GH Transcript Thursday 8/26/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/26/04

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Felicia: Sage? Sage, are you all right? Sage?

Georgie: Sage?

Felicia: Scarlet ribbons?

Dillon: Sage?

Brook Lynn: Look, Sage -- Sage, you aren't funny, ok? Nobody's laughing.

Dillon: Uh -- you can get up now.

Lucas: She's faking, right?

Felicia: She's dead.

Georgie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I killed her!

Heather: No one suspects a thing.

Alice: Yeah, but I had to lie to Mr. Quartermaine.

Heather: It was for a good cause. I'm so glad you overheard Lila and Felicia talking about the scarlet ribbons.

Alice: Yeah, I wasn't even eavesdropping. I just happened to be dusting in the next room.

Heather: Well, it was fortunate you were in the right place at the right time to hear the information that'll help Edward.

Alice: Well, I'm very fond of Mr. Quartermaine and I'll do whatever I can to make sure he gets what's coming to him.

Heather: Don't worry, he will.

Alice: Good.

Heather: I'll take care of Edward.

Edward: Take care of me how?

Emily: My mother's calling the police to tell them Faith Roscoís on the property.

Nikolas: Let's hope she doesn't run into anyone else before the police arrest her.

Emily: Yeah, I warned my family.

Nikolas: Faith's armed and desperate right now and, given her past history, capable of just about anything.

Emily: Well, like you said, if she has any sense at all, she's already miles away by now.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know, but the -- the road's blocked and the area's crawling with rescue workers. You'd think it'd be nearly impossible for her to get off the estate without being seen.

Emily: Well, do you think she's still inside the house?

Nikolas: Yeah, or somewhere else on the property.

[Faith gasps]

Justus: What were you planning to do with that, kill me?


Trent: What'd you do to her, Georgie?

Georgie: I didn't mean it, Mom! I didn't mean it! I swear to you!

Felicia: So you tell me what happened.

Georgie: I -- I made Sage come down here because I was so mad at her for tricking us and -- Mom, it's all my fault!

Felicia: No, no, no.

Dillon: Georgie, it's not your fault.

Lucas: No, no, you came down here with her, and -- and then what?

Georgie: I -- I forced her to come down here, and then -- and then I shut the door. I locked her in the freezer so she couldn't get out. And then -- God, it's all my fault she's dead! I just -- I just wanted to teach her a lesson, ok?

Brook Lynn: The channeling board said that someone was going to die tonight. Now do you believe me?

Georgie: Sage is dead because of me! It is all my fault, Mom! I killed her!

Felicia: No, don't you say that!

Tracy: Obviously, it's true. We have a crime scene, a corpse, and a confession. Only need one more thing to complete the picture. What'd you do with the weapon, Georgie?

Georgie: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to stop her.

Tracy: What'd you use to stab her with, Georgie?

Felicia: Shut up. Just leave my daughter alone.

Dillon: Mom, just leave, ok?

Tracy: You're coming with me. I don't want you anywhere near this.

Dillon: Mom, Iím not going with you! Just turn around and leave! Just stop right now!

Tracy: Georgie killed poor Sage!

Lucas: You're leaving now!

Trent: Let her stay! She's the only honest one about what happened here. The rest of you need a reality check.

Tracy: Thank you, I appreciate that. It's ok, Iíve seen all I need to see.

Brook Lynn: Look, how about we make this a group exit, Trent? Come on.

Tracy: Oh, and don't think that you can concoct an alibi now. It's too late. You've already been caught red-handed at the scene of your crime.

Heather: Alice told me you were concerned for my safety. I was just promising her that I was going to go downstairs and -- so you could see for yourself that I'm perfectly fine. I'm sorry I alarmed you.

Edward: What did you expect, vanishing into thin air that way?

Heather: I -- I was sure I said something.

Edward: And, Alice, I asked you if you'd seen Heather and you denied even having any contact with her, yet here are you two with your heads together. Why did you lie to me?

Alice: Well, I didn't --

Heather: She didn't. Alice didn't know. I -- I was hiding.

Edward: Hiding from what?

Alice: Um -- I'm going to go find that intruder.


Edward: What?

Heather: I was terrified.

Edward: Terrified of what?

Heather: Your wife.

Monica: Alan?

Alan: Monica?

Monica: Oh --

Alan: Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.

Monica: I wanted to clue you in before I called the police.

Alan: The police? What happened?

Tracy: Sage Alcazar has been murdered.

Trent: Georgie killed her.

Monica: What?

Lucas: She didn't kill anyone.

Tracy: She confessed. Weren't you listening?

Brook Lynn: Georgie is hysterical, granny, all right? She didn't know what she was saying!

Tracy: Which means she's not smart enough to think of a cover story, so my son and her mother are thinking of one right now.

Georgie: Sage died because I left her alone.

Dillon: That does not mean that you killed her.

Georgie: Sage begged me not to lock her in the freezer. She even fought me, but I was way too mad to listen!

Dillon: Georgie -- Georgie, you -- you can't put this on yourself.

Georgie: I can't help it. It's my fault!

Felicia: Was Sage alive when you left her?

Georgie: Yeah, but --

Felicia: Then it is not your responsibility. Do you understand me? You are not to blame for this. She did not die because she was frightened or she suffocated. Somebody came down here and murdered her.

Faith: The knife is for protection.

Justus: From what?


Faith: There's a killer on the loose. Sage Alcazar was murdered.

Justus: A teenage girl? You --

Faith: No -- I didn't have anything to do with it. Look, I went down to the freezer to hide and I found her there. She was already dead.

[Faith gasps]

Faith: She looked like she'd been stabbed. There was blood on the floor. I didn't know if the killer was nearby, so I got out of there as fast as I could.

Justus: So help me God, Faith, if you're lying.

Faith: God -- we both know that I have done my share of terrible things, but I did not kill that girl.

Justus: Tell me what happened.

Faith: I just did.

Justus: I know you, Faith. There's something you're not telling me. What is it?

Nikolas: Does Monica know Iím here?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: She agreed not to tell the police about me?

Emily: Yeah, she's only going to report Faith. So we'll spend the night here like we planned --


Emily: And then tomorrow --

Nikolas: I'm going to go out. Stay here. I'm going to go outside and see what happened.

Emily: I donít want to risk losing you again.

Nikolas: I'll be careful.

Emily: No, Nikolas, you're not going out there alone. I'm coming with you.

Nikolas: All right, just stay behind me.

Emily: Ok. Faith must've been here.

Nikolas: Why would she leave a knife here?

[Helicopter approaches]

Emily: That's probably the police now. So we should just stay here and wait until they've found Faith.

Nikolas: Hiding may not do any good at this point.

Emily: My mom promised she wouldn't say a word.

Nikolas: She won't have to. The police are going to be combing every inch of this estate searching for Faith.

Justus: Shh, shh, shh, wait.

Heather: But why, Edward? Well, what's happening out there?

Edward: Why are you so frightened of my late wife?

Heather: You said I was possessed by Lilaís spirit. That's strange. I wasn't even aware of what I was saying.

Edward: Heather, you said things that only Lila would know.

Heather: But that seems incredible to me, yet you seem convinced.

Edward: Yes, I am.

Heather: But why, Edward? This house is full of her loved ones. Why would Lila choose to speak through me? It's overwhelming, and a little frightening.

Edward: My wife loved me dearly, and she senses you care for me, too.

Heather: I do, deeply.

Edward: She was trying to reach out to me, and because of you, she did. And I -- I can't tell you how grateful I am. I just -- oh.


Alan: Oh, I hate to interrupt. I thought you'd like to know there's been a murder.

Brook Lynn: Georgie is not trying to come up with a cover story, all right? She's in shock.

Tracy: Who wouldn't be after committing murder?

Lucas: I've known Georgie my whole life. No way she killed someone.

Trent: You've got blinders on, Lucas. The evidence is all there.

Brook Lynn: What evidence? What evidence, Trent? All right, she locked Sage in a freezer, and then she left!

Trent: After stabbing Sage, yeah.

Lucas: Georgie's upset because she feels responsible, not because she is.

Felicia: You can sit down in this chair.

Brook Lynn: Hey. Come on, sit down.

Felicia: Right here.

Brook Lynn: Do you want some water or something?

Georgie: No, I'm -- Iím fine.

Tracy: Don't worry. I'm sure there are mitigating circumstances to support a manslaughter plea.

Felicia: That's enough, Tracy! Stop it!

Tracy: Just trying to help!

Dillon: Stop it, Mom.

Tracy: Six people heard her confession, and two of us are willing to tell the truth!

Edward: Anybody notify the girl's uncle yet?


Edward: Lorenzo Alcazar is going to blame the Quartermaines. Mark my words on that.

Felicia: No one has notified Sage's uncle yet.

Edward: Then give it a little more time.

[Knock on door]

Edward: I hope that is the police. There you are.

Mac: Where's my daughter? Georgie?

Georgie: I am so sorry!

Mac: It's all right.

Edward: Did you bring some backup? We got enough officers to patrol the grounds?

Mac: My chopper could barely land, Edward. The storm winds are high; the flames from the exploding tanker threaten the access road. No one will reach this estate for at least several hours. And since this house is a crime scene, no one is leaving.

Edward: You mean no one leaves alive.

Mac: She was just a kid.

Felicia: So is Georgie, and she's taking this pretty hard. She's overwhelmed by the guilt of locking Sage in here.

Mac: Georgie couldn't possibly have done this.

Felicia: Oh, of course not. But Tracy overheard her say that she felt responsible, and to Tracy, that's just as good as a murder confession. The only way we can prove her innocence is to find the killer.

Mac: Yeah, well, between the -- the power outage, the fuel fire, and the weather, the killer can't get far.

Felicia: Then he or she is probably still in this estate.


Justus: Stay where you are.

Faith: What -- wait! No way! You're not leaving me here!

Justus: I won't be long. If you hear any footsteps, stay out of sight until you're sure they're mine.

Faith: I already told you I hate storms. I am not so crazy about being in the dark, either. If -- if I hear someone, I might just panic, and I really don't want to do that! Stay!

Justus: The Quartermaines know Iím here, ok? I need to make a brief appearance so they won't get suspicious about anything.

Faith: Look, I am a sitting duck, ok? I'm warning you, if one of them finds me, I'm not going down without a fight.

Justus: They won't find you.

Faith: The Quartermaines are probably trying and convicting me of Sage Alcazar's murder as we speak. If one of them finds me, I am going to be forced to make a run for it, and I really don't want to leave here without you.

Justus: Then don't. Trust me. I'll be right back.

Faith: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right, right. Unless you decide to turn on me, and hand me over to Mac.

Tracy: Oh, have you finished tampering with the evidence yet?


Mac: Don't listen to her, Georgie.

Felicia: That woman has a personal ax to grind.

Tracy: You wouldn't be the first parents to go to extremes to cover up for a murderous child.

Mac: Was Sage with the rest of you before she and Georgie went downstairs?

Lucas: Yes.

Mac: Where were you, Dillon?

Dillon: In the study most of the time.

Brook Lynn: We all decided to go down to the boathouse at one point, but then we came back up here.

Mac: Did Sage meet up with anyone else?

Dillon: No -- well, I mean, not that we know of.

Mac: All right, Iím going to have to question everyone, starting with Georgie. Felicia, take them in the other room, keep an eye on them.

Felicia: Mm-hmm. Ok, let's go.

Tracy: What evidence have you found to exonerate Georgie? A one-armed fleeing man, or perhaps a typed confession from a gangland assassin?

Monica: How can you be so cruel?

Alan: The poor girl's devastated.

Tracy: She's a murderer!

Edward: Tracy is punishing Felicia for cutting her out of Lilaís estate by tormenting poor little Georgie.

Tracy: Does anybody care that "poor little Georgie" stabbed Sage Alcazar to death?

Mac: All right, when was the last time you saw Sage?


Georgie: When I locked her in the freezer.

Mac: Why'd you bring her down there?

Georgie: Dad, Sage and Trent were playing tricks on us, making us think that the whole house was haunted, and I -- I finally had it. So I grabbed Sage and I -- I locked her in. Dad, Iím really sorry.

Mac: Ok. That's ok, but, look, sweetheart, you have to focus. All right? You said Sage was alive when you left her. We have to find out what happened after that.

Trent: Georgie hated Sage, ok?

Lucas: It's a big jump from hate to kill.

Trent: Georgie was out of control before they even left for the basement -- grabbing her arm, dragging her around? I mean --

Dillon: Trent, maybe all that's true, but Georgie didn't kill Sage.

Trent: I -- Iím not saying that she meant to. They -- they probably got into a heated argument that got out of hand!

Dillon: It's not possible. It's not.

Trent: Well, why not? Huh? Georgie's your girlfriend, so she can do no wrong? Am I the only one who cares that Sage is dead here?

Lucas: No. God --

Dillon: Sage could be a pain, but she was also smart and she was funny and she'd surprise you with her ability to understand. Now, maybe she would've outgrown being a brat. Maybe she would've grown up to be somebody really special and really decent, but she's not going to have that chance because some psychopath decided to take her life! Now, I want to get this guy as much as the rest of you, but Georgie didn't do it, ok?

Lucas: Dillon's right. Georgie couldn't have cheated on a math test, let alone kill somebody and then lie about it, Trent.

Trent: You know what? Fine. Ok? Georgie's a saint. Sage killed herself.

Dillon: Oh, shut up --

Trent: Is that what the story is here?

Dillon: You know what? Commissioner Scorpio is going to find the real killer, all right?

Brook Lynn: Or maybe we could.

Lucas: Commissioner told us to stay here.

Brook Lynn: No, guys. Look, I meant the channeling board, ok? Look, it told us that somebody was going to die. Why don't we just ask why the -- who the -- what the name of the killer is?

Emily: We need to rethink this.

Nikolas: What -- what do you mean?

Emily: Listen, it's too risky for you to turn yourself in, Nikolas. Helena still has that court order. She could have you taken back to Shadybrook.

Nikolas: But I doubt she could get anywhere near this house tonight. I mean, come on.

Emily: Listen, a chance to control you is the only motivation that your grandmother needs to pull off the impossible.

Nikolas: Maybe, but it's too late to run, Emily.

Emily: No, it's not.

Nikolas: Yes, it is. Your mother knows that Iím -- that you're with me.

Emily: So what?

Nikolas: So all she has is your word that Iím even marginally sane. If you suddenly disappear, she's going to think I kidnapped you.

Emily: No, I explained to her that you're not a threat.

Nikolas: Hold on, hold on. Let me -- just see this from her point of view for a second, ok? I mean, your daughter falls in love with this guy whose family --

Emily: A wonderful man.

Nikolas: Ok, ok -- who's rich, spoiled, and an aristocrat, ok, and whose father and uncle are both murderers and completely insane, and whose mother -- although admirable in her own right -- is insane herself. And -- not finished -- on top of that, your daughter's boyfriend --

Emily: Fiancť.

Nikolas: Fiancť, ok -- was in a terrible accident and vanishes, believed dead, months later resurfaces with no memory, and proceeds to punish your daughter for it. He screams at her, he makes public scenes, gets in drunken brawls, and through it all, your daughter defends him, gives him the benefit of the doubt, continues to -- continues to love him no matter how badly he treats her.

Emily: She doesn't have a choice. He's the only man that she's ever going to love.

Nikolas: Yes, one more thing, all right? He's committed to a mental hospital, ok, and when he breaks out, he has your daughter with him. She shows up in the middle of the night and tries to assure you that -- that he's in pristine mental health and everything is fine. Then you vanish without a trace. So, as a concerned parent, what do you do?

Emily: Trust her judgment?

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Call the police and tell them that my daughter's been kidnapped.

Nikolas: Right.

Emily: So you're right. We have to turn ourselves in.


Emily: I hate Faith Rosco. Oh.

Nikolas: What brought that on?

Emily: If -- if Faith hadn't picked my family's home as a hideout, you and I would be safe in my room, in my bed. We could've woken up tomorrow in each other's arms, the past behind us.

Nikolas: Well, I'm not particularly optimistic -- most Cassadines aren't -- but let me -- let me tell you this.

Emily: Hmm?

Nikolas: I know you again. All your little -- your little quirks and your little -- your little idiosyncrasies, all the memories that we made together -- everything that I thought was lost. I know myself, who I am, you know, what I believe in.

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: And I know how ridiculously in love with you I am.


Nikolas: So, compared to being locked in a cell in Shadybrook drugged out of my mind, wandering through a life I don't remember, hating everyone who tried to help me, this is paradise.

Emily: Well, I spent months thinking that you were dead, and thinking that I'd spend the rest of my life missing you, and being brave and resilient and empty --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Inside, so yeah, it's true, I have --


Emily: Have nothing to complain about.

Nikolas: No. I mean, come on, we're right here in the middle of a lightning storm on the run from a mental hospital and my grandmother, the she-dragon, and me about to turn myself into your family who hates me.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

[Emily giggles]

Nikolas: No, seriously -- seriously, I have you, ok, and that means I have everything I need. Let's go, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Let's go.

Monica: Oh, for Peteís sake, Tracy!

Tracy: Shh! I'm trying to hear.

Alan: I realize that respect for other people's privacy is a foreign concept to you, but Mac and Felicia are trying to --

Tracy: They are trying to concoct a cover story for their murderous daughter.

Edward: Why don't you knock it off, Tracy? You know damn well that Georgie Jones didn't kill that girl.

Tracy: Why don't we listen and find out for ourselves?

Edward: Lorenzo Alcazar's not going to blame Georgie. He's going to want to know why we don't have enough security. He's going to blame us because Sage was not safe in this house!


Monica: Emily! Oh --

Emily: Mom. Yeah, we saw the police helicopter land.

Monica: Oh, God!

Nikolas: I've decided to turn myself in.

Heather: You killed Sage Alcazar?

Nikolas: What?

Emily: She's dead?

Brook Lynn: Lila -- um -- we're sorry to disturb you, but we need you to come back and answer a question for us. What is the name of the person that killed Sage Alcazar?

Trent: This is ridiculous.

Dillon: Shut up.

Trent: Sage is dead, and we're sitting here playing a game.

Lucas: There's nothing else we can do. The police commissioner is here. As soon as the storm dies down, they'll be able to --

Trent: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, to get rid of any evidence that points towards Georgie as the killer.

Dillon: Georgie didn't do it!

Trent: You know what? I'm starting to think that you need to believe that. Otherwise, you're partially responsible because of the way you played those girls against each other.

Lucas: Come on, that's ridiculous! I don't like the way Dillon treated Georgie and Sage, either, but he's not responsible for this.

[Trent sighs]

Trent: He enjoyed those girls fighting over him, ok? It made him feel important!

Dillon: That's not true!

Lucas: Well, if he's responsible, then so are you, Trent.

Trent: I did nothing.

Lucas: Yeah, exactly. You could've been a friend to Sage. You could've talked her down. But no, you helped her --

Brook Lynn: Guys!

Lucas: Play your stupid --

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, come on, all right? Look, Georgie is innocent, she's not the killer, but the real one is out there somewhere, Trent! He's out there, and this board -- guys, this board can let us know who it really is! It won't work unless you all concentrate.

Trent: Lila's spirit is not roaming around this house, ok? It's a bunch of bogus --

Brook Lynn: "E."

Dillon: "M."

Lucas: "EM, Em --" "Emily"?

Dillon: That can't be right.

Emily: Mac, we need your help.

Mac: What happened?

Nikolas: We escaped from Shadybrook. We've been hiding out on the property here.

Alan: Emily, what is this all about?

Edward: If you got her in trouble again, I swear Iím going to have you locked up --

Emily: No -- grandfather, just listen. Nikolas got his memory back. He's fully recovered, but Helenaís still trying to drag him back to Shadybrook.

Edward: Which is exactly where he belongs, along with his wretched grandparent and his lunatic aunt, right in a cell right next to him!

Felicia: Edward, I don't think this is appropriate right now.

Edward: Felicia, you want to disinherit me, do it, please. I'm not going to pretend that the Cassadines are anything more than overbred psychotics who should all be locked up --

Emily: Grandfather -- grandfather, everyone knows how you feel about Nikolas. You can insult his family some other time. Right now, we have more important things to deal with.

Monica: Well, I would like to know why you were at Shadybrook with Nikolas when you told me you were going to be with Elizabeth.

Emily: I didn't want you to worry.

Alan: Well, guess what -- we are worried.

Edward: Well, why don't you develop some backbone and forbid her to see this --

Monica: Oh, Edward, put a sock in it!

Mac: Nikolas, how long have you and Emily been on the property?

Nikolas: Just a few hours. We started down at the boathouse and made our way up to Emilyís bedroom. That's when Sage Alcazar walked in on us.

Mac: Did you speak to her?

Emily: Only briefly. The three of us made a pact to pretend that we hadn't seen each other.

Nikolas: Yeah, she seemed pretty nervous, almost a little frightened.

Tracy: Well, who wouldn't be -- wandering a strange house in the dark, running into an escaped mental patient?

Emily: We think we know who killed Sage.

Tracy: The killer has already confessed!

Monica: Now, you put a sock in it, Tracy!

Tracy: Georgie, you locked Sage in the freezer for playing a trivial prank, am I right? You admit that?

Georgie: Yes, but that's as far as --

Tracy: And then Sage got back at you, taunted you with the fact that she slept with my son. You erupted in a murderous rage!

Felicia: Stop it!

Mac: The speculation ends now, Tracy. This investigation is a police matter.

Tracy: So why don't you investigate why your daughter killed Sage?

Georgie: It never happened!

Felicia: We know that, sweetheart.

Emily: So do we. Sage may not have been the only intruder in our room tonight.

Nikolas: Faith Rosco came in and threatened to shoot us both.

Justus: Faith, you swore to me you didn't kill Sage. Now I'm swearing to you I'm not going to turn you in.

Faith: No? So, great, prove it -- stay.

Justus: I told you I will be right back.

Faith: Look, look, look, checking in with your family will only draw more attention once you leave again. Out of sight, out of mind is a much better strategy.

Justus: Faith, listen to me. Listen to me. I owe you a second chance, and that's exactly what I'm going to give you.

Faith: You promise?

Justus: If we're going to be together, ok, we have to learn to trust each other. Now, do you trust me or not?

Faith: Yes. I trust you.


Nikolas: It must've been Faith who killed Sage.

Mac: Possibly -- if Faith was here at all.

Emily: We just told you -- Nikolas and I both saw her.

Mac: Well, all we have is your word on that.

Emily: Why would we lie?

Mac: Nikolas just escaped from Shadybrook. Your grandmother is trying to track you down and take you back by force. Maybe Sage threatened to reveal your whereabouts. So you stabbed her to keep her quiet.

Emily: That's absurd. Nikolas would never kill anyone.

Mac: Nikolas is a Cassadine. They've been known to kill to get what they want. Nikolas wanted his freedom, and Sage was in the way of that.

Emily: Nikolas would never under any circumstances kill an innocent girl like Sage.

Felicia: If Nikolas wasn't in the freezer, forensics would know. They would see that there was no trace of him.

Nikolas: I was in the freezer.

Mac: Why?

Nikolas: Because Emily and I chased Faith down there, ok, and it looked like she'd been hiding out in the freezer. All right, there were candles, blankets -- and somebody hit me over the head, I woke up inside the freezer. But the door wasn't completely closed, so someone must've left it open on purpose.

Felicia: Where was Emily?

Emily: I was looking for my mother to try to warn her about Faith.

Mac: Well, I take it you didn't find Monica.

Monica: She did, and I told Alan, and we were going to call the police when Tracy came in and announced that Sage had been murdered.

Alan: That's right. We were going to call the police, but in all the chaos, I forgot.

Mac: Memory is selective.

Alan: What is that supposed to mean?

Mac: Interesting that you should remember that just now. Apparently, you forgot Emilyís warning about Faith until she reminded you. Maybe the two of you are covering for your daughter.

Monica: Covering what?

Mac: Emily could've stepped into the freezer and found Sage with a pipe in her hand, standing over an unconscious Nikolas. And when Sage was going to hit him again, Emily stabbed her to protect him.

Alan: You've known our daughter for years. How can you look us in the eye and make an accusation like that?

Monica: Alan's right. That's outrageous.

Mac: I have to examine everyone as a possible suspect, Alan.

Alan: Well, some people are more likely to commit murder than others, and I think you've overlooked the prime suspect.


Trent: How long are we going to sit here waiting for this so-called spirit to name out the killer?

Brook Lynn: Look, don't speak, all right? We have to concentrate, Trent.

Trent: Why don't we just sit around and chant "Om" while we're at it?

Lucas: If you don't want to participate, leave.

Trent: The board already spelled "EM."

Brook Lynn: Maybe it'll tell us something else.

Trent: Oh, oh, what, what, what? Emily's your cousins, so she couldn't possibly have done it? Georgie's out because you all like her so much. So who -- who do you pick for the murderer? Huh? Is it your grandfather's new girlfriend? Is it Dillonís scary mother? Oh, I got one -- how about Alice? She's got some pretty --

Dillon: Knock it off, Trent!

Trent: I will when you admit that this is just a waste.

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, it's moving. "I."

Lucas: "I."

Lucas and Brook Lynn: "L."

Dillon: "Y."

Lucas: "Emily."

Dillon: "Emily."

Trent: "Emily." Well, hey, I call that evidence. Let's call the cops, get her arrested.

Brook Lynn: Wait, Trent. Look, there's more.

Lucas: "A."

Brook Lynn: What?

Dillon: "W-A-," "W-A--"


Brook Lynn: "WAR" --

Lucas: "W-A-R-N."

Brook Lynn: "War -- "Emily warn"?

Dillon: No, you got it right -- "Warn Emily."

Brook Lynn: Oh, my God! Lila's trying to tell us that Emilyís in trouble!

Lucas: Is she even in the house?

Brook Lynn: Like that matters! My God, look, wherever she is, Emily -- Emilyís in danger!

Dillon: All right, wait -- wait, where you going to go? Where you going to go?

Brook Lynn: I'm going to go tell the family.

Trent: Yeah, great. Tell them your great-granny sent a message to the channeling board. That ought to go over big.

Brook Lynn: Look, Trent --

Trent: And by the way, maybe the police commissioner will come on down and ask the spirits to solve --

Brook Lynn: Look, all I know is that Emily is in trouble, and wherever she is, I have to go warn her!

Dillon: I'm going with you.

Alan: Heather acted as if she was in a trance. Supposedly, my mother was speaking through her.

Edward: Your mother was speaking through her.

Mac: Let me get this straight. Heather was channeling Lila?

Monica: Laughable, isn't it?

Alan: "Manipulative" is a better word.

Felicia: In all fairness, Heather had information only Lila would know.

Mac: All right, Heather, what exactly happened?

Heather: You'll have to ask them. I -- I don't remember.

Monica: My, how convenient.

Heather: I'm sorry. I wish I could. I'm as thrown by it as they are.

Edward: Why are we even discussing this? What does Heather's experience got to do with Sage's death?

Tracy: Well, maybe Sage was murdered by a spirit from the great beyond.

Felicia: Mac, when Lila asked me to judge who in the family should inherit, she said that she would give me guidance and that she would find a way to communicate with me, and we came up with a code phrase -- "Scarlet Ribbons."

Mac: And she used this while she was in this trance?

Tracy: Which explains exactly nothing.

Edward: Felicia was the only one that Lila talked about the code phrase to. Heather knows nothing about it.

Alan: Unless she did some research. Maybe Heather stole some of my mother's personal papers and hid them in the freezer. Then when she went downstairs to find them, she found Sage maybe even looking through them, and then Heather killed Sage to cover her tracks.

Heather: I never even met Sage, never saw her face. I -- unless --

Mac: What? What?

Heather: A shadow I saw -- the hallway upstairs.

Felicia: What shadow?

Heather: I don't know, it was rounding the corner. I didn't really get a good look at the face. I don't even know if it was a man or a woman.

Alan: Well, it wasn't me.

Monica: It was not me.

Heather: Oh -- maybe it was Faith.

Justus: Mac? What's going on? What are you doing here?

Mac: I'm investigating the murder of Sage Alcazar.


Justus: When did this happen?

Felicia: Earlier this evening. She was found in the freezer downstairs.

Mac: She was stabbed to death.

Justus: My God.

Mac: Justice, did you pass Heather in the upstairs hallway anytime tonight?

Justus: No, no. Why?

Mac: Because she saw someone, but it wasn't anyone in this room.

Justus: I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Mac: Maybe you can. Is Faith Rosco in the house?



Justus: No, no, no, I haven't -- I haven't seen Faith since I visited her in the hospital right before she escaped.

Emily: She's here in the house.

Justus: Well, how would you know?

Nikolas: Emily and I saw her.

Emily: I can't think of why she'd be here unless she was hoping to contact you.

Justus: Well, she hasn't so far.

Nikolas: Look, Faith is a known killer, right? If Sage was in her way, she wouldn't even hesitate to eliminate her. Faith must've come down to the basement to hide, opened the door, found Sage inside, and Sage tried to escape, but Faith realized that she would tell everyone she was in the house. So, there you go -- Faith stabbed Sage Alcazar to death.

[Faith screams]

Justus: Faith!

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