GH Transcript Thursday 7/1/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/1/04

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Heather: I'm calling to inquire about a patient. Lesley Webber. How long is she going to have to stay in the hospital? Oh that's terrible. Well, I'll have to be sure to come by and see her. Thanks.

Judge: Skye Quartermaine has been found guilty of murder in the first degree. I will now hear testimony relevant to her sentencing. Is the state requesting the death penalty?

Sonny: I'm feeling better. It's not like I've turned into a helpless baby overnight.

Carly: Yeah, I know that, but you are still recovering, and I don't think you should be doing anything more than making phone calls and making me omelets.

Max: There's someone here to see you. She won't give me her name. Says it's a surprise.

Sonny: You know I don't do surprises, Max.

Max: I know, but this lady's very insistent.

Sonny: All right, tell her to go away.

Lois: You might want to rethink that.

Sonny: Lois?

[Lois chuckles]

Sonny: Wow!

Lois: Yeah.

Sonny: Long time, no see.

Lois: I know. I'm sorry to drop in unannounced.

Sonny: No, hey. You know, you don't need an invitation here.

Carly: Actually, a call is always appreciated.

Lois: I'll remember that. Hello, Carly.

Carly: Lois.

Lois: Look, I couldn't stand at ceremony today because it's too important.

Sonny: What's going on?

Lois: I need something only you can give me.

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Sam? What are you burning?

Ric: Your honor, the state requests that the court impose a sentence of no less than 20 years to life in prison.

Alexis: Your honor, the friends and family of Ms. Quartermaine's have come forward to speak on her behalf.

Judge: I'll hear them.

Alan: My daughter Skye puts up a good front. She comes on like gangbusters, jaded, tough. But it's an act. She does it to protect herself. In reality, she's a kind, sensitive human being not capable of killing anybody.

Ned: Skye was more than kind to little Kristina. She literally lavished love and acceptance of a little girl who was temporarily deprived from her mother. And I will never be able to thank her enough.

Emily: Skye has been a true big sister to me. When I was fighting breast cancer, her love and support, her humor saw me through some of the darkest days and nights I've ever spent. I've come to depend on her. My whole family has. Please don't take Skye away from us. We need her more than you could know.

Jax: You know, none of us should really be here because Skyeís innocent. She was framed by someone for murder, and this so-called justice system is letting them get away with it.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Jacks, you're out of order. A verdict has already been returned. Passing sentence is now the business of this court. If you're not prepared to speak the issue at hand, I'll ask you to step down.

Jax: Yeah. Skye's exactly the way her family described her. I know this because I was married to her. She is compassionate, loving, and kind. She presents no danger to anyone, except maybe herself. If you can't find your way to overturning the verdict, then sentence her to community service where she will do some good, because no one benefits if Skye is sent to jail.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Jacks. You may now step down. We're going to take a brief recess. When we reconvene, I will allow Ms. Quartermaine to address the court if she so desires, after which I'll pronounce sentence.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Alexis: This is your chance now. You say that you're sorry for what it is that you did do wrong and you throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

Skye: Well, that would imply that I'm guilty, Alexis, and I'm not.

Sam: I just -- I decided to get rid of the reminders of my time with Nico. He's dead, and so is everything that happened between us.

Jason: Yeah, I never really understood why people keep pictures and, you know, papers. Once something's over it's over. You feeling ok?

Sam: Yeah, why do you ask?

Jason: Well, you just seem, you know, a little nervous or --

Sam: No. No, not at all. I have an appointment with Dr. Meadows today. You don't have to go with me.

Jason: I want to go.

Sam: Somehow I knew you'd say that. I think you're the nervous one, actually. I'm going to get changed.

Michael: Hey, Jason. I'm glad you're home. I want you to tell me the truth.

Sonny: I don't see you for years. You show up on my doorstep asking for a favor.

Lois: Guilty as charged. But I have to say it's not like you've gone out of your way to stay in touch with me either, mister.

Sonny: Right, right.

Lois: In fact, last time we spoke I think you were getting married to Carly, which was unexpected, to say the least, but it looks like everything's worked out all right. I understand you have a baby. Congratulations.

Sonny: Thank you.

Lois: Can I see him?

Carly: No. Morgan's sleeping. Maybe some other time.

Lois: Oh. What about that other little tyke?

Sonny: He's across the hall with Jason.

Carly: His name is Michael.

Lois: Michael. Right. Yes, A.J.'s son.

Carly: No, he's A.J.'s nothing. Sonny is Michaelís legal adopted father.

Lois: Naturally. I never intended to imply otherwise.

Carly: Well, then, maybe you should think before you open your mouth and say things that are offensive.

Lois: Ooh. Look at you. You know, I really have to hand it to you, Carly. You made a nice life for yourself here -- married to Sonny, mother to his kids. You have come so far from where you started.

Carly: And you don't seem to have made any progress at all, because from what I've heard you're still a bottom-of-the-rung music manager trying to turn poseurs into superstars.

Lois: Yeah, well, at least I've made my own way in the world, unlike some people in this room who use men up and throw them away until she finally hit the jackpot she's been angling for all along.

Sonny: Lois, Lois, Lois -- what do you want?

Lois: I want you out of my company once and for all.

Mary: I thought I'd find you here. Why do you insist on coming back to this place?

Nikolas: I didn't choose it. My psychiatrist suggested we meet here.

Mary: You're seeing him again?

Nikolas: No. No. He just didn't understand why I was quitting the memory therapy when we were making such good progress.

Mary: Did you tell him that we're focusing on our future? Maybe even planning on having a baby?

Nikolas: No, no, I didnít. I didn't feel the need to broadcast our plans to a virtual stranger.

Mary: That's a relief. Not that I ever plan on seeing Dr. Matlock again, but it's kind of embarrassing. I mean, telling people we're trying to conceive.

Nikolas: It's not so bad, as long as you don't tell them your exact methods.

Mary: Hey, I can't wait to have your baby. I hope that it's a boy and that he has his father's beautiful eyes.

Michael: Is daddy really safe from the bad guy?

Jason: The guy who shot Sonny is -- he can't ever hurt anyone again.

Michael: What about Mr. Alcazar? That mean lady, Faith, said he's going to kill him.

Jason: Buddy, buddy, you don't have to worry about this stuff. I'm going to protect your father.

Michael: Won't you be busy because Samís having a baby?

Jason: Let me tell you something, ok? When you were a baby, smaller than Morgan -- actually, before you even had a name --

Michael: I didn't have a name?

Jason: No, and I promised that I would make sure that you were safe and loved, ok, and I made that promise for life. When I wake up, the first thing I think about is what I need to do to make things right for you. And that means that I'm never going to let anybody or anything hurt your family. Ok?

Michael: Thanks, Jason.

Jason: Now, what you need to do is stop, you know, taking everything on; stop trying to fix things. Just be a kid, trust me, have fun, ok? Everything's going to work out, I promise.

Michael: Ok.

Jason: All right.

Sam: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hello. Are you guys going out?

Sam: Well, yeah. Jason and I have a doctor's appointment for the baby.

Michael: Is it all right?

Jason: What did I just tell you?

Michael: Not to worry and be a kid.

Jason: Well, then, start doing it. Come on. We're going to walk you across the hall.

Michael: Ok. Hey.

Courtney: Hi.

Michael: Jason and Sam are going to the doctors to give the baby a checkup.

Courtney: That's good.

Jason: Could you just make sure he gets across the hall, ok?

Courtney: Yeah, no problem.

Michael: I'm really happy that Jasonís having a baby, but I wish you were the mom instead of Sam.

Lois: You, me, and Brenda were the original founding partners of L&B. Brenda's name came off the articles of incorporation the minute we locked up shop, but imagine this -- yours managed not to. I think you are a very astute businessman, but sneaky, Sonny, very sneaky. Well, I'm back, and I am taking L&B straight to the top, but, no offense, I don't want you in the company. So I need you to go with me to the county clerk's office and erase your name, erase your interest.

Carly: How rude are you?

Lois: Come again.

Carly: Well, Sonny's good enough for you to partner up with when you need his -- oh, let me think about this, take a wild guess -- capital, and now he just seems to be a little too much baggage to carry?

Lois: Pretty much.

Carly: How you could call her a friend, I just don't understand.

Lois: Maybe because you haven't had enough experience in that area to understand. So are you going to drag this thing out to something very potentially unpleasant, or are we going to end this thing like the lifelong friends we are?

Sonny: Buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, get over here. I want you to meet a great friend of mine, all right? This is Lois Cerullo. Lois, this is Michael.

Lois: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Ms. Cerullo?

Lois: Oh, yeah, don't even try. Say Lois. It's easier. You know something? Your dad and I go way back. Yep. As a matter of fact, I think I was just about your age when I first met Sonny. Only you know what? He was older, much older.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, watch yourself.

Lois: My family practically adopted your dad. And even back then he was very tough and very cool.

Carly: Oh, you know what? I'm sure your stories about Benson Hurst are extremely fascinating, but Michael has a present waiting upstairs. You know that book that we ordered you've been waiting for? It's here.

Michael: Yes!

Carly: Yeah, so go on upstairs. I know you can't wait to read it.

Michael: Nice to meet you, Lois.

Lois: Yeah, likewise. I'll be seeing you around.

Carly: Well, it's been very entertaining, Lois, really. So why don't you have your lawyer contact Sonny's lawyer about your little contract problems, and next time don't forget to call.

Lois: Hmm. Sonny, either you come with me like I asked, or am I going to bunk my butt right on your upholstery and wait for you to come to your senses? Because I got a feeling if that happens things are going to get a lot warmer.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Ms. Quartermaine, I'm prepared to hear your statement should you choose to make one before I pronounce sentence.

Skye: Yes, your honor, I would like to.  The last time that I saw Laura Spencer she was at the institution catatonic and very much alive. I did not remove her from her premises and hold her captive as part of an elaborate scheme to have her framed for the murder of a man that I didn't even know. Yes, it's true. I am guilty of making very foolish choices. I stupidly chose not to call the police on the morning when I woke up and found detective Duncanís body on my floor. I also actively tried to hide his death by hiding the body and making false emails from his P.D.A. to cover up his disappearance.  But I have no recollection of killing him, and I am certain that I did not do it. I am also not guilty of any of the other crimes that I've been charged with. Somebody has framed me -- brilliantly, I might add. The fact remains that I am innocent, and I do not deserve to spend any time in prison. So I implore you to set aside the verdict and let me get back to my life.

Judge: Skye Quartermaine, you have been found guilty of murder in the first degree. You are hereby sentenced to Pentonville prison for a term of 20 years.

Ric: Officer, give the prisoner a moment with her family.

Skye: Well, I guess that's it, huh? Won't have me to kick around for a while.

Emily: No, that's not true. We'll visit you all the time.

Edward: Absolutely. You'll be sick of us as ever.

Emily: And we won't give up. We'll keep finding a way to prove you're innocent.

Skye: Emily, you've truly been a little sister to me. Thank you.

Emily: I can't watch them take you away. I think I'm going to lose it or something.

Skye: No, please. You go, ok?

Emily: All right.

Skye: Just go.

Emily: Don't give up. You promise?

Skye: I promise.

Monica: Skye, I'm not going to pretend that you and I have not had our differences, but I really don't believe that you killed that detective.

Edward: Neither do I, but at this point influence is the most important thing, and we're going to use every ounce we've got on your behalf, I promise you.

Ned: Listen to me. You'll be home before you know it.

Skye: When I look at all of you standing here like this supporting me, I can't believe it.

Alan: God help you, we're your family now.

Lucky: Skye, I know you didn't do this. I believe you were framed, and I'm going to find out who did this and I'm going to make it right, for you and for my family.

Jax: Skye? This isn't how it ends. I promise you that.

Skye: Thank you.

Jax: Yeah.

Skye: Now, listen, all of you, I'm going to be fine. I swear, I'm going to face things head on and I am going to deal with things one day at a time. God knows I have the training for that, right? And I promise you that I am not going to let the person who framed me break my spirit. Ok? Ok. Do your job.

Emily: Damn it! It's not fair!

Nikolas: Emily? Emily? What happened?

Emily: An innocent woman is going to prison and there's nothing I can do to stop it, just like there's nothing I can do to bring you back into my life, no matter much I need you.

Carly: Oh, I could never stand that woman. She is loud. She is pushy. Did I mention obnoxious? Oh, you should have seen the way she barged in here and insulted me! Not to mention then she evokes some sacred childhood friendship she's got with Sonny and she drags him off.

Courtney: Yeah, well, Lois can be a little over the top, Carly, but, I mean, Jax seems to adore her, and I don't think she means any harm.

Carly: Ok. Lois is a minor irritation compared to Sam. But fortunately, I have figured out a way to get her out of our lives. I called Felicia, and guess what she --

Courtney: I don't want to hear it. Ok, Sam is pregnant with Jasonís baby. Just leave her alone.

Carly: I'm sorry. I canít. She's hiding something big, Courtney, and I have got to find out what it is. And, of course, if it turns out that it is so horrible that Jason turns his back on her for good, it's even better, because then he can do exactly what I've wanted him to do all along -- he can pay her off and he can work on getting back together with you.

Courtney: Carly, enough! Ok, why can't you hear me on this? I don't want to be with Jason. I am moving on with my life. So why don't you do me a favor and just back off and let me!

Dr. Meadows: Pregnancy is progressing normally.

[Fetal heartbeat]

Dr. Meadows: You and the baby are in good health.

Sam: Is there a problem?

Dr. Meadows: On the contrary, your baby is trying to show itself. We've got the perfect position to determine gender. Do you want to know?

Jason: It's up to you.

Sam: I don't know. Yeah -- yes, yes. I'm dying to know. Who am I kidding?

Dr. Meadows: Well, I am happy to be the one to tell you congratulations, parents. You're having a baby girl.

Lois: Why don't you park it over there?

Sonny: Lois, I'm hurt a little bit, but it doesn't mean I'm an old man, you know.

Lois: No. You're a very young man, who's been shot how many times?

Sonny: Too many.

Lois: Yeah, and you're still healing, obviously.

Sonny: All right.

Lois: As much as I hate to admit that I agree with your wife on anything, you don't need to push it. So just relax and fill me in on your life.

Sonny: You know everything about my life.

Lois: Just the facts.

Sonny: Oh.

Lois: For instance, that the single stud is now a family guy --

Sonny: Right.

Lois: But I haven't heard how you feel about it. Those two little boys of yours make you so proud you want to burst, or do you secretly wish you had a girl to spoil?

Sonny: I love, I love Michael and Morgan. Yeah. They're everything I ever wanted and more. You know, they're the only thing in my life that makes any kind of sense.

Lois: What about Carly? You love her?

Sonny: Carly's part of my life forever, and she's the mother of my children, the best mother they could ever have.

Alexis: Congratulations, Ric. You won. I worship at the altar of your oversized ego. Now, do me a favor and show that you have a shred of conscience and petition the judge to set aside the verdict.

Ric: Do you think your inability to graciously accept defeat has been taken to extremes?

Alexis: This is not about winning or losing.

Ric: Really?

Alexis: This is not about this competition, this absurd competition between --

Ric: No, attraction?

Alexis: Or your insane need to one-up your brother. I'm not going to graciously stand by while you use me and, by extension, my client to even the score with your brother. I am not attracted to you. You are not attracted to me.

Ric: Oh.

Alexis: In fact, I am repulsed by you.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: And as much as I bitterly regret having slept with your brother, the only thing that could possibly be worse would be sleeping with you.

Lois: Holy Toledo, Sonny. You slept with Alexis?

Alexis: Lois.

Lois: I know. It's been a while, huh?

Alexis: Yes.

Sonny: Lois recently returned to Port Charles. She's running L&B for Ned again.

Alexis: I see.

Lois: Hello. Lois Cerullo, Sonny's old friend from Brooklyn. So you're --

Ric: Ric Lansing, yeah. I'm Sonny's brother. I'm not surprised he hasn't mentioned me. We have a bit of an adversarial relationship. Actually, we detest each other, and I also happen to be the district attorney.

Lois: Oh. That must be uncomfortable.

Ric: Yeah, well, you know, mix business with pleasure. Alexis should know about that. Well, I'm sure you overheard before that she slept with Sonny when he was a client of hers, and the breach of ethics, it's left her somewhat -- oh --

Alexis: I find this conversation completely inappropriate.

Lois: You're right. And none of it is any of my business, except --

Alexis: "Except"?

Lois: Well, you know, my daughter, Brook Lynn, and your daughter --

Sonny and Ric: Kristina.

Lois: Right.

Sonny: Yeah.

Lois: Right, Kristina -- half sisters, Ned Ashton being their mutual father and all.

Alexis: I am missing the point.

Lois: Maybe I don't have one. It just never occurred to me that you and Sonny would have a personal relationship.

Alexis: Sonny and I don't have a personal relationship. It was a lamentable lapse of judgment one night, and as a result I am doomed to suffer humiliating episodes like this for the rest of my natural life. Petition the judge to set aside Skyeís verdict or I will have you disbarred.

Ric: She's a terrible loser. Well, Lois, a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again sometime soon. Big brother.

Lois: Care to comment?

Sonny: Not really.

Sam: Are you disappointed?

Jason: About what?

Sam: I don't know. Maybe you wanted a boy or something.

Jason: No, no. I like the idea of, you know, a girl. I just don't -- I just don't know much about them. Obviously, you know, with Michael and Morgan, I know boys.

Sam: The way you were with Michael today -- I think that's all you need to know how to do. And if I can manage to do the same, I really do think this little girl will be ok.

Jax: Now, Alexis Davis is working on the appeal. Look, I don't care how much it costs, just as long as Skyeís exonerated. I want you to get on this now. 20 years -- can you believe it, huh? -- 20 years.

Courtney: I know. I heard it on the news. But I see you're determined to get Skye released.

Jax: Well, chances are good, I guess. And the Quartermaines are just as determined, and Alexis is ferocious on appeal, so --

Courtney: But at the moment there's nothing you can do and it's killing you.

Jax: I just watched the prison van pull away. You know, I tried to get close to give Skye a nod of encouragement or a thumbs-up, you know? I couldn't get anywhere near it. Look, I know I promised that I would take you away this weekend, but --

Courtney: No, you know what, Jax? This time I'm taking you away, and I won't take no for an answer, so don't even think about turning me down.

Emily: I thought you said you didn't want anything to do with me, so, just leave.

Nikolas: No, not when you're hurting like this.

Emily: I'm sorry. I was under the impression that you couldn't care less.

Nikolas: Look, Emily, I may not be able to pursue a relationship with you or be an ongoing part of your life, but I can listen when you're upset. What happened?

Emily: My adopted older sister was just sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Emily: I didn't even like Skye at first. I thought she was evil and conniving, but that's her armor. She's really a wonderful person. And when I was so sick, she was incredible.

Nikolas: You were sick?

Emily: Breast cancer. I had a bad reaction to the chemo. My immune system was compromised and I caught meningitis. I almost died. Have a full life. Are you remembering something?

Nikolas: I knew you were sick. But how? You never told me, did you?

Lucky: Emily?

Nikolas: I have to go.

Emily: No, wait, please. Please tell me what you remember!

Nikolas: I have to go. I have to go.

Lucky: Emily. Hey, I'm glad I found you. I figured you'd be upset, but hey, listen, I don't want you to worry. We're going to find a way to get Skye out of this.

Heather: Hi.

Bobbie: Oh, hi.

Heather: I came to see how Lesleyís doing.

Lesley Lu: Grandma's doing a lot better.

Heather: Oh, that's great news.

Bobbie: Actually, her prognosis is very good, but she's going to have to stay here for a little while, so Lulu's going to stay with me.

Heather: But you work afternoons, don't you?

Bobbie: Well, yes, but the hospital has a daycare center.

Heather: Oh, come on, Bobbie. You remember being her age. You don't want to be cooped up inside. You want to be outdoors running around free, but you got lucky. You've got me.

Bobbie: For what, exactly?

Heather: Babysitting. Hey, I'm unemployed. We'd be helping each other out. I can take care of her anyplace you wanted -- your brownstone or even in her own home.

Bobbie: Heather, that is really very kind of you, but I couldn't possibly impose.

Heather: Hey, it's not an imposition. We're family. So what do you say, kid? Want to spend the summer at home with me?

Lesley Lu: Yeah.

Jason: I got to check in with Sonny.

Sam: Ok, wait -- but do not under any circumstances tell him that this baby is a girl. I want to do it myself, ok?

Jason: Ok.

Sam: Ok, and if Carlyís not there, tell him to come over. I really, really, really want to surprise him.

Jason: Is Carly around?

Sonny: She went out.

Jason: Ok. Sam is asking to see you, but before you go over there, there's something you need to know.

Sonny: I'm listening.

Jason: I did a record check yesterday.

Sonny: Mm-hmm?

Jason: Sam has been hiding something, and I got the proof.

Emily: You're absolutely right. Skye takes priority at the moment.

Lucky: Yeah. Skye -- she was telling the truth. Somebody did set her up, and whoever it is must have my mother. I mean, how else would they have access to my mother's hair and D.N.A.?

Emily: And now they probably have your dad, as well.

Lucky: Oh, I'm sure of it. I know they forced him to write that letter.

Emily: Oh, God, it's like Laura, Luke, and Skye are all caught in different versions of the same trap; like someone targeted them all.

[Knock on door]

Heather: Come on in. Perfect timing. I'm all ready to go.

Bobbie: Heather, are you sure about this?

Heather: Are you kidding? I can't wait to see the Spencer house and I am so excited to be babysitting you. We girls are going to have such fun.

Dr. Meadows: Your health is excellent. I see no reason why you'd have any problems conceiving once the birth-control pills are out of your system.

Mary: Well, how soon do you think I can get pregnant?

Dr. Meadows: It usually takes a little longer. But the earliest you could hope to conceive would be a month from now.

Mary: I hope it's that soon. My husband and I -- we can't wait to have a baby.

Nikolas: Thanks for meeting me.

Lorenzo: It sounded important.

Nikolas: It is. I need a favor.

Lorenzo: You know I'll help any way I can.

Nikolas: I can't go on like this; not remembering my life. I want you to have me investigated, ok? I need a complete dossier on my entire life -- where I was born, where I grew up, who are my parents, my friends, what was my education, my hobbies. When did I meet my wife, where did we get married -- everything there is to know about Connor Bishop, including whether I could have known Emily Quartermaine.

Ric: Oh! Hold the elevator! Pardon me.

Alexis: That's it! I am so sick --

Ric: What are you doing?

Alexis: And tired of you following me everywhere I go!

Ric: Follow-- oh, boy. You know what? You think I'm an egomaniac? Let me tell you something. I'm not following you or pursuing you in any way. Nor am I entering into some sort of twisted competition with my brother to get you into bed, all right? You slept with Sonny -- whoo, hooray for you. It doesn't make you any more or less attractive to me. As a matter of fact, I don't find you desirable at all. You're actually kind of irritating and petty and annoying and far more trouble than you're worth, and you are a colossal bad loser. That, to me, is the ultimate character flaw. You see? You're actually disappointing to me on every level. So if we happen to be in the general proximity of one another -- geographically, I mean -- just know that it must be an accident or, dare I say, you're pursuing me.

Alexis: Do you have any idea how much I loathe you?

Ric: Well, then, why have you trapped us both in this elevator?

[Alarm rings]

Courtney: So what do you think?

Jax: You know what? You must be psychic. I mean, how could you possibly know that I needed some time out of the city, surrounded by the open air and nature?

Courtney: Lucky guess.

Jax: You know, I didn't know that you're into hiking and camping.

Courtney: Well, I'm not. I am a city girl all the way. But I am a fast learner, and I thought it'd be fun to get you to teach me how to survive in the wilderness.

Jax: You realize that you'll be putting your life into my hands?

Courtney: Well, why not?

[Jax chuckles]

Courtney: I'm starting to trust you.

Jax: Really? Funny how that works. I'm starting to trust you, too.

Felicia: Hey.

Carly: Hey. So, I hope you've got something good, because time is of the essence.

Felicia: It always is, and I do have something.

Carly: Well, let me hear it.

Felicia: It seems as though Samís life started when she was 17 years old.

Carly: Come on, how is that possible?

Felicia: Well, I don't know. That's the logical question, isn't it? But after the age of 7 there are no records of her childhood whatsoever -- no childhood immunizations, she wasn't registered at any school, no library card, she didn't go to summer camp -- nothing, until all of a sudden when she's 17 years old she resurfaces and applies for a social security card, and that's where the paper trail starts.

Carly: Ok, well, her dad was a con man. I'm sure they moved around a lot.

Felicia: Well, it could be that, or it could be that the real Sam McCall died at the age of 7. Now, listen, whoever this woman was, whoever she is, I don't know, she could have taken a name from a headstone, applied to the county clerk's office for a birth certificate, went to get a new social security card, and started a whole new identity with that number.

Carly: This is incredible. How do we prove all of this?

Felicia: Well, you got to go to the place Sam McCall resurfaces at 17 -- Bailey's Beach, South Carolina.

Jason: I need a contact, Meyer, someone who has success to all the public records. I'm going down to South Carolina to find out whatever Samís been hiding. Bailey's Beach.

Sam: What do you think?

Sonny: Well, I'm sure the baby's beautiful, but to me it looks like a bunch of just clouds swirling around.

Sam: See? That's exactly what I said, too, but, you know, Dr. Meadows informs me that you are looking at a picture of our baby girl.

Sonny: She say it's a girl? Huh?

Sam: Isn't that amazing?

Sonny: Our daughter's in there?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, she sure is. Are you happy?

Sonny: Well, I don't know what to say. Listen, you have to trust me. No matter what you say to me, I will never turn against you. But, please, for our daughter's sake, you got to tell me what you're hiding.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Every time I see Emily it's like we've known each other for years.

Lorenzo: Wouldn't Emily have told you? Nikolas asked me to put together a dossier of his past.

Carly: I need to prove that Sam is a threat.

Felicia: Don't you think you should tell Sonny first?

Sonny: Why can't you trust me?

Sam: But I want to.

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