GH Transcript Friday 7/9/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/9/04

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Sonny: All right, bye.

Carly: Was that about Sam? Are you making arrangements to send her away?

Sonny: Carly, we've already been over this. Sam's not a threat.

Carly: Tell that to her dead mother.

Sonny: Let it go. Let it --

Carly: No, I can't, Sonny. I canít. We are parents, and we have an obligation to protect our children.

[Knock on door]

Max: Lansing's here.

Sonny: Let him in.

Ric: Thank you, Max.

Sonny: You got a warrant? I'm just curious.

Ric: Well, I'm hoping I won't need one. Turns out your girlfriend Sam McCall is a convicted murderer. Seems somebody in Port Charles wants her caught.

Sam: Hey, no, no, no, don't worry about me. I'm fine, ok? You just -- you need to stay where you are. I can't risk anyone finding you. Yeah, I'll come to you as soon as I can arrange it. Just stay strong, ok? Bye.

Emily: The guard let me in. Are you planning to leave again, Sam? Jason puts his freedom on the line for you; and you pay him back by lying to him?

Sam: Emily, I -- I really don't think you should be --

Emily: Jason sent me because he was worried about you. What are you hiding from him?

Jason: This explains a lot.

Nikolas: And what would that be, exactly?

Jason: Well, the night Emily drove her car off the road, you carried her back to Mary Bishop's house. You must've been hiding in another room when I came to get Emily. And Alcazar's business card was on the table, and I couldn't possibly figure out what he wanted with Mary, but now it's so obvious -- he wanted access to you. Has he told you why?

Lorenzo: I've already explained my motives to Nikolas. The offer to work together is still on the table. Call me if it interests you.

Nikolas: What do you want, Jason?

Jason: To tell you why my sister lied.

Nikolas: I've already heard all of her excuses.

Jason: Emily watched me wreck my life. She doesn't want you to wreck yours.

Georgie: Ok, Dillon, it's true. I had this crush on Lucas, like, a million years ago.

Dillon: Oh, come on, Georgie. When we first met, Lucas was all you thought about. He's the reason that you kissed me that first day.

Georgie: Lucas has never had any interest in me.

Dillon: Ok, you know what? He's been in boarding school all winter, writing you emails that I had no knowledge of whatsoever. Have you ever seen "The Shop Around the Corner" or "You've Got Mail"?

Georgie: Lucas and I are not having an internet romance.

Dillon: Well, you know what? You sure were happy to see him in person.

Georgie: Dillon, he is my cousin.

Dillon: By adoption. You two are not genetically related, as you pointed out to me 10,000 times last summer.

Georgie: I cannot believe you are jealous.

Dillon: Why? You're jealous all the time.

Georgie: Of Sage -- who, by the way, you slept with. You know, I'm just wondering when you're going to give in and do it again.

Dillon: I have promised you and promised you that I am not interested in Sage. When are you going to finally believe me? When are you going to believe that Iím not some sort of adolescent, stereotypical, teenage dog?

Georgie: Sorry. I'm insecure that way, seeing as you have no problem sleeping with her and you have absolutely no interest in making love with me.

Brook Lynn: You're stealing my material? You know what? That's copy-- I should call an attorney. I should turn all of you --

Ned: No, no, no one -- no one is stealing anything, ok? Honey, you lost your music notebook, and it was returned.

Lois: It's a great song, Brookie. We think it's perfect for Sage's demo.

Brook Lynn: Good idea.

Sage: You don't want it for yourself?

Brook Lynn: In case you missed it, Iím not a performer. But my mom -- she's got this idea that my music should go out to the world. Guess it's going to have to go without my voice, right?

Ned: Ok, hold on a second. So you want to give Sage your song?

Brook Lynn: It's a throwaway anyway. Kind of fits. As long as you realize that I will never sing for you.

Ned: Brook -- Brook --

Lois: No, don't dignify her tantrum with an explanation.

Ned: I don't want her to think that we're stealing her song!

Lois: She claims she doesn't care, so if hearing Sage perform it is just the kick in the pants Brook needs, well, then so much the better.

Sage: Ms. Cerullo --

Lois: Lois. It's easier.

Sage: Ok, Lois, maybe Dillon convinced you that Iím only here to get close to him, or maybe you think I'm spoiled and useless and this is just something I can pretend to want. But you would totally be wrong. I love singing. If -- if you think Iím awful, just tell me. I'd rather that than you use me to trick your daughter.

Lois: It is my sincere belief that Brook Lynn has a better voice than you. No, wait, let me finish.

Sage: No, at least you're honest, all right?

Lois: No, no, no, no. It is also my sincere belief that Brook Lynn has a better voice than anyone, including Christina Aguilera, Norah Jones. I'm biased that way, ok?

Sage: Ok.

Lois: The point being -- Brook Lynn doesn't want to sing. And even if she did, she's not an entertainer. You are, and that is a whole different animal, ok? Look at Bruce Springsteen, ok? He is a brilliant songwriter with a haunting voice, but his true gift is his performing, ok? That man has never had a concert with the E Street Band ever where the entire audience wasn't standing on their feet -- bar, stadium; it does not matter, ok? They're on their feet, screaming the lyrics, having the time of their lives! But don't get me wrong, honey; you're not going to be Bruce Springsteen or Madonna or Britney Spears for that matter. But you can carry a tune and you love to perform, so I am going to do my honest best to make you a star.

Sage: Thank you.

Lois: You really want to thank me? Go straight home and convince that handsome but very stubborn uncle of yours to let us sign you.

Sage: Consider it done. Thank you so much, Ms. Cer-- Lois. See you later.

Ned: Lois, you promised me that you wouldn't try to manipulate Brook.

Lois: I'm not going to apologize for calling her bluff.

Ned: Right. So in other words, the ends justifies the means.

Lois: Damn straight.

[Knock on door]

Ned: If you're looking for Sage, she just left.

Lorenzo: I'm here to see Ms. Cerullo. Would you like to go out for a drink?

Ric: So, in addition to the murder conviction, Samís also charged with arson, unlawful flight --

Sonny: I don't know where Sam is.

Ric: Well, Jason does.

Sonny: Then ask him.

Ric: Well, I did and he's not cooperating. Isn't that a big surprise? Now Samís disappeared. My guess is he's taken her to one of your little famous safe houses. If he's done that, Sonny, I'm afraid Iím going to have to charge you with aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive.

Carly: Listen, if Sam ran off, it's not got nothing to do with my husband.

Ric: Jason does not do anything without Sonny's approval, Carly. You know that. Now, if you tell me where she is, I'll go easy on Jason.

[Knock on door]

Max: Mr. Corinthos, I need a second right away.

Sonny: I don't want you here when I get back. You going to be all right with this?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: With him? All right.

Carly: You heard my husband. Get out of my house.

Ric: I thought you wanted us to catch Sam, Carly. I mean, you are the one who called the Bailey's Beach Police Department and told them that she was here in the first place.

Sam: I'm not doing anything that would hurt Jason.

Emily: Well, you said you were going to meet someone.

Sam: I know. No, I owe this guy some money for a boat that I bought, and I kind of got creative with financing after things got ugly with Jax.

Emily: Well, tell Jason. He'll pay the guy off.

Sam: Jason has already done so much for me. I just -- I don't want to bother him with it, so I'll take care of the loan when I get out of here.

Emily: All right, just don't leave before Jason says it's ok.

Sam: Did he tell you why I'm hiding here?

Emily: Ric Lansing went over all of the charges against you. Don't worry, Jason didn't tell him anything.

Sam: Emily, I swear to you, my mother's death was an accident.

Emily: Look, Jason believes you, so I believe you, too. That's why Iím here. Jason sent me because he thought you might need someone to talk to.

Sam: He worries about me.

Emily: You couldn't ask for anyone better in your corner, no matter what kind of trouble you're in.

Sam: You know, actually, it's not all trouble. We just found out we're having a baby girl.

Emily: Oh, congratulations.

Sam: Yeah. I just -- I wish this nightmare was over so I could just focus on the baby.

Emily: You know, the past is part of us, Sam. But getting stuck in it doesn't help anyone. I learned that one the hard way.

Nikolas: You know what? I've heard this all before. You were in an accident. You have brain damage. It made you volatile, bad-tempered -- blah, blah -- I've heard it all before. It obviously didn't do anything for your intelligence, seeing how you abandoned your own family and went to work for a criminal.

Jason: Hmm, that's interesting. You may not realize this, but Alcazar -- not a good guy.

Nikolas: You know what? You know what?

Jason: What?

Nikolas: I took the job with him when I thought I was a penniless ex-marine, ok?

Jason: Oh, so he lied to you, too.

Nikolas: Well, he had a reason.

Jason: Not like Emilyís.

Nikolas: What's that? Love? Pity? You know, out of everyone who lied to me, Lorenzo Alcazar is the only one who had an actual explanation, as opposed to an excuse, which is all your sister could manage for me.

Jason: You know, I get that you're angry, and I'm probably the only one who understands why. And let's face it, Nikolas, it's not the lies. It's that other people know more than you about everything. They tell you you're a good person, that you're patient, you're forgiving. They even tell you what you like, what you like to eat. But that doesn't matter to you because you don't recognize the person they're trying to describe, and you want to hit them until they stop telling you about yourself. But that's no good. You can't go around beating up everyone who says they love you, right? So you walk out. And if they follow you, you scream at them, you try to make them hate you because anything is better than them searching your face for that recognition, begging you to remember when you know you can't!

Nikolas: Get out.

Jason: Emily -- she asked me what it was like, and I told her. I'm the one who scared her. She didn't tell you because she didn't want to hurt you.

Nikolas: I told you to get out of my house, or I'll throw you out of my house, Jason!

Jason: You want to fight? Is that what you want to do? It might really help you.

Nikolas: You -- you don't know how I feel!

Jason: Yes, I do know how you feel!

Nikolas: Really? Really? So you had a fiancťe who lied to you? Who pretended that -- that she didn't know who you were? Who brought you to your own home and introduced you to your own aunt and had sex with you on your own couch. The whole time she told you nothing? You had that?

Jason: No, I am the one who told Emily to wait --

Nikolas: Well, that --

Jason: Not to force you.

Nikolas: That doesn't justify what she did, Jason!

Jason: No, I don't know if it does or not. But Emily did it out of love, Nikolas, to help you. You don't have to like it, but you don't get to punish her either.

Nikolas: You know what? I don't care if I ever see that bitch of a sister of yours again. I don't care!

[Nikolas groans]

Jason: You stay away from my sister. You let her come to you if she can stand it, and you better not deliberately hurt her.

Nikolas: Or what? What, you'll shoot me? You'll beat me till I can't stand?

Jason: I couldn't do that to Emily. She loves you, and that's her right.

Lois: So, you want to continue our negotiation?

Lorenzo: In the venue of your choice. If you're hungry, we can catch an early dinner.

Lois: Well, the best place I know for that is on Danforth Street in Brooklyn.

Lorenzo: I'll call my pilot.

Ned: Whoa, whoa. You're not seriously going to Brooklyn tonight.

Lorenzo: Well, that's up to Ms. Cerullo. I'm simply here to talk about the possibility of my niece signing a contract with L&B.

Lois: Mr. Alcazar is finding it difficult to release control over Sage's career.

Lorenzo: I'm sure you understand I have to act in my niece's best interests.

Ned: By taking Lois to dinner?

Lorenzo: Well, it's easier to negotiate in a relaxed environment.

Lois: As much as I would love some Mama Rosaís meatballs, not tonight. I'm sorry, but I have other plans.

Lorenzo: My loss.

Lois: Yeah. I'll call you about Sage, all right?

Lorenzo: I look forward to it.

Lois: Bye.

Ned: So, what happened to "The man's a gangster, and I don't do business with gangsters"?

Lois: Oh, I don't want Mr. Alcazar to invest. But unless Brook decides to sing, we can't afford to alienate him either because Sage could be our first new artist.

Ned: Then why did you turn him down?

Lois: Because I had a better offer.

Ned: From who?

Lois: You.

Dillon: I do want to be with you. I always have. We tried, like, a dozen times. We wanted it to be special. You decided that you wanted to wait, which was fine.

Georgie: Then you moved on to someone else. I'm just wondering when you're going to do that again.

Dillon: I don't deserve that.

Georgie: I don't know, Dillon. Sage is still around. Now, you've got this huge crush on Lois.

Dillon: What? Are you kidding? Lois is cool, but she's in her 30s, Georgie. She's in her -- come on!

Georgie: You think of her as more than a boss, and, you know, sometimes I wonder if I'm enough for you. And then you ran away with Brook?

Dillon: Who's my niece.

Georgie: Yeah, you didn't know that when you left. And you guys spent the night together. And until that I knew that she was your --

Dillon: Wow. Wow, you really have no faith in me, do you?

Georgie: If you can accuse me of saving myself for Lucas, then you cannot come down on me for questioning you about other girls.

Dillon: Ok, yeah, you're right. You're right. I'm -- Iím sorry. It's -- I feel like I'm possessed or something. I shouldn't have said that about Lucas. That was wrong of me.

Georgie: I don't know. Maybe you were projecting.

Dillon: Hold on a second. You're saying that I have no reason to be jealous, but you do?

Georgie: Can't help the way I feel.

Dillon: Do we trust each other or not? I'd like to know.

Georgie: I don't know what to say.

Dillon: Well, "Iím sorry" would've been a good start, but I guess since you're not interested -- you know, I don't think I want to talk to you right now.

Elizabeth: So now that Nikolas knows who he is, he doesn't want his old life back?

Lucky: Well, between Emily and Mary, Nikolas believes everybody he's counted on in his life lied to him.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Lucky, I am so sorry. I know how much you love your brother. This whole rejection thing must be really hard.

Lucky: Yeah, it's worse for Emily, though.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe Nikolas will just calm down and realize that Emily was acting out of love, trying to protect him.

Lucky: You know, the old Nikolas -- he would understand. But you know what? He is nothing like he was before the accident. He doesn't want anything to do with me or Emily.

Elizabeth: Listen, Lucky, I know you were hoping for some sort of a relationship with Emily, but now that Nikolas knows who he is, I don't really see how that could work.

Lucky: You know what? I can't change what I feel. I mean, as for now, I just -- my future with Emily is up to her.

Jason: Alcazar is in a perfect position to gain Nikolas' trust. He's building him up, making him feel independent when everybody around Nikolas is lying to him, telling him that he's damaged and that he needs help.

Emily: Doesn't Nikolas care that Alcazar knew he was alive and he didn't tell anyone? Then again, neither did I.

Jason: Well, you were giving Nikolas time to remember on his own.

Emily: Yeah, and he hates me for it, Jase. He compared me to Mary; he said I was lying to him. I just -- I should've kept my distance. But I was so sure that Nikolas would remember me. I mean, I thought the love was still there somewhere inside of him.

Jason: Every choice you made for Nikolas was because you love him. That's all anybody can ask.

Emily: Well, at least he knows who he is now.

Jason: Yeah, but knowing who you are and feeling it are two different things.

Emily: I have to trust that eventually he'll remember.

Jason: And if there's anything I can do to help, I will.

Emily: No, you know what? It's enough that you went to talk to him. Besides, I know you have -- I know you have your own problems, too.

Jason: Did you visit Sam?

Emily: Yeah, I walked in on her making a call. She was talking to someone to whom she owed money. I don't know, she really seems to want to wipe the slate clean, you know, start over.

Jason: I need to know exactly what she said.

Carly: Are you going to leave my house, Ric, or do I need to call my lawyer and file a harassment complaint?

Ric: I'm trying to help you here, Carly.

Carly: Hmm.

Ric: Tell me, does Sonny know that you turned in Sam -- or Sandra McIntire, as she's known to the Bailey's Beach --

Carly: Your delusions -- they get crazier and crazier by the day, don't they?

Ric: The call came from Port Charles, Carly. You were in Bailey's Beach a few days ago, and according to a bartender, so was Jason.

Carly: So I was in South Carolina. So what?

Ric: Oh, you know what? It must really get under your skin that Sonny's ex-mistress lives right across the hall. She's almost family now, isn't she? And we all know that you don't like anybody getting in your little clan.

Carly: You got a problem with Sam, Ric, get rid of her yourself.

Ric: You can help expedite that. Look, you tell me where Sam is, and I'll make sure that you never have to see her again.

Sonny: Thanks for meeting me here.

Jason: How you feeling?

Sonny: Uh, much better.

Jason: Ok. I was just on my way back to Sam when you called. What's up?

Sonny: Sam's case has been turned over to the local law enforcement. Ric's following up personally.

Jason: Yeah, he was at my apartment. He questioned me.

Sonny: We got to make this murder conviction go away, Jason. I got Meyer looking into contacts near Bailey's Beach. We got to find another arsonist. We got to make it look like somebody else set this fire, you know? In the meantime, we got to send Sam out of the country.

Jason: What?

Sonny: No, ok, I -- listen to me. Sam's pregnant with my child. There's no way in hell is my baby going to be born in jail.

Helena: Well, it's -- it's true. You're alive and you're well. And you remember your place in the world.

Nikolas: You must be Helena.

Helena: Yeah.

Nikolas: My grandmother.

Emily: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hi, honey.

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Hi.

Lucky: Have you -- have you seen Nikolas?

Emily: Yeah, I waited for him all night at Wyndemere. Big mistake.

Lucky: You can't push him, Emily.

Emily: Oh, yeah, I'm clear on that. When I tried to explain, he called me a liar and practically booted me out the door.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Emily: Yeah. It hurts, but I'm not going to dwell on it because this isn't permanent. Right now he's confused, but eventually he's going to find his way back to us.

Elizabeth: Love is a powerful thing.

Emily: Yeah. That's why we can't give up. You guys remember all the time we spent here, just the four of us? Listen, we have to find a way to help Nikolas remember together. Will you help me?

Sam: You're back.

Jason: Did you eat?

Sam: Yeah, I had a sandwich.

Jason: Ok. Did you take your vitamins?

Sam: Yes, drill sergeant; I did, right after your sister left. Thanks for sending her over. By the way, she's pretty fantastic.

Jason: Well, I'm glad you guys get along.

Sam: She's really protective over you. It's kind of sweet. Personally, you don't strike me as someone who needs protecting from anything or anyone, but I guess that's what little sisters do for big brothers, huh?

Jason: Are you feeling all right?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, I told you, I'm fine.

Jason: Good. Because I'm taking you out of the country tonight.

Sam: Jason, I can't.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey. Sorry I had to leave you with Ric.

Carly: Listen, I do not mind covering, not if it means that Sam will be out of our lives.

Sonny: It's being handled. She's -- Sam is going to go away until we find a way to clear her for murder.

Carly: Sonny, what if you can't do that?

Sonny: Anything can be managed, Carly.

Carly: So, what, is Jason going to go with her?

Sonny: She can't go alone.

Carly: I know that, ok, but I am worried about him. She is using that baby to work him, and he trusts her way too much and he buys into everything that she says. Honey, what if something happens?

Sonny: Then Jasonís going to have to handle it. I mean, it doesn't matter anymore what Samís done or hasn't done. She's pregnant. She's carrying, you know, an innocent child. That little girl is not going to suffer for her parents' mistakes.

Lorenzo: You've lasted longer than I thought.

Faith: Well, Sonny can be reasonable when he has no other choice. And like everyone else in my life, he's underestimated my ability to survive.

Carly: You know, everyone keeps talking about what is best for this baby. But do you think anyone has really thought about what that means?

Sonny: Where are you going with this?

Carly: Why not let Sam go to prison?

Sonny: No, can't do that, Carly.

Carly: Sonny, you know what will happen. As soon as she has the baby, they'll give it to Jason. It's --

Sonny: That can't happen.

Carly: Why not?

Sonny: Just let it go.

Carly: No, I canít. I'm just trying to figure out some kind of plan to make all this make some sense.

Sonny: Carly, Carly, wait, wait. Listen to me, all right? Don't plan anything. Don't get involved at all.

Carly: I just spent a half an hour with Ric covering for Sam. I am involved. Maybe you can't see Sam as this threat. She's dangerous. There is --

Sonny: Sam is not a threat to our family. She's -- she's being protected for the baby's sake. Can you just -- you need to just accept that.

Sam: I just -- I don't want to run again.

Jason: Ok, if you're worried about the baby, we have plenty of time. We'll come back to Port Charles; you can have the baby here.

Sam: Can't I just stay here at the safe house? That way Sonny can visit me?

Jason: It was Sonny's idea for us to leave.

Sam: Jason, Iím not a killer. I did not know my mother was in the house when I burned those pictures.

Jason: Sam, I believe you.

Sam: Look, it's -- I've never had a home, ok, and Port Charles is starting to feel like one. Just, please, Jason, don't make me hike all over the world when Iím pregnant.

Jason: All right, Iíll ask Sonny. Maybe there's another way.

Sam: Thank you. This is crazy. I am so tired. I feel like I could sleep the night through.

Jason: Well, get some rest. I'll be back in a few hours.

Sam: Ok. Thank you.

Brook Lynn: Hey. Did you and Dillon have a fight or something?

Georgie: I'm not sure I should be talking to you about that.

Brook Lynn: Look, Georgie, Iím sorry, ok? I'm sorry I went and I told Dillon that you wanted to have sex, but, God, you're my only friend here. I was just trying to help.

Georgie: I know, but it's me and Dillon. You know, I -- I had no right coming and talking to you about it in the first place.

Brook Lynn: I know. I just -- if I can help, I'd like to.

Georgie: I'm just not sure that you can. Ok, the thing is, is lately every time Dillon and I get close, something really bizarre happens. And then I get all insecure and we fight over stupid things.

Brook Lynn: Wasn't it you that said that love was worth all of this?

Georgie: Yeah, it is. I just wish we could stop fighting.

Brook Lynn: Maybe you guys -- you know, it's obvious that you love each other, so maybe you just need another outlet besides talking about it, something --

Georgie: You mean sex?

Brook Lynn: You're the one that said that you knew that Dillon was the one, and you said you were ready, so --

Georgie: He is. I am. Just our timing is never right.

Brook Lynn: I don't get you guys. I honestly don't get you guys. I don't understand why your first time has to be some big, huge, you know, romantic movie scene. Should it not be about what you guys feel for each other?

Emily: Sorry, I had to check in with the hospital. I missed volunteering today.

Elizabeth: Please, you've had way too much on your mind.

Emily: Yeah. So any ideas on how we can get through to Nikolas?

Elizabeth: No, not yet, but I sure do miss him.

Emily: I know, the four of us had the most amazing friendship. I'm not ready to let that go.

Lucky: This isn't about friendship. It's about Nikolas remembering so he'll love you again.

Helena: Nikolas, I have loved you your whole life.

Nikolas: "Nikolas --" Iíll have to take your word for it on that one. See, Iíve sustained a head injury. Someone else had to tell me I'm Nikolas Cassadine. It's just a name. It has no meaning for me.

Helena: Well, we'll get you the best doctors, the best treatment.

Nikolas: I've already seen a specialist, thank you. What Iíd like right now is to be left alone.

Helena: Well, I understand. No, I'll let you rest. I'll go upstairs to my room, and we can have dinner.

Nikolas: No, no, no -- your room? This is my house. I want you to leave.

Helena: Oh. Now, you can't mean that, Nikolas. I'm your best friend. I'm your champion. For years I have put your well-being above all else.

Nikolas: I don't need anyone to take care of me, thank you.

Helena: You've seen Emily, haven't you? Oh, I'm sure she's as needy as always. You know, in the beginning she was -- she was just a nuisance. But then she had this obsession with you that almost cost you your life. Now, I warned you about that just before your accident, and you finally agreed with me. Nikolas, you told me --

Nikolas: Listen --

Helena: You told me that I was the only --

Nikolas: Enough, enough, enough! Ok, I won't be lied to, not again! You're just like Emily and Lucky and Alexis, trying to tell me how I should act, who I should be. That's not going to happen.

Helena: I am your closest living relative, Nikolas. Emily -- she was just a distraction, a fleeting romance. She's not worthy of you. And as for Alexis? Oh, the Cassadine bastard. She hates us more with every living minute. She would love nothing more than to turn you against me.

Nikolas: What about my brother?

Helena: Oh, your half brother? Well, poor Lucky -- his family has been unraveling for years. He's just jealous of you, Nikolas -- jealous of your strength and your position.

Nikolas: As opposed to you, right, who has my best interest at heart?

Helena: I have loved you all of your life. You are the reason I live. We have trusted each other completely.

Nikolas: I have never trusted you. I couldn't have. You're just trying to use me, and I have had more than enough of that.

Emily: For weeks I prayed that Nikolas would be found alive, and he was.

Lucky: Emily, but he's not who he used to be.

Emily: Well, that's my point. I didn't put any conditions on those prayers. It's enough that he's alive. I can't expect anything more.

Lucky: Then why are you trying to think of ways to bring his memory back? You need to be honest with yourself.

Emily: It's as if Lucky doesn't want Nikolas to remember.

Elizabeth: No. Of course he wants his brother back. But he also wants you, and as long as Nikolas can't remember, then Lucky thinks he has a chance.

Georgie: I'm sorry, Dillon. I trust you, ok?

Dillon: I was just going to come find you. I hate it when we fight. I hate it.

Georgie: You know, I don't even really know what it was about.

Dillon: Yeah, me either. I think it had something to do with a whole lot of people that I don't care about at all.

Georgie: Yeah, and me being an insecure freak.

Dillon: You? Don't worry, I was the one who flipped out and accused you of having a thing for your cousin who you haven't seen in six months.

Dillon and Georgie: I'm sorry.

Dillon: I love you.

Georgie: I love you, too.

Lorenzo: You're looking well.

Carly: Thank you.

Lorenzo: How's Michael?

Carly: He's calmed down.

Lorenzo: I'm sure it helps that the man who shot his father is dead.

Carly: Look, Michael should not have overheard any of that. It was just a fluke that he was in the room while Faith was talking to Sonny.

Lorenzo: Don't be too sure.

Carly: What is that supposed to mean?

Lorenzo: Faith was paying Nico. When he couldn't manage to kill Sonny; she was scrambling to cover her tracks.

Carly: Are you saying that she knew that Michael was listening? She wanted him to hear that on purpose?

Lorenzo: It's possible.

Carly: Ok, how can you be sure that Faith was working with Nico? Because Nico was Samís crazy ex-boyfriend. There's not --

Lorenzo: Carly, I had Faith under surveillance. I have pictures of her meeting with Nico, and I gave them to Sonny.

Carly: Why?

Lorenzo: Because she's reckless, and I thought he had a right to know that she tried to kill him.

Sam: So Jason would flip if he knew that I let the prescription run out.

Man: They're just vitamins.

Sam: Prenatal vitamins. They make my baby grow.

Man: I can't leave you alone.

Sam: Listen, sir, the entire police department is looking for me. I just -- I really don't think Iím going anywhere right now.

Man: We've got a pharmacist at a place nearby. Keep the door double-locked.

Sam: No problem. Thank you. My doctor was proud of the surgery,

Elizabeth: Lucky's in love with you, Em.

Emily: Lucky and I have always loved each other, Elizabeth. We're all best friends.

Elizabeth: No, you know it's more than that.

Emily: I know Lucky wants it to be.

Elizabeth: He's fallen for you hard. So if there's no chance, if -- if you're going to wait for Nikolas, then you need to be honest. Because it's not fair to let Lucky keep on hoping for something that's never going to happen.

Emily: You're reading way too much into this, Elizabeth. Lucky and I are going to be fine, and once Nikolas remembers who he is, everything will go back to the way it was.

Lucky: You're not my brother. Nikolas could never hurt the people who loved him the way you're hurting us.

Nikolas: Well, Lucky, if the sight of me distresses and disappoints you, then what are you doing here?

Lucky: Because I love Emily and you don't, and I want you to let her go.

Georgie: What's wrong?

Dillon: Um -- I'm not sure.

Georgie: Well -- well, is it me? Am I doing something wrong?

Dillon: No, no, it's -- it's me.

Georgie: You don't want to make love?

Dillon: No, no, no, I want to make love. It's -- it's not happening down there.

Faith: Oh, Mr. Corinthos. How nice to see you.

Sonny: What do you want, Faith?

Faith: Well, I want so many things. It's hard to narrow it down to just one.

Sonny: How far are you going to push me?

Faith: Sonny, I was just being cute, ok? Actually, I'm very happy to be breathing. And as long as I am, your secret will stay safe.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Georgie: Did this happen with Sage?

Dillon: Not at all.

Georgie: Well, then it's me.

Ned: What are we really doing here?

Carly: You seem awfully cozy with my husband.

Faith: What did you hear?

Carly: Everything.

Sonny: Where'd you go?

Jason: She met some guy there, walked right into his arms.

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