GH Transcript Friday 6/11/04

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/11/04

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Sonny: Holy Mary, please pray for me. I made a promise to my wife and children. I have another child that I'm looking for, and I need to know which path to take. If you could just help me find Sam and this baby and -- and keep them safe while Iím on my way.

Man: Rest in peace, Mr. Corinthos.

Carly: Well, good riddance. I hope that Sonny never comes back.

Jason: Sonny's coming back. He would never abandon his family.

Carly: Listen, don't do defend him. I didn't come here to fix Sonny's life. I came here to fix yours.

Jax: We'd appreciate privacy. Thank you.

Courtney: Nice room.

Jax: Is it big enough for you?

Courtney: Yeah, for me. But, Jax, there is no way I am getting into that bed with you.

Jax: Well, the thought hadn't crossed my mind. But it's obvious that you've been thinking about it.

Frank: You're not going anywhere but home.

Lynn: Look, you can't make me go back, ok? I'd rather collect spare change and live in a homeless shelter! No!

Frank: You don't have a choice, little girl. Come on.

Lynn: Let me go!

Frank: Come on!

Dillon: Call your dad.

Georgie: Dillon, wait!

Nikolas: Oh. What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Emily: I'm crying because I'm happy.

Nikolas: Are you sure?

Emily: Yeah. It's good news. And the doctor says there's no permanent brain damage. It's possible you could remember your old life and be the man you were before the accident.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah. And if this works, I sure hope I like myself.

Emily: You will. Trust me.

Doctor: Have you decided on a course of treatment?

Nikolas: Yes. I'd like to start the hypnotherapy -- tonight, if possible.

Doctor: We can start right now.

Georgie: The guy grabbed her and completely hauled her off. She was completely freaked out.

Mac: You said you've seen this guy before?

Georgie: Yeah, at Kellyís. He said he was her father, but Lynn wants nothing to do with him.

Dillon: Hey, Commissioner Scorpio. Did you tell him what happened?

Mac: Yeah, she gave me the highlights.

Dillon: So, I followed the guy to the parking lot, and he had Lynn in the car by the time I got there, and then I tried to chase them, but they drove off before I could --

Mac: Did he see you?

Dillon: No, no, he didnít. But I got the make and the model of the car. It was a Pontiac Grand Am.

Mac: What about the plates?

Dillon: Plates -- J -- JQD4273. And the dealer was Park Slope, New York.

Mac: All right, good. Let's go, run the number. Put an A.P.B. out on the car.

Dillon: Yeah, but wait a minute, Mac. I think I should go --

Mac: No, you did the right thing by calling me. Now it's a police matter. You stay out of it. Let's go.

Dillon: You know what? If we hadn't pressured her to go along with L&B and the whole thing, she would have been gone by now.

Georgie: I know, I know.

Dillon: We got to find her, Georgie.

Georgie: Wait -- Dillon, Dillon, I'm going with you!

Dillon: No, not a chance. Your dad's going to spontaneously combust. I'll call you when I know something, ok?

Jax: You enjoying the view?

Courtney: Yeah. It kind of reminds me of France. You know, Jason took me there once. This hotel looks a lot like it.

Jax: Live in the moment, Courtney. Jason is thousands of miles away.

Courtney: You're right, you're right. I'm supposed to be having a good time.

Jax: Right.

Courtney: Cheers. So, tell me about this place. How did you find it?

Jax: Well, I was doing business in a nearby city and I got bored, so I rented a car and drove towards the coast, ended up staying here for weeks, just meeting the locals.

Courtney: Escaping?

Jax: No, just enjoying myself. There's real passion here, romance. The place is irresistible -- like you.

Courtney: Well, then, let's not waste any more time, because we have lots of sightseeing to do, and I am going to run you till you drop.

Jax: Promises, promises, promises, huh?

[Courtney screams]

Carly: Well, now that Sam is gone, you're free to go back to Courtney.

Jason: Courtney and I are divorced.

Carly: It's paperwork.

Jason: She's with Jax.

Carly: Jax is on the board of her foundation. She loves you, Jason, and you still love her, and don't deny it, because I heard that you punched him out at the benefit.

Jason: That wasn't about Courtney, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, it was. You got jealous and you lost it. For one little split second, you allowed yourself to feel, and you didn't stay in control.

Jason: Good night, Carly. Go home to your kids.

Carly: Oh, come on, Jason. Just call Stan. Have him track Courtney down --

Jason: I'm not going after her, ok?

Carly: Why not?

Jason: Courtney and I are done!

Carly: You and Courtney had the real thing, and I don't want you to give this up. You're meant to be.

Jason: Do you know how many times that we've had this conversation? Why --

Carly: Yes, I do, and Iím going to continue to have it with you until I convince you that you guys are meant to be together. Jason, we have to endure a lot in this lifetime, a lot of junk. And the one thing I've realized is that real love is the only thing that makes it worthwhile. You don't want to be happy? Fine, fine. Don't you want it for Courtney? She's off with Jax somewhere right now. You know he's trying to manipulate her. He's going to do whatever he can to work her. He's going to use her. You can stop it.

Jason: Courtney is in charge of her own life. I got nothing to do with it.

Carly: Come on, Iím not going to give this one up, Jason.

Jason: You know --

Carly: I want you two to be happily ever after. I want that --

Jason: Carly, quit using my personal life as a way to avoid dealing with your own marriage.

Carly: My marriage is beyond repair. You and Courtney still have a chance, and if you're not going to fight for her, I will do it for you.

Jason: No, don't, don't, Carly. Don't fight for me. Don't give me any more advice. Don't do anything. You say you love me, you want to help me? Leave me alone.

Carly: Ja-- Hi. Yeah, I'm calling for Jason. He needs you over at his penthouse right away.

Doctor: We're going to start with the first moment you remember. You're in a house in the woods. There's a woman there. She's taking care of you.

Nikolas: I don't know her.

Doctor: Then let's take step back. Tell me, how did you get to the house?

Nikolas: I was walking down the road. I can barely see. My body hurts.

Doctor: Can you hear anything?

Nikolas: The river. The water keeps rising. I keep losing my balance, but I have to keep moving.

Doctor: Why? Where are you going?

Nikolas: I need to get to someone. She needs me. I can't see her. I can't -- I can't remember her.

Doctor: All right, we're going to take another step back, to the Veterans' hospital. Do you remember being there?

Nikolas: No.

Doctor: How about the war? You're a soldier in Iraq. Can you see that time?

Nikolas: It's dark, and it's hot. There are flames everywhere, and the walls are collapsing.

Doctor: Where are you, Connor?


Nikolas: Near people. They're panicking, and -- I'm alone. There's an explosion. I'm running.

Doctor: I want you to look at yourself, Connor. Tell me what you look like.

Nikolas: Oh, my God.

Frank: Go ahead, push the button. It won't do you any good.

Lynn: I mean, don't you think that the friendly Onstar operator would find it interesting that I am being kidnapped by a psycho ex-cop?

Frank: No, no, I am still a cop, and this is isn't kidnapping.

Lynn: As the person being held against her will, I'd have to disagree.

Frank: Look, I'm doing nothing wrong, kid, ok? You're a minor. I'm taking you home to mama.

Lynn: Man, come on. Onstar is like a satellite computer, and if I call them and I tell them that you are trying to hurt me, they can track your location and notify the police.

Frank: Yeah, if you want, I'll call Onstar myself. And that way the operator can tell us how many miles till we get to your grandparents' house in Benson Hurst!

Lynn: Now, look, just out of curiosity, how much is my mother paying you to drag me back to her so she can ruin my life?

Dr. Matlock: You said there was an explosion. Let's go back to right before that moment.

Nikolas: There's a -- there's a helicopter. It's dark. I feel the wind from the blades.

Dr. Matlock: Where are you, Connor?

Nikolas: A rooftop. I hear people, and they're desperate to get away. They want the helicopter to take them away.

Dr. Matlock: They're being evacuated?

Nikolas: I'm alone. I'm running, st-- down the stairs. It's -- it's dark. The smoke is burning my lungs. I have to get out of here.

Dr. Matlock: Look at the wall, Connor. Tell me where you are.

Mary: I don't care if he's in session. I'm Connorís wife, and I need to see him right away. Stop.

Dr. Matlock: This is a closed session.

Mary: Stop. Connor? Connor -- wake up, Connor.

Carly: Hey, come on in.

Stan: I got here as quickly as I could. Where's Jason?

Carly: He had to leave, but he wants you to start working on something for him.

Stan: He left instructions with you?

Carly: Mm-hmm. He wants you to find someone for him.

Stan: Yeah, sorry. I was told in advance I'm not supposed to track Sonny for you.

Carly: I don't want you to track Sonny. I want you to track Courtney.

Courtney: Oh. Wow. God, I love the way everyone seems to know each other, you know? The view, the countryside -- I mean, it's like stepping into a painting.

Jax: You know, watching you with the locals, your enthusiasm -- it's like experiencing this village all over again.

Courtney: Wow. Do you think they're celebrating their anniversary?

Jax: I'd say they just met.

Courtney: Oh, come on, are you kidding? Look how connected they are.

Jax: I will bet you the gelato of your choice that they hadn't laid eyes on each other before tonight.

Courtney: Gelato?

Jax: Yeah. I have a big weakness for ice cream.

Courtney: Yeah. So do I.

Jax: Oh, really?

Courtney: Yes.

Jax: Oh, then you accept my wager?

Courtney: All right, deal.

Jax: Excuse me. Do you happen to know how long those two have known each other?

Waiter: I believe they just met tonight.

Carly: That's Jaxís flight plan. Where did he land?

Stan: Italy.

Carly: Near Rome?

Stan: Actually, closer to the coast. A small airport, private jets only.

Carly: Ok, I need the name of his hotel.

Stan: Carly, you know --

Carly: Stan, just get me the name.

Stan: Jason's not going to like this.

Carly: Yeah, well, they told you not to find Sonny, and you're not.

Stan: But that doesn't make me feel any better.

Carly: They have nothing to complain -- well, you know what? He's going to blame me.

Stan: I can only hope so.

Carly: And then he's going to thank me, because this time tomorrow Jason and Courtney will be back together for good. Thanks, Stan.

Dr. Matlock: Three, two, one --

Mary: Are you ok?

Nikolas: What are you doing here?

Dr. Matlock: How are you feeling, Connor?

Nikolas: I'm ok.

Dr. Matlock: You were describing what sounded like a very intense trauma, but we were making progress.

Nikolas: Why did you stop?

Dr. Matlock: Your wife insisted.

Mary: I'm not comfortable with any of this.

Nikolas: I need to have a moment alone with my wife, please.

Dr. Matlock: No problem. Let me know how you want to proceed.

Mary: You told me you weren't going to seek memory therapy. You lied to me.

Frank: Yeah, I picked her up in Port Charles. She was -- she was hanging out at a recording studio -- L&B?

Lois: L&B? The defunct music label?

Frank: No, L&B, the recording studio.

Lois: What was Brookie doing there?

Frank: Singing, I assume.

Lois: Are you sure that my daughter's ok?

Frank: Yeah, the kid's fine. She kind of reminds me of you.

Lynn: Oh, uh-uh, I am nothing like my mother.

Frank: Oh, you couldn't be more alike.

Lois: Don't engage, Frank. Just take Brooke to my ma's house and make sure she stays there. And I will call my ma and pop and tell them to expect you.

Frank: Where are you going to be?

Lois: Making sure this never happens again.

Lynn: Look, man, you can't take me back, ok?

Frank: Look, you can't talk me out of it.

Lynn: Look, I'm that desperate, Frank! Look, whatever my mother's paying you, I'll double it.

Frank: This isn't about money. You come from a good family, Brooke. I'm just, you know, helping them out.

Lynn: Hey, look, ok, I know rich people in Port Charles, and they'll give you whatever you want.

Frank: Mm-hmm. And your grandma would tell my grandma and my grandma would disown me, so forget it. You're going home.


Lynn: Can you say "busted"?

[Frank growls]

Courtney: You know, it's just the beginning for those two.

Jax: Maybe they'll live a long, happy life together.

Courtney: Yeah. Look, they'll probably come back here for their honeymoon.

Jax: A great place for lovers.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I'll never know, because I have no intention of becoming your lover here or anywhere else, for that matter.

Jax: You know, a bottle of wine could help change your mind.

Courtney: Oh, really?

Jax: We'll have a bottle of your finest Chianti.

Waiter: Would you like to order dinner?

Jax: Yes, we'll have the linguini alle vongole --

Waiter: Mm-hmm.

Jax: And a stuffed artichoke to start.

Waiter: Very good.

Courtney: So do you always order for people?

Jax: Well, I've been here before. I know it's the house special today.

Courtney: Hmm. Well, it had better be good.

Jax: I wouldn't want to disappoint you.

Courtney: Jax --

Jax: Courtney --

Courtney: Come on.

Jax: You're in Italy. Just enjoy yourself, forget about the rest of the world.

Boy: Bueno sera. My name is Giovanni Leone. You Americans can call me John.

Courtney: Oh. Hi, John.

Jax: What can we do for you?

Giovanni: It is what I can do for you. I'm here to welcome you to our beautiful cittŗ. What an honor it is tonight. La signorina is bellissima. Those eyes, your hair -- I need sunglasses just to look at you.

Courtney: Well, thank you -- I think.

Giovanni: If you ever get tired of this one, I can take care of you for the rest of your days.

Courtney: Good night, Giovanni.

Giovanni: Oh, arrivederci.

Courtney: Wait. Wait.

Jax: Not so fast.

Courtney: Hey --

Jax: I'm relieving our young showman of your wallet.

Courtney: You little thief. How many tourists do you pickpocket a day?

Jax: Probably dozens.

Giovanni: I can explain.

Waiter: Is there a problem?

Jax: Yeah, we'd like some more bread, please.

Giovanni: Let me go. I promise I won't bother you again.

Courtney: Well, why don't you tell us why you were stealing. Maybe we can help you.

Giovanni: I'm a stupid kid.

Jax: Look, if you don't want to be arrested, you'll explain yourself.

Courtney: Look, it's ok, Giovanni. You can talk to us.

Giovanni: My ma has five kids. She sews curtains at the factory nearby.

Courtney: What about your dad?

Giovanni: He ran away with another woman. They have a new family. My ma works so hard, but she's so tired all the time. If I steal, I can help her.

Jax: Hmm. There's enough money here to feed your family for three months.

Giovanni: You are giving it to me?

Jax: On one condition -- you bring your mama back to the cafe and you let us talk to her. If your story's true, you get the cash -- all of it.

Lynn: Look, he practically threw me in the car and then strapped me down, and he told me that if I didn't go with him he was going to cut me up and use me as fish bait.

Mac: He threatened you?

Lynn: I was terrified.

Mac: Is it true you ran away from home?

Lynn: Look, what does that have to do with anything, all right? That man -- he abducted me, and he is not my father. I don't have to go anywhere with him.

Mac: You know, he looks awfully calm for a detective that just committed a felony.

Lynn: Well, of course he does. He's not going to freak out in front of you. That's like admitting he's guilty.

Mac: Maybe.

Lynn: Look, I'm just really glad that you found us when you did. I mean, who knows what he would have done to me? I could have ended up on some milk carton.

Frank: Like I said, ok, I'm a detective in the 10th precinct in the city. I do some P.I. work on the side. The kid ran away from home. Her mother hired me to find her.

Lucky: Does Lynnís mom approve of you forcing her daughter into a strange car?

Frank: Lynn's mom just wants her home safe, all right? Now, if you give me back my wallet, Iíd like to get back on the road.

Mac: Hold on, not so fast.

Nikolas: I want to remember. Therapy can help me do that, Mary.

Mary: So you went behind my back?

Nikolas: I didn't want to upset you.

Mary: I'm upset because you can't trust me.

Nikolas: I don't understand why you're so opposed to this. I mean, if you're not keeping anything from me, then doing hypnotherapy shouldn't come between us, Mary.

Mary: This isn't about me keeping something from you. This is about the fact you had to lie to me, that you can't trust me to just tell me the truth.

Nikolas: I know that I said I want to live in the moment, that the past shouldn't matter so much, but it does. Mary, there's no brain damage. There is an excellent chance that I could remember everything --

Mary: Connor, maybe --

Nikolas: Just -- just think of it for a second. Just think if we could have it all back -- you know, the first time we kissed, when we laughed, after saying our wedding vows -- I mean, don't you think that's worth the risk?

Mary: The doctor said you were experiencing some kind of trauma. What was that about?

Nikolas: I don't know. I must have been remembering the war. I could see smoke, the flames, and I could -- Mary, I could hear explosions. I was in a -- I was in a burning building.

Mary: It's happening. Your memory's coming back.

Emily: Hey. I'm sorry. I know you have a lot to deal with.

Jason: No, no. No, it's ok. I'm glad you called. Did something happen with Nikolas?

Emily: He went to a psychiatrist at Mercy Hospital.

Jason: Ok.

Emily: They did an M.R.I., and there's no brain damage.

Jason: That's great, then he can remember.

Emily: Yeah, that's what the psychiatrist said. He hypnotized Nikolas to try and trigger his memory. They were making progress, Jason, until Mary showed up.

Jason: Ok --

Emily: What if she convinces him to stop the therapy?

Jason: Just take it easy. Let's look at the good news. The most important thing is that you know that there's no brain damage, so Nikolas can physically remember. He just hasn't yet.

Emily: I know, I know. I should be down on my knees thanking God. I mean, it's all still there -- the love, all the years of friendship, everything Nikolas and I mean to each other. But I'm selfish, Jase. I don't want to share Nikolas with Mary for one more second. I mean, I hated leaving him with her, but I knew it'd be worse if she found out I was there.

Jason: You did the right thing.

Emily: You know what? Mary can tell all the lies she wants now. He's alive.  His memories are just under the surface, which means his love for me isn't gone, either. I just have to find a way to make him start feeling them again.

Man: Sister.

Sister Mary: Yes.

Man: I'm sorry to bother you. I'm looking for someone that's supposed to be here. His name is Sonny Corinthos.

Sister Mary: And you are?

Man: His best friend, Jason Morgan. 

Emily: Part of me wants to go straight to Nikolas and just tell him the truth and promise him that even if he can't remember me now he will someday.

Jason: You can't rush -- you can't rush him.

Emily: You don't have to tell me it's a bad idea. I know Nikolas needs to remember in his own time, but at least he's starting to trust me now, Jase. I mean, he came to me to go to the doctor with him. That's got to mean something, right?

Jason: Yeah, you've been doing everything right so far, and Nikolas is finding his way back.

Emily: I just -- I hate the thought of him with Mary, you know? Nikolas thinks Maryís his wife. I know he's not doing anything wrong, but it still hurts.

Jason: I know. But he'll remember he loves you.

Emily: I know. I just need to hold on a little bit longer, remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for, you know, and he's alive, he'll remember me someday. I just have to keep loving him and trust that he'll find his way back to me.

Jason: And you need to be careful with Mary, because if she realizes that you know the truth, she could try to get Nikolas to run away with her.

Emily: All right. Don't worry about Mary. I have my own plans for her.

Mary: Did you talk to the doctor again?

Nikolas: He's in with another patient.

Mary: Let's just go home.

Nikolas: Don't you want to talk more about what I remember?

Mary: Do you?

Nikolas: Yes.

Mary: Then tell me.

Nikolas: I -- I was in this fire. It was -- it was chaos. I couldn't breathe. I saw a helicopter.

Mary: Well, they use helicopters in the marines. Hueys.

Nikolas: What?

Mary: It's the kind they use for transport.

Nikolas: See -- you see, this is what I mean, Mary. I fly in these great machines, and I don't even know what they're called!

Mary: Ok, I know, I know, but is there anything else?

Nikolas: I saw the helicopter pull off into the night sky and --

Mary: You could be having a war memory. You could be remembering the night that you were injured. What happened to you -- it was terrible. I don't want you to have to go through that pain again. Promise me -- promise me you won't put yourself through this again.

Frank: Look, you want to call the precinct? Call the precinct, all right? No, better yet, call the kid's grandparents.

Mac: You're not taking the girl anywhere until I know everything that happened.

Frank: I tell you what -- why don't you use my phone, and this way I can call her, right?

Lynn: What are you doing here?

Dillon: Who do you think called the cops and told them the license plate number of this car?

Lynn: It was you?

Dillon: Yeah, the guy kidnapped you, Lynn. And I don't care if he's a cop.

Lynn: No, look, Dillon, he's a detective, ok? My mom hired him to take me back home.

Dillon: Ok, no, listen to me. That guy you were just talking to? That's Georgieís dad. He's Commissioner Scorpio. He's going to make sure you don't have to go anywhere that you don't want to go.

Lynn: No, Dillon, look, I'm a minor, ok, and my mom -- she wants me home. She hired him.

Dillon: I know. I will help you figure this out, ok?

Lynn: No, Dillon, look -- unless I do something drastic, I'm on my way home.

Dillon: Well, let's not overreact, all right? Maybe if you talk to Commissioner Scorpio -- he's pretty understanding.

Lynn: Ok, look --

Dillon: What?

Lynn: Don't say I didn't warn you, ok?

Dillon: What are you going to do?

[Tires screech]

Courtney: You know, you could have called the cops on that kid.

Jax: What good would that do?

Courtney: Yeah, you're right. You know what? This way is better. And Giovanni comes from a broken home and, well, he's hurting, so why not at least try and help?

Jax: You would have done the same thing.

Courtney: Well, actually, my gut reaction was to throw the little thief in jail.

Jax: Really? What happened to Courtney Matthews, friend to the downtrodden?

Giovanni: Mama, please!

Mrs. Leone: You're Signore Jacks?

Jax: Yes, I am.

Mrs. Leone: Giovanni explained what happened here, and I'm so sorry, signorina. I try to tell him not to steal, but he thinks we need the money.

Courtney: Well, do you?

Mrs. Leone: Well, it's true, my husband left, but I'm an honest woman, and I can support my family.

Jax: Well, you obviously work very hard for Giovanni and his siblings. Please accept our help.

Mrs. Leone: Oh, no.

Courtney: No, please, signora, take the money. But, you -- no more stealing from you, ok? Or else you'll never get a nice American girl to go out with you.

Jax: That's right.

Mrs. Leone: Grazie, signora, grazie.

Jax: Arrivederci.

Mrs. Leone: Arrivederci.

Jax: You behave yourself.

Courtney: Oh, boy. You know, that was a really nice thing you just did.

Jax: Well, I'm just following your example. I mean, that's why you built your foundation -- to help kids like that.

Courtney: Well, you make a very conscientious board member.

Jax: Well, then consider my latest gesture a direct donation. At least this way I get the immediate gratification and Signora Leone gets a break.

Courtney: Well, here is to our first mission accomplished.

Jax: To your dream.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Emily: Thanks for coming.

Nikolas: You know, you came when I called. The least I can do is reciprocate.

Emily: Yeah. I'm sorry I had to leave. I was waiting nearby, and I heard Mary. She sounded really upset.

Nikolas: Yeah, she was.

Emily: Do you mind if I ask you how it went?

Nikolas: I started to remember the images, the voices.

Emily: Did you recognize any of it?

Nikolas: There was a fire. There was a helicopter.

Emily: A fire?

Nikolas: You know, I must have been remembering the war or something. I was on a roof.

Emily: Are you sure?

Nikolas: Well, I was in a lot of combat situations, but --

Emily: Are you sure that it was a military copter? Were you in uniform?

Nikolas: That doesn't -- that doesn't make any sense.

Emily: What doesn't?

Nikolas: I was in -- I was in a tuxedo. So I couldn't be remembering the war.

Mary: Dr. Quartermaine?

Monica: Hmm? Oh, Mary. Are you working late tonight?

Mary: I was just processing these claims from the P.C. hotel fire.

Monica: Uh -- yes -- a night that is going to haunt a lot of us forever.

Mary: Well, it sounds like it was really devastating.

Monica: It was for those of us that were trapped on the top floor. Those winds were so high that they could only let a couple of helicopter runs.

Mary: But everybody got down, right?

Monica: Well, everyone except Emilyís fiancť, Nikolas. He was on the roof when it blew up.

Mary: That's terrible.

Monica: Yeah, the terrible part was there wasn't enough room for Nikolas on the helicopter, and Emily had been injured and we had to get her on, and -- as soon as we took off, that's when the whole roof just caved in. It really was a miracle that he survived. I guess that's why the car accident's so hard on Emily. She's always believed that he'd be there for her.

Lynn's voice: Our dreams and promises we shared the laughter and the tears and in the times of uncertainty you've been my shelter

Lois: You dirty, no-good, double-dealing rat!

Ned: Lois.

Lois: You stole my daughter!

Jason: What happened? What are you doing here?

Stan: Mrs. Corinthos called. She said you wanted to see me.

Jason: I told you not to tell her where Sonny was --

Stan: She wanted to find Courtney.

Jason: No, you didn't actually track Courtney --

Stan: Have you ever tried to argue with that woman? And it's not like you didn't say --

Jason: Stan, that's enough. You need to tell me where Carly is right now.

[Jax and Courtney laugh]

Carly: Buon giorno. I -- listen, I don't speak Italian.

Waiter: It's ok. I speak English.

Carly: Oh, that's good, because, you know what? I have a favor to ask you. You see that man over there. Could you please tell him that he has a call from a lady and that she won't take no for an answer.

Waiter: Scusi, signore. You have a call from a lady, and she will not take no for an answer.

Jax: Very well. Thank you.

Courtney: Oh, wow. Don't you think you better take the call?

Jax: There's only one woman I want to be with tonight.

[Carly screams]

Carly: Buon giorno.

Courtney: Oh --

Sister Mary: I don't know how to tell you this.

Man: Is something wrong?

Sister Mary: There has been a shooting here tonight.

Man: Was anyone hurt?

Sister Mary: They took Mr. Corinthos to the morgue. God have mercy on his soul.

Man: I can't believe it. You know who's responsible?

Sister Mary: No one saw the assassin. Whoever did this to your friend went away. My prayers are with you, Jason.

Man: Thank you, sister.

Sonny: I made a promise to God.

Sister Mary: Yes, it's ok, Mr. Corinthos. Try to rest. Dear God, you saved this man's life for a reason, and I promise Iíll do my best to make sure he's able to keep his promise to you.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly: Courtney's going home to be with the love of her life.

Nikolas: It's starting to all come back to me.

Ned: Our daughter ran away, and you didn't even bother to tell me about it?

Mac: Set up a roadblock. We're going to take Dillon in before he gets that girl killed.

Lynn: They can only arrest us if they catch us.

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