GH Transcript Monday 8/23/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/23/04

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Brook Lynn: Please, don't be afraid. Make your presence be known if you're with us.

Sage: Who's doing that?

Dillon: Shh.

Georgie: There's someone here.

Dillon: Ok, ok, wait a minute.

Brook Lynn: Look, ask it something else.

Sage: Why are you here?


Georgie: "W -- A --"

Dillon: "S --" no, "R --"

Georgie: "R -- N." "Warn." Um -- she's trying to warn us, but -- but what?

Dillon: Ok, um -- is something bad going to happen tonight?

Brook Lynn: "Yes."

Dillon: What? What?

Georgie: I'm sorry. I thought I saw something outside. You know, it's probably just -- it was probably just the wind. Yeah.

Trent: We need to be worried about what's in here with us.

Dillon: Well, you know what? I'll tell you one thing. If it is my grandmother, nobody needs to be worried about anything.

Sage: Yeah, except whoever's going to get hurt.

Georgie: Maybe it's not serious. Maybe someone's just going to stub their toe or something.

Brook Lynn: Let's ask again.

Dillon: Ok. Um -- spirit -- whatever -- thank you for the warning, but you think you could be a little more specific? Like, how bad is this person going to be hurt? "D" --

Georgie: "D --"

Georgie: "I --"

Lucas: "D-I" -- that doesn't spell anything.

Georgie: Those are the first two letters of Dillonís name.

Sage: Wait, you guys. It's starting to move again.

Dillon: "E." "D-I-E." "Die."

Sage: Oh, my God. One of us is going to die tonight.

[Woman screams]

Dillon: Who's there? Who's that?

Sage: Don't look at me! I didn't do any of this!

Heather: There! Right there! I was right there just seconds before lighting struck! I could have died!

Georgie: Oh, my God, you guys! That's -- that's what she was trying to tell us!

Dillon: What?

Heather: She who?

Edward: Lila. My wife came back.

Emily: St. Viviana's Day.

Nikolas: Well, it's a made-up holiday celebrated by a walk in the snow that ends in a snowball fight. But, see, that doesn't count because you told me that when I thought I was Connor.

Emily: Um -- Kellyís-closed dinner.

Nikolas: A traditional potluck shared by the four musketeers.

Emily: Who are?

Nikolas: Who are you, me, lucky, and Elizabeth, who always brings brownies because that's the only thing she knows how to make. How am I doing so far?

Emily: You're wonderful.

Nikolas: I love you. Can I tell you something?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: Remember the first night we made love?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Yeah? It was the happiest moment of my life up until then. Because I knew -- I knew that -- that I would be in love with you for the rest of my life.



Faith: Who would have thought that an unused freezer in some basement would be the most romantic spot in the world? Unless you have a soft spot for that desk in your office where we first made love.

Justus: No, I like it now. Not just because we have more room to stretch out. But you and I -- we're together for all the wrong reasons.

Faith: Please, no postmortems. Not right now.

Justus: Faith, if we don't learn from our mistakes, we're doomed to repeat them. Our relationship is rooted in betrayal. Yours for the man you loved, and me for everything I was supposed to stand for.

Faith: You've already lost everything you stood for. You were -- you were making it up as you went along.

Justus: I was angry and desperate, and so were you.

Faith: You're making us sound like we were some nightmare. That's not how I remember us.

Justus: You might be guilty of rose-colored hindsight. We started out badly and went downhill from there.

Faith: And yet, here we are.

Justus: Right. After you escaped from police custody and held me at gunpoint.

Faith: Well, so what? So we're not the conventional romance or affair, or whatever you want to call us. Why should that come as any surprise? You and I play by our own rules in every other aspect of our lives.

Justus: You're right.

Faith: You want to know how I see it? Even a couple of miserable wretches like us sometimes get a second chance. And if we take it, who knows? Maybe we can get it right this time. Leave the country with me.

Justus: Be very careful what you ask for, Faith. You might just get it.

Monica: Well, it's official. The power's out in the entire house.

Alan: Yeah, same thing with the grounds. I just checked. Where are you going?

Monica: I'm going to start the backup generator before Edward thinks that this power failure means that Lila is back.

Alan: Do you think father is finally losing it?

Monica: Well, probably. But I don't believe that Lila has come back to haunt us.

Alan: Oh, yeah, it's absurd. But if she had, it would be understandable.

Monica: Because of Heather?

Alan: There's no fool like an old fool.

Monica: Especially when the old fool has just lost the woman he has loved for his entire life.

Alan: It's a recipe for disaster.

Monica: Yeah. Well, I'll be back.

Alan: Hold -- whoa, hold on! The stairs are steep, it's pitch dark. I'll start up the generator.

Monica: Well, that's very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

Alan: Well, it's the least I could do after last night.

Monica: Oh.

[Door slams]

Monica: Well, I don't know. Maybe somebody left the window open in the living room.

Alan: Yeah, right. That's right. Ok. Why don't you come with me?

Heather: Have you been conducting a sťance in here?

Lucas: We were just goofing around.

Heather: Because those channeling boards are serious business.


Heather: They really can conjure up spirits, you know.

Dillon: We've noticed.

Edward: Then you did reach her?

Brook Lynn: Well, we reached someone.

Dillon: We think. I mean, I don't know. Maybe.

Edward: It was Lila, all right. None too pleased with me, I'm sure. My wife was a very tolerant woman; she had to be. But she couldn't abide my philandering.

Trent: Um -- you know what? This is getting into the territory of much more than I need to know. So if it's all right, I'm going to go ahead and wait in the living room.

Sage: Yeah, I'm coming with you, Trent.


Trent: Did you catch a break, or what? Having lighting strike and that lady screaming at the exact moment you steered the board to spell "die"? It's great.

Sage: Trent, I told you, I didn't.

Trent: You expect for me to believe that?

Sage: I swear. But I'm not going to deny it couldn't have worked out any better. Georgie thinks she's terrified now? Just wait till Iím done with her.

Edward: Lila's spirit is restless because of me and because of you.

Heather: Me?

Edward: She's here to keep me from cheating on her again.

Brook Lynn: Great Grandmother Lila was such a wonderful person. I just -- I don't believe she would come back as a vengeful spirit.

Edward: Sweetheart, how do you explain the lightning striking so close to Heather?

Lucas: We are in the middle of an electrical storm.

Edward: No. Lila was warning Heather to leave.

Heather: I'd be more than happy to if it'll make you feel better. But I'd like a moment alone with you first.

Edward: Would you excuse us, please?

Georgie: Edward, no, I -- I think we should stay together. You know, safety in numbers.

Edward: Georgie, you'll be fine. Lila's not angry at you. Please. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the compassion you've shown me.

Heather: I know what's going on. You're feeling guilty because you're attracted to me. But it's ok. I'm attracted to you very much.


Faith: I have got a fortune waiting offshore. We can do whatever we want. We could live on the beach; we can get a cabin in the mountains, or both! The only thing we can never do is come back to this country. And really, is that a sacrifice, with Europe there for the taking? Come on, say you'll go with me.

Justus: You know what? Two days ago, the idea of us running away together was crazy.

Faith: And tonight?

Justus: Tonight I'm not so sure it wouldn't work out.

Faith: You mean that?

Justus: You've got a hold on me, Faith. There's no getting away from that.

Faith: Ok. Ok, then let's give ourselves a real shot. Ok? You have nothing here, right? The Quartermaines -- they don't consider you family unless they need you to defend one of them. And -- and you're a traitor in Sonny's book, right? So he is going to be after you. You'd be looking over your shoulder for him or for Jason. And trust me, that is no way to live. So, let's just get the hell out of here. Let's go and try to be, dare I say, happy.

Justus: You really want this, don't you?

Faith: Yes.

Justus: Why?

Faith: Well, you have nothing here. I have nothing here. Listen to me -- together we have something. Let's go. Let's go.


Justus: Hold that thought.

Alan: Did you see that?

Monica: Well, I can't see much of anything, including the circuit breaker box. Oh --

Alan: I swear there's a light on in the freezer.

Georgie: Brook, I don't care about the storm. I want to go home.

Lucas: Sounds good to me.

Georgie: No offense, Brook, but your family's house is really, really creepy.

Brook Lynn: Georgie, you can't go yet, all right? Look, as soon as my great grandpa was done talking to Heather, I was going to try the channeling board one more time. We'll get better results if we don't break the circle.

Georgie: Wait a minute, we're a circle now? No, I thought this was a game!

Brook Lynn: No, it's a lot more than a game now!

Dillon: All right, hey! Brook Lynn, do -- do you believe that you have actually contacted Lila?

Brook Lynn: I don't want to say anything because Georgieís freaked out enough.

Georgie: Tell me what you're thinking.

Brook Lynn: Look, Dillon, I didn't really know Great Grandma Lila all that much, so it's hard for me to recognize her spirit, but I know it would be a pure one. She wouldn't come here and threaten people's lives and come for revenge, all right? So I think this might be something else.

Dillon: All right. Such as?

Brook Lynn: Such as some evil spirit masquerading as Lila.

Georgie: Ok, stop there, because you are seriously scaring me!

Alice: Where are the lanterns?

Emily: Thank God. I was sure either Mary or Helena was going to walk through that door.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: And honestly, I don't know which one would have been worse.

Nikolas: Well, my vote goes to Helena. Mary's misguided; Helenaís lethal.

Emily: Mary's a lot more than misguided.

Nikolas: True, but I -- I think Helenaís the bigger threat here. We need to find another hiding place. She knows that we've come here before.

Emily: Which is why she wouldn't think we'd come back.

Nikolas: Or why she would think we would. Listen, listen to me -- I really want you to go up to the house, ok? Please, I --

Emily: Wherever we go, we go together. You're stuck with me.

Nikolas: Ok. And that's all I want.

Emily: You need to understand where I'm coming from.

Nikolas: Come here.


Emily: I finally made peace with the idea that your memory would never come back. It was enough just to be with you, to have you back, to be able to call you by your name. And I was starting to learn how to love you as you were instead of needing who you used to be. And now the miracle I stopped praying for has happened and I've been given this amazing gift, and I'll never treat it lightly or take it for granted again. So you better get used to it because I'll never willingly be separated from you again.

Nikolas: Ok. You know, when I think about how much I hurt you and all -- all the horrible things that I said to you, I would -- I wouldn't have blamed you if you turned your back on me for good. I wouldn't.

Emily: Never. I love you, Nikolas. The night I realized you were alive, it was like being reborn, like being given a second chance at everything.

Nikolas: I know. I know, but it was still unfair. I mean, it was bad enough when I thought I was -- when I thought I was Connor, going on and on about my love for Mary and accusing you of being a stalker. And when I found out the truth, instead of begging you to forgive me, I lashed out to you even more, basically punishing you for loving me. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making that up to you, ok?

Emily: There's nothing to make up.


Emily: You were struggling through confusion and darkness, and I struggled with you. Because we promised never to let go.

Nikolas: Yes, we did. And we never will, ok?

Monica: What are you doing?

Alan: I'm checking out the freezer.

Monica: What do you expect to find, the ghost of Detective Duncan?

Alan: I'm almost sure I saw a light go out inside.

Monica: It was probably a reflection of your flashlight in the stainless steel. Now, I could really use a hand over here. I can't get this damn switch.

Alan: Ok, step back. It's broken.

Monica: Thank you. Thank you for that insightful and brilliant diagnosis.

Alan: What do you want from me?

Monica: Well, actually, nothing. I mean, there's no point in us staying down here unless you have a burning desire to go inspect the freezer.

Alan: Oh, I have a burning desire, all right, but it has nothing to do with the freezer.

Monica: Then why don't we just go upstairs and take advantage of all the candlelight?

Alan: I'm right behind you.

Faith: Those two still get it on?

Justus: Please, some things I really don't need to think about.

Faith: Oh, well, gives us all hope for the future. But this freezer is starting to seem like a really bad idea. With all the Quartermaines traipsing down here, it's only a matter of time before one of them finds me.

Justus: Not if we're gone.

Faith: Did you say "we"?

Justus: Yes, as in you and me, out there in the world, taking that second chance, if you're still will to go for it.

Faith: Yes, yes, yes! Oh!

Edward: I can't deny Iím fascinated by you. But it's wrong.

Heather: I don't understand. Wrong how?

Edward: It's too soon, Heather. My wife just died. The woman I pledged my life, my love, forever. To act on my attraction to you right now would be betrayal of the worst kind.

Heather: Attraction between two people is chemical. It doesn't make allowances for bad timing. It's only natural of you to feel a little guilt from now, from time to time. But, well, I can promise you, you've done nothing wrong.

Edward: I don't think Lila would feel the same way.

Heather: I didn't know Lila very well, but so many people have told me over and over what a kind, unselfish, loving woman she was. Surely, she'd want you to be happy.

Edward: Yes, she would.

Heather: Well, then you only have one question to ask yourself. Do I make you happy?

Lucas: Ok, so, some weird things have happened tonight. But that -- that doesn't mean that a ghost is in the house.

Brook Lynn: All right, well, how do you explain the messages from the channeling board?

Lucas: Someone was rigging it. Or the one who does believe -- that would be you, Brook -- was unconsciously guiding the thingy.

Georgie: Planchette.

Brook Lynn: I had nothing to do with moving it.

Lucas: Hey, Iím not saying you did it on purpose, but you really wanted to make contact with the other side.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I didn't want to find out that somebody was going to die.

Dillon: I would love to be all cool and objective like Lucas, but facts are facts, ok? The lights went out, the doors blew open, and Heather Webber was almost struck dead by a lighting bolt --

Lucas: By lighting --

Dillon: While we were inside holding a sťance! Come on, man!

Lucas: Lighting struck in that particular spot because a metal pipe is exposed.

Dillon: Oh, please.

Lucas: The doors blew open because an electrical charge was released by that lighting. And the power is out because a transformer went down on the electrical grid. I'm telling you, this storm and -- combined with Brook Lynnís enthusiasm and all of our overactive imaginations has made us all go just a little bit nuts. No spirit, vengeful or otherwise, has made an appearance here tonight.

Dillon: I hate to admit it -- he's got a point.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, maybe I did --

[Sage screams]

Sage: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You guys, there really is a ghost!

Trent: I heard screaming. Is everyone all right?

Sage: No, it's not! This thing came down the stairs all by itself, Trent!

Brook Lynn: I don't see any guide wires, do you, Mr. Skeptic?

Lucas: Well, there's got to be a logical explanation.

Brook Lynn: There is, all right? Look, Lilaís mad because we're not taking her warning seriously!

Lucas: Or -- or maybe a window blew open upstairs.

Monica: What is all the screaming about?

Alan: What is my mother's chair doing down here?

Georgie: It fell down from the top of the stairs, all by itself!

Monica: What?

Alan: Look, if this is some kind of teenage prank, let me assure you, I'm not amused.

Dillon: No, Alan, honestly, we -- we really don't know how it got there. I mean, it just, like, fell down the stairs.

Monica: That's impossible. Lila's sitting room is around the corner from the stairs, and her door is closed.

Alan: Well, I can see nobody's going to claim responsibility for this.

Brook Lynn: We didn't do anything, Alan!

Alan: All right, well, let me just issue you a warning. My mother's things are not to be touched -- not in jest or anything else! Do I make myself clear?

Brook Lynn: Look, I swear, it's not a prank, all right? I think Lilaís trying to contact us.

Alan: Oh, you don't want to go there, believe me. Monica, come on.


Lucas: Come on. I'll take you home.

Sage: Trent, you can ride with me.

Brook Lynn: No, you guys can't go yet, all right? We have to try and contact Lila one more time.

Heather: Would Lila want you to grieve alone forever?

Edward: It's hardly been forever.

Heather: You know what I mean.

Edward: No. She wouldn't want me to grieve alone.

Heather: Of course not. She's want you to embrace your golden years; take the best life has to offer. Lila may have gone to a better place, but you're still here -- a living, breathing, virile man who has needs. It's not only natural; it's healthy that you're attracted to me. It's nothing you should feel guilty about.

Justus: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't -- I didn't realize anyone was in here.

Edward: What are you doing here? You know, we didn't even know you were in the house!

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: It's ok, it's ok. It's just thunder. You're safe.

Emily: Oh, this feels like heaven. Of all the things I missed when you were away from me, falling asleep in your arms tops the list.

Nikolas: I remember being with you like this. Oh, you have no idea what it means to say that, to know it. Come here.

Nikolas: Oh -- where is your engagement ring?

Emily: I -- I took it off when I thought we were having your memorial service. I -- I promised Lulu that I would give it to her as a gift from her big brother --

Nikolas: Well --

Emily: When she grew up.

Nikolas: I will buy Lulu another one. Our engagement ring goes back on your finger, all right?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: Where it will soon be joined by a wedding band. Know what I'm saying?

Emily: Can't happen soon enough. I -- I hate to -- to spoil the mood, but it's my curse to be practical. And if we're going to stay here tonight, we're going to need supplies. So Iím going to run up to the house and Iím going to change clothes, grab a few blankets, and raid the kitchen.

Nikolas: All right.

Emily: Ok?

Nikolas: I'll go with you.

Emily: It'll be easier if I go alone.

Nikolas: What if you get caught?

Emily: I won't be. I spent years growing up in that house. I know how to sneak in and out. Don't worry. I'll be fine, ok?

Nikolas: Ok. Hurry up.

Emily: Ok.

Monica: Is somebody there?

Alan: Don't scream! Don't scream!

Monica: Are you out of your mind? You just scared 10 years off my life!

Alan: Well, you said you didn't want to waste any candlelight.

Monica: I didn't say I wanted to be ambushed! I was talking about a little romance.

Alan: Well, that's what this is. But instead of the same old thing in the same old way, I thought we might do something a little different.

Monica: I like that. A little illicit tryst.

Justus: I'm sorry. I spent the whole weekend dealing with this inheritance nightmare. I must have gotten some important E.L.Q. files mixed up with some stuff I've been doing for Sonny.

Edward: Next time, knock. Come on, Heather. I'll walk you out.

Dillon: Ok, Lilaís wheelchair is secure in her sitting room now.

Lucas: It's behind closed doors. We made sure of that.

Dillon: Yeah, so if that thing comes barreling down the stairs again, we know --

Georgie: I won't be here to see it. You can keep the channeling board as long as you'd like, but I want to go home.

Alice: There's been an accident. A gasoline tanker truck is overturned about 100 yards from the driveway. Now, the PCPD has called out a cleanup crew. But for now, that road is not usable.

Brook Lynn: So, nobody's going anywhere?

Alice: Not tonight.


Brook Lynn: Since we're all stuck here anyways, can we please go through with this?

Lucas: You're not being fair to Georgie. She's really scared.

Brook Lynn: Lucas, hello. Don't you think I am? The storm, the warnings, the riderless wheelchair. My God, we're leaving and an accident happens. Come on, man, it feels like this is happening for a reason.

Sage: You guys, I just think we should just leave well enough alone. Why tempt fate?

Brook Lynn: Look, it may not be Lila. All right? It may be some other vengeful spirit. I mean, but either way, I want to know. And after going through that, how can you seriously stand here and tell me that you don't?

Trent: Ok, say it is your great grandma. What if she's trying to send us a message to -- to get out of her house? Or maybe to stop calling her from the other side to spell out messages on a channeling board?

Sage: Yeah, and if it's the other -- a dark spirit pretending to be Lila -- why do you -- why do you want to invite that spirit back in here?

Brook Lynn: To protect my great grandmother's honor, for one thing, Sage. God, guys, look, she loved us. No matter how many mistakes we made or how often we made them, she still loved us. And, Dillon, come on. I mean, I didn't know her that well, but I knew her well enough to know this, and you do, too.

Dillon: Yeah, I do.

Brook Lynn: If she's trying to tell us something, it's important, and we need to listen.

Sage: And if it's not?

Brook Lynn: Well, then we're going to slam the door on some -- some evil spirit that's making trouble in her name. Guys, look, we're going to kick that spirit's butt back into the ether.

Trent: Ether?

Brook Lynn: You know, the great beyond, the other side. Look, whatever you want to call it, ok?

Dillon: All right, look, you're saying you want to mix it up with a ghost? Come on.

Brook Lynn: Dillon, think about it, all right? Who else is going to haunt the Quartermaines besides another Quartermaine? Look, it's probably some angry ancestor. He's come back because they're greedy and angry and Quartermaine.

Dillon: Well, you can bet there's a lot of those.

Trent: So, what?

Brook Lynn: So Iím not going to let some great uncle, or whatever, defame my great grandmother's good name.


Brook Lynn: No, guys, seriously --

Trent: I don't know if --

[Georgie screams]

Sage: God! For God's sakes, what is it now?

Georgie: There's someone out there! I saw them!

Heather: I don't mean to impose.

Edward: Not an imposition. You shouldn't have to wait around all night for the police to clear the road. I hope you'll be comfortable here.

Heather: I'm sure I will. May I ask where your room is?

Edward: Across the hall.

Heather: Well, that's reassuring.

Edward: I hope you're ok about this ghost nonsense.

Heather: I don't scare easy. It's nice to know you'll be close by, though.

Edward: Well, I'll show you the room. We'll make sure we have enough candles, ok?

Heather: Ok.

Justus: Faith, you can come out. It's only me. Faith? Damn it, Faith, if you're here, say so!

Alice: All right, I know you're in here! I'm going to give you just one chance to surrender peacefully, and then Iím going to put you in a world of hurt! Come on now!

Brook Lynn: Look, guys, we can't break the circle, ok? Whoever participated last time, you guys have to do it again.

Sage: Forget it. No. There's no way I am purposely inviting that spirit back in here. No.

Trent: I'm with Sage. Not that I think there's actually ghosts, but because I respect the fact that it's freaking her out. And unlike some people, I'm not going to pressure her.

Brook Lynn: Ok, look, that's two down. All right, guys, Iím desperate, seriously. You and Lucas -- you guys have to do this.

Georgie: I'm leaving it up to Dillon.

Dillon: Well, I'm not, you know, in love with the idea, but what do you want to accomplish?

Brook Lynn: Look, if we are in contact with Lila, there's nothing to worry about, guys. But if we're not, we need to figure out why that spirit is here. Knowledge is power.

Dillon: Ok, all right. We know that the wheelchair couldn't have gotten to the top of the stairs by itself, so Brook Lynnís got a point about that. Do we just want to at least figure out what's going on?

Sage: Please, you guys, no! I'm -- Iím really freaked out! Just leave it be!

Georgie: I'll do it. You, too, right?

Lucas: You don't have to do something that scares you just to impress Dillon.

Dillon: I wouldn't ask her to.

Lucas: You just did. 48 hours ago, you guys weren't even speaking to each other.

Georgie: We made up.

Lucas: Well, if that means you apologized long enough for the great and powerful Dillon to forgive you -- hey, maybe you should reconsider.

Brook Lynn: Are you trying to start a fight?

Lucas: No, I'm trying to point out that Mr. Dillon Wonderful gets his own way a lot. Sage begs for his attention, you think he's some great oracle of wisdom, and Georgie here gets herself tied up in --

Brook Lynn: For your information, Dillon is so in love with Georgie, he can't even see straight. All right, Lucas? He told me everything that he feels for her, and it was so unbelievably romantic.

Lucas: Oh, the operative word there is "unbelievable."

Brook Lynn: Dillon said that Georgie was the first person that he said "I love you" to.

Dillon: Brook --

Brook Lynn: And he wants her to be the last.

Dillon: Brook Lynn, I appreciate the heartfelt defense, but if we could just stop the word-for-word recap --

Lucas: Why? If that's how you feel, then own it. If that's not the way you feel, and you're just saying what Georgie and Brook Lynn want to hear, then admit it and leave Georgie the heck alone!

Dillon: Ok, fine! I love Georgie! Does that make you happy? Does it? I love Georgie! I -- I love you, ok, for real, and I think forever. And your cousin, Skippy the Pinhead, was right about one thing, and that is that I've been an idiot lately, and I've been blaming it on you. So Iím sorry. I'm truly sorry for anything that Iíve done to hurt you, and that's because I love you so much.

Georgie: Dillon, I love you, too.

Brook Lynn: Satisfied?

Lucas: Well, I still don't believe in ghosts. But if Georgie wants me to participate, I'll do it.

Brook Lynn: Ahem -- Georgie, Dillon? I don't mean to wreck this reconciliation, but, come on.

Dillon: Right. What do you think?

Georgie: We're in.

Brook Lynn: Great. All right, well, let's get back to work.

Sage: See you.

Trent: Yeah, we're going to sit this one out.

Brook Lynn: Ok, everybody concentrate. Is there danger around us? "J -- E" --

Sage: What did I tell you? Pushing that wheelchair down the stairs was brilliant. Did you see Georgieís face?

Trent: Yeah, you totally sold it. That scream was great. I mean, you gave me just enough time to get down the back stairs without anyone realizing.

Sage: What a bunch of losers.

Trent: Yeah.

Sage: I can't believe that they actually think they're in contact with some spirit.

Georgie: "Jealous."

Dillon: "Jealous."

Brook Lynn: "Jealous."

Lucas: "Jealous."

Dillon: Of who?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Alan: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Dillon: I don't regret anything more than when I slept with Sage.

Sage: By the time I am done, they'll be traumatized for life.

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