GH Transcript Thursday 9/2/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/2/04

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Sage's voice: Who can drive me up the wall? Who can always make me fall? You don't seem to see at all you neglect me, boy you affect me so much

Georgie: Brook -- Brook --

Sage's voice: Your touch it keeps me

[Music stops]

Georgie: I need your help.

Brook Lynn: What are you doing? That was Sage's only completed track.

Georgie: This is an emergency! Dillon is about to get himself killed!

Lorenzo: Dillon --

Dillon: I am so sorry for Sage's death. I'm so sorry that I wasn't better friend to her --

Lorenzo: There's no need for you to apologize.

Dillon: No, no, it's my fault that she -- she got locked in the freezer. So if you want revenge, I think you should take it out on me.

Ric: That was fast.

Sonny: What do you want?

Ric: Well, I just thought you might like to know. Somebody close to you is betraying you right now.

Sam: What happened?

Jason: I'm fine.

Sam: You're fine. Look, how many times are we going to do this? I ask you what's wrong, you say, "nothing." I beg you to tell me. There's something obviously bothering you.

Jason: I just don't like watching someone I care about hurt themselves.

Courtney: Don't move.

Jax: Why would I want to --?

[Courtney cocks gun]

Courtney: No, I'm serious. Jax, don't move an inch.

Jax: You know, you've had my attention for months. There's really no need for the gun.

Courtney: God, would you stop flirting for a second and look down?

Jax: Uh-oh. There's a better way to handle this, ok? Just put the gun away.

Courtney: Just shut up or it's going to strike!

Jax: Well, if you shoot and miss, you're going to -- you're going to hit something I value a lot more than my pride, ok?

Courtney: Look, just stop talking, ok, and hold still.

Jax: No, just put the gun away -- please, put the gun down, ok? I can -- ah! See? You missed it.

Courtney: What, are you crazy? What if it bit you?

Jax: Well, I'd rather it bite me than take my chances with a gun!

Courtney: But how could you know it wasn't going to be poisonous, Jax?

Jax: Oh, I just, you know, I played the odds.

Courtney: What, is everything a bet to you?

Jax: Yeah, pretty much.

Courtney: Oh, my God. You know, I don't know whether to be appalled or impressed.

Jax: Well, that was pretty impressive Crocodile Dundee style there, you got to admit.

Courtney: You know, you wouldn't have to worry about snakes if you had gotten your own room instead of spending the night on my terrace!

Jax: Yeah, but I wanted to be close to you, you know? It would have been a hell of a lot more fun if you invited me in.

Courtney: Yeah, according to you.

Jax: Well, it's not too late. You know, I predict that before the sun goes down you'll be asking me to crawl into your bed.

Justus: I'm impressed by your endurance.

Faith: Yeah, well, I've had a lot of time to build up my stamina. It hasn't been the easiest life.

Justus: You're a survivor, Faith.

Faith: Why do people always say that like it's a compliment? It's no fun being a survivor. You're always fighting to breathe.

Justus: Not for the moment. Get some rest.

[Faith grunts]

Faith: So what do you think of my hiding place?

Justus: You weren't kidding when you said this place was secluded.

Faith: It's a hidden room under the Cassadine estate. Luke told me about this place. He said he used to store his undeclared imports here.

Justus: Right under Helenaís nose, huh?

Faith: Uh-huh. He has a perverse sense of humor.

Justus: Luke's a borderline nut case.

Faith: We can't all be as rational as you.

Justus: Excuse me? I'm the one helping a fugitive escape the authorities, remember.

Faith: I am more to you than just a fugitive, and strong feelings are a powerful motivator.

Justus: You could put a spin on anything, couldn't you?

Faith: I am simply teaching you a valuable lesson -- that it's better to be bad than good. Admit it, you are having fun. I mean --

Justus: Faith -- Faith --

Faith: I'm ok. I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok.

Justus: You need to be in a hospital right now.

Faith: Can't go, and you know it.

Justus: If I don't get you medication, you're not going to last long enough for us to make a run.

Faith: I'm a survivor, just like you said. Look, I am about to get the second chance that I didn't even know I wanted -- a new identity, money in the bank, and you. And I will do whatever it takes to get it.

Ric: See, Faith was injured at the time that she disappeared, so I don't think that she could have gotten away alone.

Sonny: I really don't give a damn about Faith.

Ric: Well, I know you don't, but, see, I believe that Justus was the one who helped her escape. He is your attorney, right?

Sonny: Not anymore. He's working for Faith now.

Ric: Oh. You know where he is?

Sonny: Is that why you called me over here, so I can to help you find --

Ric: Look, just consider this a warning. Justus has clearly switched sides.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: And if he and Faith are on the run, they're going to need some cash. I've already frozen Faith's assets.

Sonny: Get to the point now, Ric.

Ric: The point is that if Justus wants to get Faith out of the country safely, he's going to need major funds, and he can tap into your accounts. What I want from you is I want you to let us monitor your accounts. That way, if either of them turn up, then I can nab them.

Sonny: This is a waste of my time, as usual --

Ric: I see, so what you're going to do is instead of work with the law you're going to let Jason go in and try to bring Justus in. Is that it?

Sonny: We're through here.

Ric: You know what? I don't think you've considered one thing. See, Justus and Jason are cousins.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: It might not be that easy for your enforcer to handle family. Why don't you just let me help you with this?

Sonny: I don't know where Justus is. I have not heard from him. I don't know if he's helping Faith or not, and I -- you know what? I'm through talking to you about this.

Ric: Ok, then just listen, because if Justus or Faith turn up dead, I'm going to have to charge you.

Jason: I drove Carly to the airport; tried to talk some sense into her.

Sam: Well, did you try and explain she might regret finding her father?

Jason: Carly doesn't listen once her mind's made up. I mean, we get to the security gate. She said, "Jason, please, I'm going to find my dad, you know, and just be happy for me." Carly isn't even sure that this guy is her father.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How many boyfriends did Bobbie have when Carly was conceived? I'm not judging or anything. I just know how much pressure it can be when paternity is in question.

Jason: But Bobbie worked as a prostitute while she was in Florida.

Sam: What? Carly's mother?

Jason: Yes.

Sam: She's, like, the most well-respected nurse at General Hospital. I can't --

Jason: Yeah, and I just think Carlyís walking into a bad situation. This supposed father is a stranger who never even knew that she existed.

Sam: All right, well, I know how hard it can be when you feel abandoned by a parent. I mean, I always wanted to know my mother.

Jason: Yeah, and when you met her, you regretted it. Carly never had a father, and she never will. Not really.

Sam: If the D.N.A. Matches --

Jason: If the D.N.A. -- everything's D.N.A. D.N.A. Is just a science.

Sam: You're right. Jason, you're right. A father is a man who makes his kid breakfast in the morning and reads her to sleep at night. A real dad is the one man a kid can count on for the rest of its life, and that has nothing to do with biology. It's all about love. 

Lois: Hey. Is everything all right? I got your voicemail. What's the emergency?

Brook Lynn: Ma, it's Dillon.

Georgie: He's in serious trouble.

Brook Lynn: Like life-threatening.

Lois: Oh, where is he?

Georgie: He's at Lorenzo Alcazarís.

Brook Lynn: Dillon is afraid that Alcazar is going to try and avenge Sage's death.

Georgie: Dillon's planning on taking full responsibility for what I did.

Brook Lynn: And we figure, you know, that if Alcazar's going to listen to somebody, it would be you, yeah? So maybe you could go over there and try and tell him that it's not all of Dillonís fault.

Georgie: And I'll go with you.

Lois: No, no! You guys need to calm down here.

Georgie: What? Look, I can't! What happened to Sage is completely my fault! If I had not been so mad at her, none of this --

Brook Lynn: No, Georgie, we were all mad at her that night.

Lois: You were all traumatized that night. Each and every one of you kids was a victim of Mary Bishop's insanity. Lorenzo knows that.

Georgie: Lorenzo Alcazar is a total criminal. Hey may act nice and he may talk nice, but that is a total act. Sage's -- he's dangerous. Sage's father, Lorenzoís brother, kidnapped me and Maxie. I mean, he was really polite about the whole deal, but if he didn't get what he wanted, we could have been seriously hurt.

Lois: Lorenzo is not his brother.

Brook Lynn: Ma, no, no, no. Look, Sage was his only family, all right? He's probably deranged with grief.

Lois: Well, fortunately, the only deranged one we know is Mary Bishop, and she's in the hospital right now near death.

Georgie: Dillon will be, too, unless we get over there and do something. He's taking all the blame!

Brook Lynn: Ma, I know you can save him. Please, come on.

Georgie: Please, Lois. If Dillon gets in there with Alcazar and starts talking too much, he won't get out alive.

Dillon: When -- when Sage first came to town, she was lonely. You know, not that she let anybody else see it, but -- but she was lonely, and I know that we didn't meet under the best of circumstances, but God, we got each other, you know? We both had these parents who would only pay attention to us if they felt like it, and Sage was starving for it. She was starving for attention. Even when you hired me to guard Sage, she started to like me because of it. Why, I didn't know. I thought that maybe she was playing games. I thought that maybe she was flirting with me because she was bored. I didn't look deeper into it. And when Georgie and I broke up, Sage was waiting for me. And I was hurt. I was confused. I didn't mean to use her, but I did.

Lorenzo: Dillon, just stop talking.

Dillon: No -- see, you need to hear this because you loved Sage, too! I used Sage to make Georgie jealous, and when Georgie and I got back together and Sage was, you know, kind of flipped out and acting crazy, I didn't investigate. I didn't look any further into it than I had to. And then she asked me for another chance, and you know what I said? I said no. I said no.

Lorenzo: Are you finished?

Dillon: I am asking you, if you're going to be mad at anyone, please be mad at me. Be mad at me, because I was the one who pushed Sage away. I was the one who hurt her. Now, the thing at the Quartermaines', that was an accident. It was a walk-in freezer. There was plenty of ventilation. It was off. We didn't even want to scare Sage. We just wanted to keep her away from the rest of the group.

Lorenzo: Because she was playing pranks on you and your friends.

Dillon: She and Georgie were railing on each other a little bit, and I wanted it to stop, so I took Sage down to the freezer. I took her down to the freezer to get her away from Georgie. That's what I did.

Lorenzo: Dillon, you expect me to believe that it was your idea to lock Sage in that freezer?

Dillon: Yes. Yes, I do. And you know what else? I failed Sage way before that, so if you want to take this out on somebody, I think you should make me your target.

Lorenzo: I found this in Sage's room last night.

Dillon: What is it?

Lorenzo: It's a letter to you which she never mailed.

Dillon: Why not? Why didn't she mail it?

Lorenzo: I guess she was too afraid. But everything I needed to know about your relationship with Sage is in this letter, and I'd like you to read it right now.

Sonny: Are you warning me or setting a trap?

Ric: You're paranoid?

Sonny: Am I paranoid-- well, you do have that effect on me, you know?

Ric: Gaining access to your records is only going to --

Sonny: Well, you can't get access unless you have a warrant, Ric.

Ric: Try to grasp this just for a second, ok? I am not after you at this particular moment.

Sonny: Right.

Ric: My chief priority is to find Faith, put her in prison, and then bring Justus in and get him disbarred for obstruction. That's it.

Sonny: Ok, do what you got to do. You ain't getting any help from me.

Ric: All right, you know what? If either of them wash up on some beach somewhere -- I mean, even 10 years from now -- I'm going to come to you.

Sonny: So what? I've been your target for years --

Ric: Yeah.

Sonny: Even before I knew you existed. But you know what? In a way, I should be kind of flattered because in some twisted way, I'm the center of your life.

Ric: Not anymore.

Sonny: But you know what? Ric, just one more -- can I just --

Ric: Yeah? What?

Sonny: If you -- if you did manage to kill me, would you be able to go on with your life? Because you need me, little brother, a hell of a lot more than I need you.

Jax: Would you care for some refreshments?

Courtney: Hmm. I don't do coconuts.

Jax: Well, they're actually -- they're really good for you.

Courtney: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Jax: They're high in protein and vitamins and minerals.

Courtney: I was planning on using the terrace today.

Jax: So, what's stopping you?

Courtney: It's being occupied by an unwelcome guest.

Jax: Oh, come on, the snake left a long time ago.

Courtney: Huh. Yeah. That's a matter of opinion.

Jax: Perfectly safe here, really.

Courtney: Oh, yeah -- you know, I'm serious, Jax. The snake could come back.

Jax: You know, if I always run from a "maybe," then I wouldn't be down here, because your brother already threatened to kill me.

Courtney: So you responded by stealing his plane?

Jax: No. I just asked his pilot to, you know, move over so I could fly it, and here I am. I think your brother would be very upset if he knew that I was here with you.

Courtney: Uh-huh.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon, so you are going to have to find someplace else to sleep.

Jax: In a minute -- it must have been difficult for you to sleep last night, knowing that I was only a few feet away, you know? Really difficult to sleep, fighting the kind of desire that you feel for me?

Courtney: Yeah, desire to wring your neck.

Jax: Come on, that's not really what you were hoping for last night.

Courtney: Oh, God, forget it. You know what? I'll just go to the beach instead of laying out.

Jax: No, you don't want to get a sunburn.

Courtney: I already put on some block.

Jax: Yeah, you missed a spot, right here, right there.

Courtney: You're good at this.

Jax: Well, all you need is a little, you know, encouragement and you'll realize that you want to give in to your desire.

Courtney: Oh. Hmm, that feels nice.

Jax: There's a lot more where that came from.

Courtney: Well, maybe you're right. I mean, why shouldn't I indulge myself physically?

Jax: There's no reason I can think of.

Courtney: Hmm.

Jax: Indulge yourself in some physical pleasure.

Courtney: Oh, and I think I will.

Jax: Yeah?

Courtney: Mm-hmm, because right now my body is craving a long, intense, heart-pounding swim. Be gone by the time I get back.

Lorenzo: Lois.

Lois: I admit it. I'm here to check on you.

Lorenzo: I'm preparing for Venezuela. I want Sage to be buried near her father and her grandfather.

Lois: Have you eaten? I can make you something.

Lorenzo: No, thank you.

Lois: Well, there must be some way I can help, something you need.

Lorenzo: What would you need if you were in my place?

Lois: At least let me give you this.

Lorenzo: It's beautiful.

Lois: We had some P.R. shots taken, and I thought that this one really captured Sage's spirit.

Lorenzo: If you're looking for Dillon, he's not here.

Lois: Well, forgive me for asking, but was he in one piece when he left?

Georgie: Oh, my God. Are you ok?

Lucas: Did you see Alcazar?

Dillon: I'm good, I'm good.

Brook Lynn: Dillon, you never should have gone over there alone.

Dillon: I know. I wanted to apologize. Alcazar's still grieving about Sage.

Georgie: Dillon, if he threatened you, I sw--

Dillon: He didnít. He shook my hand.

Lucas: What?

Dillon: He wanted to thank me for being Sage's friend.

Brook Lynn: What'd you say to get through to him?

Dillon: I didn't say anything. Sage did.

Sam: I have never seen you this worried before, Jason. I mean, I've seen you concerned about me and this baby and other things, but -- but this is different. It's like there's nothing you can do. There's nothing you can do for Carly to help her.

Jason: Yeah, but the man she's looking for paid Bobbie for sex. I just think she's setting herself up to get hurt.

Sam: Ok, well, she's going to have to realize that on her own. And when she gets hurt and she falls, you'll be there to pick up the pieces. It's sort of your specialty, isn't it?

Jason: What, picking up after Carly?

Sam: You know, maybe -- maybe that's the reason you agreed to have me stay here, so Carly could go to Sonny and -- I don't know, maybe she wouldn't have to feel so insecure.

Jason: No, it's not that complicated.

Sam: Yes, it is, Jason, and so are you. You are quiet and direct. People assume there's nothing going on underneath, that you don't have complex motives. But you do.

Jason: Come on, Sam. You and the baby needed a place to live, and I got the room.

Sam: Sonny would have been miserable if he would have stayed with me. He would have hated himself for leaving his family. Carly -- Carly would have done something awful. Michael would have run away to Hawaii or something. Morgan? Who knows what Morgan would have done? My point is they are your family, you love them, and this is you helping them out, Jason. So what you do? You stepped in, picked up the slack. You're stuck with me. It's fine. I get it.

Jason: Well, no, I'm not stuck. It's ok having you here. And I'm really looking forward to this baby.

Sam: Me, too. And she's going to have a mother who cherishes her and a father who does, too.

Jason: You're right. Sonny loves all his kids.

Sam: Sonny isn't going to be the one to help her find her shoes, Jason, or read her the same book over and over again or be there to grab her for a nightmare. That will be you.

Jason: Yeah, I mean, what does it matter as long as she feels safe and loved, right?

Sam: That's my point! You are going to be the one to love her. Sonny's going to be more like an uncle than a dad. Yeah, he's going to see her from across the hall, bring her gifts from time to time, but he is not going to be there every day.

Jason: His name will be on the birth certificate.

Sam: Yes -- it's paperwork. He will be the father of record. You, Jason, you will be her dad.

Sonny: What, are you guys telling secrets? Something I should know?

Courtney: Whew!

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Oh, it was amazing.

Jax: I was just going to join you.

Courtney: Oh, well, go on down to the beach. The water's great.

Jax: No, no, no, no, no, no. Come back down there with me. Come on --

Courtney: No, no, no, no, no. A little bit of sun goes a long way. Besides, I want to take a nice hot shower.

Jax: Well, that sounds good. I'll take a shower with you.

[Courtney laughs]

Courtney: No. You are already all wet.

Jax: Oh, that's nice.

Dillon: You know, I always -- always like to consider myself this quiet observer. But the whole time that I knew Sage, there was something missing, something was wrong, and it was right -- it was right in front of my face.

Georgie: Dillon, how could Sage save you from Alcazar?

Dillon: Everything that we thought we knew about Sage -- the attitude, the look -- it was an act. It was an act. I even thought -- you know, I thought that she hated the whole world.

Brook Lynn: And now you think she didn't?

Lucas: I barely knew Sage, but it sounds like guilt talking to me.

Dillon: That's my point, Lucas, it is, apparently, I didn't know Sage, either. I didn't even bother to look past who she was on the surface. The real -- the real Sage wrote me this letter a few weeks ago, and this was inside.

Lucas: A used birthday candle?

Dillon: The letter explains everything.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Do you want to read the letter to us?

Dillon: Yeah.

Dillon: "Dear Dawson, it's been a while since I called you that. When I first came to town, I always pretended I didn't know your name. It's this thing I do. I try to make people feel insignificant, maybe because I feel that way, too. I test strangers; I push them, and most of the time they go away. You didn't, and I've never thanked you for that or for the birthday breakfast. No one ever celebrated my birthday on the day when I was born. The first person to do that was you when you surprised me at Kellyís with pancakes this year. It was the best birthday I ever had. That's why I kept this candle. I'm sure I blew out tons when I was a kid, but this is the only one that I'll remember. That morning, I wished for more days with you. I wished for the courage and the confidence to give up the act and show you who I really was inside. I wished to be the kind of person you could fall in love with. I don't think that wish will ever come true, but I just want to be friends. I'm hoping -- I'm hoping if I admit how insecure I am instead of covering everything up with anger and attitude you'll be able to give me another chance. That's why I want you to get everyone we know to come together for breakfast next February 27 to celebrate the birth of the new me. The next time I blow out this candle, I want to be happy and looking forward to a whole lifetime of fun with you, my only real friend, and whoever else we meet along the way. Thank you for giving me the best day I ever had. With love, Sage."

Georgie: I can't believe it.

Brook Lynn: She was just like us.

Lucas: I totally underestimated her. After hearing that, she was so honest and sincere.

Dillon: She wrote a poem. It's beautiful.

Lois: The girls were very concerned, because Dillon was going to come over here and take full responsibility for what happened to Sage.

Lorenzo: He did.

Lois: It was an accident, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: I know. I'm grateful to Dillon. He did more for Sage than I ever did.

Lois: You loved her.

Lorenzo: But I never really took the time to know her.

Lois: Everybody always wishes they had more time with their loved ones. Life gets in the way, and it's hard to keep it in perspective.

Lorenzo: You know, I was always putting Sage off till tomorrow. She'd say, "Letís go to the movies," and I'd have business. And she would laugh and warn me that she was going to drag me with her, and I'd promise to do it next time. There aren't going to be any more next times. And that is nobody's fault but my own.

Lois: Sage knew you loved her. I could tell. Her eyes lit up when she talked about you.

Lorenzo: The truth is that I failed my niece, just like I failed my brother. They were both impulsive, reckless, and so passionate. Sage was so quick to love and even quicker to lash out. That's why they locked her in that freezer, because her friends hurt her feelings and she reacted without thinking, just like her father would have done.

Lois: Lorenzo --

Lorenzo: What Sage needed was guidance and attention, and I gave her neither.

Lois: Sage was a teenager. They make crazy mistakes, but hopefully they learn from them.

Lorenzo: Sage doesn't have time to learn from. She was cut down too young. All of her opportunities are lost, just like her fatherís. But unlike my brother, Sage will be avenged. And that woman who killed her -- she's going to pay.

Jason: Carly's plane took off with no problems.

Sonny: You don't think Carly should have gone?

Jason: You know she's not going to find what she's looking for.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Carly -- she had a pretty solid lead.

Jason: Yeah, she's going to find a stranger who doesn't even know she's alive, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I kind of agree with you, but, you know, Carly feels like a piece of her life is missing. Every child has a right to search for her father, you know? Just like every child has a right to know their real family. I need to speak with Jason -- yeah.

Sam: No problem. Ok. I'll move the dresser around.

Sonny: Don't pick -- nothing too heavy, you know? Not good for the baby.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: What's up?

Sonny: Ok. Faith is on the run. Ric thinks Justus is helping her. I need you to find them before the cops do. You call me as soon as you know anything.

Jason: Sam?

Sam: Yeah?

Jason: I'm going out on business. I'll move the dresser when I get back.

Sam: Thank you.

Sonny: So what were you and Jason-- what were you guys talking about when I came in?

Sam: Nothing specific. We were just talking. Then you got rid of him. Was that your plan all along?

Jax: Well, well. You're just in time.

Courtney: Early dinner?

Jax: Oh, I made it for both of us.

Courtney: Oh, I'm -- I'm going to go to the casino to eat.

Jax: Well, suit yourself. It's a shame, though, because these are my specialty -- spicy prawns.

Courtney: Well, I guess I could try one.

Jax: No, you canít. You can't try just one, because once you have one, then you'll want to keep eating.

Courtney: Oh, really? Well, yeah, I think I can control myself.

Jax: No, really, I don't think you can. You don't understand. These are my spicy prawn specialty. No one has ever been able to resist --

Courtney: Are you going to keep talking, or are you going to --

Jax: Ok, I'll shut up. All right, here we go.

Courtney: Here.

Jax: Here, open up --

Courtney: I can feed my--

Jax: No, no, no, it's fine, really.

Courtney: I can feed myself.

Jax: Just -- no, come on. Take a little bite.

Courtney: Hmm.

Jax: Huh? Mmm.

Courtney: They're ok.

Jax: "They're ok"?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: You're saying you can walk away from a meal like this?

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Absolutely.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Oh -- have a great dinner.

Jax: Sure. See ya.

Jax: Ah! Gets them every time.

Courtney: Well, I didn't want them to go to waste.

Jax: No. Of course you didnít. Here.

[Courtney chuckles]

Jax: Mmm. Yum.

Justus: Here, sweetheart. Oh, my God! Your fever's getting worse.

Faith: I'm cold.

Justus: If I don't get you that medication, this could turn into pneumonia.

Faith: Get it. I'll go with you.

Justus: No, no, no, no --

Faith: We should go together.

Justus: No, no, no.

Faith: No?

Justus: I'll be faster on my own.

Faith: I don't want you to leave. What if you don't come back?

Justus: I'll always come back for you, Faith. You can count on me.

Faith: I trust you, completely.

Justus: I'm going to get us what we need, ok? And then we're going to start a new life together. I promise you, Faith.

Lois: If anybody ever hurt Brook, I would blame myself, too. I would go run, screaming for vengeance if I could even walk. But I also know that revenge is pointless; it doesn't solve anything, and it certainly does not honor Sage. But loving her does, trying to live a full life, maybe even trying to find some way to make yourself happy, because that's what she'd want for you.

Lorenzo: Yeah, she probably would.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Yes. Is the jet ready? All right, I'll be right down.

Lois: I'll go. Lorenzo? I'm praying for you.

Lorenzo: Thanks. And thanks for listening and for the gift. I'll cherish it, like Sage's memory.

Brook Lynn: "Here I am. You see right through me unaffected. So stand beside me and don't deny me and help me find my way. All alone, I stand looking in at your world. So hold me, break me, and it will only make me fit where I belong. And all I'm trying to find is right before my eyes. Here I am. Take my hand. I've lived all the pain that you're fighting. So stand beside me and don't deny me. I'll help you find your way, because all you need to find is right before your eyes. Here I am."

 [Music plays]

Jax: You know, this is perfect -- great food, cold beer, fantastic company.

Courtney: Uh-uh. Well, I agree with you about the food and the beer.

Jax: You know, the night wouldn't be complete without a dance.

Courtney: Well, I -- I do kind of like this song.

Jax: May I?

Courtney: Well, it's the least I can do after that meal.

Jax: The very least.

Justus: Have the prescription ready. I'll be by to pick it up in 10 minutes. That's great. Thanks.

Sonny: I needed Jason to handle something for me. You know, he works for me full-time.

Sam: Yeah, I know what his job his, Sonny.

Sonny: He's on call 24/7. Look, sometimes I call him day or night. It may not always be convenient.

Sam: Are you trying to show me that Jason may be a little bit too busy to be a father, huh?

Sonny: No. First of all, I'm the baby's father.

Sam: I know that.

Sonny: Ok, then you need to understand that Jason helping out with the baby -- that's all great and everything, but he'll never take my place in her life.

Sam: But what if he already has?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: He works all the time! That's not going to change because you and the baby are living at his house!

Jason: You keep this up; you're going to get yourself killed.

Man: Are you related to Mr. Durant?

Emily: Now that I have you back, nothing could ever hurt me again.

Mary: Why didn't you bring my husband to see me?

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