GH Transcript Tuesday 7/20/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/20/04

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Heather: Keep my prince under lock and key until I say otherwise. Of course I'm referring to Luke Spencer.

Lucky: Did you say Luke Spencer?

Heather: Lucky.

Lucky: Who were you talking to? What do you know about my dad?

Nikolas: It's ok, come on. Ok. Emily, hey. Hey.

Emily: I love you, Nikolas.

Max: Mrs. Corinthos is occupied.

Faith: So she's home? Good.

Max: Yeah, she doesn't want to be disturbed.

Faith: Well, how about we give her a chance to change her mind?

Max: Hey, Mrs. Rosco was just leaving.

Faith: It's after dark. Do you know where your husband is?

Sonny: My wife needs to know you're carrying my baby. I'm -- Iím going to have to tell Carly tonight.

Courtney: What, no champagne tonight?

Jax: You're disappointed?

Courtney: Well, I mean, here we are, having a romantic dinner at my loft. You insisted on getting wine, and your -- your usual response would be to make yet another attempt at seduction.

Jax: You think you know me, don't you?

Courtney: Am I wrong?

Jax: Actually, you're right. I did bring champagne. I'm just saving it for dessert.

Courtney: Ah.

Jax: Hmm, tonight we will start with a mellow burgundy. Try it.

Courtney: Mmm. It's delicious.

Jax: Yeah, it's a good year.

Courtney: Thanks again for the flowers. They smell heavenly.

Jax: You know, that's strange because it smells a lot like --

Courtney and Jax: Smoke.

Courtney: Oh, my God! No! Oh! Oh!

Jax: Whoa, whoa! Should I call the fire department?

[Courtney coughs]

Courtney: Oh, God! So, how does mellow burgundy go with charcoal?

Heather: I'm renewing old acquaintances; letting people know Iím back in town.

Lucky: How did my father's name come up?

Heather: I was talking to an old friend and I was telling her how much fun I was having watching Lukeís little girl.

Lucky: Well, did this friend know my dad?

Heather: Well, everybody knows your dad, either personally or by reputation. After all, he was the mayor.

Lesley Lu: Lucky!

Lucky: Hey, Lulu, what's up?

Lesley Lu: Can you have dinner?

Heather: Oh, I'm sure Lucky has other plans.

Lucky: No, not at all. You know what? I would be happy to have dinner with you.

Lesley Lu: Yay!

Lucky: Yeah, I'd like to get better acquainted with your new friend.

Nikolas: Take it easy, all right? I'll call 911.

Emily: No, it's all right. I'm fine.

Nikolas: Emily, you blacked out. You could've hurt yourself, and you probably would have had I not caught you. You need to go to the hospital; get checked out by a doctor --

Emily: I passed out from the exhaustion. I was confused for a moment --

Nikolas: I know, it doesn't --

Emily: But I'm clear now.

Nikolas: But it doesn't hurt to check, ok? Just a little check.

Emily: Look, my grandmother's memorial was today. I've been upset. I haven't been eating or sleeping properly, that's all. I'll just go home now, Iíll have a sandwich and a glass of milk, and I'll be fine.

Nikolas: You probably are fine, but "probably" is not good enough, all right? It doesn't hurt to check.

Emily: Both of my parents are doctors. They'll take good care of me. Ok? Thank you for offering.

Nikolas: Oh, oh -- I'm taking you to the hospital.

Carly: I will handle this.

Max: I'll be right outside the door if there's a problem.

Carly: Oh, there won't be a problem, or Mrs. Rosco is going to be very sorry that she stopped by.

Faith: Is that some sort of veiled threat?

Carly: Oh, it's not veiled. What do you want, Faith?

Faith: Oh, a peaceful coexistence and a vodka martini, olives on the side.

Carly: Oh. And you have the brass to ask for this why?

Faith: Um, because Sonny and I have entered a new phase of our relationship.

Sam: Sonny, I never intended to break up your marriage.

Sonny: No, I know that.

Sam: And this pregnancy -- it has thrown your life in into chaos.

Sonny: I've made so many damn mistakes, you know? I mean, letting Jason claim that baby.

Sam: Well, yeah, I mean, this was Jasonís idea. It seemed to solve everything.

Sonny: Yeah, but lying about the paternity test is -- it's a coward's way out.

Sam: You wanted what was best for your two little boys. You're committed to your children. I respect that, Sonny, and I will do whatever I can to make this easier on Michael and Morgan.

Sonny: It's not going to be easy on anyone, Sam.

Sam: Sure, we can -- you and I, we'll find another place to live. The separation is going to be hard on you, but we'll definitely -- we'll help each other through it.

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold -- Sam, listen to me. Carly might walk out on me, but that's -- that's not what's going on here. Carly is my wife, and I -- I want to stay with her.

Monica: Did you have a headache? Are you dizzy?

Emily: No.

Monica: How long were you out?

Emily: Um -- I'm not sure.

Nikolas: Just a couple of minutes.

Emily: It was nothing, Mom. Honestly, Bobbie didn't need to page you. I'm fine now.

Monica: Um -- Nikolas, would you excuse us? I -- I want Emily to change into a gown.

Nikolas: Sure. I'll be outside.

Emily: Why do I have to change? Why do I have --?

Monica: Because I want to do a cat scan, a chest x-ray, and a full blood workup.

Emily: You're afraid the cancer is back.

Lucky: Three more bites, and you can go pick out a song on the jukebox.

Lesley Lu: Two songs?

Lucky: Two songs? You drive a hard bargain. There you go.

Lesley Lu: Thanks, Lucky!

Lucky: Mm-hmm.

Heather: She's such a lovely little girl, and so resilient, especially considering her mother's illness.

Lucky: So, what are your plans now that you're in Port Charles?

Heather: Well, my first concern is that Lulu is properly taken care of.

Lucky: Well, you know, my grandmother -- she's going to be well enough to take over soon. Then what?

Heather: I'll look for a job.

Lucky: Doing what?

[Music plays]

Heather: I'm not really sure. I seem to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. I've had so much fun with Lulu; I think I might like to work with children.

Lucky: As a nanny?

Heather: I'd enjoy that, if the children were as wonderful as your sister.

Lucky: Yeah.

Heather: She's so bright, so sweet, such a loving little girl. And she seems to think of her father as Santa Claus.

Lucky: Is that how Lulu described my dad?

Heather: No, of course not. It's just an impression I've gotten from what she has and hasn't said. Of course, I could be way off base. But on the other hand, Luke wouldn't be the first father to be daunted by raising a little girl without her mother.

Lucky: You've given this a lot of thought.

Heather: It's just an impression, like I said.

Lucky: When would you have time to get an impression? In between trips to the park with Lulu?

Heather: Lulu and I have spent quite a bit of time together. Look, sometimes it's easier to speculate on someone else's life than to live your own.

Lucky: Hmm. You were married to Elizabethís dad, right?

Heather: Yes, I was.

Lucky: Hmm. Where did you go when you left Port Charles?

[Phone rings]

Heather: Oh.

Lucky: Excuse me. Spencer.

Nikolas: Lucky, it's Nikolas.

Lucky: Yeah, what?

Nikolas: Emily's at General Hospital.

Lucky: Ok, is she sick?

Nikolas: We don't know. She -- she passed out in the park, so I brought her to the hospital. She's been scheduled for some tests. We don't know.

Lucky: All right, hey, thanks for calling. Just tell Emily I'll be there in 15 minutes. Hey, Lulu? Sweetheart, I -- I got to run, ok? So Iíll see you soon.

Lesley Lu: Do we have to leave, too?

Heather: Before dessert? Absolutely not.

Lesley Lu: Can I have a chocolate sundae?

Heather: We'll both have one, and then Iíve got to get you to your Aunt Bobbieís.

Lesley Lu: Can you stay to read me a story?

Heather: Oh, sweetheart, not tonight. I have an errand to run.

Courtney: And a side of shoestring potatoes.

Mike: Uh, that's a lot of food, honey. Are you having a party?

Courtney: No, I just -- I skipped lunch and I'm starving. Hey, is -- is Lucas around to deliver this, or should I just pick it up?

Mike: No, just stay where you are. I'll send it right over.

Courtney: Ok, thanks, Dad.

Jax: Yeah, we got cheese and carrot sticks and strawberries and Greek olives. I mean, your fridge isn't as bare as you thought it was.

Courtney: Well, they're just appetizers, Jax. Our main course is now volcanic ash.

Jax: Well, I know an entree that goes perfectly with champagne.

Courtney: Well, whatever it is, I don't think I have the ingredients.

Jax: Oh, yes, you do.

Sonny: Sam, listen, I want to be part of our daughter's life. I will honor and love her as much as I love my sons.

Sam: I know you will.

Sonny: And I'll give you whatever you want. You know, I'll get you a house. Whatever you need, I will provide. My name will be on the birth certificate. I will -- I will be proud to call her my daughter.

Sam: But you don't want to live with us. You want to live with Carly.

Sonny: You know, you -- you're going to make this harder than it is. I will honor you and our daughter for the rest of your life, but I can't leave Carly and my family.

Sam: Because you love her. And you never stopped.

Sonny: I -- I was reckless with you. You know, I was angry, I was lonely, I was hurting. And there you were, just so beautiful, full of fire. I couldn't -- I couldn't look past the moment.

Sam: Well, neither could I. And I was -- I was looking for comfort as much as you were.

Sonny: I'm so sorry. You deserve so much more.

Sam: Sonny, no, don't.

Sonny: Well, I mean --

Sam: You gave me -- you gave me what I needed. And you never judged me or pushed me --

Sonny: Right.

Sam: To change. Sonny, you treated me like someone special. No one -- and I mean no one -- has ever done that before.

Sonny: If I led you on in any way --

Sam: No, that is not what Iím saying.

Sonny: I know.

Sam: That's not what I'm saying. You're honest with me.

Sonny: Right.

Sam: You never made promises that you couldn't keep. It was me. I broke the rules, Sonny. I fell in love. I wanted more.

Sonny: I wish I could give it.

Sam: I know.

Sonny: Yeah.

Sam: And I -- I understand that you can't, but I don't regret loving you. And I certainly don't regret this baby. Don't worry about me.

Sonny: You're the mother of my baby. I'm going to worry about you the rest of my life. And, you know, I will always be there for whatever you need.

Sam: I know.

Sonny: I just -- you know, I got to be honest about, you know, what -- with you, and I got to be honest with Carly, but it doesn't change anything that's happened. You know what I mean?

Sonny: Um -- you need to stay here, ok?

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: Until I figure out this murder rap. All right?

Sam: I'm a mother, Sonny. I'm not going to run anymore.

Sonny: Hey --

Sam: Sonny? What are you going to do if she leaves you?

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Just -- just leave it at the door. Charge my tab and leave yourself a tip.

Mike: Uh -- save yourself the tip, ma'am. Hey, honey, it's me. Please open the door. It's your dad.

Courtney: Oh, boy.

Jax: It's your dad?

Courtney: Shut up! Wipe your mouth!

Jax: What? Ok, ok.

Courtney: Act normal, ok?

Jax: Get the door.

Courtney: Shut up.

Jax: You might want to fix your hair a little.

Courtney: Oh, my God. Oh. Hi, Dad!

Mike: Hi, honey.

Lesley Lu: Where's Mike?

Heather: Uh -- I don't know.

Lesley Lu: He said he'd give me more money for the jukebox.

Heather: Well, mike isn't the only one with coins to spare.

Lesley Lu: Can I have some?

Heather: Here you go -- two.

Lesley Lu: Thanks, Heather.

Edward's voice: My dearest Heather, words can't express my gratitude to you for helping me through the pain of losing Lila. I shall spend the rest of my life repaying you with love and comfort and worldly goods. May all your dreams come true, my sweet wife.

Edward: My dearest Heather, you have given me more happiness than I ever knew existed.

Heather: Do you remember your promise to make all my dreams come true? Did you mean it, Edward?

Edward: Of course I did. I'd give the world to make you happy.

Heather: Well, I'll be eternally grateful for your sacrifice.

Edward: It's not a sacrifice, my sweet.

Heather: You're looking tired. Do you want to shut your eyes for a minute?

Edward: I'll just sit back, that's all.

Lucky: Hey, how's Emily? They figure out why she fainted?

Nikolas: I don't know. Her mother says the tests are routine, but she's obviously worried that the cancer may have come back.

Lucky: Oh, God, that means Emilyís probably thinking the same thing.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: So she's in her room?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Lucky: Who's with her?

Nikolas: Well, no one at the moment. Monica's in the lab, and the rest of the Quartermaines are on their way right now.

Lucky: Why aren't you with her?

Nikolas: Because there's nothing more that I can do for her. You're welcome to go in and see her. I told her you were coming.

Lucky: You know what? Can't you see you're the one that Emily needs right now?

Carly: Why would Sonny make peace with you, Faith? You threatening to kill me? Kidnap my kids?

Faith: Hmm -- tempting idea, but, no.

Carly: Ok, then what is it? Why hasn't Sonny eliminated you?

Faith: You're nervous, aren't you?

Carly: No, Faith, Iím not nervous because you're bluffing. You're just saying whatever pops into that evil little mind of yours so you can scare me. Well, guess what -- it's not working. I'm not in the mood to play your games. So why don't you clear on out of here, unless you want to leave in a body bag.

Faith: Ooh, touchy.

Carly: Get out, Faith.

Faith: Oh, perfect timing. I just had a chat with your wife. You know she's a little on the paranoid side?

Sonny: What did you say to my wife?

Faith: Oh, don't worry. Carly will never hear a word of your little secret from me, as long as you sell me Pier 73.

Carly: Did you -- did you see Faith?

Sonny: Yeah, I saw her.

Carly: She just came by here. She told me that the two of you have entered a new phase in your relationship? What is she talking about? What is going on here?

Sonny: Forget Faith. Carly, forget Faith, ok? This is -- she doesn't matter. This is about us.

Carly: What?

Sonny: Jason is not the father of Samís baby. I am. The child is mine.

Lucky: You know I love Emily. But she's still in love with you.

Nikolas: Look, Lucky, I told her, if she wants to pursue --

Lucky: Listen, I know what you told her, and I really don't give a damn. When Emily had breast cancer, you were the one that got her through it.

Nikolas: Lucky, she fainted. That doesn't mean -- that doesn't mean she has breast cancer again.

Lucky: Listen, Emilyís scared. She needs you.

Nikolas: I wouldn't know what to say, all right?

Lucky: Ok, then just fake it, all right? Then pretend!

Nikolas: No, no -- no, no, no, no. I care, ok? I'm angry at her for lying to me, but that doesn't mean I want her to be sick.

Lucky: Then you just get in there and you support her.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: How -- how you feeling? Ahem.

Emily: Scared.

Nikolas: Get you anything to distract you? A book, a magazine, anything? You know, anything?

Emily: I'd like you to hold my hand.

Courtney: You know, thanks, Dad, but it's really not necessary. Jax and I can take it from here.

Mike: Yeah, well, that's what Iím afraid of.

Jax: Excuse me?

Mike: Look, I -- I brought enough for an army. Lucas is going to close up Kellyís when he's finished, and I thought maybe I could join you, if that's all right?

Courtney: Actually, Dad, any other night but tonight. Jax and I have plans.

Mike: I'm sure Jax has plans.

Jax: Listen --

Courtney: Dad --

Mike: Look, Jax doesn't give a damn about you. He's found another way to stick it to your brother, and I'm not going to stand by and watch you get used.

Jax: What is your problem?

Courtney: You know, you are way out of line.

Mike: Honey, you -- don't be naive!

Courtney: Ok, I need to speak with my father for a minute. I'm sorry, Jax. Can we just do this another night?

Jax: Sure, ok. Enjoy your dinner.

Courtney: I cannot believe you just did that.

Mike: Sonny and Jax have hated each other for years. Sonny destroyed Jaxís chances with Brenda, and now he can get back at him by -- by scamming his sister.

Courtney: Well, I know Jax well enough to know what is real and what isn't.

Mike: Honey, I don't want you seeing Jax again!

Courtney: Well, you don't get to tell me how to live my life!

Carly: You're Samís baby's father?

Sonny: I know I should've never lied. I told Jason that you would leave me if the baby was mine, so he broke into the lab and tampered with the paternity test. But he didn't tell me till after he did it. And then he offered -- he offered to say the baby is his.

Carly: Jason came up with this lie?

Sonny: He did it -- he did it for Michael, you know? Michael was just out of the hospital. You know, our son almost tried to -- you know, almost died trying to get us back together.

Carly: I understand why Jason would lie. Why -- why did you let him?

Sonny: I didn't want to lose my family. But, you know, I -- it wasn't good. I couldn't lie to you and to Michael, and I couldn't let you believe in a future when I was holding a lie that could bust it wide open. So I had to be honest. It's the only way I knew how to deal with this. The only way to find out if we have anything left.

Emily: I could feel myself slipping away, and the fear left me. I felt at peace, and then I had a dream about us getting married. And you kissed me in my dream. And then I woke up, and you told me later you'd had exactly the same dream. And I'll always believe you brought me back from the brink of death.

Nikolas: Was I hurting you?

Emily: We're not dreaming the same dream anymore.

Nikolas: I still want to help you.

Emily: Thanks for offering, but I'll be ok.

Nikolas: You want me to leave?

Emily: I'm sure this must be difficult for you. You don't even like me very much.

Nikolas: I hope you feel better. You were wrong.

Lucky: Hey. Hey, come here. Come here. It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok.

Heather: Hello, Mr. Quartermaine.

Edward: Edward, please.

Heather: Are you all right?

Edward: Well, my granddaughter, Emily, was admitted for some tests.

Heather: I know. I was with Lucky Spencer when he got the call.

Edward: Oh. Well, she had breast cancer last year, and she made it through, but --

Heather: You're afraid of a recurrence?

Edward: Well, I guess we just have to wait till the tests come back, don't we?

Heather: Well, try not to worry too much. Emily's young and strong and surrounded by family who loves her. If she is sick, you'll give her the strength to fight.

Edward: That's just what I needed -- a positive attitude. Always positive. Thank you.

Courtney: Since when did you become the dating police?

Mike: Honey, I know Jax.

Courtney: Well, I know Jax better, ok? He is a good man, Dad. Look, I am not the same little, naive girl who first came into town. I know the difference between a decent man and one who is using you, ok? I learned from my marriage to A.J. and what went wrong between me and Jason. I am -- I'm a big girl now, and I can see whomever I want, and I want to see Jax.

Sam: Is your room ok?

Danny: It's quiet. No one else is here.

Sam: Well, where's Jason? Isn't he with you?

Danny: He went to get us dinner. He said we're not staying here long.

Sam: Ahem. Danny, I want you to listen to Jason, ok? He's going to take really good care of you.

Danny: Are you ok, Sam? You sound sad.

Sam: No, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired. I guess that's what happens to pregnant women, you know? But I am happy. I am happy about a lot of things.

Danny: You are?

Sam: Yes, I am. I'm -- Iím happy that you're safe. And I'm happy about this baby -- and she's kicking, so I know she's safe, too.

Danny: Can I help take care of her?

Sam: I'm counting on it. She's going to love you, Danny. You are going to be the best uncle ever.

Sonny: I -- I told myself I could live with you for the sake of the boys without falling in love, but I don't want an arrangement. I want a real marriage, Carly. That's why I left tonight, because I want -- I had to settle things with Sam.

Carly: You had to break off the affair.

Sonny: I can be honest about that much. I haven't slept with Sam since Michaelís accident, but I just had to, you know, clear things up with Sam. We won't be lovers again.

Carly: Sonny, she is carrying your child.

Sonny: And I -- and Iím going to have to take full responsibility. Carly, you know, I mean, I'll -- I'll love my daughter, and I'll honor Sam as her mother. But, you know, you are my wife. You're who I love.

Lucky: Yeah, that bag -- it went flying into the street and an S.U.V. ran right over it.

Emily: Instant brownie pancakes?

Lucky: Well, Elizabeth, she wouldn't tell us what happened, so she met us at Kellyís with fresh brownies from a bakery.

Emily: I totally remember that day. I felt so guilty. I told Elizabeth they were the best brownies she'd ever made.

Lucky: Well, that's what she gets for deceiving her friends.

Emily: Oh, poor Elizabeth. You know, brownies are the best thing she makes.

Lucky: They're pretty much the only thing she can make.

Emily: Oh, that's so harsh!

Lucky: And so true. If little Cameron doesn't learn to love takeout or frozen food, he's going to starve.

Emily: Ok, stop it right now.

Alan: Well, you look radiant!

Emily: Well, no offense to the doctors and the family, but Lucky is the best medicine in the world.

Alan: Ah.

Monica: And it looks like you're not going to need any medicine at all. Your tests have come back, and they're all clear.

Alan: Oh, that's fabulous!

Monica: Aside from being hungry and tired, you're in excellent health!

Alan: Oh, my God, that's so great!

Lucky: That's great news.

Alan: That's so great!

Monica: We are so relieved, thank you very much. You don't know how worried you had me.

Alan: You? You think you were the only one who was worried, do you?

Monica: All right --

Alan: I'm her father.

Edward: When do you think she can come home?

Alan: I'm not worried anymore because she looks fabulous.

Monica: As long as you get something to eat.

Alan: You look absolutely --

Jax: You said my presence was requested?

Courtney: Well, I don't like eating ice cream alone, and just because we missed the main course doesn't mean we can't have dessert.

Jax: Thank you.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I thought maybe your -- your dad had forbidden you to see me.

Courtney: Nobody forbids me to do anything.

Jax: Well, that's good to know.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. Look, my dad is entitled to his opinion, and I'm not obliged to follow his advice. I don't live by anyone else's rules -- not my dad's, not Sonny's, and certainly not yours.

Jax: Yeah, I noticed that.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I find that irresistible.

Heather: I'm stuck in traffic, Lulu. I won't be able to come by tonight. I'll see you tomorrow. My light's turning green. Got to go. How is Emily?

Edward: It's good news. She came through with flying colors.

Heather: Oh, that's wonderful.

Edward: I think I just had a strange reflex action a little while ago. I -- I started to reach for my phone, which is home.

Heather: You want to borrow mine?

Edward: No, I -- I don't need a phone. I was going to call Lila and tell her Emilyís fine.

Heather: She already knows that.

Edward: Yeah. You -- you're not waiting to hear about Emily, are you?

Heather: No, no, I just came by to give Lesley a visit.

Edward: Oh.

Heather: But I'm so glad to hear your granddaughter's going to be all right.

Edward: Well, thank you for your concern.

Heather: Hmm. I just had a thought, probably a silly one.

Edward: I doubt that. What is it?

Heather: It's about Lilaís garden. I know how much she loved it, especially the roses. And I'm sure you have professional gardeners, but sometimes flowers need a personal touch. And I've got quite a green thumb, if I do say so myself. So I was just wondering if I could come by and look in on Lilaís garden from time to time.

Edward: Oh.

Heather: I'm sorry if I overstepped.

Edward: No, no. Not at all. I think it's a splendid idea, and I'm grateful. And I think Lila would be, too.

Sam: I'll love you forever, Baby Lila; more than anyone else in this whole wide world. You know, your dad and I, we -- we can't ever be together. But you were conceived out of love, and I just -- I just wanted you to know that.

Sonny: I love you, and I want us to start over and build a marriage, you know, that will last the rest of our lives.

Carly: Sonny, I cannot think past this minute, let alone next month or for the rest of our lives.

Sonny: I understand. Where -- where you going?

Carly: Uh -- I don't -- I don't know. My mom's, probably. I'll call Max.  I need some time to think.

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Nikolas: I'm ready to try and figure out who we were to each other.

Dillon: My life is over.

Lois: I have something that can make it all better.

Michael: Where's Mommy? Is she coming back?

Carly: Sonny told me about the baby. So here's how it's going to be from now on.

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