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General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/16/04

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Courtney: Look, my mind is telling me to just keep things simple and let you go, but my heart is just screaming at me to ask you to stay, to find a way to make you stay.

Jax: Which are you going to listen to?

Courtney: Wait -- I can’t.

Emily: Hey.

Jason: What happened?

Emily: It's about Nikolas. Helena has him locked up in Shadybrook.

Sam: The mental institution?

Emily: She's doing terrible things to him, Jase, to his mind. Please get him out of there. Do whatever you have to; just bring him home, for me, before it's too late.

Jason: If I'm going to get Nikolas out, I need to know how badly Helena has him trapped. Tell me everything you know.

Helena: How are you feeling, Nikolas?

Nikolas: Prince Nikolas. I know who I am now -- prince of the Cassadines.

Helena: Oh, thank God, it worked. Oh, thank God. Oh, yes, my darling, you are Prince Cassadine, on the threshold of becoming the man I always knew you could be. Oh, this is such a wonderful turnaround. But now that you remember your heritage; we have to be more careful than ever. There are those who would destroy you.

Justus: Let's get one thing straight here -- you and I are not on the same side of anything. What I'm doing for Faith is strictly personal. You understand personal, don't you, Lansing? You use and abuse the system to further your personal vendetta against Sonny, and for the record, I detest it.

Alexis: Here's something to consider -- maybe Sonny deserves everything that Ric throws at him. Justus, you're not the first attorney to be seduced by Sonny's generous retainer and his smooth avoidance of the truth. It's time to take the blinders off. He's a dangerous criminal and it's Ric’s sworn duty to put him away.

Ric: Thank you for that impassioned, albeit unexpected, defense.

Alexis: Don't read anything into it. I was defending the job, not the person.

Sonny: Good, you're all together. It looks like the taxpayers aren't going to have to pay for Faith's trial after all. Faith was found knifed in her cell.

Ric: On your order?

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Jax: I'm sorry, was I going too fast?

Courtney: No, Jax. It's not you, it's me, ok? Oh, you must be pretty confused by now.

Jax: Well, I'll be patient. I'm sure you'll clear things up.

Courtney: I'll try, but I can't guarantee I'll make any sense. I guess I'm just figuring everything out as I go along and --

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, I guess the best place to start is an honest admission. I want you, Jax. There is no getting around that.

Jax: Well, then we -- we don't have a problem because, in case you hadn't noticed, I want you, too. And if you're pulling away because of this silly bet, then we can end it right now. I'm willing to pay up.

Courtney: Oh, but this isn't -- this isn't about the money. It's so much more than that. I have feelings for you, Jax. And if we sleep together tonight, it won't be just some casual fling. I'm not saying this right. I --

Jax: No, take your time.

Courtney: If we make love tonight and you leave tomorrow for months, maybe even longer, I just -- I just couldn't handle it.

Jax: I'll cancel my business trip.

Courtney: Oh, I -- I couldn't ask you to do that.

Jax: No, no, no, you don't understand. I -- I want to. I mean, I want to stay here with you.

Alice: Your guest is here.

Lois: Thanks, Alice. You know what to do.

Lorenzo: Do you need something?

Lois: Yeah -- your signature on your niece's contract with L&B would be nice.

Lorenzo: I was referring to the maid. She seems to be awaiting instructions.

Lois: Her name is Alice. And if you don't know that, shame on you.

Lorenzo: Why would I?

Lois: You've been here for dinner before, right? Yeah. Well, that would mean that poor, unappreciated Alice would have to have waited on you. The least you can do is remember her name.

Lorenzo: I apologize, Alice. It doesn't explain what she's still doing here.

Lois: I've asked her to stay as my witness. That would eliminate any potential misunderstandings or veering off any antic at hand, which would be your niece's -- what is so funny?

Lorenzo: You don't trust yourself to be alone with me.

Jason: It's all set. The order for Nikolas' release is waiting at the courthouse.

Emily: Oh, God, I don't -- I don't know what I was thinking. I mean, I should've come to you in the first place. While I've been trying to go through all the proper legal channels, the doctors at Shadybrook have had all the time in the world to do whatever they want to him.

Sam: Look, I've had a few run-ins with Helena and the woman is relentless, Emily. I don't know if it's going to work if Jason goes there and just waves a couple of papers in her face, you know? I just --

Jason: Look, don't worry about Helena, ok? You wait here. I'm going to bring Nikolas to you.

Emily: Wait -- Jason, wait! Wait. You need to be careful with him. God only knows what she's put him through.

Nikolas: If you're so concerned about my welfare, then why don't you let me out of here?

Helena: Nothing would make me happier, but first I must make sure that you're protected.

Nikolas: You keep alluding to some -- some mysterious danger, but you know, so far I haven't heard any facts.

Helena: Oh, Nikolas, you've been at the mercy of a spoiled, manipulative, unstable woman for months.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah? Which one?

Helena: Mary Bishop -- she's a poor, misguided creature. She's irrelevant. But Emily Quartermaine and her obsession with you -- this is the real threat. Nikolas, the line between love and hate is a thin one. Oh, Emily professes to have great love for you, but the minute she realizes that she's not going to get what she wants, that love will turn on a dime.

Justus: What'd you find out?

Ric: Well, Faith's injuries aren't life-threatening, but she has been transferred to the hospital under guard.

Sonny: Probably exactly what she wanted.

Justus: Are you implying Faith knifed herself?

Sonny: Faith Rosco is a card-carrying psychopath who's very capable of inflicting a flesh wound if it keeps her out of G.P. and gets her transferred someplace where a chance to escape.

Justus: I'm going to get out of here, make sure my client doesn't meet with another unfortunate accident while she's being hospitalized.

Alexis: I have no personal fondness for Faith, but she is a human being. Do you have any ability to comprehend that at all?

Sonny: When someone targets me and my family? Absolutely not.

Alexis: You're a monster.

Sonny: Congratulations, Ric. Your work's finally paying off. She's starting to spout your philosophy.

Ric: Alexis thinks for herself. It might've taken her a while, but she finally recognized you for the thug that you are.

Helena: Don't worry. You won't be here much longer. I have every intention of taking you out of the country, away not only from Emily, but from your Aunt Alexis, as well. Now, she's another one who can't be trusted. She'll use her considerable skills as an attorney to try to gain control of the Cassadine estate.

Nikolas: That won't happen. I'm the prince. All the holdings and all the power rightfully belongs to me. I won't let anyone steal what's mine.

Helena: Oh, Nikolas. You can't know how long I've waited for this moment, to see you come into your own and accept your destiny with pride and conviction. But we mustn't be overly confident. Now, your hold on your identity is tenuous at best.

Nikolas: I know exactly who I am and what's expected of me. I won't let you down.

Courtney: Here I am pouring my heart out to you, and you're making fun of me.

Jax: How?

Courtney: Well, when you offered not to go on your business trip. I mean, that -- if this is your idea of a joke, Jax, it's -- it's not a good one.

Jax: This is -- it's not a joke. If you're ready to take this relationship to the next level, I certainly want to participate. And if we make love, I'm not going to leave afterwards. That's a promise.

Courtney: But you have to go.

Jax: Says who?

Courtney: You! You. I mean, you told me that the Singapore deal was crucial and that you had to be there to guide it. You know, I mean, you -- you said that you could stand to make a fortune.

Jax: Yes, but I already have one. I can make another.

Courtney: Oh, Jax, I know you're just saying that, ok? Look, I know how much seeing this deal through means to you.

Jax: No, no, no, no, nothing means more to me than staying here with you.

Courtney: Really?

Jax: Yeah. It's the honest-to-God truth.

Courtney: Oh. The truth, huh? You know, it's interesting that you would bring that up, because the truth is you were never really going to Singapore in the first place.

Lois: You should've checked your enormous ego at the door. Why in the world would I be afraid to be alone with you?

Lorenzo: Hmm. You don't trust yourself?

Lois: That would be you -- who I don't trust. I mean --

Lorenzo: I've never done anything to harm you. I never will.

Lois: There are all different kinds of ways to cause harm, Mr. Alcazar. You could -- for example, you could present yourself in a false manner. You could avoid answering questions about basic things like the nature of your business dealings. Or you could conveniently be around to offer sympathy and sound advice when a certain teenager makes her mother feel like mud. In short, Mr. Alcazar, you could pretend to be this decent, normal guy when, in fact, you're a straight-up gangster using said niece and unsigned contract to make inroads with a previously unassuming, "Unaware but now savvy and wise to your particular ways" businesswoman.

Lorenzo: Hmm. You misjudge me.

Lois: Oh, yeah? Prove it.

Tracy: I'm looking for Heather Webber.

Heather: To what do I owe the honor?

Tracy: Your own resilience. I've come to surrender. You have bested me and you've done it in spades.

Heather: Well, I'm not exactly surprised, but I have no idea what you're referring to.

Tracy: My father. He's besotted with you and I'm going to quit fighting it.

Heather: Now, that's a little hard to believe.

Tracy: I just lost my mother, Heather, and I don't want to risk alienating my father and losing him, too.

Heather: What'd you have in mind?

Tracy: How about dinner with my family tonight?

Carly: Hey, what are you guys up to today?

Viola: We're meeting Alexis. Kristina has a checkup at the hospital.

Carly: Hmm. Hey, Kristina. Hi. That's a very pretty outfit you have on. You look very pretty.

Alexis: Hi! Hi, sweetheart! How are you? Viola, will you -- will you do me a favor? Why don't -- hi -- yeah, I know, baby. Come here. Come here, love. I give you kiss? Do me a favor -- will you go in with Viola just for a minute, ok, and I'll be right there?

Kristina: Right there?

Alexis: Yeah, I'll be right there. Mommy promise, ok?

Kristina: Ok.

Alexis: Mommy promises! All right, sweetheart. I'll be right there. Be a good girl. Ok. I'll see you in a minute. Never approach my daughter again.

Ric: So, what, did you think that Alexis was so blinded by passion with you still that she was -- she never regained her senses? Huh? That you'd be able to just string her along like you do every other woman in your life until you no longer have any use for her?

Sonny: Is that why you're pursuing Alexis -- because I took her to bed?

Ric: No.

Sonny: You couldn't steal Carly or my children, so you decided to settle for some sex I had one night? That's pretty pathetic even for you, Ric. Well, hey, you know what? Let me give you some advice. Let me give you some advice here. Unless you really want Alexis, leave it alone, because you're not going to get a reaction out of me. I'm not going to lash out in some rage or lose my cool and start attacking you. I'm not going to get so stupid that I get so distracted, you know, that I make some fatal business error that gives you the opportunity to send me to prison. Alexis and I are over. I have no feelings for her at all, Ric.

Ric: Yeah, well, she doesn't have any feelings for you, either -- at least not the warm and fuzzy kind. Who can blame her? You're a threat to everything that Alexis cares about.

Sonny: Since when?

Courtney: I thought to myself, he's not going to get very far without his passport, so I thoughtfully and graciously called the airport and asked them to hold your plane until I could get it to you. Imagine my surprise, Jax, when they told me that you not only hadn't filed a flight plan, but your plane was in the hangar for maintenance.

Jax: You asked them to hold my plane for me?

Courtney: Oh, come on --

Jax: That's very sweet of you.

Courtney: Will you just admit that this whole thing was a ploy to get me into bed?

Jax: You're right. You're right, I'm busted. I just -- I wanted to help things along.

Courtney: Help? Help. Right.

Jax: What was I supposed to do? I mean, I, you know, begged you to -- to take the money so we can end this stupid bet, but you refused to.

Courtney: Do you know what the most annoying thing is about you?

Jax: No. What? What? What is it?

Courtney: How you can do something completely self-serving and still claim that you had noble motives.

Jax: You know, what's really annoying about you is that you cannot stand up for what you want. Now, I know damn well that you weren't faking those kisses; that you want me as much as I want you, but you're afraid -- you're just afraid to act, aren't you? You're a little chicken.

Courtney: What? No. Uh-uh. Sorry.

Jax: Yeah. Chicken.

Courtney: No, your vanity won't let you admit to the simple fact that I am immune to your overrated charm, Jax. I am. I am. And -- and I refuse to call off the bet because I'm in no danger of losing, ok?

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: My foundation will get your $10 million, and after the bet's over, maybe -- just maybe, if you beg -- I'll consider going out with you.

Jax: By the time I win the bet, you will be begging me to make love to you.

Lorenzo: You're pretty slick yourself. You've managed to spring the perfect trap.

Lois: The word "trap" implies nefarious intent. Unlike certain people, I am upfront about my goals and straightforward in my methods.

Lorenzo: "Certain people" being me. You mind sharing this evil agenda of how you're convinced that I'm working?

Lois: Well, I can't give you specifics because it's your plan, not mine. But I certainly know when I'm on the receiving end of a con job.

Lorenzo: You're overthinking it, Lois. You're a beautiful, fascinating woman whose company I happen to enjoy. It doesn't get any more diabolical or any deeper than that.

Lois: There you go again -- purposely taking our conversation off track with compliments of my looks and implications that I am different from any other woman on the planet. But you're not altogether wrong, you know.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Lois: Because unlike people you're probably used to, I'm not buying what you're selling. There's an issue on the table in the form of your niece's contract. Either sign it, or go home and tell her she's out of the group and, therefore, no longer welcome at L&B.

Lorenzo: Done.

Lois: Great. Well, that concludes our business for today. Alice will see you out.

Lorenzo: Oh, I'll leave, but you won't be rid of me. You just made sure of that.

Lois: Come again?

Lorenzo: Sage is a minor. As her legal guardian, I'll have to visit L&B to supervise her activities -- often. Which means that you and I will be seeing more of each other than ever.

Helena: Well. I should've known that Emily would send her terrifying brother to bully Nikolas out of here. Well, it won't work. Nikolas is legally committed to this facility. I decide when he leaves. What -- what are you doing? Stop this! What are you doing? No!

[Helena pounds on door]

Nikolas: What do you want?

Jason: I'm taking you out of here.

Carly: Did I imagine our conversation a few weeks ago, the one where you invoked the sisterhood of mothers and practically begged me to keep your secret? Well, I have done my end of the bargain, but you seem to be having a problem with it. You're running around, you're antagonizing Sonny, you are attacking me for the terrible crime of speaking to Kristina. Whatever happened to your undying and everlasting gratitude?

Sonny: Why should Alexis be grateful to you?

Alexis: I have no reason to be grateful to Carly for anything.

Carly: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. There was the night of the hotel fire when I saved your ungrateful butt.

Alexis: Right. Well, that debt was paid in full when I represented you in the custody trial which turned out to be a colossal waste of time for your friends, for all the money that you squandered in court and paying attorney's fees, not to mention how that affected your children.

Sonny: My children are not your concern, Alexis.

Viola: If we don't leave for the hospital right now, Kristina will miss her checkup.

Alexis: Oh.

Sonny: Hey, Kristina. I got to tell you, she just gets cuter and cuter every day.

Kristina: Every day.

Sonny: See?

Alexis: All right.

[Sonny laughs]

Alexis: We're going to be late. Ok.

Carly: You know, I actually feel really sorry for that kid. Because of the way Alexis smothers her, she's going to turn out as neurotic as her mom.

Sonny: She's a sweet kid.

Felicia: Why'd you want to see me?

Tracy: Well, since you're the judge that's going to decide which member of my family inherits my mother's estate, I thought you'd like to join us for dinner.

Edward: I am sorry Jax couldn't make it.

Courtney: But you can't stand Jax. You've never been all that fond of me, either.

Edward: No, I categorically deny ever making those kind of statements.

Courtney: Edward, I have a pretty good memory, and I distinctly remember you telling me that I was the scum of the earth because of my brief career as a stripper.

Edward: Courtney, I sincerely don't remember ever using those kind of words.

Courtney: Ok, fine, fine. You said that I was a disgrace and that I was unworthy of your precious grandson and --

[Edward sighs]

Courtney: The mighty Quartermaine name.

Edward: Well, you proved me wrong. Would you like a drink?

Courtney: No, thank you.

Edward: I'm particularly impressed by your foundation. It was a major undertaking, and you got it up and going by sheer determination and force of will. You deserve to succeed, and I would like to do my part. That's why I wanted Jax here. I thought he could -- well, I thought I could goad him into matching my donation. But since he's not here, I can't do that. I'll just turn my money into your capable hands for you to do with as you will. Just ask me how much you want -- within reason, of course.

Courtney: Why the sudden burst of generosity, Edward?

Lois: Because Edward is trying to cheat his way into an inheritance he clearly does not deserve.

Patricia: I don't understand.

Jason: Well, this court order signed by Judge Pinsker releases Nikolas into my custody.

Patricia: But his grandmother has --

Jason: Is probably paying you a fortune to keep him here. This court order says that Nikolas is leaving with me.

Patricia: Before I release Mr. Cassadine, my attorneys will have to review this order.

Jason: You know, six months ago, you locked up Sonny Corinthos' wife, and you drugged her against her will, and now you're doing the same thing to Nikolas Cassadine.

Patricia: Mr. Cassadine is a friend of Mr. Corinthos?

Jason: Yeah, and he hasn't forgotten the hell you put his wife through. So maybe it's time you paid. You know, labor problems can shut down a medical facility like this overnight -- no food service workers, no garbage collection. One union strikes, the others will honor the picket line. You could lose janitors, nurses -- are you getting this?

Patricia: Mm-hmm. I can see that I can't keep you from taking Nikolas. But I'm warning you, it might not be safe. Nikolas has shown a propensity for extreme violence.

Jason: Yeah, I heard your warning. You can go now. It's done. You're out of here. Let's go.

Nikolas: Why would I go anywhere with you?

Jason: Do you know who I am?

Nikolas: Jason. Emily's brother.

Jason: Emily sent me to get you. She's waiting for you.

Nikolas: I have no desire to see Emily.

Jason: Nikolas, whatever they did to you in here is affecting your ability to think clearly right now.

Nikolas: You know how sick I am of hearing that I don't know my own mind --

Jason: I'll take you someplace you can clear your head. If you don't want to see Emily, that's no problem. I'll take you someplace safe.

Nikolas: I'm not leaving with you! Did you hear me? Tell Emily that!

Lois: You go, girl! I mean it, having the guts to tell Edward where to stick that big donation of his. Most people would never turn down that kind of money based on principle.

Courtney: Well, I can't believe that Edward would use my charity in some underhanded bid to inherit Lila’s money. I mean, God.

Lois: It's not like he's going to starve without it, either. He already got all the community property.

Courtney: Well, it's probably mostly about winning, anyway. I mean, it's ridiculous the lengths someone will go to just claim victory.

Lois: And God forbid you call him on his reprehensible behavior. He'll just try to smile and charm his way out of it. I mean it, it frosts me, it really does, how some men think they can add a little cheesy flirting, it'll make a woman's common sense go flying straight out the window.

Courtney: Ah, tell me about it.

Lois: Men are dogs. Imagine -- using your niece's singing career as a weapon for emotional manipulation by playing hot potato with her recording contract.

Courtney: Whoa. I just got whiplash from the change of topic. What -- what, are we talking about Alcazar now?

Lois: And when I finally maneuvered him into signing the contract, he flip-flopped it all around. He said that he had to personally supervise Sage, meaning that he would see a lot more of me, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid here. You know, I have half a mind to take that contract and rip it into a million tiny little pieces.

Courtney: Good idea. Do it now, please. I'll help you. I mean, you have to do whatever it takes to get Lorenzo Alcazar out of your life.

Carly: So, Morgan passed his physical with flying colors.

Sonny: That's my boy.

Carly: Yeah, he's 80th percentile in height and 65th in weight.

Sonny: So he's going to be tall and skinny?

Carly: Yeah, where did it come from? Dr. O’Donnell also said that those freckles are most likely just a birthmark.

Sonny: Well, that makes sense because you and Michael have them, right --

Carly: Yeah.

[Sonny laughs]

Carly: Oh -- uh -- I ran into Sam at the hospital, and Dr. Meadows wants a copy of your medical records for the baby.

Sonny: All right. I'll handle it.

Carly: Yeah, it got me thinking about how -- how important it is to have a complete family medical history, especially once you have a child.

Carly: Sonny, what would you say if I told you that I wanted to track down my father?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you got to make sure that's a place you want to go. Long-lost relatives, you know, they don't always add up to your quality of life.

Ric: Ok. Thanks. I just got an update on Faith Rosco’s condition. Her wounds are superficial. She should be transferred out of the hospital, home tomorrow.

Alexis: So what happens next? Do you plan to make a case against her, or are you just going to go through the motions?

Ric: In other words, am I going to drag my feet just long enough so that Sonny can move against Faith and I can charge him with murder?

Alexis: I know that plan has occurred to you.

Ric: But it has several drawbacks here, you know? First and foremost, of course, this case is open-and-shut. I mean, Jax has already I.D.'d Faith as the shooter. He has absolutely no reason to lie. Second, of course, if Faith does wind up dead, this will be very difficult,

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