GH Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

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Skye: Hmm. Damn it. Who's there?

[Owl hoots]

[Dial tone]

Skye: Hello? Hello? Oh. Oh, my -- Oh, my God. Oh, no.

Nikolas: Did he touch your face?

Emily: I think so.

Nikolas: Did you realize he was going to kiss you?

Emily: Not until it happened.

Carly: I said leave.

Faith: And I said back off. I am tired of deferring to the almighty Mrs. Corinthos. It is time somebody treated you like the trash you are.

Ric: All right, ladies.

Carly: Oh, and I'd like to see you try --

Ric: Let's everybody calm down. You better call 911. She's not breathing.

[Faith gasps]

Ric: Faith? You all right? Can you hear me?

Alexis: Too bad, Ric. You just lost your chance to slap Carly with a trumped-up murder charge.

Ric: Well, maybe, but I can still charge you with aggravated assault.

Courtney: Jax, wait. I think that we should call off this bet.

Jax: What, are you afraid that you won't win?

Courtney: I'm sure I will. Look, I haven't been playing fair, ok? I knew that you'd never be able to seduce me because Iíll only sleep with somebody I love.

Jason: Is anybody here? We need help!

Nurse: What's the matter?

Jason: She's four months pregnant and she's having cramps.

Sam: I think I'm losing my baby.

Sister Mary: How is he?

Sister: Barely breathing. I think it's time to call a priest to administer last rites.

Nikolas: I can't, I can't. I shouldn't have done that.

Emily: I wanted to kiss you. It -- it made me happier than Iíve been in a long time.

Nikolas: Emily, Emily, I'm married. It isn't fair to you or Mary.

Emily: We didn't plan it. It just happened.

Nikolas: No, I -- but I have a commitment, ok? I have an obligation.

Emily: What about the obligation to yourself? Are you sorry you kissed me?

Ric: How is she?

Paramedic: Stable, but we won't know the extent of the head injury till we get her to the hospital.

Ric: Ok. I'm afraid Iím going to have to take you down to the PCPD for questioning.

Carly: For defending myself against a vicious attack?

Ric: Carly, you were involved in a public disturbance. Faith was knocked unconscious.

Carly: Yeah, after she pushed me twice. You want to talk to any witnesses? You can call any one of these people over.

Ric: I was one of those witnesses, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, and you're completely impartial, aren't you, Ric?

Alexis: Faith attacked Carly. You have no case, Ric.

Ric: Well, we'll see.

Alexis: You're harassing her because of your personal vendetta against her husband.

Ric: Faith was brought to the hospital, Alexis, ok? She's seriously injured.

Alexis: Faith attacked Carly. Everyone in this restaurant saw that. If you insist on pressing charges, you're opening yourself up to a lawsuit which I will greatly enjoy filing.

Carly: Why are you defending me?

Jax: You know, I took your scruples into account when I made the bet.

Courtney: Well, you obviously didn't take them seriously.

Jax: I do love a good challenge.

Courtney: It's not a challenge, Jax. It's impossible.

Jax: I don't agree.

Courtney: No, Jax, there is no way that I would ever fall in love with you.

Jax: Well, that doesn't entirely rule out romance.

Courtney: It does for me.

Jax: Whoa, whoa. I think you might be mistaking sex with love. Anyway, I'm just going to throw this out there, but perhaps that's why both of your marriages failed so miserably.

Courtney: Well, you're entitled to your opinion and Iím entitled to think it's absurd.

Jax: I really have my work cut out with you.

Courtney: Believe me, Jax -- it would be a heck of a lot easier, not to mention a lot less expensive --

Jax: No, listen to me.

Courtney: If we just called off the bet.

Jax: I am just trying to expand your horizons, ok?

Courtney: Oh-oh! Really?

Jax: Having sex with somebody without attachments can actually be quite fun. People do this, you know? And they can enjoy each other and then they can move on without any bitterness or anger.

Courtney: Oh, great. Good for them.

Jax: I am going to help you let go of your adolescent fantasies and become a sophisticated woman.

Courtney: Oh, well, if that's sophistication, Jax, then you can keep it.

Jax: You don't mean that.

Courtney: All right. God, you can't take no for an answer, can you?

Jax: Well, "no" can be, you know, negotiable in my experience.

Courtney: Well, not in mine. Look, Jax, why don't you just take your shallow, overblown ego and go have a nice, romantic dinner for two?

Jax: That's good.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax. No, no, no, you're not interrupting anything. If you need me, nothing's more important.

Sam: The pain is almost gone. Does that mean everything's ok?

Doctor: Well, the examination is inconclusive. I'll need to check the results of your tests and then we'll continue the examination.

Sam: I'm glad you're here.

Jason: So am I. You needed help.

Sam: You must think Iím awful for lying about the miscarriage.

Jason: Sam, you had your reasons.

Sam: As long as Sonny knows I have his child, he will never stop trying to find me, Jason. I just figured if you went back to Port Charles and told him I miscarried, I could have this baby and give it up for adoption. Then I could forget that I ever fell in love.

Sister Mary: We brought a doctor in through the cellar. He did as much as he could without the equipment available to him at a hospital. I didn't dare risk moving you. I know the men that did this to you are watching. Now, you're too weak to move. In your delirium, you made a promise to God. He has kept you alive this long. Now it's up to you.

Lucky: Police! Don't move! I want you to raise your hands and turn around slowly.

Lesley: Lucky, please don't shoot.

Lucky: Grandma?

Jax: Yeah, I miss him, too, Mom. I think about him every day. I'll call you tomorrow. I love you, too.

Courtney: So, today was your father's birthday?

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, he would've been 70. It sounds really old when you say that, but he was -- he was full of energy, you know? Life was an adventure to him. I don't think I ever saw my father bored. You know, if things started slowing down, he would find another challenge and just throw himself at it. My father worked really hard. He never gave up. He always assumed that things would just work out for the best, you know, right up until the last few months.

Courtney: You miss him a lot.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, he was -- he was my best friend. I'm sorry, this -- we don't have to talk about this.

Courtney: No, no. Jax, it's -- I mean, it's obvious that your father was a wonderful man.

Jax: Yes, he was.

Courtney: Jax, wait. Look, neither of us has had anything to eat since before we got on the plane, so why don't I make us both a sandwich?

Carly: I'm thrilled to have you defending me, but I can't help but wonder -- what is the catch?

Alexis: D.A. Lansing's under the mistaken impression that he can railroad innocent citizens when the mood strikes him. He needs to keep in mind that he is a public servant, not a dictator.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Well, you want to make this go away, it is fine by me.

Ric: Well, good. Now that Mrs. Corinthos has agreed to let you defend her, can we take a little walk down to the PCPD so I can continue with my investigation?

Alexis: You have no case.

Ric: Well, I will as soon as Faith presses charges, which I am assuming that she will, especially after I go down to General Hospital and interview her.

Alexis: And coach her.

Ric: Oh, come on, Alexis.  Faith is a victim here.

Alexis: There are people here who can testify to the contrary.

Ric: Don't get ahead of yourself, counselor, all right? Even though this case is still pending, there's nothing you can do to stop Carly from being charged.

Alexis: We'll see.

Nikolas: Look, I don't want you to think that I came here under false pretenses. I did not plan on kissing you.

Emily: Neither of us did.

Nikolas: I really enjoy being with you.

Emily: Can you do me a favor?

Nikolas: What?

Emily: Can we just drop all of our expectations and just let things take their course and see what happens?

Nikolas: Like that kiss?

Emily: Do you honestly regret it?

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Well, let's not overthink it.

Nikolas: Oh, but I shouldn't have let that happen. I'm married. I shouldn't have --

Emily: I don't expect anything more. Please don't feel guilty.

Nikolas: Well, how else can I feel, though?

Emily: Look, you almost died. Now you have a second chance. Life is so fragile, so much can go wrong. Don't you owe it to yourself to follow your heart?

Nikolas: I can't replace the man you lost, Emily.

Emily: I don't want you to replace anyone. You are who you are -- I accept that. I'm sorry if that kiss made you uncomfortable.

Nikolas: It didnít. That's why it's uncomfortable. You know, I'm supposed to -- I'm supposed to love Mary, but I -- I just -- I feel like Iím trying -- I'm trying so hard to convince myself that everything is perfect and it isnít.

Emily: Aren't you happy?

Nikolas: Well, I should be. I mean, Mary -- she's been incredible. She's been loving, supportive and -- but it's --

Emily: But what?

Nikolas: But I just -- I feel like Iím just trying to fit the mold, Emily, like trying to act like the Connor that she's described, the husband that she expects.  But the pieces -- they don't fit. I mean, I feel like I'm putting on clothes that are the wrong size.

Emily: Have you told Mary?

Nikolas: I've tried. But it scares her. She deserves better than that.

Emily: She deserves the truth.

Nikolas: And I have tried to give it to her. You see, that's -- that's the difference between you and Mary. With you, I just -- I don't -- I don't have to try. It just, it feels -- it feels so good just to let my guard down and say whatever I feel. It's so easy to be with you.

Emily: Then be with me.

Lucky: Grandma, what are you doing here?

Lesley: Well, I came to see her, the dreadful woman who's been wreaking havoc on my family.

Skye: Well, I'm -- Iím so sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

Lesley: My daughter has been institutionalized for two years. How dare you take advantage of that by framing her for murder!

Skye: I -- I didnít. I swear to you I didnít.

Lesley: And you've completely driven Luke from his family. Poor Lulu hasn't heard a word from her daddy, not -- not even a telephone call or a note. Where is he, Skye?

Skye: I honestly don't know, but I'm sure that he would call if he could.

Lesley: You hurt Laura because you wanted Luke. Well, I mean, you weren't going to let him slip through your fingers, were you, not after all the trouble you'd gone to?

Skye: I want to hear from Luke as badly as you do.

Lesley: You stay away from my family! Do you hear me?

Lucky: Grandma, we're handling it. I'm sorry if I scared you, again.

Lesley: It's ok, sweetie. It wasn't your fault.

Lucky: I made the mistake of believing your lies and I almost shot my own grandmother!

Ric: Faith.

Faith: I didn't realize I had so many concerned friends.

Ric: I just wanted to let you know I can make a case for assault if you'll testify against Carly.

Alexis: Nothing like putting words in her mouth.

Faith: Ohh, the D.A. seems to be the only one that cares that I didn't die on the floor of the club you stole from me, Carly.

Carly: All I did was defend myself from you, you --

Alexis: Carly!

Ric: No, Carlyís opinion of the victim is pertinent to the case.

Alexis: There is no case.

Ric: Oh, what, is that your defense -- deny the incident ever occurred?

Alexis: Your client attacked my client.

Ric: I'm just doing what the people of this town have paid me to do.

Alexis: Then the people deserve a refund.

Ric: Would you like to make a case against Carly Corinthos?

Faith: Huh. Nothing would give me more pleasure.

Sonny: Carly.

Sister Mary: Carly? Who is Carly?

Sonny: It's my wife. I have to see her.

Sam: Hey, can you turn up the sound?

Jason: When you first found out you were pregnant, you didn't want to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Sam: Well, I do now. Jason, I -- I really hope this baby's ok.


Jason: The heartbeat's strong and steady.

Sam: No thanks to me.

Jason: You got to quit being so hard on yourself, ok?

Sam: You know, all Iíve done is think about how this baby's going to affect everyone else's lives, the trouble it would cause, how we'd all be better off without --

[Sam sighs]

Sam: This complication, I mean, that's how Iíve thought of my child -- as a complication.

Jason: No, no, no, no. You wanted your baby to have, you know, a family.

Sam: Well, what if I made this happen?

Jason: No, you didn't. What are you talking about?

Sam: I put it out there, Jason. I tempted fate by saying I had a miscarriage.

Jason: Sam, it doesn't work that way.

Sam: Yes, it does. If I lose this baby; it's my fault.

Jason: Look at this monitor. Your baby is not lost.

Doctor: I'm afraid there's a serious problem.

Emily: The first big dance I ever attended was in this house. The Bacchanalia Ball.

Nikolas: The Baccha what?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Bacchanalia. It's a Cassadine tradition from the 19th century. Everyone wore period attire. The men were elegant; the women beautiful.

Nikolas: Including you.

Emily: I'd never worn a hoop skirt before. I kept trying to blend into the woodwork. I felt totally out of place. I even thought about leaving. But then Nikolas found me, and a waltz was playing. And he walked right up to me, and he asked me to dance. I mumbled "yes," certain Iíd made a complete fool out of myself.

Nikolas: But you danced gracefully instead.

Emily: It wasn't that much of a fairy tale, but pretty close. Nikolas spun me around the dance floor, and it felt as if we were flying, in perfect sync. I've never forgotten that feeling.

[Waltz plays]

Emily: Dance with me?

Nikolas: No -- you may be disappointed.

Emily: I'll risk it.

Nikolas: Ok. Ready?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: Ok. Here we go.

Emily: Ok.

Carly: You're making a big mistake, Faith. It's one of many.

Faith: Oh, yeah. How's that?

Carly: Trusting Ric?

Alexis: Carly --

Carly: Only two months ago --

Alexis: Carly, that's enough!

Carly: She is a sociopath.

Ric: You know, your actions could be construed as an attempt to intimidate the victim.

Alexis: Faith's no victim.

Faith: She's right, Iím not.

Ric: Wait a minute. You just said before that you wanted --

Faith: I said nothing would make me happier than making a case against Carly, but there's no point.

Ric: Look, the woman put you in the hospital. Shouldn't she have to pay?

Faith: As much as I would like to help you with your never-ending quest to destroy Sonny -- which is obviously why you want to lock up his wife -- there's no case here. Look, Carly and I had an argument that got out of hand.

Ric: Oh.

Faith: I banged my head. It was an accident. No harm, no foul.

Ric: I'm going to have the doctor check for a concussion. It's obviously clouding your judgment.

[Door closes]

Carly: You disappointed?

Alexis: Just surprised.

Carly: Hmm. Well, you obviously wanted to take this case so you could go head to head with Ric, and I want to know why.

Alexis: Keep in mind, I'm $650 an hour.

Carly: All right, Faith, cut to the chase. What is it that you want for not pressing charges?

Faith: Nothing -- for now.

Sam: There's something wrong with my baby?

Doctor: No, no, the baby's fine, but you have what is known as an incompetent cervix.

Sam: A what?

Doctor: Well, basically, it's a cervix that is too weak to remain closed during the pregnancy and untreated, it can lead to a preterm birth, and possibly the loss of the baby.

Sam: You said untreated. Does that mean it can be fixed?

Doctor: There is a surgical procedure that can eradicate the problem.

Sam: Well, won't surgery be dangerous to the baby?

Doctor: It's a -- it's a minor procedure. Your ob-gyn can arrange to have it done at your local hospital.

Sam: What about any other complications?

Doctor: Well, there is inherent risk in any surgical procedure, but properly treated, you'll carry to term, and the baby will be fine.

Jason: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: Mm-hmm. The heartbeat looks good. I'll leave you on the monitor for a little while, and then you'll be free to go.

Sam: Thank you.

Doctor: Mm-hmm.

[Door closes]

Jason: I'm taking you back to Port Charles.

Sam: Or you can forget this ever happened and let me go.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Sister Agnes: Mrs. Carly Corinthos?

Carly: Yes.

Sister Agnes: I am Sister Agnes. I am calling on behalf of your husband, Sonny. He's been shot.

Carly: How serious is it?

Sister Agnes: He may be dying. He's asking for you.

Skye: What is it going to take to convince you that I am telling the truth?

Lucky: You can't, Skye. My father said that you were behind it and he has no reason to lie.

Skye: Won't you even consider for a minute the possibility that Luke was forced to write that letter?

Lucky: Oh, first it was forgery, now he was forced to write it?

Skye: Lucky, this doesn't make sense. Think about it. If Luke really thought that I was doing all that to Laura, why would he stay away and put it in a letter? Wouldn't he want to come back here and make sure that I went to prison?

Lucky: My dad knows that I'm going to follow through.

Skye: Oh, this is absurd! Think about it! Really, would I go through all that trouble of breaking Laura out of an institution, murdering a man, planting evidence to suggest that she did it, pretending Iím being stalked, lock myself in Wyndemere towers, all to get Laura out of the way? Don't you think it's all just a bit of an elaborate scheme, even for me?

Lucky: You're a smart girl, Skye. You're a good enough liar to even have fooled my dad for a while.

Skye: I'm not that good.

Lucky: You know what, I'm sure that'll be compelling on the stand, but I'm going to get up there and bury you. You've been destroying my family, and Iím going to do whatever it takes to send you to prison.

Lesley: And then Skye had the gall to look me in the eye and deny the entire thing.

Bobbie: Lesley, maybe she's telling the truth.

Lesley: Bobbie, the woman has a history of lying and scheming, and what she did to Laura was criminal.

Bobbie: Ok. If Skye did release Laura, and she set her up for murder, wouldn't Luke be here? He'd make sure she paid for that.

Lesley: Luke sent the letter. And now he's with Laura, taking care of her, and you know he's not going to leave her side.

Bobbie: But wouldn't he contact us; let us know that Lauraís all right?

Lesley: Well, maybe he's waiting -- because she's taken a turn for the worse.

Bobbie: I think there's a lot more going on here than we know.

Ric: Scotch, please. Well, so should I get a witness to corroborate the fact that you're the one who's following me now?

Alexis: That won't be necessary.

Ric: Well, I hope you didn't come here to gloat, because you didn't win. Faith just inexplicably refused to cooperate.

Alexis: You loathe Faith. It doesn't make any sense that you'd try to solicit her cooperation.

Ric: She was a victim of a crime.

Alexis: See, that's the part that I don't understand.

Ric: Hmm.

Alexis: You're a brilliant, albeit obnoxious attorney.

Ric: Oh, thank you.

Alexis: Why would you waste your talent trumping up charges to further your vendetta against your brother? Why? What did he do to you?

Ric: I have this compulsion to get in my brother's face, you know, mess with his life. I hope to send him to prison one day.

Alexis: You still didn't tell me why.

Ric: Maybe I'm just twisted.

Alexis: It's possible.

Ric: Or maybe it's just the simplest, oldest reason in the world -- jealousy. Mommy liked him best.

Jax: My mother told me about this hike that she took with my father a few years ago. It was in the foothills of the Canadian coastal mountains. They came across this waterfall. It was absolutely spectacular, and they decided to stop and have a picnic. And Mom was looking up at the sky, and she took in the beautiful surroundings, and when she looked at my father, she felt more in love with him than she ever had. I guess it was one of those moments in life that's absolutely perfect, you know? You wish you could just freeze time.

Courtney: Hmm. That's beautiful.

Jax: Yeah. That's how my parents were. You know, they fell deeper and deeper in love with each other as the years went on.

Courtney: Well, they were very lucky.

Jax: You know, I always assumed that when I was a kid that I would just grow up and I'd meet the perfect woman, you know, just like my father.

Courtney: Well, it isn't that easy, is it?

Jax: No, it's a chance of about one in a million, I think.

Courtney: Oh, I don't know if Iíd go quite that far.

Jax: All I know is, is that love isn't enough. I don't know what is. The way things are going, I don't think I'll ever find out in this lifetime.

Courtney: Isn't it just a little too soon to give up?

Alexis: Did your father divorce his wife?

Ric: Yeah, well, he planned to. He sent my mother and Sonny out to our summer house. He was going to make all the arrangements. Sonny was 6 at the time. He was already ruthless and cold-blooded. He didn't want to share our mother, so he pushed her down the stairs, injuring her and nearly killing me.

Alexis: Maybe it was an accident.

Ric: My father didn't think so. I mean, he thought Sonny was a danger to me and my mother, so he asked her to give him up; asked her to choose between Sonny and a comfortable family life with me and my father.

Alexis: And she chose Sonny?

Ric: Yeah. I never managed to make peace with that.

Alexis: What about your father?

Ric: Oh, he loved my mother, and I was a constant reminder of what he had lost.

Alexis: If it makes you feel any better, I know what that's like.

Ric: You always have the feeling that they'd rather be someplace else.

Alexis: But they're always not someplace else. And my stepmother can trump your mother anytime. Yeah, I always wanted his attention and, you know, you do anything you can to please them.

Ric: But you never feel like it's enough.

Alexis: No, you just keep going through the motions even after they're gone. I have to go.

Ric: Yeah. You know what, let me walk you home.

Alexis: Yeah, ok. Thank you.

[Waltz plays]

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Oh, I'm dizzy.

Nikolas: Whew. Yeah.

Emily: And breathless.

Nikolas: That's how I feel every time Iím with you.

Alexis: I think maybe your problem is that you see love as a commodity. You think there's a limited supply --

Ric: Well, how would you know that unless you think of love the very same way? Look, love doesn't just happen, does it? It's always got to be something that's managed or controlled, or it's got to be in some sort of cubbyhole, sandwiched between career --

Elizabeth: Ric?

Courtney: Aren't you too young to give up on love?

Jax: Well, assuming that I've got enough depth of character to love at all.

Courtney: Oh, I think maybe, just maybe, underneath all that superficial charm is a half-decent guy.

Jax: Well, I am deeply touched.

Courtney: Well, you might even be able to find a relationship with some substance if you just open yourself up to it.

Jax: No, no, last time I tried was a disaster. Never again.

Courtney: Never say "never."

Jax: You know, speak for yourself, because you deserve someone terrific -- someone who loves you and someone who treats you right. Don't let your experience with Jason make you cynical.

Courtney: This coming from the guy who tried to sell me on the joy of sex without attachments.

Jax: Well, I mean, until your prince charming comes along, Iím certainly going to keep you occupied.

Courtney: And what if I don't want to be?

Jax: I haven't heard too many complaints so far.

Courtney: Well, I guess it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.

Jax: Well, coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks for dinner.

Courtney: Yeah, pastrami and chips. I think the best part was dessert, and you provided that.

Jax: You know what, I have to confess I did bring enough ice cream for two people in the hopes that you would ask me to stay, which you did. For that, I thank you.

Courtney: Jax -- you forgot to say good night.

Jason: All right, Sam. If you swear to me that you're going to give this baby up for adoption, I won't stand in your way.

Sam: I already told you I would.

Jason: Yeah, but that was before you were afraid you lost the baby. What about now?

Sam: I'm not sure.

Jason: Come on, I saw your face when you were looking at that monitor.

Sam: Jason, that little heart beating -- I mean, suddenly, that made it so real to me. That my little boy or girl is already a part of me, and in a short while I will be holding it in my arms, feeling its little fingers wrap around mine, and rocking it to sleep. I love this baby already, Jason. I love it. I -- I want to be a mother. I never thought I would be saying this. Oh, gosh, I never had a maternal bone in my body, and now Iím -- I'm aching to see my baby's beautiful little face. It's --

Jason: And you're going to be a good mother.

Sam: Yeah, except for one minor detail -- I have no idea what Iím going to do, where I'm going to go, or how I'm going to do it.

Jason: No, no. You want the baby to have a mother and a father.

Sam: Nothing's perfect, though. I mean, tons of kids grow up with single parents, and they turn out all right.

Jason: Yeah, but you're not -- you're not alone, because I promised to help you, and the offer still stands.

Sam: After everything Iíve done?

Jason: Yeah, well -- this baby deserves a good life. I can support you both. And I will be the best father I can be.

Sam: I know.

Jason: And I also happen to know a lot more about parenting than you ever will.

Sam: No argument there.

Jason: The choice is yours. What do you want to do?

Sam: Wow. It's going to be hard to live across the hall from Sonny and not be with him, but you're right. I've got to do this for the baby.

Jason: Ok. So Iíll take you home, we'll be a family, and we'll raise this child together.

Carly: Sonny, oh my God.

Sister Agnes: He's been holding on until you got here. I called for the doctor again, but I think it's too late.

Carly: No. It's not too late. It can't be. Sonny? Hey. Sonny? Come on, you're not leaving me, Sonny. Sonny, you have to hang on. You have to fight. I won't let you go, Sonny. Sonny, no -- Sonny -- Sonny -- Sonny, you come back. You come back to me.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: This is my son, Cameron.

Lorenzo: I know this woman. She would not attempt suicide.

Jason: I'm just going to wait right here.

Carly: I still love you, Sonny.

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