GH Transcript Thursday 6/24/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/24/04

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Ric: Skye Quartermaineís life has been littered with broken relationships and failed marriages. Her losses have left her so desperate for attention of any kind that she was willing to go to extremes to hold on to a man who wasn't even hers to hold on to. The people will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Skye Quartermaine is guilty of murder. Her motive? It's simple, oldest one in the book -- passionate, unrequited love. Skye Quartermaine loved Luke Spencer so desperately that she was willing to neutralize her competition, her rival for his affections by framing her for murder.

Sam: Morning.

Sonny: You ok?

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, and according to Dr. Meadows, I am fine, so is the baby.

Sonny: That boyfriend roughed you up pretty good.

Sam: No, it's ok. I spent the night in the hospital. I snuck in here a few minutes ago.

Sonny: You need to stay safe. This guy's still out there waiting for a chance to hurt you and the baby. You need to stay safe.

Carly: I've got a favor to ask you, and I don't think you're going to like it, but I do believe that in your heart you know it's the right thing.

Jason: What do you want?

Carly: Take Sam away from here.

[Piano plays]

Ned: You're at work bright and early.

Lois: Well, there's a lot to be done. You know, I was just going over some old music catalogs, and there's some Eddie Maine songs that I think would great contemporary remixes. Take a look.

Ned: You know what? I trust your judgment.

Lois: And well you should. Hey, you're part owner of the company. You get a vote.

Ned: You know what? I have to go to court today.

Lois: Oh. Who are you supporting, Alexis or Skye?

Ric: Mr. Jacks, have you ever seen this picture before?

Jax: Yes, I have, but I believe they're inaccurate.

Ric: Inaccurate? So you're suggesting that this photograph is a forgery?

Jax: Yes, I am.

Ric: Then why did you agree to marry the person who took them, Tracy Quartermaine?

Alexis: Objection, your honor. The witness' love life may hold some fascination for Mr. Lansing --

Ric: I'm following a line of inquiry, your honor. The relevance will become clear in a moment.

Judge: Get to it.

Ric: Thank you. Now, Mr. Jacks, isn't it true that you agreed to marry Tracy Quartermaine to help keep from going public with these photographs of the defendant and police detective Ross Duncan? Mr. Jacks, I can call Ms. Quartermaine to the stand if it'll help refresh your memory.

Jax: Tracy Quartermaine has a personal grudge against Skye.

Ric: Yes, and you would do anything for Skye, wouldn't you, seeing as how she is your ex-wife, a recovering alcoholic who began drinking abruptly after you ended your marriage to her? A woman who was desperate and alone?

Alexis: Objection. This isn't a line of questioning, your honor. This is a character assassination.

Judge: Overruled.

Ric: Thank you, your honor.

Judge: Stick to the facts.  No embellishing, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Mr. Jacks, did you see Luke Spencer and the defendant with the corpse of detective Ross Duncan the night that he was killed?

Jax: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ric: Mr. Jacks, you are under oath, and you realize there are penalties for perjury?

Jax: Yes, I am aware of that.

Ric: Did Skye Quartermaine ever tell you that she killed detective Ross Duncan?

Jax: She was drunk --

Ric: Mr. Jacks, could you please answer the question?

Jax: There is no way that she could have known --

Ric: Did Skye Quartermaine ever tell you that she killed detective Ross Duncan, yes or no?

Jax: She said that she could have.

Ric: No further questions.

Alexis: Mr. Jacks, what was Skye Quartermaineís state of mind when she told you she killed Detective --

Ric: Objection. It calls for a conclusion.

Judge: Please rephrase, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Isn't it true that she was so upset that she would have said anything?

Ric: It's called a confession. Why don't you check your law books?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Lansing.

Jax: Skye blacked out the night of the murder.

Ric: Objection!

Jax: She doesn't remember.

Alexis: To what, the truth?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Mr. Jacks, you're dismissed from the stand. Counsels, approach the bench.

Judge: I'm calling a recess. Take advantage of the time to work out whatever is at issue between you. If you can't leave your personal agendas outside this room and continue the trial in a professional matter, I'll hold you both in contempt. Is that clear?

Ric: Perfectly, your honor.

Faith: You were supposed to kill Sonny and Jason. You're 0-2.

Nico: All I want is Sam.

Faith: Your romantic reunion is going to have to wait. I hired you to do a job, so do it.

Nico: I can get to Corinthos at the hospital.

Faith: No, no, no. We're moving on to plan B. You're going to take me out instead.

Jason: I'm sorry. Sam isn't going anywhere.

Carly: Her ex-boyfriend tried to kill Sonny. He could try it again.

Jason: Yeah, and I'm taking care of that, Carly.

Carly: Jason, he tried to kill you, too. I overheard you and Sonny talking on the intercom. This guy is a serious threat.

Jason: Like I just told you, I'm dealing with it.

Carly: Yeah, and here's how. Why don't you take Sam out of town, and then her boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend can follow you.

Jason: You want me to use a pregnant woman as a decoy?

Carly: Jason, you will be with her and you can stop this guy without putting Sam or her baby in jeopardy.

Jason: It's too much risk.

Carly: Well, I think it is a hell of a lot riskier to have Nico here in town. I'm sorry, you can call me selfish, ok, but I have a family and I want to keep them safe. I have two small children, and Sonny was almost killed. Jason, you know that we are vulnerable, and you are the only one who can protect us.

Jason: Ok, it's better for me to try to stop Nico here. But if I can't, I'll do what you ask and I'll take Sam away.

Sonny: This guy Nico already threatened to shoot you. You can't take any more chances.

Sam: No, Jason is taking really good care of me, Sonny, and I won't let anything happen to me or this baby --

Sonny: No, you don't --

Sam: I promise you that.

Sonny: I know, I know, I know. Don't put this into your own hands is what I'm just trying to say.

Sam: I wonít. I won't.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: I am sorry for putting you through all this.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey. Don't blame yourself.

Sam: I don't. I just -- I really wish I would have realized what a psycho this guy was when I first met him, that's all.

Sonny: You were a teenager.

Sam: And naive. Smart about pulling cons, but stupid, Sonny, very stupid about men. Nico -- he said all the right things to me. He told me that I was smart and beautiful and he had never met another woman like me, and I bought it. I refused to see that he wanted to own me, like some kind of a possession. I thought it was love. I didn't have anything to compare it to. He was my first. Anyway, I met you. And maybe now you realize why our time meant so much to me -- because it truly was the first time in my life that I was free to be happy; to really be myself.

Faith: I want to frame Sonny and make it look like he's trying to eliminate both me and Alcazar.

Nico: All right, what do you want me to do?

Faith: You're going to make a very public attempt on my life. And you'll do the same thing for Lorenzo Alcazar. Only with him, you will not miss. This should bring the police down on Sonny while averting suspicion from me. Think you can handle that?

Nico: Yeah, no problem.

Faith: Well, it shouldn't be for what Iím paying you.

Alexis: You just can't control yourself, can you?

Ric: You know, it takes more to defend a client other than objecting to every word that comes out of a prosecutor's mouth.

Alexis: You voice your personal opinion at every conceivable opportunity.

Ric: Voice -- I was trying to build a foundation to prove that Skye --

Alexis: Huh!

Ric: Is a murderer!

Alexis: You just don't get it, do you?

Ric: Oh, what? What? What don't I get?

Alexis: Your blatant lack of professionalism.

Ric: My blatant lack?

Alexis: That's right.

Ric: You're amazing! You are completely threatened for the fact that I have a very strong case, so you're doing everything you can to undermine me!

Alexis: Fine, fine, fine. You got a case? Make it, instead of going out of your way --

Ric: Well, I'm trying to!

Alexis: To antagonize me, not to mention the judge. You keep this up, you're going to get us both thrown off the case.

Ric: Well, then, you keep your personal feelings for me out of the courtroom.

Faith: The perfect witnesses just fell into our laps.

Sam: I know we can't be together, but you changed my life. You gave me the baby Iím carrying.

Sonny: I've been selfish. That's the problem.

Sam: No, Sonny, you're putting your family first. I respect that. It shows me the kind of man you are. I am the one who's been selfish. I've put you and your family through so much hurt.

Sonny: Don't take these things on yourself.

Sam: No, sometimes -- seriously, sometimes I just think to myself that maybe your life would be better off if you just never met me.

Sonny: My life is better because of you.

Sam: Then you -- you don't regret us?

Sonny: No, I canít.

Sam: Good, because neither can I.

Ned: Alexis and I are complicated.

Lois: Sharing a child will do that to you.

Ned: It wasn't easy for me to sign away custody of Kristina. I thought of Brooke Lynn and how much of her life that Iíve missed.

Lois: But you gave her full custody anyway.

Ned: Because I realized that it was just easier. It was just easier for us and ultimately for Kristina to just make a clean break, so --

Lois: And then your next romance was with Skye?

Ned: She was a friend, ok?

Lois: To use the term loosely.

Ned: Well, she was also a former cousin. Long story.

Lois: Yeah.

Ned: Skye has had a really tough life. I mean, she's had the rug pulled out from under her more times than any person deserves.

Lois: So that's why you're hurrying off to court?

Ned: Yes. I want to support her. There's nothing more to it than that.

Lois: It wouldn't matter if there were.

Ned: Well, I'm just saying, Lois, that -- in case, you know, you might have some expectations of me and you.

Lois: "Expectations"? As in romance? No, there couldn't be anything further from my mind. We said strictly business, agreed, all right? There is nothing going on between us now, and there never will be, no. That ship has sailed; it's gone over the horizon. No chance of it ever coming back.

Ned: No chance at all.

[Door opens and closes]

Jax: Skye, I'm sorry.

Skye: Jax, you were under oath to answer questions truthfully.

Jax: Well, I tried to phrase my answers so the jury would understand --

Skye: I know.

Jax: But I think it came out worse.

Skye: I know. But listen, I dug myself into this hole. It's not your responsibility to get me out.

Courtney: So the foundation is privately funded, but we need to work in conjunction with the public agencies, so I hope you'll consider us a resource to help needy and abused children.

Woman: I'm well aware of your foundation and the source of your funding.

Courtney: Well, you're referring to my brother, Sonny Corinthos. He has nothing to do with the foundation.

Woman: We'd need proof of that.

Courtney: Well, all of our funding is well documented, and I would be more than happy to go over the paperwork with you and explain exactly -- oh, look. Here's one of our board members now, Jax. Jax, this is Lisa Powell. She's with the Office of Child Welfare.

Jax: Not now, ok?

Lisa: Excuse me. I have business to attend to.

Ric: No, you're the one who made this personal, not me.

Alexis: I cannot believe that you are in such --

Ric: "Objection, your honor. The witness' love life seems to hold some sort of personal fascination for Mr. Lansing."

Alexis: There's a woman's life at stake here.

Ric: Oh, please --

Ric: Let me remind you, and you could care less, you're just so busy strutting around like a peacock, and you're pandering to the women jurors. Don't think I don't notice that --

Ric: Really?

Alexis: In your immaculately tailored suit.

Ric: Well, I'm glad you like the fit of my suit, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: My point, sir, is if we continue showing our personal feelings, we are both going to be held in contempt of court.

Ric: So you admit that you have personal feelings for me?

Alexis: Yuck, yuck, and then yuck.

Ric: Uh --

Alexis: Because you are contemptible! I find you --

Ric: Well, that's something.

Alexis: In contempt of court, if that's ok with you, because I --

Faith: Ah, the trusty D.A. Just the man I was looking for.

Ric: Oh, great. What is it, Faith? What now?

Faith: Has the PCPD lifted a finger to track down the hit man who tried to kill Sonny? Because I know damn well who he's going to blame. He's Ė


Ric: Stay here. They're gone. Whew.

Faith: God! He's coming after me in broad daylight!

Ric: "He," "he" -- what, as in Sonny?

Faith: Yeah, "he," who else?

Ric: Well, you have your share of enemies, Faith.

Faith: Ok, you've made your token attempt at being impartial. Now snap back to reality! Come on, give me police protection and send somebody to investigate him!

Ric: I'll see what I can do.

Faith: Can I have something a little more concrete?

Ric: You know, if you're worried about your personal safety --

Faith: Yes, of course I am!

Ric: Then I suggest that you take a little vacation out of town for a while.

Faith: Your compassion is overwhelming.

Ric: Oh, man. You ok? Sorry.

Alexis: You know, I realize that you will probably want to pursue this now that Sonny is directly involved, so I will be happy to go to the court and tell them that we won't be back this afternoon.

Ric: No, no, that's all right. The police will run an investigation.

Alexis: If Sonny's directly involved --

Ric: If Sonny is involved, then Iíll deal with that then. I'm not going to walk away from the middle of a murder trial. You don't get off that easy -- ever.

Lorenzo: Lois Cerullo? I'm Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lois: Right, our principal investor. Thanks for coming.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I understand Ned hired you to run L&B?

Lois: Yeah. Well, I'm one of the original partners; owners, actually. The L in L&B. The B was for Brenda Barrett, who, I understand, used to date your brother.

Lorenzo: Yeah, that's one way of putting it.

Lois: And he's a dead man. May he rest in peace.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Lois: But he saved Brendaís life, for which I will be forever grateful. And I think no need to dwell on the unpleasantries that happened afterwards.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm glad you won't be holding me responsible for my brother's transgressions.

Lois: Oh, no. No. I do not believe in guilt by association.

Lorenzo: Well, then, we should have no problem doing business together.

Lois: That's what I brought you here to discuss.

Lorenzo: All right, well, my terms are simple. As long as my niece is allowed to sing what she likes and is treated with respect, I'm happy to invest in L&B.

Lois: We respect all of our artists here. So if you came here to buy your niece a career, you came to the wrong place.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Michael: Guess what Iím going to make for Daddy when he gets home.

Carly: What are you going to do?

Michael: Make him an ice cream sundae.

Carly: Well, that's very nice of you.

Michael: And one for me so he won't be lonely.

Bobbie: Michael, are you ready to pick up your dad?

Michael: Is he ready?

Bobbie: Almost. Would you like to help yourself to a lollipop over there while you're waiting?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Thanks, grandma.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: So, how's Sonny doing today?

Bobbie: Oh, he's healing well.

Carly: Yeah?

Bobbie: How about you? How are you holding up?

Carly: Oh, actually, I'm doing better than I thought. Yeah, the situation with Sonny -- it's just kind of focused me, and I realize that our problems -- they are just a lot less important right now than the connection we have. And the truth is, you know, we can bury it, we can ignore it, we can deny it, but there is still a connection. There always will be.

Bobbie: I hope Sonny feels the same way, because you both have to committed to making your marriage work.

Sam: I was just telling Sonny about Nico.

Jason: Well, it's not your fault Nico came after you.

Sam: It is my fault. I put myself and my baby in danger by agreeing to meet with him, so --

Jason: But you're all right now.

Sam: Nico -- he was holding me at gunpoint. Jason came in. He didn't panic. He told Nico to drop his weapon, he didn't, so he just -- he shot him in the shoulder.

Sonny: Nico was holding Sam at gunpoint, and you shot past her to hit him? What if you had missed?

Sam: He didnít.

Sonny: No, but what if you missed?

Jason: It was a clean shot, Sonny. I wouldn't have taken it otherwise. You know that.

Sonny: I'm going to be going home today, and I won't be able to see much of you. But, you know, Nico's still out there. Be smart. Take care of that baby. You listen to him.

Sam: I will.

Jason: Don't worry. I'll take care of things.

Sonny: Yeah, I know.

Courtney: Hey! What part did you miss when I explained that woman was from the Office of Child Welfare? Jax, we need their cooperation for the foundation, and you just blew her off.

Jax: I'm sorry. My mind is elsewhere right now.

Courtney: Well, do you have any idea how bad you just made me look? I mean, how that could have set our charity back? Maybe you don't care about --

Jax: Look -- you know what? I just -- I think I just helped send my ex-wife to prison, ok? And I'm having a little trouble focusing my mind on anything else at the moment.

Lois: So Iíve heard your niece's demo, and may I be blunt?

Lorenzo: That appears to be your strong suit.

Lois: Sage is a good singer, not great, but she has potential. And I think with a lot of hard work, I don't know, L&B might want to sign her. And I know I was initially interested in your financial participation. But now after talking with you, meeting with you, there is no way that we can take your money.

Lorenzo: Any rumors of my connection to organized crime are just that -- rumors. The money's clean.

Lois: Yeah, so was the money that Sonny Corinthos invested once upon a time, and it turned out to be a nightmare.

Lorenzo: Well, Sonny Corinthos obviously wasn't telling the truth. I am.

Lois: Like fish.

Lorenzo: Excuse me?

Lois: Yeah, I know your type, Mr. Lorenzo Alcazar; beautiful manners, not hard to look at. There is something very fundamentally decent about you that marches hand in hand with something very fundamentally dangerous, which is what makes gangsters bad boyfriends and even worse business partners.

Lorenzo: I'm not a gangster.

Lois: Because even with the best of intentions, which I'm sure yours are, their lives depend on secrecy and lies. They're used to getting whatever they want at any cost. They are basically spoiled, overgrown 6-year-olds running around with guns. And what sensible woman would want any part of that?

Lorenzo: What if I told this sensible woman that I have a master's from Oxford?

Lois: Well, then I would say congratulations on your intellectual pursuits. But the well-read gangster is still a gangster. And I have learned something in my life.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Lois: Yeah -- I don't accept money from shady characters.

Lorenzo: You know, I don't think I've ever been called a shady character before.

Lois: Well, then, you're long overdue -- no offense. Now, do you still want me to work with your niece?

Lorenzo: Well, if Sage has a chance at a singing career with or without my investment, I'm not going to stand in her way. But I just want you to know the offer to invest is still on the table should you change your mind.

Lois: My mind is not easily changed.

Lorenzo: I'll remember that.

Bobbie: The marriage won't work if you are making all the compromises, and you have always been the one to give in. Now, that's a tough pattern to break.

Carly: Look, I'm not kidding myself, mama. I know that we're not going to just snap our fingers and fall rapturously back in love, but I do feel like we're partners again. And we've decided to give Michael and Morgan the family they deserve. It's a start. Michael's gone.

Faith: Try to kill me again and I will retaliate.

Max: She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Sonny: What the hell are you talking about?

Faith: You sent a shooter after me in broad daylight. I am just lucky he was a lousy shot! I don't appreciate --

Sonny: I had nothing to do with it.

Faith: Well, then, Alcazar's finally making his move. And if I were you, I would double security, because I'm just a business obstacle. With you, it's personal. His next move's going to be to kill you, kill Jason, and take Carly for himself.

Jason: Why don't you go sit down and Iíll get you something to eat.

Sam: I'm fine. I don't need to be waited on.

Jason: The doctor said you should stay off your feet.

Sam: I know you think I should stay away from Sonny.

Jason: I'm not going to tell you what to do, Sam.

Sam: Jason, please, don't shut down on me, because I can't handle that if we're going to make this work.

Jax: I was subpoenaed to testify against Skye, and I thought I'd be able to get through it without making her look guilty, but Ric Lansing, he went right for the jugular, and I tried to cover and evade. I even lied. But in the end, it wasn't enough. I hurt Skye again.

Courtney: Well, you know, it'll take more than your testimony to convict her.

Jax: You know, I always go after Sonny for the way that he treats the women in his life, but how am I any better? Because I romanced Skye, I made her fall in love with me, I married her, and now I left her for another woman. And I hurt Skye as badly as she's ever been hurt. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself for that.

Edward: What the hell is Jax trying to do? Put Skye away for life?

Monica: He was trying to protect her.

Edward: By practically telling the jury that she's guilty as sin?

Monica: Oh, don't exaggerate, Edward.

Alan: I hate to say it, Monica, but father is right. Did you see the jury's faces? The more Jax tried to evade; the more convinced they were that Skye was guilty.

Monica: Well, Alexis isn't finished yet.

Edward: Oh, please. The damage is done.

Monica: All she has to do is prove reasonable doubt.

Alan: Well, I hope to God that Alexis has a trump card up her sleeve, because one more witness like Jax and for sure they're going to find her guilty.

Emily: Ric is ruthless, and he is determined to win.

Lucky: Why shouldn't he? Skye's guilty.

Emily: We don't know that, Lucky.

Lucky: Emily, you heard Jax. Skye admitted it.

Emily: No, Ric is trying to make her look like an obsessive, twisted nut. I don't think that's fair.

Lucky: You know what? Some people know how to deal with loss, but others can't handle it. They'll do anything to grab on to somebody who will help fill the hole in their heart.

Alan: If you have any bright ideas of getting on that stand and trying to ruin Skye, forget about it!

Tracy: Alan, I'll be under oath. You don't expect me to perjure myself, do you?

Edward: Yes, if necessary.

Tracy: Daddy, I'm a law-abiding citizen.

Edward: You will cover for Skye; you'll have a mental lapse. You'll lie through your teeth, whatever it takes to minimize the damage, because if you don't do that, Iím going to take control of E.L.Q. and kick you out on your treacherous behind.

Bailiff: Court is in session. All rise. Be seated.

Judge: Mr. Lansing, please call your next witness.

Ric: Yes, your honor. The people call Tracy Quartermaine to the stand.

Faith: Alcazar's taking no prisoners. He went gunning for you, and then he came after me.

Sonny: Why should I believe a word of this?

Faith: Ask your charming brother, or Alexis Davis. They were both on the pier when the bullets were flying.

Sonny: You could have staged it yourself.

Faith: Why would I do that?

Sonny: You're conspicuously unhurt, for one thing.

Faith: Alcazar is trying to start a war between us, and if that doesn't work, he will take you down himself.

Sonny: You want me to believe that Alcazar sent a shooter to Costa Rica to take me down?

Faith: Mm-hmm. Wake up, Sonny. He almost killed you. Next time he will make damn sure you're dead.

Carly: Michael's missing, and that -- Faith, if you did anything to my son, I swear I will gra--

Michael: Mommy, Iím here.

Sam: I have been working on survival skills all of my life. I have never needed anyone. Jason, I would have died before asking for help, and I almost did. Actually, quite a few times.

Jason: Well, it's different. You have a child.

Sam: Yeah, it is. We need to be honest with each other.

Jason: I agree. We're in this together.

Sam: Good. Then be honest. You had a problem with me going to see Sonny.

Jason: Yeah, I did, because if Carly would have walked in on you and Sonny, she would have gone postal and this whole arrangement would have been for nothing. We all have put ourselves on the line make this lie work. It's not easy for anyone, Sam.

Sam: I actually went to Sonny's room today to thank him. Jason, I woke up this morning realizing something pretty amazing.

Jason: What?

Sam: I'm glad Iím pregnant. I want to be a mother.

Jax: You know, when I met Skye, she was tough and suspicious. She'd been burned in love too many times. But I convinced her to let down her guard and let me in, she fell in love, and I thought I did, too. We got married. And then on our wedding night, Brenda came back.

Courtney: Yeah, but Jax, you didn't set out to hurt Skye.

Jax: Yeah, but I did. And I left her vulnerable for Luke, who appears to have used her and tossed her aside. I mean, how can I criticize him for that? Huh? Because I did exactly the same thing. And how can I criticize Jason for the way he treated you?

Courtney: Hmm. No one's perfect, ok? We just -- we do the best we can, you know, we love who we love and we pay the consequences. All anyone can really ask for is honesty.

Jax: Right.

Courtney: Like I know all the answers.

Jax: Well, thanks for listening. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I do feel a little better.

Courtney: Yeah, so do I.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Jasper Jacks. I'll be right there.

Ric: Ms. Quartermaine, what is your relationship to the defendant?

Tracy: My brother, Alan, was told --

Ric: That's all right, dear. They can hear you fine.

Tracy: My brother, Alan, was told that Skye was his daughter. That turned out not to be true.

Ric: Oh, so she attached herself to a family that she didn't belong to?

Alexis: Objection, your honor. Being a member of a family is not dependant on biology, and to insinuate that there is some defect in Skye Quartermaineís character because she cares for the Quartermaines is an insult to all adoptive children and parents in this courtroom and elsewhere.

Judge: Ms. Davis, you're veering off the subject.

Ric: That's all right, your honor. I withdraw the question.

Tracy: Quite honestly, it doesn't matter to me that Skye is not biologically related. I have come to think of her as my niece, and I have a great affection for her. My family opened our home and our hearts to her, which made it all the more shocking and hurtful when I discovered that she was a pathological liar, so desperate and insecure that she's capable of doing anything she has to to get what she wants --

Alexis: Objection --

Tracy: Including murder!

Alexis: Objection, your honor! The witness is under oath to state the facts, not offer her opinion.

Judge: Sustained. Answer the question, nothing more. The jury will disregard the witness' remarks.

Edward: She knows damn well they can't disregard them.

Ric: Did you see Skye Quartermaine the night of the murder?

Tracy: I did. I went to her house to discuss family business. And I as I passed by the front window, I saw her inside with Detective Duncan on the floor, quite obviously dead.

Ric: I see. Now, do you recognize these photos?

Tracy: I took them.

Alexis: And instead of taking them to the police, which is what you should have done --

Ric: Tracy Quartermaine is not on trial here, counselor --

Alexis: You used them to black--

Ric: Skye Quartermaine is!

Alexis: I strenuously object to the admission of these photographs!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Ms. Davis, you're out of order here. Objection is overruled. Please continue, Mr. Lansing.

Ric: Thank you, your honor. Now, where were these photos taken?

Tracy: The first one was taken the night of the murder.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Tracy: It's in Skyeís house, and as you can see, Detective Duncan is there.

Ric: Mm-hmm, and these? Where were these photographs taken?

Tracy: Those were taken in my family's basement freezer. I followed Skye down there and was horrified to see Detective Duncan laid out. I took the pictures, and then I heard Skye and Luke Spencer discussing how she killed him.

Judge: The defense may call its first witness.

Alexis: I'd like to call Skye Quartermaine.

Skye: Well, I passed out. And when I came to, there I was on the couch next to Detective Duncanís dead body.

Alexis: How did you react?

Skye: Well, I panicked. I had no idea what had happened, and -- well, Luke Spencer was there.

Alexis: Luke Spencer?

Skye: Yes. He told me that nobody would believe that I was innocent and that we should hide the body until we could find the real killer.

Ric: So you went against your better judgment and you covered up a murder because Luke asked you to?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: Is it because you trust Luke?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: It's safe to say you rely on him?

Skye: That's right.

Ric: I see. So, when he suggested that you move the body to the crawl space underneath the house, you agreed?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: Yes, and then when that became too dangerous, he suggested that you put the body in the freezer of the Quartermaine basement, and you complied with that?

Skye: Yes.

Ric: The truth is you would have done anything that Luke Spencer asked you to, wouldn't you?

Skye: Well, I don't know about that.

Ric: Oh, come on. Well, you love Luke Spencer, right? You would do anything to please him. As a matter of fact, you'd go to great lengths in order to hold on to him!

Skye: Well, I wouldn't kill anyone!

Ric: I'm sorry, Ms. -- Are you saying that you don't love Luke Spencer? You're denying this love?

Skye: All right, I love -- I love Luke Spencer! Is that what you want to hear?

Lois: Jax, hey! Come on in. Thanks for coming.

Jax: Well, you said it was urgent.

Lois: Yeah, I need an investor who's not Lorenzo Alcazar. So how do you feel about the music business?

Carly: Michael, why were you hiding in here?

Michael: I wanted to surprise Daddy, but that lady came in.

Sonny: Michael -- you should have told me you were there. Now you heard things you don't understand.

Michael: She said you were in danger.

Sonny: Ok, that lady is a bad lady. She's trying to upset your daddy. That's why she made up those lies.

Michael: Then nobody's trying to kill you?

Carly: Sweetheart, it is exactly like Daddy said. Faith is a liar.

Michael: Promise?

Carly: I promise. Now, you need to promise me something. You will not run off anymore and you will not hide.

Michael: I promise.

Sonny: All right. Now, let's all go home. Can't wait to get some of that home-cooked meal.

Michael: And some good home-cooked dessert.

Sonny: Yeah. What's that look for?

Michael: Nothing.

Sonny: Nothing, huh?

Michael: Let's go home, Daddy.

Sonny: Yeah. Can you do me a favor and get my bag for me?

Michael: Ok, mm-hmm.

Sam: This pregnancy wasn't planned, and it's wreaked havoc on a lot of lives, but it turned out to be the best thing that's ever happened to me. Jason, Iím going to be a mother. And even though that scares me to death -- I actually want this more than anything in the world right now.

Jason: Good, and like Iíve told you, I'm going to take care of you and the baby, but, Sam, you got to help me.

Sam: I get that now.

Jason: Ok. No more meetings with Nico.

Sam: No way! I'm glad you showed up when you did, because I have no idea what Nico would have done to me.

Jason: You can pay me back by trusting me.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Hello.

Nico: Yeah. Meet me at Pier 52 in 10 minutes. If you don't, I'll tell your pretty boyfriend about your little secret you're so desperate to hide.

Jason: That was Nico. Sam, tell me exactly what he just said.

Sonny: One more signature and we're on our way.

Michael: Just where we're safe.

Carly: We're safe. Everything is fine.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Bobbie: Have a good trip home.

Carly: Thanks. All right, let's go. After you.

Michael: Bye, grandma. Bye.

Bobbie: Bye, Michael.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: Go away. You want to kill my daddy, but you're the one who's going to die.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lois: You have a thing for Sonny's little sister?

Mary: A minute ago we were making love, and now you can't get far enough away.

Nikolas: I just need some time to think.

Alexis: I need you to take the stand in Skyeís defense.

Jason: What are you so afraid to tell me?

Sonny: Somebody hired that shooter. Convince me it wasn't you.

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