GH Transcript Wednesday 8/25/04

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/25/04

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Tracy: Daddy was unfaithful to my mother for years. As her biographer, you must know the pain he caused her and the entire family. Time and time again, he broke her heart. He left numerous illegitimate children!

Alan: He left two.

Tracy: And that seems reasonable to you? Oh, right, it would.

Justus: I object.

Felicia: Sustained.

Justus: Thank you, your honor.

Heather: As you can see here, we all could if it weren't for the storm --

Justus: Your honor, would you kindly instruct the witness to move it along, please?

Felicia: Get to the point, please.

Tracy: He can't even observe a respectful mourning period!

Heather: Everyone mourns differently.

Alan and Monica: Objection!

Tracy: Heather is an insult to my mother's memory. The mere fact that she's in this house tonight proves that Daddy has deep character flaws, he is not a good person, and does not deserve to inherit. I rest my case!

Edward: You don't have a case to rest.

Justus: Closing arguments, your honor.

Edward: What, are we in a rush all of a sudden?

Felicia: Go ahead, counselor.

Justus: Lila loved Edward unconditionally. Now, I don't expect any of you to understand that. She was well aware of his faults, but she loved him, anyway -- as my grandmother loved him, as many women have loved him.

Edward: Excuse me. Whose side are you on?

Justus: Lila understood that Edward wasn't perfect. Now, who among you here has been faithful to your spouses? Alan? Monica? Tracy?

Monica: At least I have a husband to cheat on.

Tracy: Shut up!

Justus: It would break Lilaís heart to see Edward grieving alone.

Tracy: I doubt that.

Justus: She would urge you to show compassion.

Alan: If she were here, she'd kick him out on his philandering butt!

Justus: She'd remind you how much she loved all his children!

Monica: Sheíd change the locks!

Justus: Edward has been responsible for keeping this family together.

Edward: That's right! That's absolutely right!

Justus: By allowing Edward to grieve, you're allowing him to take care of his family. Lila would expect all of you to understand that and give your father a second chance. Now, I rest my case and leave the final decision in the judge's capable hands. If you'll excuse me --

Edward: Wait, wait, wait -- where are you going?

Justus: I have work to do.

Edward: We're in the middle of a trial.

Justus: You're in the middle of your own living room with the lights out trying to keep your hands on late wife's money and your girlfriend at the same time. Now, Iíve done all I can!

Edward: Your honor, I object.

Tracy: You can't object. He's your attorney!

Justus: I'll send you the bill!

Felicia: All right. I've made my decision.

Alan: Oh, thank God!

Felicia: One of you has been eliminated as a potential heir. This job that Lila gave me is not an easy decision.

Edward: Well, I'm sure you're up to the task.

Felicia: I've made my decision, and I hope Lila would agree. I've eliminated you.

Justus: Yeah, I'm calling in a favor. Yeah, well, you knew I would. No, no, listen to me. The less you know the better. Have a boat standing by for me at the pier. No. Two people. You got it.

Emily: Brie, crackers, olives --

Nikolas: Roast beef, grilled chicken --

Emily: Chocolate cake --

Nikolas: Wine.

Emily: Did you get that corkscrew?

Nikolas: Well, I thought you did.

Emily: You know, we can't risk the back stairs again.

Nikolas: Not even for a 1963 merlot?

Emily: I might have one in my beach bag here. It's got to be in this closet somewhere. God. Does it seem cold in here all of a sudden?

Nikolas: Not to me, it doesn't.

Emily: It's like this blast of cold air.

Nikolas: Maybe it's a sign.

Emily: Yeah. A terrible omen of disaster or a cool breeze from the storm.

Nikolas: I'll go with the cool breeze.

Emily: Here it is. Oh, gosh. You can show your gratitude by warming me up.

Nikolas: Ok, come here. Is that better?

Emily: Hmm, just what I wanted.

Nikolas: Yep. Oh.


Nikolas: To us and good omens on dark and stormy nights.

Emily: To teenage daydreams that miraculously come true.

Dillon: Sage?

Brook Lynn: Hey, are you in there?

Dillon: Sage?

Georgie: You know what, guys? She probably just went home.

Trent: How?

Lucas: I'm really sorry we've been so awful.

Dillon: Yeah, me, too. Sage?

Georgie: Come on, Sage, just let us in. It's really spooky out here.

Dillon: Yeah, come on. We're really sorry.

[Georgie screams]

Lucas: Oh, my -- oh, God.

Dillon: Sage?

Georgie: Wait a minute --

Dillon: All right, I'm going to -- I'm -- I'm going to check your pulse, ok?

[Sage screams]

[Georgie and Dillon scream]

Dillon: What the --

Emily: What are you doing here?

Faith: Three guesses.

Nikolas: You're wanted by the police?

Faith: The little prince gets a prize.

Faith: Now, the thing is I can't have anyone know that Iím here, especially your big brother Jason. So Iím afraid to say that I will be the only one leaving this room alive.

Sage: You guys should really audition for a horror movie. Both of you -- you could make big bucks.

Georgie: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- the needlepoint, the scratching on the wall?

Dillon: Georgie, Georgie --

Sage: What about the wheelchair rolling down the stairs?

Dillon: Wait a minute. You did the wheelchair?

Georgie: Dillon!

Sage: What can I say? Being treated like dirt inspires me.

Lucas: Look, I told you there was an explanation.

Brook Lynn: You have no respect for my great-grandmother or for my family's grief, do you? And if it is my great-grandmother that's here -- and it very well may be, Sage --

Sage: Sorry.

Georgie: You just think you can get away with anything, don't you?

Sage: How could that be any worse than rigging a paint can to fall and injure someone, Georgie?

Lucas: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Sage couldn't have done this all alone. There's no way.

Sage: I'm creative when I have incentive. And before you guys --

Trent: Ok -- all right, look, I was in on it, too, ok? I mean, so what? Sage is right. You all, you know, treat her like dirt. It was time for a little bit of payback.

Dillon: Wait, hold on a second, wait. You pushed -- you pushed the wheelchair down the stairs, you went screaming up to the rest of us, and then you went down the back -- oh --

Trent: Yeah, yeah, and I also made the sounds outside. Man, it was crazy when you went, like, charging through the door with the paddle and everything.

Brook Lynn: No. Look, you guys couldn't have rigged the channeling board.

Lucas: Oh, of course they could have. They moved the planchette. What could have been easier?

Brook Lynn: They weren't always there.

Trent: Well, you guys were so freaked out. I mean, what's the difference?

Sage: You scared yourselves.

Lucas: They obviously set the whole thing up.

Sage: And it was worth every second.

Georgie: You get that we hate you more than ever now, right? You get that everyone knows you're a total witch like Iíve always known.

Dillon: Yeah, she is right.

Trent: Hey, look, look, lighten up, ok? It was a joke, all right? I mean, I even fell for half of it, ok? Like, when I back the house and I saw you in the hall, you know, with the black and everything, looking all crazy and freaky and stuff.

Sage: That wasn't me.

Trent: I -- I saw you. It had to be you.

Sage: Trent, I didn't run around the house dressed in all black acting all creepy, ok?

Georgie: Ok, you guys get that she's lying, right?

Sage: It wasn't me.

Lucas: Then who was it?

Brook Lynn: Or what was it?

Felicia: For Lilaís sake, I did everything I could to keep an open mind to give you a fair chance to get that inheritance.

Tracy: You were against me from the start.

Edward: Can you blame her? She's supposedly searching for the most virtuous Quartermaine. She knew in advance it wouldn't be you.

Felicia: Unfortunately, you've done nothing except prove that you were completely conniving and dishonest, as everyone says that you are.

Tracy: What have I done specifically?

Felicia: You spied on your father. You tried to blackmail him by taking photographs of him and Heather.

Tracy: We're Quartermaines. Blackmail is how we all relate.

Felicia: You're greedy, untrustworthy, dishonest. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Tracy: You did not try very hard.

Felicia: I bent over backwards so that I wouldn't be accused of bias.

Tracy: Of course you're biased. You've hated me ever since I tried to protect my son from your daughter.

Monica: Here we go.

Felicia: You were completely unfair to my daughter.

Tracy: Then maybe she should have taken the hint and stayed away, hmm?

Felicia: Your son loves my daughter.

Tracy: My son is a teenager. He thinks with his hormones. I was just trying to get him to not make a terrible mistake.

Alan: Why couldn't she have had a meltdown like this before we were eliminated?

Tracy: You can't disqualify me for opposing a teen romance.

Felicia: "Opposing"? You put naked pictures of my daughter on the hospital computer! Did you think that I would forget about that?

Tracy: I'm going to call a lawyer as soon as the lights go back on. I'm going to have that will declared invalid, and while I'm at it, Iím going to sue you for fraud!

Felicia: Are you threatening me?

Tracy: No! I'm making you a promise, and I always keep my word.

Alan and Monica: Since when?

Heather: [As Lila] Tracy, that will be quiet enough.

Tracy: What the hell did you say to me?

Heather: Don't use that sort of language with your mother, dear.

Edward: My God. It's Lila. She's here.

Heather: That's right, darling. I've been here all along.

Edward: Lila? Is it you?

Heather: I'm terribly disappointed in this family.

Edward: Yeah, so am I.

Tracy: Oh, even I think this is cruel.

Edward: Be quiet and listen to your mother.

Tracy: You thought I was crazy for trying to put him in a straitjacket.

Heather: I'd hoped my will would bring everyone together, make them better, happier people. Instead, it seems to have had the opposite effect.

Alan: Oh, father, you put Heather up to this?

Monica: Come on.

Alan: It's just a maneuver to get the inheritance.

Edward: Absolutely not!

Tracy: Well, nobody's buying, hon, so knock it off.

Heather: Tracy, you always were my skeptic. Alan's more open minded. Darling Edward, you would know me anywhere.

Edward: Yes.

Heather: And you know me, too, Felicia. You just don't realize it.

Felicia: Why would I know you?

Heather: Oh, all the many wonderful hours we spent in this very room, remember, writing my book? You never did finish it. I hope you will one day -- for your sake, not mine.

Felicia: Why would I believe that you're Lila?

Heather: The code phrase, my dear. You remember.

Alan: What code phrase?

Heather: "Scarlet ribbons." Ah --

Trent: Wait. That was you in the hall. It had to be.

Sage: It wasn't, I swear.

Georgie: Ok, that's it. Let's skip "Let's scare Georgie to death part two."

Dillon: Yeah, I agree. A sequel is never as good as the original -- with the exception of "Godfather: Part II" and "The Empire Strikes Back."

Sage: I didn't run around the halls dressed in black, ok?

Brook Lynn: Why should we believe you, huh? I mean, you lied, and everything that you did tonight just proves how mean you can be, Sage.

Lucas: Wait, did you see the person's face?

Trent: No, no. They were at the end of the hall.

Lucas: Guys, it could have been one of the Quartermaines.

Brook Lynn: Running around their own house? I doubt it.

Lucas: The Quartermaines are a little weird.

Georgie: And your mom's kind of freaky.

Dillon: Ok, guys, stop! Stop. I've seen this movie, ok? There's some big scare in the beginning, and then there's this really great explanation for it, and then the two people who were trying to scare everybody else all along all of a sudden claim that there's a real killer in the house, and nobody believes them.

Sage: Well, believe this, Dillon. I did a lot tonight, but I did not run around the halls acting all creepy! I didn't do that!

Dillon: Sage -- Sage, nobody trusts you, ok? I don't even know why I tried to be your friend. I defended you; I tried to understand you, for what? You run around my family's house playing games, you disrespect my grandmother's name, and now you're trying to scare off the only people that might -- might have cared about you. I feel sorry for you. I really do. I always have. Listen, let's go back to the house.

Brook Lynn: I hope for your sake, Sage, that it is my great-grandmother, all right? She'll forgive you, but I never will. And if it is some evil presence, they're going to gravitate right toward you. I mean, you put out so much negative energy tonight. If I were you -- and Iím glad that Iím not -- Sage, I would be terrified.

Sage: Well, to hell with all of you!

Trent: Ok, look -- look, it's just us now. That was you in the hall, right?

Sage: Trent, I swear on my uncle's name that that was not me. I left here, I went to the house, I went to the grandmother's sitting room, looked through some drawers, found that needlepoint.

Trent: That means someone else is playing with us.

Sage: They're just playing, right? They're not really dangerous?

Emily: I can help get you out of the country.

Faith: No, no, no. You mean to serve me on a platter to Jason.

Nikolas: Faith, you fire that gun, someone will hear the shot, come running up here. You can't kill a whole house full of Quartermaines.

Faith: That's a chance I'm just going to have to take.

Emily: Jason!


Emily: Nikolas! Are you ok?

Nikolas: Yeah, it's just a powder burn. We can't let her get away.

Monica: What are scarlet ribbons?

Felicia: There was a caretaker on Lilaís family estate when she was 16 years old. He was very handsome and he helped her plant the first rose in her first rose garden. He was in love with her.

Edward: I never knew about that.

Felicia: She didn't want you to know. In fact, she asked me to keep his name out of the book. But I didn't realize it was this important.

Monica: What does this have to do with scarlet ribbons?

Tracy: Would you please get to the point?

Felicia: Yes, Iíll get to the point. When Lila asked me to be the judge, she said to me that she would check in on me from time to time, and we laughed about it. I said, "Well, how are you going to check in with me from time to time?" She said, "Iíll give you a code -- 'scarlet ribbons.'"

Tracy: Oh -- this is ridiculous!

Felicia: Scarlet ribbons -- that's the name of the first rose that was planted in her first rose garden by that handsome young man from so many years ago.

Tracy: This is now getting very obvious. The two of them are in cahoots with each other.

Monica: Knock it off, Tracy.

Alan: Why would mother choose to speak through Heather?

Felicia: I don't know.

Edward: We've got to get her back.

Tracy: Wave some 50s under her nose, she'll perk right up.

Edward: I'm talking about Lila. She's got to come back and tell us why she came back tonight. Lila?

Dillon: I never knew Sage could be so out of control.

Georgie: You don't seriously feel sorry for her?

Dillon: Well, yeah, maybe, a little bit. That doesn't mean I'm not furious. She shouldn't have done what she did.

Georgie: At least there's nothing else to scare us.

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, we have to get in contact with the spirit.

Lucas: In case you missed it, Sage was the spirit.

Brook Lynn: No. Look, the only thing she told the truth about was not manipulating the board, ok? That really happened. Yeah, you guys come on in, but we're going to keep an eye on you for the rest of the night.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, and by the way, stay the hell away from my grandmother's sitting room.

Brook Lynn: And you're no longer included in the circle, so stay away from the board.

Lucas: Speaking of the board --

Nikolas: Stay here. I'll check the freezer.

Emily: Ok. Be careful. She could have another gun.

Nikolas: All right.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Come here.

Emily: Wow. It looks like Faith has been hiding here.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: I have to warn the family.

Nikolas: All right, I'll wait here.

Emily: No. Come with me.

Nikolas: I can't risk getting caught. Technically, Iím still an escaped mental patient.

Emily: Ok. I'll hurry.

Nikolas: Ok. Here you go.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Bye.

Emily: Bye.

Edward: Please, try to reach Lila again.

Heather: [Normal voice] I can't believe this is happening.

Edward: I have to know if she's really speaking through you.

Heather: Doesn't seem possible.

Tracy: That our mother would speak through a gold-digging gardener who's clearly in cahoots with a so-called judge? I agree. She would have much better taste in mediums.

Edward: Would you at least try, please?

Tracy: You know what? This isn't happening. You -- you're leaving. Get in your little boat, motor home, and you're going with her. And I don't care, you can walk. You're just leaving.

Heather: In the middle of a storm?

Tracy: Maybe lightning will strike twice.

Edward: Tracy, you know, you may never understand this, but nobody will ever love you, not the way I loved your mother.

Tracy: Daddy, she's just trying to steal your money and you won't admit it.

Monica: Tracy is right for once.

Alan: Heather's always been a schemer. You remember how she tried to manipulate us when Jason was a baby?

Felicia: But how could Heather know about scarlet ribbons?

Tracy: Wait! Let's all put on our thinking caps! I've got it! You told her!

Felicia: I didn't.

Alice: You know, the way I figure it, if Mrs. Lila wanted to contact Mr. Quartermaine, I think she'd pick someone he was close to. At least, that's the way I see it.

Tracy: And does anybody care about how you see it?

Alan: Wait -- wait a minute!

Monica: Hold -- hold on --

Edward: I care. I care. Please, say your piece of mind.

Alice: Thank you. You see, one time I called this psychic hotline.

Tracy: Hmm, there's a resounding credential if ever I heard one.

Alice: Why, thank you. Anyway, at first I had my doubts because they kept charging my credit card while I was waiting on line, but then Miss Angelina came on and she told me that if I wanted to find where my mother hid her jewelry right before she died, all I had to do was ask the cat.

Monica: And?

Alice: Well -- and she was right. I found the jewelry hidden under Patches' -- Patches was the cat -- under Patches' little bed. Look. Hmm.

Monica: Well, she could have gotten that jewelry anywhere.

Alan: Why would she lie?

Felicia: What does Alice to have gain by that?

Tracy: Maybe what you're paying her?

Edward: Don't listen to this pack of hyenas. You've got to try to find her. You've got to.

Heather: Well, are you sure it'll help?

Edward: Yes! Yes.

Heather: What do you want me to do?

Edward: Come. Come over here.

Tracy: Don't think this little dog-and-pony show is going to distract me from dealing with you. It won't, and I will.

Georgie: You did this.

Sage: While I was in the boathouse pretending to be dead? Right.

Georgie: You hid in the hall while Trent was making us all feel guilty, and as soon as we left, you came in here, stabbed the channeling board, then ran into the boathouse.

Sage: There wasn't enough time.

Georgie: Sure, there was!

Sage: You guys, there's obviously some kind of sicko loose in this house.

Georgie: Yeah, Sage, it's you.

Trent: What if she didn't do it?

Lucas: No offense, but you got a major problem with credibility right now.

Sage: You know what? We need to call the police right now!

Dillon: Actually, I don't think that's a bad idea.

Georgie: Can't you see what she's doing? Dillon, she called my mother!

Sage: Your mother?

Dillon: Whoa, whoa. Wait a second. You called Felicia and told her we were in the boathouse?

Sage: Dillon, I barely even know Georgieís mom!

Georgie: You called my mother hoping that she would come and see me and Dillon hooking up in the boathouse and send me away to boarding school.

Sage: You're paranoid.

Georgie: And you're a liar. I am sick of all your stupid schemes. I cannot even look at you right now. I canít.

Sage: You think I want to be stuck in this house with a bunch of losers all night while everybody blames me for everything?

Brook Lynn: You just admitted that you were trying to scare us.

Sage: I did not put that knife in the stupid board, and I did not dress up in black and run around the house!

Georgie: Shut up!

Lucas: Why can't we all just relax? We'll keep an eye on Trent and Sage, and the rest of us --

Georgie: No, no, I want her out of here!

Sage: Yeah, well, I'm staying right here.

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Does your family still have that walk-in freezer, you know, the one that's turned off?

Dillon: Kind of hard to remove. Why?

Georgie: Because Sage can play her little games by herself, where she can't hurt anyone.

Sage: You're crazy.

Georgie: What? You'll have plenty of room, you know? The freezer's turned off. You won't even be cold.

Sage: You can't lock me in a freezer.

Georgie: Why not? There's going to be plenty of air down there, Sage, and we won't have to look at you.

Sage: Ok, Trent, this is where you would step in and save me. We're a team, remember?

Trent: Yeah, look, you need to calm down, ok, Georgie? Look, what if Sage and I agree to go down in the freezer together? That way --

Brook Lynn: No, Trent. Look, forget it.

Lucas: We can't let you both out of our sight.

Sage: Dillon?

Georgie: Shut up!

Dillon: Georgie, I don't think this is a good idea, ok?

Georgie: Stop protecting her, Dillon! She doesn't deserve it! Look, I love you and I have loved you when you slept with her and when you flirted with her and when you took her to the winter formal and I love you now! But I -- I have had all I'm going to take from this witch! I am finished. And if you do one thing -- and I mean one little thing to stop me -- I swear to God we'll be finished, too!

Sage: Ok, well, it's obvious that you're completely hyster-- ow!

Lucas: Georgie!

Trent: She's losing it.

Georgie: And don't any of you try to follow me!

Dillon: Georgie -- ok, look at me, look at me. Just stop and think, ok?

Georgie: Dillon, when is enough enough? She -- she convinced Trent to push your grandmother's wheelchair down the stairs. She played like she was murdered. Now there's a knife in the channeling board?

Sage: I didn't do the stupid -- ow!

Georgie: Get out of my way!

Lucas: Georgie -- no --

Sage: You guys -- you guys, help me! Trent!

Georgie: Shut up!

Brook Lynn: Look, this is their fight, guys! All right? We need to stay out of it.

Georgie: Thank you.

Brook Lynn: I don't blame you, not for a second.

Dillon: Hold on. Just let me go with you, ok? I won't do -- I won't pull anything, I won't try --

Georgie: Dillon, this is my fight, not yours.

Sage: You're the psycho. And when my uncle finds out that you locked me in a freezer, he's going to destroy you and your whole stupid family. You know he can do that. Are you sure you want to make him mad?

Georgie: I'm not afraid of you, Sage.

Sage: Fine. We'll do this your way. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Lucas: Sage probably did do this.

Brook Lynn: What if she didn't?

Edward: Heather, you were holding a candle when Lila spoke through you.

Heather: I was?

Edward: Yes. So why don't you focus on that and think about Lila speaking -- everybody, think about Lila.

Tracy: And be grateful she's not here?

Alan: Let father get this out of his system.

Monica: Yes, he's either deluded or he's reached a new low in manipulation and scheming.

Tracy: Well, I'm not holding hands with all of you, just so you know.

Felicia: Shh.

Edward: Heather? Lila?

Heather: [As Lila] Yes, Edward. I'm here.

Edward: Oh, thank God.

Heather: Edward, dear?

Edward: What?

Heather: Please be careful. I sense a danger in the house.

Emily: Alice. Where's the family?

Alice: Oh, they're in the living room.

Emily: Have you seen anyone suspicious?

Alice: No, but I'm looking.

Emily: Ok. If you could look upstairs near my room?

Alice: Oh, sure. I'll do that.

Emily: All right.

Justus: Shh, shh, shh. Come with me. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Emily: I need to speak with you both.

Monica: I thought you were at Elizabethís.

Emily: Listen, can we go in there? It's really important.

Edward: Emily, come say hello to your grandmother.

Monica: You are not dragging my daughter into this. Come on.

Heather: Emily, my dear, it's lovely to see you.

Emily: What? She's pretending to be Grandmother?

Tracy: Yeah. It's pretty hard to stomach, isn't it?

Felicia: She could be channeling. We can't rule it out.

Emily: I can. She's obviously faking.

Alan: Thank God, the voice of sanity.

Edward: Lila, tell us about the danger.

Emily: All right, let's get out of here.

Edward: Emily, please, don't go. If there's danger out there, stay with the family and be safe.

Heather: Emily, my dear, I wish you every happiness. I always have.

Tracy: How nice! Let's get to the point. Excuse me. It's me, the skeptic. Quick question -- who do you want to inherit all your money?

Alan: Oh, my God, not -- where's my flashlight?

Monica: Does anybody have a charger here?

Alan: Here's a flashlight being charged. But I just asked if you could help me find the darn thing.

Tracy: Just calm down!

Alan: I'm calm! I found a flashlight.

Emily: I've got a light here.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: She's good.

Edward: She's gone.

Tracy: You bet. I asked her a tough question; she blew out her candle and ran.

Edward: Why would your mother leave like this?

Monica: Heather left.

Alan: Father, you can't seriously believe --

Edward: I got to find her!

Emily: So, Mom, Dad, I really need you. No, wait, if there's danger involved --

Tracy: You didn't believe that drivel, did you?

Emily: Listen, I need to talk to you -- Dad --

Monica: Emily, Emily! I'm here.

Emily: Listen, I don't want them wandering around the house, but I don't want to cause a panic, either.

Monica: What is it?

Emily: Faith Rosco just pulled a gun on me and Nikolas.

Monica: What? Are you all right?

Emily: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Monica: Do I want to know how you happened to be with Nikolas?

Emily: Yeah, I'll give you all of the details later, but he's all right, Mom. He remembered everything.

Monica: Yeah, fine. What about Faith?

Emily: She came into my room. She may still be in the house, and she probably has an accomplice.

Monica: Ok, I'm calling the police.

Emily: Wait, don't tell them about Nikolas.

Monica: I won't, I won't.

Emily: Ok. Listen, I have to get back to him, but try to get everybody back in one room, and don't scare them, all right?

Monica: All right! And, you, you be careful!

Emily: Ok, I will. Bye.

Monica: Hello? Hello, this is Dr. Quartermaine.

Faith: No, no, no, no! Why are we coming in here? Nikolas and Emily know Iím in the house!

Justus: Nikolas? What's Nikolas doing here? Last I heard, he'd been committed.

Faith: Jeez, you know, I didn't really have time for a chat. He was busy jumping me, and I was busy trying to escape. Now, we have to get out of the house!

Justus: That road is being blocked by that tanker truck.

Faith: Well, what about -- what about the lake? There's a boathouse, so --

Justus: All we have to do is make it to the pier. I've got a boat taking us out to the harbor and then to the keys. Just hold on until this weather breaks, ok?

Faith: I will try, ok?

Justus: What happened to Ms. Nerves-of-Steel, Ms. Cool-Under-Pressure?

Faith: Well, things have changed. It's different now. I have more to lose -- starting with you. And to tell you the truth, I don't really like storms. If you tell anyone, I will kill you.

Justus: All your secrets are safe with me, ok? I've got to go check something out. You stay here until I get back, ok?

Faith: God.

Trent: We should check on Georgie and Sage.

Dillon: Not yet.

Trent: What if something happened to them?

Dillon: Trent, you did all the scary stuff, remember?

Trent: No, no, not everything. I swear, ok? Not that.

Lucas: Hey, just try to think about something else.

Brook Lynn: Like what? Georgie and Sage down in the basement?

Lucas: Do you want me to go find them?

Brook Lynn: Oh, I just want this night to be over.

Felicia: What exactly is going on in here?

Sage: I can suffocate!

Georgie: There's ventilation!

Sage: The board was right. You've gone mentally ill with jealousy.

Georgie: No, I'm just sick to death of you. Now, get in there!

Sage: Not a chance.

Georgie: No, Sage. Right now!

Sage: You cannot hate me this much!

Georgie: No, really, I can!

Sage: You're trying to impress Dillon, aren't you? Well, it's not going to work. Nothing you do will make you pretty or hot. Nothing you try will make him want you. You know why Dillonís not attracted to you? It's the reason you're flipping out like this, isn't it? He can't be with you because he still wants me.

Georgie: Shut up!

Sage: The cause of Dillonís erectile dysfunction is you. Ugh -- get off of me!

Georgie: No! Sage, fight back! I dare you!

Dillon: One thing led to another, and then the whole situation just got out of hand, and we didn't know what we were doing. Sage tried to --

Felicia: Wait, hang on just a second. Let me get this straight. Georgie got very upset, she took Sage down to the basement, locked her in the freezer, and none of you tried to stop her?

Lucas: We did, but Georgie wouldn't want to listen to any of us.

Brook Lynn: Look, Sage pushed her too far.

Felicia: Where's Sage?

Georgie: Mom, she's in the freezer.

Felicia: Have you lost your mind?

Georgie: Mom, she asked for it.

Felicia: There's no air in the freezer.

Georgie: Mom --

Felicia: Did you stop to think about that?

Georgie: Mom, it's ok! The freezer's turned off. There's plenty of ventilation. It's not even cold.

Felicia: You have no right to imprison anybody at any time! Now, we're going to go down there and we're going to get her out right now.

Brook Lynn: Wait. All of us?

Felicia: All of us, and you're going to apologize to her, and don't tell me that you think that she deserved it. Now, let's go.

Alan: Did you find Heather?

Tracy: Ha. I'm sure Heather, Daddy, and the judge are laughing at us right now while they divide up mother's money.

Edward: Heather?

Alice: No. No. It's just me, sir.

Edward: Alice, have you seen Heather?

Alice: No. No. I haven't seen anyone, but Iíll keep a look out for her.

Edward: You do that.

[Door closes]

Alice: You can come out now.

Heather: [Normal voice] Well done. No one suspects a thing.

Alice: Yeah, but, you know, I had to lie to Mr. Quartermaine.

Heather: But it was for a good cause. I'm so glad you overheard Felicia and Lila talking about scarlet ribbons.

Alice: I wasn't even eavesdropping. I just happened to be dusting in the next room.

Heather: Well, it's fortunate that you were in the right place at the right time to hear information that will help Edward.

Alice: Well, I'm very fond of Mr. Quartermaine, and Iíll do whatever I can to make sure he gets what's coming to him.

Heather: Don't worry, he will. I'll take care of Edward.

Felicia: Sage? Sage, are you all right? Sage?

Georgie: Sage?

Felicia: Scarlet ribbons?

Dillon: Sage?

Brook Lynn: Look, Sage -- Sage, you aren't funny, ok? Nobody's laughing.

Dillon: You can get up now.

Lucas: She's faking, right?

Felicia: She's dead.

Emily: Nikolas, what happened? Are you all right?

Nikolas: Yeah, somebody slammed me with something as soon as you left the basement.

Emily: Then you weren't outside the house?

Nikolas: The main house? No.

Emily: Well, I thought I saw you.

Nikolas: Well -- so, what, you followed whoever you thought it was? Emily, it could have been Helena or Faith.

Emily: Do you think Faith hit you?

Nikolas: I don't know. I stepped out of the freezer, someone hit me, and then I woke up inside the freezer. But the door wasn't completely closed, so I --

Emily: So do you think they left the door open on purpose?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: So whoever hit you then meant to let you go?

Nikolas: Right. It doesn't make sense. Did you warn your family?

Emily: Yeah, I told my mom, but I don't want the others to panic. She's calling the police, but she's not going to tell them about you. Oh, I'm glad you're all right.

Nikolas: Yeah. Come here. Oh, if Faith's smart, she's long gone by now.

Emily: Oh, Faith's smart, all right, and she's also deadly.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Trent: What'd you do to her, Georgie?

Georgie: It is all my fault, Mom! I killed her!

Mac: Since this house is a crime scene, no one is leaving.

Edward: You mean no one leaves alive.

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