GH Transcript Friday 8/27/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/27/04

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Justus: Alan, I need your help! She's bleeding!

Mac: What happened?

Justus: Faith, did you see who stabbed you?

[Faith groans]

Justus: Did you see who stabbed you?

Dillon: What happened?

Justus: She's been stabbed!

Alan: She's got three puncture wounds.

Faith: A claw?

Monica: Still --

Justus: Who was it?

Faith: I don't know --

Justus: Who was it, Faith?

Faith: Somebody came from behind!

Dillon: No, no, wait a second -- Brook Lynnís up there alone. I'm going.

Tracy: Dillon --

Lucas: Behind you -- right behind you!

Mac: Damn!



Dillon: Brook Lynn? Brook Lynn, where are you?

Lucas: Brook?

Brook Lynn: Hey.

Dillon: Oh, jeez --

Brook Lynn: I'm here.

Dillon: I'm glad you're ok.

Lucas: Wait -- wait, guys, we got to get back downstairs.

Brook Lynn: What -- what's going on?

Trent: Some woman got stabbed.

Brook Lynn: What?

Lucas: Probably by the same person who killed Sage.

Dillon: Yeah, he's probably up here now, so --

Lucas: Mac says it's better if we stay together.

Brook Lynn: No, guys -- what about warning Emily?

Dillon: Well, Emily is probably downstairs. We got to go! Come on!

Brook Lynn: Guys, come on, come on, come on!

Dillon: Go, go, go!

Mac: Can you tell us anything about who attacked you?

Faith: All I saw was a shadow.

Justus: How bad is she hurt, guys?

Monica: It's superficial wounds, and I don't think there's any internal injuries.

Faith: Wow, my instincts are good. I dodged in time.

Mac: Could you tell if it was a man or a woman? What about any distinctive facial features?

Faith: No, no, no! It came from behind! It was fast!

Mac: All right, Alan, Justus, help her into the living room.

Alan: Come on, Monica.


Tracy: Where's Dillon?

Lucas: He -- he was right behind me.

Georgie: You left him up there alone?

Georgie: We have to go up there.

Tracy: If you won't go after Dillon, I will!

Mac: No one is going anywhere.

Georgie: But what about Dillon?

Brook Lynn: Dillon can handle himself.

Lucas: No, we have to make sure, though.

Mac: I will go after Dillon. Felicia, keep everyone in this room.

Tracy: Oh, Dillon, what were you thinking? What's the matter?

Georgie: Are you ok?

Dillon: Mac --

Georgie: Are you ok?

Dillon: I saw -- I saw the killer!

Georgie: Are you ok?

Nikolas: Where?

Dillon: Yeah -- um -- he was -- he was in Emilyís room. He had -- he had a white -- white mask, and he was -- he was wearing all black.

Trent: Wait, wait, wait -- that must be the dude that passed me in the hall.

Lucas: Did you guys fight?

Dillon: Yeah, he came after me! He came -- he came after me with a gardening tool. It had, like, three -- three prongs on it.

Alan: That was the claw that stabbed Faith.

Monica: And this is insane!

Tracy: You're never leaving my sight again!

Georgie: I am just so glad you're ok.

Brook Lynn: Me, too.

Mac: Does Dillonís description fit your attacker?

Faith: I told you, I -- I didn't see. The part with the claw thing fits.

Tracy: I can't believe it. You're standing here chatting up a career criminal when my son was almost murdered?

Mac: I am handling this, Tracy.

Dillon: I --

Felicia: Mac, Iím coming with you.

Mac: No, you're the only one I trust to keep them in the room.

Felicia: You need somebody to watch your back.

Mac: Felicia, Iíll be fine, all right? Just keep them calm and in that room.

Nikolas: Did you knock me out outside the basement freezer earlier? Was that you?

Faith: I was a little busy running for my life.

Nikolas: Is that a no, Faith?


Faith: I didn't hit you.

Emily: Hey, what's wrong?

Nikolas: If it was the killer who knocked me out, why didn't they stab me like they did Faith and Sage, and like they tried to do to Dillon? Why am I still alive?

Emily: You know, Faith could be lying.

Nikolas: Why would she bother?

Felicia: Hey -- hey, you have to go back inside. Mac wants us to all stay together.

Nikolas: He'll need help, Felicia.

Felicia: The best way to help him is to do as he asks.

Nikolas: One person's been killed, another's been stabbed, and the power's out. He needs help, ok?

Felicia: I know. Well, then Iím going to go.

Nikolas: No, he left you in charge. I'll do it.

Emily: No, no, wait -- I'm going with you.

Nikolas: Stay here, please?

Emily: No, listen --

Nikolas: I don't want to waste any more time, ok?

Felicia: Ok, go ahead, say it.

Emily: Say what?

Felicia: That he's macho, arrogant, pigheaded, idiot --

Emily: Hmm. Those are actually pretty close to the words Iíd use.

Felicia: Loving a guy shouldn't make you blind to his faults. Any man that would run up into a dark house alone with the killer loose is a macho, arrogant, pigheaded --

Emily: Like Mac just did.

Felicia: Exactly. They're both macho, arrogant, pigheaded idiots. And if anything happens --

Emily: Nothing will.

Felicia: It better not. Because if Mac gets hurts after refusing to use me as backup, I'll never forgive him.


Lucas: Hey, you holding up?

Brook Lynn: I almost walked into that room, Lucas. I mean, if you guys hadn't come after me, whoever attacked Dillon would have killed me.

Lucas: Yeah, but they didn't, and you're all right. That's all that matters.

Brook Lynn: Why do you think the killer was even waiting in Emilyís room? I mean, do you think that the spirit was right, and she is in danger?



Edward: Felicia, I appreciate Macís position, but we can't stay put in this house.

Tracy: We have to get out of here while we're still alive.

Alan: We've got a motorboat down at the dock.

Monica: Yeah, plus the one that you have.

Edward: We can start ferrying people across the lake.

Justus: No, no, not in this lightning storm in the open water. Somebody could easily get hit.

Tracy: It's better than standing around waiting to get stabbed!

Monica: Emily, you could go. You could take the kids.

Felicia: I know -- I know we're all scared, but Mac is right. We're safest if we just stay here together.

Alan: We will. We'll all go down to the dock at the same time.

Felicia: Mac is the police commissioner. He has the legal authority to tell us what to do. If he says to stay in this room, then we have to stay in this room.


Monica: What --

Georgie: Jeez!

Justus: What the hell was that?


Mac: That's how close you came to getting a bullet in your head.

Felicia: Oh, God -- I heard a gunshot. Are you all right?

Nikolas: No one was hit. I'm fine.

Felicia: Well, what happened? Did you see the killer?

Mac: I heard something.

Nikolas: Yeah, so did I -- you. I -- I heard something, jumped him -- the gun went off.

Mac: That's exactly why I ordered both of you to stay in the living room with the others.

Felicia: Well, you're lucky neither one of you were hurt. It scared me.

Mac: I'd like it to stay that way, so both of you go back downstairs and stay in the living room.

Nikolas: That's crazy. The whole house is completely dark. You can't search it alone.

Mac: Nikolas, I appreciate that you want to help, but having you with me is a liability I don't need.

Nikolas: Look, it's easier for the killer to surprise one person than it is the two of us, ok?

Mac: Technically, you are a mental patient. I do not want you involved.

Felicia: Nikolas, there's no point in arguing with him.

Nikolas: Faith swears she didn't knock me out. If she didn't, somebody did!

Mac: Either go downstairs with Felicia, or be arrested for obstructing justice. What's it going to be?


Heather: Not thinking of being a hero, are you?

Edward: I'm thinking we're being terrorized in our own home.

Heather: No one likes to feel helpless.

Edward: Certainly not a Quartermaine.

Heather: I feel a lot safer knowing I have you here to protect me. There's no one Iíd rather have at my side.

Georgie: What's taking so long?

Dillon: It's a big house.

Georgie: My parents are wandering around in the dark, and I don't even know --

Dillon: I know.

Georgie: Mom!

Lucas: Where's Mac?

Felicia: Still searching for the killer.

Emily: What about the gunshot?

Nikolas: I jumped Mac by mistake. It's fine. Everyone's fine. He sent me down here to wait with the rest of you.

Tracy: He should be here protecting us. We're -- we're hostages!

Monica: As much as I hate agreeing with Tracy, we are better off away from this house.

Felicia: No, we have to stay here until Mac gives us permission to go.

Georgie: Dillon, what did the killer look like?

Dillon: I told you already. He had a white -- a white mask, black clothes --

Georgie: Really -- really terrifying?

Dillon: I was so scared I could barely move.

Georgie: That's probably how Sage felt right before she died --

[Dillon sighs]

Georgie: Because I locked her in the freezer!

Tracy: You ought to go comfort your hysterical child so my son doesn't have to do it.

Felicia: How can you be so oblivious to your own son? He cares about Georgie. He loves Georgie.

Tracy: Adolescent passion aside, I think it should be really clear in the police report that your daughter acted alone when she locked Sage in the freezer. It is your daughter's fault that Sage Alcazar was left at the mercy of a killer.

Felicia: It's horrible what happened to Sage. It's devastating, but it's not my daughter's fault!

Tracy: Lorenzo Alcazar is the kind of man that's going to look for somebody to blame. As I understand it, Sage was his only family.

Felicia: What are you implying?

Tracy: When he comes asking questions, it's possible that I could convince him that your daughter had nothing to do with it.

Felicia: She didn't.

Tracy: Or I could tell him the truth -- that were it not for Georgie, Sage would still be alive. Lorenzo will avenge his niece.

Felicia: On Georgie?

Tracy: Or her parents. Of course, if you choose me to inherit my mother's estate --


Tracy: I could omit the part about your daughter's unfortunate participation.

Felicia: You greedy, blackmailing witch.

Monica: What's going on here?

Alan: Is my sister harassing you?

Felicia: She offered to assure Lorenzo Alcazar that Georgie had nothing to do with Sage's death.

Dillon: She didn't.

Lucas: We all know that.

Trent: Wait -- Georgie locked Sage in the freezer, ok, where she was killed.

Emily: You don't understand. This has nothing to do with the truth or who's responsible for what. It's about politics and blackmail.

Felicia: That's right, you hear that? You hear that, Tracy?

Tracy: It's the last time I try to help you.


Edward: I take it that Tracy offered to cover for Georgie if you made her sole heir of Lilaís estate?

Justus: That's low, even for Tracy.

Felicia: If you ever threaten my daughter again, Iím going to rip your life apart. I'm going to dig up something so horrible on you; I'm not going to rest until you go to prison.

Mac: Yeah, it's Commissioner Scorpio. Look, as soon as the storm winds die down, I need backup at the Quartermaine estate. I've got one dead, one injured, and reports that the killer is still on the premises. No, the power is out. There's no way I can track the killer. Just get a forensics team down here as soon as they can make it.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tracy: You could be the one on your way to prison -- for fraud. You exploited my mother's last wishes.

Felicia: I respected Lila enough to give everyone a fair chance to inherit -- even you.

Dillon: Mom, let it go.

Brook Lynn: Seriously, granny. Look, this is obnoxious behavior, all right? Even for you.

Tracy: Felicia lost any leverage she had over me. I already lost my chance to inherit.

Felicia: All you care about is money?

Edward: I could answer that one.

Tracy: As if you're any better.

Edward: Anybody -- Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Lucretia Borgia -- anyone is better than you, Tracy.

Heather: Do you have to do this now?

Justus: You know what? A teenage girl is dead. And Tracyís trying to take advantage of this.

Emily: Can't we wait to squabble about money when we're safe? Dillon almost died tonight.

Edward: Why would Tracy care about her son? She didn't give a damn when she dumped him here.

Tracy: As opposed to the oh-so-admirable Felicia, who walked out on her family for almost a year, leaving her daughters to run wild?

Dillon: Stop it! This is over.

Georgie: It's ok, Mom.

Emily: Hi. I apologize.

Nikolas: For what?

Emily: My family. I don't know how grandfather can criticize the Cassadines when we managed to produce Tracy.

Nikolas: Well, Tracyís no more your fault than Helena is mine.

Emily: Yeah.


Emily: What are you thinking?

Nikolas: If Helenaís the killer -- well, you know, or someone working for her, that would explain why I was knocked out instead of killed, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm. But why would she just leave you there? You know, wouldn't she have taken you with her?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: No one knows who this is or what they're after.

Nikolas: Yeah. The freezer door was left open so I could escape. Why? Why? What -- why am I so important?

[Loud noise]

Monica: Oh!

Felicia: Ok, everybody, stay here.

[Woman's scream]

Georgie: Oh, my God!

Edward: My God, who's that?

Alan: It's Alice!

Felicia: I'm going to go investigate. You watch them.

Monica: Oh, Alice, are you all right?

Alan: Alice?

Alice: I -- I found this right outside the front door.

Georgie: Oh, my God. Is that --?

Felicia: It's Macís -- it's Macís badge.

Nikolas: It's covered in blood.


Georgie: My God, dad!

Tracy: Oh, great!

Felicia: Shut up, Tracy!

Alan: We have to do something.

Edward: I agree. We wait here; we're going to get picked off one by one.

Monica: But Mac was right. There is safety in numbers.

Tracy: Oh, what are we supposed to do, arm ourselves with pitchforks and torches?

[Georgie cries]

Edward: Did you find anything?

Heather: I think this will work nicely.

Edward: Uh-huh.

Alan: Here, you take this. I'll get something else.

Monica: Oh, I think I'm fine.

Lucas: Hey, Dillon and I were talking. Georgie's not up for this.

Dillon: Yeah.

Nikolas: Maybe you should stay with her, then.

Dillon: Ok. All right, Iíll do it. I mean, I'd die before Iíd let anybody hurt her, so Iíll do it.

Nikolas: All right.

Lucas: Then I need a weapon.

Nikolas: There you go.

Lucas: All right. Let's do this. Let's go.

Faith: Justus, you're not leaving me, are you?

Justus: No, not at all.

Faith: Good, because this could be our last chance.

Justus: For what?

Faith: To get me out of here.

Emily: Wow. You know, it's so bizarre the way Macís badge was just left outside the door.

Nikolas: Well, the killer's obviously trying to send us a message.

Emily: Yeah. Well, you know, what if we're playing right into the killer's hands? You know, maybe the whole idea was to get us to separate.

Nikolas: Well, your grandfather's right about one thing. We can't just sit around and wait to get picked off.

Emily: Yeah. Well, it doesn't look like they're down here.

Nikolas: I really wish you would have stayed in the living room with everyone else.

Emily: You macho, arrogant, pigheaded idiot.

[Emily sighs]

Nikolas: Excuse me?

Emily: Don't worry, I mean it in the most complimentary way.

Nikolas: Well, you could have fooled me.

Emily: I don't want to leave your side, Nikolas. I -- I want to face whatever happens together. I have just as much of a right to protect you as you do to protect me.

Nikolas: Ok. I'm not going to argue with you when you're armed and dangerous.


Brook Lynn: Guys, look, this is so surreal.

Lucas: You should have stayed with Dillon.

Brook Lynn: No. Look, you came after me before, all right? I just wanted to return the favor.

Trent: Where are we?

Lucas: Brook and I are going to check in here. You cover us.

Trent: Whoa -- you want to leave me out here alone?

Lucas: Somebody's got to have our back.

Brook Lynn: Look, if you hear anything, just warn us and we'll bolt, all right?

Trent: Yeah. Sure, leave me out here while you get scare time with the babe. Yeah, I know the deal.


Brook Lynn: I -- I used to love thunderstorms when I was a kid. It was kind of like the whole city got washed clean.

Lucas: You said "used to." What changed?

Brook Lynn: Things get tainted, Lucas. When I was in junior high, like, my favorite thing to do was go down to the promenade and look at the skyline in New York City. I'd just sit there and write, alone.

Lucas: Did you hang out a lot alone when you were a kid?

Brook Lynn: Yeah. My mom was always the social one. I was kind of a loner. We went on tour a lot. It was just -- I mean, there was crew and -- I just kept my distance, you know?

Lucas: Well, that was your choice. I'm sure plenty of people wanted to get to know you.

Brook Lynn: Why? Huh? Because of my sunshiny personality?

Lucas: Because you're unique.


Lucas: Brook, you're -- you're unlike anybody I've ever met. Trent?

Brook Lynn: Oh, my God!

Felicia: Brook, Lucas -- what happened?

Brook Lynn: He's -- he -- he's dead!

Felicia: What? Who?

Lucas: Trent. We were only in the room for, like, a minute.

Mac: Felicia?

Felicia: Mac?

Mac: What are you doing roaming the halls?

Felicia: Oh, my God. Thank God you're all right. We were so worried.

Mac: I'm fine.

Felicia: We thought you were in trouble.

Mac: I'm fine. I'm searching for the killer.

Lucas: But what about your badge?

Mac: What about my badge?

Felicia: Alice found it on the front doorstep.

Brook Lynn: There was blood on it, Mac.

Mac: I must have lost it in the struggle with Nikolas.

Lucas: And the killer took it?

Mac: He's trying to scare you.

Brook Lynn: Well, it worked.

Felicia: I'm sorry, Mac. Then we just scattered everywhere. We thought the killer was going to come after us and pick us off one by one.

Brook Lynn: And now Trent is dead!

Lucas: The murder weapon's still in his back.

Brook Lynn: Wait, does that mean that the murderer is running around here without a weapon?

Mac: I wouldn't count on it.

Faith: We don't have much time to get out of here.

Justus: You know what, Faith? You've been stabbed twice. You're in no condition to go anywhere but to the hospital.

Faith: So Iím in pain. That's not going to stop my legs from working. If we wait any longer, I will never get out of here. If the killer doesn't get me, the Quartermaines are going to stone me to death.

Justus: You know what? You're right. They're not the most compassionate group.

Faith: You think?

Justus: You know, I hate the way the Quartermaines treat other people, especially each other. They're like a pack of wolves waiting to tear each other to shreds. I don't know why I wanted to be a part of this family.

Faith: Everybody wants to belong somewhere.

Justus: What about you?

Faith: After Mace died in prison -- well, I had to land somewhere, right? And I met Rosco, and he knew my family history.


Faith: Back in the 1920s, my grandfather was a major player. He had the biggest bootleg operation in the territory.

[Faith sighs]

Faith: Oh, I didn't have anything left to want, so I decided to rebuild his empire. Bet you didn't think I was interested in family tradition, huh?

Justus: You constantly surprise me.

Faith: But anyway, I understand why you try with the Quartermaines, even though your common sense tells you not to. But I have something to want now. Something better. A life far away from here with you.

Justus: Think you have the strength to walk?

Faith: Well, now, that depends. Am I doing it alone?

Justus: Never again, Faith. Let's run, together.


Dillon: Everybody's arming themselves. So -- I don't know. If I just had, like, a -- like a hairspray can and -- and a match, I could rig, like, a flamethrower or something. It's ironic, don't you think? All those years of hair vanity, and the first time I need it, I'm without product.

Georgie: You know, if the killer comes after us, I don't -- I don't think Iíll be able to fight him off.

Dillon: Georgie, look at me. You won't have to. Because I'm going to protect you, no matter what.

Georgie: You mean I won't be alone, like Sage or my dad.

Dillon: I know. We don't know what happened to Mac, ok?

Georgie: Dillon, we found his badge covered in blood. Why is this happening? You know what? We're teenagers. The worst thing we should be dealing with is acne.

Dillon: I try not to think about it. Think of it like it's you and me and we're here together, and even though all this is going on, we still have each other and we always will.

Georgie: I'm really scared, Dillon.

Felicia: Georgie, we have to go.

Dillon: Felicia, is everything ok? What's going on?

Georgie: Wait, did -- did you find Mac?

Felicia: Yes, yes. Yes, everything's fine.

Georgie: Dad!

Mac: Georgie -- hey, it's ok. I'm fine.

Georgie: I was so worried about you.

Mac: I'm fine, I'm fine. Look, listen to me. The killer's playing tricks. He found my badge, and he used it to panic you into splitting up.

Felicia: He wants us all isolated, so we have to gather everyone in one room. We have to go.

Georgie: Ok.

Tracy: You need to come with me. We got to get to Monica.

Mac: Come on, let's go, everyone.

Emily: You know, maybe you're right. Maybe it's Helena.

Nikolas: I don't know. I mean, I'm not saying she wouldn't kill Sage just because she was in the way or to camouflage what she was really after, but why would she knock me out?

Emily: Maybe she's after you. She wants to -- she wants to drug you into becoming the Cassadine prince that she always wanted you to be.

Nikolas: Yeah, but why not drug me tonight? Why knock me out then leave me to walk away?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. And why the disguise, you know? Is she -- is she trying to get some sort of an advantage by scaring us?

Nikolas: Yeah, the killer attacked Dillon in your bedroom. Maybe -- maybe he left something behind that'll help us.

Dillon: Emily? Nikolas?

Emily: Dillon?

Lucas: Hey. Guys, they have the killer trapped in the boathouse.

Nikolas: What?

Dillon: Yeah. Mac's ok. He's taking charge now. He says everybody should stay down and --

Nikolas: Whoa, whoa -- slow down, slow down -- who? Who has the killer trapped?

Dillon: Monica and Alan. They sent my mom to go get reinforcements in the house.

Emily: All right, let's go.

Nikolas: No, no, you're staying right here.

Emily: Well, I want to know who did this.

Nikolas: Yeah, and I want to know you're safe. You stay here.

Lucas: Guys, I got to get back downstairs. Georgie and Brook Lynn are still in the study, and Georgieís pretty freaked out.

Dillon: I'm going.

Nikolas: Come here. Stay here. Stay here and lock this door, and don't open it for anyone but me, ok?

Emily: If that's what you want, but I still think that --

Nikolas: Please, please, please. I love you. Please? It's almost over. Go on.

[Emily sighs]


Brook Lynn: Hey. You and Dillon over your fight?

Georgie: It seems kind of pointless now.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I know. Look, soon we'll be out of here, all right? And normal teenage drama -- it'll seem almost cool.

Georgie: If we get out of here.

Brook Lynn: Look, we will, all right? Georgie, the first latte will be on me. Do you need anything?

Georgie: Just cold.

Brook Lynn: Here. Listen, don't worry, G, all right? We'll be home soon. Promise. It's kind of weird. Her body's like ice.

Lucas: She's in shock. Her body's shutting down.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I'm not sure that's a bad thing, though.

Lucas: And how are you holding up?

Brook Lynn: Nothing like a murder mansion to put your everyday life into perspective, huh?

Lucas: Right.

Brook Lynn: So --

[Lucas sighs]

Brook Lynn: Scoot over. I guess this whole girl band thing is pretty much shot to spit.

Lucas: So you like dark humor in the face of adversity?

Brook Lynn: I get it from my ma. Whenever she's headed for a breakdown, she starts telling silly jokes. I'm just less obvious.

Lucas: No, you just go for the cynical ones.

Brook Lynn: Very observant.

Lucas: Thank you.

Brook Lynn: Yeah.

Lucas: Still, though, you must have -- you must have lost it a little. I mean, you just compared yourself to your mother.

Brook Lynn: Oh, God. Definitely a sign of apocalypse.

Lucas: Whoa -- I didn't think you went for the traditional bible stories.

Brook Lynn: Well, I -- I don't.

Lucas: Oh.

Brook Lynn: But, like, I believe in that, and, you know, earth and nature and -- oh, God. I -- I really regret bringing everybody here for that stupid sťance. I mean, I should have just let the spirits haunt the Quartermaines in peace.

Lucas: Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're a Quartermaine, too.

Brook Lynn: Just barely, ok? Look, my ma, she raised me as far away from my father as she could. She thinks that they're bad influences.

Lucas: Hmm.

Brook Lynn: I really regret that my mom had full custody of me, though. I mean, I really can't -- I can't help thinking how my life would be different if I was raised with both of my parents.

Lucas: Well, there are advantages to parents who are divorced.

Brook Lynn: Name six.

Lucas: Well, it can make you strong, independent, determined, resilient, and in your case, pretty creative. It can make you a survivor.

Brook Lynn: That's seven.

Lucas: You're complaining about a bonus?

Brook Lynn: You don't even know me.

Lucas: Well, I'm trying. And from what I can see, you're pretty -- you're pretty amazing.

Alan: We haven't heard a sound. Monica, what if the person we saw is not the killer?

Monica: Who else would be running around?

Alan: Listen, father and Heather -- they -- they sneak off every chance they get.

Monica: Oh, wouldn't it be a shame if I shot her accidentally?

Alan: You have to tell me again, how did you find the gun in Emilyís room?

Monica: It has to belong to Faith.

Alan: What if Emily borrowed it from Jason? I mean, that would be the worst possible --

Monica: Oh, it's about time!

Alan: Oh, Mac, listen, we're so relieved.

Monica: Where's Emily?

Nikolas: She's all right. She's safe.

Mac: Have you seen the killer?

Alan: No, not since he ran inside. Mac, listen, I don't understand. We found your badge on the doorstep.

Mac: Yeah, the killer's playing tricks, Alan.

Felicia: And they haven't finished yet. We don't know if Sage and Trent were murdered by accident or on purpose.

Monica: My God.

Mac: If it's really the killer you've trapped, then the answers are inside.

Alice: Maybe we should go back to the foyer. I mean, we haven't heard any noise from there in a while.

Heather: Maybe the police already caught the killer.

Edward: I want to check this room.

Heather: Wait a second. We'll all go in together. You first, Alice.

Alice: How come I have to go first?

Edward: Because you got a longer reach -- with the broomstick.

Alice: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Thanks.

Edward: I'm sorry I pulled you into this.

Heather: It's not your fault. Some maniac set their sights on you and your family.

Edward: Well, that's a commendable attitude, considering what they put you through tonight.

Heather: It's the least I can do to repay your kindness.

Edward: You know, when you came to Port Charles a long time ago, you had your share of problems.

Heather: Well, I try not to dwell on the past.

Edward: Your conduct tonight is proof that you've changed. You're a different person. You're a woman of courage and tolerance.

Heather: That's very kind of you to say.

Edward: It's a wonderful thing -- a great ability to be able to learn from your own mistakes. You've done that. You're a different person. This one, I deeply admire.

Alice: Bad news.

Edward: What?

Alice: You know that friend of Dillon and Brook Lynnís? Well, he's inside, and he's dead.

Edward: Oh, my God.

[Edward sighs]

Alice: I think all we can do is wait for the police.

Edward: Two teenagers killed in the Quartermaine house -- this is unbelievable.

Heather: [As Lila] it isn't over yet, Edward, dear.

Edward: Lila?

Heather: There's grave danger. You must warn Emily.


[Door creaks]

[Killer screams]

[Emily screams]

[Killer screams]

[Lucas sighs]


Lucas: Here, Georgie, try to drink something.

Georgie: I just -- I just want it to be over.

Lucas: Hey, it will be, ok? Your parents -- your mom and dad are taking care of it.

Brook Lynn: Look, Georgie, I'm sorry, all right? I never should have -- I never should have forced everybody to participate in that sťance.

Georgie: We all agreed.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, because I guilted you into it.

Lucas: Well, the tanker truck turned over. We couldn't leave. Besides, you had no idea that some nut case was going to invade the house.

Georgie: Anyway, this sťance was right. The board said there was going to be trouble and people were going to die.

Brook Lynn: What good is a warning if nobody listens? I mean, why couldn't we understand until after it was too late?

Edward: Lila, where is Emily? Can you see her?

Heather: Not alone.

Edward: What do you mean, not alone? Is she with the killers? Is she downstairs? Is she outside? Where is she?

Heather: [Normal voice] Oh -- oh. It was so odd. I -- I completely lost track of time. What are you staring at?

Edward: You don't remember?

Heather: Remember what?

Edward: Alice will fill you in. You both stay here. I'm going to try to find Emily. Don't leave the room.

Alice: Boy, that was really good! You almost had me going there for a second.

Heather: What? Look, I've got some blank spaces here. It would be helpful if you could fill me in.

Alice: Come on. It's just the two of us here. We both know you were faking talking like Mrs. Lila, just like you were downstairs.

Heather: Whatever just happened in this room was real. I wasn't faking this time.

[Emily screams]

Emily: Wait --

[Killer screams]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Felicia: Look who decided to join us -- unless you're here to meet Faith.

Nikolas: No one leaves this room. Lock all the doors and stay together. The killer's still in the house.

Emily: Nikolas is fine.

Mary: His name is Connor. I'm going to have to save him from you once and for all. You're going to have to die.

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