GH Transcript Monday 6/21/04

General Hospital Transcript Monday 6/21/04

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Jax: Lois, Lois, how could you leave me for so long?

Lois: Why do the schlubs keep getting schlubbier and you just get more handsome by the minute, huh?

Jax: Aren't you sorry that you didn't marry me when you had the chance?

Lois: Oh -- come here.

Nikolas: Mary, please, don't give up. Ok, you canít. Whatever -- whatever you think is happening, it's -- I'm sorry, I made a terrible mistake. Ok, I was wrong. But if -- if you come back to me, Iíll never do anything to hurt you again. I'll give up trying to remember, I'll let my past stay gone; I'll walk away from anything, ok? I'll walk away from -- from anyone -- from anyone to be with you.

Nikolas: Hey. It's all right, I'm here. It's all right.

Mary: Connor.

Nikolas: I love you so much.

Sonny: Can you give me a hand here?

Carly: No.

Sonny: We got to get out of here.

Carly: It's too soon, Sonny. You could start bleeding again.

Sonny: I don't have time to argue, Carly.

Carly: How many chances do you think you're going to get? Huh? How many trips to death's door? I really -- I don't understand why you want to put yourself back into the line of fire.

Sonny: Carly, we got to get out of the country before anybody figures out that --

Sonny: Carly?

Carly: You're not going anywhere.

Sam: Do you think it was Alcazar?

Jason: We don't know.

Sam: Who else would follow Sonny all the way to Costa Rica?

Jason: You know, sometimes things like this happen to Sonny; sometimes they happen to me. You can't let yourself get so upset.

Sam: Ok, Sonny nearly died because of me. I think I'm allowed to be a little bit emotional about this, Jason.

Jason: You're right, but stress is not good for the baby. Ok? Think about staying calm, try to get some rest.

Sam: Do you get how hard it is for me to be passive about this?

Jason: Yeah, I think I do.

Guard: Security! Freeze! Step away from him now!

Jason: What -- what are you doing, man? Go after him!

Guard: I said -- hey, I said freeze!

Jason: Go after him!

Guard: Be still!

Lois: Oh, forgive me for charging over here just to grope your date.

Jax: Oh -- Courtney Matthews, Lois Cerullo -- the only woman I ever proposed to at first sight.

Lois: Courtney, delighted to meet you.

Courtney: I -- is he serious? About the proposal, I mean?

Jax: Lois and I were -- we were made for each other, but our love was star-crossed.

Lois: Get a load of this guy -- "star-crossed."

[Jax laughs]

Jax: Foiled by my so-called friend and killjoy, Ned.

Lois: To whom I was happily married at that time, and don't call Ned a killjoy, ok? He was a good man surrounded by lunatics.

Courtney: So you're -- you're Ned Ashtonís Lois?

Lois: Well, not in the sense of being his personal property or anything, but we were married.

Jax: Yeah, but she was flirting with me madly the entire time.

Lois: Don't flatter yourself, ok? We where wheeling and dealing, and that's all.

Jax: Yes, but if you had dumped Ned and ran away with me, we would be happily married by now raising at least three kids.

Courtney: He isn't exactly insecure, is he?

Lois: And he couldn't be more wrong. If I had married you, we would be deliriously happy and raising at least five kids by now.

Jax: Lois.

Nikolas: I never should've walked out in the middle of a fight like that. I'm sorry.

Mary: It's ok.

Nikolas: You know, when the doctor said that -- said that you were getting worse, I realized that you were my entire life.

Mary: Please don't leave me.

Nikolas: I won't, I promise.

Carly: You -- you need to get back into bed.

Sonny: We got to get out of here.

Carly: What is the rush, Sonny? You have hidden out this long. Why not hide just a little bit longer?

Sonny: They know I'm alive. They're going to come after me. We got to get out of here.

Carly: The hell we do!

Sonny: I'm sorry. She's upset.

Carly: Yeah, you're right, I am upset!

Sonny: Could you get us a car to take us to the airport?

Sister Mary: You are far too ill to travel.

Sonny: I can rest on the plane.

Carly: Unless you bleed to death on the way.

Sister Mary: God saved you for a reason. He has given you a second chance.

Sonny: Can you give my wife and I just a second, please?

Sister Mary: It's a miracle you're alive.

Carly: Yeah, you hear that? It's official.

Sister Mary: How many miracles do you think God is giving out these days?

Sonny: Can you think about what you're doing right now?

Carly: I am thinking, and you cannot go anywhere except right back in this bed.

Sonny: No, you don't -- you don't understand what's happening. We don't get out of here right now; somebody's going to die.

Mary: I haven't been fair. I've made mistakes, but I need you.

Nikolas: Right now, you need to rest.

Mary: When the water was coming up -- up over my head, I panicked because I had to get back to you. I couldn't, though, because there was no air and everything went dark. Like my life without you, like the time I thought you died in the war. So alone.

Nikolas: You're not alone now, ok? You never will be again.

Mary: I don't care about what happened before. I love you for who you are now.

Nikolas: I love you, too.

Mary: You won't leave me?

Nikolas: No. No, never. Never, not until the day I die.

Jax: You know, Lois --

Lois: Oh --

Jax: Lois, Port Charles has been a wasteland without you. The Quartermaines lost their soul, L&B collapsed, and Ned -- well, he kind of fell apart after you walked out on him.

Lois: What's with Alexis? I mean, because Ned was with her and then you married her. What was with that?

Jax: No, Alexis is just a friend. You still set the gold standard. You're still the only perfect woman I've ever known.

Lois: Yeah. He only believes that because we never actually dated.

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- what about the trip to Alaska?

Lois: I had the privilege of meeting both his parents, which is not to be confused with a date. Ned told me about your father, may he rest in peace.

Jax: Thanks. You know, Lady Jane will be delighted to hear that you're back.

Lois: I didn't say I was back, but do give your mother my best. You know, to make it clear, there was never one instant of romance between me and Jax.

Courtney: Oh, I'm not worried. Don't --

Jax: No, no, everything was romantic with Lois.

[Lois laughs]

Jax: It doesn't matter what it is -- you know, a plane trip, a business dinner --

Lois: Yeah, yeah, not one --

Jax: Because you're the woman that should've been mine.

Lois: We never had one single date. I swear to you, not ever.

Jax: Yeah, that's not because you didn't want to.

Lois: He's kidding!

Jax: I can see it in your soul, Lois.

Lois: Ok, you know what? I'll take care of my soul; you take care of your date.

Courtney: Oh, we're not on a date.

Jax: No.

Lois: No?

Courtney: No, no, we're business associates, that's all.

Jax: Just -- yeah, it's strictly business.

Courtney: I just -- I was -- I couldn't sleep, so I ended up here and --

Jax: Yeah. Neither could I.

Lois: Why not?

Courtney: Uh -- jet lag. We just got back from Italy.

Lois: Oh, you and Jax?

Jax: That's right.

Lois: But you're not here on a date?

Courtney: Oh, no, not for a second.

Jax: No, no, it's not a date.

Lois: What is going on here? I know you're not playing hard to get, not with a beautiful woman like you.

Ned: Has Jax ever played hard to get?

Jax: Hey, Ned, why didn't you tell me that Lois was back in town?

Lois: And you didn't tell him about Brooke Lynn, either, did you?

Jax: Why? What happened to Brooke Lynn?

Lois: Nothing. She's a teenager who's obviously rebellious, which is currently getting in the way of her becoming the perfect shining star in the future of American pop.

Ned: Mm-hmm. Which is why we set up this meeting to discuss what happens next for Brooke.

Lois: You know what, why don't you clue Jax in on our Brookie, and I get to know his date.

Courtney: I'm not his date.

Ned: Well, actually, Lois, I have a lot to get to.

Jax: Well, what Lois wants, Lois gets. Come on.

Ned: I really don't have time.

Lois: Ok, Jax and I were never anything more than friends. I don't know why he's trying to make you jealous, but do not believe him.

Courtney: Oh, I'm not -- Iím not jealous.

Lois: You go, girl! That's exactly what Jax needs is a woman who's sure of herself.

Courtney: Uh -- ok, look, we're really not dating. It's more of -- kind of like a bet or a game.

Lois: Oh, be careful when you play games with Jax because he always wins.

Courtney: You know, it's really about Jax and my brother -- they -- they hate each other.

Lois: Really? Because almost nobody hates Jax.

Courtney: Well, Sonny Corinthos does.

Lois: You're Sonny's sister?

Sonny: What if he gets word Iím alive? What do you think he's going to do? He's going to have to cover his tracks. His life may be on the line. Sister Agnes lied to him. He may use her as an example -- eliminate the witnesses.

[Sonny groans]

Sonny: Every minute that I'm here puts people at risk -- Sister Agnes, the other nuns, pregnant women, you.

Carly: You're nowhere near ready to travel.

Sonny: I don't have a choice. We got to get out of here. So are you going to help me?

Carly: You missed a button. It's going to be cold on the plane. I'll ask Sister Agnes for some blankets.

Sam: What's wrong? What's going on? Who was that guy? Do you know him?

Jason: Nothing. I'm going to take care of it.

Sam: How, Jason? What are you going to do?

Jason: Sam, try not to worry. I'll be in the hallway.

Alan: I found this on the floor. It's empty.

Jason: Bastard was trying to shoot air into my jugular.

Alan: I never thought I would say this, but thank God you can fight, otherwise you would be dead.

Guard: We found the orderly knocked out in a closet. He's in the E.R.

Jason: Must've stolen his uniform and his I.D.

Alan: I'm going to call the police. Maybe we can get a description from --

Jason: No, Alan, he was probably hit from behind.

Alan: Did you get a look at him? Did you, Jason? Yeah, ok, well maybe Mac can get a fingerprint on this.

Jason: The guy wore surgical gloves. You ready to go home?

Sam: Is it all right?

Alan: As long as you go to bed and keep your feet up. Surgery went well.

Sam: You checked with the surgeon?

Alan: I'm the chief of staff and you're carrying my grandchild; of course I spoke to the surgeon. What I would like to do is pack you both up, take you home with me so I can keep an eye on you. But this man leads his own life and makes his own choices, and sometimes they cost you dearly, don't they? I only hope it doesn't cost you -- well, I've said enough. I'm glad you're all right.

Sam: Jason, I don't blame him for being scared because I am scared, too.

Jason: You're going to be safer at home.

Sam: That psycho tried to kill Sonny; he tried to kill you. What if he tries again?

Jason: I'll stop him.

Ned: So Lois is determined to make Brooke a star.

Jax: Can she sing?

Ned: Oh, yeah, like an angel. Which only makes matters worse because my daughter also happens to be rebellious, irreverent, and completely stubborn.

Jax: And this comes as a surprise to you?

Courtney: You know, you actually know more about my brother than I do.

Lois: Yeah, well, growing up he was practically part of our family. My ma, she came up with every excuse to keep Sonny for dinner. Does he still cook Italian?

Courtney: Yes. He's incredible.

Lois: Well, where do you think he learned all that from? My ma, she put him to work in the kitchen so he wouldn't feel embarrassed eating our food. He had a lot of pride, that kid. You know, he was my brother Mark's best friend from grammar school on, except when he -- well, he quit high school which nearly killed my pop.  It really did -- but, you know, you couldn't the blame the guy because his situation at home was not good, which I'm sure you know. It's amazing he turned out to be such a wonderful guy.

Courtney: Define "wonderful."

Lois: You don't think your own brother's wonderful?

Courtney: Um -- Sonny and I, we're kind of on the outs.

Lois: Well, what did you expect when you started dating Jax?

Courtney: I'm not dating Jax.

Lois: Look, you're in a public place sitting at the same table sharing a bottle of champagne.

Courtney: Yeah, but that doesn't mean --

Lois: You just took a romantic trip to Italy together.

Courtney: Romantic? We ended up in jail.

Lois: Even better. Did he pick you up or meet you here?

Courtney: We met here --

Lois: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: But by accident.

Lois: Look, I don't know what they call it where you come from, but in Benson Hurst, you're on a date.

Courtney: Ok, maybe so. But Jax is just the tip of the iceberg as far as me and Sonny. We -- we have some major issues.

Lois: Well, your brother, Sonny, he can be a little difficult.

Courtney: Try impossible. Look, he -- he wants to run my life and shut me out at the same time. Sonny -- I mean, he's arrogant, he's obsessed with power, and you know what, he gets so incredibly angry sometimes you can't even be around him.

Lois: Yeah, but he's also decent and generous and super loyal. And he is totally respectful of women, except for the ones he happens to be sleeping with -- yeah, they get destroyed. Which is perfect justice that he wound up with Carly, that raving bitch from hell.

Courtney: That would be Carly, my best friend.

Lois: Oh, give me a second to pry my foot out of my mouth, and you can tell me all about it.

Carly: Just think -- nuns probably slept under this blanket.

Sonny: Will you stop with the nuns?

Carly: Ok, well, will you stop being a tough guy and just take a painkiller?

Sonny: I can't; I got to think.

Carly: Sonny, I don't want to sit here and watch you suffer.

Sonny: Where's my phone?

Carly: You want the phone?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Ok, take a pill, then. Come on.

Sonny: Ok. Give me the --

Carly: There you go.

Sonny: Give me the phone.

Carly: Ok. Take the pill.

Sonny: I'll take it. Hey.

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: Ok, we're on the plane.

Jason: Good. We're just waiting here. Sam's going to be examined by Dr. Meadows and we're going to head home.

Sonny: You find anything about the shooter?

Jason: No, but some guy came after me at the hospital.

Sonny: Are you hurt?

Carly: What happened to Jason?

Sonny: Be quiet. Shh, shh, shh. Did you get a good look at the guy?

Jason: Medium build, white guy, brown hair. Did you get a look at who shot you?

Sonny: No, but Sister Agnes did, and she doesn't miss much. Did he have a tattoo?

Jason: Yeah, actually, on his right forearm. It was a -- it was a snake running through, like, a black circle, like some kind of tribal sign or --

Sonny: He's got to be the guy.

Carly: Sonny, hang up the phone. Hang up the phone right now.

Sonny: Must be Alcazar's or Faith's. Find out.

Jason: I'm on it.

Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, look.

Sam: Are you positive that the tattoo was on his right arm?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: And there was a black circle with lines coming through it, and that's -- that's why you thought it was the sun?

Jason: Yeah, that's right.

Sam: And a snake, and it was kind of going through the sun?

Jason: Do you know this guy?

Sam: Yeah, Jason, Iím afraid I do.

Man: Can you hold the door? Thank you.

Nikolas: Mary's fine.

Emily: What happened to her?

Nikolas: She almost drowned in the river.

Emily: How did she end up in the river?

Nikolas: I don't know. I don't know all the details yet.

Emily: I'm glad she's all right.

Nikolas: Thank you. It never would've -- would've happened if I would've stayed with her.

Emily: I imagine that's true.

Nikolas: Tonight was a mistake.

Emily: You may change your mind when you hear what I have to say.

Nikolas: I'm married. I cheated on my wife. There's nothing that you can say or do that will ever change that.

Emily: But you feel a connection to me, don't you? I mean, you have from the start.

Nikolas: That doesn't -- that doesn't matter, ok? What happened here tonight was -- was wrong, ok? I belong with Mary.

Emily: Then why doesn't she want you to remember your own past?

Nikolas: Because she's trying to protect me. That's --

Emily: From what?

Nikolas: I don't know, but it's irrelevant at this point!

Emily: No, it isn't!

Nikolas: It doesn't matter.

Emily: Not for you!

Nikolas: I can't think of myself right now, ok? I need to concentrate on what Mary needs. That's what I need to do.

Emily: Your marriage is a lie.

Nikolas: What do you -- what do you know about my marriage? You've known Mary, what, weeks?

Emily: I've known Mary as long as you have. In fact, I think we met on the same night.

Nikolas: What? That's -- that's ridiculous. I mean, that's crazy.

Emily: Mary isn't what you think!

Nikolas: You have no right to attack her. You have no right.

Emily: I have every right!

Nikolas: You know, I knew I shouldn't have come back here tonight, but I wanted to tell you face to face -- I can't -- I can't be with you anymore, ok? My commitment is to Mary.

Emily: Wait a minute, listen, listen. You don't understand. We belong together.

Nikolas: Please stop. I'm married, and my wife loves me.

Emily: So do I! I love you.

Nikolas: What? But we barely know each other.

Emily: What we have is real. I can prove it.

Nikolas: I can't do this. Emily, stop, please. Please, you're grieving, ok?

Emily: Wait. Just wait.

Nikolas: Stop! Stop it! Stop it! I can't -- I can't replace Nikolas, ok, and I can't -- I can't love you.

Emily: Just wait a second!

Nikolas: I can't love you!

Emily: I can prove it if you'll --

Nikolas: I'm in love with my wife! I'm in love with my wife, please!

Ned: If Lois and I get this label running again, Brooke definitely has the chops.

Jax: Is that what Lois wants?

Ned: Well, she hasn't said no, but it also means that she'd have to move back here to Port Charles.

Jax: Oh, wouldn't that be a shame?

Courtney: When Carlyís on your side, she's relentless. There's nobody more loyal.

Lois: Sure, when she's getting something out of it.

Courtney: Carly's not perfect, ok, but who is? She is a loving mother, though, and she's a good friend.

Lois: Look, all right, I don't claim to know the woman well, but I am aware that she deliberately destroyed her own mother's marriage, ok? Then on top of it, my good friends Robin Scorpio and Brenda Barrett suffered at her hands. Plus, she ruined A.J. Quartermaine's life, plus she wound up married to your brother, Sonny, who is a good man -- deeply troubled, but a good man. So I can't imagine that she would be good for him.

Courtney: You're judging Carly without knowing the circumstances.

Lois: Hmm. You know what? You're right. I'm wrong, ok? All right, if she's your friend; she's your friend. Not another word.

Courtney: You know, I used to hate Carly, too.

Lois: No. You know what? What I said was unforgivably rude, and you don't need to make it ok for me. All right, we'll just agree to disagree.

Courtney: No, she's just -- well, she used to try and warn me about A.J., and I refused to listen, so --

Lois: Oh, so you know A.J. Quartermaine?

Courtney: Yeah. We were married, but it turned out to be a terrible mistake. It's --

Lois: Oh. Well, I mean, he has his problems, but you got to feel a little sorry for the guy, no? I mean, living in his little brother's shadows, being compared to Jason -- golden boy -- all day every day, it's got to, you know, damage a kid. Not to mention that when A.J. wrapped his car around the tree and Jason wound up with a little brain damage and was basically a stranger --

Courtney: Just so you know, I -- I was -- I was married to Jason, too. We -- we just got divorced.

Lois: Wow. Was that your choice or his?

Courtney: It was mutual. We still loved each other, but -- well, we were just too different. We couldn't make it work.

Lois: Yeah, that's -- that's what happened with me and Ned. Do you realize that between the two of us, we have been married to every Quartermaine man of our generation? Do you realize that?

Courtney: Oh my God, that's really scary.

Lois: Yeah, we could write a guidebook or something.

Courtney: What would we call it?

Lois: "Run for your Life"?

[Lois laughs]

Courtney: Oh, God --

Lois: Cheers.

Sam: It has to be Nico. I've never seen a tattoo like that on anyone else before.

Jason: Who is he?

Sam: Alexis asked me about him at the custody trial. When I was with Nico, I was 18 and he was 27.

Jason: Right, you testified against him.

Sam: Yeah, he stole cars. He had this whole little ring going. I mean, I was way too cool to be a part of anything like that, considering the kind of scams my dad and I were running, but he convinced me to change my mind. Hotwiring cars was really easy and he paid me really well.

Jason: So you worked for him?

Sam: Yeah, I was the hot-wire queen. Nico handled the one-on-one -- that's what he called it, anyway.

Jason: What was that?

Sam: Carjacking. Yeah, I never realized what an idiot I was. Anyway, he got busted, and the cops showed me pictures from the morgue -- people Nico killed because they wouldn't give their keys up fast enough. That's why he called it one-on-one. I mean, that's what he meant by it, anyway.

Jason: Did you -- did you get busted?

Sam: No. I turned stateís and I testified against him. And Nico went to prison and he wasn't supposed to get out. He got life, and when they led him out of the courtroom, he just -- he looked at me with this grin. Jason, it made my blood run cold. It was --

Jason: Did he threaten you?

Sam: He just -- he told me he would be back and to wait for him, and I didn't, obviously.

Jason: Did you visit him?

Sam: No. No, I got, like, five or six letters from him total, nothing else.

Jason: Did you answer those letters?

Sam: No, Jason. They all said the same thing.

Jason: What?

Sam: "I love you, I need you, nothing will keep us apart."

Jason: That's why he tried to get rid of me and Sonny. Nico wants a clear path to you.

Carly: All right, the pain pills should kick in any second now.

Sonny: It's not that bad.

Carly: Don't you think I know when you're lying to me? You just hold on and we'll get you straight to the hospital. God, I knew we should've stayed in that convent.

Sonny: And get all those nuns killed?

Carly: Sonny, you know, we're going to have a hard enough time getting into heaven as it is under the best circumstances --

[Sonny laughs]

Carly: So throw in a little bit of -- donít. What? Don't -- don't laugh at me. I'm trying to be serious here. You ok?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, just -- thanks for coming after me.

Carly: Like I had a choice.

Sonny: I'm -- uh --

Carly: You're what? What, Sonny? What?

Sonny: I'm glad you're here.

Carly: Thanks, Sonny. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- no going to sleep. Sonny? Sonny, no sleeping.

Sonny: I'm dozing.

Carly: I don't care. No sleeping. It scares me.

Sonny: Why does it scare you if -- if I sleep?

Carly: Because -- it just does, ok? Come on.

Lois: $10 million could help a lot of kids.

Courtney: Uh-huh, and they are guaranteed to get it because there is no way I am sleeping with Jax.

Lois: I don't know, he can be pretty charming. Not that we've been anything more than friends, understand, and not that it's any of my business, but I really don't think you should rebound with Jax when you're still in love with Jason.

Courtney: Well, Jasonís -- he's moved on. You know, he's completely out of the picture. But Jax -- I mean, how can I take him seriously? He's -- he's shallow and vain, not to mention narcissistic.

Lois: Yeah, but underneath all that glitz is a huge-hearted lug that just wants a woman to share his life with.

Courtney: Not the Jax I know.

Lois: Cut him a little slack. That's all Iím saying.

Jax: Well, that is excellent advice.

Lois: Oh, look at that.

Ned: And if Jax deserves any slack-cutting, well, then so do I.

Lois: Ah! See what you started?

Courtney: Me?

Lois: Yeah.

Jason: If Nico did this --

Sam: It has to be him.

Jason: He's going to be taken care of.

Sam: He's supposed to be in prison, Jason.

Jason: Was he ever violent with you?

Sam: No. No, but if a guy looked twice at me, he went ballistic. He put a couple of guys in the hospital. When I was with Nico, I couldn't look at anyone else, Jason. I had to make myself invisible. I never imagined in a million years that I would have to worry about him again -- or that you or Sonny would be in danger because of me.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah. What did you find out? All right, thanks, Meyer. Nico got out of prison three months ago.

Nikolas: How is she?

Lorenzo: A lot better. Doctor said she can go home soon.

Nikolas: Soon? Is he sure she's all right?

Lorenzo: I'm kind of surprised you didn't stay here to speak with him. Where did you go?

Nikolas: Look, it's -- it's personal, ok?

Lucky: Hey.

Emily: Nikolas --

Lucky: Hey, it's only me.

Emily: I'm finally beginning to understand that Nikolas isn't coming back.

Nikolas: Look, the situation -- it's been taken care of. It was a one-time experience and it'll never happen again.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm. "Never" is a very long time.

Nikolas: Look, I love my wife, and Iím committed to my marriage, and the less that's said about this, the better.

Lorenzo: Then you won't tell Mary anything?

Nikolas: No. No, it'll just break her heart and --

Lorenzo: I agree. How much did she tell you about the accident?

Nikolas: Enough.

Lorenzo: Then you realize that she's a very, very, young, sensitive woman.

Nikolas: Yes, and I appreciate everything that you did to help her. Thank you.

Lorenzo: I don't think Mary tried to kill herself. She definitely needs your reassurance.

Nikolas: Yeah, and she'll get it. I will make my marriage work, Mr. Alcazar.

Mary: Connor?

Nikolas: How do you feel?

Mary: Better.

Nikolas: Good. Thank God for that. I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you, ok? Come here.

Lucky: God, it feels like Nikolas was just here.

Emily: That's why I come out here sometimes -- to feel close to him. It's like I'll glance over and almost see him staring into the fire.

Lucky: But like you said, Nikolas -- Nikolas is gone. And out here it's just the shadows and --

Emily: Maybe that's what grief is -- chasing shadows, looking for signs. Trying to piece things together, but you never really find the person you lost. Just a trace here or a flicker there, and a tiny whisper. A tender moment. Then when you try to reach out, the shadow just slips away.

Lucky: You need to stop reaching. You need to turn away. You need to run from the shadows -- like an old song my dad used to play on the stereo.

Emily: But I don't know where to run.

Lucky: Away, away to someplace bright, you know? Where there's trees, where there's fresh air and sunshine. Maybe a picnic tomorrow in the park.

Emily: You're the best friend.

[Music plays]

Courtney: Ay-yi-yi. I have been drinking champagne for days, weeks.

Lois: Yeah, well, welcome to life with Jax.

Jax: To Lois -- back where she belongs.

Lois: Oh, I don't know about that.

Ned: Oh, come on. You like it here, don't you? Nice ambiance, good friends. A dance floor.

Courtney: Ooh -- I think that's a hint.

Lois: Hmm.

Ned: Lois, if you lived here in Port Charles, you could come down here to The Cellar, have a drink or two, and dance if you'd like.

Lois: Which I don't, thank you very much.

Ned: You're right, you're right. What's one dance? There will always be another, and one after that. Life goes on forever, doesn't it?

[Lois laughs]

Ned: Why bother to enjoy every second?

Lois: One dance, that's all!

Courtney: Don't -- don't even think about it.

Jax: Why not? You are.

Courtney: No, I'm not.

Jax: Yeah, you're right. Doesn't look like much fun anyway.

Courtney: Ok, one -- one dance, that's all.

Jax: One dance is all I need.

Courtney: Ah -- ok.

Singer: When we touch, I feel feel feel good

Sam: Nico was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison. How did he get parole?

Jason: He figured out how to work the system.

Sam: Well, what if he shows up at your house?

Jason: Now you're just scaring yourself.

Sam: Jason, he's a seriously violent guy.

Jason: Sonny and I are going to take care of this.

Carly: Jason --

Jason: Sonny.

Carly: Jason, we need help! Take Sonny.

Jason: Sonny? Sonny?

Carly: We need help!

Jason: Come on, come on. Someone get a doctor!

Carly: Get a doctor! Help us!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: I don't want you going anywhere near General Hospital.

Mary: Why?

Emily: I can't keep living in the past. It's time to move on.

Jason: I need to know everything that you can tell me about Nico.

Carly: Get away from my husband's room.

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