GH Transcript Thursday 8/5/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/5/04

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Emily: How are you?

Nikolas: I've been better.

Emily: They'll be setting bail soon, and I have the money, so you should be out in no time.

Nikolas: No.

Ofc. Serino: D.A. Lansing?

Ric: Hmm?

Ofc. Serino: Sam McCallís brother, Danny -- he's gone from the bike shop.

Ric: Find him.

Danny: How long do I have to stay here?

Jason: Just for a while to keep you safe.

Danny: Safe from what? Where's Sam? I need her.

Jason: She needs you, too. Danny, Sam needs you to do this.

Carly: Ok, let's get this out into the open. You are not staying for your baby. You are staying because you still want my husband.

Lorenzo: Do it. You'll only get one chance. Make it count.

Courtney: Here you go.

Jax: Thank you.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Mmm. This is very nice juice. So, after breakfast, can I get a sponge bath?

Courtney: Oh, you know, I already made an appointment for you.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Mm-hmm, yeah. Lisa was unavailable, but some guy named Gunther is ready and waiting.

Jax: Gunther?

Courtney: Yeah.


Courtney: Oh! Get down!

Danny: I don't want to stay here!

Jason: No, no, no, Danny, Danny, I know. I know you don't, but it's important. I need you to help me.

Danny: How?

Jason: Well, you just -- you need to stay here until I can make sure both you and Sam are safe.

Danny: Will Sam come see me?

Jason: She'll be here soon. And I brought the TV.

Danny: We got cable?

Jason: Cable? We got better than cable. We have a satellite dish -- 750 channels.

Danny: Whoa!

Jason: Any game you want.

Danny: How about motocross?

Jason: Motocross, car racing -- you name it. Whatever you want.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? Ok. All right. Ok, ok, Danny, just -- just stay here.

Danny: I promise.

Emily: Nikolas, this isn't anything to go to jail over. You had too much to drink and things got out of hand.

Nikolas: I'm not taking your money, Emily.

Emily: Fine. You know, just pay me back when you get out.

Nikolas: I'll still be in your debt.

Emily: So what?

Nikolas: So? So what? I'll say "Thank you" and you'll get your hopes up, and I'll end up hurting you like I always do.

Emily: You feel that I have expectations that you can't meet. You want to be your own person, not some imitation of who you were. I'm clear on that now.

Nikolas: Well, that's pretty convincing for someone who doesn't believe a word of what they're saying.

Emily: Ok, Nikolas, I am being honest with you. The bail money is a gift. I don't expect anything in return. Just take it and let Alexis handle the charges.

Nikolas: Can't we leave Alexis out of this, please?

Emily: You need a lawyer!

Nikolas: Just, please go. Ok? Will you please just go? Will you go back to Lucky and pick up where you left off?

Emily: Is that what this is about?

Nikolas: Just go back to Lucky.

Emily: What, the fact that I was with Lucky? How can you be jealous when you claim that you don't feel anything for me?

Heather: Edward. I didn't know you'd be here.

Edward: Oh. Well, I came down to look at the lake. It's always so peaceful this time of day.

Heather: I know what you mean. I love it. It's a perfect place to just sit down and let your mind wander. Penny for your thoughts.

Edward: I was thinking about Lila and my first wedding anniversary. We went dancing. She was radiant. Hmm. She was almost too beautiful to be real. We went to dinner that night, and sitting at another table was an old beau and he was staring at her. I remember feeling a little jealous, still unable to believe my astounding luck that she married me. We went back and she teased me mercilessly, and then said I was the only man that she loved; the only man she would ever love. And we danced in the moonlight by the water.

Heather: Sounds like a wonderful night.

Edward: I'll never forget it.

Heather: So when is your anniversary?

Edward: Today. God, I miss her so much. I can see her dancing now; her smile lighting up the night. Oh, God, what a smile she had. She'd look at me and smile, my heart would sing. She looked so radiant, so beautiful. It took my breath away.

[Waltz plays]

[Waltz stops]

Edward: We made a vow that we'd celebrate our anniversary by dancing. Every anniversary, we danced. Towards the end, she couldn't dance anymore. So we'd come back, sit in the moonlight. Her smile was -- was still dazzling.

[Waltz plays]

Edward: And I'd remember once again how lucky I was to be the man she loved.

Sam: It didn't even occur to me to stay. My bags were packed.

Carly: Oh, yeah, that was a very nice touch, very convincing. You probably even carried them all the way to the door, right? Poor, pregnant woman going out in the cold --

Sam: Oh, come on, Carly.

Carly: Cruel world.

Sam: I have been independent all my life. I was prepared to raise this baby on my own. This happened to be Jasonís idea.

Carly: Oh, please. You have been with Jason long enough to know that he is giving and that he is selfless, and you are using him.

Sam: I would never use Jason.

Carly: Oh, God, you even act like you care about him; like what he wants matters. You don't fool me, Sam. You have never cared about anyone else in your entire --

Sam: You don't know anything about me, Carly!

Carly: Ooh, have I just hit a nerve?

Sam: You know what? This is between me and Jason. I don't have to explain myself to you.

Carly: How long do you plan on hiding behind Jason? Because he does have a big heart, but he's got zero tolerance for betrayal.

Sam: Good, because I'm not going to betray him.

Carly: Oh, sure you are. You know how you promised to stay out of Sonny's and my marriage, right?

Sam: Oh, God, here we go again.

Carly: I give it about a week, maybe two at the outside, and then you're going to come over, you're going to flaunt yourself in his face, you're going to try and weasel your way back into his life. This could go over real big with Jason. He is going to put you out on the street so fast that your head is going to spin.

Sam: Look, if things are going so great with you and Sonny, why do you feel so threatened?

Courtney: Are you ok?

Jax: I am so tired of being target practice.

Courtney: Just hold still. I don't want you pulling the stitches out of your leg. I don't want you bleeding to death on me.

Jax: Wow, Iím touched.

Courtney: Ok, just don't move. You ok?

Jax: Hey. Be careful.

Courtney: I don't see anything.

Jax: It doesn't matter. We both know it was Faith Rosco. I'm calling the police. In the meantime, you don't happen to have a gun around here to protect yourself?

Courtney: Of course not, Jax. You know how I feel about guns and violence.

Emily: Why are you so angry? Why won't you let me do something as simple as posting your bail?

Nikolas: I told you again and again to stay away from me and to give me room. But -- but you're not hearing me! You just keep coming back!

Emily: All right, so this is my fault?

Nikolas: I've tried, Emily, Iíve tried, but Iím losing my patience and understanding because nothing's getting through to you!

Emily: Ok, so you're back to thinking that I followed you to The Cellar?

Nikolas: I don't know. You tell me.

Emily: Nikolas, that's ridiculous! I went there to meet Lucky. You're the one that came over to me.

Nikolas: No, you -- you were flirting with him, Emily. You were just trying to make me jealous. Come on.

Emily: You know, you'll read what you want into anything, won't you?

Nikolas: Well, are you denying that you want me back?

Emily: Nikolas, we can't -- we're going to run into each other, whether you like it or not. We can't just pretend to be strangers.

Nikolas: Because you keep thinking that the old Nikolas is the only man that you're going to love. But let me tell you, Emily, I am not him! So will you please just leave me alone from now on? I'd rather stay here in jail than leave with you right now! Don't you understand that? Don't you understand that?

Lucky: Back off now!

Nikolas: What do you want, another fight with me, Lucky?

Lucky: You know what --

Emily: No --

Lucky: What is the matter with you, all right? You know what, Emily is not to blame for this mess.

Nikolas: I --

Lucky: You are!

Nikolas: I told Emily -- oh, God -- to leave me alone. And now I'm telling you, ok? The both of you keep thinking that you are the solution to my problems, but you are the problem.

TV announcer: There is still no suspect in the shooting of financier Jasper Jacks, who was admitted to Port Charles --

Elizabeth: Hey, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hey!

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for meeting me.

Bobbie: Oh, my pleasure. What did you want to see me about?

Elizabeth: Well, I need a sounding board, someone who will give me an honest answer and not just be supportive and encouraging -- which you always are, but in this case, I need the unvarnished truth.

Bobbie: Hmm. Ok. Well, I'll do my best. What's this all about?

Elizabeth: Do you think Iíd make a good nurse?

Carly: I don't like you. I don't like that you conned Jason or that you're using this child to manipulate him.

Sam: What are you afraid of, Carly, huh? Are you afraid that your husband is going to come to me?

Carly: No. No, I know that he won't, but you aren't taking no for an answer, and you can call me possessive, but I'm just not real big on watching another woman repeatedly throw herself at my husband.

Sam: Good, because it's not going to happen.

Carly: So you're standing there straight-faced telling me that you're over Sonny?

Sam: I'll tell you that when I first moved in with Jason, yeah, I may have had my ideas about Sonny.

Carly: Yeah, this is just more of the same. So why don't you at least admit it; have that decency instead of standing there like you're some victim?

Sam: Oh, God, you are so insecure.

Carly: No, I'm not. I am just wise to you.

Sam: Why don't you get out of my face and concentrate on making your husband happy?

Jason: Ok, thanks. Well, whoever did this is long gone. One of my guys saw him take off in a blue sedan.

Courtney: You're having my place watched?

Jax: You think he just happened to be in the neighborhood?

Jason: You have any idea why somebody would be shooting at you?

Jax: I don't think Courtney was the target.

Jason: Why?

Jax: Faith put the bullet in me. I assume that she sent someone by to finish the job so I wouldn't testify against her.

Jason: Well, why did Faith shoot you in the first place?

Jax: Oh, she was afraid that Sonny or Alcazar was out to kill her, so she wanted me to give her money and then fly her out of the country. I refused, so she shot me.

Jason: Well, you know, if Faith's running for her life, it doesn't make sense she'd come after you again.

Jax: Well, you're the expert.

Courtney: Maybe she just wanted to tie up loose ends.

Jason: I'll take care of this.

Courtney: What are you doing?

Jax: Calling the police.

Courtney: No!

Lorenzo: How'd it go?

Man: You got what you paid for -- one shot through the window, no one got hurt, and Morgan came running to the rescue.

Lorenzo: Don't put it away yet.

Emily: Lucky and I care about you, Nikolas. We have done everything to protect you when other people have been trying to take advantage of you.

Nikolas: You wanted my gratitude, my devotion, and my love. Well, you even want it right now.

Emily: All right, you have a problem, but it's not us.

Lucky: Emily, Emily, just -- you know what, leave it alone. You're wasting your breath.

Nikolas: Oh, do you hear that? My brother and I finally agree on something.

Lucky: Hey, you leave her alone, ok?

Nikolas: Well, oh -- fine. Ok.

Lucky: We're just going to give you what you want. Just come on, let's get out of here. You know what, you can rot in here for all I care.

Mac: Nikolas' bail has been set.

Emily: Yeah, he refused our help. He doesn't want to be bailed out.

Helena: Nikolas has no choice in the matter.

Heather: Your story touched my heart, Edward.

Edward: My wife had that effect on people.

Heather: She can't be here to dance with you today, but if it would ease your pain, I'd be happy to dance with you.

Edward: How dare you.

Heather: I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

Edward: I know exactly what you meant. You think you could presume to take over her life now, on this day, on this special occasion? How far are you taking this, Heather? You going to step into her shoes? You going to move into my house?

Heather: No, of course not. I --

Edward: Oh, my God. My God, Tracy was right. Unless she's behind all this, using you to get at me for the inheritance. Is that what this is all about?

Heather: No. Edward, you're wrong.

Edward: Heather, let me tell you something -- you could never be Lila. Never. You couldn't come close. She's irreplaceable. She was the love and the light of my life. She was the most perfect, sweetest, dearest thing to happen to me. I was blessed to be her husband. I'd rather live with her memory for the rest of my life than be with someone who thought they could take her place.

Sam: Yes?

Max: It's the D.A.

Ric: How are you? I'm here on official business. Thank you, Max. That'll be all. Max, Iíd like to have a private conversation with Ms. McCall, if you don't mind. That can happen here or I can bring her down to the station.

Sam: It's ok, Max, thank you. I've been exonerated. Why are you here?

Ric: Well, I just thought Iíd let you know Iím reopening the case.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Ric: I know all about your brother.

Courtney: You can't call the police, Jax-- you'll only get Jason in trouble.

Jax: You have got to be kidding me. I am calling the cops!

Courtney: He said that he'd handle her, ok?

Jax: He's going to kill her!

Courtney: No, you don't -- you don't know that, Jax.

Jax: What do you think "handle" means? He's going to give her a stern talking-to, rap Faith on the knuckles? He's going to kill her, Courtney! That's what he does!

Courtney: Faith has crossed him before and she's still alive, ok?

Jax: Yeah, and what do you think the odds are this time, hmm?

Courtney: God. Let's just -- let's just wait, ok?

Jax: You know, you said that you want nothing to do with the life Jason leads, and you don't want me to call the police?

Courtney: Look, you may not care about Jason going to jail --

Jax: Stop protecting him, ok? You can't have it both ways! So which is it going to be?

Man: You can't go in there.

Jason: Where's Alcazar?

Man: Mr. Alcazar does not --

Jason: Yeah, well, get Alcazar!

Lorenzo: It's all right.

Jason: Where's Faith?

Lorenzo: What has she done now?

Jason: Somebody put a bullet through Courtneyís window.

Lorenzo: What makes you think I know where she is?

Jason: Because Faith is running from you and Sonny. Sonny doesn't have her, so that leaves you.


Nikolas: I've already -- I've already been through this with Emily. I won't accept her money to bail me out, all right?

Mac: Emily didn't post your bail. Your grandmother Helena did.

Nikolas: I don't -- I don't want her money, either. You can leave me locked up in here as long as you want. I don't care.

Mac: It's not a police matter anymore, Nikolas.

Nikolas: What do you mean? What -- what's going on? What are you doing? Get off me!

Mac: Take it easy. You don't have to handle it this way.

Nikolas: Get off me!

Orderly: We have our orders, commissioner.

Nikolas: What -- you can't take me out of here! What are you doing? Get away from me! Get off me!

Lucky: What are you guys doing?

Helena: They're from Shadybrook, a psychiatric facility.

Nikolas: You're having me committed?

Helena: I'm having you evaluated. Nikolas, Iíve been so concerned about you. You need a good, long rest.

Nikolas: You -- you don't know a damn thing about what I need! You're just trying to control me! Get off of me!

Orderly: Don't make this harder than it has to be!

Helena: Nikolas, stay calm. Struggling will not do anything.

Nikolas: I'm not crazy! Get off! Get off of me!

Helena: Take him away.

Nikolas: Ow!

Lucky: Get the straitjacket now! Here's your opening. Do it right now. Run.

Helena: Go after him! No, don't let him escape! Go!

Elizabeth: I'm a mom now, you know? I need to be realistic. I may never make it as an artist and be able to support myself and Cameron, and, God, I refuse to live off my grandmother forever.

Bobbie: You know what, I raised my kids working full-time as a nurse, and I think it's an awesome profession and every day I am incredibly proud of what I do.

Elizabeth: That's why I wanted to talk to you. I admire you, Bobbie -- not just your professionalism, even though everyone I talk to you says you're the best, but just -- just the way you are; the way you care for people. Do you think that I could find that compassion or do you think Iíd burn out?

Bobbie: You know what, I'm not going to lie. I mean, the work can be hard, and sometimes a day doesn't go by when you can't help being affected by the loss and the pain, but nursing has its rewards because you're actively doing something for people, you know? You're out there and you're fundamentally helping people, and that puts out a lot of positive energy into the world and -- well, you know, I don't want to get all metaphysical on you, but it is true that what you put out in to the world comes back to you, and I've always felt as though I've had a lot more good days than bad days. Have I convinced you?

Elizabeth: You've made things a lot clearer. Thank you, Bobbie. I appreciate it.

Sam: I don't know what you heard about my brother or who your sources are, but --

Ric: Oh, didn't I mention? No, I met Danny, yeah, at the bike shop. He's a very nice guy. He's very open, very honest.

Sam: He doesn't trust strangers.

Ric: Well, he didn't have any difficulty with me. I get the feeling that Danny always tells the truth, doesn't he? But then again, that's why you -- you kept his existence hidden all this time, why you and Jason hid him during your hearing, because he is an eyewitness to the murder. He knows you're the one who set the fire.

Sam: No, Danny wasn't even there.

Ric: That's not what he says, Sam. I'm afraid Iím going to have to subpoena him to testify in court.

Sam: You can't do that, Ric!

Ric: He's not going to have any problem with it.

Sam: No, you don't understand what he's been through; how hard his life has been!

Ric: Well, I'm getting a real clear sense of it -- a guilty sister who decides to shuffle him from place to place, and then lock him away like some kind of a prisoner anytime it's too inconvenient for her.

Sam: No, you know, I love him! I am just trying to protect him!

Ric: Yeah, I'm sure you do, but you're also banking on that, aren't you, Sam? You're banking on the fact that your own brother's not going to testify that his baby sister lit a fire; burned down a house with their own mother inside.

Sam: That guy in Texas confessed already!

Ric: That guy in Texas was paid for by Sonny! All right? Now, what am I supposed to do, Sam? Am I just supposed to forget this whole thing? Am I just supposed to walk away, think that, you know, you got away with murder and it's ok?

Sam: I didn't kill anyone, Ric!

Ric: Yeah, you know what, you want to play it this way, sweetheart, that's fine.

Sam: No, you're going to leave Danny alone is what you're going to do!

Ric: Then admit that you lied and that you are guilty!

Sam: Get the hell out of here! Go!

Ric: Fine. You know what? It's not a problem. I got half the PCPD on this, anyway. We're going to find your brother no matter where Jason put him, and then Dannyís going to tell us everything.

Lorenzo: I want you to find out how the hell this happened. All right, that's it. This ends now. That's Faith, right there.

Jason: G.P.S. locator?

Lorenzo: Yeah. She paid me a fortune to rent my yacht, and she should've waited till she got off it to have her men take a shot at me. But I don't think foresight's ever been Faith's strong suit. Well. Looks like she's returning to Port Charles.

Jason: She's not that far.

Lorenzo: Yeah. At the speed she's traveling, she'll probably be here around 10:00 tonight. And I will be waiting.

Jason: You stay out of it.

Lorenzo: Forget it. I want to handle this myself.

Jason: I don't trust you.

Lorenzo: If she's alive tomorrow, she's mine.

Courtney: I don't want any part of Jasonís life, ok, but that doesn't mean that I am going to stand aside and watch him get hurt or killed.

Jax: By not letting me call the cops, you are agreeing with him. You're condoning his lifestyle.

Courtney: That's not true, Jax! What --

Jax: He walked out that door with every intention of being Faith's judge, jury, and executioner, and it's all right with you.

Courtney: All he said is that he'd handle her.

Jax: He's going to kill her, and you know it. The woman shot me, and now she's going to die for it. It's not ok with me, but that's ok with you. I really want to know how you justify the double standard, Courtney.

Courtney: Jason was trying to protect me, ok?

Jax: Well, he did a hell of a job.

Courtney: Oh, and you did better?

[Knock on door]

Man: Police.

Courtney: Yes?

Ofc. Serino: We got a report of shots fired. Are you all right?

Courtney: Yeah, we're both fine.

Ofc. Serino: Do you know who did this?

Emily: You helped Nikolas get away, didn't you?

Mac: Nikolas is gone. We couldn't catch him.

Helena: Find him.

Emily: I thought you said this wasn't a police matter, Helena.

Helena: Nikolas assaulted Officer Spencer. Now, that puts this squarely back under police jurisdiction.

Mac: She's right. I'll put out an A.P.B.

Lucky: Ok, know what, you might as well go home.

Emily: Ok, call me if there's any news.

Lucky: Yeah.

Helena: Don't waste your time on denials. I know perfectly well that you helped Nikolas escape.

Heather: Edward, just hear me out and then Iíll leave. You have every right to be furious with me. I was insensitive to suggest that you dance with me. You had this wonderful love affair with your wife, and the words just fell out of my mouth because I wanted so much to ease your pain. Please forgive me? I know I could never meet up with the qualities that Lila has. I couldn't replace her. I know that. And I would never try.

Jax: I have no idea who shot at us or why.

Ofc. Serino: And what about you, Mrs. Morgan?

Courtney: It's Matthews.

Ofc. Serino: Ms. Matthews. Do you know who did this?

Courtney: No, I donít.

Ofc. Serino: You wouldn't be covering for your brother or your ex, would you?

Courtney: Look, I didn't see who shot at us. I have no idea who sent them or why.

Ofc. Serino: You were admitted to General Hospital with a gunshot wound.

[Jax sighs]

Ofc. Serino: Now someone shot at you again, but you have no idea who?

Jax: Nope. I'm going to have to rest my leg, officer. Are we through?

Ofc. Serino: For now.

Jax: Thank you.

Courtney: Thank you, Jax. I know that wasn't easy for you.

Jax: I can't stay here.

Audrey: Hello, darling.

Elizabeth: Hi, gram.

Audrey: How are you?

Elizabeth: I'm fine, thanks.

Audrey: Well, where's my favorite great-grandson?

Elizabeth: Oh, well, he's at the hospital daycare center.

Audrey: Oh.

Elizabeth: It's his second time there, and, well, he took the time before in stride, so I'm really hoping this will work out for him.

Audrey: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Are you going to ask?

Audrey: Well, I did get a call from a Nancy Prentiss, who runs the nursing program at P.C.U., and she did mention that you had been accepted, and I pretended that I knew all about it all along. But then, when I hung up, I started running around the office like a crazed person. Darling, I have been waiting so long for you to tell me!

Elizabeth: Oh, gram, I just didn't want to say anything until my decision had been made. You know, I mean, the Webbers, the Hardys, they have such incredible reputations, there's no way I could ever fill those shoes.

Audrey: Oh, well, you don't even try to.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, and I'm not, you're right. See, I realized that it's not about living up to you or my dad or grandpa, or even competing with Sarah or Steve. This is about doing something worthwhile for myself and for others.

Audrey: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: And besides, I think -- I think I just might make a pretty good nurse.

Audrey: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: At least Iím going to try.

Audrey: Mm-hmm, and I think you're going to succeed. Oh, I have no doubt about it.

Elizabeth: Oh, thanks, gram.

Audrey: Oh, darling, I'm so pleased for you.

Emily: Hi.

Edward: Emily. What -- what are you doing here?

Emily: Well, I came to see you.

Edward: Nobody knew I was here.

Emily: Yeah, well, it's your anniversary and you and grandmother used to always come down here and remember your -- your first anniversary and how you and she danced in the moonlight and she looked so beautiful, huh? It's one of the most romantic stories I've ever heard. But I thought you might be sad, so --

Edward: Oh, my dear girl. You're such a blessing to this family. Oh. How are you holding up?

Emily: Oh, been kind of a rough day.

Edward: You focus on your memories. Remember that.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Shh, shh, shh.

Lucky: Who could blame me if I did help Nikolas escape? You know, any judge who could sign an order to have Nikolas committed would either be crazy himself or in your back pocket.

Helena: Oh, don't you make the mistake of antagonizing me. You know, your father has always been a worthy opponent. Unfortunately, you lack his lethal edge.

Lucky: Don't bet on it.

Helena: Oh. Much as I would love to spar with you, I do have more important business. Nikolas must be protected from himself.

Lucky: You know what -- those commitment papers aren't valid until he's actually examined by a psychiatrist.

Helena: Well, that will happen soon.

Lucky: And until then, you're still broke and Nikolas still controls the Cassadine fortune. That's what this is about, isn't it, Helena? You want the estate.

Helena: If Nikolas is unable to supervise the estate, naturally --

Lucky: Nikolas hasn't shown any interest in what's left of the Cassadine fortune. The only reason he's still fighting you is because he's realized what a twisted witch you are.

Helena: How dare you.

Lucky: Oh. In other words, I'm right.

Helena: What's this?

Lucky: It's called cab fare.

Lorenzo: Excellent job.

Man: If you need someone to actually hit the mark, you know where to find me.

Ric: D.A. Lansing.

Lorenzo: Be at Pier 52 at 10:00 P.M. tonight. Faith Rosco will be arriving by boat and Sonny's men will be waiting for her.

Ric: What about Jason?

Lorenzo: He's taking care of this one personally.

Ric: And Sonny?

Lorenzo: Well, with any luck, he'll be there, too, and you'll finally get your chance to take down big brother.

Courtney: Jax, come on, you're still hurt. The doctor says you need to stay in bed.

Jax: You need to decide where you stand -- with Jason and the life he leads or on your own.

Courtney: It's not that simple.

Jax: Yes, it is. You're either part of that life or you're not. There's no middle ground, Courtney. Now, you decide what you want and let me know.

Courtney: Jax, come -- God.

Ric: I want surveillance in place at 10:00 on Pier 52. Good.

Sam: Ric? I confess. I set fire to my mother's place and I fully intended to kill her.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: I need your help.

Courtney: Surprised you called.

Jax: I'm here to offer you a compromise.

Danny: Where's Sam? I have to see my sister.

Jason: Don't say another word.

Ric: I think she said more than enough.

Lorenzo: Put Faith here at exactly 10:00 P.M.

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