GH Transcript Tuesday 6/15/04

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/15/04

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Lynn: Don't even think about it.

Dillon: Whoa. What are you doing?

Lynn: You are not turning me in.

Dillon: Wait. I'm calling my family. I'm not calling yours.

Lynn: Your family is my family.

Dillon: What?

Lynn: I am Brooke Lynn Ashton.

Dillon: You're my niece?

Nikolas: Thought you left for work.

Mary: I canít. Not until you promise me you're going stop trying to recover your memory.

Jax: You know, for someone who got us all arrested, you look awfully pleased with yourself.

Nikolas: I have every right to want to remember my life, Mary.

Mary: Aren't you happy the way we are now?

Nikolas: Yes. We've been over this a hundred times. Yes, you know I'm happy!

Mary: Well, then why don't we just concentrate on the future?

Nikolas: Don't you want your husband back?

Mary: I have my husband back. We renewed our wedding vows. We pledged our lives to each other. Why can't we just leave the past behind us?

Nikolas: What will change if I remember? Hmm? What haven't you told me about my life?

Lois: I'm going to go after our baby. You coming with?

Ned: Lois --

Tracy: Oh, by all means, let's ignore police instructions and go out on a search, wasting everybody's time.

Lois: Dillon stole a car, making Brookie an accomplice.

Tracy: Excuse me. Excuse me. My son Dillon was the innocent victim of your daughter's over-the-top adolescent rebellion. He was kidnapped by a desperate teenager running away from the stage mother from hell.

Lois: What do you mean by "desperate"?

Tracy: If Brooke Lynn catches a glimpse of either of you, clearly she is going to grab Dillon and run farther and faster!

Emily: Enter at your own risk. Hi. Nobody slept all night, and we still haven't heard from Dillon or Brooke Lynn.

Georgie: Brooke Lynn?

Emily: It's Lynnís real name. She's Nedís daughter. We just realized that last night.

Georgie: So Dillon and Lynn, they are related? This is -- this is great! I mean, not that they stole a car and ran away, but --

Emily: At least you know Brooke Lynn won't steal Dillonís heart.

Dillon: You ran away from home, you lied to everyone you know, you broke into your father's studio, and didn't even --

Lynn: Oh, hold on, you practically dragged me back to that studio!

Dillon: What are you talking -- you tricked me into helping you ditch some cop, and then you drove away before I even had a chance --

Lynn: That's right, you wouldn't get out of the car!

Dillon: You lied to me!

Lynn: Look, Dillon, I didn't even know who you were until last night, ok?

Dillon: Wait a minute. No, no, no, wait a minute. No, you knew your father owned L&B, right.  You knew I worked there, so, um, duh.

Lynn: Right, right, right, you're right, ok? So, what, you must be my uncle? Yeah, that's what everybody's thinking. Come on, man!

Dillon: Oh, don't you even pretend for two seconds that you didn't wonder who I was at least once.

Lynn: Some blond guy with weird hair who wants me to sing, so what.

Dillon: Did you even know I existed?

Lynn: Look, I forgot about you, ok? So what. Sue me. My family in Benson Hurst, we didn't talk about the Quartermaines very much.

Dillon: Ok, I don't believe this. Whatever.

Lynn: Oh. You know what? Now that I think about it, aren't you supposed to be touring Europe with your mother -- you know, my grandma, the one I never got to meet?

Dillon: Come on, your grand-- that's comedy. Piece of advice -- if we ever make it out of this and you meet Tracy face to face, don't call her grandma.

Jax: Guard? Guard!

Carly: Hey, hey, will you keep your voice down? People are trying to sleep.

Jax: Yeah, you know what, thanks to you, we've been stuck in this hole all night. Guard! I'd like to arrange for our release!

Carly: Oh, Jax, things take a little bit of time here. You're a cosmopolitan guy. I thought you'd know that.

Jax: Are you resigned to being locked up here? Or are you just trying to get Jason and Courtney to spend a little more time together?

Carly: Well --

Jax: Courtney?

Carly: Hey, shh.

Jax: Courtney!

Carly: Shh! Stop!

Courtney: Um, sorry. I must've drifted off.

Jason: It's no problem.

Jax: Courtney, are you all right?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?

Jax: Yeah, I couldn't be better.

Courtney: So when are we going to get out of here?

Jax: I'm getting --

Carly: Ok, well, we all broke the law, so we need to repay our debt to society --

Courtney: Carly --

Carly: All of us.

Courtney: Your little plan isn't going to work. Get that through your head.

Carly: Ok. Well, you just go on back to sleep now.

Courtney: Carly isn't very subtle, is she?

Jason: Of all the stupid ways to try to get us together.

Dillon: Why are you putting Ned through this? Huh? Do you have any idea how worried he must be? Actually, do you have any idea how thrilled he must be to know that his daughter actually sings?

Lynn: Ok, "thrilled" I don't need.

Dillon: Ok, listen to me -- Ned will let you work on your own terms.

Lynn: Look, I know he will, but my mom will never let it happen.

Dillon: Oh, so what? He owns the label. Come on!

Lynn: Dillon, he will never stand up to her.

Dillon: Why? Why not?

Lynn: Because she can make him believe whatever she wants, ok? Why do you think I haven't seen him for so long? It's because she made him believe that the divorce was all of his fault and that I am better off in Benson Hurst.

Dillon: Well, maybe she's right. Ever thought about that?

Lynn: Why, because the Cerullos are so great? Watching my every move and pressuring me into being the perfect daughter and the perfect student and -- oh, my God -- the perfect singer, because you know what, Dillon?

Dillon: What?

Lynn: That's what my mom wants.

Dillon: Yeah, well, excuse me, Iím sorry, I thought it was kind of cool that she actually cares.

Lynn: Do you honestly do not get any of this at all?

Dillon: Why didn't you ever visit?

Lynn: Because Mom wanted to protect me from the evil, dysfunctional Quartermaines.

Dillon: Ok, that kind of makes sense -- at least the dysfunctional part.

Lynn: Whose side are you on, man?

Dillon: Whose -- I'm not on anybody's side. I'm saying the Quartermaines can be a little difficult from time to time. That's all Iím saying.

Lynn: Ok, look, my mom, she can pressure my dad into whatever she wants, but she will never be able to pressure me, ok? This is my life!

Dillon: Oh, my God, what -- what is wrong with you? Hey, hey, hey, stop! What are you doing?

Lynn: Would you look at that. I think I just found our next ride, Dillon.

Edward: Ok, that's it. I've waited as long as Iím going to. Ned, you call the newspaper. I'm going to get a hold of the television. We'll get a film crew here. We'll offer a reward.

Tracy: Great idea, Daddy.

Lois: Show your father a little respect. I think that is an excellent suggestion, Mr. Q.

Tracy: Oh, of course it is. Let's alert every criminal in the tristate area that there are two rich teenagers out there all by themselves, just ripe for the picking.

Ned: She has a point.

Edward: Emily. Where have you been, honey?

Tracy: Has Dillon called?

Georgie: No.

Tracy: Then what are you doing here? Why don't you go home!

Lois: Wait, you're a friend of Dillonís?

Ned: Yeah, Georgie is Dillonís girlfriend.

Lois: You're Georgie Jones, Feliciaís baby girl?

Georgie: That's me.

Lois: Look at you! You're all grown up! And you're dating Dillon Quartermaine?

Tracy: Could we save the warm fuzzies until after we find the runaways?

Lois: You know, let me think -- if I had a mother like that, I think I'd steal her car, too; hit the gas, and never be seen or heard from again. Wouldn't you?

[Engine cranks]

Dillon: You're not going to be able to do this, ok?

Lynn: Ok, look, this is a really tricky model, Dillon. My uncle Mark has worked on a couple of them in his garage.

Dillon: Oh my God, you are so getting electrocuted.  I swear to God.

[Car starts]

Lynn: Ok, yes! Ok, check your watch. That had to be less than two minutes, man. Ugh! A new personal best, thank you.

Dillon: Hey, turbo, the car has Onstar, all right? You probably set off an alarm or something.

Lynn: Well, then we'd better roll. Come on, Dillon.

Dillon: You -- you are not stealing another car, capisce?

Lynn: Do you honestly think that the owner's going to stay at the beach forever, Dillon? You have three seconds to get out of this car now --

Dillon: Look at this, watch my finger, watch my finger. It's over. It's over. We're going home.

Nikolas: Our life couldn't have been as perfect as you said it was, Mary. What, are you afraid that Iíll leave you if I remember?

Mary: No, nothing like that.

Nikolas: What, was I unfaithful to you?

Mary: No, Connor. How could you even say that?

Nikolas: What's the big secret then?

Mary: There's no secret.

Nikolas: Then why don't you want me to remember? Just answer the question!

Mary: Well, have ever thought that maybe -- maybe your mind is protecting you from something, something you don't want to know? I wasn't with you in Iraq. I -- I don't know what you experienced, but I know it's better not to drudge these things --

Nikolas: Ok, ok, fine, fine. Once I find the truth, no matter how terrible it is, all right, we'll let go of it and we'll move on together, ok? Ok?

Mary: Please don't take this risk.

Nikolas: Mary, I really hope that one day you'll understand that Iím not just doing this for me. I'm doing this for us.

Mary: If you love me, you -- you have to give this up.

Nikolas: I do love you. That's why I can't.

Jax: It's all an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Carly: But we're still responsible for what we've done.

Jax: If I could just make one phone call to my attorney; we'll be out of your way.

Officer: One phone call.

Jax: Thank you.

Officer: Ah. One at a time.

Carly: Oh, um, I really -- it's difficult for me to be in small spaces, and it's actually really hard to breathe. I'm feeling flushed, really I am, and -- whew! -- If you could just let me get a little bit of fresh air while Jax is making his phone call --

Jax: I thought you wanted to pay your debt to society.

Carly: Yeah, well, not without you. Please, really, I just -- I don't want to be here alone. I know I made a mistake, and I know you understand that, but I just -- there is no air in here at all.

Jax: She's faking it.

Carly: Ok, please, if you could just show me this one kindness, just one -- he won't. He's so angry at me. He's so angry, but Iím a passionate woman, you know, and sometimes I just do things without thinking, and I would be so grateful if you would just let me step outside for just one minute. Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Courtney: Carly's crazy.

Jason: I can't believe she set us up again.

Courtney: Yeah, well, she wanted us here alone. Here we are.

Jason: Yeah, we'll be out in a little while.

Courtney: So much for my first trip to Italy.

Jason: Yeah, you know, that -- that beach I used to talk about, it's just, like, five minutes from here. And that ancient Roman temple, the one that's, you know, offshore, underwater --

Courtney: Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember you telling me about that. I didn't realize that we were in the same town you described.

Jason: Maybe you can, you know, come back sometime.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I've always wanted to travel, you know, take off for a year, go wherever I wanted, see places Iíd never seen, and when I got bored, Iíd just move on.

Jason: Why don't you? You got the money. You wouldn't be leaving anybody behind.

Courtney: Yes, I would.

Nikolas: I had a dream last night. I was buried under some rubble in a burning building, and I saw a shadow of a woman in the smoke. I called out to her and told her that I was alive and not to give up and that I had survived to come back to her. Then I woke up.

Dr. Matlock: It could be a memory trying to surface. Keep in mind that dreams aren't always literal.

Nikolas: I just -- I keep flashing back to that helicopter flying off into the night, you know? But I can't be in Iraq. I'm wearing a tuxedo.

Dr. Matlock: We'll work on it today. That helicopter could be the trigger that restores your memory.

Mary: Thank you for coming by on such short notice.

Lorenzo: I'm surprised to hear from you.

Mary: I hope you care about my husband as much as you claim to.

Lorenzo: Tell me what you want.

Mary: Connor has started memory therapy with a psychiatrist. But you can keep him from remembering he's Nikolas Cassadine.

Lorenzo: And why in hell would I do that?

Mary: Send us both out of the country, permanently.

Emily: You're smiling. Tell me it's good news.

Lucky: Dillon's online with Onstar.

Emily: Yes!

Lucky: Yeah, the police are going to pick them up any minute.

Emily: Oh, God. At least something turned out ok.

Lucky: You know, sometimes I can't help wish that we got a call like that about Nikolas, you know, that he's alive and well and just waiting for us to come and pick him up. Hey, you know what? You want to go inside with me and share some good news for a change?

Emily: Um, it's ok. Go ahead.

Lucky: Ok.

Ned: Any idea where they might have gone?

Georgie: Wait a minute, I --

Edward: What is taking so long?

Lois: Is my baby all right?

Tracy: And where's Dillon?

Ned: Be quiet. Let him talk.

Lucky: Dillon and Brooke Lynn are safe. The police are bringing them home.

Edward: It took long enough, for crying out loud.

Lois: What's wrong with you people? Hey, our baby's coming home!

Tracy: At least Dillonís ok.

Lois: See? It all worked out!

Georgie: Oh, I'm so happy.

Lois: Yo, hey!

Edward: That's quite enough, thank you.

Ned: Lucky, how'd the police find them?

Lucky: Dillon, he found a car with Onstar and notified the police.

Lois: Oh.

Georgie: Well, is he still talking to the operator?

Lucky: They'll keep him online until the police show up.

Dillon: Hi. My name is Dillon Quartermaine, and we're kind of stranded here. I was wondering if you could, like, get a hold of the authorities or something.

Operator: You'll be ok. Just stay on the line.

Lynn: Dillon --

Dillon: Ok.

Lynn: Dillon, hey, you know what, I got it, all right? Don't worry about that, man. We'll go to California.

Dillon: I'm not going to California.

Lynn: Dillon, come on.  We can hitch, all right?

Dillon: I'm not going.

Lynn: It'll take, what, a couple of days?

Dillon: We're going to hitch? Do you have any idea how big this country really is? I don't think you do.

Lynn: Come on, man, this is our big chance! Dillon, look at me. Dillon, look at me.

Dillon: No.

Lynn: Look at me, Dillon. All right, you know you want to.

Dillon: No, I donít. I don't want to.

Lynn: Dillon, why go back? Why go back and let the Quartermaines eat us alive? Why? Come on.

Dillon: All right, just stop. No, you don't know them, ok? But, yes, you have a point. If you've ever met them, they're, like, this wholly dysfunctional, completely messed-up vortex of a family. That and I always wanted to make a road movie.

Operator: I've been asked to relay a message to Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah, that's me. I'm right here.

Lynn: Shh!

Dillon: Ow.

Operator: Georgie Jones is waiting at your family's house and she loves you very much.

[Lynn scoffs]

Courtney: I can't just drop everything and go traveling. You know, I made a commitment to my foundation. And besides, I -- I would miss my dad and Carly and the kids. Anyway, I wouldn't be exploring. I would be running away.

Jason: Yeah, well, sometimes running away is the best choice.

Courtney: Wouldn't that be something, to just run out of here and never look back?

Jax: You can release the woman. I'll pay for her bail. Mr. Morgan can make his own arrangements.

Courtney: So, what, you just want to leave Jason in here alone?

Jax: Well, unless Carly wants to stay with him.

Courtney: If Jason stays, so do I.

Jason: Look, it's no problem, ok? I'll make a couple calls; I'll be out right away.

Courtney: Ok, great, then it won't take very long. Have a nice flight home. I'm going to hitch a ride with Carly and Jason, or Iíll just take a commercial flight.

Jax: I can't leave my date in a jail cell in Italy.

Officer: She's your date?

Jax: Yes.

Officer: I thought she was his wife.

Carly: She is.

Courtney: No, I'm not.

Jason: Please, just let this one go. I'll arrange my own bail.

Jax: You know what, Carly, why don't you shut up. Why don't you stay out of this?

Carly: Why don't you be quiet! It's none of your business!

Officer: Scusi. Scusi. If she's your date -- aren't you his wife?

Carly: Him?

Jax: Married to her? No, I don't think so.

Carly: Are you kidding me? Ok, no, let me explain something to you. The only reason that Courtney is hanging out with Jax in the first place is because she is in love with Jason.

Jax: All we wanted was a nice vacation and to be left alone!

Carly: Oh, you and Courtney are a "we" now? Please.

Courtney: Shut up! I know this is confusing. I'm sorry.

Officer: No, I understand. I understand. It's amore.

Carly: That's right. It's amore.

Nikolas: I'm on a helipad on the roof of a building. The building's on fire. There's smoke everywhere. I can see the light from the flames.

Dr. Matlock: What else can you see?

Nikolas: A city at night. The lights are on inside of the buildings.

Dr. Matlock: What about the helicopter? Can you see any numbers painted on it, any words?

Nikolas: No.

Dr. Matlock: Can you tell what color it is?

Nikolas: Red and white, maybe.

Dr. Matlock: Is it a military helicopter?

Nikolas: I don't see any guns or -- or any kind of weapons.

Dr. Matlock: Could it be a medevac?

Nikolas: I don't see any patients or anyone on stretchers. I can't -- I can't see the pilot or even any other passengers. The light's in my face.

Dr. Matlock: It's all right. It's all right. Look at yourself. What are you wearing?

Nikolas: A tuxedo. The jacket's gone, the shirt is untucked, but I can see the studs on my shirt and the satin piping on the pants and my dress shoes.

Dr. Matlock: Are you in danger, Connor?

Nikolas: Yes. The fire's getting closer to me.

Dr. Matlock: Why don't you run?

Nikolas: I have to make sure the helicopter gets away safely. There's something very import-- very important on.

Dr. Matlock: Who? Who is on that helicopter?

Nikolas: I waited too -- too long. There's -- there's nowhere to go. I won't make it out. I'm not going to make it out.

Dr. Matlock: Ok, all right. It's all right. You're safe. You're safe. We're going to go back now together.

Nikolas: Please --

Dr. Matlock: Five, four, three, two, one.

Nikolas: How did I do?

Dr. Matlock: I'm sure that you're recalling an actual memory, which implies that your other memories are intact and accessible. Your chances for a full recovery are excellent.

Nikolas: I'll do whatever it takes to be myself again.

Mary: That night when I opened the door and saw him, for a split second I thought that Connor had made his way home to me somehow, and for the first time in months, I could breathe again. The pain went away. And when he woke up and couldn't remember who he was, I told myself that Connor had sent this man to me because Connor knew that I couldn't live alone. So I used Nikolas to fill the empty space that Connor left. That changed. I stopped comparing Nikolas to Connor. I want Nikolas as he is. He's polite and generous, and obviously always gives me the benefit of the doubt.

Lorenzo: You've fallen in love with Nikolas.

Mary: I know it's wrong. I stole him away from Emily. I'm robbing him of a life full of wealth and power, and the only thing I have to give him is my love.

Lorenzo: Will that be enough?

Mary: If he never remembers who he is.

Lorenzo: You really believe that?

Mary: I want to spend the rest of my life with a man I love, even if I have to lie. No, I don't expect you to understand.

Lorenzo: But I do. More than you realize. Mary, I lost my first love to a very violent death. A part of me died with her. I gave up all of my dreams until another woman appeared. And I went to great extremes to have her and to keep her, but nothing worked.

Mary: Did you give up?

Lorenzo: I haven't yet. Which is why I can sympathize with what you're going through.

Mary: So you'll help me?

Lorenzo: I will make arrangements for you and Nikolas to leave the country very soon.

Mary: What if that's not soon enough?

Dillon: The place anything like you remember it?

Lynn: You know when you're a kid and you remember things being all big and huge and fancy, and you come back years later and it's -- it's no big deal?

Dillon: Yeah.

Lynn: It's just nothing like that, and it's even bigger than I remember.

Dillon: Yeah. Um, do you remember any of the people?

Lynn: Yeah. I remember my great-grandma. She always smelled like roses. Is it Edward?

Dillon: Edward, yeah.

Lynn: Edward, yeah. I remember him being all gruff, you know, kind of man of the house.

Dillon: Yeah.

Lynn: I didn't really know anybody else, though.

Dillon: Just F.Y.I., most of them will blackmail you and stab you in the back just for fun. But don't take that to mean that they don't love you, because it means they do.

Lynn: I'll keep that in mind.

Dillon: Ok. We're home.

Tracy: Dillon.

Lois: Ah, Brookie!

Tracy: Darling!

Lois: Hi, honey! Come here!

Dillon: Mom, Mom --

Lynn: I can't breathe, ok?

Lois: Do you know that your Aunt Franny, Aunt Dedee, and Great-Aunt Grace are at St. Cecilia's right now lighting candles for you as we speak? And your grandmother, she hasn't slept a wink since you disappeared, and pop's been calling the 2-3 every five minutes.

Edward: You could be lying in a ditch, dead somewhere.

Ned: That's very generous of you, grandfather.

Tracy: How could you do this to me? I was frantic!

Dillon: Mom, you -- you can let go anytime.

Tracy: Just tell me what you were thinking going anywhere with that unfortunate delinquent.

Lynn: Ma, look, enough!

Ned: Hey, princess.

Lynn: Hey, Dad.

Ned: I missed you.

Lynn: I missed you, too.

Lois: Thank God that you are ok! But I'm telling you, if you ever think of pulling a stunt like that again, I will kill you with my own bare hands.

Tracy: Ooh, any chance we could consider that a death threat and have that dreadful woman thrown in jail?

Lynn: I'm sorry, who are you calling dreadful, you old bat?

Dillon: Uh -- huh. Meet Tracy, your grandmother.

Lynn: How's it going, granny?

Edward: Oh. Oh, I love this girl. I love her! "Granny Tracy." Yeah, it's wonderful.

Tracy: What does that make you, Great-Grandpa Ed, or just a doddering fool?

Ned: Lucky, I want to thank you for bring my daughter safely back here.

Lucky: Oh, good, I'm just glad everybody's all right.

Lois: Yes, please give Mac my everlasting gratitude.

Lucky: Sure.

Lois: And you -- you are going to call home immediately and let the family know that you are all right, and then you're going to apologize for making them worry and tell them you will never pull a stunt like that again, and then next we're going to right to confession because you have a great deal to say.

Ned: And, also, our lawyers will be taking care of any outstanding legal issues.

Lois: Yeah, but don't you think for a second that the attorney is going to keep you out of trouble with me.

Dillon: Um, so you guys -- you and Brooke Lynn -- you're going to be staying with us for a while, right?

Lois: Yeah, well, I do realize that she's long overdue for a visit, but --

Dillon: Ok, I'm just asking because I thought maybe you'd want to sign her with L&B.

Edward: I don't think it's a very good idea to drag her into the music business.

Lois: Yeah, I don't know if L&B has the proper resources to support Brookie's career.

Ned: My daughter can sing for my record label if she wants to.

Tracy: Of course she can. You've done everything you can to humiliate this family, so why not pass the mantel to your daughter and let her make a public spectacle of herself?

Lois: Stay out of it, granny. Listen, Brookie is not going to sing a note until we go over a plan, and I mean percentages and promotion and video deal and distribution.

Tracy: Has it occurred to you to go back to Benson Hurst? I mean, you might be a lot more comfortable, and I know that we certainly would be.

Edward: They can stay here as long as they want.

Dillon: Hey.

Georgie: So did you get my message?

Dillon: How did you do that?

Georgie: Lucky was in contact with a regular operator, who was in contact with an Onstar operator, who gave you the message. Did you get it?

Dillon: Ok. I love you, too.

Georgie: Thank you.

Nikolas: Hey. You will never believe how well the session went.

Emily: Tell me.

Nikolas: Ok, the helicopter memory? The doctor said it was real --

Emily: Oh, that's great.

Nikolas: And that my chances for recovery are excellent, Emily.

Emily: The doctor told you that?

Nikolas: Yeah, those are his exact words. My past is still there, Emily. All I have to do is find it.

Emily: Oh, that's wonderful.

Nikolas: Thank you so much.

[Knock on door]


Carly: Courtney, I know you're in there. Don't try to hide.


Carly: Courtney, I'm not going to leave till you listen to reason. Fine! Fine. You want to make things difficult? That's fine with me, ok? I'll just tell your business to the entire building! You love Jason, Courtney! He loves you! So I don't understand this stupid bet you got going with Jax --

Courtney: Carly, stop it! Would you stop it? What are you --?

Carly: I'm just trying to make sure that you're happy.

Courtney: What are you talking about? You're not helping at all here, Carly. You can't hound Jason and I into getting back together.

Carly: I just want you to be honest.

Courtney: Yeah, well, so what, you follow me to Italy and you dump a bucket of ice water on my head?

Carly: You don't want to be with Jax. You don't want to be with Jax any more than Jason wanted to be with Sam, and now she's out of the picture. And you two love each other. Do not waste this!

Courtney: Carly, you're driving me crazy!

Carly: Is that why you threw water over my head?

Courtney: But you threw it on my head first.

Carly: Yeah, because you were on some stupid fake getaway with Mr. "I think I'm God's gift to the universe and women." And what brought you back to reality, hmm?

Courtney: Carly --

Carly: What was it?

Courtney: Would you just stop, please?

Carly: It was Jasonís voice, and I saw it. I saw the way you looked at him. You aren't over him at all.

Courtney: You know what, you're impossible.

Carly: Shouldn't one of us be happy?

Courtney: You want me to be happy, Carly? Just -- oh, God, just please, please, please just go away and let me sleep off this jet lag.

Carly: Ok. Um, but I somehow -- I ended up with Jasonís passport. So you need to make sure to give it back to him.

Jason: Any word from Sonny?

Max: No, but his dad's waiting for you inside.

Jason: Thanks.

Mike: I -- I understand you all went to Italy.

Jason: Yeah, Carly got herself arrested. I had to bail her out.

Mike: Yeah, well, I was hoping that you went after Courtney.

Jason: Courtney and I are divorced, Mike. She gets to do what she wants.

Mike: Why do you think she went to Italy with Jax?

Jason: He's on the board of her foundation?

Mike: She's running away from a broken heart. She still loves you, even after you cheated on her and you got another woman pregnant.

Jason: No, we broke up before this thing with Sam ever happened, ok? We decided to stop hurting each other, and the best way to do that is to leave each other alone, and everyone needs to back off!

Mike: Courtney is in a very vulnerable place right now. I mean, she is easy prey for Jax, who's only going after her to pay back Sonny for taking Sam.

Jason: I tried to warn her, Mike.

Mike: Well, Jason, try harder! Admit you're wrong. Ask her to take you back. And if she does take you back and you get together, I know damn well you're going to be happy, too.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Hello. What happened? Where are you?

Lois: All right, Iím taking my baby home. I'm willing to discuss a demo, but --

Ned: Lois, I think she should stay here.

Lois: Absolutely not. No, she's doing just fine in Benson Hurst. I mean, with the exception of this little glitch, straight Aís. Besides, you know how I feel about your family. No, your mother is worse, if that is possible. No, I'm taking her back home where people will love her.

Ned: We love her, too.

Lynn: Look, I'll decide where I'm going to live, ok?

Lois: No, honey, after this little escapade, I don't think so.

Lynn: My mistake. I'm sorry, why should I get a vote, right? It's only my life. Why don't you guys go back and make all my decisions for me, huh? I'll do my best to stay out of your way. As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, why don't I go out on the terrace where Dillon is. He seems to be the only one who cares about me.

Dillon: Believe me, the whole stupid trip with my niece and, you know, just -- it was about as exciting as going to the dentist. I'm just glad to be back here with you.

Nikolas: I should be telling Mary all this, not you.

Emily: Well, you called me.

Nikolas: Yeah. You want me to remember. Mary's fighting me every step of the way.

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: And I want to reassure her, but --

Emily: Is there any way you can?

Nikolas: Yeah, give up on the therapy; stop trying to reclaim my past.

Emily: Are you willing to do that?

Nikolas: No.

Emily: Then what's next?

Nikolas: I'll stay with the therapy, no matter how long it takes.

Emily: Ok.

Nikolas: Strange. You know, doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. You know, I promised to -- to love and cherish Mary forever, yet she doesn't really understand me. Then there's you. We're practically complete strangers, and you see right through me, straight to my soul.

Jax: Courtney, it's Jax! I brought the perfect cure for jet lag -- a bottle of first-rate champagne.

Carly: How perfect. Oh, I love champagne. Aw, flowers. How sweet.

Max: Jason isn't home.

Courtney: Well, where did he go?

Max: Sam called and he went to go get her.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: Some people call it Wyndemere.

Nikolas: Why did you bring me here?

Alexis: Nikolas?

Carly: Courtney went off to meet Jason. What happened with Jason?

Courtney: He went after Sam.

Jason: What happened?

Sam: The baby's gone.

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