GH Transcript Monday 7/19/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/19/04

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[Nikolas sighs]

Mary: Hi. I'm so glad you called. I'd hoped that once you had time to think about it, you'd realize you couldn't just walk away from everything we had.

Nikolas: I'm not coming back, Mary. That's not why I asked you to meet me.

Mary: Then, why?

Nikolas: Well, as it turns out, Iím wealthy. The Cassadines aren't as rich as they once were, but the name still carries weight. The point is Iíd like to provide for you.

Courtney: That was a beautiful service.

Carly: Ooh. Really was. You know, you never said anything about who showed up to pay her respects. What'd you think of Robin?

Sonny: I called Sam. She said you weren't back from the memorial. So I need -- need to check.

Jason: You need me to take care of something?

Sonny: Yeah. I want you to tell me how I'm supposed to let my daughter grow up without knowing Iím her father.

Nikolas: You invested a lot in me and --

Mary: It wasn't about money. I did what I did out of love.

Nikolas: For your dead husband, Mary.

Mary: For you. It started off as a way to fill the hole in my heart, but we spent time together and grew to care about each other. And we shared so much. You were happy. We both were. If we'd never left Mexico --

Nikolas: We would have been living a lie.

Mary: I love you, whatever name you call yourself, and I want a chance to win you back.

Nikolas: But you -- you never had me!

Mary: You told me you loved me. You slipped this ring --

Nikolas: Mary, Mary --

Mary: On my finger and you said those words.

Nikolas: I thought I was your husband, and now I know the truth.

Mary: Emily's not giving up on you. Neither am I. Is her love more important to you than mine?

Lucky: Nikolas. Is there a reason you're hanging out with your kidnapper?

Carly: It makes sense that Robin showed up for Lilaís funeral, but was it difficult for you to see them together, Jason and her?

Courtney: Jason and I are over.

Carly: I know, you guys are over, I know that. But you still love him. And he loved Robin, and she was huge in his life. It was like Brenda was in Sonny's. It's like these two are these angels. They're so high above reproach.

Courtney: Oh, I can't believe Iím hearing this.

Carly: What? What do you mean? Think about it. It's so true.

Courtney: No, I don't have to, because it's ridiculous, Carly. You can't possible still be worried about Brenda.

Carly: No, I -- no, Iím not worried about Brenda. I mean -- no, not actively worried about her. It's not like Sonny's going to get on some plane and go flying off to Europe and pick up where they left off. But I hate that she's the ideal. You know, I hate that I've turned into this -- this wife.

Courtney: Oh, come on, Carly, stop. Ok, Sonny loves you. You are everything to him, and -- yeah, you guys have been through hell, but you're back together.

Carly: We're together because he wanted Michael to have a family that lived under one roof.

Courtney: Ok, maybe, maybe that was the excuse at the time, but, come on, beneath all the walls that you guys put up to protect yourselves, Sonny loves you. You are it in his life. You know, no other woman could ever come close.

Carly: You could've fooled me on that one.

Courtney: You know, you could have everything. You just won't trust it. You and Sonny have hurt each other and you are so scared to death that it's going to happen again. You're protecting yourself.

Carly: Yeah, you are damn right I am.

Courtney: Carly, you're living here because Sonny loves you and you love him. Why are you fighting against the thing you want most?

Sonny: I accept that it may not be possible for my daughter to be raised in my house, but what I can't accept -- letting my daughter grow up believing a lie.

Jason: Sonny, wait, wait. We still have months. The baby is months away from being born.

Sonny: What's going to change between now and November?

Jason: Well, Samís going to be out from under the murder conviction, for one.

Sonny: But she'll -- she'll still be living with you! And I'll have to make excuses to go across the hall. I'll still by lying to Michael and to Carly. I know -- look, I know you've done everything you can to put this family together, but we're not. Carly and I, we live in the same house, and yeah, sometimes we have, we -- sometimes we have moments of connection. You know, we talk, we laugh about the kids, whatever, and it's -- it's a bit of what it used to be, but it's not because it's -- it's not going to be real because it's built on a lie.

Jason: Do you want it to be real? That's what you have to figure out. Sonny, do you want to be married to Carly or do you want to tell the truth so she leaves and you're free to go back to Sam?

Sonny: Sam and I were together for about a month and a half, long enough to enjoy each other's company, long enough to make a baby, long enough for her to fall in love with -- you know, the truth is she's a great woman, I care about her. But I'm not in love with her. I couldn't because my family was there and I think they always will be.  Sister Agnes said I was asking for Carly the whole time I was lying shot in that convent. I was half delirious. I could've asked for anybody. I could've asked for Sam, even Brenda. Hell, I could've asked for you to get me the hell out of there, but I didn't. I wanted to see Carly. I wanted to see her face. The nuns called Carly to come; she came! That's what I can't get past. This was her chance to get out of my life, to let go. The more this goes on, Jason, the more I realize that maybe, just maybe I couldn't let go any more than she could.

Jason: Sonny, just leave -- leave things the way they are right now.

Sonny: I want Carly as my wife, not my roommate! I want to be able to sleep with her. I want to be able to trust her and I want her to be able to trust me. If I tell her the truth and she leaves, at least it's resolved. And if she stays, at least I know that she did it knowingly with her eyes open because she wanted to.

Jason: Everything that you're saying is right, Sonny, but there are other people involved. Michael -- he's happy. I know this because I see it every single day. He has faith in you because you made a promise and you kept it. You kept his family together like he wanted!

Sonny: And the more this goes on, the more he invests, the more it's going to kill him if he finds out!

Jason: That's what I'm trying to avoid right now! And -- and Faith, with the blackmail --

Sonny: Forget Faith! I'm tired of hearing about Faith! I want to tell her the truth because I'm sick of lying! I want a real marriage or I don't want a marriage!

Jason: And where does that leave Sam? You know, you tell Carly the truth, she leaves -- is Sam backup? Is she just the woman you can be with if you can't be with your wife? 

Sonny: You think she's better off with you?

Jason: Sam doesn't love me! She doesn't look at me and hope for something that's never going to happen, Sonny! Sam and I could do this for two months, for 20 years -- no one will get hurt! But Carlyís different. She loves you. When she's hurt, she reacts in the moment. If Carly lashes out, she could do a lot of damage, Sonny, and you know that! I understand that it would make you feel better to tell the truth. I want to tell the truth. But Michael, Carly, and Sam will all lose, Sonny. Everything is going ok. We've done so much to make this lie work, so Iím asking you, please -- please just keep the secret and leave Sam and the baby with me.

Lucky: I would gladly arrest you if my brother would press charges.

Mary: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was helping.

Lucky: No, Nikolas needed his family and friends, but you kept him hidden from all of us. You know what? I came to you. I came to you the night of the accident.

Mary: I am so sorry --

Lucky: I showed you a picture --

Mary: I know. I --

Lucky: Of Nikolas and you said you didn't even see him.

Mary: I -- I -- at the time thought --

Nikolas: Lucky --

Mary: He needed his rest and that he could --

Lucky: No, you took advantage of Nikolas, all right? He was a prisoner in your home!

Nikolas: Lucky --

Lucky: You stole my brother and now he's a stranger to me!

Nikolas: Stop it! Lucky!

Lucky: You know what?

Nikolas: That's enough!

Lucky: No, you stop! You --

Nikolas: That's enough, Lucky! Stop!

Lucky: I don't blame him. I blame you. You're a criminal. You deserve to be thrown in jail for what you've done.

Nikolas: Proud of yourself? Huh? I'm the one who can't stand the sight of you! Be mad at me, not her!

Emily: Mary stole your life. How can you defend her?

Lois: Hey there.

Courtney: Lois, what's up?

Lois: Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking about Lila.

Courtney: Yeah, me, too.

Lois: There was something about her that always seemed to snap things into perspective, you know?

Courtney: Well, yeah. I mean, Lila did have a way of making you realize what was important.

Lois: Well, I -- I took Robin to the airport and she feels the same way. In fact, she asked me to give you a message -- make Jax happy.

Courtney: Well, you -- you set her straight, right?

Lois: About what?

Courtney: Jax and I are only spending time together because of the bet, and when the bet is over, Lois, we will go back to being normal.

Lois: Back to what -- hardly knowing each other? Pretending as if nothing has happened in the last few months?

Courtney: Ok, something has happened -- we've become friends!

Lois: It's more than that and you know it. This bet is obviously a cover because what's going on between you and Jax is as real as it gets.

Courtney: No, you're wrong.

Lois: Come on, Courtney. I knew you five minutes and I could see it. Robin saw it, too!

Courtney: Ok, well, then, there must be something wrong with my eyes because I don't see --

[Knock on door]

Lois: Must be Jax. He must've gotten your message.

Courtney: What message?

Lois: The one I left. Hey, Jax! Well, you two obviously have plans, so I'll just make myself scarce. Bye.

Sam: Hey. How are you?

Jason: Fine.

Sam: So the funeral -- it went ok? Your family didn't fight or anything?

Jason: Well, they'll be back at each other's throats tomorrow. But they loved my grandmother and they were all there to honor her.

Sam: There's somewhere I want to take you.

Jason: You can't leave here until I get the murder conviction set aside.

Sam: No, Jason, I want to help you.

Jason: You want to help me? You tell me the secret you've been keeping.

Sam: Look, I thought it wouldn't affect us, so I want to tell you why I lied and what Iíve been hiding.

Lesley Lu: Mr. Quartermaine!

Edward: Well, if it isn't little Lulu Spencer. Huh.

Lesley Lu: These are for you.

Edward: Oh, they're beautiful. What a sweet thing to do.

Lesley Lu: They're from my friend Heather.

Heather: I know what a terrible day this has been for you. I wanted to give you some words of condolence, but somehow words seem inadequate. So, I thought we'd do something that would bring you a little happiness.

Edward: It did just that. Thank you for a lovely surprise.

Nikolas: Mary doesn't have anything to do with the choices Iím making right now.

Lucky: What? Of course she does. You would've known who you were months ago if she hadn't lied.

Nikolas: But she -- you all lied, all of you!

Lucky: We were trying to protect you.

Nikolas: Just save it, will you? I lost my memory, not my intelligence!

Emily: You could've gone into shock if we'd suddenly told you that your whole life was a lie.

Nikolas: Emily, it's my life! What, I don't get a vote?

Lucky: Yeah, ok, so we were torn and we were just trying to do what was best.

Nikolas: Torn -- oh. Do you have any idea how holier-than-thou that sounds? Come on!

Emily: What Mary did was crazy -- why can't you see that? Why don't you get that it's outrageous for a woman to find a complete stranger and then proceed to fill him with lies about who he is --

Nikolas: Look --

Emily: And then set about keeping him away from anyone who might be able to tell him the truth?

Nikolas: Look, she was wrong, ok? She was wrong, I know that, but so were the both of you! And you two were supposed to be the ones who loved me!

Lucky: What --

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: What are you doing?

Carly: Oh, you know, I've been meaning to put these photos in an album for the longest time and I haven't gotten around to it and today at Lilaís funeral, it -- I don't know, gave me some incentive. Morgan's christening.

Sonny: That was a good day.

Carly: Yeah, it was. It wasn't anything like Michaelís christening, though, was it?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Oh, wow. I walked in that room, into that church after being in Florida to a room full of Quartermaines. And all my lies and all that conflict and all that stuff was in one room with me. It's funny, though, because if you do look at the pictures and you don't even know who we are, it's pretty hysterical because you can tell we are all miserable.

Sonny: Think it would've been better if you just told the truth?

Sam: What are you doing?

Jason: I won't use it unless I have to. For all I know, this guy has a gun.

Sam: You followed me here before, didn't you?

Jason: Sam, I wanted you to come to me on your own with this.

Sam: And I did. Now, put the gun away, Jason. You're not going to need it. Just trust me. Ok?

Jason: Ok, ok.

Sam: Danny? Danny? Hey.

Danny: Who's he, Sam?

Sam: Come here. Jason? This is -- this is my brother Danny. Danny, this is Jason. It smells really good in here. Did you make yourself some dinner?

Danny: Uh-huh, tacos. I took them out of the freezer and put them in the toaster oven like you showed me.

Sam: Good. How about those apples I brought you?

Danny: I had one for dessert.

Sam: In front of the TV, I bet.

Danny: The Phillies are playing.

Sam: Well, I know you probably want to get back to your game. I just -- I wanted to introduce you to my friend Jason. He's a really good friend of mine.

Danny: Hi, Jason.

Jason: Hey, Danny. You were -- you were here before when I came.

Danny: I ran out the door.

Jason: No, it's -- it's ok. I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to scare you.

Sam: Yeah, I didn't -- I didn't tell Jason that you were staying here and I should've, so --

Jason: So -- you like motorcycles, huh?

Danny: Uh-huh. I can fix any bike, two stroke or four stroke.

Sam: Yeah, he's really, really good with them. You should see.

Jason: Yeah, that's good.

Sam: Ok. Well, I know you probably want to get back to your game, so I just -- I wanted you to say hello to Jason.

Danny: The game's almost over. I think we're going to win.

Sam: Good.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Cross my fingers.

Jason: He killed your mother, didn't he?

Sam: Yeah.

Courtney: Lois had Robin as a captive audience on the way to the airport and she obviously gave this elaborate description on how we've been spending time together and that there was more to it than just the bet and I don't know -- I guess Robin just got carried away and now the two of them are trying to push us together and I -- I keep trying to tell Lois that it's absurd, but then she had already sent that message for you to come over and said it was from me and -- I don't know. I guess this is -- it's all pretty fourth grade, don't you think?

Jax: What I think is -- is that -- actually, I know this. I'm very hungry and I was on my way out to eat and I was wondering if you wanted to join me.

Courtney: Oh -- ok.

Jax: But, you know, I'm -- Iím not in the mood for intrigue or who said what to whom, so maybe we should just -- we'll do it another time.

Courtney: Well, you know, Jax, I was -- I was about to make some steak and salad. Well, I -- it's just -- it's just as easy to make it for two in case you feel like staying.

Heather: You've lost the love of your life. Everybody's trying to prop you up by saying the right thing.

Edward: Whew. Sometimes I wish I could tell them all to go jump in a lake.

Heather: Or jump in a lake yourself and take a nice, peaceful swim.

Edward: We did that once, Lila and I. We were in Lucerne and we stayed in a chateau in the countryside, and we swam across the lake and back again. We took out our rowboat and we had a picnic dinner. I can still see her face now, lit by the setting sun.

Heather: She was an amazing woman. Boy, did she have it all -- a loving husband, a great family, a fierce dedication to social causes. The perfect balance.

Edward: It's interesting that you would use that phrase. Lila always felt the path to contentment was to have your life in balance. And whenever she thought she was being overwhelmed, she'd remind herself of the bigger picture.

Heather: Not always an easy thing to do.

Edward: Sometimes virtually impossible. But she managed, beautifully.

Heather: Lila was such a wise woman.

Edward: Wiser than Iíll ever be.

Heather: She understood human nature. We could all learn a lesson from her. She realized that life was a smoother journey if you stopped and took time to reflect on things and smelled the roses now and again and -- listen to me, I'm rambling.

Edward: No, you're not. I've enjoyed the conversation.

Heather: So have I.

Lucky: Did I tell you you were great today at the service?

Emily: I'm not even sure what I said. It's all a blur.

Lucky: "Tell someone you love them one extra time."

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: I do remember saying that, trying to explain that time is precious. I think Nikolas has forgotten that, like he's forgotten so much. He doesn't realize that he's wasting time he wasn't promised -- you know, pushing people away without any guarantee that they'll be with him tomorrow.

Lucky: Yeah, well, his loss, my gain.

Emily: What do you mean?

Lucky: Emily, listen, if it wasn't for the accident and all of Maryís lies, you'd be with Nikolas, and I never would've had the chance to fall in love with you and I -- I am in love with you, Emily. No, and you know what? Just don't -- don't say a word. I know that it makes you uncomfortable.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: You know what? We've always been truthful with one another and it's not going to change.

Emily: I still love Nikolas, despite everything, and --

Lucky: You got to see what happens with him. I -- you know what? I get it. But even if the two of you got back together, Iíd still be in love with you.

Sonny: It was strange seeing Robin today, remembering how close we used to be.

Carly: It was nice of her to show up for Lilaís funeral.

Sonny: We talked a little bit about Stone, you know. He asked me to take care of her, you know.

Carly: I know. Maybe that's why you always treated her like she was a china doll.

Sonny: Well, she went through a rough tragedy. It made her a lot older than her years.

Carly: Ok, Sonny. If I admit that Robin had a difficult childhood, will you admit maybe that she was a little bit of a know-it-all?

Sonny: A little bit, at the time.

Carly: Oh, right, at the time, at the time. Ok.

Sonny: You want to know what Robin said to me? She wanted to tell me that she thought that you and I and our children are meant to be.

Emily: Nikolas?

Nikolas: I thought I told you I want nothing to do with you, Emily.

Emily: Message received. But Luckyís your brother. He loves you.

Nikolas: Yeah. He's certainly got a strange way of showing it.

Emily: Nikolas, it is killing him to be at odds with you, and the way you're treating him isn't fair.

Nikolas: "Fair"? Well, fairness doesn't seem to be a top priority for any of us here, does it?

Emily: Wait -- you keep saying how angry you are that we lied to you? Well, Lucky didn't want to. I'm the one who told him it might be traumatic for you to know the truth. I made him swear not to tell you, so if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at me.

Nikolas: That won't be a problem.

Emily: You know what? It kills me to see you and Lucky fighting like this after everything you went through to be brothers. Your families tried to pit you against each other, but you and Lucky -- you refused to be a part of their stupid, endless fight and you grew to love each other, maybe even more than if you'd grown up in the same household.

Nikolas: Emily, even if I get my memory back, even if I do, my life isn't going to be magically restored to the way it was.

Emily: I know that. I am just saying that you --

Nikolas: What, what? That you what? That you want me to patch things up with my brother, because you're wasting your time. But, hey, if you -- if you want my blessing for you and him, go ahead. You got it.

Sam: I knew I had an older brother, but nothing more, and when I found my mother, I asked about him and she was just really cold. She said he was gone and no one knew where and there was no way to contact him.

Jason: How did you find him?

Sam: I had snuck into the house one night searching for clues about my past and I was looking all over and I tried to get into the basement. And it was locked, and I -- I finally got the door unlocked. I found Danny.

Jason: She -- she kept him locked up?

Sam: Yeah. Jason, she was ashamed of him.

Jason: Wait, so you broke him out?

Sam: No -- ahem. Not right away. I had to stay in town and pretend to try again with my mother, and every time she and her husband were out of the house, I would -- I would then sneak in and visit Danny.

Jason: How'd the fire start?

Sam: Ahem. Well, she was starting to get suspicious. And I was afraid she was going to move him, so I snuck in again to get him and, Jason, I was so sure that she was gone. I was -- and I got him out of the house. And then he realized that he had forgotten his baseball cap. So I stood guard while he went back in to get it.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: I mean, he started that fire on accident, Jason. He has no idea -- I mean, no idea that he had anything to do with it. And then Stuart Mest saw me outside waiting for Danny and assumed that I had set fire to the house. He also assumed that Danny was inside and was killed with Evelyn.

Jason: So when -- when the police accused you of arson, you just let them think you did it.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: But I got Danny help, you know? It turned out that he really loved motorcycles and he knew a lot about them, so, you know, I just -- I sent him to a special school.

Jason: Is that -- is that why you always needed money? You were paying to take care of him?

Sam: That's right. Jason, he's just gotten out of a halfway house. And he really just -- he wants to -- he wants to get a job and start becoming self-sufficient, you know? If -- if they start questioning him about what happened or make him think in any way that that fire was his fault -- ahem -- I mean, it would kill him.

Jason: Hey, don't worry. No one's ever going to find out.

Carly: Sonny, do you think we are meant to be?

Sonny: We're still here, aren't we? You know, I -- I hated you when I first slept with you. I know Iíve told you that a thousand times. Ahem. I remember you turned up here pregnant with our first child. I thought, you know, it was a punishment from God.

Carly: God, that's just so flattering.

Sonny: No, no, I don't -- I mean, you didn't like me, either.

Carly: Uh-uh.

Sonny: Let's not fool anybody. I mean, when I smiled, you wouldn't get flustered; you didn't do anything to try to please me or anything. You know, you weren't --

Carly: Uh-uh.

Sonny: Really the kind of woman I usually go for.

Carly: Well, that's because I thought for myself.

Sonny: That's one way to describe it. You know, it -- it scares me when we fight and how mad I get. I don't want that again. You give it right back. I don't want to stand here, you know, and get so angry that I have to throw something, because I don't want to put my hands on you.

Carly: Sonny, I don't want that, either. I don't want us gouging at each other, but I -- I wish we knew how to let it go.

Sonny: We don't know how.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: We try, we try over and over again and, you know -- Michael gets hurt or I get shot and then something happens and then, you know, it makes me realize, you know, what you mean to me. I remember that night when we were -- we were on this couch. I was crying like a baby. I knew I loved you more than my life.

Carly: You know, you fell asleep in my lap and I looked at you. You looked just like you were a little boy. And you looked the same way when I came to get you at the convent and I had that same feeling. I just kept thinking, "You know, this man, he -- he means everything to me."

Sonny: I miss being married to you, really, really, really married to you, you know?

Carly: I miss it, too.  What are -- what are you doing? Where are you going?

Sonny: I got to take care of something.

Carly: What?

Sonny: It's -- I'll tell you -- I'll tell you when I get back. I'll tell you everything when I get back.

[Door closes]

Danny: We won, 5-4!

Sam: Oh, right on! I bet you were watching and that brought them luck.

Danny: Thanks.

Sam: That's good.

Jason: Hey, you know, your -- Samís having a baby, right?

Danny: Yeah, a little girl. She's growing inside Samís tummy right now.

Jason: Yeah, that's right, that's right, and I promised that I would take care of Sam and her baby. But you know what? I need -- I need your help, Danny.

Danny: What do you want me to do?

Jason: Well, bad people are looking for Sam, and if they find you, they're going to find her, so you know what? I have to take you away for a while.

Danny: I don't want to leave Sam.

Sam: No, Jason, he's ok in the shop. He's not going to cause any trouble.

Jason: Danny, you love -- you love Sam, don't you?

Danny: Sure. She's my little sister.

Jason: You know, I have -- you know what? I have a little sister, and I do everything I can to protect her.

Danny: Even stuff you don't like?

Jason: Yeah, even stuff -- I do everything for her because I'm the big brother, just like you're Samís big brother and Sam needs you to protect her by -- by leaving with me. You -- you know that trouble you guys are in? I'm going to fix it, Danny. I'm going to fix it, but first, I got to make sure that you're someplace safe. It's -- it's for the best. Your sister knows that.

Sam: Danny, I want you to go with Jason, ok? He's going to take good care of us. He's going to get us out of this trouble.

Danny: He can make it go away?

Sam: Yes, he can. And then, when it's all over, you can come back here and -- and play with the motorcycles, fix them. We can be together, ok?

Danny: Ok.

Sam: He's going to look out for you. I promise you that.

Danny: Ok.

Sam: Ok. So go pack your things. I'll wait right here.

Jason: I'll make sure he's ok.

Jax: I was thinking about you and it had nothing to do with the bet.

Courtney: Dare I ask what you were thinking?

Jax: That some people have a light inside them; that they enjoy what they do. They make other people happy, give with an open heart. I'm not saying that those people are perfect. I mean, I think perfection is boring. The kind of people that I'm referring to are transcendent.

Courtney: Yeah, Lila Quartermaine was that way.

Jax: So are you.

Emily: Lucky's my friend. You're the man Iím in love with.

Nikolas: Emily, you can say that a thousand times, and I --

Emily: Of course I'd like to get back what we had, but it's more important that you don't do anything that the old Nikolas would regret.

Nikolas: That's not my concern right now.

Emily: But it should be because your memory isn't lost and you may still remember who you are and how much you are loved. I spent the entire day at a funeral watching people forgive each other and seeing how their lives changed like I want your life to change.

Nikolas: Emily, I can't live up to this person you keep describing --

Emily: Listen, you are a man of compassion! You always saw things from the other person's perspective and I want you to recapture that -- not for me, but for yourself, and I Ė [passes out]

Nikolas: Oh! I got you. I got you. It's ok.

Sam: Sonny, I was just with Jason. I didn't -- I was --.  I can't do this anymore.

Sam: Do what?

Sonny: I'm going to have to tell Carly that you're carrying my baby.

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Heather: Of course I'm referring to Luke Spencer.

Lucky: What do you know about my dad?

Nikolas: Emily's at General Hospital.

Emily: You're afraid the cancer is back.

Sonny: Carly is my wife. I want to stay with her.

Sam: And what are you going to do if she leaves you?

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