GH Transcript Monday 6/28/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/28/04

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Mary: You're a good and honorable man.

Nikolas: Then why can't I shake this feeling, Mary, that my life doesn't fit, hmm? That I've been to places that the past you've told me about doesn't account for. What -- what's the secret? What is it? Huh? What don't you want me to remember, Mary?

Mary: Connor, you have it all wrong.

Nikolas: Yeah, then what's the truth? Stop trying to protect me! Not knowing, Mary, it's -- literally, it's eating me alive. If you love me, then be honest with me. Who the hell was I?

Mary: Why are you so upset with me? Because I care about what happens to you?

Nikolas: I just want you to be honest with me.

Mary: That's what I need from you, too, Connor.

Nikolas: What --

Mary: You swore we could put the past behind us; that you would stop trying to remember.

Nikolas: Just tell me -- just tell me the part you're leaving out, Mary. What's the secret? Then we'll move on!

Mary: There's no secret! Why can't you accept that?

Skye: Laura. Laura?

Heather: I'm sorry. I'm Heather -- Heather Webber. Who are you?

Skye: You mean, you haven't seen me on the news?

Heather: I just got back to town.

Skye: I'm Skye Chandler-Quartermaine, the crazed ice pick killer of Port Charles.

Ric: Hey, look, I know you're used to doing what you want, but I can't have you starting a mob war on my watch. Now, you can do this two ways, or the harder it is -- you can either cooperate, or I'm prepared to question everybody in your organization until somebody talks.

Max: All right, all right.

Ric: Think about it.

Ofc. Serino: All right, boys, everybody line up.

Sonny: I thought you said Max was at the door.

Jason: He was.

Sonny: Well, he's here now. That means there's nobody at the penthouse to protect Carly and Sam.

Ric: Ok, who wants to go first, huh? Anybody? I'm prepared to be here all night if that's what it takes.

Sonny: You left my family unprotected with a psycho on the loose?

Ric: Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Now, which psycho would we be talking about? Faith or Alcazar?

Sonny: His name's Nico.

Nico: Hey, kitten. You miss me? Come on. Come here!

Sam: No! Ow!

Carly: Come on, come on!

Sam: Ow!

Carly: Come on, come on, come on. Go, go, go, go, go.

Sam: Ow.

Carly: Come on, come on, come on, come on! Come on, get in, get in.

Sam: Call 911.

Carly: What do you think I'm going to do? Hello, yeah, this is 122 Harbor View Towers. A woman has just been assaulted. She's pregnant. We're on the penthouse floor.

Sonny: Why are you standing around, Ric? This guy shot me. He's going to go after my family.

Ric: Yeah, and this is supposedly Sam’s ex-lover?

Sonny: I want to talk to my attorney.

Ric: No, I'm sorry, there's no phone calls today, Sonny.

Sonny: You're violating my rights.

Ric: Come on, do you really expect me to believe that this guy -- what, Nico? -- Is coming after you and Faith and Alcazar?

Sonny: All I care about is my family.

Ric: This supposed threat to your family is another reason to start a mob war.

Ofc. Serino: We just got a 911 at the Harbor View Towers.

Sonny: Damn it!

Jason: He's after Sam.

Ric: All right, get over there, man. Sonny, come on, sit down.

Sonny: You want to keep me here, little brother? Shoot me in the back.

Ric: Clark, come here a second.

Skye I may be a little paranoid, maybe even a little grandiose here, but are you sure you haven't heard of me? Local businesswoman framed for murder, kidnapped, held hostage -- oh, no one really believes that part -- stalked by a crazy blond woman who actually tried to stab me?

Heather: Sorry.

Skye: May I ask what you were doing at the Port Charles courthouse?

Heather: Are you following me?

Skye: I told you I'm a little paranoid.

Heather: I was just tracking down a few addresses at the courthouse. I wanted to know who's still around.

Skye: Really? Well, how long ago did you live here?

Heather: That was years ago.

Skye: Did you know Laura Spencer?

Heather: Oh, sure. Only I think of her as Laura Webber. You see, that was her maiden name.

Skye: Well, wait a second. You just said your last name is Webber.

Heather: Well, technically, Laura was my niece by marriage, but it's kind of complicated. How is Laura, anyway? I've completely lost touch.

Skye: Not well. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw her --

Heather: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. But she always was in some kind of trouble. You know, what I really need right now is a place to stay. Do they still rent rooms at Kelly’s?

Skye: As far as I know.

Heather: Well, I'd better find out for certain. I mean, otherwise, I could end up sleeping in the park. That would be a little risky with the crazed ice pick killer of Port Charles on the loose.

Skye: Excuse me?

Heather: Oh, just a little humor among strangers. Good night, oh, and good luck.

Mary: You go for a walk and you come back with a gun, and you're accusing me of keeping secrets?

Nikolas: Why do I speak Spanish? Hmm? Where did I learn to translate Greek? Why do I know so much about caviar?

Mary: I told you, we used to live beyond our means.

Nikolas: How, Mary? By carving wooden ducks? Huh? And if so, why don't I remember how to do it? And why can't I imagine even wanting to? And this -- this house -- this tiny house -- how is it possible that I even lived here? It doesn't feel like home to me, and it never has!

Mary: You know, we keep having this same argument, and it never gets resolved. Why can't you just let this go?

Nikolas: I can't because there's always something new that doesn't fit. Another -- another image, another skill, another -- another memory that I can't explain. And just when I think that I can let it go, Mary, I feel or say something that triggers the same questions, and it always leads back to the same place -- a secret! A secret!

Mary: There's no secret!

Nikolas: There is a secret! And I want to know what it is!

Mary: If you're unhappy with our life together -- with me, with our home -- I don't want to hold you back. You can go anytime.

Nikolas: I love you, Mary. I don't want to leave you.

Mary: But if I can't make you happy, there's --

Nikolas: That's not -- you do make me happy. Ok, that's --

Mary: Why do you keep asking me all these -- these questions?

Nikolas: Because I'm frustrated, ok? I know it's not fair to blame you, but what do you expect me to do? What --

Mary: I'm trying to give you the best life I know how, and that's obviously not enough for you.

Nikolas: Well, how can I appreciate my life now if don't know what it was before?

Mary: Do you believe anything I've told you?

Nikolas: Yes, yes, of course I do. But can you -- can you just imagine for a second what I feel like? I have -- I have no reference points before March of 2004, ok? I have no memories of my childhood. I don't know what my parents look like, not even a Christmas past!

Mary: Christmas past? You mean, like, the holidays?

Nikolas: No. No, I mean, like, Dickens, as in the "Christmas carol." You see? You see? Why can I reference that so easy and not this?

Mary: We watched it on TV.

Nikolas: Ok, ok, but what was the night like? Did we keep Christmas? Did we dream about ghosts and Marley’s chains? Did we do any of that?

Mary: It was a long time ago.

Nikolas: But if you wanted to remember those details, you could. I cannot. You have a past tense, Mary. I don’t. Everything that I am -- everything that I am is right here, right now.

Mary: And is that so terrible?

Nikolas: I -- God, I have a void in me. Ok? A space -- a space right here where my heart and soul should be.

Mary: Are you -- are you considering hypnosis?

Nikolas: No, I -- I promised you that I would let that go, and I will.

Mary: Even though you don't want to?

Nikolas: I'm just trying to allow whatever happens to happen. But, you know, I'm not very good at c'est la vie. And I know French now, too.

Mary: Even I know what c'est la vie means.

Nikolas: I really need you to be patient with me, please. Please.

Mary: Ok. Ok. I wish I could fill your memory. I wish that I could make you remember the life we had together, that I could make you love everything you used to love.

Nikolas: But you know I love you, right? You know that.

Mary: Maybe it's not enough. Maybe you need somebody smarter, more sophisticated

Nikolas: No, no, that's not it. That's not it at all.

Mary: Then maybe you need something more, something to tie you to your life right now. Maybe we should have a baby.

Lucky: You know, I just kept picturing Nikolas in the courtroom, just all serious and proper, to listen to every word I said. I'm so sorry. One second I don't want to talk about him, the next second I do. I -- Emily, it just isn't fair.

Emily: No, it's ok.

Lucky: You know, Nikolas -- he would've wanted me to protect my mom, but just not at Skye’s expense.

Emily: Do you really think Laura’s after Skye?

Lucky: That's what I thought at first, but, you know, it just doesn't make sense.

Emily: None of this makes sense, especially Ric Lansing’s theory. I mean, why would anyone break Laura out of the institute and frame her for the murder of some cop?

Lucky: And if Skye wanted my mother out of the way, why let her out at all? I mean, why not just go to the institute and make it look like a suicide?

Emily: That's a terrible thought.

Lucky: Yeah, but it's a lot easier to kill somebody if they're already really messed up.

[Knock on door]

[Skye gasps]

Courtney: Skye, are you ok? It's Courtney.

Skye: Yeah.

Courtney: Hey.

Skye: Sorry, I'm just a little -- I'm just a little tense these days.

Courtney: I should've called, but I was just driving by and I heard about what happened --

Skye: Are you kidding me? You lucked out. The last blonde I saw I almost attacked, and she was a perfect stranger.

Mike: Hi. What can I -- what can I get you?

Heather: Is Rose around?

Mike: If you mean Rose Kelly, she left town years ago. Luke and Bobbie Spencer own this place now.

Heather: Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't lived in Port Charles for a long time. My name is Heather Webber.

Mike: Hey, Mike Corbin. I run the place for Luke and Bobbie.

Heather: Nice to meet you.

Mike: Yeah. "Webber" -- you must have family around.

Heather: Here and there. Do you still rent rooms upstairs?

Mike: We sure do. In fact, a nice one just opened up. Would you like to take a look at it?

Heather: Yes, very much.

Mike: Oh. So, what brings you back to Port Charles? If you don't mind my asking.

Heather: Just here to renew old ties.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Carly? You all right?

Jason: Is Sam with you?

Carly: Yeah, yeah, we're fine, we're good. Hey, you ok?

Sonny: Yeah, you all right?

Carly: Yeah, how did the police end up -- you know, the guy was out there in the hall.

Ric: Yeah, well, he's not out there now, Carly.

Jason: You ok, Sam?

Sam: I'm good, yeah.

Ric: We're searching floor to floor. We'll find him. Don't worry about it.

Sonny: What happened?

Sam: Nico grabbed me in the hall.

Jason: You opened the door to him?

Sam: I thought it was Max.

Carly: You know, he had a gun, if you even care.

Sonny: You grabbed his gun?

Sam: Are you kidding? She beat the hell out of him. She -- she saved my life.

Mary: We always wanted to have a family -- two boys and two girls, at least. Maybe we should start now. Unless -- unless that's gone, too, unless you don't want to be a father.

Nikolas: No, it's not -- it's not that. I mean, I've always liked the idea of bringing up children, Mary. It's just -- I can't --

Mary: Do you remember?

Nikolas: No. But it makes sense and it feels right.

Mary: Maybe that's good. For all the dreams you've lost -- look at me -- maybe this is one that will come true for you. I want your babies. Do you want mine?

Nikolas: I -- I just want us to be happy.

Mary: Me, too.

Nikolas: Ok.

Emily: Love makes some people desperate. They do unimaginable things. They lie, steal, cheat, rip other people's lives apart.

Lucky: Skye has done her share of that.

Emily: Believe me, I know she's done a lot of damage in the past. But we have to look at what's happening now. I mean, Skye is insecure. She's extremely high maintenance and definitely in love with Luke, but I just don't believe that she killed that detective.

Lucky: Neither do I.

Emily: I hope the jury agrees. I'm sure your testimony helped.

Lucky: Yeah, it might have been too little, too late.

Emily: Well, somebody's out there getting away with it scot-free, and I don't think it's Laura, either.

Luck what if somebody's possibly setting up my mom and Skye, both?

Emily: A frame within a frame?

Lucky: Yeah, but who would possibly go to that much trouble?

Emily: Maybe Helena?

Lucky: Why would she bother? I mean, my mom was a terrible wreck. My dad -- I mean, he was just completely just trashed. I mean, what possible good is it going to do for Helena to go to that much work?

Emily: Yeah, but they've both disappeared, and we know that's Helena’s specialty.

Lucky: My gut is just telling me somebody else is involved.

Emily: Who else is that insane?

Mike: So, how do you like your new room?

Heather: It's just what I needed.

Mike: Good.

Heather: That and something to eat. I'm starving.

Mike: Well, we have a couple of specials left, if you're interested. And then there's always the chili, just like the old days.

Heather: Thanks.

Mike: You're welcome.

Lesley: So you just pick where you want to sit, and we'll -- Heather?

Heather: Lesley! It's been a long time.

Skye: Well, I appreciate you coming over. Really, I do. I know we've never been very close, but I certainly can use all the friends that I can get right now since I am being framed for murder and I'm hiding in my own house, as well as attacking strangers in the park. And I certainly could kill -- well, a very poor choice of words, but I certainly could kill for a drink right now. And I --oh, God. I can't believe I just said that. Listen to me. I'm rambling like an idiot. I'm starting to sound like the madwoman that Ric Lansing thinks I am, and -- well, not that that's any of your concern, but why did you want to see me?

Courtney: Jax.

Skye: Jax? Is Jax all right? What happened?

Courtney: No, Jax is fine. Look, he just -- he feels really terrible about his testimony, like he betrayed you even though he told the truth. He's just -- he's really upset about it, you know? Jax really cares about you, and maybe -- I don't know -- maybe I'm out of line, but I just thought --

Skye: When did you become so involved with Jax?

Ric: Yeah.

Jason: Are you sure you're all right?

Sam: Yeah.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Sam: I wouldn't be if it weren't for Carly.

Ric: Well, I sort of figured. All right, you did what you could.

Sonny: The boys slept through the whole thing.

Ric: Thanks.

Carly: I know. That's good.

Ric: Well, we searched the building twice, and nobody has seen Nico.

Carly: Oh, really? The Port Charles police can't find a criminal? Go figure.

Ric: But I have to congratulate you all on a wonderful scam.

Sonny: Are you saying nothing happened here?

Ric: No, I'm saying that maybe I was getting a little too close with the questions, you created a false emergency.

Carly: What questions?

Jason: The usual stupid questions.

Carly: Oh, I see. So you drag Sonny out of the hospital and you almost get me and Sam killed?

Ric: Ah, a sense of moral outrage. That's good.

Sam: And Nico is still out there. Do you realize how dangerous he is?

Ric: Yeah, maybe, but my priority right now is to question Sonny and Jason.

Carly: What is your problem, Ric? Huh? You don't believe that a so-called man could kidnap a pregnant woman at gunpoint and drag her off to God knows where? Oh, maybe it's his technique that you've got a problem with, or maybe he left his chloroform at home. But I'm sure he's got the rest down, right? He will risk the life of an unborn child, and then he will just blame it on the demons in his head.

Ric: You know, I get the whole sense of ironic prose here, but I'm just trying to do my job, all right?

Carly: No, you are trying to kill my husband by dragging him down to the police station when he can barely walk, by letting a madman loose on the street so he can finish the job? You know what, Ric? Why don't you just make it easy on yourself? See the stairs over there? Why don't you take Sonny up there; shove him down? He was almost dead a couple of days ago. I don't think he's going to be able to put up much of a fight, so it's your time to get revenge on your big brother!

Ric: You seem distraught, Carly.

Carly: You hate Sonny, Ric, because he stole mommy from you, right; because mommy loved him best. Well, why would you blame her? Why wouldn't she, Ric? Huh?

Ric: You know what, I get your point. I'll suspend the investigation for right now.

Carly: Why don't you get the hell out of my house?

Ric: My office will be in touch. Excuse me.

Sam: Carly, thank you.

Carly: You're welcome. Jason, you promised to get Sam out of here, and it's time that she went.

Lucky: I was just way off base about Skye.

Emily: Yeah, but you changed your mind about her.

Lucky: Well, that's thanks to you. At least there is someone I can trust.

Emily: Where do you think Luke fits into all of this?

Lucky: You know, I just can't believe he just disappeared with Skye in so much trouble.

Emily: Do you think someone grabbed him?

Lucky: Well, I keep thinking he might have grabbed my mom and they're off hiding someplace. It's just kind of my own little fantasy.

Emily: You know, we can dig a little bit deeper here. I mean, we might feel better if we try to solve this. At least we might find your parents.

Lucky: Yeah. You know, I'm going to start thinking like a cop, not like a son.

Emily: And I'll start thinking like a premed student obsessed with details, and maybe we can find something or someone that everyone else has missed.

Heather: So, did you get my letter?

Lesley: Yeah.

Heather: You accept my apology for all the terrible things I've done in the past?

Lesley: Um -- you -- you had to write that letter as part of your therapy, yes?

Heather: It still counts.

Lesley: Well, see, the thing is I'm not sure how much I believe that.

Heather: Well, I -- I guess I can't blame you after all the mistakes I've made. But can't you believe that I'm a new person now? I mean, that old Heather Webber is long gone.

Lesley Lu: How can you be gone? You're right here with us.

Heather: I'm very happy to be, too. I knew your mother years ago. She was the prettiest girl in town.

Lesley Lu: Now she's the prettiest mommy in the world.

Heather: She is?

Lesley Lu: Well, mommy's sick right now, but she'll get well and come home someday.

Lesley: Sweetie pie, I have a great idea. How would you like to go and pick out some songs for us on the jukebox all by yourself?

Lesley Lu: Yeah!

Lesley: Ok. Here. What have I got? I've got one, two, three -- oh, no, three. There you are.

Heather: So how is Laura, really?

Lesley: Uh, not well at all. She had a complete breakdown and went catatonic.

Heather: Oh, how awful.

Lesley: And now she's vanished from the hospital.

Heather: You have no idea where she is?

Lesley: Oh, some people think they've seen her, but --

[Music plays]

Lesley: Luke has disappeared, too.

Heather: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Lesley: No, no, I'm hoping that means that they're together.

Heather: But this must be terribly difficult for you.

Lesley: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Heather: Well, their daughter seems to be doing fine.

Lesley: She needs her parents. I'm just the grandmother.

Heather: But I'm sure Laura would be glad to know what good care you're taking of her little girl.

Courtney: Yeah, Jax and I aren't really involved.

Skye: Are you dating?

Courtney: No, no, nothing like that. No. We've been working together and we have lots of meetings, but we're not dating, not for a second. I mean, not that -- not that Jax isn't attractive. He is, but he's not my type at all.

Skye: You're trying to fix this, aren't you?

Courtney: You're right. Look, I shouldn't -- I should've stayed out of it. I'm sorry.

Skye: You grew up with an alcoholic, didn't you?

Courtney: Well, my father was more of a gambling addict, but it's true, I can- - I can kind of be co-dependent. I want everybody to be happy, you know, and -- but I legitimately believe you're getting a raw deal from Ric Lansing.

Skye: Well, thank you, and you have nothing to be concerned about as far as Jax goes. I don't blame him for anything. As a matter of fact, he did the best that he could on that stand without perjuring himself, so what more could I ask for?

Courtney: So you're not upset with him?

Skye: Listen, Jax is shrewd. Jax is a player, Jax loves the game, but Jax cannot put his hand on the bible and lie at the same time. That is one of the things that I love about him and I'm sure you do, too.

Courtney: Love? No, I don't love Jax. I mean, I barely even like him. I mean, I like him. I do. I like him. But we're -- we're not involved, not for a second.

Skye: Yeah, you keep saying that.

Courtney: Well, he's just -- you know, he's a board member on my foundation. That's --

Skye: Really? And does your mission statement include checking up on the ex-wife?

Courtney: I've totally offended you, haven't I?

Skye: Oh, I'm just teasing you, Courtney. If Jax makes you happy, then you go for it.

Carly: Jason, you -- you promised that you would get Sam out of here if you couldn't catch Nico. You haven't, and now it's time for her to go so everyone including the kids can be safe.

Sonny: Carly, it's a bad idea. Sam's safer in this building.

Carly: Not if she won't keep Jason’s door shut. Listen, her nut case boyfriend has grabbed her twice in two days, and he is still out there.

Jason: We're going to find him, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, and in the meantime, what, Jason? My kids are in danger because she won't keep a door shut? What if I had had Michael with me tonight?

Jason: The only place safer is the island.

Carly: Fine. Take her there. I really don't care. I want my family safe.

Jason: Sonny? You going to be comfortable on the island?

Sam: Ahem -- sure.

Sonny: Might be best.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Ok, we'll leave right away.

Carly: Sonny, would you sit down before you collapse?

Sonny: I'm all right, Carly.

Carly: You can yell at me just as easily from the couch.

Sonny: Double up on security. Justus probably has everybody out of custody by now.

Max: I'll get right on it.

Carly: You must be exhausted. You have not yelled at me yet.

Sonny: Why would I yell?

Carly: Where should I start?

Sonny: Can we just have dinner instead?

Carly: You want me to order something from No Name for you?

Sonny: What do we have in the house?

Carly: Oh, well, we have cheese bites, frozen pizza, three different types of potato chips, frozen burritos, and lots of cookies.

Sonny: Sounds fine.

Carly: Excuse me?

Sonny: I'll eat anything you put in front of me.

Carly: Ok, now I know that the drugs have not worn off.

Sonny: I want to thank you for what you did tonight.

Skye: Hey.

Emily: Hi.

Skye: Come on in.

Emily: Are you sure it's not too late?

Skye: Oh, are you kidding me? With the closing arguments tomorrow, I don't think I'm going to sleep at all tonight. Besides, it's -- it's nice to see a few friendly faces.

Emily: Yeah.

Lucky: How are you holding up?

Skye: Ok. I haven't had a drink yet, which is a pretty big thing. And I am so grateful to you, Lucky, for standing up in court today for me.

Lucky: You know, I wish I had done it sooner.

Skye: As long as you believe me, I don't care what the jury says.

Emily: We're going to turn the jury around.

Skye: I don't know if that's possible.

Lucky: Know what? It might be, if we can just find some new evidence.

Skye: Listen to you. Just like your father, you never give up, do you?

Lucky: Yeah, well, he might still show up.

Skye: Yeah, I know. I keep hoping that myself, but in case he doesn't, I -- I don't know. Where do we start?

Emily: Ok. Lucky is in charge of the big picture and I'm keeping track of the details. We're a team from way back.

Skye: Ok. Ask away.

Lucky: Ok. Ok, now, I want you to just tell us everything that happened the night Ross Duncan was killed.

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Ric: The people will prove that Skye Quartermaine is guilty of murder.

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Skye: Laura?

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Mary: I don't care about what happened before. I love you for who you are now.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

Mary: You won't leave me?

Nikolas: No. No, never, never, not until the day I die. Emily.

Lucky: Ok, so you -- you came from the Haunted Star to Kelly’s to here.

Skye: I remember being in this room.

Lucky: Did you come in the front door?

Skye: Yes.

Emily: Did you lock it?

Skye: I don't think so.

Emily: So you stayed in this room?

Skye: Yeah, we were about here, and -- well, I kissed him and -- or he kissed me. I don't know. I was pretty drunk.

Emily: Did he seem nervous or concerned about anything?

Skye: No. No, not at all. Ross and I were pretty much into the same thing, if you know what I'm saying.

Lucky: Well, did you hear anything in the house, or notice anything in the front yard?

Skye: No, nothing, I'm telling you. We were on the couch, we wee in each other's arms, and then everything after that is a blank.

Emily: Ok, what do you remember next?

Skye: Well, Luke was here, and I was passed out and Ross was dead.

Emily: Did Luke see anything?

Skye: No, nothing. Luke must've retraced his steps, like, 50 times, and all he remembers is that he saw me passed out and that Ross was on the floor here dead.

Lucky: Somebody must have broken in the house and stabbed Ross.

Skye: Yeah. But who?

Heather: Pocket full of posies ashes, ashes they all fall down.

[Ross groans]

Carly: Ok. For your first course --

Sonny: Mmm.

Carly: Cheese bits.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Carly: Mm-hmm. You eat one of those, you think of a vegetable. You eat another one, think of a different kind of a vegetable. It's really very healthy.

Sonny: Why do you -- why do you keep changing the subject?

Carly: Hmm?

Sonny: I'm just trying to thank you for your courage.

Carly: Listen, Sonny, I may despise Sam, but I wasn't about to let her get dragged off at gunpoint.

Sonny: Hmm. So you jumped on the guy yourself? What were you thinking?

Carly: I wasn't thinking; I went nuts. You know, seeing him trying to drag away a pregnant woman, I -- he shot you, Sonny. What was I supposed to do, invite him in for coffee?

Sonny: You sure are a brave woman.

Carly: Well, thank you.

Sonny: And a fighter.

Carly: Well, I have to be.

Sonny: Sometimes you're so strong, I forget how fragile you are.

Carly: Your pizza's getting cold here. Come on.

Sonny: You got --

Carly: Have some of this.

Sonny: Hold on. Let me see your -- oh. You got --

Carly: A bruise.

Sonny: Yeah, you got a little bruise.

Carly: Yeah, well, you should see Nico, ok? Check out the way he's walking tomorrow, if you can.

Sonny: Does that hurt?

Carly: It doesn't tickle.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Sam: Can you believe those storm clouds?

Jason: I'm glad we got here before it hit.

Sam: Carly redecorated. It is so different in here from when I stayed with Sonny.

Jason: Sam, all that matters is I can protect you here.

Sam: You really do care about this baby, right?

Jason: Yeah, I mean, I'm doing it not just for the baby -- for all of us.

Sam: Well, I'm -- I'm glad everything looks different. I mean, maybe it'll help us start over. I think maybe -- the last thing I need to deal with is the past right now.


>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lois: Randy Jackson.

Randy: What's up, gang?

Alexis: Please do not convict an innocent woman.

Ric: The people humbly ask you to return a verdict of guilty.

Sam: Kill Nico because if you don't, he will kill you.

Nico: Why do you keep running away, kitten?

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