GH Transcript Monday 7/5/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/5/04

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Lorenzo: Has the ship arrived?

Nikolas: It'll be unloading soon. Military records help?

Lorenzo: I found something from your past, but you aren't going to like it.

Nikolas: What is it?

Lorenzo: You were right about Emily Quartermaine -- you had a connection. She's not ready to let go.

Emily: Is Nikolas here?

Mary: Emily.

Emily: Yeah, that's right, Mary, I know everything. You found Nikolas after his car accident. He needed a doctor and his family and me and you kept him away from everyone he loves most! You made him believe he was a deserter! You stole his entire life! And now, I am here to give it back to him. Connor Bishop is dead, and Nikolas Cassadine is going home with me.

Mary: How long have you known?

Elizabeth: Emily needs some room right now.

Lucky: She's still in love with Nikolas. I know. You know, I should leave her alone and let her grieve, but, Elizabeth, I canít. I just -- I -- if Nikolas were alive, Iíd just --

Elizabeth: He is.

Lucky: What?

Elizabeth: Nikolas is alive.

Lucky: You know what? Someone made a mistake.

Elizabeth: No, no --

Lucky: They told you.

Elizabeth: No, ok? I promise you this is the truth. Emily told me. She has seen him.

Lucky: Emily's seen Nikolas?

Sonny: Hey! Kristina? Huh? Where's your mama? You want to look at the babies? Come here. Over here, come here. Can you get up over here?

[Kristina mumbles]

Sonny: Yeah. Can you get up here? I can try to help you. Look at the babies.

Kristina: I see.

Sonny: Yeah, over here, look. You got to stand up, though. Yeah, you got to stand up. Oh, you see that?

Kristina: See that?

Sonny: They're all babies, huh?

Kristina: Babies.

Sonny: Yeah! You used to be a baby. Now you're all grown up. Which one do you like the best? Right?

Kristina: Baby sleeping?

Sonny: Yeah, baby's sleeping. She's going to wake up, but she's going to call for her mommy, right?

Kristina: The mom?

Sonny: Huh?

Kristina: The mommy?

Sonny: Yeah, her mommy. You probably did that. You probably woke up and said, "Mommy!" Can you say that?

Alexis: There you are.

Sonny: We were just having fun with the babies, right? We were having fun with the babies, right?

Alexis: Could you please get her down and give her to me?

Carly: Hey.

Bartender: Hey. What can I do for you?

Carly: Um -- a friend of mine used to live here in Bailey's Beach and her name's Sam McCall.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Elizabeth: Nikolas suffered some sort of head trauma. He doesn't remember who he is and Emilyís afraid to tell him because she thinks he might react the same way Jason did and push all the people away who love him.

Lucky: Nikolas is my brother. How could Emily not tell me?

Elizabeth: Honey, she knows you well enough to realize that you'd want to go straight to Nikolas with the truth.

Lucky: Yeah, of course I do. We've been grieving for no reason! Nikolas has an entire family waiting to help him.

Elizabeth: But you canít.

Lucky: But Nikolas is my brother.

Elizabeth: But he doesn't know that. You see, Nikolas thinks -- ok, get this. Nikolas thinks he's an ex-marine named Connor Bishop.

Lucky: Who?

Elizabeth: Oh, God, this is so surreal. A woman named Mary Bishop found him after the accident.

Lucky: Mary Bishop? Yeah, yeah, I met her a couple of times.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: She works with Emily at the hospital.

Elizabeth: Right, so Mary found him after the accident, and when he woke up without a memory, she convinced him that he was her husband.

Lucky: Why?

Elizabeth: Because the real Connor Bishop died in Iraq, and Emily thinks that Mary couldn't handle the loneliness, so she just latched on to Nikolas as a substitute.

Lucky: And Nikolas honestly buys into this?

Elizabeth: Well, why would he think that Maryís lying? I mean, she has her husband's entire life just ready and waiting for Nikolas to step into.

Lucky: How could Emily know about this and not stop it?

Elizabeth: Ok, just for a second think about how Emily feels. She's dying to tell Nikolas, she wants to scream it from the rooftops that he's alive, but is unable to for fear that it might traumatize him and send him into Maryís arms for good.

Lucky: Well, the truth is going to come out sometime.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, Emily was going to wait for Nikolas' memory to return on its own, but now Mary wants to get pregnant, so she has no other choice but to tell Nikolas the truth about who he is.

Emily: I was in Mexico when you were there, Mary. We stayed at the same hotel.

Mary: You saw us in Mexico?

Emily: Yeah. Nikolas told me that his name was Connor Bishop and that he was there on his second honeymoon. I wanted so badly to tell him the truth, Mary, but I didn't want to shock or disorient him. I didn't want to mess with his head, unlike you!

Mary: It was never my intention to hurt him.

Emily: You saw that a part of me died with Nikolas. I mean, you listened to me grieving, you sympathized! You consoled me! You pretended to be my friend, and all the while, you were lying to Nikolas!

Mary: It was not my intention.

Emily: But his memory was gone and he was hurt from the accident and you preyed on him. You took advantage of his injury. You kept Nikolas isolated from everything he knew, everyone he loved while you tried to, what, remake him --

Mary: Ok -- no --

Emily: And turn him into the husband you --

Mary: No, I didn't plan this, Emily! I was home alone in the house that night --

[Nikolas gasps]

Nikolas: Who are you?

Mary: I'm your -- wife. The words were out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying. It just happened and then I didn't --

Emily: You -- don't --

Mary: Know how to stop!

Emily: Don't pretend that you are some innocent bystander. You actively stole a man's life. You had a million chances, Mary, to tell Nikolas the truth, but you kept on using him to ease your own loneliness. You are no better than a kidnapper.

Mary: I wanted him to be happy.

Emily: He was happy -- with me, Mary. But you took that from us. You stole the love of my life.

Lorenzo: Emily Quartermaine is in love with you, and she has been since before you were injured.

Nikolas: Well -- what? She -- Emily never told me that. She introduced herself to me in Mexico when I was on my honeymoon with Mary, but she -- she didn't say anything.

Lorenzo: She said nothing about the past?

Nikolas: No, no, not at all. I -- I thought our friendship was new, that everything was happening for the first time. So has she been -- has she been lying to me for weeks?

Lorenzo: Look, it's -- it's a lot more complicated than that.

Nikolas: How much does Mary know about my connection with her?

Lorenzo: Everything.

Nikolas: So -- so she lied, as well?

Lorenzo: Look, all I can figure is that Emilyís family has money and power. Mary's afraid that you'd feel restless and that you would find Emilyís life more exciting and glamorous.

Nikolas: So, Emily told me to follow my feelings and be true to myself. And that's what led me away from Mary, but you know what? I will not allow Emily to jeopardize my marriage, ok? I won't hurt Mary again.

Lorenzo: Look, don't be so hard on yourself. Your past life is a black hole. You've been looking to fill it in.

Nikolas: Yeah, and some people aren't above taking advantage of that, I guess.

Lorenzo: Why don't you go home? Hey. Why don't you go home, just work things out?

Nikolas: All right, I will. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Hi, Sam. Can I come in?

Sam: Yeah. Is there a problem?

Monica: Well, I -- I wanted to talk to you about your child, which happens to be my grandchild.

Sam: Your family made it clear to me that you think Iím gold-digging trash who was lucky enough to come up pregnant with Jasonís kid, and that's fine by me -- you're entitled to your opinion, but Jason and I are going to raise this baby together and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

Jason: How did you find out about Bailey's Beach?

Carly: I heard Sonny talking about it, and --

Jason: You heard? No, you were eavesdropping, Carly. This is none of your business!

Carly: Yeah, it is. Jason, you are my best friend, so when I heard Sonny talking about Sam keeping a secret and that she had something to hide, I went to Felicia and I asked Felicia to look into her past and Felicia is the one who told me about Bailey's Beach. So here I am.

Jason: Ok. So go home.

Carly: No. I'm not going home until I find out what Samís done.

Jason: I'm going to handle this, Carly.

Carly: Jason, she is a walking time bomb, and she has planted herself right in the middle of our lives.

Jason: No, my life!

Carly: No! That is arguable, but the point is she can do some damage and I am not going home until I know that my family is safe.

Jason: Carly, this is none of your business.

Carly: Ok. Jason, let's just work together, ok? We have done it before.

Jason: What, when you show up when you're not invited, you get in my face, and you refuse to go away?

Carly: Why are you fighting this so much? Huh? Are you afraid that you might find something here and you'll want to cover it up because Samís carrying your baby?

Jason: Carly, there may not be anything to find here.

Carly: Well, if there is, aren't you going to want to know the truth?

Jason: Yeah, I want to know the truth, but I want to know the truth to protect Sam, not attack her.

Carly: That's because you're too nice, Jason --

Jason: No, I'm too nice to you, Carly!

Carly: You want to know the difference between me and Sam? I am on your side and I may do things that are crazy; I may do things that you hate, but it is for you, Jason, because I love you. And that is something Sam never will, and you know that.

Sonny: I'm not going to hurt her, Alexis. Come on, Kristina.

Alexis: I know that.

Sonny: You want to go see your mama?

Kristina: Mama.

Sonny: We were just --

Alexis: Come here --

Sonny: Looking at the babies. We were having a good time, I mean --

Ric: I'm sure that Alexis was just concerned about Kristinaís welfare, that's all.

Alexis: I just overreacted. It's ok. Come on, sweetie, let's go.

Ric: Wait a sec. You and I got business.

Faith: Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.

Lorenzo: Is this a coincidence or are you following me?

Ric: Actually, I organized this little get-together.

Sonny: I got nothing to say.

Ric: Hmm.

Faith: Well, for once, we agree.

Ric: Well, then, good. You can just listen. It's either here or downtown.

Faith: Cut the drama and say what you have to say, Ric.

Ric: It seems Sam McCallís ex-boyfriend Nico gunned you down in Costa Rica, and then he showed up in Port Charles and he ambushed you and then I think you got shot at somewhere in there? Now, all of a sudden, Nico's dead.

Sonny: Case closed, right?

Ric: Oh, is it?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Well, what if he weren't acting alone? Somebody new in town I don't know about that's trying to flex some muscle?

Lorenzo: I wouldn't know.

Ric: Yeah.

Faith: Well, you're the D.A. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Ric: Well --

Faith: That's what they pay you the big bucks for, right?

Ric: I got a little theory here. Maybe, just maybe one of you hired Nico to eliminate the competition, and then figured you'd blame it on somebody else, right? How about it -- am I getting warm?

Sonny: The guy was a psycho.

Ric: Oh -- for real? Anybody else want to chime in? No? Ok, fine. So I guess, then, we will assume that Nico was acting alone, and there will be no more retaliation.

Faith: Well, that brother of yours has a vivid imagination.

Sonny: No one ever said he was stupid. He figured Nico out; someone hired him -- probably one of you two.

Monica: I don't want to fight with you, Sam. In fact, I just want to make peace. I love my son and I would really like a chance to love his child.

Sam: Daughter.

Monica: What?

Sam: Jason and I -- we just found out we were having a girl.

Monica: Oh, that's great. That's great -- thank you. Thank you for telling me.

Sam: Dr. Quartermaine, I'm sorry for jumping down your throat before --

Monica: Oh, please, please, you have every right. The Quartermaines were awful to you that night at The Cellar. And as for myself, I -- I still don't know how to talk to Jason. I don't know the right way to reach him.

Sam: Reach him?

Monica: Ok. Imagine raising your daughter for 20 years and waking up one day and finding out she doesn't know who you are, that all the attempts you make to remind her of her past only pushes her away. Imagine realizing that what you've lost is gone forever and that the love in your child's eyes is never going to be anymore.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Monica: Yeah. So am I. But Jason has made a whole new life for himself. I am -- and we see each other, occasionally. I mean, I really think he cares about me but, he'd never be comfortable thinking of me as his mother. And that's just something I have to accept.

Sam: I just -- I don't think I've ever thought what it would be like for Jasonís family.

Monica: Well, that's why Iím hoping that things could be different with -- with a child. I -- if you and Jason would let me be a part of this child's life, I'd be very, very grateful.

Sam: I'll talk to him about it.

Monica: Thank you. Thank you for having an open mind because I know the Quartermaines have done absolutely nothing to endear themselves to you.

Sam: Yeah, I'm -- I'm not judging. Please, my -- my father was a con artist for as long as I can remember.

Monica: What about your mother?

Sam: Um -- ahem. I barely knew her. She split when I was a baby.

Monica: Did you ever look for her?

Sam: Yeah.

Monica: And?

Sam: And -- she was dead.

Jason: Look, I don't have time to fight about this. You follow my lead, you don't open your mouth, and you do what I tell you.

Carly: You know, I actually may have a worthwhile suggestion every now and then you might want --

Jason: Those are my conditions. Carly, if you don't like it, I'll take you home. I'll tell Sonny to keep you there; then Iíll come back.

Carly: Fine. We'll do it your way.

Jason: Sam McCall. Do you know her?

Bartender: I've never seen her.

Jason: Are you sure?

Bartender: Positive. Why are you looking for her?

Jason: Well, you know, she's a friend of mine and I know she used to live around here.

Bartender: Sorry. I'll get you guys drinks when I get back from getting some beer. Be right back.

Carly: Ok. So she never came to this bar, but we can try the post office, we can try the local drugstores, we can do the D.M.V., city hall, check the records there.

Jason: Ok, when get the bartender gets back, I want you to distract him.

Carly: Ok. How?

Jason: All right -- just do something you're good at -- lie.

Emily: Look, do you think your loss, what, gives you the right to steal Nikolas? I mean, to make his family grieve, to make us go to his funeral, to speak at his memorial, to try to move on with our lives --

Mary: My husband is dead, Emily. I spoke at a memorial, too. He died in a battlefield in Iraq. I don't know what happened to him. I don't know what his injuries were. I can only imagine, and I did -- I'd lay awake at night and Iíd imagine that he was in terrible pain for God knows how long.

Emily: Yeah. I'm sorry about Connor, but it still didn't give you the right to take Nikolas.

Mary: You're right, Emily! But I was in this house all alone, living with these ghosts of the life that we had and how it was taken away. I was going out of my mind with grief, and then this man shows up on my doorstep! He was Connorís age and he -- he didn't remember who he was. He needed me.

Emily: He needed help, Mary. He needed his family, his friends, his fiancťe!

Mary: I told myself that he had come to replace my husband. My mind was so full of thoughts about Connor, I couldn't see anything else. I -- I was going out of my mind with -- with grief and then this miracle happened. Tell me you can't understand. Tell me you wouldn't have done the same.

Alexis: Hello, Connor.

Nikolas: Before you say anything else, I already know about me and Emily.

Sonny: I know Nico was working for someone because I saw the letters saying he was owed the second half of his pay for the job.

Faith: Well, the psycho tried to kill me, too.

Sonny: And missed.

Faith: Ok. I'm sorry I'm still alive. If I were dead, you'd know I didn't hire him.

Sonny: You weren't even injured. And he shot you at close range -- same goes for you.

Lorenzo: Yeah, well, maybe there were two shooters -- Nico was after you and the shooter you hired to get rid of me and Faith. Nico made an obvious scapegoat.

Faith: Right, right. I mean, Jason took Nico out -- maybe it was self-defense or maybe he went after Nico to shut him up before he could deny shooting at me and Lorenzo.

Sonny: One of you tried to kill me. And when I find out who it is, Iíll return the favor.

Nikolas: I know Emily and I didn't just meet. She's been in love with me for a long time.

Alexis: Well, where did you hear that?

Nikolas: From my employer.

Alexis: Who's your employer?

Nikolas: Lorenzo Alcazar.

Alexis: You're working for Lorenzo Alcazar?

Nikolas: That's right. He has connections, did some investigating, and found out Emily knew me before the injury even though she acted as if we just met.

Alexis: Lorenzo Alcazar is a very dishonest man. He makes his money from breaking laws and manipulating people. You honestly can't trust a word out of his mouth.

Nikolas: And I should trust you? Someone I barely know who could be lying on Emilyís behalf?

Alexis: How well do you know Lorenzo Alcazar? Does he strike you as a person who makes his living doing good works? Let me ask you something -- why would a man as powerful as Alcazar cultivate a relationship with a stranger who has no memory? Maybe he's using you. That's exactly what he's doing.

Carly: Damn thing took my quarter.

Bartender: She just needs some encouragement.

Carly: Hmm. I know what she means.

[Carly chuckles]

[Music plays]

Carly: Hmm. Nice.

Bartender: You got nice rhythm.

Carly: Thank you. Hey, hey, cowboy. Why don't you dance with me?

Bartender: What about that boyfriend of yours?

Carly: That guy is not my boyfriend. Let me tell you, he's not even my type. I like a guy who knows how to have a little fun.

Bartender: I got some work to do. I --

Carly: Wait, you do? Can't it wait?

Bartender: Huh. Yeah.

Carly: Hmm. Ok, you know what? I asked you to dance, not to grope. You men are the same.

Jason: Ok. I got the number the bartender called after I asked him about Sam. I'm going to have Stan do a reverse directory check.

Carly: Ok, and how much do you want to bet that at the end of that number is the key to Samís secret?

Sam: I want this child to have a better life than I had.

Monica: Well, she has two loving parents. That's a good start.

Sam: And I'm sure Iím going to make probably about a thousand mistakes along the way.

Monica: We all do. We try. Sometimes things just happen that we don't intend. But we try our best, maybe only seeing the mistakes in hindsight. But I guess that's not really an excuse.

Sam: Well, no one's to blame as long as you're trying your best, right?

Monica: Right. Which makes me think that maybe living right across the hall from Sonny is not such a good idea. I mean, I know that you were involved with him before Jason and I know Jason works for him, but the man is dangerous.

Sonny: Guess what I got here. I'm sorry. I thought Jason was here by himself. I would have knocked.

Sam: He's out.

Sonny: Hi -- hi, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Sonny.

Sonny: Somebody sent this accidentally to my place. Where do you want it?

Sam: Over there. That's good. Thanks, Max.

Sonny: Tell Jason that I came by.

Sam: Yeah.

Max: Whew.

Sam: Thank you. Ok. You're right, it's not easy living across the hall from Sonny, but I already agreed. And I don't want Jason to rearrange his life even more, so I live with it. I guess that's all anyone can do.

Lorenzo: I didn't hire Nico, so that leaves you.

Faith: Well, you said yourself Sonny could have set this up.

Lorenzo: Save your breath, Faith. You need it to plead for your life.

Faith: Ok, let's just say for a minute that I did set this up, that I found Samís ex-boyfriend, and I pointed him in Sonny's direction. If you were me, what would you do now?

Lorenzo: You're asking advice from the man you tried to kill?

Faith: No. No, you see -- see, Nico tried to kill Sonny, and we know that because his body was riddled with bullets. He shot at you as a smokescreen to make it look like Sonny was starting a war. I told Nico to miss you, and he did. You were never in any danger.

Lorenzo: I wish I could say the same for you.

Mary: Nikolas was torn. Part of him wanted to know about his past. The other part of him -- he was afraid that it would jeopardize his life with me.

Emily: His life with you is a lie, Mary!

Mary: You won't even try to understand how any of this happened!

Emily: You convinced yourself that Nikolas didn't want to go back. This isn't about him, Mary, this is about you!  Everything you did -- everything you said was about making your life better! To hell with Nikolas Cassadine or what he might want or need, who he might love --

Mary: That's not true! He loves me! He was the one who chose to renew his vows to me.

Emily: All he had was you, Mary! What else did he know? You closed off every other door!

Mary: When you have a hole in your heart, Emily, you don't stop to think! You just -- you just look for something to fill it! And I know you know what Iím talking about because you're doing the same thing right now with Nikolas' brother, Lucky.

Nikolas: I guess you know who I am.

Lucky: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Nikolas: Yeah. Connor Bishop.

Lucky: Lucky Spencer.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, you're Nikolas' brother, right? Sorry about what happened. I'm sure that you miss him.

Lucky: Yeah, I do.

Nikolas: Yeah. I'm sure that Emily told you a little bit about me.

Lucky: She said it was complicated.

Nikolas: Yeah. Look -- look, I'm married, ok? I -- I have a good life. I'm not interested in pursuing anything with Emily. There was something that we had at one point, but it was all based on lies.

Lucky: I don't know about that.

Nikolas: It doesn't -- it doesn't matter. It's over. I know that you like her, ok? So I won't get in your way.

Elizabeth: So I guess Emily hasn't told him yet, huh?

Lucky: Yeah, I realized that in time.

Elizabeth: God, it must have been so hard for you not to say anything just so Emily could be the one to do it.

Lucky: That's not why I didn't tell him.

Mary: You saw what happens when you push him too hard. The hypnosis was upsetting to Connor.

Emily: His name is Nikolas, Mary.

Mary: But he thinks he's Connor Bishop. That's his reality, and he's happy! And I think you know that in your heart, Emily. Otherwise, you would have told him the truth long ago.

Emily: No, I haven't wanted to confuse him.

Mary: And it would have. Because he told you he loves me.

Emily: If Nikolas knew the truth from the start, Mary, he'd be connecting the fragments of his memory. The pieces of his past would be fitting together. But the lies you've told him don't make sense. Nothing fits.  That's why I haven't told him the truth. It might be too much of a shock.

Mary: And you don't want to upset him.

Emily: You've upset him enough.

Mary: I would do anything for Connor. He knows that. I made him safe. I brought him back from the darkness. You can call it an accident or fate or an answer to my prayer. But the only truth that really matters is that he loves me. And if you really love him as much as you say you do, you'll let him stay with me.

Emily: Like hell I will.

Sam: I give up.

Sonny: Don't give up. Sorry, can't help you out.

Sam: So, Dr. Quartermaine doesn't like you very much, does she?

Sonny: She thinks I stole Michael after I stole Jason.

Sam: Stole him?

Sonny: It's a long -- I gave Jason a job and became his friend. The Quartermaines didn't approve. And then I married Carly, adopted Michael, and they approved even less.

Sam: And now, Monica thinks that your daughter is her grandchild, and she's hoping to be a part of the baby's life.

Sonny: Ok -- whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait -- wait a minute here. I don't want that child anywhere near the Quartermaines.

Sam: But she's only trying to love this baby, Sonny.

Sonny: They think Iím dirt. They think Iím a criminal. I don't -- I don't care, anyway, you know? But I don't want them teaching my child -- our daughter -- to look down on me.

Sam: Sonny, you can't keep calling this child your daughter.

Faith: Justus, it's Faith. I need to speak to you as soon as you get this message. Sonny is a little cranky after being shot and it's going to have unhealthy consequences for me unless you can reason with him. Call me back while Iím still alive to answer the phone.

Sonny's voice: One of you tried to kill me. And when I find out who it is, I'll return the favor.

Carly: Hi, Stuart Mest?

Stuart: Yes?

Carly: Hi, I wanted to talk to you about a friend of mine, Sam McCall.

Stuart: I heard you had a man with you.

Jason: She does.

Stuart: What do you want?

Jason: Information. The bartender ran to the pay phone to call you as soon as we asked about Sam McCall.

Carly: Yeah, this is Sam. She would have been about 17 when she lived here in Bailey's Beach.

Stuart: I need to get my glasses. (pulls gun) All right, where is she?

Lucky: I looked into Nikolas' eyes and realized his old life doesn't exist. He actually believes he's Connor and he's -- he's happy.

Elizabeth: He was happy with Emily.

Lucky: Yeah, but what if Nikolas is like Jason and he can't remember? Maybe if Emily forces the truth on him, he'll choose the life that he's in, and the wife he has.

Elizabeth: Why are you saying this? How could you not want your brother back, Lucky?

Lucky: No, I -- Elizabeth, I do. I just want a chance with Emily.

Emily: I know what you're up to. You're trying to get pregnant. Don't waste your time trying to deny it. I heard you with Dr. Meadows. And I am telling you I will be damned in my grave before I let you trap Nikolas like that. He hears the truth tonight.

Mary: I realize you're mad, but --

Emily: Mad? Mary --

Mary: If you drop this bombshell on Nikolas, you'll blow his whole life apart.

Emily: This isn't his life, Mary! It's some twisted fantasy of yours!

Mary: You haven't lived with him since the accident. The head injury that he suffered is real. If you force the truth on him now, you could push him too far and do lasting damage. Do you really hate him with me that much that you would take that risk?

Emily: You're trying to scare me. It's not going to work.

Mary: Even if he does believe you -- even if he accepts that he is Nikolas Cassadine, then what, Emily? He starts from square one;  starting all over again with a stranger, because that's who you are to him, Emily. Your life with Nikolas never existed to him. The only reality he knows is his life here with me.

Emily: It's a lie.

Mary: Not to Nikolas. I'll be his only memory; the only woman he really loves.

[Door opens]

Stuart: Where's the woman in that photograph?

Jason: Ok, we don't want any trouble. We don't want to hurt you.  We just want some information about Sam McCallís past, that's it.

Stuart: You don't know?

Carly: Know? Know what?

Stuart: You, come here. Click on that folder labeled "Arson."

Carly: "Arson suspected in fire."

Stuart: Close it. Now click on that folder labeled "Sandra."

Carly: Oh, my God. That's -- that's -- that's Sam.

Stuart: I knew her as Sandra McIntire. I've been searching for that woman for 10 years!

Carly: That article said that -- that she committed arson?

Stuart: More than that. She killed my wife.

Sam: You have to start talking about the baby as if she's Jasonís. I mean, if you don't, I'm just -- I'm going to slip up.

[Knock on door]

Max: You need something?

Sonny: Yeah, we need help.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: Here you go.

Max: I'll go get some tools. I'll be right back.

Sonny: All right.

Max: Be right back.

Sam: We just -- we have to be more careful, that's all. We can't let anyone find out that you are the father of my baby.

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Nikolas: I know everything.

Carly: Are you saying that Sam murdered her own mother?

Lorenzo: There it is. The proof you've been looking for.

Faith's voice: "The baby Sam is carrying isn't Jasonís. The father is Sonny."

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