GH Transcript Tuesday 8/17/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/17/04

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Ric: You know, it's a beautiful night. Why don't you take your kids to the park? How many of them are there?

Sonny: Why are we even discussing my children? I thought we were clear on this.

Ric: Yeah.

Sonny: Or maybe you need to hear it again. Stay the hell away from my children.

Felicia: Edward.

Heather: Oh --

Felicia: Is Heather the appetizer or the main course?

Edward: It's not what it looks like. Please don't rush to judgment.

Felicia: Don't worry. You're still in the running to inherit Lila’s money.

Courtney: Boy, are you misinformed. No, uh-uh. Jax is a liar and a manipulator, ok? I cannot wait till this stupid bet is over so I can just collect my millions and be done with him.

Lois: You appear to be protesting too much. Things must be heating up.

Courtney: No, no. Not really.

Lois: "Not really," which is a far cry from "Not at all." Come on, Courtney, spill. What's going on?

Courtney: It's nothing. It's -- I guess -- I guess I'm just on Jax overload or something, I don't know. He's -- um -- oh, wow. He started making appearances in my dreams.

Lois: Oh, what kind of appearances, or can't you remember?

Courtney: Oh, no, I -- I remember very well. Um -- oh, my God.

[Courtney giggles]

Courtney: Um, ok -- we're -- we're lying in my bed naked and we are having the most unbelievable sex I have ever had.

[Courtney squeals]

Courtney: I mean, these dreams -- oh, my God. These dreams are so hot and so sexy. I'm so embarrassed! Oh, my God. You know what? I shouldn't have said any of this. I'm --

Lois: Do you honestly believe I'm going to let you stop at this juncture? No. Details, girl. Give me details.

Nikolas: Why should I trust you? The only reason you're here is because Emily asked you to come here.

Jason: You're right. And I know that you don't want to deal with Emily right now, and I'm trying to keep her away until you're ready. Just let me get you out of here so you can be sure that you're making your own decisions.

Nikolas: All right. Liar -- God, you liar!

Emily: Nikolas -- Nikolas, look, we're trying to help you! Please --

Jason: Emily, get out of here!

Helena: There he is! Get him! He attacked me!

Emily: No, wait, you don't understand! No, no -- Jason, stop!

Jason: Get off me!

Emily: Stop.

Helena: What is going on here?

Nikolas: They tried to kidnap me.

Ric: You know, like it or not, I am your children's uncle. They are my family.

Carly: Oh, like hell they are.

Ric: It's a biological fact, Carly. You can refuse to acknowledge it all day long, but you can't just wish it away.

Sonny: I let you live for our mother's sake, but I'll tell you something -- you keep pushing and pushing, Ric, or get anywhere near our children, and I promise you, I will drag you back to that house on Martha’s Vineyard and I will break your neck.

Ric: I'm not a threat to your children, Sonny, you are.

Carly: Oh, we love our children.

Ric: Really?

Carly: You need to get --

Ric: Is that why you keep them locked away in an apartment with an armed guard at the door? Don't you think Michael realizes why they're there?

Carly: Michael is just fine.

Ric: And how long before you think he's going to realize that his father, the man that he idolizes, is a criminal, huh? How long before he understands that Daddy's mysterious and oh-so-important business is something where he exploits people, he intimidates them, and he hurts them? How long before he realizes that you're dirt, Sonny, or even more, how long before he wants to become exactly like you? Would you let him? Hmm? Would you, Sonny? Would you let that innocent child become who and what you are?

Carly: Ok, Michael knows exactly who Sonny is, that he is smart and that he's strong. He knows who his father is.

Sonny: You know what? Don't worry about it --

Ric: Does Michael already know? Huh? Is that why he keeps running away? You guys keep bringing him back -- you know, he almost died the last time. That doesn't seem to bother you, does it?

Carly: Yeah, because he wanted his family together.

Ric: Michael and Morgan are at constant risk because of who and what this man is, and you know what? I am going to put you in prison for the sake of your children, Sonny.

Sonny: Ok, we're finished here, let's go.

Ric: And then when they grow up, they're going to be grateful to me, Sonny.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, Ric.

Ric: They're going to thank me, Sonny.

Sonny: Ok, Ric.

Felicia: Lila wouldn't have wanted you to be alone, pulling away from your family, hiding from your life.

Edward: I'm glad you understand.

Felicia: Not that Heather would have been her first choice as your companion. All Lila ever wanted was for you to be very happy.

Tracy: What kind of judge are you?

Felicia: Oh. Hello, Tracy.

Tracy: My mother never would have wanted my father to get involved with a woman who's only after his money.

Heather: I care for Edward very much.

Tracy: You care for his bank account. This entire competition is rigged. It's a joke!

Edward: You know, maybe it's time to eliminate someone else from the competition.

Tracy: Absolutely. The judge.

Lois: So how often do you have these dreams?

Courtney: More and more frequently.

Lois: Tell me one.

Courtney: Ok, um -- ok, well, there's this one where I'm falling and then I'm in the water and the current is pulling me under. And I'm scared, I can't breathe, and then there's this arm pulling me up to the surface. And of course it's Jax.

Lois: Right.

Courtney: And he tells me to hold on, and I do, because he's so strong and sure of himself, and I'm not drowning anymore. I'm just gliding through the water and holding on to Jax somehow and then we end up on the beach --

Lois: And?

Courtney: Well, he's -- he's looking into my eyes and -- man, Jax has the bluest eyes. Have you ever noticed that?

Lois: They're hard to miss. Go on.

Courtney: Ok. And we fall into each other's arms and -- you know.

[Courtney and Lois giggle]

Lois: That's it?

Courtney: Well, no, but I think you can get the idea.

Lois: So, have you ever told Jax about these dreams?

Courtney: Are you kidding me? No.

Lois: All I'm saying is you might want to consider it.

Courtney: Ok, no. No way. I shouldn't even have told you. Um -- you know, I -- I've got to get home, ok? Thank you.

Lois: Oh, sure. See you later.

Courtney: All right.

Lois: Ahem. Did you get all that?

Jax: Ahem.

[Jax giggles]

Jax: How'd you know I was here?

Lois: Well, it was either you or a big old bear.

Jax: Huh. They have bears in Brooklyn?

Lois: Oh. You can thank me anytime now.

Jax: Thank you.

Lois: You be careful, ok? She is still mending a very broken heart, and if you hurt her, I will make you wish you'd never been born.

Jax: Well, good for you. But you don't have to worry about me. The last thing I'll ever do is hurt Courtney.

Emily: I'm trying to help you get out of here, Nikolas. Jason has a court order. You can leave right now.

Nikolas: Why would I go anywhere with you?

Emily: Hey, you aren't thinking clearly. It's all right. Helena drugged you, but you can leave now. She can't hurt you anymore.

Nikolas: Why would my grandmother hurt me?

Emily: She's trying to steal your money, Nikolas.

Nikolas: No. She was right about you. You're trying to poison my mind; turn me against my family.

Emily: No, Nikolas, I love you. Lucky and Alexis love you!

Jason: No, no, take it easy, take it easy.

Nikolas: How much money did your family waste on this? How many -- how many judges, how many doctors did you bribe --?

Emily: I can explain it all when we get out of here. Nikolas, please.

Nikolas: Did you really think that I would thank you for sending your brother here to kidnap me? Did you really think that?

Emily: Jason is trying to help me save you!

Helena: You don't have to listen to any more of this drivel.

Emily: Listen, Helena is twisting everything around. She's trying to hurt you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Can't you understand? When are you going to understand? I don't want anything to do with you. Please -- please take your sister and leave here.

Jason: Come on. Come on.

Emily: Nikolas, please, if you can just trust me for a few more minutes. Just trust me.

Nikolas: Leave me alone! Did he hurt you? Did he hurt you?

Helena: No, I'm -- I'm very resilient.

Nikolas: She -- she really thought that I would leave here with him. Didn't she know that you would warn me that I could see -- that I could recognize a trap when I see one? Didn't she know that?

Helena: Oh, my darling. My darling, look what you've become. You are the Nikolas of my fondest dreams. Oh.

Emily: We can't just leave Nikolas in here.

Jason: Yeah, we can't force him to leave with us, either.

Emily: Listen, Helena is drugging him, Jase. That's the only explanation for what just happened in there. She's trying to control him, to turn him against me, and I'll be damned if I let her. Listen, get some of your people and go in after him. Do whatever it takes. Just get Nikolas out of here.

Jason: I can’t.

Emily: I know it's not fair to ask you to break Nikolas out of here, but she is killing him, Jason.

Jason: Nikolas got violent when he saw you. He is a danger to himself and maybe to you.

Emily: Ok, so I'll leave town for a few days. It'll give Nikolas a chance to calm down and feel better.

Jason: He is out of control. It doesn't matter how he got that way anymore, Emily. If he does something stupid, he could hurt somebody and wind up paying for it for the rest of his life.

Emily: Ok. Then what can we do?

Jason: We got to get him to another hospital.

Emily: Can you call a judge?

Jason: Well, it's complicated. Now that Nikolas is refusing to leave here, it's going to take some time.

Emily: He doesn't have time, Jason! Helena is making him worse by the minute!

Jason: Helena does not see him as a threat anymore. If he escaped, she would.

Emily: Ok. So we just walk away?

Jason: No, we just -- we let Helena think she's won. It's going to buy me some time to make some arrangements.

Emily: How much time?

Jason: Just give me -- just give me 48 hours, ok? If you leave him in here that long, I will get Nikolas out.

Helena: You've become the man you were born to be.

Nikolas: I'm still the prince of nothing.

Helena: Oh, that's Emily talking. No, you are the Cassadine prince, and soon you will be in control of all of our holdings.

Nikolas: Why should the prince have to wait? I want you to sign everything over to me -- immediately.

Helena: I will, my darling, the instant you've recovered.

Nikolas: Didn't you just say that I was the man I was born to be?

Helena: Oh, yes.

Nikolas: That I was the Nikolas of your fondest dreams?

Helena: Yes.

Nikolas: Then if you want me to bring the Cassadines back to their rightful place of power, then give me what's rightfully mine.

Helena: Oh, you are so like your father. I've never been more proud.

Nikolas: Then honor my father's memory and step away, and let me lead this family the way I see fit.

Helena: You will, my darling. Soon enough. Nurse? Increase his medications.

Nurse: Yes, ma'am.

Tracy: You are not a member of this family.

Felicia: Which is exactly why Lila asked me to decide which one of you would inherit.

Tracy: You can't know what really goes on within these walls.

Felicia: No, I can't, but I'm still her judge, like it or not. And if you want a piece of her estate, you should change your attitude. Otherwise, you just might be eliminated.

Lois: I just handed you a gift -- a glimpse into Courtney’s subconscious.

Jax: I just wish that she would've been a little more descriptive, you know?

Lois: Oh -- on second thought, maybe I should warn Courtney about you.

Jax: Ah, come on, you don't have to worry about me. Courtney's safe -- well, to a certain degree.

Lois: Oh, you're really falling for her, aren't you?

Jax: Hmm. She's nothing I ever expected. First, I thought of her as a challenge, you know. But Courtney is so much more. She has this light inside her. I never met anyone like that before.

Lois: Why do you think I decided to help you along?

Jax: Yes, and thank you again for that.

Lois: You're welcome, but now I'm done. I've done all I can do, and it's up to you. From now on, you're on your own.

Carly: You're dodging me.

Bobbie: I'm trying.

Carly: Come on, do you really think I'm going to let this go?

[Bobbie sighs]

Bobbie: Carly, you and Sonny are getting along; probably as good as you're ever going to. Your sons are happy and healthy, your business is thriving, and you have managed not to kill Sam -- which is probably a lot more than I could've done under the circumstances -- so why are you creating a new problem?

Carly: I'm not.

Bobbie: Then let this go!

Carly: I have a right to know my father.

Bobbie: Even if it means dragging me back to a time in my life that I don't want to think about? Reminding me of things I had to do to survive? Honey, listen to me. I will always regret that I had to give you up, and I will always be sorry that you had to lash out the way you did. But we're past it, we forgave each other, we're mother and daughter. Why can't that be enough?

Carly: Listen, all I want is the truth.

Bobbie: I told you the truth -- your father was a John. I don't know what his name is. I don't know where he might be.

Carly: Ok, why are you getting so upset? I mean, is there something that you're not telling me?

Ric: Let's see -- what does Mommy have here for you? You have bananas and pears. Very nice. Can you say "French fry," hmm?

[Kristina babbles]

Alexis: Oh --

Ric: Can you say "French fry"?

Alexis: Not yet.

Ric: Yes, of course she can.

Alexis: Wait till she eats her bananas and her pears.

Ric: Sure, she can. She can have a French fry.

Alexis: Well, now you have to give it to her. Go ahead, you can have it, honey.

Ric: That's a girl. I can't believe you don't give this child anything that isn't nutritious.

Alexis: What you said to Sonny out there about the threat to his children -- were you serious?

Ric: Sonny's a constant target for violence; his kids are, too.

Alexis: And that justifies sending him to prison?

Ric: I thought you were all for the idea.

Alexis: May I play devil's advocate?

Ric: Do I have a choice?

Alexis: If Sonny goes to prison, won't his children be targets?

Ric: Well, his children are always targets. But if he is incarcerated, then, you know, why would his enemies bother? I don't think they want to draw attention from the police.

Alexis: To make a point or settle a score.

Ric: All right, I suppose so. Look, I don't think that sending Sonny away to prison is the perfect solution for this, but you have to admit his children are at a huge risk by living with him right now. I mean, come on, it's got to be causing psychological damage. Look at Morgan -- he was taken from his mother for the first three months of his life. You don't think that's done kind of lasting damage to him? And Michael? Michael runs away every 10 minutes. Why do you think he does that? He does it to get leverage. He wants what he wants on his own terms. Sound familiar? He's turning into a little Sonny, Alexis. Look, you ever see that kid get angry? I mean, it's really scary. I can't blame him, but the world does not need another Sonny.

Alexis: I agree.

Ric: And it's not going to stop there with his boys. He's going to do the same thing to his daughter. He's going to take her from her mother, no matter what she does. You wait and see.

Alexis: Sam's gone out of her way to accommodate him.

Ric: Yeah, well, it's not going to be enough. Look, Sonny wants what he wants on his terms. There is no way he's going to allow anybody else to raise his daughter.

Alexis: But he -- he loves his children -- in his way. He claims that he'll do anything for them.

Ric: Yeah, except give up his business.

Alexis: So let me ask you something. If you're able to put him in prison, what exactly do you think will happen to his children?

Sam: Are you all right?

Sonny: Yeah. This is for the baby.

Sam: Thank you. Sonny, Jason isn't here. I'm not sure when he's going to be back.

Sonny: No, I'm not here to see Jason; I'm here to see you.

Sam: Is there a problem?

Sonny: Not today, no. Um -- you just need to know that if anything ever happens to me --

Sam: Whoa, whoa, what's wrong?

Sonny: Ric's making his usual threats. He's never going to stop trying to send me to prison. Not that he's ever going to be successful, but it's good to be prepared. I have money and a house out of the country waiting for Carly and the kids just in case anything ever happens to me. I made the same arrangements for you and our daughter.

Carly: Look, I know this is painful for you.

[Bobbie sighs]

Carly: I understand that, but your life is so different than it was then, and I just think maybe you'd feel better if you just told me the truth.

Bobbie: Carly, I told you the truth! And if you had any respect for me at all, you would accept it. You don't have a father.

Carly: Ok, well, that -- that is a biological impossibility. Of course, one of the men that you were sleeping with was my --

Bobbie: Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get to where I am, to start over, to find any kind of self-respect? Now you're asking me to just set it all aside because you're curious about what happened in the past.

Carly: No, I'm not! I just --

Bobbie: Look, I realize that growing up in Florida was not perfect for you, but you know what? You had food on the table, you had people who loved you, you had people who took care of you. You never had to turn tricks after school -- if you could even manage to get to school -- and you never had to make yourself dead on the inside just so you could get through the night. This was a very painful time in my life. I couldn't even confide in Luke and Ruby, because somehow we all managed to convince ourselves that I knew what I was doing, I could handle it, it was only temporary because we really needed the money. But you know what? I hated myself, and I hated my life, and there were times when I even hated them for not stopping me!

Carly: Well, you must've felt so alone.

Bobbie: Yes. And -- if it weren't for my diary, I think there were times when I might've gone insane. There are still days -- I can have a bad day, I go back and read it sometimes. Because it just reminds me of how good my life is now, how blessed I am to have what I have.

Carly: I get that. I can relate. I understand.

Bobbie: So, please, leave it alone.

Sonny: The reality of my business is there are risks, and you and the baby need somewhere to go.

Sam: I can take care of myself.

Sonny: Yeah, I know you can take care of yourself, but, you know, it's my daughter, too, and I want to provide for her.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: I'm setting things up for you at another location.

Sam: Where?

Sonny: You'll know when the time comes. Everything you need will be there -- money, a house, a new identity for you and the baby. What I can promise you is you're going to have a good life.

Sam: Sonny, I have a good life. I like my life right now.

Sonny: Promise me -- promise me that you're going to follow the plan, even if I'm not here.

Sam: Yeah. I promise, but everything -- everything is going to be ok, right?

Ric: You're the perfect example of what a mother should be. I mean, look at Kristina -- she's bright, she's beautiful, very inquisitive. She likes her French fries, you know?

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: She's a great kid. You've done it all without any kind of help from Ned.

Alexis: I thought you said I was neurotic, insane, and overprotective.

Ric: You're not overprotective.

Alexis: I set you right up for that.

Ric: Yes, you did.

Kristina: Mommy?

Alexis: Yes? What?

Ric: Look, I admire your commitment to your daughter. And -- well, even though I may not agree with your choices, I can't fault you on them.

Alexis: Do I detect a change of heart?

Ric: Possibly.

Alexis: It's very important to me to be a good single mom.

Ric: Well, you're succeeding.

Alexis: I think about Carly. If you send Sonny to prison, I don't know that she'll fare that well. It's frightening to think that Sonny is actually more stable than she is.

Ric: Carly isn't half the mother that you are, Alexis. It's true that, you know, once Sonny would be put away, that her children wouldn't be in any physical danger. It's -- they'd be better off without Sonny, any kid would be.

Alexis: They'd certainly be a lot safer.

Ric: Yeah. You know what? Let's -- why don't we just stop talking about all this for two minutes, and why don't we order some ice cream, huh? Get you some ice cream? Is that on the same list as French fries?

Alexis: You know, ice cream's fine.

Ric: I'm just checking.

Alexis: French fries are fine. That's fine.

Ric: Sorry.

Alexis: You can check. I'm just telling you that it's fine in reasonable amounts.

Ric: Good, then we can order some.

Alexis: No, we can't, because she has gymnastics class.

Ric: What? She's a little young, isn't she?

Alexis: They just roll around on a mat.

Ric: Oh.

Alexis: It's really cute.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: You can come along if you'd like. Forget it. Oh, I don't know what I was thinking -- ooh!

Ric: No, no, no, no.

Alexis: No, really, it's ok.

Ric: No, really -- no, you know what? It's actually the best invitation I've gotten in a long time.

Alexis: Really? Ok, let's go. Should we take the French fries with? Should we go bye-bye?

Emily: Hey. I'm so glad you got here.

Lucky: You sounded upset on the phone.

Emily: Yeah.

Lucky: What happened? What's wrong?

Emily: Jason got a court order for Nikolas' release, but he wouldn't leave. He fought to stay at Shadybrook.

Lucky: Oh, I can't believe Helena got control of him so fast.

Emily: Yeah, Nikolas was in bad shape to start with, and now she's turning him against everything he used to believe. God only knows the kind of drugs they're giving him.

Lucky: So the court order is useless?

Emily: Jason won't break him out. He's working on getting Nikolas transferred to someplace that Helena doesn't control, but there's no time.

Lucky: Emily, come on. If Nikolas wants to stay, there's nothing anybody can do.

Emily: Listen, Jason practically had him out the door when I showed up and ruined everything.

Lucky: Ok -- whoa, whoa -- hey, hey, I don't like the way this is going.

Emily: I have to help him.

Lucky: How?

Emily: I'm going to have myself committed.

Courtney: Jax. What -- are you all right?

Jax: No, you know what? This is a bad idea. I shouldn't have come.

Courtney: Why? What is it?

Jax: Um -- I was just -- this is the last thing you want to hear.

Courtney: Try me.

Jax: It's -- it's silly. It's -- I -- I can't stop dreaming about you. So we're -- we're fending off this pack of wolves, and we're in terrible danger, but we feel so alive. And it's as if I'm seeing you for the first time, but it could be the last. And you're amazing; you're amazing. You're helping me fend off these wolves and kicking them, and then all of a sudden we're just -- we're together.

Courtney: In the wolf den?

Jax: No, no, no, in a field, and it's surrounded by clover --

Courtney: Oh, of course.

Jax: And I take you in my arms --

Courtney: You're dreaming about the Singapore deal. That's it.

Jax: Excuse me?

Courtney: Yeah, the Singapore deal. I mean, you -- the wolves, they're the competitors. You were fighting them off, and you -- you end up in a field of clover.

Jax: No, but the main part of the dream is, is I'm dreaming -- you're in it. You're the main part.

Courtney: Oh, come on, Jax. You're never really dreaming about what you're dreaming --

Jax: About?

Courtney: About.

Jax: You mean -- really?

Courtney: Yeah, I know. No, dreams are symbolic.

Jax: I didn't know.

Courtney: You didn't?

[Courtney laughs]

Jax: No.

Courtney: Well, like, I mean, I always dream about you, you know.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Yeah, yeah.

Jax: Tell me.

Courtney: Yeah, they are -- um -- intense and amazing.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: And when I wake up, I want it so bad I can't stand it.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Uh-huh.

Jax: You want me?

Courtney: No -- shoes.

Jax: Shoes?

Courtney: Uh-huh. Every time I wake up from a dream I've had about you, I have this burning desire -- to go shopping.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Is everything all right?

Sam: I'm sure Sonny wants to speak with you, so I'm going to go dig into those ice cream bars. I'll be back.

Sonny: She's not eating junk food, is she?

Jason: No, not most of the time. What's going on?

Sonny: Ric's making noise again. He's threatening to put me in prison to save my children from being raised by me. Now, it's probably nothing, but I just -- you know, I just want to make sure Sam and my baby are taken care of. I'm making long-term plans as we speak.

Jason: What kind of plans?

Sonny: I'll let you know when they're ready.

Jason: I mean, you can tell me. I should probably know what --

Sonny: Jason, she's, you know, it's my daughter. I'll take care of it.

Jason: Well, I know everything you set up for Carly and the boys. I don't -- why is this different?

Sonny: You're not having problems with the boundaries, are you?

Jason: No, I'm not.

Sonny: Maybe you don't see it, but I think you're trying to fill a hole in your life, and it's not working. Because, look, you know what? My daughter is not going to replace the baby you and Courtney lost. Jason? That was out of line. I shouldn't have brought it up. I know what it's like to lose a child. I don't know --

Jason: Look, Sam can't take care of the baby herself. If she lives here, you can be close to your daughter. That's all I'm trying to do, Sonny.

Sonny: You know I don't agree with this, but I understand you're doing it for the right reasons. I'm just -- you know, I'm hoping this doesn't turn into something that it isn’t.

Jason: Like -- like what?

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hey, Sonny. It's -- it's me. Um -- can you meet me at Kelly’s?

Sonny: Why?

Carly: It's important.

Sonny: What is?

Carly: Please, Sonny. I -- I need you.

Courtney: You know, I think I figured out why we're both having these weird dreams all of a sudden.

Jax: And why is that -- aside from the obvious, of course?

Courtney: Well, because, you know, we're getting closer to the deadline of the bet. And maybe -- just maybe -- we -- we both got in a little deeper than expected. But we are both very competitive, so the more you're determined to get me into bed, the more I know it will never happen.

Jax: Well, you just keep telling yourself that.

Courtney: Oh, believe me, I will make it to the final day. I will. And you know what? It's probably coming up soon.

Jax: Oh, yeah, probably.

Courtney: Let's see -- what is tomorrow?

Jax: What -- what is tomorrow?

Lucky: We caught a break in admissions. No one recognized you, but it's not too late to bail.

Emily: No.

Lucky: Ok, listen, you're under 24-hour observation, all right? So stay away from Helena and her doctors. Don't you go and try to break Nikolas out, ok? I'll be back in 24 hours, and then you're out of here. Understand?

Sonny: You broke into your mother's house?

Carly: I have a key. Please don't be so dramatic.

Sonny: You went through all her things and everything?

Carly: It was one drawer. Look. Look what I found.

Sonny: All right, something tells me I don't want to hear it.

Carly: No, no, it's her diary.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? We're going to go to Bobbie’s and we're going to put this right back.

Carly: No -- Sonny, come on, no! I need --

Sonny: You're violating her privacy!

Carly: There are some things that I need to know! Look. Mama was in love with a boy. Wasn't a paying customer, just -- just a teenage boy.

Sonny: Well -- well, she was a teenager, too. He was just helping her out maybe.

Carly: No, no, no, look -- look, I want to show you something. Look, right here -- see? She writes about him. Page -- page after page after page after page, ok? And then there, right there, they're ripped out. They're torn out of there. Sonny, don't you get it?

Sonny: No.

Carly: This is probably where she found out about me.

Sonny: What if it's -- she spilled a soda, and the pages got stuck together and she ripped them out? That could be anything. You know what I mean?

Carly: Ok, but, Sonny, she refers to this guy just by his initials -- "J.D." I mean, what if that's my father?

Sam: More paperwork, huh?

Jason: Yeah. The coffee business deals with a lot of suppliers.

Sam: I have a question -- why doesn't Sonny handle any of this?

Jason: Oh, he deals with other areas.

Sam: Right. And you pick up the slack -- like you do with me and the baby, taking care of us because Sonny can't?

Jason: No, everyone wants what's best for the baby.

Sam: Yeah, come on, Jason. Everyone talks about doing the right thing, but you're the only one who actually follows through.

Jason: You have. I mean, you're trying to give the baby the best life you can.

Sam: Hey, what -- what exactly is this?

Jason: It's a sippy cup.

Sam: Right. I knew that. I mean, how long -- how long until she's going to need it?

Jason: Well, that depends. I think Michael was 9 to 10 months. At first he would just, you know, play around with it a lot. He actually had to learn how to hold the cup.

Sam: That makes sense. It does. You're really good with this stuff.

Jason: Now, that one's not too hard to figure out.

Sam: Still, you're great with kids. I don't think I'm going to be.

Jason: You may surprise yourself.

Jax: Why are you so upset about tomorrow?

Courtney: I'm not upset.

Jax: You sure?

Courtney: Look, it was great to see you, Jax. Thanks for coming by.

Jax: Ok. Are you sure you're all right?

Courtney: Yeah. Yes.

Jax: You know you can tell me anything.

Doctor's voice: Lie back, lie back. You're exhausted, but you're safe now.

Courtney: The baby -- the baby's ok? I mean, you didn't do any x-rays?

Doctor: I'm very sorry.

Courtney: No.

Doctor: You had a miscarriage. The baby's gone.

Courtney: No.

Doctor: We had to perform a D&C.

Emily: Make them stop!

Nurse: You're the new admit -- Jeanne? No last name.

Emily: Everybody's watching me, especially the men. They're undressing me. Leave me alone! Stay away from me! Close your eyes! Make them stop!

Nurse: It's all right. You'll see your doctor soon.

Emily: Don't -- don't throw me out. I'm only here for 24 hours, but I have to tell you what's happening. Helena is brainwashing you to try to get control of the Cassadine fortune.

Nikolas: That's not going to happen. Ok? That won't happen. I may not remember, but I won't let her control me, ok?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Brook Lynn: Try apologizing to him directly.

Lucas: You make her cry again, I'll make you hurt worse.

Emily: I had to make sure you were ok. Someone's coming.

Jax: I need you to tell me what this day means to Courtney.

Courtney: Hi.

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