GH Transcript Monday 7/12/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/12/04

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Georgie: What's wrong?

Dillon: Um -- I'm not sure.

Georgie: Well, is it me? Am I doing something wrong?

Dillon: No, no, it's -- it's me.

Georgie: You don't want to make love?

Dillon: No, no, I want to make love. It's not happening down there.  I -- Iím sorry.

Georgie: No, it's ok.

Dillon: No, it's not. I don't believe this.

Georgie: Well, have you had this problem before?

Dillon: Why do you say "problem"? You think it's like a problem problem, like a real problem?

Georgie: No, no, no --

Dillon: You think something's wrong with me?

Georgie: No, I just -- when you and -- did this happen with Sage?

Dillon: No, no, not at all.

Georgie: Well, then it's me.

Faith: Relax. We have an agreement. I'll keep my word. I won't get greedy.

Sonny: Since when?

Faith: Why complicate a simple arrangement? I won't tell anyone that you're the father of Samís baby, and you make sure I stay alive. Come on. Look at that. We have finally found a way to coexist, haven't we?

Carly: You seem awfully cozy with my husband these days.

Faith: What did you hear?

Carly: Everything.

Dillon: This has nothing to do with you, ok?

Georgie: Wait, what's that supposed to mean?

Dillon: It means that I love you and you're just a wonderful, wonderful person, and it has --

Georgie: "Wonderful person"?

Dillon: No, no, no, you're, like, my best friend in the whole world, and I wish --

Georgie: So wait a minute, you just want to be friends now?

Dillon: No. No. I take it back, ok? Let me -- I want to make love to you really badly. You're beautiful and sexy and -- could we just start over? Can -- can we do that?

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: Yeah?

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: Ok. All right. Ok. All right. All right, um --

Georgie: No, you're faking.

Dillon: I'm trying, Georgie, ok?

Georgie: No, wait, so you have to try to make love to me?

Dillon: No, that's not what Iím saying! This is very frustrating for me and I don't know what to do!

Georgie: Wait a minute, you know what, Dillon? I get it, ok? I -- I am not Sage! I am not a spoiled --

Dillon: Whoa, hey, wait a minute!

Georgie: Rich little brat and I am not --

Dillon: Wait, hey!

Georgie: No, and I will never, ever, ever be a pop star, ok? I get it!

Dillon: Stop! That --

Lois: You know, I must admit you're a wonderful dancer. You always have been.

Ned: Thank you. So I was wondering, what are we really doing here?

Lois: Existentially, or this night in particular?

Ned: Did you ask me out because you didn't know how to ditch Alcazar?

Lois: Wow. You never used to be so suspicious.

Ned: Well, I know that we agreed to, well, a business relationship only.

Lois: Yeah. Did we agree to no dancing or never to enjoy each other's company? Look, I know we're setting up shop here and we're pushing our Brookie to be a star if she ever comes to her senses --

Ned: No, no, no, no, I never agreed to push Brookie into being a star.

Lois: Hey! There's our new investor! Hey.

Jax: Well, here we are back in civilization.

Courtney: Yes. Indoor plumbing, warmth, and dry clothes.

Jax: You know, you were really, really good in that flash flood.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you know, our camping gear is probably floating around in the Atlantic by now. I'm just glad that you didn't float along with it.

Jax: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you had the car keys.

Jax: Oh, look who's here.

Courtney: So is that supposed to mean "Hello" or "Save me, save me"?

Jax: Well, given her company, probably a little of both.

Lois: Courtney, Jax, hi!

Jax: Are you a damsel in distress?

Lois: Never have been; never will be. Hi, Courtney.

Courtney: You look fantastic.

Lois: Thank you.

Ned: So how was your camping trip?

Courtney: Well --

Jax: Um, well, let's just -- you know what, let's just get some champagne and celebrate our survival.

Ned: Fine by me.

Courtney: Me, too.

Lois: Great, maybe Ned can help you pick out a really good year.

Jax: I think she's trying to get rid of us.

Ned: I think so.

Lois: I was being subtle. Come on.

Ned: Ok.

Lois: So, tell me everything.

Courtney: It was good.

Lois: "Good" is not a description. Did you run into any bears? Did you get eaten alive by bugs? Did he take you on a 1,000-mile hike?

Courtney: Jax is great. It's this stupid bet that's the problem.

Carly: You think I don't know what you're up to?

Faith: Don't you recognize a business discussion when you see one?

Carly: Don't you know not to touch my husband?

Faith: Gee, I don't know, he seemed to enjoy it, but I could be wrong. It's so hard to keep track of his issues these days, especially his paranoid secrets.

Carly: You can't keep a secret from me, especially this one.

Faith: Hmm. And which one would that be? Yeah, just as I thought. You didn't hear a thing.

Carly: Listen, Faith, I know you put a hit out on my husband.

Faith: Right. That would explain why I got shot at, too.

Carly: Yeah, you were trying to avert suspicion.

Faith: Ooh, my, clever sleuth.

Carly: You should be dead.

Faith: Yeah, well, I'm not because Sonny's life will be a lot easier if I get to keep mine. Now, go. Be a good little wifey. Leave the business to the professionals. And by the way, what are you doing wandering around on the docks when you have two little boys at home, huh? Mothers today.

Carly: Are you threatening my husband?

Faith: Scoot. Go bake some cupcakes. Go get ready for soccer practice.

Carly: Ok, you want me to get it out of you? Is that what you want? What, what, you think --

Lorenzo: Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Get off! What's the trouble?

Jason: Where'd you go?

Sam: I just -- I needed some air.

Jason: Well, that was a long time to get some air.

Sam: Well, I'm back now, all right?

Jason: You said you were tired. Why aren't you sleeping?

Sam: I won't leave again, Jason.

Jason: I can't protect if you leave here, Sam.

Sam: I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

Jason: You're not thinking? You're wanted for murder. The cops are looking for you. If you're caught, you could have a baby in prison and spend the rest of your life in jail.

Sam: I said I was sorry!

Jason: Why did you risk all that? Tell me what was so important! Why'd you leave?

Sonny: Answer the question. Where'd you go?

Brook Lynn: Hey. What's wrong?

Georgie: I don't know. I'm fine.

Brook Lynn: Is it Dillon? Hey, why are you crying?

Georgie: It's me.

Brook Lynn: Ok. Talk to me, come on.

Georgie: I don't turn guys on.

Dillon: "Results 1 through 10 out of 732,000"?

Trent: Hey, what's up?

Courtney: I knew better than to even take this bet. You know, I mean, a perfect stranger tried to warn me. But did I listen? No, of course not. I mean, $10 million not to sleep with Jasper Jacks? I thought it would be no problem.

Lois: Ah. So Jax is getting to you, isn't he?

Courtney: Sometimes, yeah. But then I stop and take a beat and think to myself, "Is Jax really this great or -- or is he just trying to win the bet?"

Lois: Maybe it's a little of both.

Courtney: Maybe. I just -- I don't trust myself, you know? I mean, a part of me wants to enjoy spending time with him, and then -- and then the other part of me wants to really win the bet.

Lois: You know what you have to do now?

Courtney: No, but you're going to tell me, aren't you?

Lois: Find out how Jax really feels.

Jax: Courtney knows how to cook over a campfire. She tried fishing all on her own, and she actually thought it was funny when all our gear washed away.

Ned: Yeah, and you haven't even mentioned that she's gorgeous.

Jax: Well, that goes without saying.

Ned: So, are you winning the bet?

Jax: Well, that's just it -- I keep forgetting there is one.

Sonny: Why did you leave?

Sam: I needed some air, Sonny. I'm sure nobody saw me.

Sonny: You're supposed to be out of the country by now.

Jason: That's why I asked you to come over here, because she doesn't want to leave the country, so we need to figure out what we're going to do next.

Sonny: We want you out of the country while we make this murder conviction go away.

Sam: Yeah, I am pregnant, Sonny. I don't want to fly halfway around the country right now.

Sonny: We're going to fix this before the baby's born.

Sam: Yeah, well, what if something goes wrong? I've already taken too many chances with the baby. I want to stay here. I would rather -- I would rather be in this apartment indefinitely than risk going away right now.

Sonny: You've only been here, what, not even a week; you're already sneaking out? What if the cops had seen you?

Sam: I know! It was stupid! It was stupid. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Sonny: I know it's not comfortable hiding out, but you know what, you'd be a lot more comfortable if you'd just let me send you away --

Sam: No, I will be comfortable here, Sonny. I'll be comfortable knowing that Iím close to my doctor. I'll be comfortable knowing that Iím not going to have to wait about hearing news on my case --

Sonny: Sam, Sam.

Sam: Being home!

Sonny: Sam, Sam! It's dangerous here!

Sam: I don't want to be so far away from you, Sonny.

Sonny: It's not going to be for very long.

Sam: What if it takes longer to arrange things? What if this baby comes early? I want you with me when our child is born.

Lorenzo: You should know better than to be upsetting people, Faith.

Faith: My mistake.

Lorenzo: You should know better than to go anywhere near that woman. She's psychotic.

Carly: I can take care of myself!

Lorenzo: I know you're capable of taking care of yourself, but you still need to be careful.

Carly: All right, I lost my temper.

Lorenzo: All right, what happened?

[Carly sighs]

Carly: After what you told me -- I saw Sonny and Faith here on the docks having a meeting, and after what you told me about Nico and Faith working together, I just -- it just felt wrong.

Lorenzo: Those are your instincts kicking in. You need to listen to them.

Max: Mrs. C, you need any help?

Carly: No, I'm fine. I am finished with you. It is over. It's done. So stop following me.

Max: You heard her. Move along.

Carly: You bother me again; you will have to deal with Sonny.

Lorenzo: I understand what you want now. I'll do my best to oblige.

Max: You ok?

Carly: Yeah. I need to see Sonny.

Max: I can give him a message to call.

Carly: Max, I know that something is going on and I know that you cannot tell me, so Sonny needs to. I am his wife. I am the mother of his children. And if my family's in jeopardy --

Max: Your kids are at home safe right now, all right, so why don't I take you over there to them?

Carly: I know where every single safe house is in the state, so I can start barging in on them or you can make this real easy on us and you can tell me where my husband is.

Brook Lynn: Hey, Georgie, why are you crying? Look, you know -- you know that Dillon, he's crazy in love with you, right?

Georgie: Love has nothing to do with this.

Brook Lynn: So what happened?

Georgie: I can't give Dillon what he needs.

Brook Lynn: Ok. So you're not ready. Georgie, that's perfectly normal. It's fine.

Georgie: No, I am ready.

Brook Lynn: So, ok, if you're ready, then when it's the right time, I'm sure it'll happen.

Georgie: No, it is.

Brook Lynn: Did you do it? Georgie, what?

Georgie: It was awful, and it's all my fault.

Brook Lynn: Ok, so your first time, it wasn't amazing. God, Georgie --

Georgie: No, it wasnít.

Brook Lynn: Wasn't -- wasn't awful?

Georgie: No, my first time wasn't, as in there wasn't one.

Brook Lynn: So you changed your mind. That's fine.

Georgie: You're not getting this. He couldnít.

Brook Lynn: He couldn't?

Georgie: You know, rise to the occasion?

Jax: The whole thing was supposed to be for fun, right? I thought I'd win the bet, take Courtney to bed, and then give the $10 million to her charity anyway. It'd be good for the foundation, and we'd have a little fun along the way.

Ned: Oh, and you'd get to throw the whole thing in Sonny's face, too.

Jax: Absolutely. It was part of the plan.

Ned: And now it isn't?

Jax: No, I just -- I like Courtney more than I thought I would.

Ned: Oh. Well, that sort of complicates things.

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, the bet's really starting to get in the way.

Ned: How does Courtney feel about all this?

Jax: Don't know.

Ned: Has it ever occurred to you to ask?

Lois: All right, Iím not going to get on the Jax bandwagon again -- never mind that he is a good, kind man that's not chased by the law, unlike your ex, Jason, if I may be so bold. He doesn't commit crime for a living, and Jax isn't going to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, which means he'll probably have a lot longer rest of his life to live, if you catch my drift. Nothing personal against Jason or your brother, because I respect them both, but they're bad boys. Sure, they have the good hearts, the pretty eyes. Sonny has those dimples to die for -- literally, in some cases -- which means you have to look out for those bad boys because they always make you feel like you're the one that's going to make everything all right, that you and only you can drag them out of the darkness and into the promised land -- the promised land being the altar or your bed or both. But it never quite turns out that way because the bad boys, they don't want to be in the promised land. No, not for very long, anyway, which leaves you a bug in a streetlight in Benson Hurst. Does that smack just like that?

Dillon: It's -- it's weird, I typed in, um, "dysfunctional family," and all this other junk popped up -- arrived -- appeared.

Trent: Yeah, you know, search engines can be strange like that at times.

Dillon: I know. No kidding. I mean, like, I'm -- Iím using this actually for a science project for extra credit over the summer.

Trent: Mm-hmm, yeah. I understand, but, wow, 732,000 responses?

Dillon: I know.

Trent: That's a lot of frustrated guys, don't you think?

Dillon: Yeah. No, yeah. Totally. It's funny because, you know, poor guys, you know, what would you do if you're, like -- I don't have the problem, but if you did, what would you do about it, you know?

Trent: Um, you know, probably take it easy; make sure you're not in a big hurry. You know, we always get slammed with sex, but it's not like a music video or a TV commercial. You know, it should mean something.

Dillon: Yeah. No, I -- I agree. I mean, you know, I would agree if I had that situation.

Trent: You know, all a guy really needs is the right girl, and once she comes along, a guy just knows.

Sage: Hey, guys. Working hard?

Sonny: You can stay here, at least for now. Ahem. No more leaving the house.

Sam: No, no.

Sonny: We're going to get you out of here as soon as possible.

Sam: Thank you. Both of you.

Sonny: Now, I got some business to do with Jason, so --

[Walks outside]

Sonny: What just happened there?

Jason: She didn't go out for air. She went to a motorcycle shop. She met some guy there; walked right into his arms.

Courtney: You know our imaginary book about Quartermaine men? Do you remember the title, "Run for your life"? Ok, now would be a good time.

Lois: Why, because I waved at a business associate?

Courtney: Do you have any idea who that man is?

Lois: Yes -- Mr. Lorenzo Alcazar, brother to Luis, who saved my dear friend Brendaís life right before he went bonkers and did a lot of damage, may he rest in peace.

Courtney: Ok, look, Lorenzo Alcazar is not bonkers. It's just the opposite. He is heartless and calculating. He's extremely dangerous, Lois.

Lois: Well, fortunately, I don't have to work with him. His niece has talent and we're working with her, that's all.

Courtney: Ok, in exchange for what, his money, your life?

Lois: I think that's a little bit extreme.

Courtney: No, listen, ok? It's a long story, but I had a miscarriage partly because of Lorenzo Alcazar. It was Jasonís baby.

Lois: Sorry. I had no idea.

Courtney: I'm just saying I know he seems nice and even charming, but it's an act, ok? He could easily ruin your life.

Lois: Ok, you don't have to worry about me for a second because that man is obviously a gangster, ok, and I know how to deal with gangsters. You stay friendly, polite, you don't take their money, and you never, ever get personally involved.

Waiter: Champagne?

Courtney: See? Jax is trying to distract you.

Waiter: Compliments of Mr. Alcazar.

Lois: Thank you.

Courtney: Ok, you know, I'm sorry, but I tried to warn you. Now you're on your own.

Lorenzo: Hate to see good champagne go to waste. Mind if I join you?

Courtney: You know, someone better get over there. Lois won't listen to me.

Jax: Oh, you can't be serious.

Ned: He is unbelievable.

Courtney: She's just begging for trouble.

Jax: We can't just stand here and stare, so let's go over, check it out from the dance floor.

Lorenzo: So we're together tonight after all.

Lois: I'm here with Ned, which you well know. But now that you're here, too -- your niece is showing a lot of promise.

Lorenzo: Are you ready to accept me as an investor?

Lois: Sage needs to do this on her own.

Lorenzo: And you're using that as an excuse to avoid me?

Lois: I'm avoiding your money. You, on the other hand? Well, the jury's still out -- oh, a term with which I think you are extremely familiar.

Lorenzo: I can only imagine what Courtney told you.

Lois: I think for myself. And I think that there's a great deal more to you than you let people see.

Lorenzo: That's very astute.

Lois: Thank you.

Lorenzo: But just to be clear, with regards to our project, I prefer to be hands-on.

Lois: Meaning?

Lorenzo: Meaning one way or another, we'll end up in bed together.

Lois: Ahem!

Dillon: Um, I'm just -- I have to check some of these little knobby thingies, and then we can maybe get to work, so --

Sage: There's no point if my uncle won't let me sign for L&B. For some reason, he's making this into this big negotiation with Lois. I need some advice on how to handle them.

Dillon: Uh, you know, Trent is actually really good with advice.

Sage: Well, this is -- this is family. Do you think you could give us just a second?

Trent: Oh, yeah, yeah, I understand. Yeah, I'll catch you both later.

Dillon: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, you don't want to, like, check some levels on the board, stick around for maybe a little bit?

Trent: Um -- it can wait.

Sage: Thanks.

Trent: No problem.

Sage: Do you think Iím good enough?

Dillon: What?

Sage: You know, to really make it? I think Lois is just using me to make Brook Lynn jealous. She wants to Brook to step up and sing. I don't even know if she likes my singing at all.

Dillon: Your singing is just fine.

Sage: Am I pretty enough? Sexy enough? Will guys want to see me in a video and want to make love to me?

Dillon: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Sage: You donít.

Dillon: No, that's not true.

Sage: You want to make love to me?

Dillon: No, I don't -- I don't want to make -- I mean, I guess I would if --

Sage: See, this is what I mean. I have to be irresistible or else I'm nothing.

Dillon: Well, yeah, but that's the thing, I'm sure -- I'm sure you would be to some people.

Sage: I need the confidence.

Brook Lynn: Ok, so Dillon, he's a little vertically challenged, but that happens sometimes, ok, especially when they're nervous.

Georgie: Has it ever happened to you?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, in Benson Hurst, like, all the time. But you can't take it personally, seriously. And Dillon, he's an artist. There's so much passion there, and he loves you, Georgie.

Georgie: But he didn't have this problem with Sage.

Brook Lynn: Which only proves that the whole Sage thing was only about sex.

Georgie: He said I was a wonderful person.

Brook Lynn: He did?

Georgie: And a great friend.

Brook Lynn: God, no wonder why you're so upset.

Georgie: I told you there's something wrong with me, and I need to figure it out and fix it before I lose Dillon forever.

Dillon: You know, Sage, I can't -- I can't do this, all right?

Sage: Why not?

Dillon: Because I love Georgie.

Sage: Uh-huh.

Dillon: Duh.

Sage: Does she give you what you need, though? Does she make you feel like a standup kind of guy?

Dillon: You can tell that just from kissing?

Sage: What's wrong, Dillon? Performance anxiety?

Jason: Emily caught Sam on the phone, supposedly arranging to pay back a loan. Didn't sound right to me. I came back here, and that's when she made this big deal about how she couldn't leave the country; she's so worried about the baby. She was tired. I left, ok? I told Phil to pretty much go along with whatever she asked. Ten minutes after I walk out, she has him go in; she wants him to get some vitamins from the drugstore. She leaves, I follow, and I follow her to that garage on Garfield Avenue.

Sonny: Did you see the guy she was meeting?

Jason: Yeah, you know, it was mostly -- it was mostly shadows.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Jason: I know they got close; they hugged. Then she came back here.

Sonny: So the guy's still at the bike shop?

Jason: Yeah, as far as I know he is.

Sonny: Why didn't you go in there when you first saw them?

Jason: Sonny, we don't know anything about this guy -- what he wants, why she's meeting him. And if there was going to be a fight, Sam was right there. I didn't want the baby to get hurt, you know? Besides --

Sonny: What?

Jason: Sam's in love with you, and she wants whatever's best for this baby. So whatever this is, whatever she's doing, I don't think it's about double-crossing or scamming you.

Sonny: Find out who this guy is. And then find out what he's doing with Sam.

[Music plays]

Ned: You all right?

Lois: Ahem. Fine. Just went down the wrong way.

Ned: You know how you are with champagne. One sip and your judgment flies out the window.

Lois: I told you Iím fine.

Ned: Well, good. Then we can dance.

Lois: What?

Ned: If you'll excuse us.

Lois: No, I'm in the middle of discussing business here.

Ned: Oh, Lois, they're playing our song. Let's go.

Lois: What do you think you're doing?

Ned: Uh, rescuing you.

Lois: From what? I told you this is just a business meeting, that's all.

Ned: Really? Then why are you getting so upset?

Lois: Wouldn't you be upset if you were dragged out of a business meeting?

Ned: We're supposed to be on a date here.

Lois: And we're supposed to be starting a record label, for which we need a singer, and our daughter's not exactly being cooperative, so Sage Alcazar is the next best thing. The only problem is her very powerful, controlling, independently wealthy uncle/guardian thinks she might be better off if he buys her a label of her own.

Ned: All right, you know what, if Sage is this much trouble, maybe we should find somebody else.

Lois: No. And do what; have another open-call audition? No, thank you. I think I'd rather talk the uncle into letting her sign with us.

Ned: I'm going to quote you back at yourself -- "The man is a gangster."

Lois: And gangsters are bad business partners.

Ned: That's right.

Lois: I know, I know, I know. But beggars can't be choosers and all that stuff, and it's not like we need his money, anyway. We just need his signature on his niece's contract.

Jax: Did you have a nice chat with Lois?

Courtney: Yeah. How about you and Ned?

Jax: Yeah, the same.

Courtney: That's nice.

Jax: You know, I just remembered, I -- I have a conference call.

Courtney: Now?

Jax: Yeah, I do. I'm sorry. I apologize.

Courtney: Oh, it's -- it's no problem.

Jax: I'll -- I'll call you later.

Brook Lynn: Georgie, just because you're a wonderful friend and a great person, it doesn't mean that you're not sexy, ok? Seriously, Iíve seen the way that Dillon looks at you.

Georgie: Yeah, it's not the way he looks at Sage.

Brook Lynn: God, Georgie, he doesn't love Sage.

Georgie: Yeah, but what about the way he looks at your mother?

Brook Lynn: Come on, please.  Guys have been getting crushes on my ma since before I could walk, ok? There's no chance. But you -- Georgie, you've got so much going on for you now.

Georgie: Dillon doesn't think so.

Brook Lynn: You know what? You are making way too much of this.

Georgie: I know how to find out.

Brook Lynn: Um, wait. You know that guy?

Georgie: Yes, he's my cousin, but it's very important that you know he's not my cousin biologically. It's by adoption.

Brook Lynn: And why -- why was that so important? What are you doing?

Georgie: A science experiment. It is a controlled environment with a well-defined hypothesis.

Brook Lynn: A what?

Georgie: You'll see. Hey.

Lucas: Hey, Georgie.

Georgie: Have I ever told you that you are my favorite cousin? I mean, not that we're actually cousins in the biological sense, I mean.

Lucas: Where are you going with this?

Georgie: I need your help with an experiment.

Sage: You're still mad at me for coming between you and Georgie, aren't you?

Dillon: No, I'm past that. I'm done with it. It's in the past, ok?

Sage: So it's me?

Dillon: Sage, you -- you are hot and sexy and available, and I think that's great -- for somebody else.

Sage: See? You are still mad.

Dillon: No, I'm not still mad. I just -- I wish I could say I was attracted to you, but I'm not. I just really don't --

Tracy: Whoa! Why don't you save that tantrum for someone who has the time and the interest to put up with you? My son's going to be fully occupied with his new and improved career.

Sonny: Here's your vitamins.

Sam: Thanks. I need them.

Sonny: You need to let me or Jason know next time. You know, we can't have you sending my men on errands.

Sam: Got it.

Sonny: Do you? Because if you're going to stay here, then you need to stay here. We can't have you, you know, out there where the cops can find you on the street walking around.

Sam: I know Sonny. It won't happen again, all right?

Sonny: Good, good.

Sam: You want me to leave?

Sonny: I think that you and the baby would be safer out of the country.

Sam: I don't -- I don't want to be away from you, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, I understand, you know. You know, it's a sacrifice. Everybody's making sacrifices, telling lies and --

Sam: Yeah, but the lies that we're telling are necessary right now. We are lying so people don't get hurt; so lives are not ruined right now.

Sonny: Yeah. Sometimes, you know, lies are what people really want to hear. I've known that since I was a kid.

Sam: Are you all right?

Sonny: You -- you need to rest, you know, for the baby.

Dillon: I'm kind of busy right now, Mom.

Tracy: Mm-hmm. Unfortunately, busy to you is running errands for a third-rate record label.

Dillon: Oh, you know what? I have a job and I like where I am. I don't care what you think.

Tracy: Unfortunately, my son has lost sight of his destiny. He's groveling with peons rather than taking his rightful place in the world.

Dillon: I'm not going to be a suit.

Tracy: Snap out of it, Dillon! It's time to face reality!

Dillon: You want me to face reality? You know what reality is? I'm working for L&B! I have a life of my own! That's reality!

Tracy: Ok, Sage? Do me a favor; leave us alone.

Sage: No problem.

Tracy: Ok, so maybe I was wrong to push the two of you together. Sage Alcazar has been terribly spoiled by her uncle.

Dillon: Why are you here?

Tracy: I told you, it is time for you to stop indulging yourself and focus on the future!

Dillon: Oh, my God! L&B is the future for me!

Tracy: L&B is on the brink of bankruptcy, sweetheart. You have proved yourself as capable, as independent, strong-minded. Why don't you leave your brother behind and his embarrassment of an ex-wife?

Ned: Hello, mother. How nice of you to stop by for a visit.

Lois: Now leave, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Tracy: Obviously, you are determined to ruin your life, Ned, but you won't take Dillon along with you.

Lois: Dillon is happy at L&B. But then again, he'd probably be happy working in a salt mine if it paid him enough to live away from you.

Tracy: Why don't you save the righteous monologue? You were the one that squeezed Ned into those ridiculous leather pants.

Ned: No, mother, I wanted to sing, just like I wanted to live away from the Quartermaines. And so does Dillon, by the way.

Tracy: You allowed this refugee from a bowling alley to pull you away from E.L.Q., and now she wants to get those fake nails into Dillon, and I won't have it. I will do anything in my power to pull him back into the fold.

Ned: All right. Well, you have to find him first, which won't be easy since he avoids you like the plague.

Tracy: Dillon and I have always been close.

Lois: Hmm. You were saying?

Tracy: And where is Brook Lynn tonight?

Lois: Oh.

Tracy: Have the two of you been having cozy family chats?

Ned: Brook has her moments of adolescent rebellion.

Tracy: Ha, ha! Ooh, Iíd say that running-away thing was a pretty big moment.

Lois: Brookie knows that Ned and I both love her no matter what.

Ned: And Dillon knows that you love him when he's useful.

Tracy: You're jealous of Dillon.

Lois: No, we feel sorry for the kid. But it is pretty amazing that he survived being raised by you.

Tracy: Dillon is too good for this place. So either you fire him or I will drive this so-called studio right into bankruptcy and you along with it.

Ned: Mom, your threat has been duly noted.

Lois: Now, be gone with you, you wicked old witch, before somebody drops a house on you.

Courtney: So, how was your conference call?

Jax: Oh, there -- there wasn't one.

Courtney: Yeah, I suspected.

Jax: Just I needed some time to think, and I made a decision.

Courtney: What's this? $10 million?

Jax: Yeah. You won the bet. I lost. So now the bet's over.

Courtney: But, Jax, the time isn't even up yet.

Jax: It is for me.

Courtney: Why?

Jax: Because now nothing will stop us from spending the night together.


Jason: I know you're in there.

Sam: Taking the back way?

Sonny: Doesn't hurt to be cautious. Just let me know next time, all right? I'll help you any way I can.

Sam: I will. I promise.

Sonny: I'll see you later.

Sam: Why are you here?

Carly: Just visiting. They put you in the nice safe house, didn't they? Jason and Sonny did.

Sam: What do you want?

Carly: Are you scared? You look scared.

Sam: No, not for a second.

Carly: Well, you should be. Because I'm not leaving until I know the truth.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: Were you turned on by that at all?

Carly: You're using this baby so you can get Sonny.

Sonny: I've decided to cooperate and give up Sam McCall.

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