GH Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 9/8/04

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Edward: Good morning, Alice.

Alice: Good morning, sir.

Edward: Monica and Alan, what a surprise to see you.

Monica: This is my house, Edward.

Alan: Where else did you think we would be?

Edward: At the hospital. Since you're out of the running to inherit, I'd keep an eye on your day jobs.

[Ned chuckles]

Ned: Well, at least we're consistent.

Alan: What is that supposed to mean?

Ned: I'm referring to the lengths this family will go to get richer.

Tracy: Including you. Or was snooping after mother's judge just sport for you?

Ned: Felicia asked to meet us all here, so Iím just going to mind my own business until she shows up.

Heather: Edward, don't you think you'd be better off with juice than coffee?

Edward: I think juice would be wonderful, Heather. Thank you.

Tracy: Daddy, do you really think that Felicia is going to give you mother's estate with your mistress drooling at your knee?

Edward: I told you to keep Heather out of this.

Alan: Will you two pipe down?

Felicia: Good morning.

Ned: Morning.

Alan: Hello.

Felicia: Thank you all for meeting me.

Tracy: Hmm. Skip the big buildup. Who gets the money?

Dillon: Hey, what are you doing here?

Lucas: I got a call from Brook.

Georgie: So did we. She sounded really upset.

Dillon: Yeah.

Lucas: Hey, what's going on? You said it was important.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, it's -- it's about Sage and the secret that she carried.

Lois: Thanks for meeting me here.

Lorenzo: It was kind of you to call. Sage is buried next to her father. I believe she's finally at peace.

Lois: I hope so. Forgive me, but there's something that I need to ask you.

Lorenzo: What is it?

Lois: Did you kill Mary Bishop?

Nikolas: Outside. I know talking about Maryís death last night is going to be difficult, but you have nothing to worry about, ok? You're going to be fine as long as you just tell the truth.

Jason: Don't say anything.

Brook Lynn: I was up all night. I couldn't get Sage's poem out of my head.

Dillon: Well, yeah, but, you know, I mean, that's because it's so real. It was like something out of a journal, you know?

Brook Lynn: I guess a part of me, you know, could just relate to what she was going through.

Dillon: Yeah. I mean, you know, Sage tried really hard not to let all of us know who she really was for a long time.

Lucas: But she wanted to tell you. That's why she wrote you that letter.

Georgie: I wonder if she ever would've mailed it, though.

Dillon: I should've given her more chance to be friends, and I didn't, so --

Georgie: After reading Sage's poem and the letter, she sounds like she was really worth knowing.

Lucas: Well, it's too late.

Brook Lynn: Maybe not.

Dillon: What does that mean?

Brook Lynn: I don't know if it's a violation of Sage's privacy, but Iíve got this melody I couldn't get out of my head.

Dillon: Ok, all right, so you wrote something about Sage? Is that what you're saying?

Brook Lynn: No. I turned her poem into a song.

Felicia: I've been observing this family for sometime now.

Tracy: Spying.

Ned: Let her talk.

Felicia: Lila loved you all very much -- even when you didn't deserve it.

Monica: And we all loved Lila.

Felicia: She wanted to be fair about who would inherit. She thought this would bring out the best in all of you, but unfortunately, the opposite happened.

Tracy: Oh, you smug little pixie.

Alan: You're making Feliciaís point for her.

Felicia: You and Monica formed an alliance to influence the outcome.

Monica: We were trying to protect the interests of our children.

Felicia: Well, Ned even used his own daughter to reveal who I was as Lilaís judge.

Ned: I'm still not sure why that's considered cheating.

Tracy: It all pales by comparison to what Daddy's doing right now.

Edward: Felicia eliminated you, not me. Why are you trying to sway her opinion?

Tracy: I don't care about Felicia! What I do care about is the fact that my mother loved you her entire adult life, and what you're doing insults her memory!

Edward: Heather is trying to comfort me in my time of mourning.

Tracy: Oh!

Alan: And Felicia believes -- and I do repeat Felicia believes -- that mother would want father to move on.

Monica: Not with Heather Webber.

Ned: I agree.

Edward: I don't give a damn what any of you think.

Felicia: Well, I have to say I think Edward seems very happy, and Lila would be pleased with that.

Tracy: Oh, really? So that's it, hmm? You're giving mother's estate to Daddy?

Lucky: Hey -- um -- did you see Emily the night Mary died?

Elizabeth: Yeah, she was in the hall near the I.C.U.

Lucky: Was Emily alone?

Elizabeth: Yes. I was just doing rounds with my medicine cart and -- well, I realized I forgot something, so I asked her to watch it for me.

Nikolas: Emily needs to cooperate with the police, Jason.

Jason: No, she doesnít.

Nikolas: I know it's your first reaction not to cooperate, but that's because you usually have something to hide.

Emily: Ok, you don't understand.

Nikolas: Em, refusing to answer questions only makes you look guilty when you're not.

Emily: Listen, I know you're worried.

Nikolas: No, I'm not. Not really. You'll be fine, but I think following his advice right now is a bad idea.

Emily: Ok, I asked Jason to come down here. I need him.

Lorenzo: You realize I just returned from South America where I've been burying my niece?

Lois: You suffered a terrible loss, and you wanted revenge.

Lorenzo: Mary had been shot. It was my understanding she could've died any minute.

Lois: Mary Bishop was given the wrong medication and she died of heart failure.

Lorenzo: And you think I arranged it?

Lois: I think it's highly possible, yeah, given how angry you were.

Lorenzo: If I went to the trouble of having Mary murdered, why would I tell you?

Lois: So far, you haven't told me anything.

Lorenzo: Have you shared your suspicions with Commissioner Scorpio?

Lois: I don't want you to be punished. I really just want to know the truth. Are you capable of having somebody killed?

Lorenzo: Absolutely.

Monica: This is just wrong.

Alan: Yes, father has his own fortune. Besides that, he's inherited all the community property.

Alice: Well, Mrs. Lila loved him, and she would've wanted him to have the money.

Ned: Then why didn't she leave him the money outright? She was clearly trying to provide for the rest of us.

Felicia: Edward was Lilaís lifelong companion. He was the father to her children; the love of her life -- despite all of his faults.

Monica: What a polite way to refer to Edwardís constant philandering.

Felicia: Lila wanted you to all have a chance to inherit. She made it very clear to me that I should keep an open mind.

Ned: Then do that. There are kids in this family who haven't had the time to be as awful as the rest of us.

Alan: Yes, Emily is kind and generous.

Ned: And Brook Lynn.

Monica: Yes, that's true.

Ned: Brook Lynn sings like an angel.

Tracy: What about Dillon?

[All talking at once]

Alice: Quiet!

Felicia: Thank you, Alice.

[Felicia giggles]

Felicia: Oh, let's see. After a while, Iíve realized now that Edward has crossed the line just as much as all of you have.

Monica: I told you not to count your chickens.

Felicia: And -- but as you pointed out, there are other worthy candidates. There's Skye, who was like a granddaughter to Lila. There's Justus, there's Michael, there's little Kristina. There's --

Tracy: Michael is a Corinthos. He has been totally indoctrinated into the mob. He is a criminal-in-training. Skye -- hmm. She's in jail for life.

Alan: Skye was framed.

Monica: Michael is our grandson whether you like it or not.

Felicia: There's Dillon, there's Brook, there's Emily, there's Jason. There's a whole --

Tracy: Jason -- let me see -- is that the contract killer? Where does he rank on your scale of virtue?

Edward: I have not been eliminated.

Felicia: Actually, Edward, I'm sorry to say --

Edward: Agh!

Heather: Edward?

Edward: Oh -- oh --

Heather: Are you all right?

Monica: Oh, please!

Alice: Mr. Q?

Heather: What is it?

Alice: Mr. Q, did you take your pill today?

Edward: Oh --

Felicia: Alan, do something!

Alan: Why? He's obviously faking.

Tracy: Oh, Daddy, this is low, even for you.

Monica: I mean, Edward, if you weren't disqualified before, you sure are now.

Heather: What is wrong with you people? Do something! Obviously, this man is having an attack!

Ned: Ever heard of the boy who cried "wolf"?

Felicia: I'm calling an ambulance.

Heather: Please hurry! He could be dying!

[Edward groans]

[Tracy laughs]

Ric: Ooh, following me, are you?

Alexis: Yes, that's right. I like to keep tabs on you wherever you are. It's a courthouse. We're both lawyers.

Ric: But you are happy to see me, aren't you?

Alexis: I'm happy to be leaving.

Ric: Ah. Not even interested in the least little bit as to why I'm here.

Alexis: No, I'm really not, but apparently you want to tell me something, so go ahead.

Ric: Well, I'm here to argue a case against Justus. He's representing Faith.

Alexis: On what grounds?

Ric: Well, it's a conflict of interest. I mean, they're romantically involved.

Alexis: It's a smokescreen. He beat you the last time you were up against him and you don't want a rematch.

Ric: No, I'm just following procedure. I mean, they are sleeping together, so I think that is a clear-cut case of conflict of interest.

Alexis: Good reason why he wants to keep her out of jail. If it were opposing counsel, then you would have an argument.

Ric: Oh -- oh, oh, oh, I see. So you think that two working professionals, if they are having this, say, passionate love affair in private, they are not going to be able to maintain their integrity at the workplace?

Alexis: I can't say that Iíve given it a moment of thought.

Ric: You might want to.

Alexis: You should be glad Iím not defending Faith because if I were, Iíd win.

Ric: Guess I'll never know.

Lorenzo: I'm glad that Mary Bishop is dead. Let's recount. Sage was trapped when that madwoman found her, and she must have been terrified, and she didn't die without pain. She bled to death from a three-pronged stab wound.

Lois: Mary was insane.

Lorenzo: Does that give her the right to kill Sage and get away with it?

Lois: Did you poison Mary Bishop?

Lorenzo: I didn't have time! I was too busy burying my brother's daughter, the child he entrusted me to care for! I laid that beautiful picture you gave me on top of the casket as I put her in the ground.

Lois: I'm so sorry.

Lorenzo: Sorry that you accused me, or sorry that Sage is dead?

Lois: Both. You know that.

Lorenzo: I'm glad that Sage's killer is dead. I just wish she'd suffered the way Sage suffered. That's the only explanation I'm giving you. Believe what you want.

Emily: I'll be ok.

Nikolas: I just want this Mary nightmare behind us, and if you talk to the police, we're that much closer.

Jason: Emily, we need to talk -- alone.

Emily: Can you give us a minute?

Nikolas: Yeah, I'll wait outside.

Emily: Ok.

Lucky: Hey -- what are you doing here?

Nikolas: Ric wanted to ask Emily some questions about Maryís death. She's hesitant for some reason. I don't know. I know Ric. Ric has tried to railroad me in the past, but Emilyís fine. She's innocent. She didn't do anything.

Lucky: Yeah, well, you know what? The best thing for her to do right now is cooperate.

Nikolas: That's what I said, but Jason disagrees.

Jason: Emily, it doesn't matter that you're innocent. The cops will twist whatever you say to implicate you. They want this case closed, and you're the obvious suspect.

Emily: But doesn't refusing to answer make me look guilty?

Jason: No, it makes you look smart. You hated Mary, and that's motive. Ric called you down here because he wants you to incriminate yourself.

Emily: All right, so -- so what do I do?

Jason: You don't say anything without an attorney. No matter what they ask you, no matter how easy you think it will be to explain what happened, do not say a word.

Alan: Call ahead and notify Dr. Caletti we're coming in.

Ned: Take good care of him, guys.

Monica: Edward, we'll see you at the hospital. You'll be fine.

Tracy: You're responsible for this, Felicia.

Ned: Mother, now is not the time.

Tracy: He just lost his wife. Now you're dangling money over his head and making the rest of us jump through hoops?

Alan: Tracy, let me drive you to the hospital. We've got no time to waste.

Heather: Why don't you take in a movie while you're at it?

Tracy: What is that supposed to mean?

Heather: No one here cares about Edward. You didn't even make a move when he collapsed. If it weren't for Felicia and Alice, he'd still be on the floor, probably dead by now!

Ned: My grandfather has been known to fake a heart attack to get his own way.

Monica: We had no reason to believe this was a real crisis!

Heather: I'm just glad that Feliciaís here to see you for who you really are -- people who care more about money than family.

Tracy: Oh, you hypocritical piece of --

Felicia: Stop it! All right! Because of this tragedy, I have decided to wipe the slate clean. You are all in the running to inherit Lilaís estate once again. You have one last chance to love each other. The person who is the most selfless gets the money.

Justus: The district attorney is grandstanding, your honor. There is absolutely no legal reason why I can't represent Mrs. Rosco.

Ric: It's a conflict of interest, your honor. I have absolutely no intention of leaving this conviction open for the possibility of being overturned on appeal.

Judge: What is the nature of this conflict of interest?

Ric: Mr. Ward is sleeping with his client.

Justus: My personal relationship isn't at issue!

Ric: Ms. Rosco has escaped custody twice, your honor, and Mr. Ward was either her accomplice or her hostage. Either way, he cannot fairly represent her.

Justus: These are unfounded accusations!

Judge: I've heard enough!

Justus: There's absolutely no proof, your honor!

Judge: I've heard enough, Mr. Ward! Find your client another attorney. You won't be trying this case.

Brook Lynn: Here I am unseen you look through me unaffected so stand beside me and don't deny me and help me find my way all alone I stand looking in at your world so hold me, break me and mold me, make me fit where I belong when all Iím trying to find is right before my eyes here I am

Georgie: Wow.

[Piano stops]

Dillon: It captures everything that Sage wanted to say. The music matches the lyrics perfectly, just perfectly.

Simon: Dillon's right.

Georgie: Mr. Niles -- um --

Lucas: You heard the song?

Simon: Every note. I think it's going to make Brook a star.

Lucky: I need to speak to Emily alone.

Emily: So, is this official?

Lucky: I'm a cop, but I'm also your friend. And I want to clear this up for you, but that's why I need to know everything that happened the night Mary died.

Nikolas: Listen, you really want to help Emily? You should probably leave.

Jason: She wanted me here.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I realize that. It's like a reflex with her. Every time she thinks she's in trouble, she calls you so you can fix it for her.

Jason: No, actually, she doesnít. And that should give you some idea of how scared she is. Emily tries to work out things on her own, and then when they don't work out, that's when she calls me.

Nikolas: No, it's real simple to me. All she has to do, Jason, is give a statement.

Jason: Yeah, see, and that's why I'm here, Nikolas, because Emily loves you and she will do anything that you ask, even when it goes against her best interests. The truth is that Emily went to Maryís house more than once, ok? She threatened Mary more than once, and that makes her look bad, maybe even guilty. That's why I don't want her talking to Ric.

Nikolas: She had --

Jason: There's no way that Emily can explain what happened without her showing how much she hated Mary.

Nikolas: But she had a right to do all that. The woman tried to kill her! Come on!

Jason: Right, right, and the woman slept with you for three months. You don't think the cops are going to bring that up? Throw it in her face? And how do you think Emily is going to respond to that? Of course she's not going to blame you. No, no, she's going to blame Mary. Mary lied to you; she took advantage of you. That's motive for murder, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Oh, come on. Come on, how could anyone think that Emily is a killer? That's ridiculous.

Jason: Yeah, well, how could anyone think that Mary was at first? I met her; she was nice. She was a little strange. Ok, I knew that she was lying about something, but I had no idea she basically kidnapped you.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Jason: And even after you knew the truth, you didn't realize that she was a threat. You didn't see her as violent, right?

Nikolas: What, you think that -- you think I should've known that Mary would try to kill Emily?

Jason: No, that's not -- no. I'm just saying, you know, maybe you're a little too close to this. And if you're blaming yourself for everything that happened, you need to stop because you're only making things worse for Emily. The cops know better than to bring her in here without a lawyer. They were setting her up. And I know you want this over with, but you're playing right into their hands.

Justus: I've just been removed from Faith's case.

Alexis: Ric mentioned that he was going to bring up the question of conflict of interest.

Justus: Do you think she'll get fair representation?

Alexis: Everyone's entitled to that.

Justus: She needs a good attorney right now, and I'm looking at the best.

Alexis: Uh-uh, no, no. I was married to Jax. That's clearly a conflict of interest.

Justus: I doubt Ric will bring that up to the judge, all right? Ric's looking to try another case against you. He wants to win.

Alexis: She did something horrible to somebody that I care about. I have no desire to represent her.

Justus: Faith has made a lot of mistakes, mostly out of desperation. I seriously doubt she was trying to kill Jax.

Alexis: That doesn't make what she did ok.

Justus: If Faith is acquitted, she plans on leaving the country to start an honest life.

Alexis: Why do you care so much?

Justus: I failed Faith once. This is my chance to make it up to her.

Alexis: Justus, you are asking a lot.

Justus: You got a second chance. Why don't you do the same for Faith?

Alexis: You're in love with her.

 [Monitor beeps]

Tracy: Daddy?

Edward: Why is it always you? Huh?

Tracy: Because when you're really in trouble, I can't turn my back on you.

Edward: What happened?

Tracy: You had a mild heart attack.

Edward: It was so sudden. It felt like an elephant on my chest.

Tracy: When I finally realized that it wasn't a game, my first thought was, "It's not your time to go, Daddy." Mother can't take you from us so soon after leaving herself.

Edward: Your mother belonged with the angels. I'm too mean to die.

Tracy: Don't I know it.

Edward: The others?

Tracy: They're all outside, including Felicia. Speaking of Felicia, she feels so badly about you that she actually changed her mind about the inheritance. She wiped the slate clean. We're all eligible to inherit again.

[Monitor beeps rapidly]

Edward: Get -- get Felicia!

Felicia: I'm right here. You need to stay calm. You're coming with me. Someone needs to check on Edward.

Alan: Why? He was stable.

Tracy: He woke up.

Felicia: Tracy needed to update him on Lilaís estate, so he got a little agitated, and it raised his blood pressure.

Heather: You are unbelievable. Edward doesn't need another coronary over money!

Monica: He's fine.

Felicia: And he's going to stay fine. From now on, everyone has to stay away from Edward. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

Tracy: Oh --

Ned: You can't be serious.

Tracy: He's sick. He needs his family around him.

Felicia: The Quartermaines are hazardous to his health. If anyone sets foot in that room, they will be eliminated.

Heather: Well, fortunately, I'm not a Quartermaine, so that doesn't apply to me. I'm going to go check on Edward.

Alan: Are you sure about this?

Ned: I'm sure your intentions are good, but this is a mistake.

Monica: She is a blatant schemer!

Tracy: And you just handed my father to her on a silver platter.

Simon: I'm serious, Brook. I think you got a major hit on your hands.

Brook Lynn: It's a personal piece.

Simon: The best songs usually are.

Lucas: So you want to produce it?

Simon: Maybe. With a few minor changes. I'd like to make it a little faster, up the tempo, you know, give it some danceability?

Dillon: It -- it's a ballad.

Simon: Ballads are for follow-up singles.

Georgie: Maybe it could be just a little faster.

Simon: Don't take this the wrong way, but Iíd like to try and rework your image a little -- hair, makeup? You know, you got to sell the rage under your pain. No reason why you shouldn't look hot doing it.

Lucas: Brook is beautiful the way she is.

Simon: No one's denying that.

Dillon: Oh, yeah? Then why are you trying to turn her into a pop diva clone?

Simon: 20 years' experience. Come on, show a little imagination. It'll still be the same girl underneath the glamour.

Georgie: What Dillon is trying to say --?

Dillon: No, I said exactly what I mean. Brook is her own person, and she's talented the way she is.

Simon: I wasn't aware you had a manager.

Brook Lynn: I donít.

Lucas: We all just want to make sure the song is done right.

Simon: Then leave the marketing to me. The bottom line is I like the song, and I want Brook singing it.

Dillon: Well, I think Sage would agree, but --

Brook Lynn: I don't know.

Lois: Simon!

Simon: Lois, you are a very naughty girl. I cannot believe you've been hiding this one under the table.

Lois: Well, you know I love a surprise.

Simon: Brook Lynnís new song is breakout material. I -- Iíd like to use it to launch her. Actually, we were just going over some minor adjustments.

Lois: What about the girl band?

Simon: Yeah, that was a -- that was just a gimmick. I mean, come on, that was just something to give my first season a jolt of press. This, however -- this -- this is the real thing.

Lois: So, you want Brookie to sing solo?

Simon: Well, yeah, I'm hearing her again. I think she'd be wasted in an ensemble. Lois, Lois, this is the real deal. You know, add to that our combined skills as managers -- we could have a platinum hit.

Lois: Did you hear what he said? He said "platinum." You have a deal, Simon. You have a deal. My Brookie is all yours.

Nikolas: I honestly don't think you're seeing this clearly, Jason.

Jason: Look, Mary came at you and Emily with a knife. You grabbed the police commissioner's gun, and you shot her.

Nikolas: What, you would have done it differently?

Jason: No, you did what you had to do, but now there's a mess and my sister's been pulled in. I want to get her clear of this.

Nikolas: Then let her talk to the police, Jason.

Jason: No!

Nikolas: She's innocent, you know that!

Jason: The police do not care! Emily had motive, means, and opportunity. The more she tries to explain; the worse she'll incriminate herself.

Nikolas: Yeah? And what if you're wrong? Huh?

Jason: You're the one who shot her. And you know Emilyís going to do anything she can to protect you. The more pressure she's under, the more likely she's going to make a mistake.

Nikolas: Jason, Jason, you're acting like she has something to hide. She didn't give Mary the wrong meds. She didn't give her any meds. Come on, you know her. She doesn't even have it in her to kill anyone.

Jason: Nikolas, the police do not care. This isn't about guilt. This isn't about innocent or who killed who. This is about me protecting my sister, and you should want that as much as I do.

Nikolas: Need more time?

Lucky: Yeah, Emilyís refused to answer any questions.

Emily: Does that mean Iím free to go?

Lucky: Yeah, for now. But don't leave town.

Monica: You realize that Heather is going to take advantage of this to make a move on Edward.

Ned: You're giving her the perfect opportunity to exploit his grief.

Alan: Listen, Monica and I are doctors. We have to monitor him.

Monica: Yeah.

Felicia: It wasn't my intention to give Heather easy access, and -- well, from what I can see, she does more good than harm, unlike all of you. So the rule -- it still stands. If you want Lilaís money, you have to stay away from Edward.

Heather: You had me worried there.

Edward: I'll be fine.

Heather: I'm going to make sure of it. I don't plan to leave your side for one second.

Edward: Hmm. I don't think they're going to like that.

Heather: Well, that's their problem. I care about you, Edward. I want to make sure that you recover fully and protect you from those vultures.

Edward: I couldn't be in better hands.

Heather: Just leave it to me.

Simon: Call me, we'll have dinner.

Lois: All right, thank you. Bye.

Lucas: Hey, you ok?

[Door closes]

Lois: I knew you had it in you! One of the biggest names in music just handed you your ticket, baby. He loved your new song!

Brook Lynn: Ma, I didn't even write it. The lyrics came from Sage's poem.

Georgie: Yes, but you composed the music.

Lois: I don't understand. You didn't write those words?

Dillon: Sage wrote me a letter that she never mailed. The poem was in that letter.

Lucas: Yeah, Brook put Sage's words to music.

Lois: Where did you get that letter?

Dillon: Lorenzo Alcazar gave it to me when I went to talk to him yesterday.

Georgie: Brook Lynn is keeping Sage's words alive through song.

Dillon: Yeah. I mean, Sage didn't want to be seen as a brat. She wanted to be liked, and maybe other people who feel that way would be helped, too, if the song became a hit.

Lois: You kids are getting ahead of yourselves.

Lucas: Why? You heard what Simon said. He wants her to sing the song on the show.

Lois: We don't own the lyrics so we don't own the song.

Lucas: Who does?

Brook Lynn: Mr. Alcazar.

Lois: As Sage's closest relative, he controls the rights.

Lorenzo: Officer Spencer? I understand Mary Bishop died.

Lucky: Yeah, last night. You mind if I ask where you were?

Lorenzo: Caracas, Venezuela, burying my niece. Why do you ask?

Lucky: Well, the autopsy confirmed that Mary died from a lethal dose of wrong medication.

Lorenzo: Oh. Do you have a suspect in custody?

Lucky: Why? Are you volunteering?

Jason: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jason: Hey. Emily told me that you were working here now.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm a student nurse. It's a more practical job than, you know, being an artist.

Jason: As long as you like it.

Elizabeth: So far, so good.

Jason: Can I ask you a couple of questions?

Elizabeth: Sure.

Jason: Emily said that -- that you were working the night that Mary died.

Elizabeth: That's right.

Jason: And you saw Emily here?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, she was in the corridor near the I.C.U. She had been in earlier to see Mary, and I was just doing rounds with my med cart, realized I forgot something, and I asked her to watch it for a few minutes.

Jason: So she was alone with the med cart?

Elizabeth: Yeah, but just for a few minutes.

Jason: Ok. What happened next?

Elizabeth: I came back. I gave the med cart to Donna Harris -- she was the nurse in charge -- and then I went off duty.

Jason: Have you told anybody else about this?

Elizabeth: Well, only Lucky. But he was just doing follow-up, Jason. He doesn't suspect Emily of trying --

Jason: Ok, can you just do me a favor and not tell anybody else about Emily?

Elizabeth: Ok. But it really shouldn't matter.

Jason: Well --

Elizabeth: I mean, yeah, Emily hates Mary, but she didn't try to kill her.

Jason: I know, but the cops need a suspect, and Emilyís not thinking straight right now. She almost lost Nikolas more than once, and she would do anything to protect him -- even incriminate herself.

Emily: The -- the fact is, you know, Jasonís had a lot of experience with situations like this, and --

Nikolas: He's afraid that you'll incriminate yourself to protect me, but Iím telling you, you don't have anything to worry about because you're innocent, ok?

Emily: Ok -- you're wrong. I'm not innocent at all.

Alexis: I'm going to need to see your witness list.

Ric: In which case?

Alexis: Faith Rosco.

Ric: Yeah, well, I thought you and Jax were close. And why on earth would you represent the woman who shot him?

Alexis: Everyone deserves representation.

Ric: That's what public defenders are for.

Alexis: Bet you wish you had a law school newbie. That way, you could just roll over them.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Why don't you just admit it? You'll take any case so that you can be close to me.

Alexis: You're going to lose. I'm going to have Faith cleared of all charges.

Ric: Well, then, you'll be signing her death warrant. Because once Faith is free, you and I both know Sonny's going to kill her.

Justus: Judge Cordova won't allow me to represent you, but I've asked Alexis Davis to take your case.

Faith: Oh, come on, you can't be serious. Alexis? Please, I -- I know her. She handled my money-laundering charges, and -- uh, she is the ex-wife of the guy I shot, and she's got this --

Justus: No, no, no, none of that matters right now, Faith, none of it.

Faith: Really? Well, does it matter that she hates me and that she'll probably throw my case so that I go to prison for life?

Justus: Alexis Davis is an excellent attorney, all right? She will win this case.

Faith: Ok, what'd you have to do to get her?

Justus: All I had to do was point out that this was an opportunity for her to beat up Lansing. That was all the incentive she needed.

Faith: Ok, be honest. Can she win?

Justus: The state has a strong case against you, Faith. There's no denying that. But Alexis' prior relationship with Jax could work to our advantage. She could trip him up on the stand and cast reasonable doubt on his testimony.

Faith: I don't know.

Justus: Alexis is our best chance. If she wins -- and she can -- you're going to go free, and we'll be together for the rest of our lives.

Brook Lynn: Guess we're off the "Grrrl Power" show.

Dillon: Oh. Oh, I could kiss you for that. Platonically, I could kiss --

Lucas: Yeah.

Dillon: Platonically --

Brook Lynn: We were supposed to be on TV together, all right, and all of a sudden it's about me? I mean, that's so unfair to you guys.

Georgie: I would not feel right about being on the show after what happened to Sage.

Dillon: Well, the only reason we were in the competition was to further along your career, so --

Lucas: Yeah, we all believe in you.

Dillon: Brook, the only thing for you to do now is believe in yourself.

Lorenzo: Twice in one morning.

Lois: I wanted to apologize.

Lorenzo: You're entitled to your suspicions.

Lois: I was incredibly insensitive before. Your whole life's been thrown into turmoil after what happened to Sage. You don't need me making it worse.

Lorenzo: Apology accepted. Was there anything else?

Lois: The timing is really terrible.

Lorenzo: What are we talking about?

Lois: What would I have to do to persuade you to agree to something you're going to hate?

Jason: Nikolas wants to believe that the system works.

Elizabeth: And sometimes it does.

Jason: Well, sometimes isn't good enough, and I don't want to take that risk with Emily.

Elizabeth: Come on, Jason. You know, when you're in a relationship, you want to have complete trust in the other person. Well, that's what Emilyís trying to do with Nikolas.

Jason: Yeah, but, Elizabeth, she's my little sister, and I have to protect her.

Elizabeth: I know, and she's going to be ok.

Jason: She hated Mary. They had fights in public over Nikolas.

Elizabeth: True. But isn't that all circumstantial?

Jason: Well, Emily was in the corridor outside Maryís room along with the med cart the night Mary died. It doesn't matter that she's innocent. She looks guilty, and she could be charged with murder.

Emily: I should've listened to everyone and just stayed away from Mary.

Nikolas: Emily, it was -- listen, it was a perfectly normal reaction after the way that she hurt us both.

Emily: Honey, you don't understand. I went back to Maryís room last night --

Nikolas: I know, I know. You wanted her to know that we weren't going to take it anymore. You were angry at her. So what?

Emily: No, no, Nikolas, I think I killed Mary.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lorenzo: That's what you wanted for Sage, wasn't it? To make money off her.

Emily: I gave Mary those pills! I killed her!

Lucky: You're retracting your statement.

Jason: Emily needs a really good lawyer!

Justus: You want me to take this case out of gratitude?

Sonny: Did you find Carlyís father?

Carly: I have to tell you something.

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