning.

Lois: I think maybe you just need to let the new beat grow on you a little.

Brook Lynn: Let it grow? What's there to grow on you, ma? It's like, "Hello, here I am, I'm desperate! Oh, wait, no, let this grow on you. Here I am, you seeĒ

[Dillon laughs]

Brook Lynn: Right through me unaffected why don't you stand beside me? And don't deny me and help --

Lois: Ah, Simon! Hey!

Dillon: Hey, we didn't expect you.

Simon: Clearly. Look, I do like what Iím seeing, and you are getting the spirit of this song.

Lois: Yeah, I just -- you know, it'll be better with your input.

Simon: Of course. But first, we need to make everything official. I brought Brook's contracts.

Lois: Oh! Let me see. Well, it seems to reflect everything we discussed. Baby, you're on your way. This is your first big giant step towards success. You're going to be a star.

Brook Lynn: Uh-huh, you hope.

Lois: I know.

Simon: Actually, I'll need both your signatures.

Dillon: Guys, wait a second!

Lois: Why? What's the problem?

Dillon: Well, Brook shouldn't sign anything until we have a lawyer look at that.

Sam: Is everything ok?

Jason: Yeah, fine.

Sam: All right, here's why Iím worried. Normally, when Iím here and you come in, you ask me what Iíve eaten, if Iíve taken my vitamins, and for all you know, I could be drinking a diet soda right now.

Jason: Are you?

Sam: No. It's juice.

Jason: Good.

Sam: Aren't you going to ask how my birthing class went?

Jason: How'd it go?

Sam: Well, I need a coach, and I told them you'd do it.

Jason: Ok.

Sam: You don't sound so excited.

Jason: Well, you know, you sure you want me? I mean, Emily would probably be great.

Sam: Emily would probably be gracious enough to do it, but if you don't mind, I think, like, you know, if we're going to be --

Jason: All right, all right, all right. I'll do it, I'll do it. That's fine.

Sam: Ok, great. Since you're feeling so cooperative, could you do something else for me?

Jason: What?

Sam: Answer a question, honestly, seriously --

Jason: Ok.

Sam: No matter how much it hurts?

Jason: What question?

Sam: Am I like Alexis? Does my entire existence revolve around Sonny, too?

Alexis: The doctor, Kristinaís doctor --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Said that she's myopic; that she has a slight astigmatism.

Ric: Doesn't sound so bad.

Alexis: That's what people with perfect vision say all the time because they don't know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night and have to search all over your nightstand for your glasses because you can't see anything.

Ric: Ok, ok, shh, shh, shh. I think you're projecting here. I think that Kristina will look adorable in glasses.

Alexis: I was 8 years old when I got my first pair of glasses, and I was not adorable. Kristina's not even two, and they're going to make fun of her on her first day of preschool.

Ric: Kids get teased all the time for one thing or another.

Alexis: Did you?

Ric: Yes.

Alexis: And look at you. See, that's exactly my point.

Ric: I know Iím going to hate myself for this, but could you elaborate on that particular point?

Alexis: Children who are unfairly picked on when they are young overcompensate when they're older.

Ric: Uh-huh. I see. So basically you want Kristina to be stereotypically right in accordance with what everybody else wants her to be?

Alexis: No. I want her to be happy. I want her to be popular. I don't want her to be bombarded with stereotypes like "four eyes" and "braniac" like I was.

Ric: Ok, you know, there are worse things in this world than being considered intelligent.

Alexis: In case you haven't noticed, the world has a tendency to be unkind to smart women. Need I mention Eleanor Roosevelt, Janet Reno?

Ric: Eleanor Roos-- ok -- listen, Eleanor -- Eleanor Roosevelt and Janet Reno notwithstanding, I happen to think that intelligent women are very sexy.

Ric: No, really, I mean, nothing to me is a bigger turn-on than a woman who presents a challenge for me, a woman who, you know, makes me see things in a different way --

Alexis: Well, I certainly haven't been able to make you see anything --

Ric: I mean, if that's actually a sign that she's more than what she appears to be --

Alexis: I am not more than anything. I am what I am.

Ric: Then I say bring on the wire rims, baby.

Alexis: If you're going to kiss me again, I think that we should discuss it first.

Ric: We just did.

Coleman: I don't think Iíve seen you around here before.

Steven: Well, last time I was in Port Charles, I wasn't old enough to drink.

Coleman: Uh-huh. I'm Coleman. I own the place.

Steven: Hi. Steven.

Coleman: Nice to meet you, man. So you -- you need anything, just let me know. I can hook you up.

Steven: Really?

Coleman: You name it; I can get it -- best cigars, best ladies -- both.

Steven: I mean, you can start by filling me in on the residents. Who's the most powerful man in town these days?

Justus: What brings you to the PCPD?

Sonny: I'm here to see your girlfriend.

Justus: No, no, no, no. You talk to me first, Sonny. What's it going to take for you to back off?

Sonny: Faith made her choices. Now she's going to have to pay.

Justus: I don't want her to die, Sonny.

Sonny: She's the one making threats, Justus.

Justus: If you're talking about her taking the stand, that's Alexis. That's all strategy.

Sonny: She's going to try to incriminate both Jason and me. We got to protect ourselves.

Justus: Faith is desperate, ok? She figures she's going to die, so she's going to take you down with her.

Sonny: Well, she's wrong, because she's not going to get a chance to take the stand.

Justus: Will you listen? Huh?

Sonny: What?

Justus: I've got a solution here; one where everyone wins.

Sonny: You know, I'll tell you -- Iíll tell you when I win -- the day Faith is dead.

Heather: Excuse me. Mr. Quartermaine would like some more --

Elizabeth: Why don't you let Edwardís family take care of him and just stay out of it?

Heather: I'm only trying to help.

Elizabeth: It's pretty clear no one wants you here.

Heather: Edward needs me. He's just suffered a devastating loss.

Elizabeth: Ok, you can skip the whole angel-of-mercy routine. I know you too well.

Heather: You were a child the last time you saw me.

Elizabeth: Yes, and you left an indelible impression -- showing up unannounced, demanding time with Steven, making him miserable.

Heather: Steven's my son.

Elizabeth: And you used that to blackmail my father. I know that he used to have to pay you to go away. Oh, is that what you want the Quartermaines to do, pay you to go away?

Heather: I only want what's best for Edward.

Elizabeth: No, you want what you've always wanted, and that's money to spend on yourself.

Heather: That is so unfair.

Elizabeth: What's unfair is you preying on the people I care about. So unless you leave town, I am going to tell Felicia Jones exactly what kind of person you are.

Felicia: Why not tell me now?

Sam: I just hate the way Alexis makes her decisions based on the reaction she thinks she's going to get out of Sonny.

Jason: Ok, first of all, it's a waste of time to even try to figure out Alexis.

Sam: I know, but she's totally hung up on him. Whether she's helping him or attacking him, it doesn't matter --

Jason: I agree.

Sam: It's about getting his attention. And I just want to know, am I like that? Honestly, does my whole life revolve around Sonny, too?

Jason: Not your whole life.

Sam: Great. Most of it.

Jason: I mean, how can you help it? You're pregnant with his kid.

Sam: I know, but that doesn't mean I have to focus on him and come up with new ways to get his attention. I just -- I don't want to be like Alexis.

Jason: Then don't be, Sam. Don't be.

Sam: All right. I may need some coaching from you, then.

Jason: I may not be available for that.

Sam: Why? What's wrong?

Jason: Nothing.

Sam: Ok. I'm going to ask you a direct question, and I'd appreciate an honest answer. Are you in trouble? Did Sonny make you do something dangerous?

Jason: You don't worry about it.

Sam: No, I am going to worry about it, Jason. The baby and I need you.

Faith: Public Enemy Number One, and yet you just walk in here like own the place.

Sonny: Sit down.

Faith: I'm not taking orders from you. In fact, I'm launching an offensive. If Iím going to prison, I am going to take you and Jason with me.

Sonny: If you'd shut up and listen, you'd understand that you might have a chance to save your own life.

Faith: What?

Sonny: You've been offered a deal by the D.A. Take it. Plead to the lesser charge. Don't go to trial. Don't testify against me and Jason.

Faith: If I plead guilty, I go to prison. If I go to prison --

Sonny: At least you're alive.

Faith: Oh --

Sonny: Go to Pentonville. You'll be safe there. You have my word.

Coleman: The big dog around here's easy to spot. The name's Michael Corinthos Jr. People call him Sonny.

Steven: Yeah, I think Iíve heard that name before.

Coleman: Yeah, most people have. Dude's a heavy hitter. In fact, you hear he's involved in anything, if I was you, I'd just walk away and not look back, you know?

Steven: I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, man.

Coleman: You got it.

Steven: Look at this. I told you Iíd see you again.

Alexis: Mmm --

John: D.A. Lansing. I'm John Durant. I'm sorry to interrupt you on an obviously very busy work day, but we need to talk.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Dillon: Don't you want your daughter to know what she's signing?

Simon: Are you trying to blow this deal?

Carly: Why is a Manhattan doctor drinking alone?

Steven: How about we play a game and Iíll tell you all about it, huh?

Sonny: Take the plea bargain; I won't have you killed.

John: I'm sure we can find a way to work together.

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