GH Transcript Tuesday 8/10/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/10/04

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Emily: What is it?

Nikolas: I remember something.

[Knock on door]

Mary: Emily? Are you there? It's Mary.

Emily: You're on private property, Mary. What do you want?

Mary: I need to talk to Nikolas.


Sage: Listen up

Brook Lynn: Where's the party? 'Cause we're coming up me and my girls show 'em how it's done we came here to dance they looking for love but we won't send it back if it's not enough you think you know but you don't wanna get with me but you won't your mouth keeps talking on and on while you go about it all wrong here we'll show you how it's done this is how we do it like

Georgie: Oh, yeah

Brook Lynn: All my girls in the house say

Georgie: Oh, yeah

Singers: Every time we do it like

Backup singers: Oh, yeah

All: The boys in the house say "what?"

Singers: This is how we do it like

Backup singers: Oh, yeah

Singers: All my girls in the house say

Backup singers: Oh, yeah

Lois: What do you think?

Backup singers: Oh, yeah

Singers: The boys in the house say "what?"

Ned: It's -- it's like a bad late-night comedy sketch.

Lois: It's innovative.

Ned: It's awful.

Georgie: All dressed up

[Brook Lynn turns music off]

Ned: First of all, everyone is lip-synching, and you have my little brother dressed up as a girl.

Simon: I think it's brilliant. You're looking at the breakout stars of the Grrrl Power competition.

Ric: Why don't you save us all a lot of trouble, Sonny, and just admit you're the one who gave the order to blow up that ship and kill Faith Rosco?

Faith: Get your filthy hands off of me!

Lucky: Hey, relax.

Faith: I didn't do anything!

Lucky: Hey. Look what I found.

Ric: What -- what is this? What happened?

Faith: Well, you've heard of a cat with nine lives, haven't you?

Ric: Lucky?

Lucky: A patrolman saw her climbing out of the harbor making a run for it after the explosion.

Faith: Yeah. I would like to report an attempted murder. Mr. Alcazar and Mr. Corinthos are conspiring to kill me.

Ric: Why don't you tell us what happened.

Faith: I heard that Mr. Corinthos wanted me dead, so I went to Mr. Alcazar and asked him to help me get out of town on his yacht.

Ric: He -- he helped you?

Faith: Yeah, if you call locking me in a stateroom helping me, sure. He said it was for my own protection.

Lucky: Ahem. So then why come back here?

Faith: Well, obviously, it was a setup. I thought I was on my way to the Caribbean. When I finally got out of the room and saw the Port Charles skyline, I realized that they were planning to dump me off on the docks like an open target.

Ric: Oh. Can you corroborate any of this?

Lorenzo: Well, the part about her asking me for help -- that's true.

Lucky: Ok, then Faith said there was a hit out on her.

Lorenzo: Yeah. She seemed convinced that her life was at stake, so I allowed her to leave on my yacht. Now I realize it was a diversion. She was going to circle back, kill Sonny before he could get to her.

Ric: It still doesn't explain who exactly blew up your yacht.

Sonny: Faith, probably, so she'd be presumed dead.

Lorenzo: You destroyed my yacht?

Faith: It was the only way that I could escape. And now I need protection.

Ric: Well, I think you're going to be fine in a jail cell. You're under arrest for the attempted murder of Jasper Jacks.

Faith: If you put me in jail, these two will make sure that I don't get out alive.

Simon: We'll be featuring the group's official entry video on the first episode of the show.

Dillon: Wait -- hey. Hold on, wait a minute. You're making a video?

Lois: Yeah, we're scheduled to shoot it tomorrow at The Cellar.

Ned: Ok. I know that L&B is in trouble, but we are not this desperate.

Lois: Grrrl Power will get us tons of exposure.

Ned: This so-called girl band isn't even singing. We want L&B to have integrity, ok, so I知 pulling the plug right now.

Lois: You can't do that. We both run L&B.

Simon: Lois, if this is going to be a problem --

Lois: No, it's not. The national exposure that we will get from winning the competition will allow us to pick and choose from the talent, the best talent in the country, but first we have to win.

Ned: Really? Dillon isn't even a girl, ok? It's a gimmick! Look, we'll be the laughingstock of the industry.

Simon: Dillon is the key to this show's success. He's quirky, he's unexpected, and he'll keep the audience guessing.

Dillon: Oh, there's an understatement.

[Ned sighs]

Lois: Brilliant marketing strategy. All we have to do is keep up the illusion until after the semifinals, and if we win, the audience gets a huge twist.

Simon: Think about it -- the entire country will have voted for a girl band featuring a boy. It's a fantastic reveal and a whole new level of reality television.

Lois: Right, and there's an even better hook -- the rest of the band isn't even singing at all, so every note is the product of one perfect voice and that's our Brookie's.

Simon: The ratings will go through the roof. I see entire rebroadcasts.

Lois: And the public is going to be dying for Brookie's first solo C.D.

Ned: And, Brook, how do you feel about all this?

Brook Lynn: Who doesn't want to be on TV, right?

Dillon: Personally, I'd like to avoid it.

Brook Lynn: Besides, it'll keep ma off my back for a while.

Simon: Then it's settled.

Ned: No. Nothing's settled.

Lois: You'll be getting the contract within the hour.

Simon: Good.

Ned: Lois? You meet me at Kelly痴 in 10 minutes.

Simon: Creative differences?

Lois: Nothing I can't handle. Let me walk you out to that gorgeous car of yours.

Simon: Why, thank you.

Georgie: Excuse me -- where are you going? We need to practice.

Sage: Why? We're just "one perfect voice," right? And since it's not mine, I got no reason to be here.

Georgie: Sage, if we don't practice, we're not going to make it to the finals!

Dillon: I just got to get out of this itchy wig.

Lucas: Hey. You done with rehearsal already?

Brook Lynn: We just finished. What are you doing here?

Lucas: I just got off work. I was hoping Astrid and I could hang out.

Nikolas: How did you find us?

Mary: I looked everywhere.

Emily: And you just happened to end up on my parents' private estate?

Mary: I tried Wyndemere, Kelly痴, the Elm Street Pier, and then it occurred to me that Emily was probably helping you. I snuck on the grounds and I heard voices. I was worried about you, Nikolas. I want to help.

Emily: What, help turn him over to the police or Helena? Mary, she tried to have him committed.

Mary: I love Nikolas. Why would I want to see him locked up?

Emily: Oh, my God.

Nikolas: Emily, it's ok.

Emily: Look, Mary痴 desperate, Nikolas. She's afraid that you're going to remember your old life and realize how much she tried to steal from you.

Mary: I've been honest with you about the reasons why I took Nikolas in.

Emily: Well, that is a polite way to put it, Mary. How far are you willing to go to hold on to him this time?

Emily: I can't speak for Nikolas, but I値l never trust you again, Mary. You looked me in the eye and you lied for months.

Mary: I've tried to explain, but it's obviously --

Emily: Look, Nikolas needed help, and you took advantage of him. And then you did the same to me.

Nikolas: Emily, it's ok.

Emily: What -- she's still lying to us, Nikolas. No way did she happen to come by here on a random search. She's working with someone.

Mary: I know you have reason to doubt me --

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Mary: But I am here to help both of you.

Nikolas: And how's that?

Mary: You need to get out of the city. Stay here in hiding. I'll make the arrangements. I can call Mr. Alcazar.

Emily: I don't want him involved.

Mary: Then I値l figure out another way.

Emily: We don't want your help!

Mary: I can't change what I did in the past, but I can try to make up for it. I have to let you go -- both of you. Despite what you might think, you really were my friend, Emily, and I betrayed you. And I hurt Nikolas much worse. Helping you now is the only way I can make amends.

Nikolas: Make the arrangements.

Mary: I'll be back soon.

Emily: You aren't really going to trust her?

Nikolas: Yes, I am.

Lucas: So, what do you say, Astrid? You up for a good time?

Georgie: You know what? We've been working really hard for hours, and we need some sodas. Come on, Lucas.

Lucas: I'd rather stay here with Astrid.

Georgie: I can't carry them by myself.

Lucas: I can't believe you go out with that guy.

Georgie: Don't make fun of him, ok?

Lucas: Well, I don't have to do this at all. You said you wanted me to teach Dillon a lesson about the proper treatment of women.

Georgie: I do. Dillon made me so mad when he said that girls wanted to be treated like sex objects, but -- Brook says I'm overreacting.

Lucas: Do you agree?

Georgie: You know, she didn't hear him. And, you know, I want Dillon to understand what girls have to put up with every day from guys.

Brook Lynn: When Lucas gets back, you probably should tell him the truth.

Dillon: Uh-uh. No, are you kidding? Lucas is an idiot. If he wants to hit on Astrid, I'm going to let him, ok? Imagine the look on his face when he realizes he's hitting on a guy.

Brook Lynn: This is crazy.

Dillon: I know, I know it's crazy. But it's -- it's good practice, you know? I mean, if I can convince Lucas, I can convince the Grrrl Power people or whatever.

Brook Lynn: Great. And then what, we'll make it to the finals, and my amazing music career will launch?

Dillon: Simon says.

Brook Lynn: I always hated that game.

Dillon: Yeah, me, too.

Brook Lynn: Look, this is so lame.

Dillon: I know, but -- I don't like being Astrid. It's for a good cause, though. You know, the contest is going to put you on the map. You're going to become popular enough and powerful enough to do what you want to do. Your music touches people, come on.

Brook Lynn: Dillon, what do you get out of this, though?

Dillon: I'm helping people I care about. And come on, you know, it's a challenge. Maybe one day when I知 directing a stupid comedy, I値l be able to draw --

[Brook Lynn snickers]

Dillon: From this experience.

Brook Lynn: Look, you're amazing, ok, but please don't do this.

Dillon: Brook, for an artist to survive in a commercial world, he has to commit to what he's doing. Making Lucas look like an idiot -- that's gravy.

Lucas: Hmm-hmm-hmm. You look better and better every time I see you.

Brook Lynn: Where are the sodas?

Georgie: The machine was empty.

Dillon: [Woman's voice] You know what? You guys have been rehearsing all day long. I think you do need something to drink.

Brook Lynn: Why don't you come with us?

Lucas: We'll catch up with you later.

Georgie: Great. Let's go, Brook.

Lucas: Looks like we've got the whole place to ourselves.

Faith: Ric, you need to listen to me. I need to go into hiding.

Ric: Look, you've been suspected of shooting Jasper Jacks. You're going to be held in lockup until the arraignment hearing.

[Faith sighs]

Ric: Has she been read her rights?

Lucky: Yeah, as soon as I picked her up.

Ric: Good -- please, just take her downstairs.

Lucky: All right.

Faith: This is a mistake.

Lucky: Faith, let's go.

Faith: This is a mistake!

Lucky: Come on.

Ric: Please, go.

Faith: Oh, Justus, Justus, I need a lawyer.

Justus: I'm here to represent Mr. Morgan and Mr. Corinthos.

Faith: Oh, Justus, please? For old times' sake?

Justus: I can't do it. My hands are tied. It's a conflict of interest.

Faith: I knew you wanted me out of your life. I just didn't think you were going to let me die to see it happen.

Lucky: Faith, let's go.

Carly: Let's go home.

Sonny: You know what? I still got to finish something up here. Can you kiss the boys good night for me?

Carly: Yeah.

Ric: You're being released pending further investigation, but if I find out that you did try to kill Faith on the docks, I will happily take you to trial.

Justus: Are my clients free to go?

Ric: Well, there's the matter of the weapons charge.

Justus: Mr. Morgan and Mr. Giambetti both had licenses for their firearms, and you know it, Lansing. This was a transparent ploy to get them into custody. Pull this stunt again, and we'll sue your department for harassment, you got that?

Ric: All right, get them out of here.

Justus: I'll file the paperwork upstairs, guys. Let's get out of here.

Sonny: You know what, Alexis? You might want to reconsider your attitude.

Ric: Hey. You know, next time, I値l take care of my brother myself.

Lorenzo: You do that.

[Ric sighs]

Alexis: Now it makes sense.

Ric: What do you mean?

Alexis: You knew Faith was going to be on that pier. You knew that Sonny was going to try to kill Faith. That's why the police were there before the boat exploded. You were in on this with Alcazar.

Nikolas: If Mary found me here, so will the police. We need help getting out of here, Emily.

Emily: I'll go to Lucky.

Nikolas: No -- look, he's already risking his job for me. Besides, the way I escaped, they'll be watching him. We might as well just trust Mary. She can help us get out of here. And besides, I don't think anyone will be suspicious of her.

Emily: Ok, you know, I just -- I don't want to think about Mary.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: I'd rather -- I'd rather hear what you remembered before she showed up.

Nikolas: Oh. Yeah. Well, it was just a flash, but we were in my bedroom at Wyndemere together; just made love.

Emily: Do you remember anything else?

Nikolas: Yeah. I was just about to go on a trip, I think.

Emily: You were -- you were going to Greece. It's the trip you took right before you got hurt.

Nikolas: Oh.

Emily: I gave you -- I gave you this to keep you safe.

Nikolas: Oh, God, I really wish I could remember. I'm sorry.

Emily: No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to pressure you.

Nikolas: No, no, you're not. You're not. Besides, I may be getting something back better than my memories of you. My feelings.

Helena: What have you done with my grandson?

Mary: I don't know what you're talking about.

Helena: Oh, I think you do. Mary, help me find Nikolas, and I'll help you in return.

Mary: You want to have him declared insane so you can take his money, his home.

Helena: If you tell me where Nikolas is, I will make sure that he comes back to you.

Ric: You still here?

Alexis: It's a simple yes-or-no question. Did you and Alcazar work together to entrap Sonny?

Ric: Look, I got an anonymous tip that Faith would be landing on Pier 52 and that somebody might try to kill her.

Alexis: Most district attorneys would opt to prevent a murder instead of waiting for the murder to occur so they could arrest the perpetrator.

Ric: Really? And you would have handled it differently?

Alexis: I would have had the police onboard the yacht before it docked.

Ric: Of course.

Alexis: Jax told you Faith shot him. You had plenty of evidence to arrest her.

Ric: Well, maybe that's why I had officers on the scene -- to make sure that she wouldn't be harmed.

Alexis: What if there had been another ship in the vicinity? Innocent people could have -- could have been killed when that yacht exploded.

Ric: There is no way that I could have known that Faith was going to sabotage the yacht.

Alexis: You knew she was psychotic. You took an unacceptable risk.

Ric: All right, you know what? Here we are, right on schedule. For five minutes, you actually might have felt something for me. And that is just intolerable, isn't it, Alexis, huh? Time to rebuild those walls. Convince yourself that you don't want me to get close. That way, you can assure yourself that you were right all along. Right? I'm a repugnant, intolerable -- what -- what is the last one that you like to use? Complete waste of skin.

Alexis: You put innocent people at risk when you bend the law to suit your own purposes. How many people who get close to you run the risk of being used in your campaign against your brother?

Sam: Is everything ok?

Carly: Jason and Sonny won't be charged with anything.

Sam: That's good, you know? I would have liked to have heard that for myself. I just -- I didn't want to fight with you again.

Carly: Listen, if Jason is going to take care of your baby, then you and I need to learn how to -- co-exist.

Sam: Whether we like it or not, right?

Carly: Yeah. Jason is my best friend, and I will tolerate you because of that. But I don't want to see you in my face every time I turn around.

Lorenzo: The crew is safe. Send divers down to see if anything can be salvaged.

Sonny: Looks like your setup didn't work.

Lorenzo: I gave you everything you needed to eliminate Faith. You still failed.

Sonny: Well, you lost, too, because the -- that beautiful ship that you had -- Faith sank it. Ric wants, you know, us to start a war, but I知 not going to give him the satisfaction.

Lorenzo: You deal with your unfortunate brother however you want. Faith is mine now. And I'm going to finish this.

Justus: It's the last of the paperwork on my clients.

Officer: All right.

Ric: You know, it was a good decision not representing Faith.

Justus: She's in your custody, Lansing. That means you have an obligation to keep her safe.

Ric: I'm not a miracle worker, Justus. And you and I both know -- if Sonny or Jason don't kill her, Alcazar will.

Justus: Why are you telling me this?

Ric: I'm just trying to prepare you, in case Faith means more to you than you'll care to admit. She's on borrowed time.

Justus: Whatever happened between Faith and me is in the past.

Lucky: Faith is asking to see Justus.

Lucas: Hmm. Creating a mood?

Dillon: [Woman's voice] Huh. We always lock up before we leave.

Lucas: I'm not going anywhere. What's your hurry?

Dillon: I have a curfew.

Lucas: Break it.

Dillon: No. You know, I think I need a coffee fix, and I'm hungry.

Lucas: The only fix I need is right here.

Dillon: I don't hook up.

Lucas: Not your type?

Dillon: Too pretty. Not smart enough.

Lucas: Well, you go on tour with the band, guys are going to be all over you.

Dillon: I don't think so.

Lucas: Oh, come on. You're going to love the attention. That's why you got into the business.

Dillon: Ok, I am doing this because Brook Lynn is a great singer. And Lois asked me to be in the band.

Lucas: Imagine it. You're the real star, Astrid. Stepping out on stage in something tight. Moving your body; working up all those guys in the audience. They're going to want to take you home.

Dillon: Ahem. You don't want to do this.

Lucas: Why not? You're begging for it, right?

Lucas: Not bad -- for a girl.

Dillon: [Normal voice] it's me, Lucas! It's Dillon, ok?

Lucas: I know.

Dillon: You -- you know? Well, why -- why are you --

Lucas: Well, someone thought you needed a little lesson in gender relations.

Dillon: Georgie put you up to this?

Helena: Mary, help me, and I'll make sure that Nikolas loves you again.

Mary: No one can do that.

Helena: With the right kind of physician, I can make Nikolas do anything. Why, you could take him back to Mexico. I'll make sure you're never found.

Mary: I've already let him go.

Helena: No. No, you've given up fighting because you think you can't win, but you can win, Mary. No, we can both have exactly what we want.

Mary: You're too late, Mrs. Cassadine. Nikolas already left town, with Emily.

Helena: I have ways to find anyone. Now, think what I'm offering you. Help me, and you can have Nikolas back in your arms as long as you live.

Nikolas: Oh, I feel so peaceful with you here right now. I was fighting it so hard, and I didn't even know why. And the answer was that all I had to do was let you in. And once I did that, I -- I realized that that's what I wanted all along.

Emily: I love you so much.

Nikolas: Despite the fact that I complicated everything?

Emily: I love you, no matter what. But we've got to move, because now that Mary knows we're here, this boathouse isn't safe.

Nikolas: So we'll run. We'll be fine as long as we're together, right?

Emily: I'm sorry, Nikolas, but I can't go with you.

Nikolas: I understand if you don't want to take the risk. I mean, going on the run's pretty dangerous, I suppose.

Emily: No, it's not that. It's -- avoiding the police and Helena is only a temporary solution. Your grandmother won't give up.

Nikolas: Well, how am I supposed to leave you?

Emily: It won't be for long. Once you're safely hidden, I'll -- I'll go to my father and ask him to find a psychiatrist who can certify that you're sane and publicly discredit Helena痴 claims.

Nikolas: Ok. I suppose that could work.

Emily: Yeah. And once Helena痴 been neutralized, then you can come back to Port Charles, and we'll figure out what to do next.

Nikolas: Are you sure about this?

Emily: I'm not afraid to let you go -- this time. I know sending you away is going to bring you back for good.

Nikolas: Come here.

Georgie: Did Lucas leave?

Dillon: He kind of lost interest when he found out that I was a guy.

Georgie: So you told him?

Dillon: No. No, that was you. And then you sent him here to hit on me.

Georgie: Dillon, now maybe you understand what I was talking about in The Cellar. Girls don't want to be treated like sex objects just because they look good.

Dillon: I know that.

Georgie: No, you were completely insensitive before.

Dillon: Ok. So, you sent Lucas over to humiliate me instead of just talking?

Georgie: Dillon, I wanted you to know how it felt.

Dillon: You wanted to punish me, Georgie! That's what you wanted! You -- because the Simon guy hit on me, and I was venting to you, and you completely misunderstood me! What happened to you? You've turned into some -- some teen movie stereotype, you know that?

Georgie: Look, Dillon, I get that you're mad!

Dillon: You keep lying to me! You -- you keep lying to me. You never would have done this. Not in the beginning. Ok?

Georgie: I wouldn't -- I wouldn't technically call it lying.

Dillon: Oh, you got to be kidding me. Don't -- don't even -- all right? There's a new Georgie scheme every week, for months now. First, the Maxie thing. And then hiring the boyfriend. And -- and then trying to have sex with him, or make it look like you were so that I could walk right in on it!

Georgie: Dillon, I was trying to make you jealous! I'm not proud of that!

Dillon: Oh, come on!

Georgie: But it is not like you have been so perfect and blameless.

Dillon: Yeah, and then you know what you did? You dumped a paint can on Sage.

Georgie: And I confessed --

Dillon: Because you were jealous!

Georgie: Right after!

Dillon: We have one little misunderstanding like this now, and you pull this again? I don't deserve it, Georgie. I don't! I'm -- you know, I知 out of here.

Dillon: What happened to us? It used to be so perfect. So easy -- before you broke up with me that first time.

Georgie: Dillon, you were working for Alcazar, and I was just trying to protect you.

Dillon: Look, I was trying to make money so that we could be together. My mom threatened to send me to military school. She blackmailed you. And instead of -- instead of just talking to me -- coming to me, you went along with her.

Georgie: It didn't take you long to get over it. You slept with Sage the same night!

Dillon: I was devastated, Georgie! I was a wreck, ok? You lied to me! You -- you said you didn't want me.

Georgie: No, you just wanted to be with a girl, Dillon! Any girl!

Dillon: The only girl that I have ever wanted was you.

Georgie: Then why did you need to order those pills off the internet to be with me?

Dillon: It was -- Georgie, it was a glitch! It was a one-time thing! I was nervous, ok? And -- and it just -- it -- it's gone, you know? Why are you making this about you?

Georgie: Because I was there.

Dillon: Second time, right? Second time when we did it, I was fine. I was fine. I didn't need a pill. I didn't -- I didn't need anything. And I tried to tell you that. And you -- you wouldn't listen, again. You wouldn't trust me, again.

Georgie: You are not being fair.

Dillon: Friends don't do this. I mean, you want to be friends, right? Friends don't one-up each other like this. It's --

Georgie: So what? That's it? We're not even friends anymore?

Dillon: I don't -- I don't know how we can be. My whole life, people have manipulated me. And you were different. You were -- you were the one person who was different. And -- and now, it's -- that's changed. I think we're over.

Georgie: Dillon --

Dillon: What?

Georgie: Oh, you forgot your stupid hair!

Lucas: Hey. I was just having a major craving for some caffeine. You leaving?

Brook Lynn: More like running for cover. My parents are totally tearing each other apart in there.

Lucas: Been there, done that. My parents split up years ago, and they still fight occasionally.

Brook Lynn: Don't do that.

Lucas: Do what?

Brook Lynn: Pretend to be cool when you're just a jerk deep down.

Lucas: Whoa -- where is this coming from?

Brook Lynn: Did you have fun terrorizing Dillon, huh? Did you score?

Lucas: Dillon knows I was punking him. I don't think he's too happy about it, but --

Brook Lynn: Can't blame him.

Lucas: Maybe Dillon is a little to blame.

Brook Lynn: I doubt that, but I do know that Georgie痴 going to regret what she just did.

Lucas: Georgie can handle Dillon.

Brook Lynn: She totally used you for her dirty work. Does it not make you angry that she just traded on your friendship?

Lucas: Dillon and I aren't exactly buddies. Georgie and I are close. I'm fine with it.

Brook Lynn: Dillon and I are family. I'm sorry to hear that.

Lucas: Are you picking a fight with me?

Brook Lynn: You know, I expect more of people. Maybe even you.

Lucas: Well, then give me a chance to make you smile again. It's early. You want to hang out?

Lois: The Grrrl Power show will launch Brookie's career. Marketing new talent is not as simple as it used to be.

Ned: Well, don't look now, but we've just succeeded in driving our daughter out of the room once again.

Lois: Why is she always disappearing on me? Am I really so horrible?

Ned: No. You're not horrible. You're overzealous. I think if you just give Brook some space, she'll come around -- with the music, with the singing, and with you.

Lorenzo: Am I interrupting?

Ned: I was just leaving.

Lorenzo: May I buy you a cup of coffee?

Lois: Ned meant that we were leaving -- together.

Lorenzo: Well, have a good night.

Faith: Thank you.

Justus: You know, I still can't represent you.

Faith: Look, I -- I know I've done a lot of damage, but that's not who I really am.

Justus: That's not who you used to be, Faith.

Faith: That woman is still inside me, and you used to really care about her.

Justus: That was a long time ago.

Faith: Uh -- you wanted me, and a man paid with his life. And then you just left me.

Justus: Come on, Faith. It was more complicated than that, and you know it.

Faith: No. No, you owe him. And you owe me. Help me.

Justus: You're still trying to blame me, aren't you? Huh?

Faith: And what -- what, you're so perfect? You left me and went on some religious crusade. And it got you where? Right back here to Sonny's world. And we are no different, he and I. We live in the same world, the same life, the same business. How dare you choose him over me?

Justus: That's not what I'm doing.

Faith: Really? Well, what can he give you that I can't? What, more money? I can give you a whole life.

Justus: That's if I save yours, first.

Faith: We used to have something truly special. Give me the chance to remind you.

Alexis: I just wanted to tell you that I may not have been completely fair.

Ric: Is that an apology?

Alexis: No. Whether or not I approve of your methods, you are the only person I know that has the guts to go up against Sonny.

Ric: And?

Alexis: And I'm marginally impressed.

[Sonny yawns]

Sonny: Hmm.

Carly: I was getting worried.

Sonny: Everything's fine. Jason went home. And Faith is locked up where she belongs.

Carly: Well, then that's over.

Sonny: For now.

Jason: Thanks for leaving the station when I asked.

Sam: Yeah, I realized I owed it to you to avoid another fight with Carly. I mean, there's no reason she and I can't find a way to deal with each other and leave you and Sonny out of it.

Jason: Well, that would be a first for Carly.

Carly: I only care about you and our family and getting our marriage back to the way that it was.

Sonny: We've been doing a lot of that lately.

Carly: And I couldn't be happier.

Sam: I want to concentrate on everything I have to look forward to now. I mean, especially my little girl.

Jason: I'm -- I知 glad you agreed to stay.

Sam: Me, too. I mean, this is -- this is going to be good for her, Jason. And I don't know. I mean, who knows? It just -- it just might work out for all of us.

Carly: I have everything I have ever wanted. And I do not intend on letting it go.

Sonny: Neither do I.

Singer: Sometimes I wonder if I belong here this little town by the road 'cause flying past me years of the heart in exile tearing up what's left of these pages and I am no longer certain of what I want or how I'm gonna get there but I will no longer run I will stand by you I will see this through whoa this is my heart I知 throwing on the line crying out mercy I値l stand the breath of time in my eyes I知 not afraid to shine giving you the rest of my life

Singer: Sometimes I wonder how all of these pieces fit divided by the window of regret should have melt the dawn still I feel it on my skin taking me to where I need to be I will no longer give in to the rush of silence I will stand for what I believe in I will remember the time that the good I have seen and the dreams we have to believe in yeah this is my heart I知 throwing on the line crying out mercy I will stand the breath of time look in my eyes I知 not afraid to shine giving you the best of my life

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lois: What just happened?

Dillon: He walked in.

Faith: I knew you'd come.

Justus: You don't know me as well as you think you do.

Nikolas: I thought we agreed to let Mary help us.

Emily: Go ahead! By all means, you trust her, if you think you can!

Jason: I need to speak to you, alone.

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